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JUHI GODAMBE by Juhi Godambe - 4M ago

This was my first time in Paris as an adult. I was going to be in Paris for Paris fashion week. This time decisions like where I should stay were upon me to decide. And of course because it was a short yet very exciting work trip I wanted to make sure I pick the best spot in Paris.

I had a few important criteria’s in mind to make this important decision. The location, appearance of the property and the price. After thorough research the hotel I chose to stay at was Hotel De L’Empreuer in Paris.

This hotel is situated in the heart of the city; it’s in the same neighborhood as the Eiffel Tower. And when you walk around you might find pretty Parisian lanes with the Eiffel tower peaking through.

About the hotel:

The hotel is a pretty boutique hotel, interiors look rich and the property is over all well maintained. On arrival you will be greeted by really friendly staff that will instantly put you at ease.

Breakfast is included with your stay and you can start your day with fresh croissants served at the café/kitchen in the hotel, by the lobby.


The first thing I need to mention about the rooms is the view. Now the room that I got had a spectacular view of the Les Invalides. The room has a sweet little balcony where you can sit and enjoy breakfast or coffee on summer days.

The standard room was pretty well sized for a city like Paris. Ample space to move around, and to store 3 suitcases in.

It came with a study table, a wardrobe and a spacious bathroom (with great lighting for makeup).


The hotel is located in 2 Rue Chevert Paris, and as I mentioned it’s in the Eiffel tower neighborhood which I’m guessing is on every travellers list.

There are cute cafes and restaurants all around this neighborhood, also a gorgeous market just a few streets away. The hotel is close to the subway station as well and since it is centrally located a lot of prime spots are at walking distance.


The rooms at an average can cost you INR 15,000/- per night on bookings.com however you can always check with the hotel for better deals and offers through out the year.

What I would go back to this hotel for?

  • The room view
  • The friendly hotel staff
  • The hotel location

Overall experience:


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JUHI GODAMBE by Juhi Godambe - 7M ago

OMG It’s 2019! Before I proceed with this article let me get the cliché out of the way. How did 2018 go by so fast! Like really. It’s insane how life goes by and time flies. Some things are constant and some just change.
This will mark as the last post of 2018, which is why I want to look back at the top things that happened to me this year. Things that were life changing.


To be honest I was never somebody who was used to winning awards ever. So when this happened to me, and I won the Cosmopolitan Lifestyle Blogger of the year, it gave me this sudden boost of confidence and validation.

It was truly an emotional experience for me. I never went in with the thought of winning but when I did, It was unbelievable. I am extremely grateful to my viewers for letting me know that they enjoy the content created on this platform.


As a fashion blogger going to New York Fashion Week was definitely a huge aspiration, and then this year Maybelline made those dreams come true by having me in New York as their IT girl from India.

It was pretty surreal! I met the entire Maybelline team, met a lot of global influencers and also attended some really great shows. All in all it was a fabulous experience. You can watch my time there by watching my vlog.

I also flew down to London Fashion Week right after New York, which was also really cool! This fashion month definitely made 2018 very special.


Now this one is on a personal front. My boyfriend and I completed 10 years together this September. However unlike most couples our families were yet to meet, and more surprisingly we were both yet to meet each other’s families ‘officially’.

So this year Siddharth and I took the plunge and told our families about each other and it all worked out smoothly. Sid also came along with my family to Thailand for my cousins wedding. It marked a start to something really beautiful.


Arabellaa had taken a back seat early this year unfortunately because of my hectic travel schedules. I was unable to give my brand the time and nurturing it needed. And lets get real no matter how amazing your team is, a startup needs its captain at all times.

But we got back on track soon after and produced 3 very successful collections for the brand, one of which was in collaboration with a platform called Alaya By Stage 3.

My goal in the coming year is definitely to stay focused on Arabellaa. The brand means a lot to me and I would love to give it my all to truly let it shine.

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If you guys dint know, I have been away for almost 2 months non-stop. Flying in and out between trips, maybe came home for a day or a week max! Does this sound like I’m complaining? Because I’m not. What I want to actually talk about in todays post is the toll these trips take on ones body and mind.

I travel for work mostly through out the year, but just for a few days each month. These recent trips were quite a few time zones at once. Starting with New York then London, Cape Town, Dubai, Thailand, Bali and a quick detour to Chandigarh.

What I miss the most when I’m travelling non-stop is a good routine, being able to eat right, go to the gym, work with my team on new projects for both the business and the blog and spending quality time with loved ones.

In my field of work, I think looking right and most importantly feeling good about yourself is very important, but imagine having to constantly travel, one can only control till an extent when it comes to food. And also not being able to work out because lets be honest, lack of motivation when you’re surrounded by friends.

So I think what’s important is HOW I BOUNCE BACK into my routine once I’m back home. There are 3 things I like to be extra particular about once I’m back.

  • Food
  • Fitness
  • Skin

Food –

Once I’m back home, I try sticking to the basics, just eat simple home food, and watch the portion sizes, eat how much your body needs, and not what your mind thinks it does. The biggest tip here is, to avoid eating out as much as possible and to say a strict NO to processed or packaged foods, this will reduce unnecessary snacking.

Fitness –

I like setting goals in terms of fitness after my trips, I try and tell my self that I should be working out atleast 5 times a week if not more. Tip: Try and include more cardio in the first week once your back, and then gradually slip into your usual workouts. This may help in getting rid of the holiday weight.

Skin –

Try and keep your skin as hydrated as possible! Those plane journeys really suck the moisture out of your skin. So make sure you wear a good moisturizing mask the day you’re back, use good serums and creams. And most importantly, drinks lots and lots of water! Tip: Keep a bottle of water with you, no matter where you go, this make you have water without even realizing.

One thing I would like to add is that, I think life is all about striking a balance! Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, and then when you're back a little discipline is also great to be able to really value to Holidays!

Hope these tips help, I’m almost just slipping back into my routine; let me know what other issues do you guys face after long holidays or work trips.

Until next time!

The post How To Get Back On Track, Post Holiday? appeared first on JUHI GODAMBE.

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JUHI GODAMBE by Juhi Godambe - 10M ago

London and I have a bit of a history, I completed my masters in London from London College Of Fashion about 4 years ago, and it was such a shame that since then I never got a chance to revisit the city and my friends. My cousin sister and I finally decided to take our first trip together and chose London. Exciting times!

We landed into the city on the 29th of July, at 3pm, after a rather pleasant flight. We got into our pre-booked cab (one2one cabs) and went straight to the hotel.

Hotel: Our hotel was at Queensway, located in the heart of the city. A few stops away from the busiest areas in London like Oxford Circus and Bond Street.

We stayed at Park Avenue J Hotel, which quite honestly was very average. The staff there was nice, however the rooms were pretty small for the price we paid. We paid about 1.35Lakh / 1,470 Pounds for 9 nights. But again we booked the hotel very last minute, just a night before we left.

NOW lets get to business, here’s what we did and I think you should do too when you visit the city next!

Areas To Explore:

  1. Covent Garden

Covent Garden is an area where you can eat, get entertained and shop from a mix of Lux and High Street brands and also interesting local boutiques.

My favourite thing to do in this area is to simply walk around and watch everything around me. There are some excellent selections of restaurants in this area and also did I mention it is super Instagrammable.

When you’re in Covent Garden you cannot miss Neil’s Yard, it’s quite literally a yard which is super colorful. You can sit and enjoy the area there or even grab a bite at one of the restaurants around it.

Tip: If you take the tube to this stop, NEVER take the stairs to exit. Unless you are super fit. They are about 9 floors high. Take the lift instead.

  1. Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus & Soho

Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus immediately remind me of Times Square in New York, Huge advertisement boards and colorful lights, lots of shops and restaurants, and one of the most lively tourist areas in the city.

Soho on the other hand has the most unique local vibe to the area, in the day take a stroll around Soho and enjoy some amazing food from all the food trucks preparing fresh food. Or shop from some local artsy store. And in the evening enjoy fun locals bars and pubs to grab a few drinks.

  1. Oxford Street & Bond Street

Now these areas are probably the most known areas in London, on the top of every tourist’s checklist. So I’m not going to get into the details. Tourists may love it but I personally don’t love how busy these areas are! If you’re around Bond Street, don’t miss Selfridges to shop from. If you love busy shopping areas, this one if for you.

  1. Notting Hill

Oh Notting Hill, One of my favourite areas in London. Pretty houses, cute coffee shops and also Portobello Market. You can’t miss spending a day in Notting hill just to explore and take in it’s beauty. Find some of the most charming houses here, and also a ton of healthy food cafes.

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If you have been watching my videos from 2017, specially my vlogs on youtube, where I am just plain ME. No makeup and no filters, you would’ve definitely noticed the acne on my face. A lot of you told me how you were dealing with the same situation, and honestly at that point I wish I knew a solution to help you and myself.

I did everything someone with good skin does, ate healthy for the most part, worked out, drank a lot of water, cleaned my face before bed.. you name it!

But my skin didn’t get better for almost a year, and I found myself losing confidence. I remember working with a cosmetic brand for a huge campaign early this year, I felt so horrible in front of the camera and I could’ve done anything to find a permanent solution for my cystic acne.

Then eventually I found out that I was suffering with PCOS, which is basically a hormonal imbalance found in women that makes you either put on weight, have unnatural hair growth or makes your skin acne prone. My skin was breaking out because of this and I started with some medication to control it immediately after consulting my dermatologist and gynecologist.

Now this is the background of my story, I wanted you to understand what my skin went through. My skin started clearing up after I started with my medication, BUT even then my skins texture needed to be fixed after going through so many breakouts. I was left with scars and an uneven textured skin.

I came across a device called the LUNA mini 2 by FOREO a while back, I had heard of the brand a few years ago however after I found out that its latest launch is available at a local Sephora in Mumbai, I took the plunge and bought it.

This product is basically a cleansing device, which is pretty different than an ordinary face cleansing brush. Instead of harsh bristles this device has silicone bristles, which is very gentle on your skin and is also super hygienic as compared to other cleansing brushes.

It is a T-Sonic face brush with eight adjustable intensities. The brush has 3 types of bristles at the front, back and at its tip making it compatible for all skin types.

How To Use LUNA mini 2?

Simply add your cleanser on the brush/directly on your face. Add some water on this waterproof brush, and switch it on and massage your face in a circular motion for about a minute. Rinse your face and dab clean.

My Current Routine:

Morning –

  1. Cleanse face with the FOREO LUNA mini 2
  2. Apply serum
  3. Followed by sunscreen (SPF 50)

Night –

  1. Remove makeup (if any) with a micellar water
  2. Cleanse face with the FOREO LUNA mini 2
  3. Apply serum
  4. Moisturiser

How this face brush helped me clear my skin?

My skins texture got a lot smoother, and it eliminated tiny bumps on my skin. It also helps me double cleanse my skin. I use micellar water to remove my makeup and follow that with my facewash with the FOREO brush. It eliminates any chances of makeup or dirt on my skin.

Why this product is a winner for me?

  • Extremely effective! Results seen within a week.
  • Travel friendly!
  • Battery life is amazing! Charge once in a few months!
  • Waterproof and Durable
  • Available in 8 colors
  • Looks super cute.

Price? Where to buy?

Hope you enjoyed this article; feel free to ask me any questions below in the comment section.

Until next time!

Shot by - Akash Shah

The post HOW I CLEARED MY SKIN – FOREO LUNA mini 2 Review appeared first on JUHI GODAMBE.

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