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Sixty-two years ago, a young boy drowned at Camp Crystal Lake.  The camp counselors failed to save them because they were, uh, busy doing other things.  That young boy later grew into a man who would go on to terrorize others at Camp Crystal Lake, and eventually, around the world.  That young boy was… not The Ghost.  I mean, I never event went to camp as a kid, plus I’m alive (even though I’m The Ghost).

I will, however, host my first ever Friday the 13th Showcase on September, Friday 13th at The Free Man.  There’s so much good local music happening that night that it’s scary good!

The first performer, Charlie J Memphis, goes on at 10:30.  Mr. Memphis is a young blues guitarist that really knows how to wield an axe.  And by axe, I mean guitar.  He’ll play such great hits as “Shake My Bones” and “Bloody Is the Water.”

As the night sky deepens in Deep Ellum, the music continues with Hightower, who will perform tracks from their new EP, Night.  The band’s blend of pop, rock, country, and blues will keep listeners glued to the edge of their seats!  Actually, they’ll probably up on the dance floor, but you get the idea.

Finally, the evening comes to its thrilling climax with Chilldren of Indigo.  The band will perform tunes from Keepers of the Fire, but their music is not the stuff of campfire stories. Watch Chilldren of Indigo thrill the crowd with funk, soul, hip-hop, and rock. Warning: their set is not for the faint of heart!  Because, you know, their shows are a dance party and that does get the heart pumping and all.

Do you think to can handle the excitement of The Ghost’s Friday the 13th Showcase?  Get your tickets now, if you dare!

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After last week’s Monday Mixteen without a central theme, The Ghost did not want two weeks in a row for there to be no coherent thread between the songs.  Alas, I was finding myself wanting a variety of styles within this week’s playlist.  I settled on something of a compromise: an indie music themed Monday Mixteen.  Yes, on the surface, it seems that there is a musical theme.  Truth is, however, indie has become something of a musical catch-all genre.  Indie can mean belonging to an independent label, or it can suggest a specific kind of sound.  In reality, the “indie sound” is becoming harder to define day by day.  I will say, however, that a case can be made for each of these tracks as deserving of the indie label.  The case for indieness (if there’s such a thing) shall be made for each song below.

  1. Air Review, “You Won’t Be Coming Home”
    After a far too long absence on the scene, Air Review is back with a new album.  How We Get By continues in a similar indie sound to their previous full length, Low Wishes.  Their new effort, however, does offer an extra dose of bittersweet tone with their indie pop hooks.
  2. Shmu, “Melting Down the Glass”
    Austin’s Shmu’s sound is very experimental, almost chaotic in song structure.  Unlike many acts that go overboard with sound effects with no solid song structure, Shmu makes its quirky sounds an accent of the song, and not the sole purpose of the song.  The band is certainly blazing a unique path for itself, and that alone makes it worthy of the “indie” label.
  3. End of Orbit, “Love Rush”
    When End of Orbit announced the release of a new song that they stated was Bowie influenced, I went to Spotify to give it a listen.  My first thought was that there was a far stronger Iggy Pop vibe, and I failed to hear much Bowie vibe.  I then noticed I was listening to “Up to You” instead of “Love Rush”.  There’s a strong case to be made that “Love Rush” could be what it would have sounded like had Bowie taken the helm of Roxy Music.  Whether that makes the song “indie” or “new wave” sounding, it puts End of Orbit in a really sweet spot melodically.
  4. Chilldren of Indigo, “Keepers of the Fire”
    Earlier, I suggested that indie is a somewhat meaningless label at this point.  Chilldren of Indigo have adopted the indie label, along with that of several other genres.  Whether COI has a true “indie” vibe might be debatable.  What’s more clear cut is the fact that this band has declared its independence from simple singular genre influences.  And in essence, shouldn’t “indie” be about that independent spirit?  Oh, side note: expect a GOBL/COI announcement very, very soon…
  5. Kyoto Lo-Fi, “Flowering Boulder”
    Instead of The Ghost saying how awesome this track is and all, here’s a link to an article on the new single at Wavelength, which may be Dallas’ most underrated music blog.
  6. Goons, “Fight the Feeling”
    Is it just me, or do half of the new “indie” songs sound like they could’ve been hits in the 1980’s?  Austin Goons has more than a few hint of 80’s sound in their band.  Not that The Ghost is complaining or anything…
  7. Meach Pango, “Downhill”
    Part quirky, part smart rock n’ roll, all fun.  That’s just how Meach Pango rolls.
  8. Reddening West, “Wander On”
    If you want to hear what indie sounds like as its most gorgeous, there’s likely no band in Texas that does it better than Reddening West.  The sounds they compose are the kind that absorb the listener and transport them into another world filled with sonic beauty.
  9. The Bralettes, “Eddie”
    If Reddening West is the gorgeous corner of indie, The Bralettes would be more representative of the raw riot grrl sound of indie bands of the late 1990’s like Sleater-Kinney.
  10. Luna Luna, “Feelings in Me”
    Luna Luna, who have become indie darlings of the local music scene, will celebrate the release of their new album this Friday at Deep Ellum Art Company.
  11. Zed/Zero, “Dirty Trombones”
    In Geometry, there is the informal proof, a method of proving a statement true by proving the opposite statement false.  The opposite of indie would be mainstream, correct?  Well, do you think you can call this song mainstream?  Zed/Zero is indeed an indie band then.  That concludes this lesson in logic.  Now enjoy this funky oddity.
  12. Jade Nickol, “Marijuana & Gin”
    Ms. Nickol definitely maintains an indie vibe within her style of folk-pop.  And again, it’s hard to think of a song with a title with “Marijuana & Gin” fitting in as mainstream.
  13. Andrew, dear, “Count Me In”
    This newcomer in the local music scene definitely possesses some sonic similarities with Death Cab for Cutie.  Unlike Death Cab, however, there’s a brightness and energy in “Count Me In” that gives the track its own identity.
  14. Secrecies, “Anything at All”
    Friday night’s album release show for Secrecies was both a visual and sonic treat for the system.  Music lovers looking for the midpoint between modern indie and classic new wave will eat up this track.
  15. Ellen Once Again, “Good Vibes”
    Indie seems to be a popular genre prefix.  Indie-rock.  Indie-pop.  And in the case of Ellen Once Again, indie soul.  Or, you could say that the song title tells you everything you need to know about Ellen’s sound.
  16. Chomsky, “Road”
    I end the playlist with one of the indie rock greats from Dallas, Chomsky.  The band will celebrate the 20th anniversary of A Few Possible Selections for the Soundtrack of Your Life this Saturday night at Double-Wide, along with Bobgoblin, another iconic Dallas classic.

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You knew the second you saw that Beetle that it was time for another installment of Video Wednesday.  Actually, maybe you’re new to the blog, and have no idea what the heck The Ghost is talking about.  So here’s the deal: sometimes on a Wednesday, I’ll share a bunch of videos on the blog and call it Video Wednesday (VW for short).  I was hoping the clever (and admittedly somewhat gimmicky) name might entice some Volkswagen dealership to sponsor GOBL.  The Ghost is still waiting…

While I wait for a big money sponsorship of Volkswagen (or anyone else who wants to throw money my way), how about I share some music videos with you?  Here’s a brand new video out of Cody Lynn Boyd for a song he just released called “Plastic Generation.”  His video for “I’m Gonna Give You Anything” was one of my faves from last year, and this new video is another winner.  The team of Madeleine Mathis and Anya Bosworth created a work that is visually appealing while sending a message on the consumer centered world we live in.  It’s a perfect visual accompaniment for this sharply written tune of Boyd’s.

Cody Lynn Boyd - Plastic Generation (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Up next is the latest video out of Fort Worth band Royal Sons.  The band’s sound could easily described as 1970’s influenced heavy rock with a distinct blues twist to it.  The video for “Shufflin’ Shoes” looks like everything you would expect from a band with such a sound.  Classic cars, lots of booze, wild poker games, you name it.  Watching “Shufflin’ Shoes” is like going to the wildest party you’ve ever had but without the hangover the next morning… or discovering you gambled away your wedding ring…

Royal Sons - Shufflin' Shoes (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Austin band Blushing will be visiting the metroplex this weekend.  You can catch them live Sunday night at Main at South Side along with Ringo Deathstarr and Trauma Ray.  Their latest video, “So Many”, is technically a lyric video, with each verse handwritten at the bottom of a separate Polaroid picture.  These photos are mixed in with video shots of Christine Carmona and Michelle Soto in a video that perfectly captures the sadness of this gorgeous song.

Blushing "So Many" (Official Video) - YouTube

Finally, Dead Beat Poetry released a video for “It’s All Been Done Before” several months ago, but I’ve been slow to post.  Better late than never, right?

Dead Beat Poetry - It's All Been Done Before - YouTube

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I once received advice on the Monday Mixteen that it’s good to have a theme for the playlist.  Most of the time, I try to heed that advice.  In recent playlists, I have focused on musical genres (such as country), promoting events (like my Acoustiganza), or promoting shows happening on a given weekend.  To be sure, it’s nice when there’s a clear thread that runs between the songs.  Sometimes the themes can be limiting.  Maybe there are various events you want to discuss, or multiple new songs that people should take notice of.

This Monday Mixteen is without a clear theme.  The songs spans genres and moods, and I’m alright with that, and I hope you will be too.  And even if you’re not okay with it, too bad…

  1. Remy Reilly (ft. Vandoliers), “Burn”
    There was not doubt in The Ghost’s mind that this needed to be the opening track on today’s Monday Mixteen.  It’s the most fiery vocal performance of Ms. Reilly’s to date (please pardon the pun).  Remy has always managed to work well within the confines on indie-pop, but “Burn” shows that she can rock with the best of them.  This track is indeed fire (sorry, but the title lends itself to way too many puns).
  2. Secrecies, “Hole in My Heart”
    Three Links will likely be a busy spot this Friday, thanks to the album release show by Secrecies.  It’s a strong bill all around, with NiTE, Helium Queens, and Zoe Zobrist completing the lineup.  In the meantime, check out the band’s re-recording of their first single.  I’d say the album version is more intriguing than the original.
  3. Charlie J. Memphis, “Fairy Tales”
    There “might” be a GOBL show announcement happening this week, and it “might” involve Charlie J. Memphis.  And I “might” like to overuse quotation marks around the word “might”.
  4. Tippy Balady, “The Moon and Me”
    The Ghost seems to be out of the loop on all things Tippy Balady related.  I recently was supposed to go to a special performance of hers, only to discover my date was wrong.  I also seemed to miss out on the fact that she’s released a new single.  Way to go, Ghost.
  5. Quaker City Night Hawks, “Better in the Morning”
    Sure, the Quaker City Night Hawks have managed to become one of the most popular rock bands in the area with their southern rock charm, but… wait, where was I going with this? Maybe the sentence should’ve ended after the word “charm.”
  6. Pearl Earl, “Something’s Gotta Change”
    Are Pearl Earl the metroplex’s most kitschy psych rock band?  Or are they the most psychedelic sounding kitsch rock band?  Or does it even matter with songs this cool?
  7. Astrogiirl, “Odd Penguin”
    It seems that 2019 has been light on noteworthy on local R&B tracks.  Sure, there’s been plenty of R&B influenced pop tracks, but not much that firmly belongs in the R&B field.  And while Astrogiirl’s music definitely has a few indie-pop edges to it, the smoothness of the track and vocals are firmly in the realm of R&B.  While The Ghost knows little about Astrogiirl, I will be on the lookout for more info (and tunes) from this artist.
  8. Ringo Deathstarr, “Frisbee”
    Yes, Ringo Deathstarr will be headlining a show at Main at South Side this coming Sunday.  The fact that Ringo Deathstarr is headlining the show is likely no surprise.  What might surprise you, however, is the fact that I’d rank Ringo Deathstarr as the least interesting act on the bill that night.  Austin’s Blushing will be providing some gorgeous harmonies with their take on shoegaze, while Fort Worth’s own Trauma Ray blurs the line between beauty and brutality with their songs.  Do not mistake this as The Ghost saying that Ringo Deathstarr isn’t a strong band, but rather a comment on how beyond stacked this lineup is at M.A.S.S.  Fans of the shoegaze genre will likely view this show as a small slice of heaven on earth.
  9. Erstwhile, “Six Lies”
    Alas, Curtain Club is now gone, and fans are left only with memories.  My last night in the venue was their final Friday, and Erstwhile was one of the last bands I saw take the stage.  The band’s performance was nothing short of amazing.  The most memorable musical moment of their set came with “Six Lies.”  The keyboard intro feels like it would’ve been a perfect intro to a Sisters of Mercy song, only before the track morphs into a heavy rock groove that Deftones would likely be envious of.
  10. Posival, “I Am One With the Sun”
    At only 97 seconds at length, Posival manages to squeeze lots of power, pop, and punk into this track.  Mr. Posival sings “I don’t expect too much”, but after this track, I’ll be expecting a lot more out of him musically.
  11. Rakim Al-Jabbaar, “African Bird Pepper”
    I caught only the last few seconds of Rakim Al-Jabbaar’s performance at the DOMA Showcase last December.  What little I caught made me question if there was a change in the lineup.  I did not see Rakim rapping on stage, and only heard some solid bluesy guitar riffs by those still on stage.  After speaking to audience members, I came to realize that Rakim’s live performance was more eclectic than what I had predicted.  Some of that musical uniqueness comes through on his latest single, combining hints of blues, funk, rap, and I’m not quite sure what else he’s cooked up into his musical gumbo.  All that The Ghost knows is that Rakim is likely the most interesting singular rapper remaining in Dallas.
  12. Doug Conlon, “Stay Beautiful”
    With the recent closing of Curtain Club, it’s had The Ghost reflecting on the many acts seen there during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.  One of those acts was Eden Automatic, who was a regular opening act for Sugarbomb back in the day.  Eden Automatic may be no more, but Annette and Doug Conlon are still recording music and playing shows out in California.  Doug released this new single last week, a song that he “dedicated to all the artists who create, to make the world more beautiful and a little more comprehensible.”
  13. Peyton Stilling, “Out of My Mind”
    Peyton’s first single, “Forest Through the Trees” has been getting a decent amount of play on KXT as of late, but I’d argue that this is her stronger track both musically and lyrically.
  14. Migrant Kids, “Timescales”
    Austin’s Migrant Kids are gearing up for the release of their new album, We All Forget.  The album’s opener, “Timescales”, evokes the darker sounds of the 80’s new wave movement while maintain the level of energy found in the more mainstream tracks of the genre.
  15. Jessie Frye, “Angel”
    Jessie Frye has definitely jumped aboard the 80’s retro vibe as of late.  “Angel” is another strong addition to her catalog, and one that makes me wonder why sax solos ever went out of style.
  16. The Iveys, “Colors of Honey”
    The Ghost closes out this Monday Mixteen with the lovely title track from the new EP from El Paso band The Iveys.  The harmonies featured in this track are as sweet and smooth as honey, and it ends the playlist on a lovely note.

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So you all know that July 4th is Independence Day, which marks the anniversary of the U.S. declaring itself its own country.  I bet you didn’t know, however, that July 4th is National Country Music Day.  It seems appropriate, as I’m not sure there’s a musical style that’s as distinctively American is Country.  In honor of National Country Music Day, I’ve created a Monday Mixteen that is centered around the genre.  It’s not as homogeneous of a sound as many perceive it to be.  The sixteen tracks here explore the different sonic and lyrical avenues that Country music can travel down.

  1. Joshua Ray Walker, “Burn It”
    Most of Mr. Walker’s tunes are mellower and more serious, but this is just such a fun tune that it seems the right way to begin this Monday Mixteen.
  2. Brian Lambert, “Mama Please”
    Some songs of Lambert’s are pure country, some feel kinda folky, and then sometimes his tunes are a little harder to classify.  I don’t know if this is country, Americana, or whatever, but I like it.
  3. Joe Savage, “As Country As I’ll Ever Be”
    And this is about as country as you can get.
  4. Vandoliers, “Cigarettes in the Rain”
    Last week, I asked for opinions on the best country acts in the area.  Leslie Hudson, mother to the talented Jade Nickol, responded with Vandoliers as a favorite, and specifically mentioned this track.  Mrs. Hudson, you made a fine choice!
  5. Elaina Kay, “Daddy Issues”
    This is one of two tracks from last week’s Monday Mixteen to return again this week.  It’s a catchy tune, so I’m hoping you won’t have any issues with that.  And yes, the pun was intended.
  6. September Moon, “Abilene”
    When I asked for people’s favorite country acts, this band may have gotten more mentions than any other.  I liked their EP, but I kinda slept on “Abilene” until now.  When you mistake a mistake, own up to it, move on, and add it to your Monday Mixteen.
  7. Ottoman Turks, “Glass Bottles”
    I dig this song, which I heard weeks before its release, and I’ve gotten to hear the next single from Ottoman Turks, “Apathy”.  This track is good, but if I’m honest, “Apathy” is a beast of a track.  But it’s also less country, so “Glass Bottles” works fine for now.
  8. Casey Baker, “I Want You to Want Me to Stay”
    Because really, what’s a country playlist without a few heartbreak ballads?
  9. Old 97’s, “St. Ignatius”
    True, the Old 97’s are not the most authentically country band.  It was their take on alt-country, however, that opened the door for me to even entertain the idea of listening to country music.
  10. Justin Tipton, “Gimme Back What’s Mine”
    Here’s the other track making a return to the Monday Mixteen from last week.  Don’t be surprised if it winds up on yet another playlist.
  11. Ivan Dillard, “Hit Me Back”
    Ivan Dillard’s tunes run the gamut from folk to country.  Mr. Dillard has also hinted at recording some country tunes that he refers to as “revolutionary”, and that would likely venture into lyrical territory uncommon in most of his country music contemporaries.  Sounds interesting…
  12. Frankie Leonie, “Take All the Good out of the Bye”
    Frankie, how are you writing a tune like this?  You’re still in high school; you shouldn’t have lived enough to write a song so sad.
  13. Squeezebox Bandits, “Just a Drink Away”
    The zydeco influence in this track is certainly not common in country.  Perhaps the band wanted to balance things out since the song’s title is highly typical country music territory.
  14. Kirk Holloway, “Lonesome in the Lone Star State”
    Cool song, and very cool song title.
  15. Trees Marie and the Heavy Hearts, “Wild as the Wind”
    Trees Marie is quickly becoming a favorite of mine in terms of local country acts.  She incorporates elements of pop, southern rock, and folk in her country, and writes some solid tunes.  This one leans a little pop.  I’d even dare say there’s some Fleetwood Mac influence in this song.  I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am.
  16. Willie Nelson, “Immigrant Eyes”
    Sure, Willie is one of the greatest acts not only in country music, but one of the all time greats regardless of genre.  Mr. Nelson recently released a video for this song.  Let this tune serve as a reminder that this is a nation built on, and built by, immigrants.

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Since The Ghost resides in North Dallas, it usually takes a bit of a drive to get to most musical destinations.  Truth is, there are not many venues that book consistenly solid shows that are north of 635.  Certainly one of the stronger of those venues is Six Springs Tavern in Richardson.  Six Springs has hosted such GOBL favorites as Vandoliers, The Roomsounds, and Droo’s Peace Crush, just to name a few.  In spite of their strong shows and close proximity to my place of residence, The Ghost has yet to visit Six Springs Tavern.  That changes tonight.

Tonight, singer-songwriters Anna Larson and Claudia Gibson will take the stage at Six Springs.  Those who listen to the Monday Mixteen have likely noticed her presence on more than a few playlists.  The Ghost’s favorite song is “Where Were You”, the opening track from her current album Shifting Sand. It’s a heartfelt track that is reminiscent of Natalie Merchant’s strongest performances.  Not only is Anna’s voice technically strong, but the emotion she puts into her delivery makes the musical delivery stronger than the sum of the lyrics (which are already noteworthy).

Dallas residents have two opportunities to catch Ms. Larson.  The first is tonight at Six Springs, and tomorrow night at Opening Bell Coffee.  I would encourage my readers to attend at least one of the shows.  While “Where Were You” is her album’s strongest track, Shifting Sand is the type of album where there is no need for a skip button.  In this day and age where singles are king, it’s a refreshing change of pace to find such an impressive collection of tunes.

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What a weekend this has been for The Ghost.  I want to give a huge thank you to Opening Bell Coffee for letting me host my Acoustiganza there, to all the talented musicians who played, and for everyone who came and supported the local musicians.

This weekend promises to be a big one for shows as well.  In fact, every one of the acts in this Monday Mixteen has at least one show coming up over the course of the weekend.  I hope your cash flow hasn’t gotten too tight near the end of the month, because you’ve got some killer concerts coming up here.

  1. Hightower, “Nobody’s Fool”
    We kick off the list with a show in, off all places, Bedford.  The mid-cities aren’t exactly known as a gold mine for local music, but the fine musicians from Hightower will be at Glade Parks this Saturday.
  2. Mean Motor Scooter, “Organic Frequency”
    Denton folks who wanna rock can’t go wrong with the lineup at Harvest House Friday.  Mean Motor Scooter will be rocking the venue along with Kyoto Lo-Fi and Junie.
  3. Justin Tipton, “Gimme Back What’s Mine”
    The Ghost has been hearing a bit of buzz around Mr. Tipton for awhile.  His first single, “Gimme Back What’s Mine”, has me curious to hear more.  I think it’s a safe bet to predict he’ll perform that song at Armoury D.E. Saturday night.
  4. Atlantis Aquarius, “The Feels”
    If you’re hoping to feel “The Feels”, I’d recommend heading out to The Rustic Saturday night to see this band.
  5. Trauma Ray, “WMD”
    Trauma Ray is part of a bill at Dan’s Silverleaf this Saturday that the venue refers to as Post Fest Presents: North Texas Post Rock.  When I think of Post-Rock, I tend to think of Spirit of Eden period Talk Talk, and not My Bloody Valentine.  Trauma Ray has far more in common with the latter than the former.  But if you’re looking for a band with emotional intensity that can also blast your eardrums out, then Trauma Ray is exactly what you want.
  6. Black Hole Bears, “Chicken Friday”
    The Denton based band Black Hole Bears have a busy weekend ahead of them.  They kick of the weekend at BackYard on Bell on Friday night, go to Haltom City Saturday to perform at the Haltom Theater, and then end the weekend Sunday night at Tradewinds Social Club.
  7. Mitchell Ferguson, “Hallelujah (I’ve Got the Blues Again)”
    Like Bedford, Sachse is another city that doesn’t have lots of noteworthy local shows.  Mr. Ferguson will be making the city a little cooler Friday night, when he performs at Backyard and 5th.
  8. Rob Case, “From a Dream”
    Many of you may be aware of the health problems experienced by Mr. Troll.  The local music veteran has suffered three strokes as of late, and the medical bills are piling up.  There will be a benefit show for Mr. Troll Sunday night at Poor David’s Pub.  Rob Case is among the musicians performing the event.  Mr. Case also was a regular at the Open Mic night hosted by Mr. Troll.  If you can’t make it to the show, you might want to visit his Go Fund Me page to give back to a musician who has given so much to our music community.
  9. Sonar Lights, “The Four Horsemen”
    George Miadis of Sonar Lights will be doing an acoustic set Grapes to Wine this Friday night.  While most of his set will be focused on cover tunes, you might be able to persuade him to play some Sonar Lights tunes.  Just tell him you’re a friend of The Ghost and he’ll likely honor your request.
  10. Mañana Cowboy, “Arkansas”
    Arlington’s music scene is strengthening, thanks in large part to Division Brewery and Caves Lounge.  The latter venue will host a strong lineup Friday night, featuring Mañana Cowboy, Josh and the Jet Noise, and Bruce Magnus.
  11. Elaina Kay, “Daddy Issues”
    You have two chances to catch this talented young lady with “Daddy Issues”.  She’ll perform Friday at LSA Burger Co. in Denton, then again Saturday night at Magnolia Motor Lounge.
  12. Anna Larson, “Where Were You”
    Anna’s first show in the metroplex this week will take place Thursday at Six Springs Tavern in Richardson, with Claudia Gibson joining her on the bill.  Ms. Larson will then play the following evening at Opening Bell Coffee.
  13. Vandoliers, “Sixteen Years”
    Here’s another Arlington show for you: Vandoliers will be at Levitt Pavilion Friday night.
  14. Mountain Natives, “We Call Each Other Home”
    The duo of Mountain Natives have kept a little lower profile this year, but you’ll have the opportunity to catch them at Witherspoon Distillery this Saturday from 6-9 PM.
  15. Ansley, “For the Last Time”
    The last two shows I’m focusing on have a definite bittersweet flavor to them.  One of The Ghost’s favorite singer-songwriters, Ansley, is packing her bags and moving to Nashville.  While I’ll be wishing her the greatest of success as she continues to pursue her musical dreams, her presence will be sorely missed in the metroplex.  Friday night’s show at Main at South Side is a farewell celebration, featuring performances by Keanu Leaves, Vodeo, and of course Ansley.
  16. Royal Sons, “Davey”
    After 21 years of rock shows in Deep Ellum, this weekend marks the end of Curtain Club.  The venue is going out in style, with three days of huge concerts.  Sunday’s show has the biggest headliner (Drowning Pool), and Saturday’s show is sponsored by Deep Ellum Radio.  My personal favorite of the three nights, however, is Friday night.  That’s the night featuring Erstwhile (the new band featuring Alex Lilly from In Memory of Man), longtime GOBL favorite The Orange, and one of my new faves, Royal Sons.  In fact, I “might” have some tickets to give away tomorrow evening 7-9 PM as I do a special edition of GOBL Radio, where I pay tribute to the bands I’ve seen play at Curtain Club (plus a few I haven’t).

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This Thursday marks the 2019 Summer Solstice for the Northern Hemisphere. The sun will shine longer on Thursday than any other day of the year. As the hours of sunlight grow, so does the Monday Mixteen. Today’s playlist clocks in at a hare over two hours, which will almost certainly make it the longest Monday Mixteen posted this year. Yes, these songs are longer, and it’ll take you a bit longer to finish listening to this playlist, but I think you’ll find it time well spent. After all, you need some melodic sunshine to accompany the physical sunlight, correct?

  1. Artemus, “Heavy Heart”
    Some readers will think that I’m only kicking off the playlist with Artemus because he’s performing at my Acoustiganza this Saturday at Opening Bell Coffee. Truth is, this is a fine song with a “slow burn” quality to it. In other words, there’s a subtleness to the track that will eventually get under your skin. That’s why I’m beginning the playlist with “Heavy Heart.” But now that you mention it, this Saturday’s Acoustiganza is gonna be pretty bangin’ and all…
  2. Song Dynasty, “Ai Ta”
    Chinese jazz is not a genre that’s featured much on GOBL. To be more precise, Song Dynasty is the first ever representative of the sub-genre to be feature on the blog. But when you pair the silky vocals of Li Liu with her crew of fine musicians, these jazz tracks translate just fine.
  3. Music for Elevators, “Lift”
    There’s a dreamy, borderline ambient quality to Music for Elevators. Much of their music may seem like mere background music at first, but such a classification is oversimplifying the matter. Whether you call the band ambient, post rock, or whatever else, there’s a pleasant dreamy quality that has me listening to their self-titled EP more than I would have expected.
  4. Trauma Ray, “Solstice”
    When selecting the track, it didn’t dawn on me how fitting the song title is. I just chose the track because it’s long and I love me some Trauma Ray. This is an especially fitting choice for celebrating the Summer Solstice.
  5. E.B. the Younger, “Don’t Forget Me”
    At “only” six minutes even, E.B. the Younger has the shortest song on the playlist.
  6. Cameron Smith • Sur Dada, “A Good Way to Say Goodbye”
    Cameron Smith comes in second place for shortest song here, beating E.B. by a matter of six seconds.
  7. Western Youth, “Norah”
    I don’t know if the Austin band was inspired by Ms. Jones to write this track, but it’s a solid tune that manages to keep my attention for the full (almost) seven minutes time length.
  8. Sonar Lights, “Reset”
    I would’ve preferred to feature the band’s newest song, “The Four Horsemen”, but I felt the track was a little too “short” to be featured on the playlist. Their closer to Babelonia makes a better fit for this Monday Mixteen. Maybe next week I can get “The Four Horsemen” a spot on the Monday Mixteen.
  9. Pleasant Grove, “Nothing This Beautiful”
    “Nothing This Beautiful” is the most epic song ever to come out of the metroplex. Change my mind.
  10. Somogyi, “Sideways Dreams”
    So much good music comes out of the metroplex area that sometimes I feel as if certain artists get short changed. Somogyi’s Sideways Dreams EP deserves more love than I’ve given it. So if you can, spare this young lady seven minutes out of your day for her EP’s title track. Your ears will thank you.
  11. Jackie Venson, “Back to Earth”
    If you like a song that starts slow and works its way up to a grand climax, then I have the jam for you right here!
  12. Duell, “All the World”
    Fort Worth Weekly has a lot of love for this song. If memory serves correct, “All the World” is up for Best Rock Song in their Music Awards, and I think several band members were nominated based on their performance in this song.
  13. Felt & Fur, “Pulling a Thread”
    It’s dark. It’s moody. It’s catchy. It’s felt. It’s fur. It’s a thread. It’s being pulled. It’s getting tiresome writing these short, choppy sentences.
  14. Svenny Baby!, “Untangled”
    Most of the Svenny Baby! catalog consists of 3-4 minute bouncy pop tunes. “Untangled” is unique in both its length and midtempo pacing. While it’s not a song you’ll crank out at a party, it is the kind of song that you want to listen to in your headphones and get lost in.
  15. The Orange, “30 Minutes ‘Til Midnight”The Orange will reunite next Friday as part of the Curtain Club’s final weekend. There are already eleven acts officially listed as playing that Friday, and rumor has it there are even more bands that will play that day. The Ghost is gonna go out on a limb that predict that The Orange will not take up ten minutes of their set with this song.
  16. Pinkish Black, “Next Solution”
    Why not end this playlist with a song that’s almost twelve minutes of dissonance, chaos, and everything else one would expect out of a Pinkish Black song.

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It is The Ghost’s privilege to debut the new video from Relick for “Today Sunshine.” The clip, directed by Shanna Lucas, shows Matt and Amber Hibbard from the band enjoying a day of fun at an amusement park. The day that the video was shot, however, the weather was overcast and rainy. Matt noted how the contrast between the weather and the activities mirrors the theme within the song, stating that “f you can’t get what you want, hope for the best but expect the worst. Create your own sunshine.”

Relick has always brought a ray of sunshine through their pop melodies, though the lyrics sometimes bring a cloud or two to prevent all the sun’s ray from coming through. Expect more songs to be released in the coming months, culminating in the release of their full length album, Lotta Noise, in November.

In the meantime, see if watching “Today Sunshine” helps you bring some sunshine to your day.

Relick - Today Sunshine (Official Video) - YouTube

The post Video Debut: Relick, “Today Sunshine” appeared first on Ghost of Blind Lemon.

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After a long, dry May, June is proving to be a more fruitful month for The Ghost.  Not only have I been posting playlists and planning Acoustiganzas, but last Wednesday was my first show on Deep Ellum Radio in more than a minute.  Fortunately, many local bands have continued to send their mp3’s to ghost@deepellumradio.com for airplay.  Unlike playlists, where the song simply needs to be available on Spotify, I am unable to play tracks on my radio show unless I have a CD or mp3 by that artist.

The following Monday Mixteen is comprised of tracks that I do NOT have in my music library.  I would gladly play these songs on my radio show if those songs were to come into my possession.  So if you’re an artist and see your song on this playlist, you know what to do.

  1. Deep Red, “Things We Can’t Say”
    Leah Lane is certainly experimented in her fair share of genres. She’s already delved into the musical arenas of psych-rock (Moon Waves) and goth/new wave (Rosegarden Funeral Party). Her newest project, Deep Red, is allowing her to explore her appreciation for shoegaze. No word on when Leah will be releasing a country or hip-hop album.
  2. Crushed Stars, “French Exit”
    The dreamy pop of Crushed Stars would make a fine addition to an episode of GOBL Radio, don’t you think?
  3. Migrant Kids, “Push Me Aside”
    The Austin band was keeping a low profile for awhile, but in the past few months, Migrant Kids has released several strong singles, including “Push Me Aside.”
  4. Simone Nicole, “Subtle”
    The track is appropriately titled, as Simone’s vocals pack an emotional punch without having to venture into the territory of vocal acrobatics. This less is more approach fits her well, and “Subtle” just might be one of the sleeper hits of the summer.
  5. The Bralettes, “Highway”
    One of the bands that I’ve listened to the most this year is unarguably The Bralettes. It’s kind of crazy that I still don’t have their album, Cheers! And while I seriously do intend to purchase the CD in the near future, a few mp3’s for the radio show right now would be a good thing.
  6. Gollay, “Kew Gardens”
    If you want to know what album I’ve been listening to the most the past few weeks, it would have to be Override. Gollay has created a highly impressive album that spans from dreamy electronica sharp indie rock. The number of plays I’ve given Gollay on Spotify must be a large number. Alas, Spotify won’t cut it for Deep Ellum Radio.
  7. Hey Cowboy!, “Cherry Jerry Citrus”The band began in Denton, then moved to Austin. Perhaps their mp3’s and CD’s got lost in the mail during the move. I’ll give Hey Cowboy! a pass… for now.
  8. Ley Line, “To the Sky”
    Austin’s Ley Line is the musical equivalent of a deep breath of fresh air. I think that GOBL Radio listeners deserve to breath fresh air, don’t you?
  9. Empire Cats, “Everything”
    To their credit, Empire Cats did send me a press release regarding their new album. But have you ever tried playing a press release on the air? It doesn’t work out very well.
  10. E.B. The Younger, “Out of the Woods”Some might say that Midlake member Eric Pulido has more important things to do than make sure The Ghost has his new album for airplay. Those people are wrong.
  11. Danielle Grubb, “Ruins”
    Danielle Grubb’s seems to transcend simple musical genres. Maybe there just needs to be a genre called “good music that doesn’t fit any nice and neat category.” I’m down for including that genre on my radio show.
  12. Reddening West, “Wander On”
    It was a little over three years ago that Reddening West first contacted me about their Where We Started EP. This may sound hyperbolic, but it really was love at first listen for me with this band. I’m still loving the gorgeous melodies of this Austin band, but I’d love it even more if I could get this new song of theirs.
  13. The Walk Offs, “Indie Blues”
    The only thing giving me the blues about this San Antonio band is my inability to play their strong rocking tunes.
  14. The 40 Acre Mule, “16 Days”
    The 40 Acre Mule already acquired a strong following even before their first single was released. I’m sure that having music on all the usual digital outlets helps their popularity. Who knows, maybe a few spins on my radio show could gain them even more fans. Hey, it COULD happen…
  15. The Sour Notes, “Peak”
    They’re from Austin, they rock, and they should send me their mp3’s. Not sure what else needs to be said.
  16. Big Heaven, “Nothing Left to Lose”Much of the Fort Worth band’s new EP finds the group exploring their love of new wave. I’ve given several spins to the lead single, “Dreamin'”, a track that explores the more fun side of the genre.  This album closer is more of a straight ahead melancholy pop tune, gorgeous though with a less obvious new wave influence. I’d love to feature more Big Heaven songs on my show, so c’mon guys, email me some mp3’s. You’ve got nothing to lose, right?

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