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Stretch marks are a worry for many women, and you would try everything to get rid of those annoying marks on the body. Isn’t it? Unfortunately, genetics can be one of the factors for those tiger strips on your belly, breasts, and legs. Look at your mom or sister for visible stretch marks to know your higher risk of ending up with it when you get pregnant. Skin dryness can also be a reason for stretch marks, so moisturizing your skin is extremely important.

There is good news for you! Even if your family has a history of stretch marks, there is something which you can win the genetic lottery to get spared. Stretch mark creams moisturize your skin and make it soft during pregnancy by improving its elasticity. You can start using stretch mark creams at any time, but starting earlier can prevent those marks that will interrupt your beauty.

Stretch mark creams must be used daily during pregnancy as the belly expands and after baby’s delivery. If you apply Dermology stretch mark cream in the morning and night post-bath, your skin will be perfect without any marks.

But it is extremely important to choose the right stretch mark cream to receive the best results.

Stretch mark cream with natural ingredients

You will apply the stretch mark cream every day. Isn’t it? So, it is quite important to choose one with natural ingredients. This is because synthetic ingredients that are absorbed by your body are dangerous as you are carrying your baby. Make sure your stretch mark cream is free of sulfates, parabens, toluene, mineral oils, retinyl palmitate, fragrances, and petrochemicals.

Check out the reviews

Choosing the best stretch mark cream requires knowledge. That means, never end up with a stretch mark cream without reading the reviews. Search those with natural ingredients like Dermology stretch mark cream and get the tips on how best to use it from someone who has already used. By this way, you can yield maximum benefits from your stretch mark cream. Applying the cream in the right manner helps to increase the blood flow and improves elasticity. So, choosing a stretch mark cream with cocoa, vitamin E and other collagen-building ingredients and massage it into your breasts, hips, belly, and thighs at morning and night.

Choose the product with oils

Oils are effective moisturizes for your skin than butter and plain creams. So, check out the ingredients list for the presence of oils. Stretch mark creams with avocado oil, safflower oil, jojoba oil or almond oil will give the best protection.

Effects of stretch mark creams

Even though there is no complete cure for stretch marks, there are things you can do to reduce them when used properly. You can begin using the cream early during your pregnancy to prevent those annoying marks.


Most women fear stretch marks but understand that it is not the end of life. It is far better to prevent your stretch marks than trying hundred ways to reduce it once showed up.

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Some people just breeze through winter with no noticeable problems. Some, like me, attract all the issues that the cold weather can bring. What about you? 

You might boast of the healthiest skin all year through, but something goes awry in winter. Moisture content in your skin goes down and that is the leading cause of irritated skin. The cold months of winter could bring with them a host of issues like skin redness, rashes and bumps. Your skin might get sensitive, itchy and also swell up a bit.

The rash could be all over your body, or you might notice it localised in one area only, such as your face, arms or legs.

Besides loss of moisture, what could be the causes of winter rashes?

When it is cold, you want to crank up the heat or take hot water baths. This makes your skin lose naturally present oils, thus allowing moisture to escape. You can also get rashes if you:

  • Are sensitive to deodorising or antibacterial soaps or detergents
  • Have a pre-existing skin condition, like psoriasis or eczema
  • Have recently got a bacterial or viral infection
  • Might have developed a latex allergy
  • Have been under a lot of stress
  • Are overworked and fatigued

Treating the annoying winter rash

All is not lost. There are many ways to treat these red bumps on skin. You can use petroleum jelly or natural oils, bathe in milk, etc. Or you can try these home remedies for red skin. Whatever you do, don’t resort to commercially-available products.

#1 The gentle aloe vera

Try and get the freshest aloe vera leaf possible.

The process:

  • Cut the leaf into half and remove the gel.
  • Transfer it immediately into an airtight container.
  • Apply the gel to the red bumps and massage gently.
  • Let it sit for 20-30 minutes before washing it out with water.
#2 Lemon juice to the rescue

You can reduce redness on face with the magic of tangy lemons.

All you need is 1-2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, and a few cotton balls.

The process:

  • Using the cotton ball apply the lemon juice to your affected area.
  • Let it dry for about 5 minutes.
  • Wash it out with tap water.
  • Pat your face dry gently and apply a moisturiser.
  • Do this twice a day.
  • Dilute the juice with water if you have sensitive skin.

Lemon is also one of the best home remedies for pigmentation and can really help you get even tone skin!

#3 Soothe your skin with coconut oil

For this you need to buy a bottle of virgin coconut oil.

The process:

  • Wash your face thoroughly but gently. I like to use a cleanser such as Olay.
  • Gently pat your face dry.
  • Apply a few drops of oil to the entire face or the affected parts and massage gently.
  • Go to sleep with the oil on your face.
  • Do this every night until you notice a change.

You know, there are a million benefits of coconut oil, but if you don’t like the smell, you can try ghee in your skin and hair care routine! It is sure to turn heads.

#4 Treat your skin to delicious cocoa butter

Pick a jar of organic cocoa butter for this treatment.

The process:

  • Dab on cocoa butter to the area affected by the winter rash.
  • Massage it gently and let it stay overnight.
  • Wash your face as usual in the morning.
  • You can do this every night.

#5 The ever-reliable apple cider vinegar

Like lemon, ACV is also acidic in nature and restores the pH balance of your skin.

You will need:

  • ½ teaspoon apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • A few cotton balls

The process:

  • Make a solution of the vinegar and water.
  • Using the cotton balls apply it to the affected areas.
  • Once it dries fully wash it off with tap water.
  • Gently pat your skin dry and apply a moisturiser.
  • You can do this twice a day.

If none of these home remedies for redness on face seem to work, or if the rash gets worse, please visit a doctor for quick treatment.

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Hello Peeps,

No wonder, December is the month to celebrate! It’s that time of the season, where weddings, Christmas & New Year comes at the same time—Who doesn’t wanna look gorgeous this season, then? So the first step starts by following proper skincare regime!


Winters take a toll on our skin—Eerrgh!

As they’ve already set in with the weather turning freezing, the winds turning intensely chilly—You must have surely observed a change in your skin texture. So, it’s necessary to make changes in the daily skincare routine. As the skin tends to get dry & flakey—A good refreshing Face wash is kinda must!

I always keep on ordering different products from Nykaa—As my love for this site is endless! They’ve wide array of beauty products with the best of the deals & reviews. So, I recently got my hands on this new ‘Jungle Stimulating Facial Cleanser’. And I’m super excited to share my review with all of you!

What It Claims?

It is infused with natural Vitamin E & Green Tea extracts, Cucumber, Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil, etc. It defends the skin, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines & aging. Also, helps in keeping skin feeling revived & refreshed.

No mineral oil, no Paraben, no harmful chemicals, etc.


It comes in a sleek plastic bottle with a pump nozzle. Plus, it has a lock system in it, too.

Colour AND Consistency:

It comes in pearly green colour & is runny in consistency. Minor shiny particles are also visible in the Cleanser.


Very mild fragrance. Not a dominating one & so for all the ones, who’re prone to allergies—it’s completely safe for you!


I wash my face twice a day & have an oily skin, too. It gives enough amount of lather. The consistency is thick so one bottle can be used for around 1 month or more—Depends on your use! Well, I’m super happy with the results. I didn’t even apply any face packs from past few weeks after after the wash, but still my skin was supple & soft.

What I liked about ‘St. Botanica Jungle Stimulating Facial Cleanser!’
  • Travel friendly. Comes in a plastic bottle which can be carried easily.
  • Forms enough lather—So no need of taking excess of it.
  • Paraben, Silicon & Sulphate free.
  • Pump nozzle with lock system.
  • Impressive results after few washes.
  • No harmful chemicals—So no allergies or rashes were seen.
  • Repairs Dry Skin, resulting in happier & truly vibrant skin.
  • Also, the lather doesn’t cause any irritation in my eyes.
What I didn’t like about this product!
  • Don’t forget to apply moisturiser after every wash. As during winters, the skin tends to get dry & stretchy.
  • As compared to other products, this face wash doesn’t smells that great!

Price: 200ml for 899/-

Availability: Online & selected stores.

My Rating: 3.5/5

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Hello People,

Staying fit & healthy is very important. Your health is the biggest wealth—Real fitness starts when YOU are ready to take care of yourself! We’re so busy in our love lives AND with the work life, that we often take our health for granted! Well, it’s never too late to start with the healthy routine.

Pay a visit to your family doctor—Get your routine & annual checkups done. Consult a nutritionist for your diet AND don’t forget to exercise!

Sometimes people are willing to get into fitness, but they feel exhausted from inside AND just couldn’t make it. So what’re you waiting for? Pop a pill AND get going with any physical activity you’re planning to start on!

How I Came To Know About It?

To give a perfect start, HOW about taking an essential supplement which is good for your overall health?

Need to shed some weight? I’m truly a gym kind of girl—Who is crazy for workout, workout & workout. I do screen my diet, but cheat day—I just can’t miss it! I do get tired AND recently my gym dietician suggested me this supplement. Wouldn’t it be nice, if there was a supplement that could boost fat oxidation AND let you keep exercising longer? Well, we’ve got a good news—Zenith Nutrition L-Carnitine Vegetarian Capsules helped me in increasing my performance.

It was also taken by my other friends which helped them in weight loss, TOO.

Awareness About The Brand—Zenith Nutrition

 Well, this is a fact around 60% Of Supplements simply don’t work. So what about Zenith Nutrition? It’s a reputable brand AND they’ve many other supplements which are taken by people across different cities. They’re easily available online & you can check the customer reviews to know more about it!

What is L-Carnitine?

It’s a naturally occurring amino acid derivative that’s often taken as a weight loss supplement. It also plays a crucial role in producing energy.

Ingredients AND Product Description

The product claims of producing energy & improves overall health. No gluten, no salt, no sugar, Vegetarian capsules which are free of toxins and metals.

What do I like about Zenith Nutrition L-Carnitine Supplements?
  • I felt much energetic after taking these supplements.
  • High-intensity work capacity.
  • It burns fat, hence helping you in shedding weight.
  • It also supports the cardiovascular system.
  • It helps in increasing metabolism.
  • It also provides many neuroprotective benefits to the brain health.
  • Not only women, It is very helpful to men for their overall health benefits.
  • I use to take it with a post-workout meal, so it was easier for me to digest.
What don’t I like about Zenith Nutrition L-Carnitine Supplements?
  • Diarrhoea, nausea & stomach upset was observed for few days.
  • Bad breath for a week was observed.
  • Depression, dizziness & impaired vision were the side effects faced by one of the senior people in our gym.
  • Swelling in hand, lower legs & feet were the problems faced for few days.
  • It’s about 500mg, people who’re not taking any supplements, shouldn’t start with this heavy dosage without any consultation.
Who should buy it?

Any age group can start with this magical pill for producing more energy. A big NO for all the pregnant & breastfeeding women. Consult a doctor once for the dosage.

Price Rs.1220

Shelf life 18 months

Rating 4/5–Perfect Value For Money

When’re you buying it?

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 If you are into sports, you must be taking good care of your diet. If fitness and health are your priority, you must have adopted healthy eating and lifestyle habits. But, what about your sleep? Don’t you think proper sleep is also an integral part of your fitness regimen? Athletes, sportspersons, and all others who are into regular exercises should pay equal attention to their sleep habits to improve their performance. If you have any doubts about the importance of sleep for exercise, read further to learn the facts.

Reduces risk of injuries

Not getting enough sleep can prevent you from feeling fresh in the morning. It can also reduce your level of alertness. This would result in you missing a step while walking, jogging, or playing any sport. In short, improper sleep can increase your risk of injuries.

On the other hand, having a sound sleep of 8 hours will help you feel fresh and energetic in the morning. It will keep you alert and on your toes while exercising. This would surely reduce your risk of falling or injuring yourself.

Prevents frequent breaks

Exercises are the most beneficial when you perform them on a regular basis. A simple exercise such as walking for 40 minutes a day, for 5 days a week, can improve your health and fitness to a great extent.

However, injuries while exercising can keep you from achieving these benefits. In case you sprain your ankle while walking, you have to take a break for a day or two till the ankle heals completely before you can resume your physical activities.

Many sportsmen also struggling because of strong back pain caused by pressure on the skeleton. This can be significantly lightened by choosing a right mattress. Tips on buying one can be found on sleepissimple.com

If you don’t get enough sleep at night, your risk of injuries while exercising can increase. This would mean you have to stay off the field till the injury heals. It would prevent you from deriving complete benefits of exercising. That is why; you must pay attention to your sleep so that you can achieve the benefits of regular exercising.

Better reaction time

Reaction time is the time taken for you to react to any stimuli. People, who are obese or those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, have a longer reaction time as their body is not equipped with better reflexes or stronger muscles. However, people who exercise on a regular basis have the ability to react in a shorter duration due to their active reflexes and stronger muscles.

This ability can be improved to a great extent by taking proper care of your sleep schedule. Sleep deprivation can reduce your reaction time by producing detrimental effects on your senses and energy levels. Not sleeping well can cause weakness and fatigue during the daytime. This could impair your reaction time and hamper your ability to exercise properly.

Stimulates repair and regeneration

Your sleep is the activity that allows your body some time to repair the damaged parts. Proper sleep can help to rejuvenate your mind as well as body and promote regeneration of the new cells so that they can replace the old, damaged cells. This ensures faster healing of wounds. Sleeping well can prevent worsening of any injury or damage, whether external or internal and thus, enhance your exercise performance.

Stronger immune system

Sleeping well is linked to a stronger immune system. On the other hand, the lack of sleep can affect your immune system, and make you susceptible to illnesses. This can reduce your ability to exercise to the best of your abilities. Hence, it is advisable to ensure your sleep is not hampered due to any reason.

Few mental errors

Being a sportsperson requires you to be fit not just physically but also mentally. Lack of sleep can increase your risk of depression and anxiety. This can have a negative impact on your performance on the field and affect your career.

Sleep loss can also impair your judgment, motivation, memory, focus, and learning abilities. These are the skills whose absence can be counterproductive for your healthy habit of exercising regularly. You can improve these skills simply by ensuring you get an uninterrupted sleep of 8 hours every night on a comfortable medium firm mattress

Being a fitness enthusiast doesn’t mean you exert yourself all day long. Your body needs enough time to rest and repair itself. Minor injuries such as strains and sprains as well as major injuries such as fractures are common among sportspersons. Providing enough time to your body with a sound sleep of 8-hours will help you to continue with your exercises and derive its multiple benefits.

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‘All diseases begin in the gut!’—By Hippocrates, Father Of Modern Medicine.

So true!

‘Digestion is the great secret of life!’

So just don’t take it for granted!

We all agree to it—Right? No matter who you are—A man, woman, student, homemaker, etc; it’s very important to focus on your digestive wellness.

Are you suffering from constipation, allergies, mood swings, bloating? These problems may be rooted in your digestive system. After all, it has a direct impact on your body. It’s utmost important to have a healthy, clean and intact intestinal lining to absorb the maximum nutrients possible. Take right amount of probiotics, enzymes & fibre for a healthy digestive system!

How I came to know about Zenith Nutrition Ultra Probiotic Dietary Supplement?

I’ve been doing my Diploma in Dietician. After my first submission—We’ve to do internship at a reputed hospital and take training under a professional dietician. So during my this training period, I discovered about this supplement. One of my senior doctor suggested it to their patient for healthy digestive system.

My Experience

The patient was facing many digestive issues such as food positioning, yeast infections, allergies asthma, poor immune system, etc. Skin disorders and fluctuating mood swings were also observed. So, the doctor examined the body and recommended her these supplements. Basically, probiotics can be consumed in powered form also. But, these ultra probiotics vegetarian capsules worked great for her.

Product Description

Probiotic comes from the Greek word ‘pro’ means promoting & ‘biotic’ means life. Basically, these vegetarian capsules are the right bacteria that helps in getting a healthy immune system. It claims of promoting a healthy digestion. Not to be used as a substitute for varied diet.

Availability: Online

Packaging: it comes in a white sealed plastic bottle.


Lactobacillus casei, lactobacillus lantarum, etc.

  • Produce Vitamin K1.
  • This helped in lowering patients blood pressure.
  • Detoxify carcinogens that are consumed.
  • Produce beneficial compounds which inhibit the growth of tumour.
  • Lower the ph of the intestines.
  • Prevents cavities.
  • Softens stools with less gas.
  • Provides a quicker transit time for bowel movements.
  • Helps break down carbohydrates and lactose and also it helped in supporting her vaginal health.
  • Helps in maintaining the GI lining & intestinal motility.
Precautions to be taken
  • Never take it on an empty stomach—Bloating and gas issues to be faced.
  • For patients having ulcerative colitis—These supplements were not much useful.
  • If you’ve physiological effects, then it may not give the expected results.
  • Not advisable for pregnant & lactating women. Consult a doctor before taking.
  • Initially, few days the patient had coughing, sore throat, pimples, skin infection, etc. So consult a doctor first before taking.
  • If there is much to clean up in the digestive tract, symptoms can be a bit uncomfortable.

When is the best time to pop this supplement?

Early risers can get the maximum benefit by taking in the morning, people having trouble with sleeping, can take in the night & one can also take with the meal.

Everyone’s body functioning is different. So the same supplement might suit one person and doesn’t suits the other patient.

( if the patient is suffering from any major disease or deficiency)

Price Rs. 1220

Shelf life Best before 18 months

My final verdict: Add this powerful supplement to your daily regime & feel the difference.

Rating 4.5/5

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Hey Gorgeous,

For all the beauty/health junkies, we’ve a good news! I’ve recently got this goodie bag from VLCC & I just can’t take my eyes off it!

A Goodie Bag is like a little bundle of joy in every girls life for sure! It’s time to say hello to the Winters, as well this cute little ‘Vlcc Goodie Bag’. After all, VLCC is all about celebrating beauty & wellness. In no time, this Goodie Bag will make you feel and look awesome—The basics which you need in day-to-day life & which are a saviour for you especially in Winters! For dealing with the chapped lips to skin woes to your dry skin—This Goodie Bag has it ALL! 

VLCC is a renown brand today. They’ve a wide range of beauty products that are all natural and effective. So without making this conversation any longer, let’s jump in for the further review!

(After all, I’m super duper excited to share it with you, pretty ladies!)

 What ‘VlCC Goodie Bag’ Includes:
  1. Skin Defense Wild Turmeric Face Wash 80ml.
  2. Slimmers Herbal Infusion With Green Tea 10 bags.
  3. Hydrophobic Sun Screen Lotion SPF 50 100gm.
  4. Lovable Lips Strawberry Balm 4.5gm.
VLCC Wild Turmeric Face Wash Review:

I’ve always read about the Turmeric benefits of applying on skin. Oh, but as usual applying it directly on Face has always caused irritation and redness. Thanks to VLCC, for introducing me with this magical product—It truly did wonders for me!

It delivers soft, smooth skin you’ve always wanted in an instant! This baby, will take care of your skin & is suitable for all skin types. If you ask me, it’s affordable, cleanses your pores from within AND leaves your skin with a pleasant, cooling effect. It has pure honey & antiseptic properties that protect your skin from daily damage. Thus, keeping your face soft, smooth, hydrated AND healthy.

Price: Rs. 140

GirlXplorer Rating: 4.5/5

Slimmers Herbal Infusion With Green Tea Review:

Are you a fan of Green Tea? Like, do you feel guilty why you hogged on a Belgium Waffle with extra chocolate last night? Do you think, your cheat meals are more often than healthy meal?Is this guilt bothering you? Relax, calm down. Start sipping on green tea everyday AND you’ll feel the difference in no time! Winters has started & believe me, it’s a perfect saviour if you’re prone to cold/cough. From your skin to your hair to your body—Green Tea is the ideal drink for the calorie conscious weight catchers, TOO! Also, it includes herbs such as Mulethi, Tulsi, Trikatu which are very effective in curing seasonal cough.

How it can be used in different ways?

  • If you’re working, grab a tea bag sachet in your handbag AND include it in your bag essentials. Ditch coffee and tea, start sipping on with VLCC Slimmers Herbal Infusion Green Tea
  • Chuck the midnight drink parties—they’re anyways giving no benefits to body, instead start having green tea. Also you can keep the used tea bag in freezer. Next morning, cure your puffy eyes by keeping it on your eyes. They’re über soothing AND you’ll feel so fresh!!!
  • Also, you can use the tea bag for making a scrub. Once you’re done with tea, cut the bag and mix the green tea with curd. Massage it on your face with it, AND la, la, la, get the instant glow in no time!!!!

Price: Rs. 80

GirlXplorer Rating: 4.8/5

VLCC Hydrophobic SunScreen SPF 50 Review:

Ladies, we completely understand the importance of Sunscreen in your life. But let’s just say, when you’re 60, we’re sure you’ll thank us for looking 15 years younger by using this VLCC product. It ensures both your wallet and Your skin stay protected all the time.

Made with raspberry seed oil, this water-resistant lotion is great for all skin types & provides longer duration protection. It’s easy to blend & absorbs in the skin immediately, leaving your skin non greasy, moisturizer and smooth!! We simply love it because it brings a glow to the skin without the white cast that many sunscreens have!

Goodbye sun damage, FOREVER!

Price: Rs. 375

GirlXplorer Rating: 4.5/5

VLCC Lovable Lips strawberry Balm Review:

Girls, get ready to pucker up with this lovely tinted lip balm.

Guess what?

This baby is a complete stunner as it help hydrate, moisture & nourish your oh-so-pretty Lips! *wink,wink*

Ditch your lip stick AND grab on this Balm. Enriched with jojoba oil, almond oil, vitamin E, SPF 15– it comes in a strawberry flavour that easily glides on the lips keeping it soft/supple. It’s a must have in winters for those chappy Lips. It slightly gives a reddish pink tone AND works like a pro!

Price: Rs. 125

GirlXplorer Rating: 5/5

Thank you VLCC for this lovely products. We’re looking forward to use many more products in future!

 Happy Winters!

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Weddings are a period of time in our lives when we go back to our roots and worship our tradition. The presence of tradition is incredibly prevalent in our outfits especially in our hairstyles, which really ties a look together. Here are 10 different hairstyles from different regions, making sure you look your best, most Indian self during your wedding! 

  • Bengali braided bun

    Start by sectioning the hair into 3 equal parts. Then, carefully braid the 2 sections on each side. Take the middle section and wrap the hair round its centre to make a bun. Make sure you use a lot of pins to fasten the bun in place. Drape both the braids on either side around the sides of the head and onto the bun, fastening the braids with pins. A gorgeous Bengali bridal hairstyle!

  • Bengali hairstyle khopa

    This is a more traditional Bengali bun, and dates back to our mothers’ and grandmothers’ weddings. Start by washing and conditioning your hair with Pantene Pro V. Then, make a ponytail. Then, take small clumps of hair and roll it inwards until you reach the scalp. Fasten this roll with lots of pins. Do this for the entirety of your hair. This will give your hair a nice and full look!

  • Floral side bun

    This look is a quintessential Marathi bridal hairstyle. Start by curling your hair. Then, take this curled hair and wrap it around the side of your head. Ensure that the curls are on display and fasten those using lots of bobby pins. As a finishing touch, embed a large lily flower into the centre of your bun!

  • Gujarati side braid

    This look is one of the many Gujarati bridal hairstyles. Start by brushing all your hair behind. Then, break it into 2 segments and intertwine them together, until you reach the bottom of your neck. From the bottom of your neck, begin braiding your hair until the end. Wrap some flowers around the hair as well!

  • Punjabi braid

    Since Punjabi hair is usually thick, they wear a special 5 section braid. This Punjabi bridal hairstyle starts by sectioning the hair into 5 segments. Then, like a braid, the segment most to the left is moved over the second segment to become the second segment. This continues until all the hair is used up!

  • Head jewellery

    Wash and condition your hair, making it voluminous. Then, wrap a gorgeous headgear around your forehead onto your hair, making a lovely and simple traditional hairstyle!

  • Floral Bun

    First, tie a low ponytail. Wrap the ponytail around your head into a bun and use bobby pins to secure it in place. Arrange the flower garland around the bun and secure that too with pins.

  • Messy bun

    First, make a ponytail that isn’t pulled through entirely! Tuck the tail of the ponytail into the ponytail. To make the bun fuller, pull your hair in the bun from all sides. Do the same to all the hair outside the bun, giving your hair a puffy look!

  • Side-parted curls

    Firstly, curl the bottom 4 inches of your hair, one section at a time. Then, move all the hair to one side. Take one section of hair from each side, pin them at their intersection at the back of your head!

  • Low bun

    Start by typing low ponytail at the bottom of your neck. Inside your ponytail, fashion a gap to stick ponytail into again. You will notice your ponytail sticking out after you’ve pushed it in. Braid this part of the ponytail and tuck it into the gap in the ponytail. If you like, you can add some hair ornaments to make the look more festive!

And there you go! 10 traditional hairstyles for the gorgeous traditional bride in you!

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‘Take care of YOUR body, it’s the only place you’ve to live in!’

 Right isn’t it?

I totally agree to it. After all, a healthy outside starts from the inside. Do you believe in 3D’s Formula? It’s utmost important to Detox-Destress and Deflate your body! Don’t take it for granted—Fuel Well, Feel Well AND See The Change!

Have you ever felt sluggish or lacking energy after eating tonnes of processed food? We know the feeling! Detoxing your body does wonders in all the ways! It is one of the best ways to replenish your body AND bring it to a healthier state!

So I would love to share my recent experience with this supplement which helped in curing many problems!

How I came to know about it?

One of my aunt was facing many health issues. Allopathy medicines neither suited her nor she ever suggested anyone to opt for it. So one of her homeopathic doctor made her realise the importance of detoxification. She was suggested many home remedies to do every early morning. To an extent, her minor problems like acidity, constipation, bloating, etc were at bay. Then she recommended her ‘Zenith Nutrition Silymarin Milk Thistle Vegetarian Capsules’. And this magical product really helped her a lot!

Product Description

These vegetarian capsules are powerful antioxidant that promotes healthy liver function. It also protects healthy cells from free radical image. It also claims it has no colour, no gluten, no fish, no sugar and no salt.

Ingredients: Vegetarian gelatine, Milk Thistle extract.

Packaging: 60 vegetarian capsules come in a sealed plastic bottle.

Price: Rs.980

Shelf Life: 18 months

Availability: Online

My Experience:-

My aunt was having jaundice. Also, the hepatic pain and swelling was unbearable. Her treatment went on for a month and she started facing some other liver problems too in no time. Her homeopathic doctor examined her and told that her liver is not so strong AND she need to take few supplements. That’s the time she got to know about ‘Zenith Nutrition Silymarin Milk Thistle Capsules’. It includes Milk Thistle which is a natural herb that has antioxidant & it works as a powerful liver detoxifier. Also, it helped in cleaning the toxins from the body. It worked slowly for her. Don’t expect results in a months time. It’s supporting her liver, but might not suit everyone. Also, my maternal uncle is consuming this supplement as his liver was damaged due to excessive alcoholism—it helped him, too! They’re forever customers NOW.


  • No cramping issues with this brand.
  • Easily digested and absorbed by the body.
  • It also helped in lowering her high cholesterol.
  • After six months of taking these supplements, it also helped her in controlling diabetes.
  • It helped in making her liver strong which resulted in preventing gallstones.
  • Helped her in reducing weight.
  • Helped her skin to be healthier—Reversed ageing process.

Great isn’t it?


  • If you’re already on medication—Don’t take it without doctors prescription—it might cause allergies.
  • Initially for a week, she faced bloating issues.
  • You need to have a healthy diet if you’re on supplements—Avoid junk food.
  • She had random stomach ache in the initial days.
  • A bit expensive as compared to other brands.
  • Never take it on an empty stomach.
  • This supplement is of 400mg, so if you don’t take medicines at all—it might be a bit heavy dosage to start with—Consult a doctor before taking!

My Rating: 4/5

My Final Verdict: It worked for my aunt, and no major problems were faced by her. Minor issues such as bloating, etc were seen only in the first week. You can count on this supplement for lever detoxing!

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GirlXplorer by Paayal Pandyaa - 3M ago

Hair not just forms the important part of one’s health but also the personality. In today’s times we all suffer from the problem of hair fall at various levels. Hair fall is usually connected to our hormones and hereditary issues as well as changing lifestyle, which is due to alteration in our diet pattern as well. According to dermatologists, loosing at least 100 strands of hair on a daily basis is normal but if the number increases, it calls for some immediate action.

Reasons for hair fall:

There are many reasons apart from natural ones due to which you could be losing your precious mane. They include:

  • Poor diet
  • Underlying illness
  • Medication
  • Stress
  • Pollution
  • Bad hair care regime
  • Excessive use of hair chemicals/products

There are many expensive and chemical hair fall treatments available in the markets but they all come with side effects and short-term benefits. Hence, it is very important to follow hair loss treatment that goes the natural way. In fact, there are many ways and means to queries like how to avoid hair fall.

Listed below are few hair fall control tips which are not just easy to follow but are surely going to bring relief to those suffering from the problem of loss of mane.


Everyone loves color and bounce and latest styles when it comes to hair. But we do not realize that incessant and unremitting use of chemicals on hair causes permanent damage that lead to breakage and hair fall. Thus, it is very important to note that coloring and straightening should not be pursued at the same time. After coloring hair, one should always take extra precautions like using only color protection shampoo and eat healthy. Straightening or hair perming is done using chemicals and hence should be avoided.


This is one of the very important hair care tips to follow. Normally, shampoos have very strong chemicals and hence they should not be used for every hair wash. Regular usage can harm hair roots and lead to permanent hair damage. Instead one should opt for mild or herbal shampoos like Vatika Health Shampoo that is enriched with natural scalp conditioning ingredients like amla, olives, shikakai and almonds. Its regular use will ensure cleansing of the scalp of all the impurities, prevent dandruff and encourage growth of healthy and strong hair.

To keep your scalp dandruff free, you can also opt for homemade remedies made with paste of neem leaves, honey, few drops of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Gently massage the mix into the scalp at least once a week for effective results.


Need instant fix on how to avoid hair fall? Opt for natural hair remedies and treatments as they always work as a boon for your hair health. While the temptation to use market ready products is always high, curbing it will work well for your hair in the long run.

Natural products and ingredients found in the kitchen can not only add strength and shine to the hair but also make them look gorgeous. The plus point of using homemade remedies made with ingredients like lemon, henna, amla, honey, eggs and apple cider etc., that it aids in restoring the natural pH balance and conditioning of the hair, deeply nourish it, cleanse it and strengthen the follicles to encourage growth of thick and strong hair.


Some people have a habit of showering with very hot water. It not only harms the skin, but also causes roughness in hair. Washing your hair with extremely hot water can rob them of their natural conditioning, make them limp and weak and as a result snap from the root at the slightest pull. If you are thinking on how to control hair fall, the first and easiest step is to always wash hair with either cold or room temperature water. It helps in maintaining the pH balance of the scalp and avoid breaking of the hair as well.


One of the most well-known and practiced hair fall tip includes massaging your scalp with hair oil. Applying hot oils like Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil will give nourish the hair from root to tip and add strength and thickness to them. Coconut has natural antibacterial properties; thus, its application ensures getting rid of the problem of dandruff. It is also rich in vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that are required to keep the hair nourished, condition the scalp, prevent hair fall and stimulate re-growth of soft and naturally shiny hair.

Need more tips on how to avoid hair fall? Keep following our blog.

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