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The Asphalt Esports Series presented by BlackShark is putting racers to the test all around the world. With the first two qualifiers already over, it's time to get serious as the regional playoffs quickly approach.

To keep the competition fierce and fair, all races straps everyone into the seat of the same Porsche and puts everyone on the same track. The specifics all change for each phase of the tournament though.

Most importantly, with Porsche being the official car manufacturer of the competition, maxed out versions of the each Porsche will be unlocked while participating in the event!

Porsche 718 Cayman S

The four qualifying rounds are split between two different cars:

  • Porsche 718 Cayman S

  • Porsche 911 GTS Coupé

The first two rounds took place in San Francisco and Rome and put players to the test in the Porsche 718 Cayman S. It may be Class D, but it's at the top of the class and holds its own as an all around great handling car.

For the real gearheads out there, the slick sports car is actually the coupe version of the Porsche 718 Boxster S and that cool look really compliments its smooth handling.

Check out Alex Letizia's video covering the first qualifier to see just how he used all the power of the 718 to tear up the track.

Porsche 911 GTS Coupé

The Porsche 911 GTS Coupé is easy to drive and fun to learn, making it always a decent choice. The entry level B Class car is generally recommended as a must-have for people first picking up Asphalt 9 for its perfect combination of accessibility and power. Generally speaking, the Porsche 911 boasts a nice top speed and acceleration, but pretty average handling and nitro. It’s safe to say it’s a welcome addition to the series.

The 911 is the official Porsche for the last two qualifiers so gear up and get ready for some adrenaline pumping action in Shanghai and the Caribbean. If you're looking to become a Legend, keep your eyes on ASL_Tae-Hwan Kim and TheHawtDawg1 over on Youtube! They’ll be dishing out some pro tips that will help put you ahead of the curve.

In the meantime, feurrmFilms has you covered with a quality review of the B Class hero:

Porche 918 Spyder

Things really start accelerating during the regional playoffs. The list of potential Legends whittles down to 900 players across the 3 participating regions as the phase moves off the starting block.

As things heat up for the regional playoffs, everyone will be racing in the Porsche 918 Spyder with NA sparking across the plains in the US Mid West, EU storming into the highlands of Scotland, and Asia rushing through the busy streets of Shanghai.

As for the super sports car? Well, the 918 is simply a thing of beauty. It's the kind of car you dream about and in Asphalt 9: Legends dreams really do come true.

The Porsche 918 Spyder's performance is perfectly balanced, as all things should be. The 918 passes all its classes with high marks across top speed, acceleration, and nitro. The only drawback is a slight loss in handling, but that’s the price you pay for driving oh so fast.

The hybrid hypercar in Asphalt 9: Legends is actually a slightly altered version of the base model with what's called the Weissach Package. The optional package transforms the absolute unit into a lightweight powerhouse that really packs a punch. Small adjustments across every aspect of the car end up significantly reducing its weight and in turn increasing all that speed!

To get an in depth look at what it’s like to drive the Porsche 918 Spyder, feurrmFilms is back with some thoughts on the king of the A Class:

Black Shark 2

The 12 finalists going to Gamescom are leaving an epic trail of victories behind them as they take their seats on the stage. The final Porsche won't be revealed until later this summer, but we wanted to help everyone with Legendary dreams prepare for the grand finale. So we're giving out a few tips for those who think they have what it takes to be one of the lucky 12.

The live competition takes everything even further with a €20,000 prize pool and a world of glory on the line. To level the playing field and pave the way for a true test for the best of the best, all 12 finalists will be using the Black Shark 2, the official device of the Asphalt Esports Series.

Asphalt 9: Legends has been fine tuned to take advantage of all the cutting edge tech the new gaming smartphone offers. It really is an unrivaled gaming experience.

With the world's lowest latency screen and the world’s first direct touch multilayer liquid cooling system, the Black Shark 2 and its Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor are here to transform gaming and take the Asphalt Esports Series to the next level.

The device has been designed from the ground up to be a true portable gaming station, including features like “Master Touch” that lets you trigger multiple on-screen actions while still only using your thumbs.

All the hardware and software innovations are sure to make the 12 finalists feel truly legendary as they race on stage for the big trophy.

It's not too late to join the Asphalt Esports Series! Download Asphalt 9: Legends today and get ready to jump into the next qualifiers!

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The latest and greatest in esports is shifting into the fast lane with the new Asphalt Esports Series, presented by Black Shark, the official gaming device of the competition.

Starting on May 20th, everyone in participating countries* can enter the Asphalt Esports Series and start racing their way towards the €20,000 prize pool!

The competition is split up into 3 phases:

Phase 1: 4 Online Qualifiers
Phase 2: 1 Online Regional Playoffs
Phase 3: 1 Live Final at Gamescom

The first phase consists of 4 online qualifiers for anyone and everyone around the world. The second phase will then see the top 900 players competing for a chance at a seat on the big stage.

The third and final phase is when the Nitro boost kicks in: 12 finalists on stage at Gamescom with a Black Shark 2 in their hands, showing the world how to become a legend.

*United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and India

Phase 1: Online Qualifiers

On May 20th at 8:00 GMT +3, the Asphalt Esports Series officially starts with the first of 4 qualifying rounds. The qualifiers are open to everyone and will take place in 6 day bursts over a period of 2 months.

Winners will be decided based on a system of points. During each round, you have 6 days to rack up as many points as you can and the higher you place in each race the more points you earn:

1st Place: 100 points
2nd Place: 75 points
3rd Place: 50 points
4th Place: 40 points
5th Place: 30 points
6th Place: 20 points
7th Place: 15 points
8th-10th Place: 10 points
11th-20th Place: 7 points
21st-30th Place: 5 points
31st-50th Place: 1 point

The qualifiers end on July 7th when everyone’s points will be added up. The top 100 players from each participating country will then move on the regional playoffs. The top players will also be split 50/50 between iOS and Android.

The first phase of the Asphalt Esports Series will see an infinite number of players being cut down to a total of 900 from each country. Those 900 players from around the world will move on to the online regional playoffs, where the action starts picking up pace.

Be sure to buckle up and above all, rack up as many points as possible!

Phase 2: Regional Playoffs

On July 19th at 8:00 GMT +3, the 3 day online regional playoffs start in North America, Europe, and Asia. After the intense action of the qualifying phase, the top 900 players in the world will be fighting for the 12 seats on stage at Gamescom.

For the playoffs, the participating countries are grouped into 3 regions:

North America: USA
Europe: United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany
Asia: Japan, South Korea, India

Just like the top players from the first phase, the 12 finalists will be evenly split between iOS and Android and spread out between the three regions: 2 from North America, 6 from Europe, and 4 from Asia.

On July 21st, we’ll know who our potential legends are. It will be time for the finalists to pack their bags and get ready for the trip of a lifetime.

Phase 3: Finals at Gamescom

On August 21st, the 12 best Asphalt 9: Legends players in the world will meet in Cologne, Germany to compete in front of a crowd of adoring fans at Gamescom and countless more online.

With the event being streamed on YouTube, the entire world will be tuning in to see how legends race and witness just what it takes to take home the big prize.

In the spirit of a fair competition, ESL will be overseeing everything and the 12 finalists will be playing on the same phone, a Black Shark 2.

As for prizes, all of the finalists will receive some cool Asphalt swag with the top 4 players getting a piece of the €20,000 prize pool, offered by Black Shark.

For the top player, after racing through 4 rounds of qualifiers, a regional playoff, and the live finals, this legend will take home €10,000 and a new Black Shark 2 smartphone, portable gaming station.

The months of fierce competition are putting all the glory on the line at the biggest gaming event in Europe.

Are you up to the challenge?

Start Your Engines

To conclude, to get you all starting off in the right gear, here's a few tips from the Asphalt 9: Legends devs:

  • You can recharge your Nitro Bar by drifting, but if you overdo it you’re in for a slow time.

  • To get the most out of your drifts always trigger a shockwave right after you pull one off.

  • Even at max speed you can get a small boost from using Nitro.

  • Nitro boosts are the same at max speed, use the first level for a longer boost.

Now get out there and show us what you've got!

Download Asphalt 9: Legends and enter the Asphalt Esports Series today!

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After keeping the secret shrouded in mystery for a couple weeks, the new game mode in Sniper Fury is finally out: The Arena.

The new mode changes the game with PvP action where 20 players can compete against each other in real time! No pause button. Just skill.

The Path to PvP

Near the end of 2018, the team behind Sniper Fury already knew they wanted to spice things up. There were a lot of ideas floating around, but high on the list was real-time PvP. Something that could allow new players and veterans to have fun together seemed like the best direction for the game to take.

Leveling the playing field creates a real test of skill. It adds a new competitive edge to Sniper Fury, keeping the action coming all throughout the fast paced matches.

Of course, behind the scenes there was a lot of work to do. Switching things up from asynchronous play to real-time action meant recreating the very building blocks of the game!

While creating the new mode, the most important part of the new game mode was making sure to add more fun to Sniper Fury.


Building The Arena

Work on the new game mode started in early 2019 before it even had a name! The big challenge for the team was deciding how exactly to handle the new real-time aspect of Sniper Fury. In technical terms, they needed to figure out what would be handled client side and what would be handled server side.

If that flew over your head, don’t worry! In simpler terms it means figuring out what would be handled by your phone and what would be handled by Gameloft’s servers.

A fun challenge that came up in production was figuring out how exactly to deal with the addition of movement to the game. Some of the wackier ideas included a system of grappling hooks and sci-fi teleporters before settling on jetpacks.

Most of all, the team wanted to make sure they made Sniper Fury responsive, fair, and fun to play.

Testing and Fine Tuning

During the last few months, the entire Sniper Fury team held weekly play tests. They wanted to get a hands on look of how new features affected play and understand how small changes affected the feel of the game.

With everyone on the Sniper Fury team working together to contribute new ideas and test them, even the difficult tasks became fun. They were always happy to see what worked and what didn’t.

The end result is a first in Sniper Fury history with people from all corners of the game team coming together to work on something new and fun. It was an amazingly collaborative effort with new ideas constantly floating into - and out of - production!

Skillful Fun

With the release of the game’s 35th update on May 8th, the Arena official launched, sending Sniper Fury into a new era of real time action.

It’s been an amazing journey and since the release of the new update, players haven’t stopped testing their skill in the Arena.

The Sniper Fury team is incredibly happy to see everyone welcome the new addition to the game and are already looking forward to coming up with brand new events and rewards that could only work in the new environment.

Download Sniper Fury today and try out all the fun in the new PvP Arena!

Check out the full patch notes to see all the cool stuff that was added in update 35!

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The latest Dungeon Hunter 5 update flips the script to unveil the true face of evil. With the Unholy Alliance and the Crumbled Summoner's Citadel, the bad guys are taking a stand against the years of hunting they endured and they are now rising up to show the world who’s the boss.

After all, who made the rule that bad guys have to be bad?

Started From The Bottom

When raiding dungeons and collecting bounties in Dungeon Hunter 5, have you ever stopped to think about how all those demons and monsters feel?

The story starts with Captain Enom having finally had enough and putting his foot down. The demon leader is tired of idly watching as the humans wreak havoc on his world. For Enom and his kin, the “heroes” show up, destroy everything, and take “bounties” stolen from their homes!

The "peace" everyone talks so much about means anything but for everyone outside human realm. In the face of extinction, all the demons, monsters, and unholy beings are banding together against a common enemy. Their hate for the Bounty Hunters pieces every inch of the Unholy Alliance, providing the incredible power needed to topple the Citadel.

Their message is clear: We are the Unholy Alliance and we are no longer afraid of you!

Keep your eyes out as the story continues to unfold over the next few updates with more events and special bonuses in the coming months!

So Bad It’s Good

They say the hero is only as good as the villain and in Dungeon Hunter 5 the villains have a reputation for being top notch. That evil inspiration is what led the devs to dive into the rich lore of the darker side of the game. The legacy of captivating stories filled with mysterious antagonists is a big part of what makes Dungeon Hunter so much fun for everyone working on Dungeon Hunter 5.

Introducing new villains into the world gives the devs a chance to reignite the passionate story, building a new epic adventure for our favorite heroes. Turning the tables with the Crumbled Citadel also opens up new ways to play and endless opportunities for new gear like the new legendary weapon: the Shard Dagger of Crumble.

A World in Ruins

The Crumbled Citadel is unlike anything we’ve seen in Dungeon Hunter 5. To achieve that unique atmosphere the artists worked hard to create an amazing new environment. The new story and the expanded gameplay mechanics add on to the satisfaction, really creating a desire to explore more new game scenarios!

Hunters Strike Back

Being a hero means fulfilling your righteous duty and fighting for what’s good. It means letting peace ring true all throughout the land. So as the Dark Forces of the Unholy Alliance threaten to reduce Valenthia to ashes, make them bite the dust in the Crumbled Summoner’s Citadel and face the ultimate boss!

Raise your sword and help fight back against the Unholy Alliance by downloading Dungeon Hunter 5 today!

If you want to know all the details of everything new in this update, check out the full patch notes!

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Seeing Notre-Dame in flames last week left many of us hurt. Seeing the majestic symbol of Paris still standing in the morning became a true source of inspiration. All the incredible passion that went into the cathedral’s creation continued to shine across the world.

To pay respect to Notre-Dame and its presence in Iron Blade, we published a heart-felt message on Instagram and Facebook full of hope for the future. We really wanted to share our support for everything the cathedral means to art and history.

To take the idea even further, we also want to share with you how Notre-Dame originally made its way into Iron Blade.

Templars in the Shadows of History

To give Iron Blade an authentic feel, everyone who worked on the game started by learning about the history of the Knights Templar and their connection to all the locations in the game. The team had quick access to information about the Templars and their role as gatekeepers of the historic locations.

Looking over old documents, paintings, chronicles, and even engravings, the devs found traces of the Templars everywhere. The complicated puzzle that is their mysterious role in medieval Europe made all the research behind the locations a lot of fun.

As an added bonus, all that research means the Templars in the game oversaw the construction of the grand cathedral, just like the real life order of old!

Drawing with Medieval Tools

Recreating Notre-Dame in Iron Blade involved learning more than just the history of the building. The devs studied every corner of the cathedral, using modern images to fill in the gaps left by the historical documents. In the end, they had an accurate image of Notre-Dame and the entire surrounding location for Iron Blade.

To make everything even more historically accurate, they also researched the different materials used in the initial construction of Notre-Dame!

As an example, most of the stones are Lutetian Limestone from the famous Mines of Paris. For those wondering, Lutetian comes from an old name for the city in Roman times, Lutetium.

There were a few interesting changes from early versions of Iron Blade. The sculptures in the first iterations of the game were full of color and they really stood out against the grey stones. However, to give everything a unified aesthetic the rainbow of statues was eventually replaced with what we see in the game today.

Early in Iron Blade’s development, designers modeled the entire cathedral, inside and out. The game ended up taking a different direction that didn't need the entire building, but that dedication really shows how hard the team worked. Everyone wanted to ensure all the textures not only fit the screen, but looked good doing it!

Becoming a Templar

The research behind building Notre-Dame adds to the passion behind each and every virtual Lutetian limestone. The result is a faithful reconstruction of one of Europe's greatest landmarks in Iron Blade.

The devs truly became the very Templars they were programming as they worked on the incredible asset!

Download Iron Blade to become a medieval Templar yourself and visit Notre-Dame today!

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As a part of the big event with King of Fighters, we gave fans of Dungeon Hunter Champions the chance to win a trip to Japan and visit the SNK studios.

We are happy to say the five huge Dungeon Hunter Champions fans successfully hoped on a plane and after a long flight with a lot of jetlag, they were ready to take in the wonders of the land of the rising sun.

The trip to the SNK studios could not have been any more exciting for everyone involved. Having friends from Dungeon Hunter Champions meet in real life was a big enough deal, but adding all the new experiences and gaming history from SNK just took it all to the next level.

Winning the Raffle

To jog your memory, Gameloft added to the King of Fighters event in Dungeon Hunter Champions by giving the luckiest of players a chance to visit the SNK studios in Osaka. The two winners of the big contest, Adam Mekmorakoth and Adam Lewis, were then joined by three influencers, Claytano, Xenastar, and Islandgrown, creating a fun atmosphere of gaming as everyone soaked in the sights and sounds of the city.

The two contest winners were blown away by this chance of a lifetime. The two Adams simply didn’t believe they had actually one and it wasn’t until they were actually in getting off the plane in Japan that they finally started to accept that they had really won!

Trip of a Lifetime

The three day trip to Japan included more than just hours and hours of playing Dungeon Hunter Champions. The group of super fans stepped into a time machine and looked into Japan’s past in a visit to the incredible Osaka Castle. There was also a vertical vacation up the Abeno Harukas tower, the tallest sky scraper in Japan where they could get an amazing view of the entire city!

Of course, the trip wouldn’t be complete without the day-long visit to the SNK Studios. They heard about the history of the King of Fighters, from the start on the Neo Geo to being playable in Dungeon Hunter Champions. While at the studio, SNK artists gave the lucky fans a super special treat and drew a quick sketch of the three content creators!

Claytano, Xenastar, and Islandgrown also put on a live show while in Japan, sharing all the amazing fun with Dungeon Hunter Champions fans around the world. The three influencers were also put to the test in a taste challenge to see if they were brave enough to try some of the more unique local cuisine.

Rematch in the Eternal Contest!

As we look back at all the fun of the last King of Fighters event, we have some good news for all the summoners out there! We’re bringing it back! You now have a second chance to get Kyo Kusanagi and Mai Shiranui into your team of champions!

That’s not all, the King of Fighters event will now be coming back every month and will always include everything from the first one. Get ready to jump into the game and gather all the Ascending Elixirs!

Download Dungeon Hunter Champions to get all the exclusive King of Fighters content and start showing off your love for SNK’s cherished characters today!

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We're starting a new charity event with CARE here at Gameloft! CARE works around the globe to help those in need with projects focused on education, health, and economic empowerment. We wanted to help them in their fight against poverty, but we knew we couldn't do it without our players.

That's why we're calling the event "Stronger Together", because we know that if we work together nothing can stop us from making the world a better place.

Playing With Dragons

To spice things up even more, we are also getting help from three big YouTubers for the "Stronger Together" event: Bobby Duke, Annie LeBlanc, and Quackalakes. All three had exclusive dragons designed after them, really reflecting their unique personalities.

During “Stronger Together”, everyone can vote for the YouTuber (or dragon) they like the most with special charity tokens that will then unlock the YouTuber’s dragon in Dragon Mania Legends.

The rules of the game are simple: whoever gets the most votes wins.

There is one small detail: The rarity of each dragon will be determined by the number of votes and if they get enough, their first element will become legendary!

At the same time, everything contributes to the collective total with two possible CARE dragons waiting to be unlocked.

For all of you waiting to find out which dragon is right for you, keep reading!

Meet the Dragons

Bobby Duke’s YouTube videos focus on his wooden crafts and he couldn't be happier with his new baby dragon, Carmine. Carmine will start out as with the energy element, but if Bobby gets enough votes will move on to plant then metal!

Annie is Aloe's sweet new dragon and matches her gymnast, actor, and singer lifestyle perfectly. Aloe will begin "Stronger Together" with the plant element before growing into the metal and then energy elements!

Quackalakes is a longtime Dragon Mania Legends fan and she just loves Murano, her new sweet metal dragon. With enough votes, Murano will go from metal to energy to plant!

A Better World

To really get in on all the dragon fun that's helping CARE, we're donating everything from the event and setting a minimum donation of $50,000. The best part of "Stronger Together" is how no matter who ends up being the final winner, we'll all have shown the world our strength as a community.

Every vote counts! Be the difference in someone’s life and start helping create a better world by downloading Dragon Mania Legends and participating in “Stronger Together” today!

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You may have noticed some questionable additions or confusing changes, but considering the date that should be expected. To help you figure out if you got fooled or not, let’s take a look at all the pranks Gameloft pulled!

Did You Get Fooled?

As we jump into the fun and show off all the surprises waiting for you, keep count of how many pranks you fell for.

If you don't want to see any spoilers, load up your favorite games now before reading any further!

Please Stay off the Benches

Love 'em or hate 'em a Disney Magic Kingdoms park's not a park without a few benches. To help everyone fill out their extra space with a few more, we're giving everyone an April filled with... benches!

Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane?

No, it's the latest fake car in Asphalt 9: Legends! Take a look at the new flying car that is the key to becoming a true legend.

Little Bunny Domination

In Modern Combat 5 the Marauder is getting some pretty big buffs with the fluffiest and loviest armor of the year. If you want to jump ahead of the competition, well let's just say you should get your paws ready.

Reverse Psychology

Who can resist the temptation of a huge, juicy, red button? The fact that it says DANGER just makes it all the more enticing! For this year’s April Fools’ War Planet Online is putting your self-control to the test.

Complete Your Outfit

March of Empires has you covered... or at least the top of your head. The big joke this year is a new armor set to keep you nice and warm. It’s only available from a very specific merchant so you’re going to need to a strong imagination if you want to try it on!

The Missing Lucky Number

Minion Rush continues their lucky tradition for another year, but with an added double twist to the code. If you spent a few hours looking for the right equation and came up empty, don't worry. You fell for the prank because this year there the lucky number is that there is no lucky number!

Is This a Crossover Episode?

What do Larry from Sniper Fury and Damien from Iron Blade have in common? Only the greatest genre-bending bad guy ever! Some call him Goliath, others call him Abaddon, but no matter the name, this nasty gargoyle beast is sure to strike terror into the hearts of both medieval warriors and modern soldiers.

Top Banana

If you really want to show everyone who's the big boss on the mean streets, you'll want to catch the limited edition Banana costume in Gangstar Vegas while it lasts! To keep the pranks going, you may want to be extra careful with any Health Packs you receive today as well.

Mess with One Bee, You Get the Whole Hive!

Fans of Dungeon Hunter Champions are in for a double whammy as they realize today's new champion is not the Grublin King, but instead none other than Queen Bee.

To make sure she gets a real royal welcome, the whole hive has taken over the game. You’ll be covered in bees courtesy of your new queen!

Won't Get Fooled Again!

Let us know on social media how many you fell for!

If you haven't seen all the foolish fun for yourself, be sure to check out your favorite Gameloft games and enjoy our silly pranks before they're gone.

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The thrill of racing fills every turn in Asphalt 9: Legends. Everyone loves the incredible feeling of driving super sports cars like the Terzo Millennio and putting them to the test of speed.

But what could be cooler than taking the Legendary Trip and driving the Terzo Millennio IRL?

Combining Two Worlds

At the world-class Geneva Motor Show, Asphalt 9: Legends and Lamborghini combined the virtual and real worlds with the public unveiling of the new Huracán EVO Spyder.

At the same moment the curtain lifted on stage and the new Lamborghini opened its doors to the Geneva crowd, it was also unveiled in Asphalt 9: Legends!

And that's not all! To top it off, the big unveiling marks the start of a new event featuring the Huracán EVO Spyder.

Drifting to First Place

From March 8th to March 21st, the only place you can drive the Huracán EVO Spyder is in Asphalt 9: Legends. If you've ever dreamed of driving the latest and greatest Lamobrghini, now's your chance to jump in and start letting the tires spin!

The special event will end with a final ranked event and an exclusive 1/43 model of the new Lamborghini for five lucky winners. Get your cars in gear because it’s time to start racing and collecting the blueprints needed to unlock the Huracán!

The contest is open worldwide expect for Quebec, Australia, Cuba, Iran, Italy, Syria, North Korea, Brazil, Myanmar, and Sudan.

Recreating the car in Asphalt 9: Legends was key to mixing the two worlds. The seamless transition from the motor show in Geneva to the race track in Asphalt 9: Legends gives the keys to car to all players as they step into the driver's seat and start the ignition.

Relieve that itch and take the new Huracán EVO Spyder for a spin!

Start living the dream right now with the most exclusive Lamborghini experience in the world and download Asphalt 9: Legends!

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The never-ending action raging before our very eyes may seem to divide us in the midst of a battle, but the pixels filled with competition and glory often also bring us together. The hours spent fighting through dungeons and defeating epic bosses have more prizes than all the loot.

Defending the Multiverse together also leads to friendships as we get to know each another. As a part of the Valentine's celebration we asked everyone what their best stories of friendships in gaming and we would like to now flip that around and share some of the most amazing friendships we have seen blossom in Dungeon Hunter Champions.

From Big Names to Best Friends                                                       

The first friendship we want to share is between XenaStar and Claytano, two big names in the community. They have shown their appreciation for Dungeon Hunter Champions with countless streams and videos they’ve done. They really love the game and it really shows in how much they play.

That appreciation goes both ways and two creators have been added to the game with XenaStar voicing Magical Girl and Claytano voicing the Vampire!

The two players’ friendship started from a shared love of Dungeon Hunter Champions. Xena even began streaming after first watching Claytano play the game. During the recent trip to Japan, the two had a chance to meet face to face for the first time since Twitchcon. It was an amazing way to see their friendship evolve from Xena watching Claytano’s DHC streams to becoming friends and meeting up IRL.

Their role in the community as a constant source of entertainment is equally matched by their inspiring friendship.

Follow XenaStar and Claytano and be sure to catch all their crazy hi-jinks both in Dungeon Hunter Champions and IRL!

Honor in Guilds and in Friendships!

When Team Basic held a meetup in Toronto, Xenastar and Ducksaucez shared some IRL fun after battling in the Eternal Contest for hours and hours. The guild turned their online adventures into offline friendships with a weekend of fun in Canada!

From Gameloft with Love

Gameloft Gabby herself has also made a lot of friends while interacting with the community! She enjoys talking with players all over the world and she regularly pops into DHC streams to catch amazing gameplay from players like Dank, Ginger, Rising, and Cpt_bear_glove.

She truly loves Dungeon Hunter Champions and is just as excited as anyone else every time a new update or event rolls out!

In the spirit of positivity and sharing friendships, many DHC players also took the time to give their in-game friends a shout out. Seeing so many players shouting out their in-game buddies was an amazing showcase of the positive power of gaming.

The player behind the screen may be hidden from view, but after spending time having fun together it's impossible not to understand how cool we all really are.

Want to join the action and start making friends? Download Dungeon Hunter Champions today and join the Eternal Contest!

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