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Ideal Balance Coaching by Ruth At Ideal Balance Coaching - 1y ago

I can’t believe I’ve been writing the Ideal Balance Blog for 2 years now. It doesn’t feel that long at all. I love writing, and providing information I’ve found helpful in the hope it’ll also be helpful to you. This week I decided to delve into the analytics for the last year to see what’s been popular on the Ideal Balance Blog. Sometimes it can feel like no one is reading what I write, so it’s reassuring to be able to look and see that people are actually turning up on the website! It’s also interesting to see, of all the posts I’ve written, which have been the most read.If you’ve read any of them and found them helpful I’d love it if you’d share them with people in your life. I really want to grow the blog this year, and the sharing of content will undoubtedly help that.

Anyway, here are the top posts from 2017.

Number 1: When to Compromise in Your Relationship (and How to do it)

This article was written after I got requests for it from some people I’d asked for some ideas. It is obviously something that’s challenging in all relationships, as it’s a post that is still high in my analytics even though I wrote it in 2016. You can read all about how to compromise by clicking on the image below.

Number 2: What Happened When I Stopped My Business

Last year was a challenging year for Ideal Balance Coaching. I became really overwhelmed and this affected my health. In April I took the difficult decision to step back from the business and recorded some of the lessons I learnt from that process in this article.

Number 3: On Turning 31

I found turning 31 much harder than I had turning 30. In this article I shared some of the reflections I’d had about the reason for this. I shared the points in the hope it would make you feel like your not alone if you’ve ever experienced any of the same feelings.

Number 4: The Secret to Stronger Relationships

Another older post that stays high in my analytics consistently. It’s a big article with a lot of information in. I might split it out into a series to make it easier to read but, for now, it’s all there in one place.

Number 5: What to Do If Your Partner Says No to You

I’ve got to be honest, I’m surprised at how well this post does. It’s based on an idea I’m really passionate about – that everyone can, and should, say no when something isn’t right for them. Having clear boundaries is so important, and by never saying no you end up people pleasing and feeling resentful. This is never good for any relationship. Although I believe in this wholeheartedly, it’s never easy to be on the other end of a no, especially if it comes from your partner. So I explored what to do when this is the case.

Number 6: 5 Things You Can Stop Doing Right Now To Improve Your Relationship

This is another post that I’m surprised does as well as it does. It also has a really good read rate over on my Medium account as well as on the blog. In it, I explore 5 behaviours, which we can all fall into sometimes, that are damaging to your relationship. They’re all behaviours which, if you realise you’re doing, you can easily change for yourself.

Number 7: Good Goal Setting Part 4: Relationship Goals

Last January I did a whole series of post on goal setting looking at the evidence base for how to set achievable goals. One of the most interesting parts of this was looking at the benefits of relationship goals. If you have set resolutions this year I’d recommend reviewing the information in this article and seeing if a relationship goal would be a good addition to your resolutions.

Number 8: How to Connect with Your Friends in 10 Easy Steps

Another post that was written in 2016 and yet still gets a lot of views. Maintaining friendships can feel so hard when you’re trying to balance it with all the other things on your to do list. Yet, it’s so important to have a good network of friends who you feel connected to so you can meet your Relationship Needs. I still go back to the advice in this article myself when I need to feel more connected with my friends.

Number 9: Good Goal Setting Part 2: Your Needs

People putting your needs first is so important to me. I believe that the best way to support others and have loving relationships is to start from a full place yourself, which means looking after yourself and ensuring you meet your needs. This isn’t the way we’re taught to behave though so it can be so hard. This is why I came up with the Needs Model, again something I use myself to help me check in with where I am in my life. This article is the first one in which I introduce this model and suggest it’s used when setting goals to ensure your resolutions/goals are actually going to help you hit these needs.

Number 10: Four Simple Reasons Why You Procrastinate

I originally wrote this article back in April 2016, but gave it a refresh this year as I think it’s great content! I’m a great procrastinator, the queen of being busy doing nothing! This advice was written for me really, as a reminder why I might be procrastinating and as a reminder that it is possible to change the cycle.

So there are the most read posts on the Ideal Balance Blog in 2017. I’m surprised at how many of them are old posts from 2016! Let me know, have you read any of these? Did you find them helpful? 

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