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Openly sharing that I am a Psychic Medium has been a challenging process.

People can let their judgements about energy work proceed them, creating distance, which can feel extremely isolating. Instead of being stifled, I decided to explore the feeling of isolation. I learned that I was content with who I am and how I express myself. Validating my self worth allowed me to speak my truth.

Through this process, I noticed a regular transcript of reactions begin to unfold.
The 5 Archetypes
In conversation, when asked the question “What do you do?”, I have noticed 5 general responses. As the conversation unfolds and we gain trust, we may move through many of these archetypes, creating a really engaging experience.
  • The Explorer: ​The Explorer is immediately excited at the prospect of receiving a consultation on the spot. They are engaged in discovering who they are and what they should/need/want to be doing with their lives. They would love some validation that they are headed in a good direction. Oh how I understand that feeling of attempting to bravely face the unknown! My Psychic Pro Tip for The Explorer: To harvest your answers, create a closer relationship with your intuition, developing the trust and faith in yourself that you so seek.
  • The Metaphysician: The Metaphysician in enthralled with unlocking the secrets to the universe. They want answers to the mysteries of life after death, dimensions, beings, and how energy is organized to facilitate it all. I love their enthusiasm! This is a lively conversation filled with opportunities to explore the words explaining esoteric subjects. I always leave this conversation feeling pumped about what I learned and had an opportunity to express.
  • The Intuitive: The Intuitive is noticing patterns in their life and wants to share their stories of coincidence, ghost experiences, and psychic moments. They are hearing their intuition and actively working with it, noticing its intricacies and timing, but haven’t put all the pieces together yet. They want to share their stories to someone who will understand, helping them validate their experiences. My Psychic Pro Tip for The Intuitive: Trust your intuition's messages above all else.
  • The Skeptic: After learning I am a Psychic Medium, The Skeptic will either: ask if I am reading their mind, make a bad psychic joke, break eye contact, change the subject, or begin to speak to me about their differing beliefs. They are uncomfortable for a myriad of their own reasons and/or feel that I am challenging their beliefs. If this is the case, then I do not engage and allow a neutral energy to be my buffer. I welcome ways of thinking that are different than mine. I am happy to respect their path as long as I receive a matching energy in return. Psychic Pro Tip for The Skeptic: I am not trying to read your mind, I have more important things to do, and I love a well crafted psychic joke, not a demeaning one.
  • The Inquisitive: The Inquisitive explores life through creating authentic connections with others. Our conversation is engaging, we share stories about life lessons and adventures with a few laughs peppered into the mix. To all The Inquisitives out there, I thank you for taking a moment to get to know me and offering nuggets of your knowledge collected through travel.

Authentically Engage 
I love to share my information as well as absorb what others have learned. So, let’s explore life by engaging in interesting conversation. Progress is not born from fear, judgement, and stagnancy but through courage, adaptability, and respect for each other's perspectives. 

Learn more about my perspective and work as a Psychic Medium: 
Frequently Asked Questions
The Consultation Experience
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The process of recognizing the voice of our intuition takes practice and patience. 

For many of us, our days are filled with appointments and tasks. We feel scattered and disconnected from the compass of our intuition.

Fortunately there are tools available that help us get quiet and support us in accessing our intuition's messages.
Spend Time in Nature 
If you’re feeling frazzled and find yourself screaming “Give me a sign!”, then take a hike. At the trailhead, put all challenges on hold and begin by noticing the details of your surroundings. Is there frost on leaves, puddles in the mud, or deep afternoon light streaming through the trees? Compile the story of this habitat. Absorb the peace created through harmony created by balance in nature. Begin to consciously open up to any intuitive messages. Its message is quiet but confident, matching the harmony in nature.

Journal and Favorite Pen
Write a question of a challenge you have been facing and then just sit and write. Let all the thoughts and imaginings out on the page. See what comes up. When you feel you have no more words, step away for a moment. Come back to the writing later that day or even in a few days. With this perspective, you will notice the parts of your writing directed at releasing emotion and the parts contained a thread of truth and inspiration. Your intuitive voice has space for expression when the path once blocked by emotion or resistance is cleared.

Meditation Practice
In meditation, we create the opportunity for our intuitive messages to come through the quiet. As we sit, we are actively releasing and replenishing our energy. This act of self care sets the foundation for our intuition’s messages to come through. We may notice quiet messages on how to heal, our next steps, when to make a change, or information on how to unwind a challenge.

Divination Tools
Meditation, journaling, and spending time in nature give us the opportunity to create direct communication from our intuition to ourself. When we need a little more help, divination tools are a great resource. Here are my favorites:
  • Tarot: This is a helpful resource when I want to understand all angles of a challenge I am facing. Tarot pulls me back and I observe the nuances involved in the challenge. It helps me make a more informed choice on how to proceed.
  • Oracle Cards: When I am interesting in learning how to work with a particular modality, I go to an associated oracle card deck. Here I am able to work with the energy of the modality directly and learn how it speaks and supports me. My favorite oracle decks are Angel Cards and Native American Medicine Cards.
  • Crystals: When I need help focusing on self love, releasing an emotion, or opening to my intuition’s messages, I choose the matching crystal. I'll sit in meditation with the crystal or sometimes carry it with me for days at a time, helping me to open the pathway for transformation.
  • Incense: I love incense and use it all the time to clear energy in a room or in preparation for doing a consultation, teaching a class, or house clearing. My absolute favorite is Nag Champa.
  • Sage: When noticing unresolved energy when moving into a new place or doing a house clearing, I utilize sage to clear and transform the space. Sage is a powerful tool in neutralizing energy, clearing the way for the new inhabitants.
  • Meditation Mist: I use this Meditation Mist from Bright Green Possibilities whenever I need a bit of help settling into my practice. The scent helps me get into the present moment and relax into my practice, ready to receive information from my intuition or sit in a healing experience
  • Dream Interpretation: The quality of a dream and how I feel when I wake up acts as a gateway to information. These are great tools to help me sort and organize challenges, leading me to a resolution in partnership with my intuition.

If you’re not sure which divination tool is right for you, go to a metaphysical bookstore that you love. Wander the isles and notice what draws your attention, wanting you to research more. Purchase the book or deck or crystal, go home and explore how it supports you. Repeat this process whenever you are ready for more information, your next steps!

A Supportive Community
Share your journey in developing your intuition with friends who love and support you. They can help sort through your doubts finally helping you to identify your information. Sharing information is validating when we have a friend who is in agreement with our learning process. It allows us to gradually trust ourselves in a deeper manner, developing confidence. They may even offer tips on how they identify their intuition, too.

A Good Consultant
Life a little too sticky? Information coming from all angles? That is a great time to call in a little extra help from the professionals. Schedule your appointment with your favorite Psychic Medium, Astrologer, Tarot Reader, or whoever is a good match for your interests. Make sure they are focused on getting you information that is helpful for your development, with options to help you make informed decisions.

Now, Utilize Your Tools
Ask yourself…
What do you love to do that gives you a moment to pause and regroup?
What do you love to do that also makes you feel supported and connected to yourself?
Maybe you like to trail run, are an inspired home chef, or love gardening.
Make your list of resources. 
Utilize them and create opportunities to hear your intuition.

What if I misunderstand my intuition’s message?
Oh! This is most certainly going to happen.
A bunch of years ago I wanted to learn how to become savvy in the stock market. One day, I heard a message from my intuition: The stock from a coffee company on the east coast was going to soar in the next few months. Being such a novice in the field, I was wary of this message. I didn’t invest. Over the next year, I started to notice reports about the growth of this company in the news and on the internet. I missed an opportunity for monetary growth. Bummer. However, to this day I can recall how that message sounded and felt. This experience helped me identify my intuition’s voice.

Be Patient With Your Process
Want to access your unique voice and power? Develop your relationship with your intuition. It supports us in acting mindfully with intent and dedication to carving out our unique path in life.

Want to learn how to recognize, access, and develop your relationship with your intuition: What is Intuition?
Steps for shifting resistance into empowerment! 2018 Predictions, Part 1

My best dream tips: Interpreting Our Dreams
Get your meditation practice rolling with Meditation Foundations.
Continue support in your practice through Meditation Guild
Ready to make some moves in your life? Consultation
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Real estate agents work to match a home or property to the right person. Challenges arise when there is unresolved energy in a space:
  • from death, divorce, or other difficulty
  • a spirit is guarding against the transition
  • buyer is wavering in commitment
  • owner is not ready or does not want to sell​​

Partnering with members of the National Association of Realtors and California Association of Realtors, I provide remote House Clearing for homes and properties. 
Recognizing Unresolved Energy
Quality staging through lighting and furnishings encourages a space to feel comfortable and inviting. Enjoying the space, potential buyers linger and evaluate if the property is a good fit for their needs.

This same a well-staged space will feel feel cold and unappealing when unresolved energy is present. Potential buyers will feel compelled to leave quickly and transactions will far apart. The energy in the space is resisting transition.

When to Call In Reinforcements
The simple task of safely burning sage, sweetgrass, incense, or a candle with the intention of releasing unresolved energy from a space can do wonders. When these tactics have been attempted, even a few times, with no change, it is time to call in reinforcements.

Energy Evolution
In my work as a Psychic Medium, I receive a particular sense of satisfaction when managing a House Clearing. I feel I am part of an energy evolution, working with unresolved energy to move it forward in a healthy manner. When the energy is released, the space will feel neutral, lighter, and more welcoming, becoming inviting to potential buyers ready to evaluate if it is a good match for their needs.

Get Started, Quickly!
I need the name of the owner, address of the property, and a brief history. 

And We Work Remotely
House Clearing is available through phone and email communication. As testimonials support, the quality is as thorough over the phone as in person. However, Living in Truckee, California, near beautiful Lake Tahoe and Reno, Nevada, in person can be requested for local clients.

​Submit Your Inquiry!
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​It is of utmost importance that we
​are a good match to work together.

​Start with these resources:
Sign up for my newsletter.
Follow me on social media.
Video: Explore Our Potential
Then schedule your free 15 minute inquiry
​and find out more!
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2018: A Year of Dynamic Opportunity

In Part 1 of this series we looked at how to clear out old patterns and shape resistance into empowerment.

​In Part 2 we learned how to write an intention that will help create manifestation.

Now I am going to look ahead into 2018 and examine the opportunities and challenges facing us, helping us stay on track with the creation of our intentions.
A Look Ahead
​As we move into January and February we will be continuing to process lessons from 2017. This time of the year resistance will be popping up through feeling lethargic and like we are stuck in a rut. It is important to remember that we are removing old energy from our space that is no longer a match to our highest good. If we do not label how we feel but instead consciously trust our innate intuition, we will flow through this shift with grace and ease. This yields the healthiest of processes, allowing the space for healing and creativity. 

If we stick with our intentions for 2018, moving into March we will begin to feel the transition from resistance from empowerment. How much we connect with it is dependent on our engagement with our personal development. Life will start to find a flow again but moving forward will not necessarily be easy. We are simultaneously in a process of letting go of the past and creating our present. This is not an easy task. To stay engaged and on track, we have to focus on creating our life through our intentions. 

As April comes around the energy really starts to pick up. The end of April is like a spark, pushing us out of whatever resistance we have been working with and calling us to start acting on our intentions. We will be feeling anxious or excited, frustrated or empowered, all dependent on how well we stayed on track for ourselves in the previous months of the year. We can start to see our intentions take shape and/or continue along the trajectory we have planned. Make good choices everyday. Be patient and calculated in your moves forward.

In May through July we will see energy calm a bit. But this will amplify our ability to move forward. As we begin to see our lives take shape based on good choices framed by the creation of our intentions, personal empowerment has the opportunity to manifest on a greater level. We begin to notice how we are consciously working with our energy and that of the universe to create our life path.

The pressures from the world around us begin to intensify again in August. This is the time to check in with our meditation practice. Keep it on a schedule. If you can only do five minutes a day, go for it. We need to be grounded at this time in particular to help us steady the ebb and flow of energies around us, acting as a catalyst for foundational forces. We should take this role on if we have the energy resources available to help society in this manner. If not, we should focus on keep our own self in balance. At this time it will be imperative to stay in alignment with our intentions and consciously give to society in a positive manner. 

As we move into September, hunker down, check on your progress with your intentions for the year. Are you on track? If yes, how do you need to adjust or update your intentions with where you are now and what you have learned? If not, be thankful that you checked in with yourself with the purpose of finding some foundation within yourself. Then, look at your intentions again and write down what you need to shift to start moving with the flow of your intentions. Did some not come to fruition? That’s ok, reevaluate. Maybe you didn’t really connect with them in the first place, or maybe you didn’t go deep enough into disciplining yourself in your connection with them. So, adjust, start again, or change it up. 

As we move towards October- November, we will feel some relief in the turbulent energy we have been experiencing. This is mostly due to the shift in seasons and help from nature shifting our attention inward. Make sure to review what you have learned throughout the year. Move into love at this time. Allow what you have created through the year to permeate into your knowledge of self. See what steps you were able to conquer and make happen. This is a time for self appreciation for the moves you were able to create. 

In December, notice how you were able to reshape your life over the past year. 
Ask yourself: 
  • How did you push yourself forward into action?
  • How did you react to adversity?
  • What actions did you take to help society in a positive way?
  • What did you do to make yourself feel more connected to your spirit?
  • How did you work through the resistance and into empowerment?
  • How did you show up every day to build your life?
Take credit for having the courage to change your lifestyle, to connect more authentically to yourself, to heal past wounds, and to use your voice to express your unique view of the world. Validate all that you created in 2018. 

Empower Your Path
In 2017 we were faced with an overwhelming amount of adversity. For 2018, that adversity is here to stay. It is here to help us all wake up and become more conscious of our choices, our selves, and our relations to each other. 

By working in conjunction with our thoughtful intentions, we can work through the challenge of resistance into true personal empowerment. We can find peace and fulfillment within and respect for one another.

The year ahead holds the promise of great growth for the individual. How do you want to show up for the challenge?
Read Part 1 and learn how to clear energy and how to change from feelings of resistance into empowerment.​
​Read Part 2 and learn how to write an intention that will help create manifestation.
This full article was originally seen in Sedona Journal's November 2017 Predications issue. Copies are available at many natural food stores and online: https://sedonajournal.com/
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Harold enjoying his favorite winter pastime.
Winter Solstice is an opportunity to match the tempo of nature and slow down.

For advice on how to take advantage of this powerful season shift, I consulted with herbalist Cherise Atkinson, founder of  Bright Green Possibilities.

A symbiotic relationship with Mother Nature is central to Cherise’s artistry as a clinical western herbalist, minimalist, gardener, cook & dreamer. She believes true wellness comes through simplicity. I second that sentiment!
In my conversation with Cherise, she highlighted three ways to utilize the energy of the season.

Lighten Up Winter Blues
Winter brings out a lot of emotions normally considered to match the darker side of our self. 

This is an opportunity to explore our spirit’s shadow sides and invite healing opportunities. 

To do this well, we must slow down and take good care of our body and mind.

Despair, loneliness, fear of the lack of light, and not being able to focus can all occur when we are not attending to our body’s needs properly. Instead, nourish body and spirit! Dress warm, eat mineral rich foods, light candles, create a safe fire in a stove, fireplace, or outdoor pit, and engage in intimacy. This will elevate your mood and help you cozy into the season.

Spending time indoors? Take advantage of tasks that stimulate mental wellness. Seek activities that induce creativity, motion, and problem solving. Some great examples are handicrafts, playing music, games, storytelling, really anything that wards off lethargy and induces motion.

Keep in mind, a need for stimulation can be interpreted as hunger. So, keep those food cravings in check!

Engage Your Senses
Add enjoyment to the longer dark nights by choosing to do everything a little more mindfully instead of task based.

Get cozy by locking in a good book, perfect beverage, and fun snack.

Netflix night? That’s ok. Take time to be thoughtful by making an enriching meal to enjoy during the show.

Make meals, have friends over, host a party all with love and intention.

Honor the foods that allow us to flourish this time of year!
  • warming spices such as nutmeg, allspice, chai, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, anise
  • citrus juices add sunshine to dreary weather and contain vitamin C for wellness 
  • mushrooms (interconnectedness)
  • onions and garlic (warm pungent fragrant, warming our system)
  • chard, kale, and collard greens (most nutrient)
  • fermented foods (Summer’s harvest, Winter’s feast)

By adding these details, you have turned any task into a savory event!

Create Ceremony
The Winter Solstice and New Year are a powerful calendar duo! Their proximity set us up for the possibility of a grand healing event, supporting us in letting go of energy that is no longer serving us.

Use fire to create ceremony and inviting light back into life.

Create a safe fire using a stove, fireplace or outdoor pit.
Write down memories you are ready to let go.
Write down intentions of creations for the new year.
Burning the written memories and intentions in the fire.
Let the inspiration be reflected in the embers, carrying you into the new year free and clear!

Or, don’t make a fire.. light a candle.
Create ambience by including your treasures! Surround yourself with any medallions, crystals, shells or magical finds that bring you joy.
Do the writing exercise above.
Read the memories and intentions and then rip the papers into bits.
Now, for some delicious warming recipes...
Indulge in these delicious recipes and nourish body, mind, and spirit!

Spiced Hot Chocolate
Serves 4
3 oz bittersweet chocolate, chopped
2 tablespoons cacao powder
⅜ teaspoon cayenne
½  teaspoon cinnamon
2 cups coconut milk
2 tablespoons maple syrup
In a medium pot, whisk together chocolate, cacao, cayenne and cinnamon over medium-low heat. Whisk until chocolate begins to melt. Slowly whisk in milk and bring to a subtle simmer.
Add maple syrup. Poor into cups and savor this warm sipper.

Golden Milk
Serves 4
2 cups Coconut milk
1 teaspoon Turmeric 
½ teaspoon Cinnamon
1 teaspoon honey or maple syrup
Pinch of black pepper
¼ tsp ginger powder
Pinch of cayenne pepper
Blend ingredients in a blender until smooth.
Pour into a small saucepan and heat for 3-5 minutes over medium heat until hot but not boiling. Poor into cups and enjoy while warm.

Winter Self Care
Essential Oils: Affect the brain and central nervous system. Different fragrances can have different effects. Essential oils are easily absorbed into the skin and can enter the bloodstream through the lungs and small capillaries. They affect the lymphatic system and are great when used correctly to aid in all kinds of wellness practices. Use essential oils in the Winter to aid in positive mood, for massage, in the bath, and in respiratory steams.

Baths: Are ideal for relaxing, healing the skin, warming the body and detoxifying the body. A cup of epsom salts can be added to the bath water to provide nutrients to the body and further relaxation. Add a strong herbal decoction and essential oils to provide additional healing, relaxation, along with physical and emotional support.

Massage: Helps elevate muscle tension, relaxing the mind and body. It promotes circulation and helps move the lymphatic system. Regular massage can reduce stagnation in the body. Receiving or giving a massage can also build bonds of trust between loved ones. Massage can be used to stoke the fires of intimacy.
CHERISE studied herbalism at the Ohlone Herbal Center. She is a practicing clinical western herbalist, seeing clients in her home clinic in Redwood City, California. Her apothecary is filled with garden harvested, wildcrafted and organic dried herbs and hand crafted plant medicines. When herbal medicine arrived in Cherise's life, she realized her potential for wellness and happiness, her BRIGHT GREEN POSSIBILITIES. Her herbal practice and BGP Natural Products are the manifestation of her love for people and plants. She offers her education and relationship with each plant to you, in a beautiful package. Pure, practical and luxuriously simple.
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I have always loved the dreamtime. As a kid, it was as important to me as my time spent awake. It allowed me to travel to mystical places, communicate with beings, and get a break from the less creative zone known as “reality.” The dreamtime was my den of comfort where I would explore and be all aspects of myself, without outside judgement present. It also provided a portal to information daring to be explored.
I have one absolute favorite dream book. 
The Dream Book, by Betty Bethards, was purchased from my favorite metaphysical bookstore, East West Bookstore in Mountain View, California, when I was about 20 years old. To this day, what I love is that it takes the time to teach us the meaning of dreams, how to work with them, and how to use them to access our intuition. There is even a very descriptive section about meditation! At the back of the book is the most solid dream dictionary that I have found. It has just enough terms to get us interpreting while allowing the space for us to find our own answers. It lives by my bedside for quick reference throughout the night or in the early morning.

Powerful dreams get attention.
I have been working on processing this dream for months! It has ushered many lessons and healing opportunities, although it hasn't come easy. The setting of this dream included me and my closest family at our cabin in the Sierra Nevada mountains. It was a sunny summer day and we were all sitting on the front porch. A new neighbor had moved in next door and had been keeping an eye on the cabin. For some reason, he felt like an owl was living inside the cabin and he was concerned for us. While the concern might sound neighborly, I felt like he was watching the house because he wanted us to sell it so he could do something with the property.

Next thing I know I see my brother come onto the patio. Behind him is an enormous owl at about 3 feet tall with a 6 foot wingspan. It was the most beautiful owl I have ever seen. His feathers were a shimmery combination of light and dark brown, deep blue, and purple. I had no fear in looking at this owl and lovingly appreciated its beauty.

Then, I noticed I had a headache. I decided that if I ate some food that my headache would be relieved. I asked my cousin to go in the cabin and get me something to eat. She suggested I take a pill but I told her that this was not that type of headache and that some food would cure me. She went into the cabin and came out with a bald eagle in her hands. She handed it to me, suggesting this was the food I was to eat to cure my headache. In reaching for the bald eagle, I giggled and said that I had really only wanted a granola bar and then gently set the eagle on the patio floor.

Suddenly, I woke up. I immediately thought was that a loved one had died. I went into my clairvoyant zone and quickly realized that I was dealing with some really heavy death energy. It was about 3:00 am, in the middle of the very powerful witching hours zone. So, I spent the next few hours in meditation, working the energy from the dream and the death energy before me.

To be honest, this was one of the most difficult night’s of my life. The information and energy I dealt with was very scary and intimidating. Yet, I did not let those feelings overcome me. Instead, I relied on my clairvoyant and meditation tools to get me through the fear. It lead me towards the information that would usher me into a process filled with healing and insight.

Break down the components of the dream.
The Dream Dictionary taught me how to break down a dream and then move through it step by step, as outlined below. Some of the key points of my dream are listed below along with the definition from the dictionary. 
Family: integration of self or role in the family
Neighbor: not included in dictionary therefore I must identify my feelings around this character for insight
Cabin: or House, aspects of self
Brother: masculine part of self or parts of myself I identify through my brother
Owl: wisdom, ability to see clarity in the dark
Cousin: not included in dictionary therefore refer to family
Bald Eagle: accepting responsibility and taking care of needs, freedom

It also helps to identify the feelings that were prominent within the dream and consider them heavily when interpreting.

For many years I have used Native American Medicine cards. Animal energy shows up often in my dreams and in my life. Therefore, I referenced them for insight on this dream as well.
Eagle: Connection to the Great Spirit, knowing and creating personal freedom
Owl: Associated with clairvoyance, seeing the truth in any situation, coming out from darkness

Finally, since I had such a clear picture of the owl, I decided to do an internet search. I found a match to an owl in Asia that was linked to a supernatural tradition of having communication with the dead.

Allow the components to reveal your intuition’s message.
This dream had a lot of emotions attached making it very difficult to interpret. However, when I worked the images of the dream in conjunction with the emotions, the message started to unfold.

Pro Psychic Tip: Intense dreams and nightmares hold some of the greatest opportunity for healing and insight.

The cabin mentioned in the dream was my heart’s home growing up. I was most myself when at that cabin enjoying time with my family and with nature. The dream was an exploration of myself from when I was a kid to me now as an adult (cabin, family). While I once needed that cabin as part of my identity (nature, family), through my adult life I have put myself out into the world in so many uncomfortable ways that I have given myself the opportunity to face many fears and come to peace with them (eagle). I have come to know the dark side of myself (owl) and the light side (eagle), both holding important messages for my growth.

In regards to the heavy death energy after the dream, without getting into all of what I was managing, the overall theme of this experience in combination with the dream was ultimately allowing a humble rebirth. To support the process of this transition, I had to let go into the experience of death energy that was before me. To say it was uncomfortable is an understatement. I was trusting my tools and discipline in meditation completely to get me through this. After managing this process for a few hours, I began to radiate a deep compassion that I had never felt before and a letting go into life, into who I am, and a renewed determination to continue to create who I want to be.

No, I don’t take all of these steps for every dream.
I have been working on my dreams for so long that, upon waking, I can usually figure out the message pretty quick and move along with my day. If I can’t, I trust that I did receive the message from my intuition and that I will change my previous life patterns because of it, no worries.

However, when I hit a biggie, like the dream I explained above, I do take as much time as I need to get to a consensus for myself. I mean, so much energy conspired to give me this experience, I need to respect the importance of the message. So, I work through the steps I outlined above and then I just give myself time to let the message unfold in front of me. It’s a magical process that has real-world application.

Some nights, I don’t dream.
We don’t all remember our dreams all of the time. Some of us barely remember our dreams, but that does not mean that there is no information being communicated. Take note when you wake up first thing in the morning: how do you feel, do you have an impression, thought, idea, or inspiration? Those are all clues to messages from our intuition. Heck, one morning I noticed I was singing “dodecahedron.” I had no idea what a dodecahedron was but come to find out it is a pretty cool piece of sacred geometry!

Enjoy the process. 
​Dreams make us laugh, cry, bring out our fears and anxieties and our hope for the future. Enjoy what they bring as they are the curators of our own custom self help book. Learn to hear their messages. 
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The holiday season is a challenge. Our bodies are adjusting to the seasonal shift and we are craving time to cozy-up for some self care.

But, we can't slow down yet. We are taking stock of our history, accomplishments and missteps during the past year, and managing work, friend, and family relationships.  This is a lot to process, ALL AT ONCE!!

No matter what you are working with, I've got some mindfulness tips to help you navigate the holiday season, spirit intact.
By the way… 
ok, got that out of the way, phew.

First thing in the morning..
Take a moment to breath and just drink some water.

Your cute spirit has been traveling through space and time all night, doing some exploring while attempting to help you rest up from your busy schedule.
You wake up feeling groggy and a bit out-of-it. Well, no biggie.

HOLD UP! Don’t reach for that coffee first..

INSTEAD, take some tips from my Meditation Foundations class:
First thing is to shift your experience.
Sit up, take some breaths.
Stretch, bend your knees and elbows, and wiggle your arms and toes. 
Then, drink some water. Have that glass waiting for you to take those sips. You are getting your spirit back from its travels and into your body, ready to work with you for the day.
Welcome the transition with gratitude. 

Get moving and do it outside.
Get your feet in the dirt. 
Walk down your block, to the park, go for a hike in the woods, or check out the beach.
It doesn’t matter where you go, just plan to get outside, and do it every day if you can.
Nature has a way of cutting through all the garbled nonsense mucking up our space. It helps us release useless energy and replace it with information that is instead useful and freeing.
Put down your phone. Don’t waste time on social media or watching that show.
Go outside!
Those time suckers can never compete with the fulfillment and healing opportunity that moments in nature provide. 

This one is easy..
Get out there and do something you think is fun.
Drop all other work, priorities, and lists of things you need to do.
Taking the time do something you think is enjoyable refreshes the spirit.
Refreshing the spirit allows you to be more conscious in the present moment. 
This allows you to act with more focus and therefore more efficiently. 
Therefore, fun is a crucial step in the process of being able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.
Additionally! That positive spark of energy will ignite others into a good mood and who doesn't want to be a bearer of glad tidings?

Bring some ceremony to your decorating, cooking, baking, and gift buying projects! To create a more mindful experience, think about what you are trying to express, who the creating is for, and how you can bring more love to the experience for yourself and then gift that to others. Slow down the process of doing by enacting these steps. Each project will become infinitely more enjoyable.

Got a big meeting, family event, or party coming up?
Nervous about what might go down?
Take a few moments ahead of time to create your intention for an experience.
Sit in a comfortable chair with your eyes closed.
Pick a color, any color, that represents a successful experience.
Then, imagine every thought, feeling, action that would contribute to the event being a success for you. Get detailed here, and add in sensory experiences. Have fun with this!
Every day leading up to the event, picture this color and play with all aspects of the daydream you created.
Take time to adjust, add, or just have fun.
Do it, get creative and work with it.

Nervous about finding yourself in a verbal battle with someone over issues or morals or values or whatever gets you riled up?
Well, if you have been practicing actions 1-4 on this list, you’re already ahead of the game. You have stronger grounding than most people out there.
Here are some other useful tips to help you keep your sh*t together. 
Feelings becoming elevated?
In a verbal battle that will get you nowhere but deeper into drama?
Past hurts starting to surface?
Ready to defend and yell and back yourself out of the corner, or put someone else in one?

Good, I’m glad you noticed.
Take a moment, become aware of your breathing.
You can do this right in the middle of the moment, and even when you are arguing or battling.
Finding your breath amidst chaos engages your ability to make a decision.
Figure out your choices -- and remember you always have the option to stop competing, or judging, or blaming, or bashing, or verbally attacking the other.
Those actions produce no positive effects, ever.
They do not make you the better person or more right, they just steal your energy away from moments when you can be living a lighter existence.
If your breathing has uncovered you in one of these modes..


After all, in that moment, they will not change your mind and you will not change theirs. 
Observing a situation allows you to act in a mindful manner.
Walk away, keep your spirit intact.
​If you feel passionate about the topic you were engaged in, find a more productive manner to express it. Volunteer your time and/or donate money!

Wrap it up!
The day was a big one. 
Last thing you do at night, take some moments to enjoy breathing.
Think about what you were grateful for that day.
You had lots of thoughts about lots of stuff, and moved around a lot, and communicated, and ate food. That is a lot of things for one body to handle day after day.
Thank that body for all its good work.
Breath with it, slowly, and then turn your awareness to the flow of information your are receiving about the history of your day. Let all of that  wash over you. Don’t think about it! Just let it wash and spin and spin and rinse. Then, give yourself the opportunity to think, and feel, what you are grateful for that day. Keep it in the present and be specific! Let the good feelings wash over you and move you into the dreamtime. 

one more important tip... 

done with the yelling. :)

Happy Holidays, Readers. 
I hope these messages of mindful inspiration find you well on your journey through this holiday season.
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In Part 1 of this series we looked at how to clear out old patterns and shape resistance into empowerment.

Now, onto step two and writing those intentions for the new year. 

Intentions are a powerful tool for directing and manifesting a path that is an authentic match to our higher self.

Wow, that was a mouthful, so let’s break it down. 
Create Your Intentions
From where you are at right now, think of one goal (or resolution) you have been ruminating on for 2018. For example, a goal could be, Create A Budget. Often, the reason goals or resolutions are not fulfilled is because there is no heart behind saying “I want to create a budget.” Finding the connection to our goals in a deeper way is the magic to manifesting. In this way, let’s turn Create A Budget into an intention. So instead, we say, “In 2018 I want to understand the flow of money in and out of my life. I want to know where I spend money each month and how that relates to how much money I am creating. It is important to me to understand the flow of money in my life and how I can work with it to help me support my future self and ultimately create affluence.” Suddenly the goal of Create A Budget turns into shifting into a lifestyle that has some purpose, a feeling behind it connecting us to a life event we want to experience. We have just given that goal turned into an intention the opportunity to become an energetic experience. The Universe’s language is energy. Through the work of intentions, you have just created a conversation with the universe about what you would like to conspire to manifest!

​You are not out of the woods by just having this wonderful imaginative event from “Create A Budget”. You have to be disciplined to stay on track and take the steps necessary to match the energy you are conspiring to create. Universal energy will be there to support you if you continue to show up in union with your intention. 

2018 is asking you to create these intentions now. Get the energy for the year rolling in the direction you are seeking. Actively co-create.

In Part 3 we will identify how shaping resistance into empowerment through the use of intentions will act as themes through 2018. 
Read Part 1 and learn how to clear energy and how to change from feelings of resistance into empowerment.​
This full article was originally seen in Sedona Journal's November 2017 Predications issue. Copies are available at many natural food stores and online: https://sedonajournal.com/
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