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If you’ve ever gotten a gift card to a store you don’t usually shop at, you know that it can be a challenge to figure out what to do. Should you buy something, even if you don’t want it? Or should you hang onto the card and give to someone else as a present?

Cardpool takes some of the stress out of unwanted gift cards. It’s the best place to sell gift cards online. You can also buy gift cards for your favorite stores, for a discount. Our Cardpool review gives you the full scoop on the site and whether it’s worth it or not.

What is Cardpool and How Does it Work?

Cardpool.com is a site that lets you swap gift cards. You can buy cards on the site for a reduced price, often for up to 35 percent off. If you have gift cards you don’t want, you can sell them on the site and get back up to 92 percent of their value.

Is Cardpool legit? It is because you are dealing directly with the company and not with a bunch of unverified third-party sellers. Every gift card offered on Cardpool is verified and comes directly from Cardpool itself. The company buys cards from individual sellers, then sells them to interested buyers.

Every card bought and sold on the site has no fees and no expiration date. Each purchase is guaranteed and includes free shipping

Buying Gift Cards

If you are interested in buying gift cards from Cardpool, the process is pretty simple. You can search the site for the store or company you’re interested in. For example, if you’d like a gift card for J.Crew, you type the store’s name into the search bar.

If gift cards for J.Crew are available for sale, the results will list the value of each card and its cost. For example, a gift card worth $83.59 might cost $74.80, a discount of 10.5 percent.

Cardpool gives you the option of purchasing either paper or email gift cards. If you buy a “paper” card, it’s mailed to you and should arrive within a week. Emailed or “egift” cards usually arrive within a business day, over email.

Whether a gift card is paper or email depends on the type of cards Cardpool purchases. You don’t necessarily get a say in whether your gift card is a physical one or an emailed one, although there might often be a range of options available.

One of the benefits of buying gift cards on Cardpool is that the price that’s printed is the price you pay. The platform offers free shipping and doesn’t charge sales tax or other fees

Selling Gift Cards

Cardpool also lets you sell those gift cards you have cluttering up your wallet or purse. It allows you to sell either paper gift cards or e-gift cards, or both. The gift cards you sell don’t have to have the full balance on them, but they do need to be worth at least $25. The maximum value of each gift card is $1,000.

When you sell a gift card to Cardpool, you have two options for receiving payment. You can trade gift cards for Amazon credit, or you can ask the company to send you a check. If you choose the Amazon option, you’ll get 6 percent more per transaction than if you pick a check.

You also have a choice as to how you sell your card. You can choose the get paid faster option and sell the card directly to Cardpool. If you were to sell a $150 card to the company with the faster option, you’d receive $109.50 in cash or $116 in Amazon credit.

The second option is to list the card on the site’s marketplace. If you do that, you have more of a say regarding the price of the card. For a $150 card, you can choose a price up to $135.68 if you want to get paid in cash or up to $143.82 if you prefer Amazon.

If you’re selling a paper or physical gift card, you don’t have to worry about shipping costs. Cardpool will give you a prepaid USPS label that you can use to send the card to the company, free of charge. If you sell an emailed or e-gift card, you type in the card number and PIN, if needed, before you accept the offer from Cardpool.

Our Two Cents

Here’s our Cardpool review. Whether you’re buying or selling gift cards, Cardpool has some pros and cons. The site can be an excellent way to save money at your favorite stores and a useful tool if you want to trade unused gift cards for cash. Although our Cardpool review is positive, there are a few caveats we think you should know about.

Cardpool is a Great Concept

All in all, Cardpool is a fantastic idea. Whether from well-meaning friends or people who are clueless, many end up with gift cards they just can’t use every year. Instead of having those cards sit in your wallet and be a waste of money, Cardpool gives you the option of making good use of them.

Sure, you won’t get the full value of the card when you sell it to Cardpool. But at the very least, you’re likely to get up to 92 percent of its value. Getting some money is better than getting no money.

If you’re in the market for gift cards, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use Cardpool. Why pay $150 for a $150 gift card when you can pay $140 for the same value? It just makes good financial sense.

The Execution is Lacking

One of the biggest issues with Cardpool is that some people are sure that they’ve been a victim of a Cardpool scam. That’s mainly because the site has insufficient customer service.

Although it offers a full year guarantee for people who have purchased a card, there don’t seem to be many protections in place for sellers. In fact, Cardpool reserves the right to charge your credit card if it thinks that the card you’ve sold to is a fraud or otherwise illegal. No one wants to wake up to an unauthorized or mysterious charge on their credit card.

There are also issues with getting in touch with the company. Email seems to be your only option for contacting them, as there is no Cardpool phone number.

What Do Other People Say About Cardpool?

We’re not the only ones to have an opinion about Cardpool. Cardpool reviews from other users show that the site is very polarizing. Some people love it, but others are not satisfied.

Some Love Cardpool

Those who love Cardpool love it because they believe it provides a straightforward and easy solution. For example, Dominque D. says this of her experience with the site:

They do what they say they do. The service works. They send the electronic gift cards in a timely manner. Thanks.

Melissa said this of her Cardpool experience:

I have purchased egift cards from Cardpool in the past, and once again I made an effortless, easy purchase. Egift card worked perfectly within seconds of receiving my email. The whole process took about 10 minutes.

Another reviewer, Sean, had this to say:

Great experience – traded 2 gift cards in March 2017 and the process was very quick. Cardpool sent me Amazon gift cards within 24 hours. Would definitely recommend them!

Others Think Cardpool is a Scam

Other Card pool reviews aren’t so great, which can leave many people wondering if Cardpool’s legitimate. For example, the site has nearly 70 negative reviews on the Better Business Bureau website. Many of the reviews concern how long the company takes to send out the gift cards.

How long does Cardpool take? Although the site claims that it takes just a few minutes for emailed gift cards to arrive, Chris had a different experience:

The website stated that purchased gift cards would be available instantly. Purchased two cards, neither were available instantly. The first took over 24 hours and the second took around 6 hours. This business does not live up to their advertised services, and their customer service is poor. I would recommend using one of the other gift card sites.

Steven C.s’ review might sum up what those who haven’t had a good experience with Cardpool are thinking:

This company has zero customer support and little regard for the satisfaction of their customers.

Is Cardpool a scam? The site is probably not a scam, but it could also a do a much better job of making its customers happy.

Cardpool vs. Similar Services

Cardpool might not be the best site to sell gift cards, but the good news is that it’s not the only site out there. Other sites that offer a similar service include:

  • Cardcash. Cardcash has some features in common with Cardpool, but it also lets you trade your gift cards in for other gift cards (not just Amazon credit). If you trade in a card, you get more than if you take a cash offer. Cardcash seems to accept fewer merchants than Cardpool
  • Gift Card Granny. Gift Card Granny is a one-stop shop for your gift card selling needs. It doesn’t buy or sell gift cards itself, but it will tell you where to go to get the most bang for your gift card buck.
  • Card Kangaroo. Card Kangaroo does somethings better than Cardpool and some things worse. It doesn’t let you trade in gift cards for other cards, but it does pay via Paypal or check. The site also only accepts physical gift cards, not emailed cards.

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