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Rare and Meaningful Twin Girl-Girl Indian Baby Names

Having twins is a blessing. One of the most awaited moments in our lives is naming the baby. For a girl-girl twin pair, we have compiled an amazing list of Sanskrit origin Indian baby girl names. These names are not just selected on the basis of match/rhyme and trendy sound, but these rare Sanskrit names are deeply meaningful. With these names, your twin daughters will not only feel strongly bonded with each other but a strong individual identity also.
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Beautiful Baby Girl Names for Twins Alola अलोला / Aroha आरोहा

The names secured a position on our twin baby girl names list because of the rhyming and same initials. Alola is quite an uncommon baby girl name which means something steady or firm. It represents a strong personality. On the other hand, Aroha is related to music. The name denotes an Indian musical note or Raaga.

Chancy चान्सी /Charm चार्मीi / Charvi चार्वी

A perfect combination of names for twin girls. All three names resonate with each other. Chancy is a modern and rare name which means Goddess Lakshmi. The original form of the name is Chhandsi. Charmi is a popular and trendy name which means lovely/adorable in English and refers to Lord Shiva who wears charm or leather. Charvi means beautiful lady.

Dhresha ध्रेशा / Dheya ध्येया

A traditional yet powerful combination of names. Dhresha means apparent or someone visible. Dheya means a goal or aim. These names have different meanings but the compatibility factor is quite strong.

Dridha दृढ़ा / Dhrita ध्रीता

In Sanskrit, Dridh means firm or strong. Someone who takes firm decisions or has a strong personality. Dhrita means courage and often used to signify Goddess Lakshmi and used in the mantra ॐ धृतये नमः

Edhita एधिता / Edhina एधीना

While looking for an out of the box twin name combination, these names will surely drive your attention. Edhita refers to something magnificent or grand. The name often refers to Lord Ganesha and can be heard in the mantra ॐ एधिताखिलसंश्रयाय नमः| Edhina denotes earth. Both names reflect powerful meanings.

Ehika एहिका / Eka एका

No matter of the difference in the length of the names, the endings and rhyming make them perfect for twin names. Ehika means belonging to the world. It also means Lord Ganesha and used in the mantra ऐहिकामुष्मिकप्रदाय नमः। Eka means one and Ekah denotes a religious festival that lasts for one day.

Ela एला / Ena एना

Looking for short and trendy twin names? This combination can perfectly fit the bill. Ela denotes delight, merriness or sport. It’s also a Polish name. Ena (एण) is deer in Sanskrit. Also, Ena has different meanings in different origins like bright/graceful/passionate.

Eva एवा / Ela एला

Eva denotes speed while Ela signifies merriness and sport. Both the names reflect different attributes of a personality. For Sports loving parents these are the best choices for their twin girl names.

Gira गिरा / Grishma ग्रीष्मा

Gira means a speech, voice or language. Grishma is the summer season. The names have the same initials and ‘Gir’ and ‘Gri ‘ sound quite similar too.

Idenya इदेण्या / Ishanya इशान्या

Both the names refer to someone praiseworthy and superior. Idenya denotes a glorified or praised personality whereas Ishanya is related to Lord Shiva and literally means North East direction.

Ihita इहिता / Ishita ईशिता

These names sound quite similar and have the same initials. Ihita means something or someone sought after, desired or wished. Ishita is a modern and beautiful name that means desired person or mastery or wealth.

Ira इरा / Ina ईना

Ira refers to the Goddess of speech i.e. Goddess Saraswati. The name has many meanings like earth, muse, food, and refreshment. Ina signifies Lord Sun, a glorious or powerful personality.

Jetra जेत्रा / Nirita नीरीता

Names imply a powerful and superior personality. Jetra refers to a winner or conqueror. Nirita is another name of Lord Hanuman and means someone or something free from afflictions. The name is also used in the mantra Om Nirutaye Namah.

Kalya काल्या / Kangsha कांग्शा

A pleasant or strong personality is referred to as Kalya. The name also means auspicious. Kansha or Kangsha means desire or longing.

Keli केली / Heli हेली

There is no reason to not include these cutest twin girl names on this list. Both the names are rhyming, short, cute and trendy. Keli means Earth or sport and Heli refers to Sun or to embrace someone.

Keyuri केयुरी / Sahuri साहुरि / Sayuri सायुरि

Finding rare and mellifluous names that are beautiful and rhyme with each other is an achievement for parents of newborn twins. This name combination is one of them. Keyuri signifies an armlet while Sahuri means Sun or a strong personality. The name also refers to the Sun or a victorious person. Sayuri is a Japanese name, meaning flower.

Khyana ख्याना / Kyati ख्याती

Khyana means light or deity. It’s an uncommon name and a perfect match for the name Kyati or Khyati which means popularity/fame.

Kimaya किमया / Nadaya नदाया

Kimaya or Keemaya means miracle or someone with a divine personality or characteristics. Nadaya is a sound and it means to resonate and often referred to Lord Ganesha. The name can also be heard in the Mantra ॐ नादाय नमः।

Kyana क्याना / Dhvena ध्वेना

Kyana or sometimes spelled as Kyna means intelligence. The name refers to a wise or smart personality. Dhvena is a derived name which means Godly or someone associated with God.

Mahija माहिजा / Mahika माहिका

The earth is one of the five elements from which a body is created and these names have the same common link i.e. Earth (Mahi). Mahija means who is born from the Earth and Mahika means the Earth or frost/mist.

Mantra मंत्रा / Sanitra सनित्रा

Mantra is a spiritual hymn that is recited during auspicious practices. Sanitra is a gift, blessing or oblation. Both the names sound quite similar.

Mihika मिहिका / Mithila मिथिला

One of the top twin names choices by Indian parents as these names begin and end in quite a similar manner. Mihika refers to fog/mist or snow while Mithila is an ancient state of India and a kingdom (Sita’s kingdom).

Nitima नितिमा / Niyana नियाना

Another great twin name choice to look forward to. Nitima is associated with Nitimat which means having a unique or eminent political wisdom. The name is also related to Lord Rama. Niyana is one of the auspicious names from Sahasranam and means a way or access.

Niyana नियाना / Ishanya इशान्या

Both the names have something in common – direction. Niyana refers to a way or access and Ishanya means the East or North East direction where Lord Shiva resides.

Presha प्रेशा / Rishva

Though these names start with different initials, these sound quite rhyming. Presha means the best or superior (Pra) Goddess (Isha). Rishva refers to Lord Indra or Rishvanjas. The name denotes a great or noble person.

Prisha प्रिशा / Rishya रिशा

Prisha or Preesha means the eminent, superior or best Goddess. Rishya (रिश्य) refers to a deer.

Rua रुआ / Ruta रुता

A trendy short twin name combination suitable for nicknames too. Rua and Ruta are the modern twin names pleasing to the ears and quite rhyming with each other. Rua means someone invisible or Goddess Parvati. Ruta or Rutha is brave, truth or someone worshipped.

Rumra रुम्रा / Rua रुआ

A combination reflecting a blend of beauty and divinity. Rumra means a charming or beautiful person and Rua refers to Goddess Parvati or who is almost perfect.

Rumra रुम्रा / Rusha रुशा

Another combination with ‘Ru’ initials implying brilliance and charm. Rumra means a beautiful girl and Rusha refers to a shining personality.

Samaya समाया / Saranya सारन्या

Two powerful names with meanings reflecting two different dimensions. Samaya means time, is an epithet of Lord Rama and used in the Mantra – Om Samaya Namah! Saranya is the speed or velocity of a person or object.

Sansha सान्शा / Kansha कांशा

One of the perfect rhyming twin names example. Sansha means to praise a person or deity. Kansha is another variant of Kangsha which means desire or wish.

Sayuri सायुरि / Sahuri साहुरि /Keyuri केयुरि

Sahuri means the Sun or a powerful/victorious personality. Sayuri a Japanese name, as mentioned above. Keyuri/Keyura denotes an armlet. Both names reflect a brave personality.

Sella सेल्ला / Senya सेन्या

The name sella may sound western but has an Indian origin. Sella is originated from सेल्ल, means a type of weapon. Senya is a brave person or a warrior. These stylish twins names go well with personalities who accepts challenges and conquers the barriers.

Sia सिआ / Suri सुरि

Both names add grace to one’s personality. Sia is Sita, Lord Rama’s wife whereas Suri refers to a wise or learned person or a Goddess.

Treya त्रेया / Urva उर्वा

Treya is derived from the word Tri which means three. The name signifies walking in 3 paths or a young woman. The name also means protecting or saving someone. Urva depicts a magnificent personality like an ocean. The name also means a great person.

Varna वर्णा / Vrita व्रिता

Varna denotes a beautiful personality or the act of praising or glory. Vrita is associated with Goddess Lakshmi and means the selected or chosen one. The name is also used in the mantra – ॐ व्रतिन्यै नमः।

Varna वर्णा / Vedha वेधा

The names with same initials and rhyming are always special. Varna signifies beauty or glory whereas Vedha something pious or a worshipper of Gods.

Vedika वेदिका / Vekhana वेखना

This combination of twin names reflects the traditional Indian naming trends. Vedika or Vaidika refers to Goddess Lakshmi or someone who is in Vedik/Vaidik form. Vekhana or Vaikhan means Lord Ganesh / Sage at his 3rd stage of life/ Hermit.

Vega वेगा / Viha विहा

One of these names represents an inspiring human trait while the other one denotes the elements of nature. Vega means velocity or speed and Viha refers to air/sky or heaven. Good choice for nature-loving parents.

Vetra वेत्रा / Vela वेला

These names have a special spiritual connection. Vetra refers to Goddess Durga and often used in the Mantra ॐ वेत्रवत्यै नमः। Vela signifies Goddess Lakshmi who is on the edge of time. The name also denotes a season or time. A beautiful choice for twin names inspired by Hindu Goddesses.

Vrita व्रिता / Vrina व्रिणा

Both the names imply a special person or a blessed one. Vrita and Vrina, both mean a chosen one or selected one. The rhyming sound, same initial and same meaning make these names a great pick for twin baby girl names.

Yantra यांत्रा / Sanitra सनित्रा

These names sound similar. Yantra is equipment or a machine, it is one of Goddess Lakshmi’s 1000 names. On the other hand, Sanitra is a gift or a blessing.

Yosha योशा / Smaya स्माया / Syona स्योना

These three names that end in a similar way are great choices for twin baby girl names. Yosha represents a woman or a wooden doll. Smaya means surprise/wonder or pride and Syona means is related to Sun and it means a ray of light or delight.
There are always many choices while singling out Twin baby names for girls. Some parents look forward to picking rhyming names, while some explore unique names while some prefer unique but compatible names. We have tried to meet all sorts of twin name expectations with this list. We have strived to put different names from different origins in a single list combining them based on their sound, meanings, and other attributes. These beautiful monikers will cut down on your efforts of tearing through different naming portals and dedicate a significant amount of time. We hope you liked our carefully curated list of twin baby girl Hindu names and let us know your thoughts on the same.

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Baby Boy Names which Mean Prince

Every parent wants to see the heroic, fearless and princely traits in their newborn boy when he grows up and nothing can be a better start than choosing a name for him from the best Prince like baby boy names. In history, there were many celebrated kings and princes with outstanding qualities that helped them conquer the world. With this list of baby boy names meaning prince, we will try to aid to add more charm to your little one’s naming ceremony.

Sanskrit Baby Boy Names Which Means Prince 1)Arjun अर्जुन

Our name list starts with a common but a very popular name because this is one very special prince name for Indians. Arjun was the central character in the Hindu epic Mahabharat. He was Kunti’s son and one of the Pandavas and a Pandava Prince. The Mesh Rashi and Krithik Nakshatra name signifies a bright and brilliant personality.

2) Kashyam काश्यम

The name refers to the prince of Kashi. It’s a Mithun Rashi name and its other variant is Kashey काशेय which means the King of Kashi. Usually, Lord Shiva is related to Kashi.

3) Mahin महीन

The name is associated with Mahan, which means great. The name also refers to a prince or a king or the ruler of earth. It also signifies a cheerful person or someone who causes joy. It’s a Simha rashi name.

4) Parshav पार्शव

The prince of Parshas or a warrior who is armed with an axe. It’s a Kanya Rashi and Uttara Falguni nakshatra name and has Iranian or Persian origin. But it’s a Sanskrit word for Prince of Persia.

5) Prajash प्रजश

The name belongs to Kanya rashi and it signifies the Lord of Creatures or a king or a prince. It’s a powerful majestic name for a Hindu boy.

6) Rajak राजक

The name itself has Raj in it which means kingdom. It means a pretty prince. It’s a Tula rashi name under Chitra nakshatra.

7) Rayan रायन

An uncommon and regal name which is made up a name. Ray or Rai Means a King, ruler or a prince and Rayan Means Prince-like. It’s a Tula rashi name under Chitra nakshatra.

8) Yuven युवेन

An impactful Vruschika rashi name that falls under Jyestha nakshatra. It is associated with Yuvraj. The name refers to a prince.

Arabic Baby Boy Names which Mean Prince Almir المیر

The name refers to a Prince.

Nazal نازال

A cute and uncommon name that signifies a prince.

Shazad شازاڈ

Shazad refers to a prince and it’s a trendy majestic Arabic baby boy name.

Shezin شیزین

A rare and stylish Arabic name which means a prince.

International Baby Boy Names which Means Prince Armel

The name has a French origin and it signifies a Stone Prince


It has English as well as Irish origins. The name means a little drop and a prince.


It’s a popular and stylish English baby boy name which refers to a prince, a warrior o a nobleman. The name has an English origin.


A short and trendy name that stands for a Commander or a Prince. Its an Arabic baby boy name.


It’s a beautiful name which is majorly used in Turkish and Arabic cultures. The name means a prince.


A short name with a powerful meaning. Mael is a Prince and it has a French origin.


An uncommon Arabic or Persian name which stands for a Prince or an Emperor or a King.


The name has a native American origin and it refers to a prince or Chief’s Son.

When children grow up, their names matter a lot in a social circle, academics, career and many other fields. A regal name is associated with classiness, reputation, positive characteristics and lovability. For baby names, prince or king names are great choices since they reflect all of the above-mentioned attributes. Ancient majestic people used to have awe-inspiring personalities, fame, courage, and lots of loving people around.

The dream of every parent is that their baby grows up with the characteristics and fortunes like a king or a prince. These names play the role of an active catalyst in embellishing a baby boy’s personality and future. Newborns are the embodiment of affection and happiness. This list of royal names baby boy for 2019 -20 will hopefully make your baby name hunting easier and funfilled.

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Easy Recipe for Drumstick leaves Soup

Moringa or Drumstick leaves are not just a powerhouse of nutrition but a great element to make many yummy recipes. This wonder food is not easily available in the market even though its abundant in India.
In my childhood, there was a moringa tree in the garden. I never knew it was such rich source of nutrition. Recently when western world recognised its importance and when Indian government started campaigns of its awareness, we all Indians started noticing this under-estimated vegetable. Not only the drumsticks but its leaves are super healthy.
Recently I made this soup very first time. First, I was doubtful if it would be bitter like fenugreek leaves, but it turned out very delicious. My kids loved it. Here is how I made it.

Easy-to-make recipe of Drumstick/Moringa leaves Soup Ingredients You Will Need

2 cups of drumstick leaves (fresh), cumin seeds, turmeric powder, onions, garlic, tomato, black peppercorns, ghee/butter and water


• Take fresh drumstick leaves and wash them well

• Now chop onions, tomato and garlic in a fine manner
• Take all these ingredients in a tray or dish and keep it near the gas stove.
• Take a pressure cooker, Add little ghee, add cumin seeds and sizzle them till they make spluttery sound
• Add garlic and peppercorns to the cooker and saute these ingredients for about 1 minutes
• Add chopped onions, chopped tomato to the pan, drumstick/Moringa leaves to the pan
• Add salt and turmeric powder according to taste to it
• Add water to the cooker, lock the lid and and cook it for 2 vessels on medium flame.

• You can also season the recipe with pepper and salt to make it more scrumptious

Why Drumstick Leaves are Considered Healthy for Babies, Expectant, Nursing and New Moms?

Moringa is basically an Indian native tree but found in many other regions of the world. It contains various essential nutrients like vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus etc. Be it drumstick fruit or leaves, the superfood is suggested for expectant mothers, new moms, nursing moms and babies as it offers a plethora of health benefits.

Some of its major benefits include:
• Increases breast milk production
• Great source of calcium
• Provides relief from fatigue
• Useful in cold allergy in babies
• Relives constipation
• Boosts immunity, metabolism and digestion
• Controls blood pressure and blood sugar in body
• Boosts blood circulation
• Fulfils iron and zinc requirements of a body
• Good for hair and skin
• Prevents liver problems
• For healthy bones
• Helpful in anemia

Apart from the above benefits, Moringa is also useful in shedding weight and providing relief from inflammation. Moringa leaves are small, green and smooth. It generates an aroma while being cooked which adds to the grace of the recipe. Other than soups, it can be used in salads and garnishing. If you are concerned about your own and your family’s health, fresh Moringa leaves can meet your needs along with satisfying the taste buds.

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Month-by-Month Pregnancy Guide for Indian Women

This pregnancy month by month guide will help you understand your pregnancy in a better manner.
Knowing that you are pregnant for the first time is a wonderful experience in itself. Each month of pregnancy is full of delightful surprises. Understanding the changes in the body with every passing month and adapting to a new regime with every pregnancy month and weeks will make you relish this wonderful phase.

Yay! It’s Double Lines or Positive Sign

Nowadays home pregnancy tests are the easiest option to know whether you are pregnant or not. Apart from the delayed period, there are some early signs of pregnancy that we have already covered in one of our blogs. If the screen of your pregnancy test kit shows two bands or sometimes a plus sign then congrats, you are an expectant mom. Usually this test is performed at home early in the morning with the first morning urine. The pregnancy result depends on your urine’s hCG level. Though reputed brands are trustworthy for taking pregnancy test at home; you should consider a doctor’s checkup for the final confirmation. If it’s a yes, get ready to make a creative way to announce your pregnancy.

Welcome to the First Trimester

The first trimester is a challenging phase for every expectant mom. After coming to know that a life is developing in your womb, you need to be physically and mentally prepared for oodles of changes that will happen during the first three months or the first trimester.

Wait, Your Body is Changing! : The First Month of Pregnancy

The first month of pregnancy is about two things: the changes happening in your body and the initial development process of the embryo. Some of the common changes occurring in the body include mood swings, fatigue, cramps, bloating, constipation, nausea, breast is sore or tender, frequently going to loo, missing your periods, urge to eat more and a few more changes. It’s not necessary that every woman goes through these early signs of pregnancy. You may not experience any or some of these signs during the first month of your pregnancy.

Some highlights of the first month of pregnancy are:

• Formation of amniotic sac around the fertilized egg
• Formation of embryo after the fertilized egg moves to the womb
• Development of placenta
• Facial features of the body like throat, mouth and lower jaw start forming
• Formation and shape of blood cells and initiation of blood circulation of the embryo
• Development of limbs and spine at about 8 weeks of pregnancy
• By the end of the month, the embryo reaches the size about 6 to 7 mm

What to Do?

• Doctor’s checkup
• Sticking with a proper nutritious diet including supplements or vitamins
• Cut down on stress and alcohol or smoking habits if you have
• Stay near your near and dear ones and talk to them about your feelings

Oh Look, The Baby is Developing! : The Second Month of Pregnancy

This is the time when you feel too many emotions developing inside you – happiness, stress, worry, excitement and so forth. You may feel dizzy at times and indigestion or heartburn may become everyday symptoms accompanied by some other symptoms that you have already felt in the first month. Your body may not undergo severe changes but your breasts will appear fuller and heavier. But, the good news is your baby’s pace of development is faster during this month. The embryo is now a fetus and some other facial features like tongue, mouth and nose are being developed. Ears will take prominent shape and some other features like toenails, toes and fingers will start developing. Also, you may feel some movements inside your belly. Isn’t it exciting?

Some highlights of the second month of pregnancy are:

• Complete development of the neural tube of the fetus
• Prominent shape of ears, mouth, toe, toenails, tongue, fingers, eyes and nose
• Cartilages are replaced by bones
• Sensory organs and digestive system start growing
• By the end of second month, the fetus is around 2.54 cm long
• Varicose veins may develop in some expectant moms
• You may develop some food cravings

What to Do?

• Remember your pregnancy appointments
• Consult your doctor for any dietary changes: healthy food is must
• Make sure you get emotional support as mood swings and breakdowns are common during this phase
• You can find your due date and note it down somewhere

Congrats, The Embryo has Completely Developed! : The Third Month of Pregnancy

Finally the last of the first trimester! First of all, congratulations for carrying a fully developed baby in your womb. Apart of knowing baby’s gender through ultrasound, many of his/her features are prominent by this time. Even his/her teeth and reproductive organs are in the development process. The last month of the first trimester is comparatively safer than the first two as the chances of miscarriage is much lower since the baby has undergone major developments.

Some highlights of the third month of pregnancy are:

• You may feel a bit more energetic
• Varicose veins may appear
• Going to loo frequently and more vaginal discharge
• Feeling dizzy
• Skin pigmentation
• Formation of your baby’s genitals
• Movement of baby’s eyes and increase in the hearing capability
• Fetus produces bile from liver
• By the end of the month, the baby is about 7.6 to 10 cm long

What to Do?

• For the couples who don’t want to share the pregnancy news too soon during the first trimester, it’s the best time to open up and let the world know about the new member arriving in your family.
• Consider maternity leaves
• As your baby can hear muffled sounds from the outer world, it’s time to reinforce the bond by letting him/her listen to your voice/melodies
• As you got more energy during this time and your tummy is not that big, you can consider some pregnancy exercises
• Don’t hesitate to ask for help from your partner, friends and family

Welcome to the Second Trimester

Well, this is the time to say goodbye to your morning sickness. You will feel more energy in you by this time. You can plan many things related to the childbirth during this phase as most of your baby’s development is done and you feel more active without carrying a too heavy and big bump. The growth of your baby is comparatively faster in the second trimester.

Well-developed, Longer and Heavier Baby: The Fourth Month of Pregnancy

As you know you have crossed the milestone of a successful first trimester and you are one more step closer to arrival of the little new member in your family, the excitement level is too high during this phase. Well, some of the symptoms like gain in weight, varicose veins, growing breasts and tummy, stretch marks are visible, irritation in skin, nasal issues and some more problems may bother you. But your energy level is higher and so is your excitement.

Some highlights of the fourth month of pregnancy are:

• Development of eyelashes and eyebrows of your baby
• Some hair grows on head
• Baby’s body is covered with vernix and lanugo
• Since his hands float to his/her mouth, he/she may start sucking his thumb
• You may feel baby is moving even more than the first trimester
• Baby’s heartbeat is audible through Doppler
• Functioning nervous system and developed genitals of the baby

What to Do?

• It’s time for regular doctor’s checkup and important ultrasounds
• A bit change in your clothes may be required as you are heavier during this month
• Your hunger will increase but follow your dietician’s advice before eating too much and everything you crave for
• Spend some leisure time with your partner or family or go for a short vacation

Energy Boosts, Baby’s Jerks and More: The Fifth Month of Pregnancy

Well, many women find this pregnancy month delightful while some of them may experience some symptoms like cramps in legs accompanied by the symptoms faced during the fourth month of pregnancy. Your belly is still growing but a visible glow will appear on your face. Your belly button may also come out during this time.

Some highlights of the fifth month of pregnancy are:

• Baby has hair and eyebrow
• Baby is putting on weight
• You may feel baby’s hiccups and jerks
• Glow on face
• Poked out belly button
• Baby is around 10 inches long by the end of the month

What to Do?

• Research parenting blogs or join parental classes: time for gaining parenting knowledge
• As your baby can hear you and recognize your voice like never before, read books, talk to him/her and make him/her listen to some songs or poetry often
• Be aware of premature labour
• Add to your workout regime utilizing your energy boost
• Have proper diet
• Stay relaxed and comfortable

Baby’s Response, Opening of the Eyes and Fully Grown Body: The Sixth Month of Pregnancy

Finally, the last month of the second trimester has arrived and you are well-prepared for your baby’s arrival and gained much knowledge regarding your diet, childbirth and parenting. During this phase, some women undergo premature childbirth which is crucial as in such cases, the child has to be kept in intensive units for his/her survival. Your tummy is well-grown and you may experience swollen ankles, cramps, backaches, poor sleeping and unsteadiness on feet. Some of the earlier month symptoms may also appear.

Some highlights of the Sixth month of pregnancy are:

• Opening of baby’s eyelids
• Response to louder outdoor sounds/noises
• Development of baby’s taste buds
• You may find standing for too long uncomfortable
• Difficulty in sleeping
• Swollen face, ankles, hands and feet

What to Do?

• Include your caregiver/midwife or doctor in your birth plan discussions
• Arrange or organize your home for the last trimester when your energy level will be low due to your bigger belly
• Take safety measures in your home and car or other vehicle to prevent your baby
• Get ready for baby shower
• Read oodles and oodles of childbirth blogs and books during the day
• Take maximum possible rest and be comfortable as much as you can

Welcome to the Third Trimester

Can’t believe it’s the last phase of your pregnancy? Just a couple of weeks and you’re a mommy. Well, you are not alone in this roller coaster ride. Your baby’s head is in proportion with his/her body. It’s the 28th week of pregnancy now and your baby is almost 16 inches long. It’s the time when your baby will get calcium from you for stronger bones.

Bigger Tummy, Stretch Marks and Baby’s Head Down Position: The Seventh Month of Pregnancy

You can feel that your tummy has grown too big after 28 weeks of pregnancy. You may feel the symptoms like respiratory trouble and anxiety. The other symptoms that you have experienced during the second trimester may also make you suffer but since every body is different, you may not face all or any of the symptoms during this phase. The growing baby bump will cause the stretch marks to appear on your tummy. Irritation of skin may also bother you sometimes.

Some highlights of the Seventh month of pregnancy are:

• Stretch marks on arms, thighs, buttocks and breasts
• Bigger and heavier baby bump
• Baby settles in head-down position for birth
• Baby shifts downward creating a pressure on your bladder – this affects your lungs causing breathing issues
• Uterus has cozy space and hence the baby moves slowly
• Unsteady while standing due to bigger tummy
• Bigger and heavier breasts with visible veins

What to Do?

• With bigger and heavier tummy sleeping may be difficult but take as much rest as possible
• Don’t mistake some common pregnancy symptoms of premature labour with Braxton Hicks Contraction. Gain knowledge about preterm labour to cut down on the chaos
• Stay near to your near and dear ones and talk to them often
• Share your problems and complications with your partner and family
• It’s time to shrink the selection of your favorite baby names

The Labour Panic, Dropped Baby and Too Many Emotions: The Eighth Month of Pregnancy

Since you are too close to your due date, you can expect labour anytime during the eighth month of pregnancy. There are still few weeks left for the child birth and hence it’s time for preparation; especially for the labour. Your baby is slowly moving towards your pelvis and hence you can expect slight movements inside. You may be surrounded by anxiety, complications, suggestions and too many things that may raise your emotional quotient. Being impatient is also natural in this stage.

Some highlights of the Eighth month of pregnancy are:

• You may become restless, emotional and impatient
• Trouble in sleeping
• Braxton Hicks contractions
• Respiratory issues
• Baby can recognize many outdoor sounds
• Baby tries to open his/her eyes and practice breathing
• Significant weight gain by the baby

What to Do?

• Give the final green signal to your birth plan
• Check the list of items you may need during the labour in a hospital
• Practice hospital drills: be prepared for all the complications that may occur later during your transfer to hospital from home
• Make sure all your plans and arrangements are safe and baby proofing is done
• You may work on your postures, do some exercises and work on your breathing

You Are Going to Give Birth: The Ninth Month of Pregnancy

Your baby is still covered in Vernix except his eyes and around his/her mouth. No more lanugo or downy hair is present on your baby’s body. Be prepared for the delivery anytime as it may exceed or occur before the due date. Don’t worry, it’s pretty natural.

Some highlights of the Ninth month of pregnancy are:

• Baby is around 53 cm long and weighs about 2.9 kgs
• All the five senses of the baby are functioning
• Under your baby’s skin, there is some fat deposit to keep him warm after the birth
• Baby drops down and move to your pelvis in a position where his/her head is down facing the birth canal
• Least comfort for the momma-to-be: pain and complications to the highest level
• You will be feeling huge, full of fatigue and very low in patience

What to Do?

• Arrange caregiver or nanny for your baby or make arrangements at home for the newborn
• Make your home baby-ready
• Time to plan your childbirth announcement
• Singling out a suitable name for your baby
• Get enough sleep as you have gone through a lot – even a roller coaster ride is an understatement

Disclaimer: This guide is not based on expert opinions but personal experiences and some prolonged research.

Congratulations! You are a new momma with a big smile on your face and a plethora of responsibilities on your shoulder. After doing all the preparations to take care of the newborn at home, you may need to focus on your weight, shape, nutrition and may be on stretch marks too. Visit your doctor regularly and follow the post-natal diet suggested by your dietitian. Everything may seem new to you but don’t worry, you have dealt with way more complicated stuff during these 9 months. Embrace your new challenges and welcome a new life ahead.

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Activities You can’t Do While Pregnant

The delightful news of pregnancy comes with some dos and don’ts. Taking proper precautions during pregnancy is imperative and that not only includes dietary precautions but physical activities as well. Though you need to stay active and continue healthy eating and safe workouts during pregnancy, you are not supposed to do certain activities when expecting which may cause possible threats to you and the baby.
Other than avoiding certain food and certain workouts like Abs-toning etc. here are a few activities that you should avoid especially during the 1st trimester of the pregnancy.

Things Not to do While Pregnant Bathing with Hot Water

Bathing in water which has a balanced temperature is always suggested for to-be moms. When the water’s temperature in Sauna, tub or Jacuzzi is too high, it may cause birth defects like neural defects in the developing baby. Also, make sure that the bathtub is clean and hygienic before entering it.

Extreme Workouts

Pregnancy is not at all a No Workout Phase. Doctors suggest mild workouts for pregnant women that don’t affect the overall health of the mom and the baby. Too rigorous workouts in a Non AC environment may raise the body temperature above 102 degrees and heavy workouts may make your heart beats reach 140 per minute which is not at all safe for a pregnant woman. Try to do light workouts or as suggested by the doctor or trainer in a gym/fitness centre.


Stretching is a big NO NO for to-be moms. During Yoga or an exercise, if stretching is done rigorously, it may cause abdomen’s strain or foetus’s extension and the results can be severe.

Sleeping on Your Belly

There are some safe positions that are suggested for expectant women. Sleeping or lying on belly is one of those positions that may negotiate with a to-be mom’s and the baby’s health. This position has a direct impact on the baby and hence it should be avoided completely during sleeping or workout.


Lack of balance is very common during pregnancy. You are carrying a baby in your womb and it’s perfectly natural that you may lose your balance while sitting or riding a bicycle. Hence, it is advised to avoid cycling during pregnancy.


Some women feel that starting to run or jogging during pregnancy can be useful to stay fit. But, the thing is if you are not regular at it before pregnancy, you should avoid it during this crucial phase. You may experience overexertion and as a result, you may collapse and cause damage to the foetus. Lack of energy is natural during this phase and hence pushing your limits may not be a good idea.

Amusement Rides

Yes, it’s difficult to control the urge of amusement rides; especially if you like it from the beginning. Amusement rides like roller coaster ride, horse ride, waterslides etc. may be fascinating but the motions of these rides may cause nausea. And, sudden jerks may cause the detachment of the placenta from uterus wall. Too risky for an expectant mom and the baby!

Some Fun Activities That have Severe Impact on the Body

There are some other activities like playing tennis, scuba diving, surfing, water-skiing, snowboarding etc. that can be a threat to your balance and abdomen. It’s better to stay away from these activities than regretting later.
Yes, pregnancy is a phase full of mixed emotions and experiences. There is some fun, some excitement, some risks and threats and lots of responsibilities. But, the happiness of holding a healthy baby without negotiating with your own health is simply an unparalleled experience and if this happens at the cost of avoiding the above-mentioned activities, it should not be a big deal. A safe and balanced pregnancy regime is the key to a happy post-pregnancy life.
Many times women don’t realize the pregnancy for the first month and when they realize, they start worrying about the restricted foods they had or activities like above they did. If that is the case with you please note, you should not be worried. Just mention it to the doctor during scanning. A happy pregnant woman raises a healthy baby in her womb. So, stay stress-less!

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Soft Cheese during Pregnancy: Is it Safe?

Cheese during pregnancy is a bit tricky. Cheese is healthy, tasty and many women crave for cheese in pregnancy, But you must know that some types of the cheese are prohibited for pregnant women.
Talking about Raw cheese cubes/slice/spread, You should avoid eating before heating it.!
Here is what you need to know.

Why Raw Cheese could be Unsafe for Expectant Moms?

Soft cheese or raw cheese is considered unhealthy for a pregnant woman if it is made of raw milk and is moist in nature. The moisture encourages germs and bacteria like Listeria to grow. Such types of cheese may lead to Listeriosis. This illness may or may not lead to the symptoms like Flu, diarrhea, headache etc. for a while. When an expectant mom suffers from such an illness, it easily gets transferred to the baby creating a risk for his/her health, immunity and growth.
Especially in India, the negligence to standard procedure of transportation of food is observed. So even if the cheese cube/slice/spread is made of pasteurized milk, its advised to have it after heating to kill the harmful bacteria.
Even some studies say that in worst case, raw milk cheese or soft cheese may affect the placenta and lead to miscarriage or poisoning of blood due to the presence of harmful bacteria in it. Other risks associated with eating raw milk cheese include:
• Septicemia
• Meningitis
• Premature birth
• Fever
• Skin and blood infections
The types of cheese that are a big NO for expectant moms are:
• Soft cheese which is mould-ripened
• Unpasteurized cheese

What Kind of Cheese Can You Eat During Pregnancy?

Though cheese contains some essential nutrients like calcium, Vitamin B and protein that are helpful in the development of the baby; not all types of cheese are recommended for an expectant mom. Hard cheese is completely safe to eat for pregnant women. They are firm and their maturation period Is comparatively longer. Such cheeses are not 100% bacteria-free but the chances of the development of bacteria and germs are way lower than the soft cheeses.

Safe to Eat Cheese Types for Pregnant Women

• Edam
• Gouda
• Cheddar
• Parmesan
• Paneer
• Ricotta
• Mozzarella
• Quark
There are some other types of cheese too that are safe to eat for expectant moms including cottage cheese, halloumi, feta and to name a few. Those women who have an allergy to cow’s milk cheese, goat milk cheese can be a good alternative. It’s safe and nutritious but low in calories. However, there’s a soft goat cheese called chevre which should be avoided as it may contain bacteria. Always try to eat cheese recipes fresh and cook them well to minimize the risk of illnesses. During pregnancy, a woman’s body is quite vulnerable to many health conditions and therefore it becomes important to take care of every minor details related to choosing dietary products and cooking them.

Read: Healthy Diet Plan for Pregnancy

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Swimming During 3 Trimesters of Pregnancy: What Do You Need to Know?

Swimming is an activity which makes us happy as a calm but, is it safe to swim during pregnancy? According to the doctors, YES, Normally Yes.
Pregnancy is a phase when you want to try and do a lot of things but, at the same time, oodles of things have to be considered. A healthy pregnancy allows you to do many exercises and activities including swimming. But, if you are gonna try it for the first time, better go for walking in pool with help of a swimmer. Also make sure your doctor or midwife gives you the green signal for such activity.

You Must Ask: Is Swimming Pool Clean and Safe for a Pregnant Woman? Hygiene

In India, many times the swimming pools are not clean enough. During pregnancy, you must be careful about getting infections. When low or no maintenance of swimming pools is done, many ingredients like chlorine disinfectants, dust, dirt get accumulated and make the pool dirty. It’s very important to maintain hygiene during pregnancy and entering in such a pool is a big NO for expectant mothers.

Over Use of Chlorine

Chlorine is used as a disinfectant in swimming pools too keep it clean and germs and bacteria-free. This is done to keep the swimmers away from harmful microbes that cause illnesses. The components like hypochlorite ion and hypochlorous acid in chlorine kill the harmful bacteria and other microorganisms in pools. These components basically oxidize the microorganisms and help to keep the pools clean. Many cases of mis-use/over-use of chlorine in India have led to deadly accident. It is also harmful for expectant moms and the unborn baby. When chlorine reacts with organic matters, THM and other by-products come into existence. The major dangers of exposure to these by-products for expectant moms include miscarriage, defects related to urinary tract and neural tube, etc. But its only in case of too much quantity of chlorine. So talk to the pool management for care of quantity of the chemicals in the pool.

Warm Water Vs Cold Water: What is Safe and Okay

Apart from the hygiene, an expectant woman should check the temperature of the water before entering a swimming pool. It’s not about the cold and hot water but the suitable temperature is what matters. During the first trimester, a stable core body temperature is very important. If the water is too cold, uterus contraction is a potential danger. On the other hand, too hot water can increase the heart rate and blood circulation which is a threat to the to-be mom’s and unborn baby’s health. Make sure the water temperature is between 84°F – 86°F.

How Swimming Helps during Pregnancy?

Exercises are those activities that pregnant women usually avoid to do because they are worried about the risks and inconveniences. But, light exercises are recommended during pregnancy and swimming is one of those exercises. It is helpful in blood circulation of the body and hence keeping you fit. Since in water, your body weight is very lesser than actual, the exercise is easy-to-adapt for expectant moms. The extra kilos of your body that you have put on during the pregnancy are supported by the water.
Other exercises that are recommended during pregnancy can make you feel hot and exhausted soon. But, this one keeps you cool and fresh. Swimming during the third trimester is very relaxing. Always make sure the public or private pools are hygienic and the temperature I below 32 degree Celsius.

The top benefits of swimming during pregnancy are:

• Better blood circulation
• Well-functioning heart and lungs
• Relief from pains and aches
• Improved blood endurance
• Better strength
• Improved muscle tone
• Relief from fluid retention and swelling
• Good for weight-loss – burns calories
• Less tiredness
• Better sleep

Read: Yoga Postures for Pregnant Women
Swimming is a profoundly effective and relaxing exercise for expectant women. Not only you achieve the peace of mind and a relaxed body through swimming, but it also improves the development process of the baby. Just be careful about the hazards like slipping, chemicals and temperature of the water in the pool and you can bask in the wonderful exercise to end your day on a happy note.
If you are not a swimmer then walking in water with help of a swimmer could be a healthy choice.

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How to Introduce Any New Food Safely to a Baby?

Introducing the first solid food to your baby can be tricky especially for first-time moms as you are not sure which food may trigger a reaction. One of the many new terms you will learn as a new parent is: 3 day thumb rule or 3 day wait rule of food introduction to your baby.In simple words, give one new food for 3 days straight, once a day to understand if your baby can digest it well and has no allergy to it.

Why Wait for 3 Days?

Many healthy foods like: Dairy, Eggs, certain vegetables are common allergens in babies. Even though a mother may not ever have had reaction to any such food, her baby may be allergic to it. Apart from the allergies, a few foods may cause digestive problems leading to abdominal pain, gas and bowel issues. So, to make sure it doesn’t happen, you should do this test.

Why Exactly 3 Days? Why not Less or More?

Giving the same food item to your baby continuously for 3 days will help you understand whether a specific food is triggering any reaction in the body. When you start a new food for your baby, it may take at least two days to show a reaction. You can give him a different food for the next 3 days and then repeat the first food and wait for any allergy or reaction. Like this, you can a few variety of foods in a lesser span of time and check whether your baby is intolerant to them or not. If you reduce the number of days to two or one and introduce many foods within this span of time, when an allergy breaks out, you may be confused that which food is causing the trouble. The three days wait rule gives you sufficient time to figure out the culprit food and later cut down it from your baby’s diet. Hence One at a Time!

How many Times a Day a New Food can be given?

Every baby has his own pace of digestion and reaction but since you are introducing a new solid food to your baby, it is suggested to give it only once in a day and if your baby is tolerant to that food, gradually increase the frequency by observing your baby’s interest and hunger.

How much Quantity of New Food is Allowed in 3 Days Rule?

You can give one bowl of a food during the 3 days wait rule. Start small quantity if any history of allergy of that food in the family or if its common allergen.

What Time of The Day is Good to Try a New Food?

Morning and afternoon meals are digested easily in comparison to the dinner. When your baby is happiest and most active is the best time to introduce a new food. Usually, babies are awake and active in morning and afternoon. Moreover, you can get sufficient time to notice any health changes or reaction during the day after introducing a new food. If you feed your baby a new food in the evening or during dinner, he will fall asleep soon and even if he encounters with an allergy, you will be able to notice it the next day. If any allergy triggers in night, getting a medical assistance may be difficult during that time in comparison to the daytime.
Read: Weight Booster Foods for Babies

Till What Age should I Follow This?

The 3 day wait rule can be followed till the first 2-3 months of baby’s solid food introduction. Also, for some heavy to digest foods like meat or dairy, take this test even if baby is 12-months old. Your baby’s nutrition is most important to you and you may not want to add to the chaos by getting confused about which food is causing allergy to your baby. The 3 day wait rule is the best way to find out the culprit food to which your baby is intolerant. The allergen foods can be introduced later to check whether your baby is still intolerant to them or not.

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When Do The Pregnancy Symptoms Start?

The time you start experiencing the symptoms of pregnancy depends on mainly the day of conceiving and how soon the HCG level rises. Also it’s not always the case that you will experience the pregnancy symptoms. In my first pregnancy, the test came out positive on about 10-12th day of missed period and still I didn’t have any symptoms but in my 2nd pregnancy, I started feeling the symptoms very strongly on 3rd day of conception even before missing the periods.
So, every pregnancy is unique and also the best way to know if you are carrying a baby is to take a home pregnancy test at about 8th day of missing periods. Repeat it if the test comes out negative and still no periods, in 3 days interval.
Disclaimer: Please note that this post is a blog by non-medical professional from personal experience and study of the topic. And, it should not be treated as medical expert’s advice.

Common Early Pregnancy Symptoms to Watch

• Too much fatigue with or without any reason
• Nausea
• Sudden dislike for a selection of foods
• Weird taste in mouth
• Increased smelling capability
• Light-headedness
• Dizziness
• Frequent urination
• Intense emotions
• Enlargement, swelling or soreness of breast and/or nipples

Exactly When will I experience Above Symptoms?

As discussed above, every pregnancy is different hence the symptoms for all the women that confirm pregnancy may vary and the time span of realizing these symptoms may vary as well.

Other Possible Reasons of Missed Periods

Sometimes, a woman misses her period for other reasons like stress, anxiety, having poor weight or being overweight, most common is the imbalance in the hormones, too much physical activity etc. And, they mistake this with pregnancy. For accurate results, first response pregnancy test at home is important.

Best Time to Take Home Pregnancy Test

The longer you wait to take the test, more chances of accuracy will be there. Make sure the waiting period is in between 6-8 days of missing periods. If everything is normal and you are not missing your period then just remember or mark the day which you expect to be the day when you conceived (ideally pregnancy test is taken 8th day of missed period). Wait for 6-8 days and then take a home pregnancy test for accuracy.
And, if your test results are negative but the pregnancy symptoms are being experienced by you then the best option is to see a doctor soon.

Why Wait for 8 days to Test?

Pregnancy tests are mostly dependent on some hormones (HcG) that are released when the egg which is fertilized gets implanted by itself. This process takes some time and hence it is recommended to wait for 6-8 days for the test.

Is Blood Test Must?

No (normally), even at hospitals doctors first prescribe a urine test.
The positive or negative results of pregnancy test depend on the HCG levels. HCG is produced in a woman’s body as soon as she conceives. The HCG level can be either detected through a blood test or a urine test. Doing a blood test gives you more accurate and faster results than the first response pregnancy test done at home. This option can be costlier and need to pay a visit to a diagnostic center or clinic but if you are not sure about the home test result or you do not have an idea about the commencement of your period then this option is appropriate for you.

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How to Announce You Are Expecting a Baby?

Sending simple yet sweet pregnancy announcement messages or declaration messages are the best way to break the news that you are expecting a special new member in your family.
Creative pregnancy declaration messages spread the fun and delight that you personally experience.
Once you share the good news to your family and friends through creative messages, you can easily share the photos, videos and many more things to your near and dear ones and ask them to be a part of your happiness.
Below are some creative pregnancy declaration messages that can convey your excitement through words to your closer ones.

Uncommon & Fun ways to Announce Pregnancy to Husband, Parents & Friends 1. Creative Cards: Use Canva

When it’s about the arrival of the 3rd member of the family, make it special by creating a card. Choose a free baby bump picture from Pixabay.com and create a customized and creative card using Canva.com. You can put a text like” Third (your surname) is coming soon” over the belly section of the picture

2. Beautiful Videos: Simply Scoompa

Pixabay.com is a great place to find free pregnancy and baby pictures. You can create a slideshow or a video easily using the free pictures in Scoompa video editing tool and break the news in the end that you are expecting

Slideshow Maker for Android - YouTube

3. A Sweet Message

Sometimes an emotional message with wise use of words can leave a deep impact. You can simply write “(your surname) is all set to expand by two feet in (month)”

4. Ask a Funny Question

You can add a spark to the news by presenting it in a funny way like “Does anyone has an interest to babysit the upcoming member of our family in (month)?”

5. The Traditional Way!

When nothing strikes the mind, go for traditional approach. You can simply write “Happy to announce that you are gonna be (relation with the baby) soon”
It’s completely up to you that when you are comfortable declaring your pregnancy to friends and family. But, how to declare it matters a lot. When you first hear about your pregnancy, you are undoubtedly buzzing and you want your near and dear ones to participate in your joy as well. These fun and creative messages are effective in spreading the elation among the people you care about.
Check Beautiful Pregnancy Quotes here

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