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Because of our famous water amenities here in the Portland area, it’s no wonder that fishing is a popular pastime. We have several lakes, ponds and rivers sprinkled throughout our area, all perfect spots to cast a line. So we don’t blame you for wanting to get in on that fishing action; that’s why we created this guide!

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about fishing in the Portland area: what to do before you go, where to cast your line and even a few places where you can learn how to do it. Happy adventuring!


Before You Go

We know, you’re anxious to get out and start fishing, but before you head out to embark on your fishing adventures there are a few things you will need.


Your Oregon Fishing License

An Oregon fishing license is required for residents and nonresidents over the age of 12 and must be carried with you at all times while fishing in the state.

The easiest way to purchase your Oregon fishing license is by visiting the online licensing system from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. But you can also purchase it by mail, via fax or at any Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife office.

There are several different types of fishing licenses, depending on your age and/or what type of fishing you’ll be doing, so make sure to look over all of the options and choose the perfect license for you.


Your Fishing Equipment

Photo courtesy of Jason Osborn via the Portland Fly Shop

Whether you’re an old pro and a newcomer to the Portland fishing scene, you’ll need the right equipment to help ensure your success. We recommend visiting a local shop and speaking to local fishing guides and experts who have been fishing in the greater Portland area for years.

Portland Fly Shop may be Portland’s youngest fly fishing shop, but owner Jason Osborn has over 20 years of fly fishing experience with him. In their brick and mortar shop, you’ll find fly fishing gear and fly tying supplies as well as knowledgeable experts who can help you with any fishing questions you may have.

In Tigard, you’ll find FISH-FIELD, a tackle maker and retailer that sells a wide range of reels, nets, crabbing gear and bait! So no matter what type of fishing you’re looking to do, FISH-FIELD can help you find the right gear to get you started.


Helpful Guides

We can count on the weather to always be changing in Portland, which is why you should always make sure to check out the conditions before you head to the water. Every week, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife puts out the Recreation Report, which outlines the latest information on conditions in the places you want to go. And they even outline a full report of the latest regulation updates, so you can make sure every part of your fishing adventure is completely legal.


Where to Go

There are more than a hundred amazing fishing spots in the Portland area, all featuring plenty of fish to catch and sights to see. To help you get started, we rounded up just a small fraction of our favorite places to fish in the area.


Benson Lake | Cascade Locks

Photo courtesy of Oregon State Parks

Benson Lake is located in the Benson Lake Recreation Area about 30 minutes from Downtown Portland. The lake itself is breathtaking, offering pleasant waters stocked with thousands of trout a few times during the fishing season. After you’ve spent a relaxed morning fishing, you can walk over and explore the famous Multnomah Falls for a perfect afternoon!


Bethany Lake Park | Portland

Bethany Lake Park is a 42-acre park that surrounds Bethany Lake. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife stocks the lake with trout, so you can fish to your heart’s content! It’s also a stunning destination for birdwatchers, who seek out Great Blue Herons, red-tailed hawks and osprey diving for fish.


Carver Park | Oregon City

Located where Clear Creek meets the Clackamas River, this picturesque spot is perfect for bank fishing right along the water. Here you’ll find a boat ramp and plenty of scenic views of the historic bridge and lush trees. While there is ample parking space for both you and your boat, be aware that there is a small daily parking fee.


Clackamette Park | Oregon City

Clackamette Park is at the confluence of the Willamette and Clackamas Rivers in Oregon City offering plenty of opportunities for bank fishing. Here you’ll also find a boat launch, restroom facilities, walking paths and everything you need to throw your next get-together, including horseshoe pits and reservable shelters.


George Rogers Park | Lake Oswego

Situated on the Willamette River, this downtown Lake Oswego space features 26 acres of community parkland, two baseball/softball fields, a soccer field and much more. The riverfront area is a great spot to fish and also features a historic landmark, the “Iron Furnace” which you can visit after you’ve finished catching your dinner!


Gilbert Boat Ramp | Portland

The Gilbert Boat Ramp provides access to the Gilbert River, Sturgeon Lake and the Multnomah Channel. Not only can you launch your boat, canoes and kayaks from it, but it also offers plenty of space for dock fishing!


Lewis and Clark State Recreation Site | Troutdale

Photo courtesy of Oregon State Parks

Situated near the mouth of the Sandy River and the Columbia River, the Lewis and Clark State Recreation Site is one of the best, and most beautiful, spots to cast a line in the Portland area. The park itself is a spectacular spot on its own, offering flat, grassy land and plenty of spots to swim. We can’t wait to stop by this lovely park this summer!


Mt. Hood Pond | Gresham

While the Mt. Hood Pond, or Mt. Hood Community College Reservoir, is a 40-minute drive from Portland, we promise it’s absolutely worth every minute in the car. This fishing hole is one of the most popular fishing spots in the entire state, offering five-acres of beautiful views and plenty of rainbow trout. The pond is located on the main campus of Mt. Hood Community College but is easily accessible from the road. Because of the extreme popularity of this pond, we recommend keeping tabs on the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s trout stocking schedule so you can be one of the first people out on the water!



How to Learn

If you’re a beginner when it comes to tying a fly, casting or just fishing in general, a local shop or club is a great place to start your education. Luckily, here in the Portland area, we just happen to be home to several places where you can take a class or a guided tour.


Hook’Em Up Guide Service

199 North Lotus Beach

Hook’Em Up specializes in Portland fishing adventures. Whether you’re just visiting or want to learn more about the craft with an expert by your side, you can do it with one of Hook’Em Up’s very own guides. They work out of a private marina on the Columbia River and provide absolutely everything you’ll need to have a fantastic fishing trip!


Northwest Flyfishing Outfitters

1090 Northeast Halsey Street

Not only can you get quality equipment at their full-service fly shop, but Northwest Fly Fishing Outfitters will teach you how to use it at one of their classes taught by top-notch authors, guides and experts. Learn the basics of fly fishing, fly tying and so much more. And if you happen to be an advanced fisher, they’ve got a few classes for you too!


River City Fly Shop

1149 Southwest Scholls Ferry Road, Beaverton

Whether you’re looking for tackle recommendations, travel suggestions, fly tying tools or some special tips from local experts — you can find it at River City Fly Shop in Beaverton. They offer classes for a wide range of skill levels including an introduction to flyfishing course and a fly casting class. You can see their list of classes and register for their events on their website.


Royal Treatment Flyfishing

21570 Willamette Drive, West Linn

Since opening in 2010, Royal Treatment Flyfishing has been able to help thousands of interested anglers learn how to flyfish and hone their craft. Visit their shop and stock up on the finest tackle, tying materials and high-quality ties.


Are You Hooked?

Did we miss your favorite fishing hole in the Portland area or know a few fishing tips that we should know? Come chat with us in the comments!

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Known as the “Windsurfing Capital of the World,” Hood River is an oasis for all wind-related sports, including kiteboarding. On a hot summer day in the Gorge, you’ll see dozens of colorful kites dotting the sky above the Columbia River. Kiteboarders from all over the world come here to experience the unique and optimal conditions for riding. In fact, several professional kiteboarders and kiteboarding companies call Hood River home.

Whether you are a professional kiteboarder or have never tried the sport, Hood River is a great place to be. Use our guide to optimize your day on the water — and more importantly, avoid any confusion or danger!

Know Before You Go

You should never just show up and start kiteboarding, especially if you’ve never done it before. Also, intermediate and professional kiteboarders should always review the rules specific to the Columbia River, understand the river conditions, and be aware of any potential dangers.

If you’ve never been kiteboarding before, we recommend learning from a kiteboarding school before you attempt it on your own (more on that later!). The cold water and gusty winds may make learning a bit more of a challenge, but you’ll be able to navigate the waters with a professional by your side.

When to Go

Sam Beebe [CC BY 2.0]

Summer is definitely the best time to go kiteboarding in Hood River. If you’re a beginner or complete newbie, you’ll want to go any time between June and September. Professional kiteboarders may kiteboard year-round, but only with the correct gear.

What to Wear

Like many cities in the Pacific Northwest, the seasons in Hood River are very defined. That means winters are snowy and cold and summers are hot and sunny. However, the wind in Hood River can make summer days feel cold. You’ll definitely want to wear a wetsuit when kiteboarding, especially if you expect to spend a lot of time in the water as a beginner. Consider a 3/2 wetsuit for the majority of the summer or a 4/3 or warmer wetsuit if it’s a colder day.

Kiteboarding Schools

Photo Courtesy of Cascade Kiteboarding

As mentioned, beginners should opt for lessons from a kiteboarding school before they attempt to ride on their own. Some of the best kiteboarding schools in Hood River include Cascade Kiteboarding, Gorge Kiteboard School, Kite The Gorge, and New Wind. And, if you’re more experienced but have never been to Hood River, you may consider getting the lay of the land from one of these schools, especially Cascade Kiteboarding, as they are located directly next to the Event Site, which is where you’ll likely be launching from.

Gear Rental

All kiteboarding schools mentioned above include all the gear needed for a successful session on the water. Plus, the instructors will teach you all about the equipment and how to use it. If you just want to rent gear without instruction, Cascade Kiteboarding offers gear rental for those at an IKO independent riding Level 3. You can get a one-day or two-day package with all the necessary equipment, including a kite, bar, board, harness, wetsuit, PFD and helmet. Or, simply grab the pieces you need a la carte.

Launch Spot

By far, the most popular (and most recommended) launch spot is the Hood River Event Site. Here, you’ll see plenty of kiteboarders preparing their gear on a hot summer day. Park in the Event Site parking lot and carry your gear to the sandbar, which is the only area at the Event Site you can launch during the summer. If you’re braving the cold winter weather, you can set up your gear in the grass, as the sandbar will likely be submerged.

Where to Ride

It’s important to remain cautious about where you ride, as the river is roughly divided based on experience level, and certain areas should be avoided due to hazards. Downwind of the sandbar, you’ll find two extremes — both beginner lessons and professional riders doing tricks at the slider park. Here, you’ll need to be especially courteous of your space, and make sure you’re not getting in anyone’s way. And upwind of the sandbar, you’ll see plenty of independent and intermediate kiters. Be wary of the portion of the sandbar where the Hood River joins the Columbia River; this is where pros tend to ride, and it can be a more dangerous area.


On any given day during the summer, you can expect wind speeds to range anywhere from 10 mph to 30 mph. The landscape of the surrounding mountains creates a unique windy current along the Columbia River, making the area ideal for kiteboarding. The river flows in the opposite direction of the wind, which means you won’t need as much wind in order to ride. This is ideal for those just starting out! However, the confluence of the Columbia River and Hood River creates a strong current, or a “black hole,” at the edge of the sandbar. Make sure you review the updated information on NWKite.com that details these zones and other warnings.


Beware of the portions of the river with more dangerous conditions, including the black hole at the end of the sandbar, and the second black hole almost directly across the river from the first, along the opposite shore. Also keep an eye out for boats and barges, which frequently pass through. In general, the river can get crowded with people and vessels, so make sure you keep an eye out and watch where you’re going at all times. Consult the updated information on NWKite.com about these warnings and other weather-related information.

Where to Go After

Photo Courtesy of Riverside

You’ll most likely be hungry after all this excitement and activity under the sun. Thankfully, Hood River has no shortage of places to go after your kiteboarding adventure. Some of our favorite restaurants in Hood River include Full Sail Brewing Company & Brewpub, Riverside, Big Horse Brew Pub & Restaurant, Celilo Restaurant & Bar, pFriem, and Solstice Wood Fire Café & Bar.

Happy Kiteboarding!

Have any insider tips about kiteboarding in Hood River? Share them in the comments below!

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The upscale suburb of Lake Oswego is considered one of the most desirable communities in the region — and it’s easy to see why. With a well-connected community, small town charm, an expansive lake, gorgeous homes and close proximity to Portland, it’s no wonder so many people are moving to Lake Oswego.

If you too are thinking about moving to Lake Oswego, you might think access to the private Oswego Lake is impossible unless you live directly along the water’s edge. Think again!

Waterfront Properties in Lake Oswego

This property is for sale here.

The expansive Oswego Lake lies at the center of the city, providing opportunities for swimming, boating, fishing and other water sports. This 420-acre lake is perfect for outdoor recreation, but is also quite easy on the eye. Several waterfront properties in Lake Oswego enjoy scenic views of this beautiful lake and may easily access the water’s edge from their backyard. Settling into a waterfront home in Lake Oswego is perhaps the best way to access this private lake, but it’s certainly not the only way.

All About Easement Rights

If you’re searching for a home in Lake Oswego but don’t want to pay the price of waterfront property, a home with easement rights may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Oswego Lake is surrounded by 20 easements, offering boating and recreational use to nearby residents. In fact, approximately 3,000 homes have deeded lake access.

Although Oswego Lake is managed by the Lake Oswego Corporation, each easement is governed by its own individual set of by-laws and has its own volunteer board of directors. Rules, facilities, and rate structures vary from easement to easement. The lake maintains rules and regulations in order to maintain the safety of all the lake’s users and residents, in addition to the protection of surrounding personal property.

Residents living in homes with easement rights might be able to access a dock or even park their boat in a boat slip. Each easement varies, so be sure to get the full details of your access rights before you buy a home. You may have limited access or enjoy more full access — including both boat and swim easements.

Homes in Lake Oswego With Easement Rights

Take a look at the many homes for sale in Lake Oswego with easement rights, ranging from quaint downtown cottages to mansions just steps from the water’s edge. Here are a few examples of luxury homes on the market with easement access:

2148 Summit Drive

5 Bedrooms | 2.5 Bathrooms | 3,883 Square Feet

Listed By Kathy + Kevin Hall

This outstanding turn-of-the-century home enjoys panoramic lake views and complete privacy. This gem offers hardwood floors, window walls and a sun porch overlooking the lake. Situated just a few lots away from the water’s edge, this home enjoys access to three lake easements — Goodin, Springbrook Recreation, and Summit Court.

17760 Overlook Circle

4 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms | 2,357 Square Feet

Listed By Cynthia Gerwe + Kelly Calabria

This sleek and polished property features an open concept floor plan with vaulted ceilings, clean lines and high-end appliances. It is nestled atop a ⅓-acre corner lot with westerly views visible from the wall-to-wall windows and new wrap-around deck. The property enjoys access to the Palisades Park Community Club Easement.

171 5th Street

4 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms | 2,367 Square Feet

Listed By Kathy + Kevin Hall

This charming cottage in downtown Lake Oswego is a gardener’s paradise, offering multiple patios and lush landscaping. It has both a main house and a new ADU with a kitchenette, a full bathroom and a loft, offering endless potential for guests or additional income. Just steps from both the excitement of downtown and the serenity of the lake, this home also has access to the Lakewood Bay Community Club easement for swimming and boating.

2903 Lakeview Boulevard

2 Bedrooms | 2.5 Bathrooms | 1,951 Square Feet

Listed By Lynn Brokaw

This private retreat just steps from the lake enjoys access to not just one, or two, but three easements — Goodin, Springbrook Recreation, and Summit Court. The Northwest Contemporary home is filled with gorgeous cherrywood details throughout and expansive windows letting in natural sunlight and offering views of surrounding nature.

Search For Your Home’s Easement Rights

Find out if a home has easement rights — and more importantly, which easement it has access to — by searching with the street number here. And learn about all 20 easements along Oswego Lake here.

Contact Us

And of course, contact us if we can help you find your dream home in Lake Oswego — with or without easement rights. Our local brokers know this city inside and out!

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If you’re lucky enough to live in Bend or somewhere in Central Oregon, you don’t have to go anywhere to find outdoor adventure, exceptional dining options, award-winning craft beer, or entertainment. All this is found right here in Bend and the surrounding area. However, if you want a change of scenery and you’re looking for a little adventure, consider making a road trip to Cannon Beach!

Not only will you end up at one of the most scenic and charming towns in Oregon, you’ll also encounter plenty of photo-worthy stops along the way. Take a look at our scenic route from Bend to Cannon Beach and consider stretching your legs at a few of the stops in between. And, if you’re feeling ambitious (and you have an entire day of travel to spare), you could stop at each place for the ultimate road trip!

The Route

While there are certainly more direct ways to get from Bend to Cannon Beach, we prefer the more scenic route. If you have plenty of time to spend on your drive, make a day out of it rather than sticking to the more direct highways. If you travel off the beaten path, you’ll encounter plenty of fun stops and jaw-dropping vistas. Just make sure you check the weather conditions if you’re traveling during the winter or spring, as you’ll be passing through some mountains and more narrow roads.

Head northwest from Bend on Highway 20 W and OR-22 W towards Salem. Then, continue along OR-22 W towards the Pacific (rather than heading north on I-5 to Portland) and travel up the scenic Highway 101 along the coast. This adds a little drive time to the itinerary (especially if you make several stops) but the views are worth it.

If you don’t stop, the total travel time for our route is a little over 5 hours. So, you’ll need to plan for several additional hours if you do some sightseeing and exploring, not to mention, gas and bathroom breaks.


If you haven’t yet been to Sisters, now is your chance! This picturesque town just outside of Bend is one of our favorite tiny towns in Oregon. Identified by the beautiful Three Sisters mountains, Sisters is a vibrant community with a nostalgic downtown area. Boutiques and specialty stores offer a variety of merchandise ranging from fine art and antiques to western wear and souvenirs. The nearby Deschutes National Forest accommodates hikers and backpackers with miles of winding trails and scenic vistas.

Detroit Lake

While the drive through the mountains is already scenic, we recommend making a stop at Detroit Lake for an especially beautiful sight. This large reservoir is perfect for swimming, boating, camping, fishing, kayaking, hiking, or simply pausing to take in the crystal blue waters and surrounding greenery.

Silver Falls State Park

Photo Courtesy of Oregon State Parks

Travel off OR-22 W a bit to reach Silver Falls State Park, where the possibility for outdoor adventure continues. Here, you’ll find some of the most stunning waterfalls in the region. In fact, you’ll find plenty along the Trail of 10 Falls, which showcases 10 of the park’s best waterfalls and one of the broadest collections of flora in the state. Begin your 7.8-mile journey at North Falls Trailhead and travel west on the Rim Trail toward the popular 177-foot South Falls. Continue along Canyon Trail to discover the remaining falls and various swimming holes. You’ll end up at the 136-foot North Falls, which features a unique undercut cliff that dramatically amplifies the roaring sound of rushing water.


After all the adventure of the day, you’ll want to fuel up with a bite to eat. Thankfully, Salem is less than an hour away from Silver Falls State Park. The capital city has plenty of restaurants to choose from, such as Rafns’, table FIVE 08, Venti’s Cafe, and Wild Pear. If you have more time to spare, consider stopping at the Oregon State Capitol, Enchanted Forest, Deepwood Museum & Gardens, or one of the many nearby wineries.

Pacific City

Head straight towards the vast Pacific Ocean, traveling west towards Pacific City, a quaint coastal town offering endless ocean vistas. One highlight of Pacific City is Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area, an expansive state park along the water with hiking trails, a sea stack called Haystack Rock (not the one you’re thinking of!), and lots of wave action.

Tillamook Creamery

Photo Courtesy of Aaron Leitz via Tillamook Creamery

If you’re craving something sweet (or cheesy), make a stop at Tillamook Creamery, where you can take a self-guided tour of the Tillamook factory, complete with cheese samples, interactive kiosks, a cafe, and of course, lots of ice cream. This newly reimagined destination is a must for cheese lovers!


You’re almost there! As you wind along the coast heading north, consider stopping in Manzanita just before you hit Cannon Beach. This is another charming coastal town often overshadowed by its northern neighbor. However, Manzanita has the third-most photographed scenery in the state of Oregon. Plus, the quaint downtown area has a myriad of eateries, boutiques, coffee shops, bed and breakfasts, and other small town attractions. There are plenty of things to do and places to eat, shop, and stay in and around Manzanita. Stop for a cup of coffee at Manzanita Coffee Co. or Manzanita News & Espresso and grab a bite to eat at Big Wave Café, Bread and Ocean, A Mighty Thai, Marzano’s Pizza Pie, or Left Coast Siesta.

Arrive in Cannon Beach

You made it! Trust us, there will be no shortage of activities and destinations during your stay in Cannon Beach. Some of our favorite coffee shops in Cannon Beach include Sleepy Monk Coffee, Sea Level Bakery + Coffee and Insomnia Coffee. There are also plenty of places to eat, including The Irish Table, Stephanie Inn, Driftwood Restaurant and Lounge, Pelican Brewing, The Wayfarer Restaurant and Lounge. The town is known for its exceptional art galleries and charming boutiques, and there are a number of annual events, one of which may fall during your visit!

Happy Exploring!

Have a great road trip — and let us know if we missed any spots along the way!

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It’s officially summer! And while each season certainly has its allure, there is nothing quite like summer in the Pacific Northwest. Summers here are marked by pleasant warm temperatures, clear skies, longer days, and plenty of colorful trees and flowers.

Maximize the season with these quintessential PNW summertime activities, designed to take your summer to new heights, whether you prefer hiking to the summit or reclining on a patio with a glass of wine in hand. No matter where you live in the area, there is plenty to see, taste and experience this summer!

Take a Road Trip to Cannon Beach

While the charming seaside town of Cannon Beach is idyllic all year long, it is especially popular during the summer. The quaint downtown comes to life with activity, especially during one of the many annual community events happening throughout the summer. Grab a bite to eat, fly a kite on the beach, walk to Haystack Rock, treat yourself to ice cream, and peruse art galleries — enjoying the charm of this small town all the while. If you love your visit enough, consider making your stay a bit more permanent by buying a home in Cannon Beach!

Visit a Waterfall

The Pacific Northwest is dotted with dozens of spectacular waterfalls, from the soaring Multnomah Falls attracting over two million visitors a year to lesser-known waterfalls tucked back in a lush forest. Take a hike or a drive to some of the region’s most spectacular waterfalls, from Tumalo Falls in Central Oregon to Falls Creek Falls in Southwest Washington.

Go on a Hike

Hiking in the Pacific Northwest is one of the most jaw-dropping recreational experiences — especially during the summer. The contrast of lush green forest against the blue sky, plus brilliant hues of rock formations and colorful flowers, makes hiking in the PNW so dreamy for experienced and beginner hikers alike. If you’re looking for an easier hike to conquer this summer, check out some of the best hikes under 5 miles in Oregon and Southwest Washington. Take advantage of the unparalleled natural beauty of the region with a manageable yet rewarding hike.

Eat Seafood

Our proximity to the vast Pacific Ocean makes eating seafood an inevitable summertime activity for PNW residents. Pretty much no matter where you are in the region, you can access some top-notch fresh seafood. Consider heading to Seattle for the iconic fish toss at Pike Place Market or slurp on oysters in Portland — all of which pairs well with a glass of white wine, a refreshing drink of choice during the summer.

Take a River Cruise or Ferry Ride

Photo Courtesy of Aaron Greene via Portland Spirit

Taking a ferry ride is a rite of passage for Seattle residents and a cruise along the river is a popular activity for those living in Portland and Vancouver. The PNW is teeming with various bodies of water, including rivers, streams, lakes, inlets and of course — the vast Pacific Ocean. It’s only right to travel by boat this summer! Consider taking the ferry from downtown Seattle to Bainbridge, hopping on the Portland Spirit for a cruise from downtown Portland along the Willamette — or the Columbia River in the Gorge. Or take your boating adventure to the next level with a whale watching cruise along the coast with Marine Discovery Tours!

Adventure by Van

Van travel is all the rage these days and several companies in the Pacific Northwest make it easier than ever to explore the region in your very own glamping-mobile. Consider renting a van from PacWesty to explore the Olympic Peninsula and Roamerica or GoCamp in Portland for just about every PNW adventure in between.

Sip on Local Wines

The Pacific Northwest produces some of the world’s best wines — especially in the Willamette Valley, home to over 500 wineries, encompassing over two-thirds of the state’s wineries. Take a look at a handful of must-visit wineries in the region, including wineries in Southwest Washington, Central Oregon — and of course, near Portland in the Willamette Valley. We can’t think of a more quintessential PNW activity during the summer than sitting on a sunny outdoor patio and sipping on a crisp pinot noir.

Cheer on Your Favorite Team

Take advantage of longer days and warmer temperatures by cheering on your favorite local sports team this summer, whether it’s the Seattle Mariners, the Seattle Sounders, the Portland Timbers or the Portland Thorns. Cheer on your team (or adopt a nearby team as your own) at a game or two this summer!

Attend a Summer Festival or Event

Photo Courtesy of Erin Riddle via Pickathon

Celebrate craft beer, live music, local artists, and all other summery things at a summer festival in the region! Portland has plenty of summer festivals on the calendar (like Pickathon!) if you’re looking for a place to start the celebration. Other noteworthy summer festivals in the region include Seafair in Seattle, the Celebration of Light in Vancouver, B.C., the Cannon Beach Sandcastle Contest, and many more.

#OptOutside in Central Oregon

Central Oregon is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts as it boasts exceptional weather, gorgeous views and terrain, and renowned lakes, rivers and mountains within reach. Take a trip to Bend (or stay put if you’re lucky enough to live there!) to explore the many opportunities for outdoor recreation, including rafting, mountain biking, paddleboarding, fishing, hiking, golfing, and much more. Use our outdoor guide to take your outdoor adventures to the next level! And if you’re traveling from the Portland area, be sure to make some time for these must-visit stops along the way.

Pick Berries

Nothing says summertime quite like eating freshly picked berries on the porch. And summertime is the ideal time to enjoy these fruits while they’re in season! Pick your own berries at a nearby you-pick farm or urban garden. If you’re in the Portland area, head to Bella Organic, Kruger’s Farm, Columbia Farms, Smith Berry Barn or South Barlow Berries for endless berry-picking fun.

Go Glamping

Experience the beauty of the outdoors while maintaining the comforts of home with a glamping trip! There are so many unique glamping destinations in the Pacific Northwest, including furnished canvas tents, yurts, treehouses, cabins, vintage trailers and much more. Consider The Vintages Trailer Resort in Dayton, Oregon, Panacea at the Canyon just outside of Bend, or Sou’wester Historic Lodge and Vintage Travel Trailer Resort near the coast in Washington.

Climb a Famous Mountain

The Pacific Northwest is dotted with a number of majestic mountain peaks, each providing endless opportunities for outdoor recreation, especially during the winter and early spring. However, they make excellent hiking destinations (or backdrops!) during the spring, summer and fall. Take a look at some iconic mountains in the Pacific Northwest, extending from Mount Baker near the Washington-Canada border, all the way to Mount Thielsen in Southern Oregon.

Go Kayaking

The extensive network of waterways in the Pacific Northwest make the region ideal for kayakers. Some of the most popular rivers for kayaking near Portland include the Columbia Slough Watershed, Lower Hood River, the Tualatin River, the Willamette River, and more. And a few popular Washington rivers include Skykomish River, the Wenatchee River, White Salmon River, and more.

Take a Trip to the Gorge

If you live in the Hood River area, you are lucky enough to have year-round access to the many attractions throughout the Gorge, a massive 4,000-foot-deep canyon filled with adventure and beautiful scenery. Head to the Columbia River Gorge this summer to experience the best of this region, including the Hood River Fruit Loop, the Hood River Lavender Farm, the Vista House, and plenty of wineries and breweries. Plus, Hood River is a haven for outdoors enthusiasts; in fact, the city is nicknamed the “Windsurfing Capital of the World” due to the popularity of the sport in Hood River.

Visit a Historic Landmark

The Pacific Northwest is filled with a number of notable landmarks, both natural and man-made, that tell the stories of our region’s rich history. Check a few landmarks off your bucket list this summer! Consider Snoqualmie Falls, the Astoria Column, Crater Lake, The Grotto, the Oregon Caves, or the state capitol buildings in Washington and Oregon.

Soak in Hot Springs

Photo Courtesy of SoakOregon.com

While many think winter is the best season to soak in a hot spring, there really isn’t a bad time to experience these mysterious phenomena merging science with relaxation. Take a soak in one of the many hot springs in the Pacific Northwest, ranging from tiny hand-dug pools to massive hot spring destinations with entire structures created around them.

Happy Summer!

What activities do you enjoy each summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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Courtney Equall of Girl & Grey has a passion for DIY, thrifting, and all things related to interior design. On her blog, you’ll find gorgeous interior shots of her various projects, either in her own home in Bend or in a client’s home. It is an invaluable resource for design inspiration, DIY tips, project tutorials and more. In fact, we included her on our list of must-follow bloggers in the Pacific Northwest!

Just last year, Courtney and her family moved back to their home state of Oregon and bought a builder-grade house in their dream location along the Deschutes River in Bend. While it had an excellent shell (and required much less renovating work than their previous home!), Courtney felt it was boring and needed a bit of a personal touch to feel like their own. She felt she had more design work to do in this home, as it was more of a blank slate and was less about correcting the old.

The transformation of this home is absolutely incredible. Equipped with a creative eye for design, Courtney and her husband were able to transform this average, builder-grade home into a completely customized, colorful home with endless character and charm.

First Impressions

The house was used solely as a vacation home for the previous owner since it was built in 2006, so it had limited landscaping. Courtney and her husband updated the house numbers, rebuilt the porch railing, wrapped the post in cedar, and added a few accessories. These simple changes make a strong first impression from the curb.

She also brightened the entryway with new paint, built a DIY entryway bench, and added some adorable decor.

Dining Room + Family Room

The dining room and family room area looks significantly brighter and more spacious since move-in day. The lighter, neutral paint color on the walls provides a subtle backdrop for the eclectic combination of color found throughout the room. We love the way Courtney incorporated a variety of bold patterns, textures and colors to create one cohesive work of art. She also uses plenty of greenery to bring the space to life!

Overall, Courtney’s style could be described as Northwest casual. It is approachable and simple, yet filled with interest and life — especially with the incorporation of natural pieces, like plants and wood accessories.

“I love incorporating woods or a natural element into all my spaces,” Courtney said. “They add so much warmth to a space!”


Perhaps our favorite room in the house, the kitchen, underwent a jaw-dropping transformation. It wasn’t in bad shape to begin with, but there just wasn’t anything particularly noteworthy about the tan and brown kitchen before Courtney and her husband got ahold of it. Over a period of six months, they completely renovated the space and created something truly extraordinary, while maintaining the same footprint and layout. Yet, the new kitchen somehow looks much brighter and more inviting.

They did the entire renovation themselves, including pouring the concrete countertops, installing tile, and painting the cabinets a deep moody green. While some steps took only a day or two, other projects took longer, like pouring the concrete countertops and setting them in the garage to cure for three weeks.

“We did ALL the work in the kitchen,” she said. “We learned A LOT but we are proud of our work and love how it turned out!”

Master Bedroom

This spacious room on the second floor was originally used as a bonus room before it became the master bedroom. This is an excellent use of space, as it makes more sense for their family and their specific needs. They ended up turning the original master bedroom on the ground floor into a kids’ TV room.

“The kids rooms are upstairs and having the master bedroom downstairs just wasn’t working for our family,” she said. “So…up we went after installing some wood that will eventually be carried throughout the entire house.”

Kids Room

One of the two kids’ rooms received an impressive update, with just a few decor pieces, a new coat of paint, and a geometric DIY wall stencil made with a Sharpie. The space looks bright and airy with a touch of whimsy and childlike character.

Outdoor Space

And finally, Courtney’s favorite space in the house — even though it’s technically outside!

“My favorite space in my home is our deck,” she said. “We just bought a new outdoor dining table and we have been eating all of our meals outside. We also live on the river so we love to relax outside and watch the water. My kids love counting all the kayakers that go by — it’s very cute!”

This idyllic outdoor area allows them to fully take advantage of living in Bend. Some of Courtney’s favorite aspects of Bend include the weather, the river, and the endless things to do outside.

“We LOVE everything about Bend!” Courtney said. “We always say how lucky we are that we get to live in a town where everyone else comes for their vacations.”

Follow Girl & Grey

For more DIY and interior design inspiration, make sure you’re following Courtney’s blog, Girl & Grey, and following her on social media — especially on Instagram at @girlandgrey, where she shares gorgeous photos of her home and other projects she’s working on.

The post See the Incredible Before-and-After Transformation of This Home in Bend appeared first on Pacific Northwest Real Estate Blog.

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Here at the Hasson Company, we believe it’s not enough to be a part of the communities we serve; we must take an active role in them. And we believe in events and programs that help build stronger communities. That’s why we are hosting the very first Hasson Company Annual Give Back Day on July 19!

Hasson brokers and employees will come together as a united group to give back to the communities we live and work in. We are hoping for 100 percent participation with our Give Back Day, which will benefit Habitat for Humanity, Embrace Oregon and the Oregon Food Bank.

Leading up to this day, we are celebrating 19 Days of Giving Back, highlighting the many organizations our brokers and employees support throughout the year, through either monetary contributions, volunteering their time, or both.

Get to know the many incredible organizations that make our communities better — from homeless shelters to youth programs, and just about every cause in between. And more importantly, consider standing beside our brokers as they support these wonderful organizations and causes!


Medical Causes | Homelessness + Needy | Animal Shelters | Domestic Violence + Trafficking | Children + Youth | Community Improvement | Misc. Involvement

MEDICAL CAUSES Michelle’s Love

Supported By Megan Banta

Michelle’s Love assists single parents undergoing cancer treatment by offering financial relief, house cleaning, nutritious meals and more.

Hasson broker Megan Banta helps volunteer and fundraise for Michelle’s Love. Specifically, Megan enjoys helping with their house cleaning program, which allows the recovering parent to enjoy quality time with their kids while their house is deep-cleaned. The parent and their kids are sent out of the house with a gift card to go out to eat, see a movie, or enjoy an activity together. Everyone can support Michelle’s Love by linking your Fred Meyer card to donate to this non-profit!

JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)

Supported By Michelle Spanu

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is leading the fight against type 1 diabetes (T1D) by funding research, advocating for policies that accelerate access to new therapies, and providing a support network for millions of people around the world impacted by T1D.

Hasson broker Michelle Spanu helps support JDRF through both monetary donations and volunteer work. Her son and good friend are both diabetic, which has fueled her passion for supporting this foundation.

Reverse Rett Syndrome

Supported By Leigh Calvert

Hasson broker Leigh Calvert is passionate about reversing Rett Syndrome, a unique postnatal neurological disorder that his daughter has. He supports research for reversing the genetic mutation that occurs predominantly to girls (and a handful of boys), leading them to have disabilities combining the likes of autism, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, cerebral palsy and anxiety disorder, all in one. Leigh donates money to support this important research. He also heads up the Portland Strollathon, a fundraiser for Rett Syndrome awareness that takes place each September.

Providence St. Vincent Guild Medical Center

Supported By Jacque Bryant

Providence St. Vincent Medical Center is an acute care teaching hospital in west Portland near Beaverton. It is part of Providence Health & Services in Oregon, a non-profit network of hospitals, health plans, physicians, clinics and affiliated health services.

Hasson broker Jacque Bryant has been in need of urgent care twice in her life, which inspired a desire to give back to Providence St. Vincent. She volunteers her time with the Providence St. Vincent Guild, where volunteers work to create a welcoming experience for patients and guests, and help with things such as guest concierge, patient information, gift shop assistance, courier and transport services, and nursing and office support.

Columbia River Mental Health Foundation

Supported By Deborah Blom

The Columbia River Mental Health Foundation helps widen the accessibility of behavioral health treatment, remove negative stigma, and assist those struggling with addiction and mental illness.

Hasson broker Deborah Blom is the vice president of the board for the Columbia River Mental Health Foundation. She has supported the foundation through both monetary contributions and volunteering.



Supported By Allison Buchman, Kathryne Psihogios + Chris Bonner

JOIN supports the efforts of individuals and families experiencing homelessness to transition into permanent housing. Their efforts are directed at individuals sleeping outside or in their car in the Portland Metro area.

Allison Buchman (with the Drew Coleman Team), Kathryne Psihogios and Broker Chris Bonner, all support this amazing organization through monetary donations and volunteer work.

The Giving Closet

Supported By Marin Sinclair

The Giving Closet offers clothing, shoes, household goods, bedding, linens, toys, books, bread, and non-perishable food items to those in need. They also provide “household start-over kits” for women leaving abusive relationships.

Broker Marin Sinclair supports The Giving Closet through both monetary donations and volunteer work.

Family Kitchen

Supported By Donna Burklo

Family Kitchen in Bend has a simple mission: to serve anyone who needs a nutritious meal in a safe and caring environment. They treat diners with dignity and respect, and serve eight meals each week, totalling about 5,000 meals per month.

Broker Donna Burklo is passionate about supporting this organization, as the Bend area has limited options for affordable housing and low-income jobs. Donna donates a portion of each of her commission checks to Family Kitchen.

Street Roots

Supported By Barbara McFarlane + Chris Bonner

Street Roots creates income opportunities for people experiencing homelessness and poverty by producing a newspaper and other media that are catalysts for individual and social change.

Hasson brokers Barbara McFarlane & Chris Bonner are passionate about supporting Street Roots, and believe human beings rely on the humanity of their neighborhoods to support them and lift them up — and we completely agree! Barbara buys at least one paper each week then gives a larger donation during the holidays.

Rose Haven

Supported By Darrin Amico

Rose Haven is a day shelter and community center serving women, children and gender non-conforming individuals experiencing trauma, poverty, and physical and mental health challenges. This organization has worked to restore stability and dignity for 3,500 guests annually.

Hasson broker Darrin Amico works with Rose Haven because he believes women are often marginalized and children need a safe place. He has supported the organization through both monetary donations and volunteer work.

Oregon Food Bank

Supported By Jennifer Underhill

The Oregon Food Bank does things a bit differently by collecting food from farmers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, individuals and governmental sources. They distribute that food through a statewide network of 21 regional food banks and approximately 1,200 food assistance sites serving all of Oregon and Clark County, Washington.

Jennifer Underhill supports the Oregon Food Bank through both monetary donations and volunteer work. Also, leading up to the Hasson Company Give Back Day on July 19, we are collecting donations of non-perishable food products at each Hasson office from July 15–19 to be donated to Oregon Food Bank.

Community Warehouse

Supported By Robin Weinstein

Much like a food bank for furniture, Community Warehouse collects household goods and furnishings to give to neighbors in need, creating stronger home foundations and brighter futures in our community.

Hasson broker Robin Weinstein contributes a monetary donation to Community Warehouse. She especially loves that none of the recipients have to pay for the items they receive.

Move for Hunger

Supported By Kathryne Psihogios

Move for Hunger is a non-profit organization that works with relocation companies to collect unopened, non-perishable food items from people when they move and deliver it to food banks across the country.

Kathryne Psihogios is passionate about supporting Move for Hunger through her work in our relocation department.

Mother & Child

Supported By Kathryne Psihogios

Mother & Child works to connect, educate and support parents during their pregnancy and children’s early infancy years.

Senior Relocation Consultant Kathryne Psihogios loves supporting this organization that supports young mothers in need, as being a new mother is a life-changing experience that can be difficult if you are not able to manage financially. She contributes to Mother & Child through both monetary donations and volunteer work.

Tualatin School House Pantry

Supported By Elizabeth Davidson

The Tualatin School House Pantry provides food for families in need living in Lake Oswego, West Linn, Tualatin, Wilsonville and Durham. They are a partner of the Oregon Food Bank.

Hasson broker Elizabeth Davidson supports this organization by hosting a food drive at her home. She lives in Tualatin with her family and loves giving back to their local community while teaching her kids about giving back.


Family Dogs New Life

Supported By Irina Owens

Family Dogs New Life is a no-kill dog shelter devoted to rescuing needy dogs of all breeds, ages and backgrounds.

Hasson broker Irina Owens supports Family Dogs New Life through both monetary donations and volunteering.

Oregon Humane Society

Supported By Andrea Dufresne

The Oregon Humane Society is an animal shelter that rescues, heals and adopts more than 11,000 pets each year. The organization relies on donations to support their adoption, education and animal rescue programs.

Hasson broker Andrea Dufresne has a passion for animals and donates money to OHS each year.


SAFE of Columbia County

Supported By Sara Jones Graham

Standing for Support, Advocacy, Freedom and Empowerment, SAFE of Columbia County provides a Certified Advocate with special knowledge for victims of domestic violence, sexual violence and stalking.

Sara Jones Graham, assistant to Kim Borcherding, supports SAFE through both monetary donations and volunteering. She helped to donate car loads full of career clothes for women, children bedroom furniture, dining room sets, bedroom sets, kitchen supplies and more.

Helping Hands Against Violence

Supported By the Jen Dillard Real Estate Team

Helping Hands is a women’s shelter in Hood River that provides shelter and services to women (and their children) who are victims of domestic violence.

The Jen Dillard Real Estate Team supports this organization because they feel it is important for victims to have a safe haven to run to when they are in need. The team supports Helping Hands through both monetary donations and volunteer work.

In Our Backyard

Supported By Edie DeLay

In Our Backyard is a Redmond-based non-profit working to fight against human trafficking through education, partnership and mobilization. For more than 10 years, IOB has collaborated with top law enforcement, survivors, government officials, social service providers and faith communities to create comprehensive, lasting change for this issue.

Hasson broker Edie DeLay has contributed a portion of her commission to charity since she has been in the real estate industry. This includes In Our Backyard, which she has supported both financially and through volunteer work.



Supported By Andrea Dufresne + Larry Blackmar

Standing for Court Appointed Special Advocates, CASA advocates work to support children in the foster care system. CASA advocates work tirelessly to guide and assist children who have been abused or neglected throughout the foster care system process.

Both Andrea Dufresne and Larry Blackmar are passionate about supporting the efforts of CASA. Andrea volunteers her time as an advocate and Larry and his wife emcee the annual CASA auction, dinner and fundraiser, which was sponsored by the Hasson Company last year.

Rocksolid Community Teen Center

Supported By the Studley Homes Group

Rocksolid Community Teen Center is an after-school program for 5th through 12th graders in Brush Prairie, Washington. They offer caring mentors, free healthy snacks, homework help, crafts, games and much more.

The Studley Homes Group supports this organization because they believe the teen center has a significant impact on the kids in their community. The group donates a portion of each closed transaction to Rocksolid.

Angel Tree Christmas at Lake Grove Presbyterian Church

Supported By Cynthia Gerwe

Each holiday season, Lake Grove Presbyterian Church and other churches throughout the country participate in Angel Tree Christmas. This program provides gifts, food, Bibles and devotional materials for children of prisoners and their caregivers.

Hasson broker Cynthia Gerwe has served as the head of ministry at Lake Grove Presbyterian the last eight years. Each Christmas, the church serves approximately 60 local families and 100 children through the Angel Tree Christmas program.

Young Life

Supported By Debbie Farah

Young Life is a global organization focused on youth, offering fun, adventure, friendship and a sense of significance. This Christian program is designed to introduce youth to Jesus Christ.

Debbie Farah in our relocation department has supported Young Life for many years through volunteer work.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Supported By Debbie Farah

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a Christian sports ministry focused on impacting the world for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.

Debbie Farah supports the efforts of FCA through monetary donations.

Lake Oswego Schools Foundation

Supported By Chris Grubb

The Lake Oswego Schools Foundation supports teachers in the Lake Oswego School District to give students the best education possible. More supported teachers often leads to more individualized instruction, more inspiring electives, and a more diverse curriculum for each and every student in the district.

Hasson broker Chris Grubb sits on the board of the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation and contributes to the foundation financially. He is extremely passionate about supporting the school district through the foundation, as many families are moving to the area for the public schools, which includes six elementary schools, two junior high schools and two high schools. With the community’s help, the district can overcome reductions in state funding and help keep Lake Oswego schools the pride of the community — and the very best in the state.

Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp

Supported By Grace Wadell

Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp provides individuals with disabilities an outstanding overnight recreational opportunity in the Mt. Hood National Forest. One of the largest programs of its kind in the U.S., MHKC offers eight week-long sessions of residential summer camp in addition to year-round programs at their fully accessible 22-acre campsite.

Grace Wadell is passionate about supporting Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp through both monetary donations and volunteering. Her son, George, has Down syndrome and attends MHKC with his friends. It provides a wonderful opportunity for kids with disabilities — plus their parents, who otherwise care for their child 24/7.

Northwest Children’s Outreach

Supported By

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From modern condos with skyline views to sprawling estates surrounded by farmland, real estate in and around Portland can be very diverse. Let’s take a look at a handful of the area’s most prized properties with acreage, offering privacy, serenity, and endless opportunities for recreation and outdoor hobbies.

In this roundup, we’ll explore more than 10 Portland-area homes with acreage that are for sale right now—from more modest lots nearing 2 acres in size to expansive forestland encompassing more than 9 acres. Many of these lots can accommodate horses and stables, additional properties, swimming pools, or other outdoor amenities. Or, they can simply provide the privacy and seclusion to create your very own oasis at home.

The possibilities are endless!

Historic + Prestigious Mansion in Dunthorpe

4 Bedrooms | 4.2 Bathrooms | 9,829 Square Feet | 1.57 Acres

Address: 1405 Southwest Corbett Hill Circle, Portland | Listed By: Kathy + Kevin Hall

This iconic historic mansion is situated atop 1.5 acres in Portland’s esteemed Dunthorpe neighborhood. Mentioned as one of 3 Must-See Estates For Sale in the Portland Area Owned by Artists + Collectors, the estate is considered one of the state’s most prestigious properties, encompassing 7,000 square feet of interior space, plus a two-story servants’ wing connected to the main house. While many elements have been updated over the years, the country estate maintains much of its original charm and historic features, including the exterior wrapped in sawn shakes, the square columns in the entryway, and the brick floor veranda. The interior is filled with elegance, complete with formal rooms, hardwood flooring, French doors, chandeliers, and more posh details. This gated estate offers privacy and serenity on picturesque, level grounds with ample space for a pool, tennis court, and other backyard amenities.

Elegant Estate in Lake Oswego

5 Bedrooms | 5.1 Bathrooms | 6,440 Square Feet | 1.76 Acres

Address: 1142 Crestline Court, Lake Oswego | Listed By: Kathy + Kevin Hall

Cape Cod meets Lake Oswego at this beautiful, timeless estate offering gorgeous valley and sunset views. It’s situated atop two buildable lots encompassing a total of 1.76 acres. The 6,500-square-foot home is equipped with five bedroom suites plus an office, a study room, a bonus and craft room. The spacious grounds include a full tennis pavilion, a water feature, a garden area, a balcony, a covered patio, and sprawling lawn, offering privacy and plenty of room to entertain and play.

Home Near Green Space in Bethany

4 Bedrooms | 3.2 Bathrooms | 4,282 Square Feet | 9.43 Acres

Address: 17000 Northwest Springville Road, Portland | Listed By: Brian Migliaccio + Anita Singh Homes

This one-of-a-kind property is situated in the heart of Bethany atop 9.43 sprawling acres. It has major developmental potential — or the option to maintain the natural wildlife setting for a private oasis. The home features an open concept kitchen/family room, a formal dining room, and a large outdoor deck overlooking the inground pool and spa. The property backs to several parks and green space, providing endless opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast, but it’s also situated near the freeway for convenient access to the city.

Wine Lover’s Paradise in Newberg

4 Bedrooms | 4.1 Bathrooms | 4,919 Square Feet | 2.6 Acres

Address: 34854 Northeast Wilsonville Road, Newberg | Listed By: Rick Brainard

Resort elegance meets everyday life in this impressive estate nestled on 2.6 acres along the Willamette River in Newberg. Enjoy endless views and easy access to the river via the home’s private dock. Included amongst our list of ideal homes for wine lovers, the estate features exposed beam ceilings, expansive wood windows and hand troweled walls. The gourmet kitchen is equipped with European-style cabinets, slab counters and an imported French range. While the property is located near some of the finest wineries in the region, it almost feels like a winery itself, complete with warm tones, elegant features and a beautiful, natural setting. It also has a wine cellar with plenty of space for storage and display.

Custom Traditional Home in Sherwood

5 Bedrooms | 4.2 Bathrooms | 6,367 Square Feet | 9.04 Acres

Address: 14785 Southwest Bell Road, Sherwood | Listed By: Rick Brainard + Debi Laue

This gorgeous, traditional home is situated atop 9 fully fenced acres in Sherwood, providing a private, serene retreat for nature lovers. The home is completely custom built with amazing millwork and attention to detail inside and out. The property includes a natural pond, trees, lush gardens, a greenhouse, a pool complex with a hot tub, and much more. Access the outdoor space through the spacious recreation room which could be used as separate living quarters for guests or family.

Estate in Tualatin Forest Land

5 Bedrooms | 4.2 Bathrooms | 5,367 Square Feet | 5.35 Acres

Address: 22121 Southwest Antioch Downs Court, Tualatin | Listed By: Rick Brainard + Nic Wilson

This elegant and secluded estate is nestled in the heart of Tualatin’s Stafford community. It has a castle-like feel, from the stately exterior to the grand entryway with a dramatic staircase and chandelier. It boasts high-quality finishes and amenities, plus lush landscaping all around. The 5.35-acre property includes forest land, a treehouse, and a zipline. There is no shortage of outdoor space, including balconies and decks, to gather, entertain, and take in the views.

Remodeled Home on Farmland in Tualatin

4 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms | 3,344 Square Feet | 5.13 Acres

Address: 21980 Southwest Stafford, Tualatin | Listed By: Debby Hennessy

This fully remodeled home in Tualatin is a true gem! It’s nestled on a level, 5-acre property with goat and miniature horse stables, plus a swimming pool. This modern home is equipped with a 50-year composite roof, new mechanicals, high-end appliances, granite and quartz counters, white oak flooring, new interior and exterior paint, and many other updates. The possibilities are endless for this gorgeous home in a serene farm setting.

Secluded Home on Over 5 Acres in Tualatin

4 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms | 3,202 Square Feet | 5.55 Acres

Address: 24250 Southwest 65th Avenue, Tualatin | Listed By: Sharon Loffelmacher

Atop 5.5 manicured acres in Tualatin, this remodeled home includes a new master suite with a dressing room, all new bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen, formal living and dining rooms, hardwood flooring, and built-ins. The huge, covered three-season deck graciously extends the living area to the outdoors. The property features an out building, a sprinkler system, a playground, a pond, towering trees, and more.

Victorian Home Along the River in Battle Ground

4 Bedrooms | 4.1 Bathrooms | 6,095 Square Feet | 5 Acres

Address: 13310 Northeast 287th Circle, Battle Ground | Listed By: Tricia Smith

This gorgeous custom home sits on 5, level acres, enjoying 535 feet of river frontage on the East Fork of the Lewis River in Battle Ground, Washington. Nestled in a quiet, gated community, the home offers 5,295 square feet of living space, plus an additional 800 square feet in an apartment above the five-car garage. The tranquil indoor atrium and koi pond add to the peaceful atmosphere of the property and its serene, natural setting. Designed with Old World craftsmanship in a modern Victorian style, this home is elegant and ornate.

Updated Home With Endless Views in Newberg

4 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms | 4,179 Square Feet | 5.6 Acres

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This May, U.S. News & World Report released their annual ranking of the Best States, which ranked Washington as the #1 state in the entire country!

This ranking draws on thousands of data points, taking into consideration criteria such as health care, education, economy, infrastructure, opportunity, fiscal stability, crime and corrections, and natural environment. Some categories are weighted more than others based on an annual survey involving thousands of people to determine which issues are the most important. Specifically, health care and education were weighted most heavily, followed by economy, infrastructure, opportunity and the remaining categories.

Washington did especially well in the first four (and most weighted) categories, including fourth in the country for both health care and education, third in economy, and second in infrastructure.

Let’s explore some of the reasons why Washington is considered the best state in the country, including both data-driven statistics and a few of our favorite qualities about the Evergreen State.

Health Care

Health care is a major focus in Washington. In fact, the state is ranked fourth in the entire country for health care. Many of the state’s best hospitals are clustered in the Seattle area, including University of Washington Medical Center, Virginia Mason Medical Center, and Evergreen Health in Kirkland. Plus, Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center in Vancouver made the state’s top 10 list!


Another top-ranking category for the state, education here is second-to-none — well, technically second to Massachusetts, New Jersey and Florida, the only states that ranked above Washington in this category. Washington state students maintain some of the nation’s best scores in eighth-grade reading and math test scores and receive college degrees with less debt than most students.

While Washington does well across the board, it truly shines in higher education, where it ranks second in the entire country. The University of Washington is a driving force for the state’s exceptional education, but there are a number of renowned colleges and universities throughout the state, including Washington State University in Pullman, Gonzaga University and Whitworth University in Spokane, Seattle University in Seattle, Western Washington University in Bellingham, and many more. No matter where you live in the state, access to higher education is obtainable (with the added benefit of in-state tuition!).


Economy has much to do with a state’s ranking in the top 10. After all, four of the 10 states that ranked high in economy also are among the top 10 overall Best States. At the #3 spot, Washington clearly has a strong economy, largely fueled by its booming technology, thriving agriculture, and perhaps most significantly — cheap, climate-friendly electricity. The possibility for further improvement in this subject helped Washington rank #1 in the “growth” subcategory for economy. Plus, venture capital flows more freely in the state, where $56.40 is invested per $1000 of GDP, compared to a national average of just $6.77.


In the evaluation of a state’s infrastructure, U.S. News & World Report looked at the use of renewable energy and the quality of roads and bridges, among other factors. Washington received an impressive second-place ranking in this category, trumped only by our southern neighbor, Oregon. This ranking is largely because of Washington’s strength in energy and Internet access. Washington maintains an impressive 45.3 percent of energy consumption from renewable sources, compared to a national average of just 10 percent.


With tech powerhouses like Amazon, Microsoft, Google and others operating in the Seattle area, plus many more throughout the state, there’s no question Washington is a leader in the tech industry. The increasing presence of tech companies in Washington, from major players to creative startups, creates exciting possibility for growth and rising employment rates. Vancouver and other Clark County cities have slowly built an impressive tech base over the years, with companies like DiscoverOrg, Formos, SmartRG, Webfor and more.

Local Focus

Although we just name dropped big names like Amazon and Google, Washington is undeniably passionate about championing the underdog. In general, residents of Washington care about supporting small businesses, independent companies and all things local. This is exemplified by neighborhood farmers’ markets, mom-and-pop shops, and other local-focused efforts throughout the state. As a locally owned and operated business ourselves, we are extra thankful for this focus!

Diverse Ecosystems

Just take one look at the map of Washington through the satellite view, and it’s easy to see the immense diversity of terrain. Washington holds just about every major ecosystem in its boundaries, including marine waters, tidepools, rainforests, dry coniferous forests, subalpine and alpine meadows, grasslands, prairies, freshwater wetlands and many more. There’s even a pair found nowhere else in the world: the Olympic rainforest meeting up with the channeled scablands of the Columbia Plateau! This diverse terrain provides unparalleled beauty and endless opportunity for outdoor exploration — whether you’re looking for a desert bike ride or a hike through the forest.


Speaking of geography, Washington’s varied climate gives it an advantage for agricultural production. Specifically, the state is known for its impressive apple production, as Washington produces about 58 percent of all apples grown in the country. East of the Cascades in the central areas of the state, you’ll find an endless number of apple orchards growing Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith, Braeburn, Pink Lady and more varieties. The state also grows a substantial amount of cherries, wheat, hops and grapes — for wine, of course!

Outdoor Recreation

Outdoorsmen will feel right at home in Washington, which offers an endless amount of hiking trails, rivers, parks and mountains to explore. It’s almost as if Washington residents are always ready for a spontaneous hike; just take a look at the amount of outdoor-gear-wearing folks at a coffee shop on any given day. Some of our favorite places to explore in Washington include the many hiking trails and campsites near Mount Adams and Mount St. Helens, the Olympic Peninsula, the many waterfalls tucked in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, and of course — the many ski slopes in the Cascades.

Creativity + Inventive Spirit

As a whole, Washington maintains a creative, inventive and forward-thinking approach to life. It’s here that many major companies got their humble starts — like Starbucks, Amazon, Costco, Nordstrom, Boeing, Microsoft and many more. Plus, the state has a thriving arts culture, as exemplified by a lively music industry, jampacked performing arts calendars, and no shortage of arts-related events.

Artstra in Vancouver is an excellent example of the creative spirit of the state. This nonprofit arts advocacy group is focused on elevating the arts, building greater arts awareness, rewarding creative excellence, and expanding arts accessibility.

Environmentally Friendly

While Washington ranked #14 in Wallethub’s survey of the Most Environmentally Friendly States, the state was named #7 for “Eco-Friendly Behaviors.” The state continually pushes the boundaries of eco-friendliness, through improving conditions for bike commuters, making recycling easier, providing clean energy, and incorporating other green initiatives.

No State Income Tax

Not only is Washington a great place to live — it’s also a great place to work. Washington residents take advantage of no personal state income tax. In fact, the state has never had a personal income tax! There are a few “catches” to this luxury, including high sales taxes and high gas prices, but we are happy to be included amongst just seven states in the country without state income tax.


Washington is considered one of the best states for wine production, especially in Washington Wine Country — which encompasses the Tri-Cities, Walla Walla Valley and Yakima Valley. The climate conditions here are ideal for growing wine grapes. The state as a whole produces nearly 70 wine grape varieties, especially Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, with a ratio of about 36 percent white and 64 percent red.

Real Estate

Washington hosts a diverse selection of homes and the real estate market in this growing state is promising, to say the least. Economic growth and stability has fueled the competitive real estate market throughout the state. Southwest Washington is continuing to grow, with the lively city of Portland situated just a few miles across the Oregon-Washington border. There are a number of beautiful homes for sale in Vancouver, Camas, Ridgefield, Battle Ground, Washougal and other communities. Homebuyers here may easily access the activity in both Vancouver and Portland without paying the prices that many Portland Metro buyers are paying.

You Could Live in This Top-Ranking State!

If you don’t already live in Washington, you might consider taking advantage of the many alluring features of the state. If you already live here, consider yourself lucky! And maybe pass along this list to the friends and family members you’re trying to convert into neighbors…

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Summer is here! With warmer temperatures, longer sunshiny days and no school on the horizon, summer in the Pacific Northwest is like nothing else.

Maximize your summer in the Portland area with our bucket list! These Portland-specific activities will help you take the season to the next level, whether you enjoy indulging in a sweet refreshing treat or embarking on an adventurous hike to a waterfall. See how many bucket list items you can check off the list — and challenge your friends and family to do the same!

Portland Summer Bucket List:

 Visit a farmers’ market. No matter what neighborhood you live in, there’s a farmers’ market near you! Check out our complete list of farmers’ markets in the Portland area.

 Jump in a local swimming hole. Nothing is quite as refreshing as jumping into a lake, river or pool on a hot summer day. Explore a few of our favorite swimming holes less than an hour from Portland.

 Embark on a 4T adventure. The 4T trail is a unique self-guided urban nature trail that allows you to explore the city by train, trail, tram and trolley. The route takes about four hours, five dollars, and a bit of leg power to complete.

 Attend an outdoor concert. All summer long, Portland comes to life with a number of outdoor concerts — many of which are free! Grab a blanket or lawn chair and take in the sights and sounds of this summertime tradition.

 Get ice cream from Ruby Jewel. Opt for a sweet treat from local-favorite Ruby Jewel, which serves sundaes and to-die-for hand-crafted ice cream sandwiches. See our favorite Portland ice cream shops for even more options.

Photo Courtesy of Alan Weiner via Ruby Jewel

 Eat at a food cart pod. Portland is known for its thriving food cart culture. Just visit one of the many food cart pods in the city, including Cartlandia, Happy Valley Station, BG’s Food Cartel, Cartopia, Portland Mercado, and the Alder Street Food Cart Pod. Try something truly unique if you’re feeling adventurous!

 Attend a summer festival. Portland sure knows how to celebrate. In fact, there are plenty of summer festivals in the Portland area between Memorial Day and Labor Day, celebrating everything from beer to art, and flowers to music.

 Participate in The Big Float. One of our favorite summertime traditions is The Big Float, an annual fundraiser event for the Human Access Project. Join the flotilla in the river atop a floatation device, then paddle to land on the west bank at the Tom McCall Bowl for an action-packed downtown beach party.

 Volunteer your time. We are super passionate about giving back to the community, whether that’s through volunteering time, money or resources. Check out some of our favorite local organizations to join our efforts — or consider getting involved with the First Annual Hasson Company Give Back Day on July 19!

 Pack a picnic. Dine al fresco in its truest form by packing a picnic and heading to one of the city’s many community parks to eat under a shaded tree.

 Stop to smell the roses. Admire the many gardens packed with roses in Portland. The city is, after all, called the City of Roses! Take in the beauty of this fragrant flower at the International Rose Test Garden, which also offers one of the best views of the city.

 Pick some berries. Nothing says summertime quite like a basket of freshly picked berries. Head to Bella Organic, Kruger’s Farm, Columbia Farms, Smith Berry Barn or South Barlow Berries for endless berry-picking fun.

 Visit a new park. There is so much green space to explore in the city, from the city’s (and the world’s!) smallest park, Mill Ends Park, to the city’s largest, Forest Park. If you visit the latter, be sure to hike to the Witch’s Castle!

 Attend a street fair. Many of Portland’s neighborhoods host a street fair during the summer, offering lots of live music, local food and tons of fun.

 See a movie in the park. All summer long, the City of Portland maintains a jam-packed calendar of free movies in the park, from kid-friendly favorites to adults-only classics.

Photo Courtesy of Ben Brink and Portland Parks & Recreation

 Play mini golf. Play a round at Twin Pines Country Club, a free, outdoor, six-hole course located in the Montavilla neighborhood. Or escape the heat at the indoor Glowing Greens, a black light miniature golf course!

 Visit The Grotto. Surrounded by fir trees, colorful rhododendrons and other native plants, The Grotto is an inviting destination for all. This 62-acre Catholic sanctuary welcomes more than 175,000 guests of all faiths each year.

 Take the little ones to a splash pad. On a hot day, let the kids splash around at one of the many splash pads and interactive fountains throughout the city!

 Kayak in the river. Rent a kayak and travel along the Columbia Slough Watershed, Lower Hood River, the Tualatin River or the Willamette River — or a wide open lake void of rapids and turns, such as Clear Lake, Lost Lake, Timothy Lake and Trillium Lake.

 Go camping (or glamping!). Pitch your tent at one of the many campgrounds in the area, like Barton Park or Oxbow Regional Park. Or skip the hassle by going glamping!

 Attend a beer festival. In a craft beer mecca like Portland, it’s only right to celebrate the drink — or the art, really — at a beer festival. Mark your calendars for the Portland International Beer Festival, the 2019 Portland Craft Beer Festival, and the Oregon Brewers Festival this summer!

 Go to an amusement park. Oaks Amusement Park in Sellwood is a neighborhood favorite all year long — especially during the summer, when visitors can fully enjoy the 20+ rides and outdoor attractions.

 See a Dive-In Movie. Each year, Portland Parks & Recreation hosts a movie series at pools around town. See an all-ages movie from the pool deck or while floating in the pool, which will be heated to a warmer temperature than normal.

 Eat on a rooftop patio. Take your dining experience to new heights (literally!) by dining atop one of Portland’s best rooftop patios, including Departure, Noble Rot, The Roof Deck at Revolution Hall and more.

 Visit a local brewery. With over 60 breweries in the city (and counting!), there is no shortage of hand-crafted brews to sample. Check out a few must-visit breweries in Portland this summer.

 Go chasing waterfalls. The PNW is dotted with an overwhelming number of waterfalls, including the popular Multnomah Falls, the Trail of 10 Falls at Silver Falls State Park, and many more throughout the region.

 Ride the Willamette Shore Trolley. Take in the scenic views of the Willamette and surrounding features with a ride aboard the Willamette Shore Trolley. This vintage trolley travels from Lake Oswego into a dark tunnel, meandering through posh neighborhoods, along the Willamette into Powers Marine Park, and then back to Lake Oswego.

 Take a hike. Venture out of the city limits with a trek along some idyllic trails, including Saddle Mountain, Ramona Falls Loop Hike, Lost Lake Loop Hike or Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain.

 Visit a nearby winery. Simply head to Willamette Valley, home to over 500 wineries, encompassing over two-thirds of the state’s wineries. Overwhelmed? Consult our list of must-visit wineries in the region.

 Go to the zoo. With a myriad of exciting animal exhibits and events throughout the year (including their popular summer concerts!), the Oregon Zoo is an obvious choice for summertime fun.

 Take advantage of free swim days at the pool. In case you thought the free activities were done, think again! Many pools in the city offer free swim days on specific weekdays all summer long — take a look at the list of free open play swimming.

 See a Portland Pickles game. See the premier collegiate woodbat baseball team, the Portland Pickles, play at Walker Stadium in Lents Park this summer!

 Attend a farm dinner. Portland takes farm-fresh dining to the next level by hosting a myriad of farm dinners throughout the region each summer and fall. Complete with local wine pairings, live music and educational opportunities, these farm dinners in the Portland area provide the ultimate culinary experience.

 Go through an art walk. Get artsy at one of the city’s many monthly art walks, including First Thursday in the Pearl District, Last Thursday along Northeast Alberta Street, and First Friday in Portland’s vibrant Eastside Arts District.

 Do yoga in the park (for free!). Keep an eye on the many free yoga classes offered at parks throughout the summer, plus Tai Chi, Zumba, U-Jam and Pound classes.

 Rent a bike from Biketown. Take advantage of Portland’s bike share system, Biketown, offering a fun, affordable and convenient way to explore the city!

 Enjoy happy hour. Discounted apps and drink specials? Yes, please. Take a look at some of the best daily happy hours in Portland to make your happy hour even happier.

 Sip coffee on a patio. It’s no secret! Portland sure knows coffee. Just take a look at the best coffee shops in Portland, many of which have outdoor spaces so you can sip on your iced latte on an airy patio.

 Cheer on the Timbers or Thorns. If you’ve been to an MLS game — especially in Portland — you know how lively and exciting the atmosphere is! Check out the Timbers schedule and the Thorns schedule to get tickets for an upcoming game.

 Take a photo in front of a mural. Street art makes for a colorful and exciting Instagram backdrop! Track down one of the many murals dotting the city’s landscape to get the perfect shot.

 Visit Pittock Mansion. Built in 1914, the Pittock Mansion museum tells the story of Portland’s transformation from pioneertown to a more modern and industrialized city. Explore the mansion and the 46 acres of lush land surrounding the property, offering beautiful views of Portland, Mount St. Helens and Mount Hood.

 Go to the Portland Japanese Garden. Clear your mind at the peaceful and serene Portland Japanese Garden, an oasis in the heart of the city with a series of gardens, walkways, streams and a traditional Japanese tea house.

 Savor brunch. After all, it’s the best meal of the day! Make your brunch reservation at one of the best brunch spots in the city for pancakes, Benedicts and of course — mimosas.

 People watch at Pioneer Courthouse Square. Visit “Portland’s Living Room” — otherwise known as Pioneer Courthouse Square, where you can sit with a cup of coffee and people watch on a sunny afternoon.

 Take a road trip. While Portland has plenty to do all summer long, it might be nice to embark on a road trip to a nearby destination. Consider these adorable tiny towns in Oregon, from Cannon Beach along the coast to Joseph in the state’s northeast corner.

 Get donuts at Blue Star Donuts. That’s right — there are other doughnut shops in the city other than Voodoo Doughnuts! Go to Blue Star Donuts, a local favorite with mouth-watering donuts and many locations throughout the city.

Happy Summer!

Above all, have a fun and safe summer. And let us know what activities are on your summer bucket list! Let us know in the comments below.

The post The Ultimate Portland Summer Bucket List | 46 Things to Do This Summer in Portland appeared first on Pacific Northwest Real Estate Blog.

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