Gibran (right) in discussion with Fighting Films production manager Jack Willingham.

Gibran Khan is the IJF media rights and broadcasting manager.

What do you do exactly?

Mainly I handle the media rights and broadcasting for the IJF World Tour. This includes TV coverage, news coverage and partnership management with CNN, Eurosport, Euronews. Basically all the media outlets that the IJF world tour has are part of what I work with.

Can you tell us about the partnerships with CNN, Eurosport and Euronews?
The partnership with CNN is basically about bringing judo to a global audience. CNN has a presence in over 190 countries so that is as wide a coverage as you can get. This partnership is a long-term one and it’s about growing the brand and the image of judo. Eurosport is a hardcore broadcaster of sports content. The idea of getting a hardcore sports channel on board is to have more events coverage. Eurosport, which is in 54 countries runs our 26-minute IJF World Tour highlights. This partnership is about connecting with the sports fan. Euronews is another global news channel. It reaches out more to the corporate world. If you go to a hotel, what you seen on the TV screens is probably Euronews. They run short highlight clips for every day of our IJF World Tour evets.

The IJF has made great strides with traditional media. Will there be any efforts to engage with social influencers?
With the amount of attention and work that is required with the international media and conventional television it does take up a lot of our focus but yes, we recognize that social influencers are important. The fact that you are here and we are having this conversation could well be the start of that. The challenge with social media or unofficial media is the question of credibility. You can have 100 people come up to you and say I can do this and I can do that but we have to make sure they are credible and are not working against the spirit of our sport. I hope that you can help send out the message that we are one big judo family. Anyone who wants to contribute in a positive way, we welcome them.