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A recent research report by BrightEdge reveals that 57% of all search traffic is from mobile devices.

Seen in this light, Google’s announcement in 2017 that it was moving towards mobile-first search indexing makes sense and can be seen as an acknowledgment of the importance of mobile visitors.

In Mobile-first indexing, Google will evaluate a site’s mobile experience for indexing and ranking purposes rather than the desktop version as it has been doing so far.

The search giant has reportedly started rolling out the new approach early 2018. So website owners need to make sure they don’t lose out under Mobile-First Indexing.

How To Check If Your Site Is Mobile-First Indexing

A site that is mobile friendly but not mobile responsive might not fare well under this new algorithm. Let’s see why-

A mobile-friendly site is one that simply rearranges the content writing on the pages or shrinks the pages for mobile browsers. In some cases, a separate mobile site with some essential stuff is maintained. Mobile visitors in these cases may get a functional experience, but one that’s definitely inferior to desktop users.

A mobile responsive site, on the other hand, is designed to dynamically adjust. Site elements like navigation, menu, image display etc are changed to make it easier for the mobile user. All content viewed by a desktop visitor can be viewed by a mobile visitor.

Google has said that a mobile responsive site has no cause for worry but others will need to make changes to avoid penalties.

Top 3 Things To Check If Your Site Is Suitable For Mobile-First Indexing

Mobile optimised site design
Consider revamping your site into a mobile-responsive one if it doesn’t handle mobile traffic well. In a mobile optimised site, all website content including text, images, videos or gifs is designed for easy access and smooth experience regardless of the device used.

Mobile friendly content
Make sure to have clean a website layout that works well both on desktops and mobiles. Your content writing must be such that it’s easily readable on mobile e.g use small short paragraphs and sentences.

Site speed
Google says that 53% of mobile users will leave a site if it takes longer than three seconds to load. Ensure your site loading speed is snappy and responsive.

Mobile can no longer be an afterthought. So make sure to get a content marketing company that’ll get your site ready for mobile-first indexing.

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It can be easy to mix up Copywriters and Content writers. After all, both seem to be handling the same thing, developing content! But there is a substantial difference.

The two serve different marketing purposes, so you need to understand how they contrast.

Content Writer

A content writer is one who writes …content! A simplistic definition but it captures the fact that content writers develop a wide range of content that is essential for content marketing.

The main aim of content writers is to develop awareness for the brand in question and do it in a way that offers value to readers. It is not necessarily focused on sales, although getting leads remains one of the goals.

Content writers typically write in depth about a topic and use an engaging or interesting approach to inform, entertain or educate. Journalists also broadly come under this definition but generally, they aren’t described as content writers

The kind of writing content writers handle include
  • Blog posts
  • Social media
  • Video scripts
  • Web page copy
  • Magazine/newspaper features
  • Copywriter

A copywriter is someone who writes material that advertises or markets a brand. The focus of a copywriter is grabbing the attention of the viewer/reader, communicating the brand’s USPs succinctly and convincing him/her to buy.

Typically, the copywriter specializes in advertorial content that is often in short-form. Some examples are

  • Ad taglines
  • Copy for promotions
  • Email marketing
  • Sales letters
  • Press releases
  • Copy for press/TV ads

For a copywriter, it is important to identify the brand messaging that will work with customers and communicate it in an impactful manner enough to push them to buy

While there is a definite overlap between the two kinds of writers, the skills needed are different plus they also work differently.

Get The Right Talent

A writer often can handle both types of content or writing. But businesses must recognize which kind of writer is suitable for their different needs.

Marketers must ensure their content strategy and approach is attuned to defined marketing objectives and the right talent is being used. Some guidelines:

  • What is the marketing goal of your content strategy – brand awareness, leads, audience engagement?
  • What content elements– ads, email marketing, articles – are your planning to use?
  • What resources do you currently have access to currently?

A reputed content marketing company is essential for reaching your business goals.

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With nearly 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook tops all social media channels as an engagement platform. A recent research report reveals that 93% of marketers now use Facebook advertising regularly.

Clearly, the importance of Facebook for businesses can’t be underestimated.

Boost The Efficiency Of Your Facebook Ads With Landing Pages
Facebook landing pages are just like regular ones on your website, except they are placed within Facebook itself.

Published under a custom tab within a Facebook business page, the landing pages are favored as the destination for Facebook ads.

This is because the main Facebook business page is crowded. A visitor may get distracted with all the other elements on your page – the videos, content writing posts etc., reducing the efficacy of the ad’s CTA and conversions. It also difficult to effectively display content related to the ad on the main page.

Facebook landing pages can be tailored to your marketing campaign providing the visitor with targeted information and a clear call-to-action.

Making Your Landing Pages Impactful

Your Facebook landing page is valuable real estate that you need to leverage carefully for best results.

Here are 4 top best practices for designing landing pages: Focus on Intent

Make your landing page tailored to what you want your visitor to do. Make sure to have a clear and single call to action such as sign up for updates, download report, join webinar etc.

Match Headlines and images with Ads

Your ad and your landing page must sync in terms of its headlines and taglines as well as the look and feel. Your graphic design company must give a consistent design so that the visitor gets a seamless experience while moving from the ad to the landing page.

Aligned With Brand

Make sure to make the landing page aligned with your brand’s imagery and design philosophy. A poorly designed mismatching landing page that sticks out like a sore thumb in your Facebook page can negatively affect visitor perceptions.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

Mobile traffic has today overtaken desktop traffic. So make sure to have your landing page optimised for mobile devices. The viewers should have a smooth experience regardless of the device used.

Optimize for Speed

Your page loads need to quickly so as to not lose the attention of your visitor. Tricks such as cutting down heavy images, graphical elements and embedded content can help.

With an experienced content marketing company, you’ll get Facebook landing pages that’ll enhance your conversions.

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Social Media Marketing Fails That Teach Us To Do Better

There is no escaping social media today. Whether in personal life or the corporate world, social media channels have gained a great deal of visibility and influence.

Silly mistakes and faux pas are inevitable when humans are involved. In personal accounts, the embarrassment of uploading wrong photos or sharing an inappropriate article can be laughed off.

But social media fails by corporate accounts can have a cascading impact on a company’s reputation and sales, which can be avoided with a reliable content marketing company.

Here are some of the major fails by companies which went viral and the lessons we can learn from them.

Dove’s racially insensitive online campaign

Global personal care brand Dove got embroiled in a controversy in 2017 after its ad for a body lotion showed a black woman becoming a white woman by using its product.  The video campaign posted on Facebook was widely criticised for failing to take into account negative racial undertones. The brand withdrew the campaign and released an apology for missing “the mark in representing women of colour thoughtfully.”

Lesson:  Remember to vet your ad thoroughly by taking into account different perspectives.

Cinnabon’s failed attempt to tap into a trending topic

In 2016, after Carrie Fisher the much-loved Star Wars star passed away. Cinnabon a well-known American chain of baked goods posted a tribute on Twitter which enraged fans.

The tweet showed a sketch of Fisher’s character in Star Wars, Princess Leia, with Cinnabon Classic Roll replacing the character’s famed side bun hairstyle. The accompanying message read: “RIP Carrie Fisher, you’ll always have the best buns in the galaxy.” Fans found the idea tacky and tasteless.

Lesson: Brands looking to connect with users often ride on trending topics. However, if no natural association can be made between the topic and your brand, it is better to stay out of it.

Adidas’ Sends Out A Thoughtless  Message

In April 2017, after the famed Boston Marathon ended, the sportwear brand Adidas sent out emails to its subscribers with the subject: “Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon.”   

It seemed like the Adidas team had forgotten about the horrific 2013 bombing of the event which killed three and injured hundreds others.  Several people pointed out to Adidas just how insensitive the message was, and the company issued an apology on Twitter.

Lesson: Brands must be hyper-aware of the ad copy they use and follow the best practices like multiple people checking for problematic concepts.

Protect yourself from such fails by partnering with a well-reputed content writing and graphic design company.

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Infinista Concepts by Infinista Concepts - 11M ago
Revitalize Your Online strategy With S.M.A.R.T  SEO

Good search rankings help drive high levels of organic traffic, the primary reason why SEO is so important.

However organizations make the mistake of using the vague objective of reaching to the top of SERPs to base their digital marketing and SEO content writing india efforts.  Such an approach can lead to misplaced priorities and investments, reducing the efficacy of the online search marketing. 

A Better Approach To SEO

A targeted and focused SEO strategy is essential for better results. With a framework like S.M.A.R.T  it gets easier to develop a comprehensive blueprint that can deliver tangible business benefits like better lead generation and higher ROI.

What’s S.M.A.R.T ?

S.M.A.R.T  is a well-known goal-setting concept used by organizations in a variety of business contexts like employee performance measurement. It stands for :

Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Time-bound

Making SEO S.M.A.R.T

By applying the S.M.A.R.T framework you can make sure that your marketing dollars are being spent on the right campaigns, right keywords and right content writing. Let’s see how this concept can be used to improve SEO:


Successful SEO requires a long-term, sustained effort.

Specific targets help break down large objectives into bite-sized chunks which can be useful to draw up on-ground tactics. For example, framing objectives like increase Website visit volumes by 50% or Improve Leads generation by 5% make it easier to develop highly targeted content and keyword strategy.


Make metrics a part of the organization culture by implementing dashboards to track critical measures on a regular basis. By keeping a close eye on metrics, you can quickly identify problem areas and course correct if needed. Some key measures are

  • Increase in organic traffic
  • Link-building metrics
  • Percentage increase in organic conversions
  • Increase in non-branded search traffic
  • Increase in number of pages on the site that generate traffic

A plan that is difficult to implement or challenging to convert into action is likely to bite the dust. While finalizing your marketing efforts, consider factors essential for its success and tackle them:

  • What are the resource needed
  • What is the action plan for handling new traffic
  • Is the business situation right for the plans
  • How is competition likely to react

Rather than setting lofty goals, set relevant  and realistic ones tied to specified time lines (a month, a quarter). Such clear-cut plans are far more effective in driving teams to reach targets.  


For successful SEO campaigns, organizations must make time-bound plans that are reviewed and updated  regularly. With SEO content writing India , SEO strategy is easier. 

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‘Do you want to learn blah blah blah? Subscribe to our newsletter now’. That’s what stares right in our faces when we are surfing through a website. Do we like it? Honestly, NO! Pop-ups fall under those desperate attempts made to get visitors hitched to a website. Many might say that they are not as much effective. But, numbers tell a different story in the case of overlays.

According to ConversionXL, WP Beginners which is a WordPress resource site, were able to achieve a 600% increase in signups by using exit intent pop-ups on single posts. From 70-80 daily new subscribers, the number shot to 445-470 for them. This shows that when rightly used pop-ups can prove to be very worthy, no matter whether they are liked or not.

However, a few mistakes made while pitching pop-ups to the audience might damage the user experience. Here a few blunders that one should avoid committing to make pop-ups a hit.

  • Ill-timing your pop-ups

    Timing your pop-ups is very crucial. It should neither be displayed too soon nor too late. Popping up the overlay as soon as a user enters your website is bound to leave them annoyed or even slightly irritated. If it pops up too late then you will lose priceless subscribers. Frankly, determining the best timing is difficult. But you can take a cue from www.digitalmarketer.com who triggered their pop-up after the visitors spent 15 seconds on their website.

  • Triggering pop-ups too often

    One might think that more the number of times a pop-up appears, more will be the number of subscribers signing up. But, this doesn’t stand true for overlays. Remember, a user is on your site to browse through useful content. If pop-ups keep appearing frequently during their browsing session, then they are bound to get irritated and abandon your site. It would be sensible to trigger a pop-up just once during one’s entire browsing session. You could have a side pop-up, which doesn’t hide much of the page, though.

  • Not providing ‘exit’ option

    Not providing a clear way to close the pop-up will leave your visitors confused. Your visitors may feel as if they are being compelled to sign up to your website and this isn’t a good feeling. This increases the chances of site abandonment. As a result, you will leave potential customers. Making the CTA (call-to-action) clear in the pop-up is very necessary.

  • Demanding too much information

    You might feel inclined to know more about your visitors so that you can send customized offers to them. But requesting too much information from a pop-up might irk them. This will lower your chances of conversions. An ideal pop-up should only ask for the visitor’s email id. You may also segregate your visitors into ‘interested’ and ‘not-interested’ categories. Once a visitor shows willingness, you may then ask them for further details.

Pop-ups will help you hold onto the visitors that might potentially desert your website. They will also assist in increasing your sales. Although seen as a bit annoying, if done rightly, overlays will contribute more towards the growth of your business.

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Clear marketing messaging, well-planned campaigns, active engagement – these are some of the fundamental requirements of successful digital marketing campaigns. But at the heart of a truly strong online brand presence is good graphic design.

A great graphic design company plays an important role in helping businesses to translate brand ideas into aesthetically pleasing yet effective visuals.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Yes, it’s a cliché but a picture does convey more than text. The work of a Corporate Identity Design Company, brand identity agency or logo design company in India is important because

  • A brand’s visual imagery influences the perceptions of customers of it, as they help establish its identity, and communicates its values
  • Visual content – ranging from YouTube videos to infographics – is used today in a variety of contexts as more and more people prefer such content
  • Good graphics drive engagement on social media as most platforms prioritize photo-based content over others.
Starting The Search for A Rockstar Graphic Design Company

Picking the one right graphic design company among the dozens and dozens available can be a bewildering and challenging process, leaving marketers often stumped.  

One of the ways to make this tough search easier is clearly articulate the following three important things before starting:

  • Scope of project
  • Expectations from the graphic design team (design style, outputs, level of support, time demands)
  • Budget/time limitations

Once these elements are set down clearly, it’s time to look out for options and shortlist the ones that seem suitable. You can

  • search online
  • ask for references from your network or
  • identify specific agencies from their work on other brands.
6 Things to Look at While Looking for the Right Graphic Design Company

Focus on these 6 aspects, and you will be on your way to identifying the best graphic design company for you:

  1. Portfolio

    Look over carefully on the portfolio and evaluate the kind of work done. Try to map it against the required brief. The quality of execution can be a good indicator of the creative skills of the team and their delivery capability.

    However, don’t just limit to the examples provided by them – take a look at the company’s website, go through its social media channels – you are likely to get a glimpse into their approach and style.

  2. Adequate Experience

    The overall number of years the graphic design company has been operating is another important factor.  An experienced team may be more effective as they may have a better understanding and may be able to provide better, faster outputs at lower costs.

  3. Subject Matter Expertise

    Graphic design is a vast field. Social media graphics, logos, business cards – every different type of output requires specialized skill and not everyone may have it.  So try to identify the extent of experience the graphic design company has in your industry, similar design projects, the style you need etc.

  4. Working Process

    Don’t forget to enquire deeper into the working process of the graphical design companies you are evaluating. The company’s approach must focus on understanding your needs and remaining flexible while having the expertise to challenge you in case of any disagreements.

  5. Testimonials

    Make it a point to ask for client testimonials or references if not made available. Your decision-making process will be benefitted by hearing from other companies who have worked with the team earlier. They can provide insights into working style, commitment levels and delivery standards.

  6. Reasonable approach to pricing

    It makes sense to be on the same page regarding budgets as it can be a decisive factor.  Graphic design companies, however, must be transparent in how they price projects and show flexibility.

    Additionally, it is our due responsibility to tell you how can a bad design cost you. Here is an interesting take on how bad design can take a toll on your budgets!

    (Add Bad design can cost you Infographic)

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Generating traffic and leads remains the top marketing challenge for companies.

Every marketer today is faced with the problem of figuring out just what goes into a successful digital marketing campaign.   

The basic goals of digital marketing services are of course clear:

  • Boost brand awareness & engagement
  • Drive traffic to online brand properties
  • Have robust conversions to build the sales pipeline.

But achieving these can be tricky.

To be effective, digital and Social Media Marketing in India must be crafted and structured carefully. 

Getting Results You Need From Digital Marketing

The growing influence of online space and platforms has understandably made digital marketing a critical priority for businesses, and getting it right is fast becoming make-or-break for brands.

A high impact digital marketing strategy typically has these 8 characteristics:

  1. Targeted And Well Organized

    A successful digital campaign depends to a large degree on the clarity with which it was developed in terms of its objectives.
    Marketers must clearly articulate before launching any marketing effort:

    • The aim of the campaign ( brand awareness, generating buzz for a launch, social media marketing …)
    • The specific audience groups that the campaign needs to reach
    • A clear picture of success (measurable criteria like traffic, mentions, conversations, sales or leads…)
  2. Right content mix

    In a crowded marketplace, digital content needs to be not only relevant and appealing, but also something that sets you apart.

    Equally important is for the right medium to be used. Every platform –blogs, website, LinkedIn among others- has a specific appeal/audience that must be leveraged.

    As a marketer you must make sure that you are delivering content via the appropriate medium for it to have the necessary impact.

  3. Intelligent use of social media

    Social media campaigns are essential feature of every digital marketing effort. Channels like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook have brought customers closer and offer several interesting possibilities:

    • Brand Storytelling – build your brand by imaginative content and campaigns
    • High quality graphic design – incorporate eye-grabbing visuals as they usually get more traction than videos or text.
    • Optimal timing – Have a well-thought out posting and engagement plan for all channels
  4. Data Driven

    Measurement and analysis of key metrics gives vital insights with respect to course corrections, improvements in future campaigns or customer behaviour tracking.

    With features like promo codes, trackable URLs, marketers can make sense of how a campaign is performing using measures like visits, conversions, bounce rate, time on site etc.

  5. Generates good quality leads with CTAs

    Good digital marketing campaigns add a call to action (CTA) of some sort to generate sales leads. Effective CTAs gather visitors’ details via offers of additional content, limited offers, or exclusive product trials etc.

  6. Curates traffic and leads efficiently

    Marketers must carefully plan on what happens after customers click on a CTA to boost chances of conversions. One option is to build exclusive microsites and landing pages for key products/brands, which are particularly useful in case of paid clicks.

  7. Builds trust for conversions

    Customers are reassured by the incorporation of testimonials or recognition for the brand or product. Consider adding testimonials to your websites, publishing content that enhances trust like endorsements or purchase experiences which will encourage conversions.

  8. Focuses engagement

    Rather than just broadcasting messages, companies today can leverage the various digital channels to actually interact with visitors/clients. Responding to comments on social media, offering live chat services on websites make the brand seem more human and approachable.

For Digital marketers, the sky is indeed the limit given the flexibility of the digital channels, just needs meticulous planning and a dash of creativity!

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