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Today I am here with a new VIP Q+A post where I answer questions that readers – YOU! – have sent in. Thank you so much for asking! You guys make these posts possible for me.

Q: “What are some ideas for quick, small things you can do for self-care when you’re tired or stressed or both but can’t take a lot of time to really take care of yourself?”

A: What a great question!

I was listening to Present Over Perfect this morning and Shauna Niequist said that each morning she lays in bed for 2-3 minutes to allow Gods love to wash over her before she starts her day.

I share this with you not to say that THIS is the way or the only way you can practice self-care, but to share that sometimes self-care is simply taking a few moments to let an intention wash over you, to start your day, or to pause in your day.

To check in with yourself and ask how you’re doing.

Literally, “How are you doing, self? What do you need?” through your day.

In fact, I had a client who mentioned that she needed help with this to get herself into the habit, and so she downloaded an app called “Daylio.” This app checks in with you and asks “How are you doing?” You take 30-seconds to write about your day and rate it.

I’ve been using it as well, and it’s been wonderful! It really does help you to be more intentional about your day.

It’s helped me to notice what I’ve done on my best days and see clearly what’s missing on my not-so-feel-good days. It’s VERY helpful.

That’s a very practical answer to this question, let me know if you have follow up questions to this in the comments and I will gladly answer!

Q: “When life is jam packed with work and kids activities, how do you carve out time for yourself and create balance in life?”

A: Reduce, reduce, reduce is the first thought that comes to my mind.

YOU have to carve out space. WE have to carve out space.

I actually have a question for YOU.

How can you CLEAR SPACE in your life so that it’s not as jam packed?

Think both in your schedule and in your physical environment.

What are the things that you identify as “jam-packing” your life?

Are you always picking up? Can you give some of your things away so that you have less stuff to clean up?

Are you doing too much on your own? Trying to be everything for everyone? Can you ask for help? Say no to some things?

You do not need to be superwoman. You are not superwoman. I am not superwoman.

Are there any commitments that you can CLEAR from your schedule?

When I used to nanny, here are a few things that I saw moms doing to make space for themselves using a sitter:

  • They’d have me come over an hour early so they could shower and get ready in peace
  • They’d have me stay an hour extra so that after their appointments/errands they could stop and have a coffee, alone
  • They’d have me stay through nap time (even though the kids were sleeping and they “could have” had downtime at home) so they could go out for some solo exercise – they knew if they stayed home they’d end up doing chores. Smart mama’s!

I have clients who have their kids stay at daycare until they close (like 5:00 or 6:00), even if they’re off work at 4:00 so they can have an hour alone – I fully respect and admire this choice. They’ve already paid for the time and bottom line, it’s OK to spend time on your own.

The last thing I’ll say here is to choose to make empty space a priority.

So often we see empty space on our calendar and think to FILL it. Let’s just leave it empty and see where life takes us. Let’s leave some room.

Instead of planning a play date, watch a show on the couch with your little ones.

Or let them watch a show and go do something for you!

Something else Shauna N. shared in her Present Over Perfect video series was this moment where she asked her son what he wanted more of… She expected him to say “more soccer!” or “more trips!” and instead he replied, as they were sitting on the floor playing lego’s: “more this!” 

Meaning… more down time at home, having nowhere to go, just hanging out with the family. No big plans, just downtime…

So I wonder? It sounds like you’re also craving “more this!” 

How can you make “more this” a priority?

I’m not a mama and I KNOW being a mama makes you busier than I am (for sure), however, thinking about this won’t help you be less busy. So again, with the focus on you, I ask… What do YOU want to experience more of? How can you clear even just a little bit of space to make time for THIS?

If you’d like to leave a question for me to answer in my next VIP Q+A please do so in the comments! (I’ve only got three questions left on my “roster” so, please, send the new ones in so I can keep doing posts like this!)

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Hey friends!


We are MOVING and this time, it’s out of state.

The Story!

In September 2017, Marco and I landed in Lake Tahoe for our friends Ashten + Kyle’s wedding. A trip that would change the course of the plans we’d thought we knew.

Ashten reminded me that if their hashtag was #itstartedwithapizza, ours is #itstartedatthewedding – their wedding! HA! So very true!

It was our first time in Tahoe and we fell in love immediately. I think anyone would!

This trip was followed by a very hard season, sending my mom off to be with Jesus, in February 2017.

During that trip to Tahoe, light shown a little brighter and hope was restored. Our souls were refreshed. It was a true new beginning for us. There’s no other way to explain what we felt that trip.

After our stay in Tahoe we drove down the mountain (I’ve realized I deeply love the mountains) into Reno, Nevada. That weekend, our only intention was to visit friends.

As we drove down the hill and came up upon Reno my eyes lit up.

That’s Reno?

“THAT’S RENO?!” I said to Marco.

It had been nearly 15 years since my last trip to Reno, and it looked MUCH different. Much larger, newer, and quite frankly, more exciting!

My first trip was fun – I was with cousins and we were visiting friends who had just moved there -however, I had just finished telling Marco that all I remember about Reno from that trip was “dirt and a Quizno’s.”

Looking back, I was young, my memory from high school sucks anyway, and our friends WERE building a brand new pre-school, hence the memory of a dirt lot. We did eat at a Quizno’s, hence the memory of a Quizno’s. My 15 year old diet-self would only eat their “Turkey Lite.” Anyone else? Ha!

That said, within three days of this trip back in September, we fell in love yet again… but this time with Reno.

It Started

Fall colors were beginning to show, the city felt big but small, and the growth was unlike anything else we’d ever seen.

New homes going up everywhere, new businesses, restaurants, and hotels. New tech centers including the Tahoe Reno Center, the largest industrial park in the worldddd. I had no idea! It includes Tesla (which is probably responsible for all of this growth!), Google, Thrive Market, Zulily, Switch, etc…

I became a little obsessed. I started researching, driving to new places. Exploring.

Marco and I packed up on Monday morning to head home, only to call our friends back 4 hours later and ask “Hey guys, mind if we stay another night? We’re still here!”

We drove out to this “new Silicon Valley” of sorts to see all of the growth. We tried to get a tour in Tesla — we couldn’t. Haha! That place has full on security.

I hopped on Yelp and made a list of places I wanted to see. We jumped on Zillow to look at housing prices and for us, being from California, the prices were so drawing. 

As we traveled around for those three days, I found so many things that I loved – restaurants, coffee shops, sights, walking paths, homes, etc… So many things that made Reno feel like “this could be home.”

For those who live in Reno or have been recently… some of the things that drew me most were the West Elm downtown (an old post office turned into a West Elm), The Basement, the Truckee River, The Eddy (an outdoor bar built of shipping containers), the BELIEVE sign downtown (a HUGE cast iron sign that says “BELIEVE” brought in from Burning Man), and a coffee shop I’d like to live in – Hub Coffee Roasters.

The Possibilities

Inside Hub, Marco and I sat overlooking the river talking about Reno and all we were discovering, watching people walk by dressed for the cold. Not like you-need-a-sweater cold… Like, real cold. The kind most of you reading probably know about (ha!). It was different. New. Exciting.

We started to talk about life there and what it might look like. We could get a puppy. We could hike with our friends Bob and Kelly who LOVE to hike (we went to Colorado with them). We could afford a house. Like a big one, and have family come and visit.

In that house I could have an office, we could have kid’s, and we could afford it, with money leftover to travel and live a life we love. We could spend summers at the lake. We could snowboard in the winter – Mount Rose is 15 minutes up the hill from South Reno.

So we really began to talk… Okay, where would we live?

We began to look.  We first looked at model homes (one of my favorite things to do) and surprise, FELL IN LOVE AGAIN. I would soon learn that I am a realtors dream come true because my excitement shows ALL OVER my face. I need to learn to reel that in. 

How much love could my heart take, this trip? How much possiblity I would see on this little five day vacation, I had no idea.

My little farmhouse. Which is not little at all. It’s a new, 3,600 square foot house that is essentially half the price of a two bedroom house where we currently live. This is not bragging. This is expressing what the two of us felt that day as things that we’d written off as “unrealistic” became possible.

What? Our kids could have their own rooms? I could have an office inside our home?

To give you guys an idea… New condos just went up next door to us in SLO and the 1,200 square foot two bedrooms are $1,100,000. Which, quite frankly, is out of our budget. Ha! Plus, we’d have to shove two kids (that’s the dream) and an office all together in the second room (which we wouldn’t do, ha!).

Since living here there have been two other three bedroom homes that we’ve highly considered buying, however they were each 60 years old with original everything and needed to be gutted. They started at $675,000 – that’s without any work being done.

So, yes, the housing market in Reno appealed to us.

The house is what first hooked me for real because the realm of possibility it opened up. We started to dream of our life there together. Having a dog, babies, waking up and making coffee in that big and bright kitchen. I became, quite literally obsessed with that home.

I remember early on, Marco asked me “Okay, if we DON’T buy the farmhouse, would you still want to live in Reno?”

I wasn’t sure. I was so entirely attached to that home I couldn’t fathom NOT living in it. It felt like a dream come true.

Our Love Grew

But sure enough, God would change my heart again. We continued to visit Reno, nearly once a month from September until now. With each visit, I fell more in love with the city itself. Not just the city, but the people of Reno.

The people. Every single person, nice and enthusiastic about this city they live in. The love people have for Reno is contagious. Marco started to joke that I talked to people everywhere I went. 

“Do you live here? How long? Do you like it? What do you like?” 

A lot of people had moved there from California – Orange County, San Diego, LA, San Francisco, Santa Barbara. I only met one person who had moved from Colorado. One who had moved from DC. Other people I met had grown up there. But we met a lot of people who had moved from CA.

So I would ask: “What’s it like living here, after moving from California?” wondering if they’d say they missed CA. But not a single person did. Each person stayed and talked with me about their life in Reno and how much they loved it there.

They’d shared how many outdoor things there are to do. How there’s a little bit of everything. How the community is great. The seasons are awesome. There’s snow, but not TOO much. (Though, I beg to differ after seeing this winter, ha!)

Needless to say, in all of our visits to Reno since September, God has only grown our desire to move with each trip.

It Happened

So I bet you can guess what’s next…

On April 2, yes, in exactly two weeks, Marco and I will be packing up our home. On April 3, we will be moving to Nevada, starting a new season together in Reno.

We could NOT be more excited and grateful that God granted us our wish, and we are still pinching ourselves that this is happening.

At one point, we were only dreaming. Now, we’re doing it. We’ve jumped in together and we’re making this desire our reality. I can’t explain how empowering this feels and how grateful it makes me for Marco, who is willing to make these big leaps and changes with me.

I’m grateful to God that this was His plan, and not just ours.

The dreams we have for Reno are quite huge, and we’ll have to see how they unfold once we get there.

Some first hopes are: a puppy, lots of hiking, snowboarding (Lord help me), and digging into the housing market with our realtor.

Change excites me. You all know this well, as I talk about it pretty frequently.

I’m also so very well aware and mindful that change and moving brings with it it’s own set of fears, grief, and a season for adjusting.

What’s Next

Here’s what I know about moving so far…

As we anticipated our move to San Luis Obispo it was all rainbows. My first cry set in the night before our move. I had never moved from family, I knew not a single soul in SLO. The fear of loneliness ripped my heart that night, and as it would be, that entire first seven months of living in SLO.

Each time my family would visit I would feel both DEEP JOY and DEEP PAIN, knowing they’d be leaving again, and I’d be alone in this town where I had very little community.

I had a few friends in that first six-months of living in SLO, but as all relationships do, these took time to nurture before they felt absolutely easy and natural.

For any of you who have moved before, you know the longing that I’m talking about. That longing for a friend who can come over, climb on the couch and watch a movie with you. The friend who will just “stop by” and say hi.

About seven months into my move to SLO, I pushed myself far outside of my comfort zone and began to create new relationships and deepen some of the ones that I had already made. Thank God for the courage to do this. To say hi to random women in coffee shops (ha!) and go to Meetups groups.

In San Luis Obispo, I have fostered more female friendships than I’ve ever had at one time. My gal-gang community here is STRONG. This is what I will strive to create again, in Reno. Though my SLO gals will never be replaced. They’re my sisters.

My friends in SLO will be friends for a lifetime.

I have many incredible memories here – some of my favorites include pizza and wine nights laughing deeper into my belly than I can even put into words; others include my early bible study, walks, and work mornings with my girls over coffee. I love my girls so much.

I know this move will bring with it feelings of missing my friends in SLO. But I also know that we feel ready to move on from this little town. And that knowing will stay with us, as we’re adjusting.

Self-Care Through Change

Here’s how I know I’ll need to take care of myself through this next season…

I was talking with a client last week who is in a similar season – she’s just moved to a new place. We talked about how right now she has a heightened sense of responsibility to care for herself WELL. To take herself to coffee shops, to go on walks, to call family and create connection, and to remember that all of her feelings of fear/change are 100% normal. To trust that she’s in the right space and really, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Sure, moving can be scary, but my friends… change is always a bit scary. And scary feelings, though they’re hard, they do not kill us and they do pass.

That said, we STILL have a heightened sense of responsibility to nurture ourselves through change.

To ask ourselves: “How can I make this feel safer? What are the things I need to do to bring myself more comfort?”

For me… the things I will do to comfort myself through this move are:

#1 — Create community BEFORE I move, which I’ve done through reaching out and making friends on Instagram. I’ve already met a handful of women, in person, and I adore them. I’m making plans to meet with them that first week we’re there, and I will so foster those relationships.

We also already have a couple handfuls of long time family friends there, who I am SO excited to spend more time with.

#2 — Create a routine that fosters my well being. My favorite routine EVER (and this is totally personal preference, so as you read this PLEASE let your own preferences be OK) is to wake up, have an hour to sip coffee, read a devotional, journal if I want to, and then head to the gym.

At the gym, I love to do a short burst of super sweaty cardio, like the stair master (literally, sometimes five minutes will do) and then focus on weight lifting and getting stronger. I usually also start with a simple warm up walk.

When I’m home, I feel clean, fresh, and energized. I make breakfast, shower, and get dressed for the day, and THEN start work (I talk a ton about this in detail, in my eBook here). So in Reno, I want to continue to foster this routine.

#3 — Set up my home in a way that brings me JOY. We’re only signing a three month lease, because as I mentioned we want to buy a house. So the apartment we’re moving into on April 3rd is a transition home, unless we decide to wait to buy a house.

Even though this is a transition home, I will be unpacked fully by day two – I can promise you that. Ha! Again, personal preference.

I want to enjoy my space fully as soon as possible, so setting up is important to me. Even though we may only be there for three months, that’s three months of our lives I want to enjoy our home. SO I will still put in the effort to decorate in a way that makes us both happy.

#4 — Say YES to opportunities for connection. Fostering community IMMEDIATELY when we move is so important to me. I will say yes to plans, ask others to make plans, and create a life that feels fun, right away. I didn’t do that when we moved to SLO, and it made things harder on me.

To wrap it up…

We are so excited!!!

Reno already feels like home and we are not even there yet.

I cannot wait to share our journey with you. I cannot wait to show you photos of the lake, full days snowboarding, when we get our puppy, and just the day to day joys we discover. I can’t wait to share the setup of our new home. I can’t wait to coach my clients from my new office. I can’t wait to see new weather and experience seasons.

I can’t wait to explore new coffee shops and restaurants and to deepen friendships that have already sprouted. There’s so much that I am excited for.

Thank you so much for celebrating with us. Again, I am just so excited to share this next step with all of you!

Celebrate with us and leave a comment below! THANK YOU for being excited with us! 

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Hello gorgeous!

You all know that I am an advocate of self-care: taking time for yourself to do things you enjoy, that make you feel wonderful, and fulfilled. UMM, yes please!

Self-care looks different for each person! For example, one of my favorite things to do for self-care is waking up in the morning, grabbing a nice cup of coffee, getting cozy under my most “fuzzy” blankets, and doing my quiet time.

I also love hitting the gym early in the morning, pushing my limits, and then getting fully dressed for the day. All of these things give me STRENGTH and put a SPRING in my step for the day. I talk about them more in my e-Book, if you’re looking for deeper inspiration.

When I do these three things (quiet time with coffee, a workout, and getting dressed for the day) the rest of my day feels calm, happier, and feels as if it runs more smoothly overall.

Self-care is an essential piece of intuitive eating. Believe it or not, intuitive “eating” is not all about food. So let’s chat about it…

The Importance of Self-Care for Intuitive Eating

Let me ask you a question: When YOU dive into your day feeling your best, do you make choices that feel better? Think about this in terms of both food and non-food choices, alike. Are you more productive at work? More confident in yourself? More loving toward your spouse or co-workers?

When you feel confident, calm and loving toward yourself (that is, making choices from a place of “I love myself and want to take really good care of myself”) you are more likely to listen to your body. In turn, your body is also more likely to crave wholesome, nourishing foods as she is already feeling “filled up” with primary foods (“non-food sources of nourishment”).

When we’re in stress mode, or aren’t taking time for ourselves, we are less likely to listen to what our bodies truly want. We begin to choose fast, cheap, less exciting foods. We end up choosing whatever is convenient (like our kid’s leftovers) instead of asking ourselves what we want. This leaves us feeling unsatisfied, which leads to constantly searching for more. Relate?

I recently had a six-month client share this with me: “As I arrived to work on Tuesday people were heading out to the café to buy breakfast sandwiches. In other weeks, I might go too thinking ‘I deserve a treat!’ but this week, as I’ve been treating myself in other ways, I felt no need! I was already fulfilled and I didn’t feel like I “deserved” a treat. I knew “rewarding myself” with a food that my body didn’t actually want, wouldn’t feel good. This felt so empowering.”


For me, starting my morning off with quiet time and reflection supports my desire to listen to my body and understand what she is truly craving. Tuning in first thing in the morning, helps me to better tune-in all day long. It’s like I’m already in the practice of tuning in, so it’s easier.

After years of practicing intuitive eating, even if my morning starts off on the wrong foot, I can course correct throughout the day to continually feel better.

How is this possible, you might be wondering? I used to wonder how people did this. How did they course correct in the middle of a day that already felt “messed up” or “ruined”?

It’s because I have so deeply rooted my belief that eating food will not actually make a non-food related situation better. It’s an absolute truth for me.

I course correct by:

  1. pausing to acknowledge my feelings (not to criticize them or try not to have them);
  2. taking a minute to stop and pray/ask for help; and,
  3. ask myself what I actually need in the moment to feel better–most of the time it’s that I feel scrambled and I just need to jot a few things down on paper to feel calm and clear. I need to go from scattered to centered.

That said, for most people, especially when you’re not far from your dieting days, when you feel super rushed or feel stressed as soon as you wake up, you’ll tend to go for fast/quick foods that will not satisfy you, or that you’re not actually craving. Relate?

There are a number of reasons for this, some of which are: you’re stressed, you’re rushing, or you simply feel like your whole day is already messed up (a definite black and white mentality).

Time is Fake

Something I teach my clients is that time is continual.

Let me explain what I mean by that… If you think about it, time is just one long continuous strand. We created times and days and weeks and months so that we could function as a society (understandably – ha!).

That said, there is absolutely ZERO logical reason to wait until “tomorrow” or “Monday” to treat yourself better. Instead, I encourage my clients (and myself) to make our very next choice one that feels better. Whether it’s a food or non-food choice.

We can ask ourselves “What’s next? What choice can I make that is MORE in line with how I want to feel?”

Your Bod is Smart

Your body knows when you are treating her well.

This includes self-care: being self-compassionate, doing things that bring you joy regularly, and taking the time to appreciate where you are right now (even if you’re simultaneously striving to grow and be better).

Self-care is a form of primary food. Meaning, if we are practicing self-care, then the reliance on food (a secondary food) for emotional comfort begins to lessen, because we are feeling much more confident and loving towards ourselves.

Your body knows when you are making her a priority. Practicing self-care will reduce urges to binge, overeat, mindlessly snack, and instead will allow you to be more trusting of your body and her ability to know exactly what you need.

What are some other examples of self-care? It is different for each person! So try to find something that you truly enjoy, does not feel forced, and makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Some ideas might include:

  • Calming walks and getting some fresh air
  • Being compassionate to yourself
  • Quiet time
  • Getting dressed up for no reason
  • Buying a cute outfit that makes you feel amazing
  • Getting a fresh new haircut or brow wax
  • Simply sitting outside and enjoying the fresh air
  • Reading a book
  • Taking a warm shower/bath
  • Giving yourself a manicure or getting your nails done
  • Talking on the phone to an old friend
  • Journaling
  • Buying yourself flowers or a candle
  • Taking a class on a topic you’ve been wanting to learn about
  • Resting in your “enough-ness”
  • Getting in a great sweaty workout
  • Trusting that you are safe to feel your emotions
  • Being hospitable to yourself, just as you would to a visiting guest
  • Make your home your sanctuary
  • Say ‘YES’ to a random desire
  • Getting your hair done
  • Scheduling a day off in advance
  • Checking in and asking “what do I want to do for fun right now?” or “what would feel good right now?”
  • Hanging out or making a plan with girlfriends (women need women!)
  • Many more! Share YOURS with me!

Learning to be kind to yourself is key to intuitive eating and living. Self-care is such an important part of loving yourself, therefore making intuitive eating so much easier — food is only ONE PART of intuitive eating!

Your Turn!

What helps you feel relaxed and cared for? Is there anything NEW you can take away from this post? Any AH-HA’s? Let me know! Share in the comments. Let’s chat!

The post Why Self-Care is an Essential Part of Intuitive Eating appeared first on Paige Schmidt.

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Picture this: Imagine the most confident girl you can think of. Close your eyes. Watch her on the movie screen of your mind. What does she look like? Hold this image in your brain.

Next, picture a woman who is NOT confident. Hold her in your brain. What does she look like? What do you notice?

Have those two images in your mind? Great.

Now, I want you to take the woman you visualized as NOT confident, with your eyes still closed, and I want you to imagine her standing up tall. Brighten the image in your mind. See her smile a big genuine smile as she’s standing up straight. See a stranger pass her and notice that she smiles at this stranger as she’s walking along, head held high, feeling glad to be herself. She sees a friend approaching. She stops, hugs her friend and is genuinely interested in how she’s doing. She laughs a bit and wishes her a good day. She keeps walking. She’s happy and she feels good. She is happy to be herself. There is no one else she’d rather be. Hold this image strong in your mind.

Next, I want you to image the woman in your mind who you originally pictured when I asked you to imagine a confident woman. Have that picture? Now, I want you to see that picture darken just a bit. See the woman slump her shoulders over, just a tad. You see her head drop a bit as she walks. A stranger walks by, but this time, the stranger smiles, and this woman doesn’t notice. She’s focused on herself. She sees a friend in the distance, she turns the corner in order to avoid having to talk to anyone. She doesn’t interact.

Hold this image in your mind.

Have both images in your mind? Hold them side by side.

Now, let me ask you… Which woman is more confident?

Which woman is happier? Did the confidence of each person have anything to do with the way their bodies were shaped? How tall they were? What they were wearing? Or did their confidence have more to do with how they carried themselves? How they treated others? How they thought of themselves? How they approached the day?

I’ll go ahead and assume that you chose the second.

Confidence is a choice and gift that we can give ourselves NOW, just by changing the way we choose to carry and think about ourselves.

Confidence is not something we have to wait for. Not something that will magically appear one day once we have it all together.

Confidence is a choice which will feel more natural overtime the more we practice FEELING it. Not just saying things to ourselves, but really FEELING our confidence.

And honestly, what can we lose from practicing this sort of confidence? Nothing.

One-hundred percent of my clients come to me with a goal of wanting to feel more confident. Wanting to stop thinking negatively about themselves. You know what this shows me? That so many of us DO talk negatively to ourselves. It’s a habit that doesn’t feel good for any of us, but we still do it.

I want to challenge us to consider that the goal is not “to one day feel confident” or “to one day STOP having negative thoughts about ourselves.”

Rather, the goal is the TURN DOWN the volume on the negative thoughts we have about ourselves, and TURN UP the volume on the loving thoughts we think to ourselves.

And guess what? The action comes before the result. The action is up to us. The action is deciding that we deserve to feel confident, and choosing to do so. Choosing to feel confident, because why not? What do we have to lose?

In my own personal story, when I realized that confidence was a choice, I felt empowered. I looked back on my life, and noticed that external achievements did not automatically equate to more confidence.

For example, years ago when I’d lost weight and was the smallest size I’d ever been, my confidence only suffered.

This taught me that it was ABSOLUTELY true that confidence would always be a choice I had to make. Even if I’d lost weight again, I wouldn’t automatically be more confident. I would STILL have to choose confidence. SO, why not choose it now? Why WAIT to start feeling good? Even as I work to improve myself and where I am.

As I shared, this EMPOWERED me.

I began to FEEL the feelings of liking myself. I would say to myself “I am so happy to be me.” Not only would I say it, but I’d let the feeling of that statement wash over me as an absolute truth.

I began to reject negative talk from my friends. I began to change the conversation I heard around me by NOT participating in any conversation that tore a person down. I’d say “this isn’t fun to talk about, let’s talk about THIS instead” (this meaning, anything else!).

I began to STOP talking negatively about myself out-loud. I realized that anytime I tore myself down out-loud, it only made me believe that awful thought more. It made it feel more real. So, instead, when I’d have a negative thought, I’d try to counter that by saying something nice about myself out-loud. Even if it was something as simple as “I’m so glad I chose THIS sandwich for lunch – this tastes so good. Yum!” Something that acknowledged ANY good. It didn’t have to be “Gosh, I am so beautiful.” (But it could be!)

I began doing what I call “The Confidence Experiment” which is what I had you do here in the beginning of this post in your mind… where, in crowds of people, I’d seek out confident people and ask myself “what makes me believe that this person is confident?”

What I learned is that it was never “good looks” that made someone appear confident.

Someone could be “good looking” but mean spirited and I wouldn’t attribute confidence to them. What made people seem confident and happy to me, was a smile, a genuine spirit, a laugh, or someone carrying themselves well – something as simple as they looked like they dressed themselves in something they loved.

I loved discovering these things for a few reasons:

  1. It showed me that confidence was in my reach. All I had to do was be myself, carry myself well, and be genuine – smile, talk to people, be curious about others
  2. It showed me that I wanted to take care of myself, and wear things that allowed me to feel confident – like I liked myself and wanted to take care of myself
  3. This also allowed me to release the thought that people were constantly criticizing me, because I WAS NOW complimenting people in my own mind as I walked around – it allowed me to think “wow, maybe people AREN’T so focused on all of the negatives about me” (or, all of the negatives I THOUGHT I had about me).

Changing this mindset for myself, truly free’d me. It made me feel incredible to look for the GOOD in others. To comment on the GOOD. To love the GOOD and appreciate it.

This also allowed me to stop comparing myself so much. Rather, now, I can appreciate the good in each person I come across, while still valuing myself. I learned that we are all so unique in ways that make us each special and nobody’s “uniqueness” is better than anyone else’s.

We’re all loved. We should all strive to like ourselves.

You’re never going to be anybody else, so you MAY AS WELL begin to practice enjoying yourself.

This one life you have is your chance to enjoy yourself, now. Go for it!

I talk about confidence even more in the 30 minute mini-interview I did with my friend Asia (who I consider one of my MOST confident friends!) in day 9 of Authentically You – a self-study course I created, which you can do start today for just $27 here!

PS, Speaking of confidence, I want to share my client Brianna’s story with you (it’s brand new)! If you’re interested in reading how Brianna grew in our time together coaching, continue on!

“Paige has been absolutely amazing to work with! When we first started, I was in one of the lowest moments of my life in terms of self confidence, body image issues, fear around food, etc. I was so focused on school and achieving my degree, that I tried hard to ignore my mental and spiritual health. I felt completely defeated, and I knew I didn’t want to live that life anymore.

After learning about Paige, I immediately felt a sense of hope. I was nervous about our first call, especially since I hadn’t shared these feelings with many people before. But after our first call, I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Paige was so kind and listened to my concerns. It felt as if she understood exactly what I was going through, which meant a lot to me!

It’s crazy looking back now and seeing how much I’ve grown from working with Paige. The worries I had then are so easy to separate from and understand. I know there will always be challenges that I face, but I feel like my true self again and so capable of facing those challenges with confidence. That’s what Paige has helped me rediscover. Confidence. In myself, in my body, in my work, in my talents, in feeding myself with love and intuition, in my relationships. I can’t thank her enough for supporting me through this journey.

Paige also offered so much advice and support as I got engaged and started planning for my wedding. She helped me through so many life changes – graduating professional school, taking licensing exams, moving across the country, and starting a job after a life of school.

Paige is such a beautiful and generous human being. Through all our talks and through the ups and downs, she has become a friend to me. And I’m the quiet, shy, VERY introverted type. She made it easy for me to communicate my feelings and concerns. I felt safe and hopeful during our sessions.

I would one million percent recommend Paige, especially her six-month program, to anyone struggling with self-confidence issues, anxiety in general (food was a big one for me), body image, difficulty with life changes, etc. I came to her first expressing difficulty with food and trusting myself to eat what I needed to. I was in a restrict/binge cycle that was driving me crazy, but yet felt completely out of my control. Not only was she able to help me see how easy it can be, with the right mindset and time, to feel comfortable around food and eat intuitively, she was also able to help me cope with my other anxieties and worries and stressors in my everyday life.

If you feel like you’ve had enough of that self hatred and constant worry and that it’s time to make a change, that you’ve struggled too long and want to feel the freedom you’ve always desired, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for help. Paige is so awesome in that she structures her program 100% around you, and gives you the freedom to set your own goals and guides you towards them with kindness and encouragement. I thought I could do it alone at first, but I finally understood the value of the help of a mentor, a coach, a friend. And Paige welcomes me for continued sessions whenever I need them!

I’m forever grateful for you, Paige, for everything!”


I share these stories with you because I believe that if it’s possible for someone else, it’s possible for you. If you want more for yourself, I believe you can achieve more. Like Megyn Kelly says in her book (which I posted about on Instagram today) “The only difference between YOU and the person you ENVY is that you settled for less.” DANG.

If you resonate with Brianna’s story about working with me and how she was able to grow and YOU’D like to talk about working together, I’d love to talk with you. Fill out the form below and I’ll email you back personally, to schedule a Discovery Session with me.

Work With Paige
  • Name*
    First Last
  • Email*
  • What would you like to gain from working with Paige?*

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Good-morning friends!

I’m here with a daily eats post to share Wednesday and Thursday with you. It’s been a good day, a good month, and an exciting year over here. Lot’s going on both in my personal life and business – I’ll have some exciting updates to share with you soon. Stay tuned!

Before we dive in, I want to remind us all that these posts are not for comparison. Rather, these posts are here to provide you with inspiration for food ideas and to give YOU the freedom and permission to listen to YOUR BODY as I listen to mine, apart from food rules or dieting.

Thank you so much for being here and I hope you enjoy! Leave a comment when you finish reading!


Wednesday morning started out with an early morning work-sesh with my friend Asia at her office. While there, I had a cappuccino (Asia brought it to me – sweet!) and a dark chocolate + almond GoMacro bar. Yum!

After working with Asia, I met my friend Brittany to work for a few more hours from Kruezburg coffee shop. While there, I got a large black coffee and this DELISH turkey + pesto sandwich. So yum! Kruezburg coffee and Sally Loo’s in SLO both do something right with their veggies. So fresh!

My friend Jenna and her little babe, Kane, came to visit. It was the best work interruption ever. Love this little smiley! I get to hang with him this weekend at our friend Mallory’s wedding. I can’t wait! Lot’s of dancing with him in my near future.

When I got home from coffee I was HUNGRY. I had two slices of leftover pizza with a little ranch. So good!

However, didn’t do the trick hunger-wise, so I had some plain greek yogurt with blackberries, chia seeds, and a spoonful of PB. Holy cow this tasted like a PB&J. Total accidental delish combo! Try it!

I rested for a bit after my yogurt and then walked to the gym to meet Marco once he was off work. If you follow me on Instagram (@paigeschmidt) this is when I was filming a million videos of the sunset and my walk because it was STUNNING. So pretty!

Anyway, after the gym I showered and changed into PJ’s, poured a glass of wine, and put dinner together. This yummy salad (it’s the cruciferous blend salad from Costco), leftover meat sauce (from the night we had zucchini noodles) mixed with a NEW pasta – Banza chickpea pasta!

Have you tried the Banza pasta yet? I got it at Targs and it was actually pretty good! You’ll notice it easily when you walk to the pasta isle. The boxes are bright orange and they have like 10 different pastas! Easy to spot.


Thursday morning started out with a coffee date with my girlfriends Asia and Brittany. No work, just friendship and coffee. And quiche for me! Breakfast! Sooo good. Hit the spot, for sure!

My girlfriends. Gosh, I love them… We spent the first two hours of our day together just chatting.

When I got home I uploaded my new updated my 1-Day Intuitive Eating Guide! Have you grabbed it yet? If not, go to the top of my site, enter your name and email and it’ll be on it’s way! If you’re already on my list, check the email I sent out yesterday (I added a link in there for ya!).

This guide is meant to walk you through a day of intuitive eating so that you can experience a taste of how freeing it is to let go of your food rules and learn to listen to your body instead (aka, learn how to listen to what feels good, consistently, so that YOU can feel good, consistently)!

I did some work in my home office for a bit then took a quick break to eat a small bowl of leftover pasta before heading to a coffee shop to meet girlfriends to work.

At the coffee shop I got a passion-ginger iced tea. Unsweetened. So perfectly tasty! Ah, so refreshing. It was 71 degrees in SLO yesterday. I hear some of you are having blizzards? Send some cooler weather!

I stayed at coffee for a few hours and though they had food there, I wanted to wait to eat again until I got home because I knew Marco and I were going out for dinner. I had this KIND bar to tide me over (I always keep bars in my bag).

When I got home I made a little sandwich to hold me until dinnertime: two slices of brown rice bread, toasted, with cream cheese, turkey, avocado, tomato, onion, and spinach. SO GOOD. Will probably remake this today!

Later that evening Marco and I walked to dinner at Marston’s – our favorite. I ordered gin + lime to drink. Fav! Marco got… guess?

YEP! Coors Light!

To start, we shared potato skins. They’re our favorite!

For my entree I got a steak salad with balsamic. SO good. The steak was PERFECT. That avocado on top with the red onion. Mmm! All of it was so good.

We walked around the Farmer’s Market after dinner and then back home for an early bedtime.

Other updates:

TAX RETURN season is upon us!

Which means my March and April calendars for coaching are filling up.

It tends to be a busy time of year for me as many clients sign up for coaching using their returns. What a better way to celebrate a return? (I might be bias, but hey!)

If you’d like to work together I’d love to schedule you for a Discovery Session. Book a time in March or April HERE and I’ll follow up with a personal email to you.

Also, for the first time EVER I’m offering a smaller package than my six-month program. It’s like my six-month program had a baby – it’s a mini 4 session package. If you’re interested, email me (paige@paigeschmidt.com). I’d love to get you started.

If you’d prefer to have a Discovery Session first, book that here, and from there you’ll be able to choose the package that is best for you.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend, friends! We’ll be at a wedding Saturday and have some plans with friends today and Sunday. It’s a weekend packed full of social. Come hang on Insta with me and say hi – @paigeschmidt!

Thank you for being here! Leave a comment below!

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Today I am here with a new VIP Q+A post where I answer questions that readers – YOU! – have sent in. Thank you so much for asking! You guys make these posts possible for me.

Q: How do you love yourself the way you are, while simultaneously striving to grow, develop, and be open to new ideas/ways of thinking?

A: My opinion is that the key to growing, is loving yourself where you are AND never fully “arriving.”

I believe there’s always room to grow. So I ask you…

Where do you want to go now?

Though I love who I am and I am proud of where I’ve gotten, I am always looking to grow, improve, and move in a forward motion.

I love change and I love growth.

Appreciate today and get excited for the growth of tomorrow.

To start, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What do I appreciate about where I am TODAY?
  2. What areas of my life do I want to improve, from here?
  3. What small step(s) can I take TODAY to move forward?

I believe acceptance and change can exist simultaneously.

Q: What are your thoughts on food combining while eating intuitively? Food combining makes a lot of sense to me, but I can also see it as another form of restriction.

A: Totally! I can see where you’re coming from.

It depends on what YOUR personality is (speaking to all of you reading this who are like – YEAH! I’m wondering the same thing for eating x, y, or z way).

I’ll use myself for example…

There are several ways of eating that make sense to me. One being “eat more fiber.”

However, if I were to put all of my focus on “eating more fiber,” I know myself… and this would pull me away from listening to my body.

Which in turn, would lead to that deprivation/lack mentality which manifests itself in underlying, subtle nuances like craving more sugar, having a hard time stopping when I’m full (because there’s some underlying feeling of restriction), or feeling like I didn’t do a good job when I don’t get “enough fiber” according to what’s being recommended.

What I would do instead, is eat intuitively and keep it in the back of my mind that I’d like to eat more fiber. Which would look like adding more veggies to meals/foods I already eat.

For you, I would experiment. Food combine for a few days and see how you feel with the intention of finding out “Does this lead me TOWARD or AWAY from listening to my body and what works for me?”

There’s is NO SHAME in combining your food if it works well for you. There’s NO SHAME around food my friends. There’s NO SHAME in figuring out what works really well for you, ever.

Q: How can I prioritize between 1) wanting to eat, do, and feel what is best for my body and 2) avoiding cultural stigma or backlash from family and close friends when I explain what I want to do?

A: You are ALLOWED to do what feels good for you. Regardless of your family, regardless of what diet culture says, regardless of what “intuitive eating” says!

The goal in all of what I do is to help YOU find out what works for YOU and to help you learn to honor THAT (with food and non-food areas alike).

I want to share here that you do not NEED to explain your food choices to your family or friends. You also definitely don’t need to volunteer this information, without others asking.

I would encourage you to TALK LESS about what you’re eating and just do what feels good.

If you’re choosing to get something gluten free, don’t announce it. If you are ordering a sandwich and feel tempted to let people know why you’re getting a sandwich instead of a salad, don’t. Just order.

Do what feels good for you and resist the urge to announce it. If someone asks, say “this is what feels good for me” or “this is what sounds good.”

Keep it so simple. Don’t draw more attention to the food, rather, focus on asking people questions like “What have you been up to? What are you enjoying in your life right now?”

The less attention you draw to yourself around food, the easier this will be for you.

That’s a wrap!

That’s it, friends! If YOU have a question you’d like me to answer in a future VIP Q+A post, leave it in the comments below. I LOVE answering your questions, so bring ‘em in!

Want to take the next step in working together?

My March and April calendars are filling up, as tax return season is upon us. This tends to be a busy time of year for me, as many clients sign up for coaching using their returns.

If you’d like to work together I’d love to schedule you for a Discovery Session – fill out the form on this page and I’ll email you a link!

The post VIP Q+A: My Thoughts on Food Combining, Self-Acceptance/Improvement, and Drawing Less Attention to Yourself Around Food appeared first on Paige Schmidt.

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I’m here with a daily eats post to share Monday and Tuesday with you from this week.

Before we dive in, I want to remind us all that these posts are not for comparison. Rather, these posts are here to provide you with inspiration for food ideas and to give YOU the freedom and permission to listen to YOUR BODY as I listen to mine, apart from food rules or dieting.

Thank you so much for being here and I hope you enjoy! Leave a comment when you finish reading!


Monday morning started off with a solo walk to Scout where I ordered a large black coffee. After ordering, I sat outside for a bit and answered my texts and Instagram DM’s from the night before (I turn my phone off in the evenings when I need a break).

When I got home I wrote a daily eats post where I also talked about how to enjoy a day alone answered client emails, and then took a break to make Marco and I breakfast. Breakfast was two eggs, tomato, pepper jack cheese, avocado, salsa verde, and shredded lettuce on two small flour tortillas. So good!

I wrapped up work around 11:00 AM because it’s my creation week (I don’t take clients this week and only work on content creation) and Marco’s day off. After work we went to the gym, lifted weights together (it’s my favorite to do when I’m with him!) and then headed over to Costco.

By the time we got to Costco I was SO hungry again, so we got a hotdog to split. So good! Totally hit the spot and held me over until lunch back at home.

For lunch I made a turkey sandwich with the last of my yummy half-baked rolls from Trader Joe’s. This baby was loaded with turkey, provolone, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and onion. Yum! SO good and DEFINITELY hit the spot.

After lunch Marco and I headed to Pismo Beach to hangout for the day. We explored a new hotel, walked around the shops, hung out at the beach, and then landed at Wooly’s Bar and Grill for a drink. Coors Light for him (of course) and a Bloody Mary for me – YUM!

When we got home I made us dinner, which was mostly leftovers (easy!) and some cauliflower potatoes, which I am not a fan of. I’m team regular-potatoes! I didn’t eat the cauliflower ones. If you’ve made them before and have a yummy recipe, I’m open to hearing! Post it in the comments.

This dinner was salmon, caesar salad (Marco’s fav) and broccoli. Simple, delish! I love when I make this salmon because it gives me so many leftovers.

After dinner I cleaned up the kitchen and had a piece of dark chocolate while doing so. Great end to a good day!


The next morning I woke up and walked to my friend Brittany’s house (she’s just a mile away). We walked to Scout 2 in SLO (for those who don’t live here, Scout 2 is the newer Scout about 2 miles from my house). For breakfast, I had coffee and a savory leek and goat cheese scone (SOOOO good).

I worked with Brittany until 11:00 and then met Marco at the gym (next door). After the gym we drove to Cayucos (a beach about 10 miles north of us) to have lunch. We went to Schooner’s, which was right on the water. So good! I had a Bloody Mary to drink and Marco and I split a cup of clam chowder to start.

For lunch, I ordered steak tacos, which came with a side of rice and black beans. Again, SO good. This has been a yummy food week! After lunch we walked around Cayucos and hung out at the beach. Since Marco worked all weekend, it was so nice to have the past two days with him.

After Caycucos we hung out for a while in Morro Bay and then went home to shower (we were still in our gym clothes). We hung out at home for a bit, walked downtown, explored, and then went back to Costco (we love Costco don’t we?) to look for new sheets.

When we were done at Costco (no luck with sheets!) we went to Blaze Pizza for dinner. By this time it had been like six hours since lunch and I was SO hungry and craving chocolate. Ha!

While I ordered our pizza Marco walked next door to get milk (he needed it for his Oreo’s back home – ha!) and came back with two little chocolates for me. Praise heavens! They were so good and totally nailed my chocolate craving. No, I’m not pregnant – but the PMS is present this week – ha!

This pizza was basically, like, the best ever. I ordered the “Link In” pizza which was sausage, mozzarella, peppers, and red sauce. I added olives, arugula, onion, a tiny bit of bleu cheese crumbles, and mushrooms. SOOO good. I have two slices leftover for today. Snack time!

That’s it for my eats, friends! Are you enjoying these posts? I’m having a lot of fun writing them for you! Next up, tomorrow I’ll be back with a VIP Q+A post. Can’t wait to get that to you! If you have a question you’d like me to answer in a future post, leave it below in the comments.

Thank you for being here! Leave a comment below!

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I’m here with a daily eats post from yesterday, Sunday. It was such a good day. Both Saturday and Sunday this week were solo-hangout days and I’d love to share with you guys what a solo day looks like for me.

I know there are many of you who would like to enjoy solo time more, without feeling antsy, so I’ll do my best to share that through this post – I’ll be super specific about my day so you can get a good idea of what I do.

Remember to take away whatever stands out to you and leave the rest behind (not everything I do has to work for you). If you have questions, ask in the comments! I am happy to answer them for you.

Before we dive in, I want to remind us that my daily eats posts are not for comparison. Rather, they’re here to provide you with inspiration for food ideas and to give YOU the freedom and permission to listen to YOUR BODY as I listen to mine, apart from food rules or dieting.

Thank you so much for being here and I hope you enjoy!



The morning started off with a 7:00 AM wakeup, which is sleeping in for me. I woke up slowly, made the bed, put on workout clothes and walked to get myself a coffee.

This week, I’ve been loving walking to a coffee shop (only half a mile away) for my morning coffee. It gets me outside first thing. I keep my phone away, notice my surroundings, the blue sky, birds, etc. It’s so filling for my heart.

I got a large black coffee from Scout and sat outside for 15 minutes or so before walking home. Just me and my coffee – no distractions. It was lovely and peaceful (I did the same thing today, to start my workday).

When I got home I watered my plants and swept my front porch, with coffee in hand. There’s something calming to me about being outside, watering my plants.

After that, I walked in the house and opened up all of the windows. I love a bright house! With the windows open, I turned on some worship music and started making breakfast.


I was pretty bored with my meals from last week when I wasn’t feeling good, so this week I really tried to change things up to make eating at home fun.

I got these half baked rolls (in the photo above) from Trader Joe’s. They’re so good! For most of the week I used them to make loaded turkey sandwiches (which were so good!) but yesterday I changed things up and made myself a breakfast sandwich: two eggs, two pieces of chicken sausage, a little bit of shredded pepper jack, tomato, and lettuce (I love crispy lettuce on breakfast sandwiches).

After breakfast I puttered around the house a bit. When I spend time alone, my main objective is to not feel rushed or distracted. Time that feels distracted, to me, usually looks like spending too long scrolling Instagram and feeling “bored.” This is not fulfilling for me.

There’s nothing huge that I do on days alone, rather I just make choices that feel good as the day goes on. Yesterday, I felt like decluttering and collecting things that could be donated. I spent a little bit of time with music on, coffee in hand, going through some things in my house. I made a little donate pile and that felt great. LESS in my home always feels like more.

Once I’d done that I hopped in the car and drove to Target. A solo day with nowhere to be means Target = the best thing ever. Don’t you love walking through Target when you don’t have to rush? It’s glorious! Target, thank you for being a sanctuary on non-rush days!


When I got home I made myself lunch which was a gigantic salad with the last of some chicken that I’d made in the CrockPot last week. I used a whole bag of the Southwestern Salad kit (I think this is what it’s called?) from Trader Joe’s and added chicken, avocado and tomato. SO good! I love big salads!

After lunch, I cleaned up the kitchen and did a workout at home. I debated going to the gym but it didn’t sound good. I grabbed a chair and did squats, chair dips and pushups. I did some ab work on the floor and stretched out. It was quick and felt great!

Once I finished my workout I logged onto my Audible account to download some new books! I have the membership that gives you two credits per month (aka, two books). I haven’t listened to an audio book for a couple of months so my credits were really piling up. I had 8 credits (aka, 8 books!) to use.

I downloaded 8 books and put my membership on pause (which you can do just once per year, for up to 3 months). Now I feel motivated and excited to listen to my books within 3 months, by the time my account starts running again!

The first book I’m listening to is “Settle for More” by Megyn Kelly. I have no idea what it’s about but the title really intrigued me! So far, she’s sharing about her life story. Do you use audible? Have you read this book?

Other books I downloaded:

  1. The Hate U Give
  2. Cherish
  3. Girl Wash Your Face
  4. The Year of Less
  5. Year of YES
  6. Women Food and God
  7. Emotional Agility
  8. The Power of Habit
  9. and another one whose title I am embarrassed to write… it’s called “Un-f*ck Yourself” (notice my shy side coming out?). Anyway, the actual book says it’s about “recognizing the miracle that you are” so… that’s more my style! Haha!

Now that I write these, I see that I actually downloaded 10! Audible (this is not an ad by the way I just really like Audible – haha!) let’s you return any book you don’t enjoy, no questions asked. So I had returned two that were boring the heck out of me. So I guess I downloaded 10, not 8!


Okay, let’s get to the snack above! I finally tried smoked/raw salmon. I’d always wanted to, but was always freaked out that I wouldn’t like it. Turns out, it’s good!

I was looking for a snack that would give me good focus on days where I need to keep my energy high but don’t want to ruin my dinner appetite. So I tried this one: GG crackers, salmon, cream cheese, tomato, olive tapenade and avocado.

Quick sidenote: Lauryn, from The Skinny Confidential always talks about GG crackers and posts about them going well with salmon. This intruigued me since I don’t always want a bagel and lox, which is the traditional way to eat this, right? I know Lauryn personally and absolutely adore her. If you haven’t read this post from her, read it. In it, she opens up about losing her mom at a young age. Lauryn has been extremely supportive of me since I lost my own mama. I have so much respect for her – the way she uses her story to fuel her and support other women – like me – is inspiring.

Let me tell you about the crackers… Lauryn talks about them being a “vehicle” for the food you put on top and that’s exactly what they are. They are SUPER bland, like cardboard. The reason I chose them is because they’re HIGH in fiber and I knew they’d help to carry me over when I need that most – mid-day.

To eat them alone would not taste good. But if you add really tasty toppings, they’re doable. I’m going to finish off this pack that I bought and then continue to experiment to see if I can find a cracker that I really love, that tastes a little better (ha!).

These are just OKAY, but do the trick if I can’t find anything else. Have you tried them? Do you have a cracker that you really love? (I want to find a cracker that’s big like these – one that can fit lots of toppings. The size of the GG cracker is perfect!)

After my snack I turned on my first audiobook. I went for a walk, journaled a bit and took a nice, long, hot shower. You see? Most of my day really is just puttering around, not rushing. It’s my favorite… it fills me up.

I love listening to a good audiobook. I love hearing about someone else’s life and not thinking about my own for a couple of hours. There’s something rejuvenating and relaxing about that. Anyone know what I mean here?

To end my solo-day (Marco got home from work at 6:00 PM) I changed into PJ’s, put dinner in the oven, poured a glass of wine and sat down on the couch with a fuzzy blanket and my audio book, with the window open. I listened to my book, watched people walk by and just relaxed. This is my IDEAL day alone.

I’ll try and wrap up what I did with my alone time here so you can see how truly simple the things I chose to do were:

  • took a walk without distractions
  • got coffee out of the house
  • watered my plants
  • journaled
  • organized with music on
  • shopped without rushing
  • worked out
  • took a long, hot shower
  • listened to an audiobook
  • cooked
  • sat and relaxed with a glass of wine

Pretty simple right? There’s a lot you can do with a day alone!


Dinner was pesto/butter salmon with caesar salad and roasted broccoli. So good! I could eat this salmon for literally every meal. I love it so much. It’s from Costco. Have you tried it?

To wrap up!

Okay now I want to hear from you! Do you enjoy alone time, or do you get antsy? If you DO enjoy alone time, what do you enjoy doing with your alone time? Share with me in the comments!

In other news, I just posted a brand new testimonial on the client stories page, so if you’ve been thinking about working together one on one, make sure you check it out! If you resonate with these stories and how I work with my clients (see here), I’d love to schedule you for a Discovery Session – fill out the form on this page and I’ll email you a link!

Thank you for being here! Make sure to leave a comment before you go!

The post Daily Eats + How I Enjoyed a Sunday Alone appeared first on Paige Schmidt.

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I’m here with a daily eats post and am currently listening to the Spice Girls on my Apple music “90’s Smash Hits” playlist. If you have Apple music, run to it now!

Before we dive in, I want to remind us all that these posts are not for comparison. Rather, these posts are here to provide you with inspiration for food ideas and to give YOU the freedom and permission to listen to YOUR BODY as I listen to mine, apart from food rules or dieting.

Thank you so much for being here and I hope you enjoy! Leave a comment when you finish reading!


Tuesday morning started out with quiet time and a breakfast of two eggs, sourdough toast and chicken sausage. Simple, delicious, basic! Everyonce in a while I get a sausage-at-breakfast craving and this TJ’s chicken sausage hits the spot so perfectly.

After breakfast I showered and started with my morning clients. This is a jam-packed client week. If you noticed in the email I sent out to my list on Monday, I’m fully booked for February and am now booking for March and April.

If you’re thinking about working together and aren’t on the calendar yet, now’s the time to hop on my calendar for your initial Discovery Session. You can read more about coaching here or if you’re ready to hop on my calendar, you can schedule here.

After my morning sessions I had a break, made lunch, shopped for a new client gift and ran to the post office to mail it before my afternoon sessions.

For lunch I had two chicken tacos on handmade flour tortilla’s from TJ’s. I cooked the chicken in my CrockPot with chicken broth. Normally I’d use salsa but this week I’m feeling very basic meals. Toppings included: shredded lettuce, jack cheese, avocado and cilantro.

After I finished my out-of-the-house to-do’s I came back to my office, made a cup of coffee and sat down with this GoMacro bar. I had a little less than half as I just wanted a little bit with my coffee. Oh, speaking of GoMacro! If you haven’t yet, go enter my GoMacro giveaway on Instagram! I’m picking a giveaway winner tonight! There’s still time to enter (@paigeschmidt)!

When I finished with my afternoon/evening clients I planned out my next workday, cleared my inbox and closed up shop (got my office in order and ready to start again today). I straightened up the house, prepped my coffee for the next day, got in cozy PJ’s, took some time to relax/unwind, then made dinner.

Dinner was leftovers from the night before so it was easy to put together. We had taco salad with beef, cheese, romaine, avocado, and tortilla chips. For dressing I like to use a little sour cream, guac and salsa, however, we were out of most of those things so I used a thousand island type dressing which did the trick (but not my preference).

That’s it! After dinner we cleaned up and totally relaxed. The next two days are client days over here (yay!) and then it’s the weekend. As I sit here I’m wondering how your week is going, what you’ve got on your meals list this week, and what you’re waiting on. Is there anything you’re waiting on in life right now? News you’re waiting to receive? Thinking of you all!

Thank you for being here! Leave a comment below!

The post Daily Eats: Simple Eats for a Busy Week appeared first on Paige Schmidt.

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Hey friends!

I’m here today answering three of your questions around self-care and intuitive/mindful eating. Enjoy! If you have a question, be sure to post it in the comments so I can answer it in a future post.

Q: “How do you dive into self-care when your identity is rocked? Where do you begin rebuilding your self-esteem?”

A: The reader who sent this question in is going through a tough time. She shared with me that she’s going through a breakup with someone who was quite critical of her. Now that they have broken up, she is struggling to not believe all of the hurtful things her ex-boyfriend would comment on. 

She’s wondering how she can take care of herself moving forward and where to start.

Here’s what I would say. Love yourself up like crazy. Right now, you’re in a delicate place. You’re grieving, so you’re going to feel more vulnerable than you normally would.

When negative thoughts come up or you start to question “man, did I really not wear enough makeup?” or other things he used to be critical about, remember that you’re in this delicate space and that it’s normal to question things right now (that happens with grief).

That doesn’t make any of the things he said true.

When you do not feel like you can be yourself around someone, that is a very real feeling. Reassure yourself that you’ve made the right choice and that you do not need to apologize for who you are. Remember that all you are resonspilbe for is taking care of yourself.

So what needs to be taken care of? What parts of you need your attention? What things did you feel limited on when you were in the relationship? How can you experience more of those things that you love now? Really tune-IN and let your self-care be *doing more of the things that you love.*

For example, when I got out of a relationship that made me feel less than, what helped me heal was to do all of the things that I loved again. All of the things that made me feel good. I started taking great care of myself because I was motivated to do so (not in a restrictive or punishing way – but from love).

Also, go pick up the book self-compassion and learn how to be incredibly kind and gentle with yourself.

Q: “When you first started your intuitive eating journey, what are some of the things you did to help you overcome your anxiety around eating different foods?”

A: I can literally feel back to what that anxiety felt like, so I hear you, dear reader! 

I’m going to use ice cream for example. I used to have SO much anxiety around eating ice cream because my only experiences with it were eating five bowls over piles of homework, which left me feeling sick, out of control, and unsatisfied.

Here’s what I would say… BEFORE you eat do two things 1) visualize how you want to feel when you’re done and how you want this eating experience to go and 2) get CALM before you start eating. Wait to eat those fear foods until a time where you feel a bit more relaxed and present.

When you go through that visualization of how you want the experience to go, really notice your environment. Is your ice cream (for example) in a bowl? Is it quiet? Are friends there? Are you alone? What do you notice? Where are you sitting?

With the foods that are a bit scarier for you to eat, be extra gentle with yourself. The ironic thing is, the foods you are going to be present with are also probably the foods that you usually DON’T like to pay attention to when you eat them. It feels WEIRD to give yourself full permission to have these foods.

Using ice cream as an example… When I first started eating it with permission it DID feel weird. Sitting at the table reminded me that I was ALLOWING myself to eat this ice cream as a normal part of my life. THAT was strange! But, it had to be okay. I had to work through that if I was going to learn it was okay.

So I’d make a small bowl of ice cream, I’d make it really pretty and appealing to look at. Then I’d take it over to the table, grab a place mat, and sit down. I’d eat the ice cream, one bite at a time, totally soaking up the flavors and tasting it, remembering the whole time that I was safe to eat it.

I want you to imagine yourself as a kiddo who was afraid of dogs. You’re at the dog park. To get through your fear, what would you rather? That your mom throw you into the doggy park? Or that she take you over to the pups and gently show you that they were nice and safe to be around?

If you’re like me, it’s the second option.

Same thing with food. The food ISN’T going to hurt you. But you need to trust that you can build a positive relationship with it. That’s okay. Recognize that there are some foods that you’re totally comfortable with and others that you want to be more gentle with at first. Until you’re comfortable.

Q: “How can I eat mindfully with a one year old? I find myself eating whatever my daughter doesn’t finish and I pick the whole time I’m cooking or putting her plate together. I never actually make myself a plate and sit to eat.”

A: What a great question! I used to experience this ALL THE TIME when I babysat. I had to realize how UNSATISFIED I was every single time after I nibbled off of the kids plate, or every time I DIDN’T make myself a plate and sit down. That was the first step. 

Once I noticed that, I had to practice what I like to call healthy discipline and wait to eat. Wait until I had my own plate of what I wanted to eat. In the moment, I had to really coach myself through: “this will not be enjoyable to eat this leftover grilled cheese. If you want a grilled cheese, make yourself a good one.”

It took a LOT of reminding and attention in the moment, but once I got good at this discipline it felt so good to recognize that I could choose to do what was satisfying in the moment vs. automatically doing what I knew wouldn’t make me feel good.

Recognize that there is no such thing as perfection here. Sometimes you’ll take a bite (or several) before you realize “Oh yeah, this doesn’t make me feel good.” If that happens, you’ve got to call a truce and write it off. It’s OKAY.

As you read this, it’ll probably make sense. An unrealistic expectation would be to think that you will from now forward get this 100% right just because it makes sense. That’s not how this works. You will succeed and fail (for lack of a better word; really, there is no such thing as failure, only feedback) at this, and from there, you’ll be motivated to choose what feels good more often.

When you’re in a moment of recognizing “this isn’t going to satisfy me at all,” stop what is unsatisfying and ask yourself what you want. Do you need to make something good to eat to satisfy you? Do you need a break? Do you need to go to bed? What do you actually want?

For me, there were many times where I’d be mid half-eaten grilled cheese and I’d have to stop, pause, and recognize how unsatisfying it was going to be if I allowed this to be my dinner. So I’d stop, toss the leftovers and make a satisfying grilled cheese (or something else that I wanted) and sit down with it.

It really only takes a few extra minutes and saves you all of the energy in the world when you don’t have to deal with the endless thoughts of “you always do this and can’t stop and when will this end and why do I do this when I don’t even like it?” You know what I mean, right? You can relate?

Grace grace grace. Grace, not perfection.

If you’d like to leave a question for me to answer in my next VIP Q+A please do so in the comments! Share with me your takeaways and what you can relate to most in this post. I’d love to hear! Love you all so much! 

The post VIP Q+A: How to Care for Yourself After a Breakup, Calmly Enjoy Your Fear Foods, and Stop Eating Your Kids Leftovers for Dinner appeared first on Paige Schmidt.

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