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Welcome to this week’s PPC News recap! Explanation about attribution model in Google Ads, LinkedIn’s announcement of 3 new objectives, importance of site link extension, Suggestions and tips from Verizon Media and more

Improve ad effectiveness with ad customizers – Microsoft Advertising announces the availability of “Ad Customizers” which will help in improving the ad quality by allowing to create different ad variations with just one ad copy. Learn more here

Are You Using the Right Attribution Model in Google Ads? – An informative blog post by Timothy Johnson explaining what is attribution and six attribution models to choose from to distribute credit in different ways.

Getting Started with Native Ads on Verizon Media – With Microsoft and Verizon media partnership, Verizon media has extended their suggestions and tips to get started with their native offerings. Get more insight here.

Introducing a More Powerful Campaign Manager – A brief post by Amita Paul on LinkedIn’s announcement of 3 new new objectives — brand awareness, website conversions and job applicants to Campaign Manager to improve key results.

Capture the attention of sports fans with Display & Video 360 – When it comes to sports, Display & Video 360 helps brands reach these engaged audiences where and when they are watching. Stephen Chang helps to dig deeper in this article.

Google Expands Links Allowed in Site Link Extension –  A brief article by Will Green explaining the importance of site link extension and how it helps improving the CTR and conversion rate.

Ad Reporting Discrepancies: What to Do When Your Data Doesn’t Match – As a marketer, we need data to optimize our ads but sometime data doesn’t match with the backend sales numbers.Timothy Jensen helps to understand the reason behind it in this blog post.

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Hosted by Duane Brown, this week’s PPCChat session was focused on “Amazon Ads”.

Q2. Who’s doing Amazon and what sort of brands are you working with on the platform?

Yes. DTC brands forced me there. The chinese knockoffs came and they started to get decent volume… Forced our hand to get in the game. @markpgus

Amazon is incredibly good for most of my clients. I work with retail brands as well as food brands on Amazon. @lchasse

We use Amazon for a couple retail brands. Admittedly I’m not the specialist on my team, but I have two who use it regularly (that’s the problem when you become a manager, less time in new fun platforms) @amaliaefowler

We’re no ‘experts’ at Amazon Ads by any means, but we have a couple clients who sell a single product/smaller brand that offers eComm through their website, and they also have their product listed on Amazon. @DarthSamK

I have one client using Amazon ads that sells RV accessories. Happy with performance so far, I’m encouraging others to start. @FindingAmanda

This is where I start lurking. Not much Amazon for B2B clients. @Mel66

We do some, we do it for apparel clients, who need to move old inventory more than anything. @JonKagan

Q3. Which tactic are you finding most effective in Amazon? Time to dish and help your fellow #ppcchat people out…

This is where I lurk  @amaliaefowler

Haha, dish. Honestly Amazon has a ton you can and should be doing if you sell on there. (1) organically and (2) paid ads. By far my favorite for paid is the product ads though. There are some different approaches, but these are the bread & butter. @lchasse

Product ads ftw! Similar structure to Google Ads. Cast a wide net to start to see what sticks. @FindingAmanda

Start automatic… Pull out best performers and go manual and max out budget and start bid optimization. Think of it as starting from scratch through a DSA or Shopping Campaign. Gather data and refine. @markpgus

Product ads rock the world with them…@JonKagan

This is a great YouTube tutorial for Amazon PPC. I scoured the Internet for this  @FindingAmanda

I’m with @FindingAmanda on this one.. I generally start with broad keywords with a testing budget, then narrow in once I find the gold. @brie_e_anderson

Q4. Amazon buys Sizmek…. what is everyone’s take on this? What will Amazon buy next?

It is major major as it confirms their ambition to not only be bottom of funnel. Sizmek is a very advanced platform and though it may be an opportunistic buy, it opens a whole new world of “audience tech” to Amazon. @soanders

No I think it’s big. It’s Amazon flexing their muscles and being serious about going into media. Amazon is amazing in that it get adspend and commision on sales… Pair that with making outside attribution non-existent…. Frustrating for us but forcing our hand. @markpgus

Yeah I agree, it is a big deal and if anything shows Amazon’s serious about continuing to improve and add options in their advertising. @lchasse

Imagine if Google tomorrow decided you could only send traffic to a Google hosted page. We would be PISSED. But the ad offering is too good. We would still advertise. Adding Sizemek makes things REALLY REAL. Stop complaing about attribution and start advertising. @markpgus

Q5. What do you wish Amazon would release in 2019? Could be a feature, product or access to a data set or report…NAME YOUR ONE AMAZON AD REQUEST!

Real-time reporting (just picking up on that topic that shocked me)….  @soanders

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With Google Ads ValueTrack parameter, advertisers can easily ascertain the source of the clicks and hence, attribute the success of paid search activities accordingly.

If you haven’t yet tried the tracking parameter, then you must. It helps gather insights and information which otherwise would be difficult to get hold of.

Using the Tracking Template

The tracking template starts with {lpurl} which is followed by the parameters that you wish to track down (as shown in the snapshot below). {lpurl} returns the final URL link that you have added in the ad messaging, so make sure to add it at the start of the template. It is followed with a ‘?’ and the name of parameters. You can add multiple parameters but each need to be separated by an ‘&’.

To check the available parameters, read our blog here

If you wish to track any value other than the predefined parameters, then you can do so with the help of custom parameters. Custom Parameters offer advanced options where advertisers can add custom values.

You can at max create three custom parameters at campaign, ad group, keyword or ad level and consists of two parts namely

  • Name: Up to 16 alphanumeric characters
  • Value: Up to 200 characters; can contain any characters (including | ; _ / ^ ( !)), along with any specific ValueTrack parameters

In this post, we will discuss the steps to return the Campaign Name or Ad Group Name using custom parameter.

Step 1: Go to your account settings and specify the custom parameter that you wish to pass. Here we have given the name _campaignname and _adgroupname (the custom parameter name should have ‘_’ added as the prefix) to the custom parameter that we wish to return the value for.

Step  2: Now that you have created the custom parameter, you need to assign the value to it. Go to ‘All Campaigns’ and then go to settings. Select the campaign for which you wish to assign the value. Go to Additional Settings >Campaign URL Options. There define your custom parameter and its value.

In the above example, we have defined the following parameter and its value

{_campaignname} = blog

This will return the value ‘blog’ in the tracking URL when the click is triggered by that particular campaign. This custom parameter needs to added as part of your tracking template to track the respective parameters mentioned:


Alternately you could go to ‘All Campaigns’ and add the following columns:

Once added, click on the Custom Parameter column for each campaign and assign the value (here the name of the campaign) to it.

Repeat this step for the remaining campaigns too. This is required to get the exact source of the click.

Step 4: Once all the campaign names have been added to the custom parameter _campaignname, now move on to do the same at ad group level. Go to All ad groups, and then add the columns just like in Step 2:

After adding the columns, add the value to the custom parameter _adgrpname, for each of the ad groups in your account.

Repeat this step for the rest of the ad groups in your account.

To be sure of whether the tracking parameter will capture the desired result, test your tracking parameter’s efficacy.

The result of it would be as below:

Following the above mentioned steps, you are all ready to get started with tracking the campaign and ad group source. Share about any other parameter that you wish to learn more about and we would be all the more happy to help you out with that.

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Welcome to this week’s PPC News recap! Google Ads API returning to beta, New Update for App Campaign, Google Ads and Account based marketing, Ways to maximize your video campaign on Twitter and more.

Get clearer insights on ad performance with prominence metrics – To better optimize your campaign performance,Microsoft Advertising is providing few metrics which will help you to know where your ads are appearing on search result pages. Get an insight here.

Google Ads API Returning to Beta – After hearing feedback about slow response time of Google Ads API, Google has decided to move it to beta status . Learn more here.

Introducing Nielsen DMA Targeting for Quora Ads – For many advertisers, location targeting is an important tactic to use ad budget effectively. Keeping this in mind, Quora has announced specific geographic Nielsen DMA targeting. Know more here.

New updates for App campaigns help unlock more search inventory on iOS mobile web browsers – Google’s announcement for App ads to show for more searches on iOS mobile web browsers starting in July 2019. Learn more here.

The Right Way to Import Google Ads Campaigns into Microsoft Ads – A brief article by Andrea Taylor explaining the right strategy to import Google Ads campaigns into Microsoft Ads.

Google Ads and Account-Based Marketing: Everything You Need to Know – An informative post by Ana Gotter explaining the advantages of Google Ads and Account Based Marketing.

5 Overlooked Facebook Audiences to Improve Your Ad Results – Targeting multiple audiences on Facebook can help you to reach new prospects with your ads. Charlie Lawrence helps to know five types of audiences you can use to target with Facebook ads.

[UPDATE] ETA Preview Tool Updated With New Ad Marker – Inline with Google’s change in Ad label on mobile, team Karooya has updated its ETA & RSA Preview Tool. Learn more here.

Creative checklist: 5 ways to maximize your video campaign on Twitter – On Twitter, 82% people spend one-third of their time watching videos. In this article, Sean A Leslie explains five creative ways to use video marketing on Twitter to maximize conversions.

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Earlier this year, Google was testing a new ad label with a bold black text minus the border. This change has been incorporated and so have we.

The ad label has evolved from the blue background (which prevailed till 2007) to the green outlined ad label in 2017. With the recent update, the ad marker has been made bold and the latest lad label change can be seen on mobile devices.

In light of this change we have updated our ETA  (Expanded Text Ad) & RSA (Responsive Search Ad) Preview Tool to to incorporate the recent ad label changes made on mobile devices.

Also, how the sitelinks appear on mobile has also changed. We have updated that too.

In a recent post, Andyy Taylor shared insight basis some early data captured, that suggest that advertisers haven’t yet witnessed a meaningful shift in performance. It will be worth the wait to learn whether it does impact the overall performance in any way in the long run.

Test Your Expanded Text Ads & Responsive Search Ads:

We have built an AdWords script to find best performing ads will help you find the winning ads in your account. Run this script and pause the poor performing ads.

The script now also offers support to Responsive Search Ads so that you can get insight into the performance of your RSAs and determine which one’s are good and poor performers.

Once again to get the script click here.

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This week’s PPCChat session was hosted by AzeemPPC who sought PPCers views on Conferences, Speaking and Self Development/Improvement.

Q1 – In terms of your own self-development, how important is attending a conference to you, and why?

I love to attend conferences. I don’t do very many each year, but when I do I come back energized. Being with industry people in person is amazing. @NeptuneMoon

I tend to not attend too many conferences as it feels slightly repetitive, I pick around 2 ones (at most) that I know I’ll learn from/motivate me to attend per year! @areej_abuali

At the right conference I can come away with new techniques / campaigns to trial and implement which is obviously awesome, but more awesome is a good conference motivates and reinvigorates me. I can become quite isolated in my own world and techniques to be honest. @scright

The knowledge exchange and networking is invaluable for me, and hearing from some of the top experts in the industry is a huge win! @AzeemPpc

My conference attendance has dropped off recently b/c most past content was focused on tactical 101 or 201 type stuff. Has anyone attended more advanced recently? @SEM_PPC_MattV

Conferences make me feel energized! Even if a session is about a topic I’m familiar with I usually come away with a few good tips. @FindingAmanda

I find conferences to be a necessary humbling. It helps anyone who has been doing this realize 1. They aren’t the best, 2. There is a lot more to learn, 3. They aren’t the only ones doing SEM. conferences are always a great reminder of how bad I am at making powerpoint decks.@JonKagan

Conferences are important because they provided a way for this small town gal to network and build relationships IRL. It’s how I met my husband along with many industry friends around the world. @Nicole_Mintiens

In the past I went to conferences and they seem to be more about “basics” than advanced topics, so I have not gone in a very long time. @lchasse

Getting back into PPC, have not attended many conference but plan to change that. In the past conferences, they have been empowering be surrounded by other PPC nerds at all levels. @ppcErika

Q2 – Which talk have you seen at a conference that has really inspired you with great takeaways to apply in your current role?

I hope to soon have many takeaways from talks.@ppcErika

I recall @Jammer_Volts from Search Love London 2018 when she broke down a massive topic such as information architecture into such practical hands-on tips, it was great! @areej_abuali

I think the talk that altered my approach to a whole aspect of my work was @Digital_Liam‘s Google Shopping talk at #HeroConf 2017. I literally went back to my team and rebuilt all our campaigns the next day. @scright

There were some really good ones at @heroconf in Philly. Both of @jdprater‘s sessions, @coryhenke and @wilcoxaj delivered real ideas on how to do stuff better on their different platforms of expertise! I don’t remember which @heroconf it was, but @bgtheory had a great keynote about keywords and how they all work together. The concept of looking beyond just what a particular term did. Case study about turning stuff off & how it impacted everything.@NeptuneMoon

For me, I really enjoyed @KianNjie talk at #BrightonSEO earlier this year. His talk on Google Smart Bidding and a proper testing framework really resonated with me. Definitely someone who knows his stuff! @AzeemPpc

Any talk by @crestodina = Many practical tactical takeaways served in rapid succession. Also @wilreynolds makes me realize there’s so much more I could do with big data. Plus @TaliaGw’s emotional optimization = 100 @Nicole_Mintiens

@armondhammer on when to use scripts @BryantGarvin and @purnavirji on attribution @sharithurow on real-life examples of technical SEO & IA @martyweintraub and the @Aimclear team on Facebook targeting. @ferkungamaboobo

Q3 – If you’ve spoken at a conference – what motivated you to apply? If you’ve never spoken, would you consider it, and why?

A boss told me the only way to get ahead in the industry is to be a name, and no one could promote my name better than myself, so he told me speaking would be a great start. When I became indecisive on it, he told me he would punch me in the throat if I didn’t do it. @JonKagan

Honest, shameful answer: wanted free tickets to an expensive conference. Speaking gets you in free. @amyppc

I spoke at my first big conference after being highly encouraged to do so by the wonderful @mvanwagner. If you think you want to present and haven’t yet, start pitching! Start locally too – EVERYONE wants to know about digital marketing. @NeptuneMoon

Same here @NeptuneMoon– Matt encouraged me to speak. Even though I don’t do it much anymore I’m so glad I did. @Mel66

I’ve never spoken at a conference, I’d like to though. It would be a great way to establish myself as a thought leader. @FindingAmanda

I spoke at this year’s #BrightonSEO and it was a huge personal goal for me and my career to achieve. I really valued the support all of the speakers got and regular speakers were treated as equally as new ones. Highly recommend pitching! @AzeemPpc

I wanted to challenge myself to prove to myself it’s something I ‘CAN’ do! @areej_abuali

I’m in limbo, having spoken at events before but never conferences I will be speaking at #HeroConf London in October! What motivated me was actually just discovering that once I got past the nerves public speaking is really fun, with practice I came to enjoy it! @scright

Speaking gets you a free ticket and I enjoy sharing with others. @robert_brady

I have strong opinions on how to set up WordPress. But overall, my interest stemmed from the thought that it was the only way to advance in “the biz” @ferkungamaboobo

I’d love to become an industry “name” for my niche. I’d love to speak at a conference, but I feel like there isn’t anything I have to say just yet that hasn’t already been said and I want to provide significant value to those I speak to. @anna_arrow

I have only spoken at local conferences where folks asked me to speak. I know speaking helps get you much more recognized, just have not stepped out and done it. @lchasse

I was motivated by a desire to (1) share what I’ve learned (2) grow personal/business brand (3) travel (hashtag fulltransparency). @PPCKirk

This is crazy, but thinking back on it – the people who encouraged me to start speaking and to leave my last job were both GOOGLE REPS. @amyppc

Q4 – Do you make time for your own development, and how?

I am always reading things to keep up with the crazy platform changes. In a larger way, working on #ppcchat and sharing info I find with you all motivates me. I also have been doing this for a long time and really like to help others in their careers. @NeptuneMoon

I actually look for online classes to take and I read a lot. Marketing books, business, etc… Oh and try and participate in ppcchat when work allows. @lchasse

Kind of, we do group development, so we research, study, and learn independently but come together with the team to actually test/implement. @JonKagan

I’ve done better at this in the past. Lately the tyranny of the urgent has crowded out even specifically blocked out times in my calendar. It really does take self-discipline to learn and grow. Probably the number one quickest/most comprehensive way I have grown in my own PPC knowledge has been by speaking/writing/forum posting. Nothing like researching to teach that helps you learn a topic more deeply. @PPCKirk

In fits and spurts. I have four or so marketing books that I need to read, but my kindle isn’t cooperating. My best personal development comes from solving problems — X needs to be solved by end of week, how do we do it? @ferkungamaboobo

I’ve been using Theme Days to schedule in prof dev and growth rather than just client work. I was resistant to it but it makes a big difference! @amyppc

I’ve found that the best way for me to make time for my own development is to make sure the medium is something I enjoy. Podcasts is #1 (there are great ones out there), reading is #2. If you try and force yourself into something you don’t like, you’ll ignore it. Recent blog posts & reading books – both can be extremely helpful @DarthSamK

I try to, I fully intend to. Reality is that recently I am absorbed by my work and don’t have much time for development areas (I rely on Twitter chats. The best way I ensure I make time is by booking conferences / training in advance. @scright

Absolutely! I make a point to carve out at least 1 distraction-free hour each week to focus on developing a new skill. Lately it’s been negotiation strategy. @SEM_PPC_MattV

I read a lot of blogs and books. I also attend a lot of webinars. Full disclosure: mom guilt has kept me from attending conferences in the past but I have a few in person conferences I’m attending this year! Super excited. @anna_arrow

I feel like I view being in “work mode” as my only time for personal/professional development. I could definitely do better at developing other aspects of my life outside of work. @jordan_fry

Read books, blogs. Currently going to upload @siliconvallaeys@ppcErika

Q5 – What are you currently learning about? (This might be a good way to connect with others in the space who have already been there/learnt it…)

There isn’t one thing I focus on with continued education. One day I read about keyword changes, the next I am learning about automation. @anna_arrow

I am currently trying to better understand and figure out how to work well with all the ML being pushed on us. I highly recommend @siliconvallaeys book on the subject. Taking a look at the longer horizon to try to position myself well. @NeptuneMoon

Specifically YT Advertising, but a broader answer would be brand awareness/TOF advertising. Copywriting is a skill I’ve been trying to master forever too so always trying to learn more in that arena. @DarthSamK

Data visualization/ Data Studio all day long. It’s my favorite and I spend way longer on it than is probably justified for needing to make report deliverables. @amyppc

Learning more on GDN/YT automation, and the shift to more keywordless industry ad efforts. @JonKagan

I am actually currently reading @siliconvallaeys ‘s book that I downloaded on my kindle recently. @lchasse

My focus lately has been on the big picture and getting into the positioning and branding aspects. I think back on all the client interactions I’ve had where that was the problem no one wanted to touch. @ferkungamaboobo

Currently learning a lot about advertising on Youtube (ad formats, buying models, audience availability, etc) @jordan_fry

Currently learning Amazon ads. @bufoting

Q6 – What one thing would you suggest that employers should do, to encourage self development?

A few things on and off, Quora Ads are being tested and I do more SEO than ever. The last 12 months have been a big learning in Facebook Ads and I learn a lot from groups and courses. The community @andrewfoxwell and @herrmanndigital are building is super helpful! @scright

I do the same for myself that I used to do for my employees when I worked for other companies. Budget furthering my learning into my expenses, so if I want to take a course, buy books, etc… We have to prioritize learning by budgeting both time and $. @lchasse

Prioritize it. Schedule time for your people to learn new things. Set up ways for people to share with each other what they’re learning (and see the multiplier effect!). @NeptuneMoon

I know it is far fetched but offer employees some help to get to conferences or reimbursement for other paid learning resources. Invest in your people’s learning. @anna_arrow

I still remember taking my FIRST Google Ads exam (back when it was $50). I was so worried I’d fail and that my company would make me pay to take it again. Ha! @amyppc

Encourage learning outside of your vertical/job description. Also – schedule time to discuss new things people are learning & encourage sharing with everyone in the office! Spread the knowledge! During weekly internal calls, we try and schedule 10 minutes to discuss something new or interesting that someone learned. It helps to have a close team where everyone feels comfortable. @DarthSamK

Outside of expenses such as conferences, one thing I valued at my old agency was we did internal talks / lunch and learns. If someone did something great / new on a Friday afternoon (over beers) they’d present it to the agency. It was a relaxed way of presenting. @scright

Pay for employee memberships to learning platforms such as @udemy or offer to pay for employees to become certified in a platform of the employee’s choosing. @jordan_fry

1. Pay for your employees certs, and take time out of the day to train them. 2. Send them to conferences with a mentor who’ll network with them. 3. Engage teammates on “big” problems that are above their pay grade. @ferkungamaboobo

Plug in with the PPC community. There are so many friendly, smart people in PPC who are super willing to share their experiences and techniques. Facebook groups can be great, too. Shameless Plug: here’s a great one: http://bit.ly/googleadsgroup  @jphebdon

PPCChat Participants:
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Missed out on the PPC Posts which made headlines in the second quarter? Here is the brief summary of what was trending. Announcement of v1_3 release of the Google Ads API, Bing Ads is now Microsoft Advertising, Introduction of Moat Analytics on LinkedIn, Branded content ads on Instagram, Pinterest’s new conversion features, Cost Cap bidding on Facebook, Quora’s announcement regarding Ad Set Duplication feature and more.

Google Ads

Deliver more interactive ad experiences with Display & Video 360 – To build a better ad experience and to produce more captivating ads, Google has announced two new updates, swirl and live streams. Learn more about these updates here.

Simplifying portfolio bid strategies – Some of Google’s automated strategies help to optimize campaign performance. Portfolio bid strategies is one among them. Get more insight in this article as to how simplifying this strategy will help to gain more visibility.

Create and edit responsive search ads in the Google Ads mobile app – Google Ads mobile app helps you to monitor your ad’s performance on the go. Get an insight here about two recent updates to the mobile app which helps to improve performance.

Immersive branded experiences in YouTube and display ads – Google is bringing augmented reality (AR) to YouTube and interactive 3D assets to display ads for advertisers to have immersive experiences. More insight here.

From Target Search Page Location and Outranking Share to Target Impression Share – Announcement from Google regarding “Target Impression Share Strategy” which will be in effect later this year.

Announcing v1_3 of the Google Ads API – Google’s announcement of v1_3 release of the Google Ads API. Get to know more here..

New bidding controls to help meet your goals – Three New bidding innovations were introduced to give advertisers more flexibility in order to attain their business goals. More details here.

New Performance Planner coming to Google Ads – Performance planner helps advertisers drive more conversation and in better planning of their ad spend. What is new to this Performance Planner, know it here.

Keyword Planner changes finalized – The changes to the Keyword Planner  were being speculated since long, but with this announcement, Google confirmed the updates made. Know more about the changes in this post.

Microsoft Advertising

Get started: Price Extensions in Microsoft Advertising Editor – Bringing Price Extensions to Microsoft Advertising Editor will help customers to see the products along with prices. Here is the guide, how you can get started with this feature.

Enhance your campaigns with new AI-driven recommendations tab – People who advertise with Microsoft have the opportunity to improve their campaign performance using new and improved Recommendations Tab. Jessica Cui explains more in this article.

Bing Ads is now Microsoft Advertising – Evolution is the key to success. With this name change, Bing Ads is building onto its success. Know more about this change and how it’s helping Bing Ads to gain more visibility.

Drive customers to immediate action with Action Extensions – Announcement from Bing Ads regarding Action extension. Follow the link to get an insight on “How to set up action extensions, Bing Ads’ newest ad extension“.

Get started: Migrate now to final URLs to improve tracking – Bing is preparing to end the ability to create destination URL for keywords, ads, campaign level by August 2019. What steps do you need to take in this regards, this article will explain.

Better tracking with final URL suffix and more custom parameters – Announcement from Microsoft Advertising regarding Parallel tracking,final URL suffix to avoid delay in loading the websites.


Oracle Data Cloud’s Moat Analytics + LinkedIn: More Ways to Measure and Validate Video Performance – Introduction of Moat Analytics on LinkedIn is a move to measure viewability metrics of their video ads. Get more insight here.

Introducing the LinkedIn Ad Review – A brief write-up by Sean Callahan regarding the announcement of a new feature “LinkedIn Ad Review” which will help to analyze top performing LinkedIn Sponsored Content.


Providing clarity on political advertising in Canada – Keeping a goal of transparency with regards to advertising during elections, Twitter has announced the expansion of political advertising transparency efforts to Canada. Michele Austin sheds more light on the same.


New: Branded content ads on Instagram – Announcing Branded Content Ads which gives the opportunity to advertisers to promote content posts of most active users as feed ads. Know more here.

Bringing Ads to Explore, Instagram’s Discovery Destination – On Instagram, people go to explore if they want to discover ,connect with people or shop. Learn here regarding an announcement to introduce ads in explore feed to discover latest trends.


Drive more action with new conversion features – With this announcement, Pinterest introduced Conversion Optimization, a new campaign type which helps optimize the Promoted Pins for a defined conversion action. A step towards helping advertiser achieve their conversion objective.

Quick tips: How to think about targeting on Pinterest –  Targeting can boost your campaign’s performance if you have right strategy. Learn some tips here for your next Pinterest campaign to improve your market presence.


Maximize Campaign Results with Cost Cap Bidding – Facebook has introduced a new bid strategy to gain more results while controlling the cost. Know more in this write-up.

Improving Ads Manager and Business Manager – Facebook’s plans to update Ads Manager and Business Manager will help in gaining more success to all sized companies. Find out more in this brief article.

Updating Our Brand Safety Controls – Facebook announced new brand safety control for advertisers to help them protect their brand and customers from bad content on Facebook’s platform.

Updates to Ads About Social Issues, Elections or Politics – Announcement of few updates which Facebook has rolled out with regards to elections in Canada.


Quora Ads and Improvado Partnership – Announcement from Quora regarding their partnership with Improvado which will help advertisers to get all their campaign data at one place. Learn more here.

Announcing Simplified Ad Set Duplication –  Quora’s announcement regarding Ad Set Duplication feature to duplicate multiple ad sets and their ad creative across campaigns.

Quora is now integrated with Google Tag Manager – Announcement from Quora regarding it being an approved tag vendor within Google Tag Manager. Follow along Joe Martinez, as he takes you through, how you can install Quora Pixel to all pages of your site.

New and Improved Ads Targeting Experience – Quora is announcing new categories which will help advertisers make informed targeting choices to reach their goals. Get more insight here.

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Welcome to this week’s PPC News recap! Microsoft Advertising’s Parallel tracking and final URL suffix, Quora’s announcement regarding new and improved ads targeting experience,Combination of Smart bidding and Last-Click Attribution, Twitter providing clarity on political advertising in Canada and more.

Offering Greater Transparency for Social Issue, Electoral or Political Ads in More Countries – Announcement from Facebook regarding transparency tools for advertisers wanting to place ads about social issues, elections or politics.

Better tracking with final URL suffix and more custom parameters – Announcement from Microsoft Advertising regarding Parallel tracking,final URL suffix to avoid delay in loading the websites.

Bringing Ads to Explore, Instagram’s Discovery Destination – On Instagram, people go to explore if they want to discover ,connect with people or shop. Learn here regarding an announcement to introduce ads in explore feed to discover latest trends.

New and Improved Ads Targeting Experience – Quora is announcing new categories which will help advertisers make informed targeting choices to reach their goals. Get more insight here.

Providing clarity on political advertising in Canada – Keeping a goal of transparency with regards to advertising during elections, Twitter has announced the expansion of political advertising transparency efforts to Canada. Michele Austin sheds more light on the same.

After Google Shopping and Google Images, Google Ads begins testing carousel format for text ads. – As ad carousal has often been seen in shopping ads or on Google images, now Google Ads begins to test Sponsored Links of text in carousel format. Learn more here.

CTR Impact from Recent Google Ad Label Change Still Unclear – Google’s new black ad labels on mobile devices and favicon feature might boost the rate at which searchers interact with paid ad units. However, early data gives a different picture altogether. A brief article by Andy Taylor explaining the same.

Get your campaigns ready to reach the always-on deal seeker – When it comes to online shopping, customers are on a look out for great deals throughout the year. Here are listed some new tools which help advertisers to reach to the right audience.

Why Smart Bidding and Last-Click Attribution are a Dangerous Combination – There are some dangerous combination we need to avoid using in our PPC account with regards to automation. One such combination is Smart bidding and Last-Click attribution. Frederick Vallaeys gives more insight on the same.

Don’t Miss the YouTube Mockup Tool – YouTube Mockup Tool is a free tool from Google for advertisers. What is this tool all about and how to use it, Joe Martinez explains in this brief write-up.

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With ad copy testing you can determine and understand the type of ad messaging that converts better. This should be an ongoing task for PPCers as it helps give the audience and the businesses what they like.

We have broken down the process into three parts, the first part discusses the things to make a note of before you begin with ad testing, the second discusses the possible ideas for ad testing and the third discusses the different ways through which you can conduct your ad copy testing.

Here is a quick run-through of how you should go about running ad tests

What do you want to test?

The ad has variable components which could be picked individually and tested. Choosing one variable at a time helps draw a clear hypothesis than picking up more than one and not knowing which variable to associate the hypothesis with. Here are the components whose variations could be tested.

  • Ad Copy
  • Headline
  • Call To Action
  • Description
  • Landing Page  etc.

What metric would you want to measure?

To analyse the test, you would also need to define what metric you would wish to measure to ascertain the success rate. Here are the list of the metrics that you could choose from:

  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • CPA/ Cost per Conversion
  • Conversion Rate
  • ROAS

What metric you choose will depend on the goal that you have set for your test.

Create test ideas

For whatever part of the ad copy that you wish to test, you could create the many ideas around which the testing could be created. For example, if you wish to test the efficacy of your headlines, then you could test the following ideas:

  • Deals, Offers or discount
  • Call To Actions
  • Products, features or services
  • Key insights or trends etc.

Once you have run the tests the results will help you get an understanding of whether a specific offer/ deal works better than the other or which call to actions get the maximum response.

Now that you have, the to-do list of testing in place, we explore the ad copy testing ideas to help you get started with it easily:

Product Features/ Benefits

Your ad copy needs to address the user’s need. So, it makes a huge difference, what product features or benefits you highlight and where. The product features or benefits, which gives an insight about who you are, is worth testing as you would want to leave an impact on the user at the first level itself.

Call To Action

Depending on the business offering, it might matter where your call to action is placed. An ideal place to add your call to action is in the Headline 2/3 or Description 2. However, you would still want to test whether placing it in either Headline or Description or both has an impact on the response you receive.

Promotional Offers or Deals

You could check where the placement of an offer or deal can catch all the eyeballs. Not only does the placement of it matters, the message created needs to be full-proof in order to get a positive result.

Using Brand Name or Not

Again, depending on the goal set, you could check the impact of mentioning your brand in the ad messaging. Ideally if your goal is to generate brand awareness then adding your brand name in the ad copy could help. However, you would need to test it to get an assurance.

Landing Page

If you wish to check which landing page performs better, you could check it with the help of ad copy testing. This testing idea helps identify landing page that converts better and can contribute in lifting your campaign performance.

Here are some of the ways you could test your ad copy to identify the winning ads

Create ad copy variations on the platform

Create more than one variation of your ad and run them for satisfactory duration. Once they are able to generate some results, you can analyze them basis the metrics that meet your KPIs.

A/B Test With Google Ads

Google Ads has the option to create an alternate variation of your ad, without disrupting the current flow, with the help of Campaign Draft & Experiments. With this feature you can check an alternate set of settings and only once they give you convincing results, you can adopt those changes in your active campaign.

Karooya’s AdWords Script Helps Identify Poor Performing Ads

You could try our AdWords Script that helps you analyze your account for winning and poor performing ads. With the insights and recommendations shared from the report generated through this script, advertisers can take necessary action to optimize their ad and campaign performance.

To learn more about the script and how to use it, read here.

Create RSAs (Responsive Search Ads)

Let Google decide on which combination of Headlines and Description to choose from to optimize ad performance. You can provide a total of 15 Headlines and 4 Descriptions, out of which Google’s machine learning will test and analyze the best performing combination of 3 Headlines and 2 Descriptions

With these guidelines and your own learning experience, you can make ad testing an essential part of your PPC campaign planning.

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This week’s PPCChat session was an interesting one.Hosted by Amalia Fowler, this session was focused on PPC education for experts and newcomers and how to keep learning in an ever changing industry.

Q1: How did you get into PPC?

Slipped and fell into it. A traditional advertising internship fell through, and I begged them to teach me other stuff. @JonKagan

I was called into an interview and they asked whether I liked Excel!! hehe…enough to say I felt I had met my perfect match. @mindswanppc

I ran an event planning company when I was 19. I was also in school for marketing management at that time and we had one singular class on online marketing. Whatever happened in that class created enough interest for me to start doing PPC for the event planning company. @adwordsgirl

I was doing web sites & SEO when paid digital ads started to become available… I waded in & never looked back! @NeptuneMoon

I had a false start when I applied to work at Google in 2002 and quit before my start date when they revealed some additional details of the job description via phone. @amyppc

I was the new guy on the team and was asked to figure out this Twitter, FB, and Google ads thing. @jdprater

My real start was doing web design at an agency in 2004. They fired the marketing girl for not knowing how to calculate CTR, and gave me her job.@amyppc

Back when I was a blogger, it was a quick way to test new product ideas. @mikecrimmins

Personally, I took an overall marketing course for tourism, switched into a communications marketing course, thought about traditional, my teachers told me I’d be a good digital strategist, and I got an internship where I had to teach myself PPC! It’s been a journey. @amaliaefowler

I was head of overall marketing for larger companies and some startups. When I went out on my own, most of my first clients wanted help with PPC, so I decided to focus there and just work with helping in PPC. @lchasse

Got lucky – had an internship WAYYYYY back in the day that dabbled in online & offline lead gen. The digital side really sunk the hook in me! @SEM_PPC_MattV

Accident (kind of). I was a copywriter at an agency and the search person needed help. back then it was all about semantic understanding of language so she wanted a writer. I started and NEVER STOPPED!!!! @JuliaVyse

I had direct marketing experience and realised PPC was just direct marketing. @stevegibsonppc

I don’t have any fun story here – I was bored in my sales job and wanted to move into marketing. The best way to get a job was to be well rounded so learned SEO & Search PPC first, and never stopped. @DarthSamK

I was in school and didn’t think I was learning much. I got Analytics and AdWords certified… Moved down to Salt Lake and lived on couches until @ericdfarmer took a chance on me and hired me. He gave me all the freedom in the world and I took it and ran! @markpgus

It sort of just happened. I was doing a bit of everything in my digital marketing role, but more and more of it became PPC! @BrittanyZerr

Took a job at an HR/comms agency and helped build the digital team from scratch with my boss. Went from 9% to 25% of company revenue in 18 months. Got to work on RIM and burn that midnight oil. @duanebrown

Took the first internet marketing course my university offered. Got an internship with the guest lecturer on PPC. The rest is history. @robert_brady

Professor Kent Lundin’s Digital Marketing class at @byuidaho. Then an internship with @Stu_Draper & @LukeAlley, been addicted to Ads ever since. @PPCJedi

I was an SEO and the someone took over the top of the SERP and I have always been a curious guy who likes a challenge. @soanders

Q2: What do you wish you knew in the beginning that you know now? What would you tell Day 1 you?

“You are NOT an imposter. You are definitely worth your pay because of how much Excel ninja stuff you know.” I had a lot of lack of self confidence in the beginning. I needed to learn I WAS really good at what I did. A2.2 also it’s ok to want to find a quick way to find out how to do something. Thank God I was patient enough for Scripts to come out. @mindswanppc

I don’t know if I would tell myself anything. Like most of you, I am self taught and have quite enjoyed the journey to get here. @adwordsgirl

Change will be constant. Be flexible & always look for ways to apply what you’ve learned in new ways. Also, it’s ok to not know the answer sometimes! @NeptuneMoon

PPC Spy tools are a waste of time. @eld3000

Relax and stop over-optimizing. Yes, you’re getting results/feedback really quickly, but it doesn’t mean you need to do anything. @jdprater

I would tell myself three things: 1. Google won’t give you refunds. 2. Google doesn’t have all the answers. 3. Marketing isn’t life or death (I was way too stressed out in the early days) @amaliaefowler

There’s a lot of this you can’t control, you’re basically running one big GIANT test. So calc your budget to the penny, and track all your hours! @JuliaVyse

LEARN ABOUT THE FUNNEL. Day 1 me thought Search was everything and didn’t appreciate Display/YT/Social anywhere near as much as I should have. @DarthSamK

Day 1 me thought the AdWords market was already saturated and the days of “cheap traffic” were behind us. This was in 2004, guys. Also – clients aren’t just paying for results. Clients are paying to not have to worry. Get better at feelings, not just data.@amyppc

Never imagined back then how big digital marketing would become, so I’d probably advise younger me to try entrepreneurial route while market share is a bit easier to grab. No regrets about how things played out though! @SEM_PPC_MattV

Good question, but knowing you cannot have a process that is static (not even for 6 months) in this job. Google & others change their systems often, you will have to be very agile. Oh also, Google is not going to be the smartest person in the room in the future. @lchasse

I wished that I would’ve done more than just dabbled in PPC. I wish I could’ve told myself to get more serious about it right away. @mikecrimmins

PPC is not a panacea – some things just aren’t a fit due to volume and nature of business. @eld3000

I learned it quickly when I screwed up an account early on. Everything needs to be strategic. You can be an expert in the platform but connecting it to real business outcomes is the key I increased leads 25% for a company while decreasing CPL… Rev dropped 50% tho..@markpgus

Get a second pair of eyes. If you can’t see it, someone else might. and it doesn’t mean you don’t know what you’re doing. + offer to be a second pair of eyes for others. it’s worth it. @JuliaVyse

I think I would also tell myself to play detective, not to blame the “external environment” for issues (increased competition or user behaviour) and make sure I’ve exhausted my internal search of work I’ve done. @amaliaefowler

That few emergencies exist and if it won’t matter in a year, try not to stress about it. Also, some people are afraid to say they don’t know and education is a huge way to win business and trust. @duanebrown

Self…talk to the client about how this impacts the overall marketing program – use words like prospecting in stead of ‘nonbrand’ and discoverability instead of ‘brand'” I feel like I learned this much later than I should have. @FindingAmanda

I’d wish I knew how to find the last question in #ppcchat faster. Still scrolling up and down your profile, Amanda! @soanders

learn excel, get a good set of glasses and noise cancelling headphones, and lastly remember, there are lot of hacks in this industry, avoid being one. @JonKagan

Q3 What has been the biggest learning experience for you in your career – either a specific event, or client, or experience, etc.

Baseline data is where you are currently, not how someone else is performing. If your CTR is 2.5% or 25%, that is your baseline and making improvements to that are what count, not what other folks are getting. The other thing I would say is it is okay not to win every client. It is okay to fire a client as well. Some clients are not a good fit for you and will cause you more pain than what the $$$ in is worth @lchasse

It’s ok to say “I don’t know, but I’ll find out” No one expects you to know everything. Also, honesty is the best policy, always. Don’t try to brush over mistakes. Own them. @Mel66

Triple check your settings. @adwordsgirl

At my first agency job I got sent to an in-person meeting with the CEO of the company. His first question was “Why should we be paying you $X?” If you have a solid answer to that question, you’re usually okay. @robert_brady

Don’t consider a negative result a failure. The reason we test is to rule things out; not because we think we’re going to win 100% of the time. @DarthSamK

Mine was definitely not trying to bite off more than I can chew. I walked into a role because it was the “logical” next step in my career. But I definitely hadn’t done learning at the prev role I was at. That role didn’t last long….thankfully! Was too stressful. @mindswanppc

My 6 month performance evaluation with @JeffAllenUT. He gave me the toughest feedback I’ve ever heard. He pointed a huge blind-spot. It changed me and made me a better marketer and co-worker. @jdprater

Measure twice, cut once. Ensure you know the correct budgets (I’ve spent a 3 month budget in 1 month!) and are 100% clear on client’s needs and moving forwards. @NathanK_TX

Setting up my first company – I mean PPC has rules, setting up shop doesn’t @soanders

I personally live by the hypothesis that you can learn more by doing with PPC than in the classroom – which means there has to be room for errors within a supportive learning environment. @amaliaefowler

Use contracts & be very specific about what is & is not included in your projects. Been burned over not being 100% clear. Had a client not pay for a major project early on – learned to to progress payments so my work not too far ahead if $$. @NeptuneMoon

A boss explained to me that no one will make a big deal out of you, so you need to be your own best cheerleader. @JonKagan

Building a paid team from scratch with the assistance of people who were good at management but not PPC was a huge learning experience for me. I wish I had listened more about processes and things that would affect future growth. @amaliaefowler

I think doing several summers of door-to-door sales. First I learned the art of selling, then I learned how to do it at scale online. @PPCJedi

Already shared how I destroyed a client’s business… SOOO other than that, it has been gradual improvement. Learning from peers, then learning from blogs, then learning through convos with speaker/bloggers on #ppcchat I recommend this learning path to literally EVERYONE. @markpgus

Working at an agency as an account manager with 10+ accounts. Seeing just how many moving parts go into a digital campaign. What the clients often see is just the tip of the iceberg. @nscalice

Mistakes happen. Be transparent & own them. Learn from them & move forward. @SEM_PPC_MattV

I learned the value of intent-based marketing VERY early in my career with a national restaurant chain. I was driving reservations for $1.50 on search that were $90+ with demo-targeted banner ads. Everyone was shocked back then. @amyppc

That I can’t control everything. I won’t relive working for a US health insurer the year the ACA went through (website down, awful headlines, weird politics etc) but I will say that admitting I couldn’t magically change everything was freeing. @JuliaVyse

Easily moving to Sydney, Melbourne and London (UK) to take my persona; and professional experience up 5 levels and come home a different man. Work abroad if you can, it’ll change your life. @duanebrown

Switching to an in-house role made me question a lot of the assumptions I had as agency-side. I had prodded at the underlying problems in most SMB campaigns, but seeing how it worked from the inside was illuminating. @ferkungamaboobo

Q4: What do you think education programs are missing or lacking in regards to digital or PPC?

I think this goes into two categories. There’s the college level programs and the online type ones. For college programs, the industry changes so much that its hard to really dive into everything – I feel like they should focus on strategy, comms, and basics. @amaliaefowler

I feel like there are a lot of really smart folks out there (a lot here), who could be doing classes for folks online. Different perspectives is great. So many platforms now to teach on from Udemy, YouTube, Skillshare, etc… @lchasse

Curiousity & client communication. The programs tend to teach skills which are great, but the mindset of questioning everything, googling and trying different things isn’t there. For Comms, a warm, professional email & clean status doc will keep you in biz forEVER. @JuliaVyse

PPC is highly strategic and highly technical. Many people are jumping in to learning the technical with no interest in the strategy. That’s backwards and hard to fix. @amyppc

I find few of them delve into the adjustments you make over time, as campaign grows/matures. You use very diff tactics getting last 25% out of campaign than you did getting the first 25% worth of improvements. @heyglenns

Not enough focus on goals or strategy. The tactical/execution models are determined by these, not the other way around. Most edu/training I’ve seen overfocuses on tactical. @SEM_PPC_MattV

Statistics. It’s a data world and we’re just living in it. Helps to learn the language. @Wickerpedia

A lot of people say they want advanced content and yet find it articulate what that means. Advanced is a generic word and can mean so many different things. A lot of course go for the lowest hanging fruit which is people just getting started or DIY management. @duanebrown

Teach it in college! Digital media courses didn’t exist when I was in college. @JonKagan

Not enough focus on trying to ensure people understand the business objectives & what’s important to the client. the data is important but some ppl waffle about the metrics that aren’t of any concern to the client. @mindswanppc

Client communication and setting expectations. I’ve been at it for a while now and I still don’t think I’ve got it right. @adwordsgirl

Education is a huge challenge in our industry because things are constantly changing. @amaliaefowler

The changing nature and fast-paced world of PPC. By the time the content is live it’s already outdated. @jdprater

Huge challenge – we did a training programme once, where we tried to get Google involved as well as technology providers. Every time the training ran, their part of the module would be updated. You need to have a new updated programme for each training..

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