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Alan Gear from Thule showed us the Thule AllTrail 15 and 25 liters backpacks at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

Thule AllTrail 15 and 25 - OutDoor Show Review - YouTube

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So last year we introduced a two models called the Ultra 45 liter which is an men’s example and also we introduced an Ultra 45 and both we’ve done for men’s and ladies.

For spring/summer 19 we’re introducing two new models to complete the collection.

We have a 15 liter and we also have a 25 liter. It’s 15 liter will be unisex but the 25 will be gender specific so men’s and ladies.

Just a real recap on the 35 and a 45 vote.

What made these packs very special this is an example as a set of the men’s 35 here.

We have the plate 10 centimeters of back adjustment there.

We had our VersaClick story so we customization of the hip belt accessory where we can put on sort of areas where to carry cameras.

You have already actually increased the number of accessesories.

That’s correct. Yeah, absolutely so that was a good feature on that particular product.

The good thing about the AllTrail so was all about getting in and out of the pack.

They were very good.

As an example the 35 opened up very wide.

Again very unique with that system because sometimes it’s just a little it’s difficult to get in and out of.

In the UK we call it a clam shaft opening.

For example a clam opens up like a shell, a clam so you’re on the 45 you have that and on the 45 just a sort of refreshing we had a very big side opening.

It’s again very big wide flap on there. So the Ultra 35 or 45 has done very well worked very well first in the spring summer, the current summer collection and moment.

AllTrails are very versatile and season four seasons so spring summer to winter in the snow absolutely fine.

So for next year what we’re introducing is a very small versatile 15 litre model.

The opening a similar to the 35 liners.

Absolutely, yeah! Opening exactly the same as 35 liters.

Opens up very wide as we’ve coming down in size now we don’t really need the back adjustment there so got to be a universal fit there.

Well we still have some really nice features on there.

We still have comfort. We have a phone holder on there as well which is similar on our packs called sters and have a similar pocket there and with the hip belt as you can see you can tuck it away underneath so makes a little bit more of us so if I’m using it on a bike around the town.

So the look of it is very similar to as you can see with a 35.

They’re just more of an everyday smaller option.

On the 25 if I use this lady’s example here we have again a similar system.

The 45 liters opens up very quick and closes very quick very as well and an elite which is very similar to the 45 there but just with one clip instead a few more pockets on here, slight compression straps, big wide side access to it as well.

Not exactly like the 45 but still we enough for it for this particular size to pack and then when we look at the actual back system again non adjustable of that size you don’t really need it.

Again but a really good wraparound on the actual hip belt there.

And at the same time over here you’ve got the really nice big pockets.

Yeah, absolutely! Further storage on the pocket there and as you can see of this size in its hydration compatible as well.

So there will be a reservoir sleeve in there.

I can put in a special pack and I’m going to feed the pipe down whatever side I want.

As it states on there women’s fit you want to make it very easy for a consumer to understand - yes that’s a men’s fit or a women’s fit and so forth.

So yeah, really good collection so far with a 35, 45 but now we introduce the 15 liter and a 25 liter for next year.

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Alan Gear from Thule showed us the Thule Landmark Backpacks at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

Thule Landmark backpacks - OutDoor Show Review - YouTube

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So for next summer we have a new collection called Thule landmark which is all about adventure traveling, backpacking in another words.

Something we really haven’t done as a brand before. We have luggage but we’ve not really done backpacking or adventure traveling.

So this one is basically multi-purpose that you can do a lot of things with.

Absolutely and we have three different sizes here.

We have a 40 liter we have a 60 liter and 70 liter and they are all gender specific.

So we have something for men and we have some for women. So let me start with the 40 liter which is a carry-on product.

So would have made you European airlines for signs of it is absolutely compatible.

What makes it very user friendly for taking on aeroplanes and so forth is what you’ll find is with the shoulder straps.

They can tuck away.

All right so you know on so you down and click that and here we serve just to demonstrate here.

I’m going to toggle that away and then with the hip belt same thing it tucks away in here.

So when you go to the airport there’s nothing showing,there’s nothing getting caught on a conveyor belt and you’re not getting told to hide this and hide that.

As you can so you can do it very very well.

PAC system very very comfortable but minimal but padded where it needs to be.

What is very unique to this particular product is this safe zone it’s all about protection it’s a molded EVA area which we have on a number of our packs and what we starts it basically provides 360 degrees of protection so I could put glasses in here, I could put my phone in here, camera and if a bag being thrown around and dropped it’s also fully protected.

Another good thing with the actual safe zone is actual protection.

Now if I’m wearing this maybe in the metro or a subway someone could maybe undo the ZIP the very do undo the ZIP and they have to get in between compartments.

We’ve added more security pockets in here and also sort of doubles up protection.

As you can see lots of different storage capabilities in there.

So the safe zone is fairly unique two doors as a brand and as I said we have that on a number of products out there.

I think I’ve seen something on your product like this it was related to the GoPro.

Yeah absolutely.

And we also have it on a range of bags that are on route which we’ve had for many many years and really is an area we can put your phone or your glasses so there should always safe zone over to other areas as well.

This is really good.

We put another really good feature on here a little locking mechanism here.

So you can see a picture of a lock on here.

So to make you a little bit of secure when you’re wearing it in traveling I will hook these into this area here and this one as well.

So essentially if I’m wearing this and someone wants to get into my safe zone you’re going to find it difficult because they can’t open it.

Now what I can do to make even more secure is put a padlock through there as well so it’s a little simple thing but it works very very well.

What makes this quite a versatile pack as well is we wanted to create an opening which opens up like a suitcase.

Yep. It almost looks like a duffel bag.

Absolutely so it’s very easy to get in and very easy to get out. It’s very quick very simple and as you can see in here you have further pockets as well and are compression straps in here as well to hold it right down.

What’s very good about this pack as well for traveling, a lot of people take their laptop, take their tablet when they’re traveling so we have a separate laptop and tablet padded area so we’ll take a 15 inch laptop a 10 inch tablet in there all fleece-lined all fully protected bumpers in there as well and being this close to the back there.

A little bit more security aspect to it as well and you see a grab hand of the side we can put information for myself as a traveler here and we have a quite a big fellows pocket prefer a storage on the side there.

So you can I think easily put a bottle. Absolutely, a bottle holder on there as well. So it’s a great really good little product here this is a full 2 liter one and you said that this is the middle phone this is the first all of them so the actual middle size is a 60 liter yeah let’s just make sure this is a 60 liter 70 liter. That’s the 70 liter. okay this is a 60 litre here. Now the sixty litre is essentially a 40 liter but it will come with a daypack will think connects onto here okay.

So the idea would be to lock it in but I could also carry it so I can have 40 liters on the back and the 20 liters on the front. So it really is the same the main bags are same dimension, the same volume the same as this. It doesn’t have the actual laptop sleeve on everything’s pretty much the same bag but now with 60 liters I could have an extra 20 litres which then I can take off add on for further liters. So if I’m traveling back through an airport and maybe this is a bit too big and it is carry on I can separate this and give it to my partner and we can both take something onboard ourselves as well.

And I also see that everything absolutely yeah absolutely.

And even on this 20 litre one if you look at the back here it’s very comfortable, good ventilation here again perforated here with a foam on it. In hotter climate you’ve got more comfort very well.

Sternum strap which is fully adjustable on there as well. These can be tucked away in here so just tightens everything up when I do connect it on there but a good feature as I said you can connect everything from the front there as well with need be. And this 60 later becomes an 80 litres and then you get up to a 70 liter.

What we’re doing now is we’re having a 50 liter plus a 20 liter on the front and that is a 70 liter but on the 70 liter we do have an another cover.

It tucks away underneath there but the 70 liter does have this tuck away cover on there as well.

So we have men’s we have ladies, we have different colors. All the colors are very commercial. It’s very typically in terms of design and style. It is very clean, very understated, they will all have reflective logos so we have a silver logo so some of these samples are incorrect for the black they will be silver.

As you see here you lots of gear loops on her you so can attach things carabiners lots going on here.

But yeah adventure travelers is a new area for us there’s going to be a lot of focus on this we move forwards and yeah absolutely there so far so good. It’s been a lot of excitement and a lot of people looking at these again that makes sense it’s pure that’s a great design and yeah we’ve got some good products.

Should we move to the other one yeah so technically this is 40 litre so we have so we have 40 litre then 40 litre plus 20 later for the 60 later remember have a 50 litre for the 70 liter so you see here is connected here.

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Clément Mésange from Patagonia showed us the Micro Puff Jacket at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

Patagonia Micro Puff Jacket - OutDoor Show Review - YouTube

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On the insulation part here we have the Micro Puff Jacket.

Micro Puff is our lightest synthetic insulation here.

Really developed on the technical side for more kind of the Alpine side of our consumer here but it’s really a cross over as well.

Goes with a lot of different environments etc.

The beauty of it is it’s synthetic.

So synthetics mean it won’t absorb water and continue to insulate you even in really wet environments.

The second thing as well is it’s extremely light and really packable.

So you can just throw it into the backpack.

Exactly you put it in your backpack.

It’s not gonna be bigger than one fist really.

Can we try to fold it. Oh yeah, we can.

So you also have internal storage pockets.

Yeah, so it goes only on the end pockets.

And what I see is that there is still quite a lot of space in the pocket which is really easy.

Yeah exactly. You need to really struggle trying to fit everything in.

Exactl,y so you don’t have to fight too much for.

So that’s so big when it’s gonna finish.

Kind of a small ball here. That’s quite minimal here. So you put it just on the bottom of your bag.

It makes it really easy and really conclusive.

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Clément Mésange from Patagonia showed us their Cap Cool Daily Shirt at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

Patagonia Cap Cool Daily Shirt - OutDoor Show Review - YouTube

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We do have some kind of a new product that is really working on the base layer side.

We’ve been developing new fabrics that are really for warm weather and kind of water compatible as well.

So, the idea is to use like recycled face fabric and get them kind of really really quick drying.

So, we’re gonna talk about Cap Cool, for instance.

So, the Cap Cool is basically really soft fabric here.

It is really pleasant against the skin, actually.

Yeah. So that’s the main goal because it’s gonna be always against your body.

But then you’re gonna have UPF protection as well.

So, you will be protected from the UV from the Sun.

So then you have long sleeves, which is really comfortable - if you need, you can roll’em up.

Yeah, exactly. You have long-sleeve, short-sleeve, you even have like tank top.

And, then, the beauty of it is, just like, it’s gonna dry in a short time.

So, the person there…

Exactly. That’s a perfect demo here.

Yeah. Just jump in into the water, it’s fine.

So that’s kind of where we’re going to focus on for this season here - on those baselayer.

We have different weight and different type of fabric.

But this one will be, kind of, the most kind water compatible, I would say. Definitely.

That’s Cap Cool Daily.

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Philip Leidinger from Therm-a-Rest showed us the new Therm-a-Rest NeoAir UberLite and Hyperion sleeping bag at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir UberLite and Hyperion sleeping bag - OutDoor Show Review - YouTube

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Our absolute highlight for the next year will be the new Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Uberlight which is this mattress here.

It weights just 250 gram, has a thickness of 6.4 centimeters. So it’s actually thick enough that you feel comfortable in it.

Thick enough to give you a comfortable sleep and it has an r-value of two so it’s the ideal mattress for any summer adventures maybe three season adventures if it’s not getting too cold.

And if you’re getting too cold you probably need to bring something extra.

You can always use another thin foam mattress to boost your r-value and your warmth.

So its 250 grams. You can’t combine it with a sleeping bag of 450 gram and together these two will be your most lightweight sleeping system on the market.

So all together it will be under 700 gram.

All together it will be under 700 gram. It will be even lighter than a half liter of beer.

That’s quite funny. The mattress packs down to an absolute minimum deflated.

That’s the packing so you can basically compare it to a can of soda or coke. Wow.

I think kind of soda is slightly bigger. Maybe at least the diameter is definitely.

So but it’s really surprising so you can just take it with you and you have absolutely no problem.

I also heard that it’s really interesting for people who go on hiking adventures in foreign countries and you have to take into account money that they allowed to take and get on their flight.

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Jeremy Goodman from KAVU explains us on what to pay attention when selecting a hat for paddlers such as kayaking, canoeing or packrafting at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

How to choose a hat? Sun protection for watersports - Interview with KAVU. - YouTube

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If you want to buy a hat - an outdoor hat - are there any things that you need to pay attention to.

Of course, like every booth and product in this show it depends on your needs. So if you’re a paddler and you’re on the water all day long even though I love this cap if I’m paddling.

I’m not going for 10 ounce canvas I’m gonna go for some of this synthetic item which has fantastic breathability, really nice sun protection and it’s gonna stay on.

Right, so something just as simple as that based on your needs whether you need something beefy that you can beat the heck out of it or something that’s gonna be maybe a little bit more lightweight and a little better in the water as well.

So identify your needs. You got it.

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Kurt Gerber from Exped showed us their Whiteout Backpack at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

Exped Whiteout - OutDoor Show Review - YouTube

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Besides sleeping mats, do you also have other products? We have a range of products that revolve around sleeping like our sleeping bags for example and we also offer a full range of backpacks, tents, accessories.

Are there any interesting new developments in the backpacks.

Um, yeah sure.

For 2019 we’ve made our whiteout pack which is basically what you see here and this is sort of the pinnacle in our alpine category.

Why is it? This is now the toughest pack in our range.

It’s based on a Dyneema composite fabric.Extremely abrasion resistant, tear resistant, lightweight at the same time and what’s also a speciality of Exped is we make a full range of waterproof backpacks.

Again in this case it’s a waterproof Alpine pack and waterproof on the one side because of the fabrics we are using but at the same time all tape and all seams are taped.

Okay so this is a fully waterproof Alpine pack and they come in which sizes?

Um in this case here it comes in three sizes. So we got the 30, 45 and 55 litres.

So it’s starting from daypack to a multi-day pack. Multi-day and in this case it’s the fabric, it’s all about the fabric.

The dynamic composite fabric that is extremely tough.

And it’s rather lightweight as well. So yeah waterproofness, toughness and durability.

These are definitely highlights of this pack. Here that’s something we’re doing for 2019.

Okay you also have some new developments when it comes to the sleeping bags. Sleeping bags.

Exactly we offer a full range of sleeping bags that covers different temperature ranges, the different usages that you may want and for 2019 we’ve made a women specific bag in our comfort line.

As the word comfort says it’s all about comfort in your sleep.

It’s wider bag allows you to move around, get you the space it’s not claustrophobic and for 2019 we’re making a women specific bag to reach the temperatures that women may need when they’re sleeping.

There’s more down in the bag. There’s a couple of additional features that we’ve integrated into the bag.

It’s a bit trimmer than the regular bag and again all about comfort and warmth.

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Jørgen Jørgensen from Patagonia showed us their Black Hole Duffel Bag at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag - OutDoor Show Review - YouTube

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Talking about bags. You also have some interesting duffel bags.

That’s the black hole series and this is our duffel.

So extremely resistant, water-repellent duffel bags here.

We go from kind of a forty liter up to 120 liter. This is a hundred twenty.

Yeah that’s the biggest one. That’s the biggest one.

Really really easy. Actually you know you have like the different carry handle here.

You have the backpack strap as well and all the daisy chains as well. So you can actually secure your bag if you are like in a raft for instance.

You can really attach a lot of different links. Everything you need on this side of the bag.

There is a reinforcement on the bottom of the bag as well and make sure that it makes it really durable.

That’s your go-to bag for any kind of adventure here.

You’re going to throw everything you need into this bag and it would be without being waterproof it will be protected really kind of nicely from the water.

So that’s our black hole bag. The good thing as well as we have developed some equipment with it that we call the black hole cubes.

Okay not our kind of a really small. So we have a small, medium and large where you can again within the bag put another layer if you want them separate.

So you can try to actually compartmentalize everything. Exactly, organize it accordingly.

I’m sorry about organization you know when you are kind of traveling and stuff like that it’s easy to find your stuff.

Really cool.

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Edward Austin from the Buffalo Systems showed us the Mountain Shirt at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

Buffalo Systems Mountain Shirt - OutDoor Show Review - YouTube

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We designed the lightweight range obviously in conjunction with what I’ve just been talking about with the mountain shirt.

But obviously the lightweight system is designed for the summer periods you know we’re out here it’s nice it’s June.

Obviously back in the UK here we were still getting cold windy and wet weather but the temperatures just aren’t low enough to justify the the double pile setup that we’ve got and the AquaTherm pile lining in the mountain shirt.

So what the designers actually introduced with this wonderful kind of like lightweight system which more often than not so for instance off up the ladies Teclight shirt here which I wanted to talk to you about.

It integrates a lot of the original concept so obviously it’s meant to be worn next to the skin to provide optimum wicking potential but also the thermal support on those colder windier days.

But we’ve just tweaked it we put a Teclite micro-pile lining on the inside and again it just gives you a boost of insulation without cooking you from the inside out.

And remember what we do with Buffalo is we design it so it’s next to the skin you don’t want to wear any type of base layer.

You certainly don’t want to wear any type of cotton T-shirt next to it.

And that just allows the garment to perform at its optimum.

You know Pertex all the way through so it’s the windproof, it’s absolutely fantastic, hydrostatic head it perfect.

Just what you want the kind of summer activities with this tech light shirt as well which is slightly different from the mountain.

We integrated a fixed hood into it which obviously it has got a volume adjuster on the inside as well.

So again on those windier days you can just protect your cheeks and your face and just keep everything nice and snug.

Still the same classic setup as you’d expect with your Buffalo.

So we’ve gone for the deep map pocket, OS map all your snacks, all your goodies and as well we’ve integrated a hand warmer pocket in here which is also lined with the Teclite micro-pile micro-pile.

Again really good for those kind of cold stops or when you’re marching and you just want to keep your hands a little bit warm.

What we’ve put into it as well and you might not be able to see it but I’ll just wiggle it around for you is a volume adjustment strap.

So again in high winds you just really want to cinch it in and it just closes the whole set up so that no wind comes in from up.

And again a really really good setup.

What we’ve also changed as well with the Teclite is we’ve also integrated a drawcord hem as well which you don’t get with the traditional mountain shirt because it just sits very nicely.

But again for the lightweight range a lot of mountain bikers use that, a lot of fell runners use that.

And the feedback we got was actually a little bit of adjustment at the bottom just to allow a little bit of a tweak in the fit it just made a really delicious piece.

And again the feedback on it has been absolutely superb.

So yeah in a nutshell that’s the the tech light shirt.

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Jørgen Jørgensen from Norrøna showed us their Norrøna Bitihorn Alpha Hoodie Shirt at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen.

Norrona Bitihorn Alpha Hoodie Shirt - OutDoor Show Review - YouTube

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It could be an outer layer if in the right condition. It can also be a mid-layer or a base layer.

So the idea for this product came from our ambassador Giuliano Bordoni.

He is an Italian guy living a Bormio which is he is working really close with our product development.

So the idea for this shirt is that you have a lot of different functionality inside one product.

He’s using it starting in early in the morning down in the valley and he bike or run of the mountain and then it starts climbing or hiking at the top and this will give you protection no matter what kind of condition.

So if it starts raining you put the shell on top.

It’s a mixture of a lot of different fabrics. So this is complicated to make but has great functionality.

You have a wind shell on the top which is recycled and inside the wind shell you have the polartech alpha insulation which is very breathable information. So transport moisture really well. It’s an active insulation.

So you have that thought of in the in the front body for the extra extra insulation here.

Under the arms we’re using polartech powerwool fabric. So it contains wool.

It’s actually a base layer fabric. So it dries really quickly and since it has wool it’s also low on smell.

So you stand in the right position under the arms so you get less of unpleasant smell.

And then we have the main fabric in the hood and in the arms and in the back.

Also Polartec fabric. It is Polartec Power Dry. So a very lightweight polyester and dries out moisture really quickly.

And then we have a sort of a more stretch fabric in the cuffs so it’s easy to open up the arms and and so on.

And there’s some other cool features. There is something like we call it snow skirt but in a summer piece inside.

So you can have that inside the pant and then you have the main jacket on the outer pants so it looks nice and it’s also keeping you more comfortable.

You’ll not be afraid that it will right up even if we are very active.

And you have the hood which is nice if it gets cold and inside you have a face mask if you use it for really cold day. So it’s a flexible and different kind of piece.

You have one chest pocket and you have the front vent also.

So if it’s blowing a lot but you still won’t like ventilation you can vent it from from the bottom and your hand gaiters so that the cuffs will also work as hand gaiters.

So this is a very versatile and very nice piece indeed.

The whole idea came from one of our own ambassadors.

He sort of two different products that we have and constructed it for his personal use and we like the idea a lot. So here it is.

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