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5 activities to try while travelling

When it comes to travelling with the family, the last words you want to hear are ‘I’m bored’. Whilst you may be perfectly content with lying on your sun lounger, listening to the waves roll in, your little darlings have plenty of energy to burn. Here are some exciting activities that the whole family can get involved in during your next holiday.

Safari :

Safaris are often considered to be an ‘adults-only’ activity, but this is not actually the case. Whilst there are certainly restrictions involved to ensure the safety of children on a safari, they are not prohibited altogether and it is an experience that many families have enjoyed sharing. Some guided tours will accept children older than six and there is also the option of self-driving a rented vehicle if you wish to take younger children. Safaris can be made a particularly magical experience for younger children by pointing out ‘Simba’ for a lion or ‘Pumbaa’ for a warthog. However, it may be a good idea to explain to children that they are seeing the ‘real thing’ and not to expect the action-packed scenes they will have seen on television.

Skiing :

Skiing has long been a popular option for a family activity holiday and with good reason. Many resorts are specifically designed with families in mind. They feature slopes of a variety of lengths and difficulties to cater for all kinds of guests, with many having additional activities available such as snowboarding and sledding areas especially for young children. It is a good idea to invest in some skiing lessons for the kids before heading to the slopes. Not only will this get them excited for their holiday, but having been taught the basics they will be much more able to ‘get on’ with things, when you get to the resort. You should also consider what other activities are available when choosing your resort just in case they don’t want to spend their whole holiday on the slopes.

Snorkelling :

Don your snorkel and explore the underwater paradise hidden within the coral reefs. With an estimated 372 coral reefs in the world, there are plenty of destinations where you can marvel at the world beneath the waves. Even little ones can get involved – but be sure to check out the latest water safety tips for beaches and protect your kids from the rays. Sun cream usually has a lifespan of only 40-80 minutes, so top up regularly when on the beach or in the sea.

Discover ancient ruins :

Make history cool as you bring to life the remains of ancient architecture. Research the area beforehand so that you understand its history yourself. This will allow you to narrate the visit for your kids, capturing their imaginations as they journey back in time. Snacks are essential for these kinds of trips. If kids are hungry then it’s likely they’ll lose interest in your extravagant, carefully thought out narration and just become bored.

Hiking and trekking :

There are all sorts of places that you can explore with the family on foot. From mountains to rainforests – and even inactive volcanoes – there are plenty of exciting walks to discover. Do your research to make sure that the terrain is appropriate for the ability of your family members and find some landmarks to discover or fun facts about the area to point out along the way.

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Five Best Ideas to Attract Tourists to Your Restaurant :

The restaurant business is one of the most focused at present. So, making a search for better ways to attract business is a steady need. How to draw in more tourist customers to your restaurant appears like an endless journey.Surprisingly, marketing and advertising have changed restaurants considerably over the years. What worked well 10 years back, or even a year ago, doesn’t usually work any longer. It can be a great effort to discover new travelling customers for your restaurant with online networking, new technology and more competition than ever before.

Here is a quick list of ideas that we set up together that every restaurant, huge or little, should be doing attract more customers to their restaurants.

1. Hire a professional food photographer :

Your food is what brings people into your restaurant right? All things considered, they’re there to eat. So shouldn’t you have incredibly attractive photographs of your restaurant’s edibles? Invest in a decent camera and begin rehearsing your photographic abilities. If you can, employ an expert food photographer to take the photographs for you. Utilize these pictures all over your website, social media and in other advertisements to get people to desire what you offer. Photographs are frequently shared around online and will attract a new customer to your restaurant.

2. Low-Priced, Time Saving Strategies :

Drawing in tourists to your restaurant doesn’t really need to be tedious or costly. For instance, envision that you happen to meet a local business leader or a well-known member of society. Referencing your restaurant or welcoming them to come in for a free or discounted feast is a great way to get customers without investing inordinate time and cash on the advertising market. In the restaurant business, clover hardware is really beneficial to establish a restaurant business.

3. Wi-Fi facility :

Unarguably, Wi-Fi is very significant, and in some cases a necessity for many restaurant customers. Many people settle on whether or not you have Wi-Fi. Your customer needs to mingle on the web or even get caught up on work while at your establishment. So, it’s essential to give them that incentive to come in.
Furthermore, the times of day when people are most likely to come to a restaurant and remain there for complimentary network access is generally amidst the day when most restaurants tend to hit a lull in business. Amid these occasions, it can be helpful to keep guests in their seats for whatever length of time is possible. It’s essential to give them that inducement to come in.

4. Promotion on your guests’ receipts :

One of the simplest ways to build customer loyalty and make one-time customers return is by placing promotion on your customers’ receipts. Offering customers a free tidbit or dessert upon their arrival makes guests feel acknowledged and anticipate returning.The most ideal approach to do this is utilizing a point of offer (POS) system like a merchant account that gives you a chance to make a customized promotional message on your receipts.

5. Keep a Smartphone in the kitchen :

Having a decent cell phone in your kitchen consistently is worthy of your business enterprise. Your chefs and staff should indispensably upload pictures in real-time to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms effectively and rapidly. Customers need to see what’s going on the present moment, and they need to see pictures. Pictures are a simple wellspring of content to post online to find new guests and get them connected with your restaurant.

Conclusion :

Serving the best food in the world doesn’t always mean a full restaurant every night if nobody knows exactly how delectable your food is. At times you have to do a small promotion to magnetize more customers to your restaurant.

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Are you or your family travelling to singapore?? Are you looking for some unique gift idea for your family/friend?? Then you should consider iVenture Card which i believe is one of the best gifts one can give.Today in this blog i will be sharing how helpful the iVenture card was for my family who were travelling to Singapore from India.

Thanks to iVenture Card for letting me try one of their cards but all thoughts are my own

My family from India were travelling to Singapore for the first time and to make their vacation little bit easy in a foreign country, I partnered up with iventure card with which my family can visit some of the attractions there without even bothering about queuing up for tickets or dealing with foreign currency.

So What is iVenture Card??

iVenture Card is a pre-paid card which combines some of the best attractions, theme parks, thrill rides, museums, cruises and many more popular and unique experiences, all on one simple card for a much more lesser price. Doesn’t that sound interesting?

All you have to do is to just go to their website,choose the city/country and type of card you want from their menu. That’s it !!!And when your family arrives at the Singapore, just ask them to collect their pre-paid iventure card at the airport or any of their other locations listed on their website. And yes, I bought the card for my parents by sitting here in California …that’s how convenient it is !!!

The best part is, you can save upto 50% on attractions with this card. Now that is what i call a good deal !!

Final Thoughts :
  • Quick and Easy to buy Online
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Fast entry to the attractions
  • Perfect as a gift
  • Cash-free entry
  • upto 50% off on all the attractions
Links :

Website : iVenturecard.com

Facebook : @iventurecard.travel

Instagram : @iventurecard

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Thinking about visiting Universal Studios with kids and have no Idea what to do/expect?? Then You’ve come to the right place where i will be sharing some things that would definitely interests your kids and keep them entertained for a one full day.

Universal Studios Hollywood is one of the must visit place here in Los Angeles and also an incredible theme park with thrilling attractions that completely immserse you in the movies and TV shows that you love. With intense rides like Transformers, Revenge of the Mummy, Jurassic Park , and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, you may think that Universal is only for Adults or Older Kids. But Luckily, it is a place for everyone of all ages. Here in this blog i will be sharing everything about ‘Things to do with Kids’.

Studio Tour :

Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood is one of the best tours in USA. This is also one of the main attractions inside the Theme Park with it’s largest working movie studio in the country, and there’s always something being filmed there. Jimmy Fallon introduces tour-related clips on the tram’s HD monitors, while a a live tour guide narrates the tour and answers any questions the group has. Tour highlights include many of the 4D experiences ,Plane Crash and Jaws scene and much more which will keep your little one very much entertained. At first i thought he might get scared with lots of 4D thing going on but for my surprise he was totally enjoying it.

Stroll at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter :

If I have to describe “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” at USH in one word then it would be “Magical” . I love how they have dedicated one section of the park to the Harry Potter lovers with its, cobblestone streets, snow capped roofs, numerous photo-ops and the amazing people who work here in the appropriate costumes which makes you feel like you have actually entered into the world of Harry.While there are no rides for toddlers in this area, there is plenty of things will be going around which will definitely interests your lil ones. My favorite part of this village is the Hogwarts’s castle which looks incredible from outside and as you go in, you will find the fast moving simulator ride “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” which is also one of the most talked rides at USH.

Meet the transformers :

Though Transformers is not for younger kids(under 40″) to ride but it is always fun for them to meet a interactive  transformer right outside the ride. Honestly, I love the way transformers interacts with people and i can sit down and watch them make people laugh all day there.

Photo ops:

It’s a Theme Park and a Theme Park is incomplete without photo ops. There are tons of Photo ops everywhere in the park which are perfect for you to take pictures together as a family for your ‘gram. Some of my favorites are at the Iconic USH Globe and red carpet at the entrance, Yellow Taxi and a 3D wall art right infront of it, more photo-ops at Wizarding World of Harry Potter , Minions at Super silly fun land and much more.

Interact with a Dinosaur :

If your kid is obsessed with everything/anything related to Dinosaurs then trust me he wouldn’t wanna leave this part of the park. My 3 year old loves Dinosaurs and here at USH, he got to meet a REAL ONE !!! Just Kidding, it’s just a Raptor but my son was convinced that it is real lol. Not just a Raptor encounter.

Soak in the water :

Playing in/with the water is always a win. Your little ones will love to jump and splash in the Super Silly Fun Land spray area which is equipped with over 80 water play features and slides.There are couple more splash at Universal Plaza and Universal City Walk which am sure are the best thing to do to beat LA’s heat during summers.

Watch the Water world Show :

The Water World show was absolutely incredible and definitely needs to be on your Universal Studios Hollywood list! My lil one loves to watch the action scenes and this show was a jaw dropping experience for him which features  high-tech special effects, flames, a seaplane that swoops directly in front of the audience and human stunt work that are incredible to watch are just few highlights of the show.

Meet and Greets :

Meeting favorite characters can be a memorable moment for small children at Universal Studios Hollywood. Around the park keep your eyes open for some amazing characters such as Scooby Doo, Hello Kitty, Simpsons and Family, Minions , Sherk ,Sponge Bob and many more. Though my 3 year old  had no idea who they were(except of Minions), He loved meeting these bright cartoon characters.

Play games :

There is a small area at Super Silly Fun Land that kids can enjoy playing games and perhaps winning a souvenir. There is one of the games where there is a 100% chance of winning something everytime you play. So if you wanna see that big curve of your lil one’s face then you should let them play and win here.

Play Areas :

There’s couple of play areas at USH , one at Dino Play Area right outside Jurassic Park, and the other at Super Silly Fun Land. Both are perfect areas for little kids to burn some energy. There’s also a swirly silly fun ride where kids of any age can go on it.

So these are some of the things you can do at Universal Studios Hollywood if you are travelling with kids. Let me know if you have any other suggestions other than these in the comments section below.

Location :

100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608

Admission : 

Check out their website to know about the latest deals and prices.

Parking :

General – 25$ ; Preferred – 35$

Links :

Website : www.universalstudioshollywood.com

Facebook : @universalstudioshollywood

Instagram : @unistudios

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Birthdays are very special no matter how old you are and when it’s your kid’s birthday, it gets even more special for them as well as to the parents. Of all the Disneyland and Disney World  trips we made in last 4 years, I must say, Disney makes us feel really special our Birthdays. So with all the experience we have, we made a list of things to do on your/Your Kid’s Birthday at Disneyland to make their day EXTRA magical because, There’s nothing like celebrating a birthday at the Happiest place on the earth.

Birthday Button : 

This is the first thing to do as soon as you enter the park. Visit the Guest Relations upon entering the Disneyland Park and ask for a Birthday Button. It’s totally FREE and also makes a good souvenir. You can ask one at the Front Desk, If you are staying at any of the Disney Resorts/Hotels

Greetings from staff : 

As soon as you put the Birthday button on your shirt, You will receive tons and tons of greetings from the Disneyland Staff and also the visitors. Who doesn’t like to get greeted that too on a special day? My 3 year old was all smiling whenever someone wishes him.

Complimentary Treats :

Birthdays are all about treats and you can get some for FREE at Disneyland’s Ghirardelli store. Ghirardelli usually gives FREE Samples for everyone but on your Birthday you can get a few extra.

Birthday song by the Band :

Ok, I have to say , I was more happy than my son when one of the Bands sung a special Birthday song upon request. It depends on when you ask, I would suggest you to ask them when they are done with their live performance. Just take your kids to them and ask politely if they can sing a Birthday Song for him/her(make sure your kids are wearing the Birthday Button).  Isn’t it pretty awesome ???

Greetings from the Characters :

We were seated in a front row during the parade and almost every character noticed the Birthday Button on my son’s Coat and wished him “Happy Birthday” and some also gave a High-Five. Doesn’t that make you feel special if this happens on your Birthday??Just make sure you are seated in a front row.

Birthday Themed Rides :

Yes, you’ve heard it right. There are some Birthday themed rides at Disneyland which am sure you wouldn’t wanna miss. Winnie the Pooh and Alice in Wonderland are two such rides which has a Birthday Theme. My little one’s favorite was the ‘Winnie the Pooh’ where everyone celebrates Pooh’s birthday in the end and he felt they were celebrating his birthday.

Complimentary Dessert with a Birthday Song :

When you reserve for a Character Dinning at any of the Disney Restaurants, make sure they know that you are celebrating your birthday so that they can give you a complimentary Dessert after your meal. The waitress will also sing a Birthday Song for your little one before they blew their candle. (Be sure to make the reservations atleast 60 Days before your Disneyland Trip)

Complimentary Balloon : 

A Birthday is incomplete without Balloons. When you stay at any of the Disney Resorts,Just let the front desk know that you are there to celebrate your lil one’s Birthday and They will give him/her a complimentary Mickey Balloon.

In-Room Surprises :

Apart from all the above , one more thing you can do to make your lil one’s birthday special is by planning a in-room celebration at any of the Disney Hotels/Resorts. This is not the cheapest option but t’s definitely worth.You can check the prices HERE

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Recently we visited Lake Arrowhead to experience the snow and got to stay at Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa.I know you must be wondering, did she just say she went there just to experience the snow??Well, Yes !!! My 3 year old’s brain was filled with snow stories all Christmas and he wanted to see and feel the snow and here in Los Angeles it NEVER snows but luckily we can still experience the snow just 80miles away on San Bernandino mountains.

We planned a short 1 day trip to Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead. After exploring the snow activities in Big Bear, we headed to Lake Arrowhead which was 20 miles away from Big Bear Lake and stayed at Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa by Marriott and instantly fell in love. Here in this blog i will be sharing everything about our visit and Thanks again to Marriott for hosting our stay. I hope you enjoy this full review of Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa.

After doing the snow activities at Alpine Slide Big Bear, We really needed a place where we can just relax and also have fun, So we choose Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa ,it was morethan what we expected. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city,Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa adds a bit of luxury to your stay, which is what you clearly expect from a Marriott Resort. We checked in at around 7PM after a long tiring day.

We were in a double bed queen room with Lake view which was around 500sqft with 2 queens, Desk, TV, refrigerator, Balcony with beautiful views of lake, closet and dresser.We were happy to see a welcome note on the table with some fresh fruits and sparkling water. How sweet !!

Room with 2 Queens and Lake View

After touring our room quickly freshened up to go have a dinner at Bin 189 Resturant.

Located inside of the Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa, Bin 189 Restaurant offers upscale dinning for guests and visitors. It was everything we needed for the night, Lux, Romantic and Delicious Food with the beautiful views of Lake.The restaurant also features a beautiful bar and a lounge where children are also welcome.

After we had our dinner, we went back to our rooms and had a peaceful sleep after a long day.The beds were super cozy and comfortable that we had a good 8 hour sleep.

I woke up around 7 in the morning and was surprised to see the view we got from our Balcony.We had a beautiful Lake View from our room. Pictures don’t do justice but trust me, It was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.

There is a nice high-top table with two chairs set up for you on the balcony so you can enjoy some wine or coffee and relax watching the sunrise or sunset over the lake.I have never seen a combination of Snow, Heated Pool and a Lake!!

We quickly freshened up and headed out to explore the resort and found out that they had access to a private area on the lake in a beach style with lots of lounge chairs.

We had a nice walk on the beach and along paved trail views of the Lake and ended up at the Lake Arrowhead Village which was located within the walking distance from the Resort. the village had everything you need from Shopping Center to Restaurants.

I would highly recommend this place to everyone travelling to Lake Arrowhead as it is a perfect place to relax away from hustle and bustle of the LA City and there are tons of activities for everyone to do around the year.

Location : 

27984 CA-189, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352

Links :

Website : www.lakearrowheadresort.com

Instagram : @lakearrowheadresortandspa

Facebook : @lakearrowheadresortandspa

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Walt Disney World HUGE and it is definitely one of those places where, if you go in with absolutely no plan, you can spend hours and hours doing nothing.Or you will over-plan, and end up rushing from ride to ride, not really getting to actually experience any of the Disney magic.

So when anyone asks me how to plan a first Disney Trip and Tips, one of the things i tell them is to choose a few must-do things like which i have listed below.

Stay at Disney Resorts :

I would highly recommend staying at Disney Resorts as there are a lot of perks which you get to experience.Here are a list of my favorite few.

  • You don’t have to rent a car as the transportation to all the Disney parks and resorts is complimentary
  • You will be provided with magic bands during the check-in and trust me, that will make your stay easier and also works as a sovereign.
  • You can make any dining reservations for your entire stay 180 days in advance of your trip and 60 days in advance for FastPass+ reservations.
  • You will have the benefit of ‘Extra Magic Hours’ where you can get into the parks an hour before it opens or stay 2 hours after it closes. These are the best times to ride on some of popular attractions.
Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort Check out all the Disney Resorts :

Whether you stay or not at Disney Resorts , I would recommend you to actually go check all the Disney Resorts so that you can experience the Disney’s magic or get an idea of where to stay on your next visit.

You can read my review on some of the Disney resorts here

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Take a Break :

Whether your travelling with kids or no kids, i would highly recommend taking a Mid day break (which is when the temperatures are at peaks). Because , i remember during my first visit, we were totally exhausted by the end of the day and ended up going back to the resort early.

Clothes for kids :

Almost all the Disney Parks including the Disney Springs has splash areas where am sure your kids will go out of control and Why not?? This is the best way to beat Orlando’s heat and humidity.So It’s always safe to pack some extra clothes for them.

Wear the right shoes :

Am sure you must be thinking its ‘common sense’ but wait, what if i tell you that i always see a bunch of ladies in high heels struggling to walk or walking bear foot carrying the heels in their hands? This is a very common mistake first-timers makes, I know you want those perfect instagrammable pictures but am sure you are here to have fun equally. Better wear comfortable pair of shoes and throw those heels in your backpack so that you can swap them only during your photo session.

Take a Free Boat Ride: 

Do you know, you can take Free Boat Rides within the Disney boundaries??Yes, you’ve heard it right, there are boat services which runs in between Disney Resorts and parks which are free of cost and the best part is,you can take a ride even if you are not staying at the Disney Resorts.

Boat ride from Port Orleans to Disney Springs Prepare for rain :

You can never predict the rain in Orlando.But don’t worry, the showers last only for few minutes and it is also the best time to do the rides as there will be less people in the line. Pack a poncho if you wanna save few bucks.

Ride the Minnie van :

Am glad Disney World has made it easy for everyone to ride this via lyft app. All you need to do is open the app from anywhere within Walt Disney World Resort to access Minnie Van service, request a ride and pay for it through the app.That’s it !!

Minnie Van Plan a head with fast passes :

As i said, you can reserve your spot 60 days in advance which means, you don’t have to waste your time in those long waiting lines.Make sure you choose the attractions wisely as you can only reserve upto 3 attractions at once but don’t worry, you can select more three after you are done with the previous one.

Character Dinning :

I would highly recommend doing the character dinning for two reasons

  • The food is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G . One of  the best quality and delicious food i ever had.
  • You will get to meet the characters in person as they come to your table to greet you.If you do the dinning, then you can skip the meet & greets at the park which will save a lot of your valuable time.

Don’t forget to get your first time button :

I have visited Disneyland an Disney World a lot of times and i never forget to collect these free buttons at both Disney Resorts and Parks. You can ask one during the Check-in at your Disney resort or at the guest relations which are located right after you enter the park.

Take a picture with the Balloons :

This is my favorite thing to do when am at Disney Parks.All you have to do is ASK,  ask any balloon vendor if you can take a picture with the bunch of balloons and am sure they won’t let you down. I’ve done this during all my visits to Disneyland and Walt Disney World and the vendors are really sweet to handover them to me.

Do the Kilimanjaro safari :

This is one of my favorites and its a must do thing at Animal kingdom. Your trip to Animal Kingdom will be incomplete if you miss this(unless you’ve been to Africa and did the original Safari there).We got to see many wild animals but I have never seen a Lion or a Rhino so close in my life like i have seen here.This would be your best experience if you are travelling with kids.I would highly recommend having fastpass because we had a fastpass to go on this ride but still, we had to wait for 20 minutes in the fastpast lane for our turn.You can imagine how popular it is.

Ride it’s a small world :

This is another favorite ride at magic kingdom which I never miss at both Disneyland and Disney World. No matter how old you are, you are going to enjoy this indoor ride where it takes you to the different parts of world. And also, it is one of the best ride to do when you are tired walking or when it’s raining.

Don’t miss the Parade :

If it’s your first visit, then you should definitely not miss the parade because it is the only place where you can see all the Disney Characters at one place and it’s not just a parade but it’s a total celebration. Honestly, I would never miss watching Disney parades even if it’s my 100th visit to the Disney Park lol

Watch fireworks from main street :

You can’t end your day without watching the fireworks at Magic Kingdom.After Numerous visits to Disney Parks, I can say The best view to watch the fireworks is not in the front rows or right infront of the castle but it is from the Main Street. If you are visiting during winters then you can also experience snow fall in the main street as soon as the show ends.

Take a photo infront of castle :

How can you not take a picture infront of the castle? This is the iconic spot of the Walt Disney World where thousands of family pictures are taken in a day. If you want to avoid photo bombing, the try taking picture after or before the parade like we did in the picture below. And If you want better quality pictures then here’s the good news, Disney actually offers Magic Kingdom photo shoots where you can have professional pictures taken in front of the castle.check out their website to see the prices.

Eat Mickey Ice cream bar : 

This was the first thing i did during my first visit to Disney World in September because it was super hot and humid and I can say , it is the cutest ice cream you could see anywhere which puts it on the list of  must-do for your first trip .

Ride the Monorail : 

I would highly recommend dong this as it gives you a glimpse of Disney Resorts and Parks and moreover it is a Free. One can easily spend an entire day visiting the Disney resorts in the monorail even if you don’t have a park ticket. Click here to see the list of things you can do at Walt Disney World even without a park ticket.

Meet Mickey and Minnie :

Of course you wouldn’t wanna miss this. You will definitely see them during parades and shows but meeting them personally is definitely a worth. No matter how old you are, I  bet you will be star-strucked when you meet them. If you have planned a character dinning with Mickey and Friends then I would suggest you to skip this in the parks as it will eat up a lot of your time due to the long waiting lines.

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In my previews blog I mentioned that My 3 year old wanted to see and feel the snow and so we planned a short trip to Big Bear located in San Bernandino Mountains as they have tons of snow activities during winter and we got to experience some at ‘Alpine Slide’.

In this blog I will be sharing some tips and highlights of Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain. Thanks again to Alpine Slide for hosting us.I hope you enjoy this full review.

Winter wonderland at Alpine Slide - Big Bear,California - YouTube

Things to do :

They offer variety of winter activities like Alpine slide with lift,Soaring Eagle, Go-karting , Tubing and a snow play area for kids where they can tube or build a snow man.My favorite was ofcourse the Alpine slide where our ride begun with a scenic chairlift ride and took us to the top of a mountain which had a panoramic views of beautiful big bear lake. From there we took our sleds down on a  two quarter miles long cement road which were totally in our control. I first tried the slow track which was good if you wanna sink in the nature around you and then i tried the fast tract which was a thriller.

My little one loved snow play and Tubing so much that he din’t wanna leave the place.I must say, this is his first time experiencing the snow and am sure he will cherish these moments forever.

Indoor Arcade Room :

They also have a small indoor arcade room where it kept our little one entertained and also warmed him up before going out in the snow.

Mini cafe :

They do have a cafe available with plenty of indoor and outdoor seatings where you can get burgers,coffee,fries,drinks etc for reasonable prices. They only accept cash so please make sure you bring enough of it during your visit.

Some Tips to remember before you go :
  • Check for the weather before you go and do carry the Chains, as it gets really slippery on your way up to the mountain.
  • Dress up really warm and wear snow boots and clothes if you wanna stay dry. My husband and son wore a jeans and it kept them warm but also got wet during the snow play & tubing.
  • Bring Cash because they ONLY accept CASH for everything even for  Food & Drinks.
  • They are open 10am to 4pm and you can snow tube all day long within that period.They do have evening sessions from 5pm to 9pm which are only on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • The lines are HUGE during weekends but don’t let it panic you.They move REALLY Fast.
  • Forgot your Snow gloves?Hats? or any accessories? Don’t worry, They do sell them for a minimal charge near the Food Court.
  • Tubes are included in the price of admission.
  • Children between the ages of 2 and 7 ride free with a paying adult and should ride with the adult.

Address :

800 Wildrose Ln, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

Admission :

You can check the updated prices here

Parking :

They do have plenty of Free parking available on the location.

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Website : www.alpineslidebigbear.com

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What to do while riding a motorcycle on a Road Trip

It may happen many times in your life that you are on a joyful road trip on your motorbike. No doubt, you must be aware of a lot of things necessary to do while on a motorcycle on the road. But, we have also worked out some useful tips for you to follow while on the bike for a road trip. It makes no difference whether you are on a custom bike or some other, the following essentials will make your trip a real joy. Let’s move for them.

• Stay hydrated throughout:

 It is absolutely necessary that you stay healthy throughout your road-trip and drinking water time and again will help you a lot in this regard. Hydration is very much for your health on the go. There is no compromise in this respect. If you feel botheration in stopping your beach cruiser bike or some other, you may carry a water bottle with you. Nowadays, bottles are coming with long tube to facilitate you to drink even without stopping your bike.

• Take breaks during your journey :

Biking trip is more tiring than the usual routine tasks; so you may also feel exhausted during your long trip. This makes you think to take more rest because your saddle sores after a few hours of continuous riding. This is the time to give some rest to you and your bike to get refresh once again. You may utilize this break to refuel your bike and to check if it needs some repair or replacement. In This way, you may save yourself from any future mishap.

• Keep to your map all the time: 

Keeping to your map saves a lot of time and botheration for you. Manual or paper map as well as GPS may serve you equally well. Out of modern technology, the helmets with blue tooth technology are also available on the market. These may keep guiding you all the way through. In the remote areas without network services, the hardcopy of map serves you well throughout.

• Reschedule your dining hours :

While on the highway, most of the travellers tend to stop for their meals at the regular hours. It has been observed that all the restaurants get crowded with the great rush of people during these rush hours. Now, dealing with so many people and fulfilling their orders are not easy tasks. So, a lot of time of the travellers gets wasted. The solution to this problem is within your hand. You may change or reschedule your dining hours to facilitate yourself with hearty meals at leisure hours. Lunch at 11 30 am and dinner at 5 30 pm may be the ideal hours to avoid all that rubbish wastage of time. The last important word in this connection is that you must always take healthy diet but keep your stomach light when out or about on a bike ride.

• Keep yourself thoroughly motivated :

The real enjoyment of a bike trip lies in your rapt attention to all the on-goings. You can never enjoy anything with a tired heart and mind. So, this is very much necessary for you to keep your spirits high so that you may enjoy every second and every step of your road-trip.

In short, we can say that you may enjoy your motorcycle road trip fully well if you keep following the above said.

By : BikeBandit

The post What to Do While Riding a Motorcycle on a Road-trip appeared first on EazyNazy.

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