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Photo Report | Women’s East MX Nationals | Round 1 Gopher Dunes

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

28 women lined up for Round 1 of the Women’s East MX Nationals at Gopher Dunes this past Saturday.

These motos would be the first time the women would hit the famed sand track at the end of the day, after the Pro motos had been run — the track would be rough!

#1 Eve Brodeur is the multi-time and defending champion but she would be put to the test by fellow Quebec racer, #192 Isabelle Thibault on her 250 2-stroke.

I shot video of the second moto. You can watch that here:

2019 Gopher Dunes WMX - Moto 2 - YouTube

If Round 1 was any indication, we’re in for a great battle for this championship. Here’s a look at some of the racing.

Moto 1 blasting off the gate at Gopher Dunes to get the Women’s East MX Nationals underway. #98 Melanie Harvey always has a smile on her face at the track and said she was just happy to be at the races. She finished 22-25 for 26th place. #27 Maya Legare moves up to the big bike for the nationals. She finished 21-24 for 25th overall. #817 Cindy Trudel has been racing for a long time. She said she was pushing through a broken foot that is still healing, but still managed to finish 22nd overall with 20-26 motos. #122 Brook Greenlaw was in some nice battles in moto 1 and finished 23rd. She came back for 18th in moto 2 to crack the top 20 overall. #33 Malia Garant was in a good 6-rider battle for 12th place in moto 1 and took 16th. She was 23rd in moto 2 for 19th. Hailey Johnson runs my old number so she gets in here! 17-15 put her 18th overall. #75 Lindsey Bradley finished 18-14 for 17th. #10 Kelcey Jones raced the western series for fun and finished up in 10th place in moto 1 and was 20th in moto 2 for 15th. There was no shortage of line options on the jumps! #345 Kaycey Prior finished 14-16 for 14th. #6 Gemma Pope was consistent on her 2-stroke and finished 13-12 for 13th. #7 Emilie-Jade Leveille took 15th in moto 1 and came back for a top 10 in moto 2 for 9th. She was 12th overall. #297 Jacqueline Riess moving her way up through the pack in moto 1. She finished 11-8 for 9th. #9 Carrie Davis has returned to compete in Canada. She ripped her 2-stroke to 9-7 motos for 8th. #15 Eden Netelkos is also back for more Canadian racing. She was in some great battles in moto 1 and finished 8-6 for 7th. #5 Sarah-Kim Villeneuve on her way forward to a 3rd place moto 1 finish. She had some troubles in moto 2 and was 11th for 6th overall. #265 Brittany Gagne decided very late to come race our series. It’s great to have her back and she finished 5-5 for 5th. #14 Brittani Majcher fought hard for 7-4 motos and 4th overall. #3 Liz Burke also raced the western series for some fun. She looked to be next fastest after the first two riders. 4-3 put her 3rd overall. #192 Isabelle Thibault was the quickest rider at Gopher Dunes but a couple mistakes cost her this one. Watch for her this weekend at Sand Del Lee. She finished 1-2 for 2nd spot. She actually qualified 4 seconds fastest on the day! #1 Eve Brodeur used her vast experience to take this one, after trading wins with Isabelle. This should be a great battle all series long. 2-1 gave her this one. Women’s podium: Eve Brodeur (2-1), Isabelle Thibault (1-2), Liz Burke (4-3).
WMXE – Overall Finish Positions    View Laptimes Moto 1 Moto 2              Points for this class            ROCKSTAR TRIPLECROWN SERIES 2019            MXTOUR 2019           
Overall Nbr   Name Moto 1 Moto 2 Points Earned
 1st   #1   EVE BRODEUR 
2nd 1st 57
 2nd   #192   ISABELLE THIBAULT 
1st 2nd 57
 3rd   #3   LIZ BURKE 
4th 3rd 48
 4th   #14   BRITTANI MAJCHER 
7th 4th 42
 5th   #265   BRITTANY GAGNE 
5th 5th 42
3rd 11th 40
 7th   #15   EDEN NETELKOS 
8th 6th 38
 8th   #9   CARRIE DAVIS 
9th 7th 36
 9th   #297   JACQUELINE RIESS 
11th 8th 33
 10th   #670   CHLOE PONCIA-MYRE 
12th 10th 30
 11th   #110   BREANNA ROSE 
6th 17th 29
15th 9th 28
 13th   #6   GEMMA POPE 
13th 12th 27
 14th   #345   KAYCEY PRIOR 
14th 16th 22
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Jake Tricco Released from Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing Team

By Billy Rainford

Jake Tricco released from the Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing team. | Austin Watling photo

A story that has been making the rounds behind the scenes involves the release of rookie Pro and up-and-coming Canadian racing star, Jake Tricco.

Jake is from Collingwood, Ontario, and has been on the industry’s radar since he was a little kid on little bikes. His level of talent and speed doesn’t come along every day.

It was told to us in confidence that Derek Schuster had released him from his contract after failing a drug test. A drug test that Schuster said he requires of all his riders. We agreed to wait until all parties involved in the big decision had been notified before we made it public.

Jake suffered a broken wrist earlier in the year and it had kept him off the bike as he was preparing for his first season on the full factory-supported team.

Derek said he likely wouldn’t be ready for the team’s home race at Gopher Dunes but that he should have been ready to race out the final 4 rounds of the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown MX Nationals season.

Unfortunately, the failed drug test has seen the two part ways.

Jake has been on the industry’s radar since he was a little kid. | Bigwave photo

We had Derek on the Moto Central Live Show this past Friday night and he was very careful with his wording about the situation. All he would confirm is that it was the use of “recreational drugs” that is at issue here.

Jake is still a kid and we need to tread lightly and do everything we can to help him get back on track and pursue his dream, whatever that dream may be.

Hopefully, we see this talented youngster back in the saddle in the future, but, if we don’t, we’d like to wish him all the best in the future.

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Out of the Blue | Isabella Flamand | Presented by Schrader’s

By Jeff McConkey

Presented by Schrader’s.

Name: Isabella Flamand

Date of Birth: September 28th, 2001

Hometown: St-Flavien, QC

School and Grade or Occupation: I am currently in a mechanical class and I work part-time in a grocery store.

Number: 468

Bike: Yamaha YZ250f

Race Club: Challenge Quebec

Class: Ladies B

This week we feature #468 Isabella Flamand from St-Flavien, Quebec. | Photo by Mom

Who got you started in racing?

He is a friend of mine who had a CRF150. I learned in 2 hours what he had learned in 2 years. This is where I knew I was made for this sport.

As a little girl, were you a ‘girly’ girl or a ‘tomboy?’

I would say that I was more ‘tomboy.’ I have 2 brothers older than me so I lived in a family made especially of boys. But, during special event or any evening, I was rather girly girl.

Is there one female out there that you think has paved the way for other girls to be successful in moto or off road?

I believe that all women can be a model for everyone in the world of motocross. It depends on what you have as a goal and what you want to accomplish.

As a racer, are there any obstacles that you feel a female racer has to deal with that maybe a male racer doesn’t?

Fitness plays a very important role between female and male. When it’s time to [pick] the bike up because we’ve fallen, it’s a bit more difficult. We only need to work harder.

Who do you like racing against better, the girls or boys?

I do not often have the opportunity to run against boys but I like to ride with them more than with girls. It gives me another challenge because most
of the time they are a lot stronger than me so I have give more to follow them.

Who is your favourite female rider and why?

I do not really have a favourite female rider. I admire them all as much. Watching them roll, I told myself that one day I will be able to follow them.

Isabella just started riding a couple years ago, but is progressing quickly. | Radical Pixel Photography photo

Is there a racer you look up to and why?

The racer I look up is Marvin Musquin. Indeed, because of his personal history and what he accomplished as a victory like the world championship, etc.

Do you have a “can’t miss” race, or event that you try to attend every season?

The event that I’ll try to never miss every year is the national amateur ECAN at Deschambault and the national Rockstar Energy. This is the place where I can show what I can do to everyone.

Who is your hero?

My hero is James Stewart. He drove to win, he rolled to life to death. He loves motocross so much, it’s his job after all.

What are your plans and goals for the 2019 season?

My goals for this year is to finish in the top 5 of Ladies B and top 15 at national ECAN.

What are your biggest accomplishments to date?

Because I’m just starting out, my biggest accomplishment was to make my first Ladies C podium in the beginning of 2019 at Ste-Julie, QC. I had never finished a race all the way on my 2 wheels before. (laughs)

James Stewart is her hero. | Pierre Chamberland photo

What is the biggest lesson that Motocross racing has taught
you so far?

The biggest lesson I learned in this sport was the perseverance. Even if you fall, you have to get up and start again until you get it right and that’s how you get better.

Most female racers leave the sport much earlier then male racers. Why do you think that is?

I think female racers leave motocross earlier because they think more about the future and safety than males racers. They want to either go to school or build a family while the boys mature later and think more about the pleasure of motocross.

Do you think it is possible for us to ever see a female Supercross

I think it’s possible but very little female racer has the courage to go there. Many of the female racers put their priority elsewhere after a while. I hope, however, that a women is one day champion of the Supercross.

Watch for Isabella at the ECAN and the Women’s National. | Richard Séguin photo

If you ever have children, will they be Motocross racers?

They will be of course motocross racers if they want to join my passion, but I will never force them to run just to please me.

Who do you want to thank?

My parents!! Gas Isoud1, Services sanitaires fortier, Midifor, FXR, Formaboots, PWR graphic, Usana associé indépendant, Sport tardif, Académie moto-x, Procolor St-Agapit.

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Photo Report | Gopher Dunes National

By Billy Rainford

We’re finally back in action at the 2019 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown MX Nationals. Let’s hope we don’t have that long a break in the series next year. I don’t need time to go to the beach and play volleyball or do stuff around the house!

Anyway, the annual stop at the gruelling sand track at Gopher Dunes took place this past Saturday under sunny skies, manageable humidity, and lots of new faces.

The fact that there was a weekend off in the American series meant a lot of riders from the New England area (riders who like to ride sand) made the trip across the border to take on what we affectionately call the toughest track in North America.

New for this week was the bird’s eye view Head Referee Paul Kingsley would have over the racing. He was up in a scissor lift with a pair of binoculars making sure riders were following the rules and staying inside the yellow markers.

There were 53 entries in the 250 Pro class and 54 in the 450 class. Here’s a closer look at the racing action.

250 Class Being a sand track, first practice looks like a ski hill on a powder day. #325 Tallon Unger got “first tracks” on his 250 2-stroke. He’s an Alberta rider and finished 32-36 for 37th on the day. #146 Tyler Gibbs is all the way from the Lower Mainland in BC. 26-34 put him back in 35th place. Tyler simply said it “didn’t go as planned.” Oh, and Kevin Urqhart likes Nickelback. Randy Wiebe told me #691 Blair Nauta, a Canadian, has never raced in Canada before. This was his first time and his first National. 27-26 put him 28th. Sounds like we’ll see him again this summer. #11 Davey Fraser was in the B Group, but he doesn’t let little things like that bother him. He was a consistent 23-23 for 26th. We’re still waiting for a fist-pumping holeshot from the east coaster. I kept having to remind myself who #43 was! Anthony Spaddacini is from Ottawa and cracked the top 20 in moto 1. His 24th in moto 2 put him 24th on the day. Watch for a solid performance at his home track this weekend. Poor #41 Jack Wright was on his face immediately after the gate dropped (Yes, I have the photo). He put his head down and pushed through for 24-20 motos and 22nd overall. #36 Teren Gerber is also a long way from home. He put together two solid motos (17-19) and took 20th in the sand. It was nice to have #35 Christopher Fortier back in the line-up after a concussion kept him away. 19-17 put him 19th. If you had to work harder than #296 Ryder Floyd did on Saturday, go ahead and take another day off! He had to come from last place in moto 1 for 13th. He then got a good start in moto 2 but crashed and ended up breaking his hand! This kid just can’t seem to get a…break…this season! Heal up, Ryder. #131 Jayce Penning joined his team for Gopher Dunes. He was way up in 4th place in moto 1 but then disappeared on the final lap with a mechanical DNF. He pulled into the mechanics area at the end of lap 1 in moto 2 but pushed on for 18th. His 16-18 put him 17th. Top Intermediate was #720 Jeremy McKie. He was up in 12th in moto 1 but fell and took 34th. He made some nice passes in moto 2 for 13th and 16th overall. Watch this guy this weekend! #52 Brad Nauditt was in some great battles in both motos. He finished 14-16 for 15th. #21 Josh Osby was another rider on his team to fall victim to a first moto DNF (37th). He regrouped and came back for 6th in moto 2 and 13th on the day. #48 Westen Wrozyna has been quietly scoring nice points this summer. His 12-14 put him 12th overall. One of the riders I’ve been most impressed with this summer has been #60 Quinn Amyote. Quinn mixed it up with some very established long-time Pros this weekend and finished 10-11 for 11th. #27 Hayden Halstead raced Southwick and Red Bud over the break and is getting back to race pace after his off-season leg injury. He loves the sand and was 11-9 for 10th. #50 Jyire Mitchell is back for the remainder of the season and was up in the mix all day. His 9-10 motos put him 9th. #628 Parker Mashburn is fitting in nicely up here in Canada. He almost grabbed the first moto holeshot and then had to come from the back of the pack in moto 2 for 12th. His 6-12 gave him a solid 8th. #14 Tanner Ward got himself on the box in 2018 here. He was a consistent 7-8 for 7th this year. #46 Marco Cannella had himself in contention all day and took 6th (5-7). #121 Marshal Weltin came in with the red plates. He’s a great sand rider but will hit the next round with normal plates. 4-5 put him 5th. #5 Tyler Medaglia was down in turn 1 of the first moto with another rider’s bike caught in his. He won the 450 class last season at this track and pushed himself to 8th! He challenged for the win in moto 2 and took 4th on the day with 8-2 motos. #94 Luke Renzland seems ready for a win. He’s another great sand rider and was up in the lead battle in moto 1. He ended up sort of alone in the 2nd moto and took 3rd spot on the day (3-4). Watch for a push for a win next week at the team’s home track. #1 Jess Pettis grabbed the moto 1 holeshot and led for a few laps, taking 2nd at the flag. He rode to a smart 3rd place in moto 2 for 2nd spot on the podium. #19 Dylan Wright started the day off right by qualifying fastest. He showed he was the quickest rider in both motos and took a very solid 1-1 victory for the home team, regaining the points lead in the process. Oh, he also proposed to his girlfriend and is now engaged! 250 podium: Dylan Wright (1-1), Jess Pettis (2-3), Luke Renzland (3-4).
250 PRO – Overall Finish Positions    View Laptimes Moto 1 Moto 2              Points for this class            ROCKSTAR TRIPLECROWN SERIES 2019            MXTOUR 2019           
Overall Nbr   Name Moto 1 Moto 2 Points Earned
 1st   #19   DYLAN WRIGHT 
1st 1st 60
 2nd   #1   JESS PETTIS 
2nd 3rd 52
 3rd   #94   LUKE RENZLAND 
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Sand Del Lee MX RD5 Need to Know
  • Weekend Passes
  • Tickets
Address: 101 Kanata Avenue ON K2T 1E6
Round Five
With the Series moving east, the riders are faced with sand, heat and humidity. Sand Del Lee, a riders and fan favourite track, is located just outside the Nation’s Capital of Ottawa, Ontario.
The track has multiple manmade jumps to test the riders and the sandy soil makes it a true test for man and machine.
Last year we saw the GDR Honda Team sweep the top step of the podium, with Colton Facciotti winning the 450 class and Dylan Wright taking the 250. Can they do it again??
Venue Address
Sand Del Lee Motocross Park, 2980 Conley Rd, Ashton, ON K0A 1B0
Race entries will be online ONLY and will be limited entry and limited classes.
250 Pro – 80 riders
450 Pro – 80 riders
WMX Class – 40 Riders
FXR PreMix class – 40 Riders
Transponders will be used alt all MRC Triple Crown events. If you do not have a transponder they can be rented on site and can be picked up at Pro rider tech. Rentals will be $40.
Riders Meeting
Riders meeting for all Pro day Classes will take place at the podium at 7:30am Saturday.
Pro Riders Tech / Rider check in
Tech/Check in will take place just inside the the Triple Crown semi tent and riders/mechanics will need to sign waiver, show jersey and bike for technical approval.
Sign in for Pros
– Friday 2- 5pm
PreMix/WMX Rider Check in
Rider Check in will take place just inside the the Triple Crown semi tent and riders/mechanics will need to sign waiver. Note: this is an Online only sign up, so be sure to do so prior to arrival.
Sign in for PreMix and WMX
– Friday 2 – 5pm
For all LIVE content (timing, stream, TV) 
Gate fees:
Adult Saturday Only – $35
Adult Weekend – $50
Kids 4-12 years old Saturday – $20
Kids Weekend Pass – $30
Camping fee – $15 one night, $25 for the weekend
**Schedule subject to change.
By MX101
*** Sand Del Lee Amateur Day is welcome to all, with a small increase in price for non MRC Members
*** DOUBLE POINTS FOR : Tag Metal Ontario Provincial Series
Sign in for Amateurs Day
$40, $30, $10 – Member Pricing
$50, $40, $20 – Non Member Pricing
(Registration will be at the Venue- ONLY and will be held at the Sand Del Lee admin building)
  • Saturday 6 – 7:30pm
  • Sunday 7 – 8:30am 
Sunday Parts Canada Amateur Open Classes
(trophy top ten, Non payback classes, **Top 3 Amateur Open Trophies)
50cc 4-6 years old 
50cc 7-8 years old 
65cc 7-9 years old 
65cc 10-11 years old 
85cc 7-11 years old 
85cc 12-16 years old
Supermini 12-16 years old
Ladies A (50% Payback)
Ladies B
Girls 9-16
250 Junior
Open Junior
Vet 30B
Vet 40B
250 Intermediate (50% Payback)
Open Intermediate (50% Payback)
Regional additional Classes
(trophy top ten non-payback classes)
50 cc GP
65 cc..
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Bjorn Viney Injury Update

By Billy Rainford

Bjorn Viney breaks wrist. | Bigwave photo

Unfortunate news from the Team PRMX/Viney camp. Young up-and-coming Intermediate rider Bjorn Viney has sustained a broke wrist.

Bjorn, from the Ottawa area but now calling California home, wrapped up the Challenge Quebec Supercross Lites title, finishing 7th this past weekend to take home the title.

The plan was for Bjorn to join the Rockstar Triple Crown MX Nationals this coming weekend for Round 4 at Sand Del Lee and compete as an Intermediate in the 250 Pro class for the remainder of the season.

This injury will take him out of competition for the rest of the series and we’ll have to wait and see how his recovery goes before we comment on what’s next for him.

All the best for a speedy recovery.

From Ulf Viney‘s Facebook page:

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Video | Gopher Dunes FXR Pre Mix Nationals – Moto 2

By Billy Rainford

Video from the 2nd moto of the FXR Pre Mix Nationals at Gopher Dunes in Courtland, Ontario.

Gopher Dunes FXR Pre Mix National - Moto 2 - YouTube
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Video | Gopher Dunes WMX – Moto 2

By Billy Rainford

Moto 2 of Round 1 of the Canadian Women’s East MX Nationals at Gopher Dunes in Courtland, Ontario.

2019 Gopher Dunes WMX - Moto 2 - YouTube
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By Billy Rainford

Well, we’ve done it. We’ve gotten ourselves back to racing at the Nationals, and it feels great. I speak for myself, of course, because I wasn’t out there pounding out laps under the hot sun on the rough Gopher Dunes track! It’s easy for me to say it feels good.

However, I’m guessing there are a lot of Pro riders out there who were happy to sleep in late on Sunday and maybe even take a day off the bike. I know I would after going through what those riders did!

The track was the same as last year, but Derek Schuster and the Gopher Dunes gang never sit back and relax. No, they always have at least one thing new to see when you enter the gates for their annual National.

This year, they added a nice grandstand along the north side tree line. It gave spectators a nice view of most of the track from one place.

What I thought was cool about it was that it drew a bunch of people over to that area of the track which is something you didn’t always see.

In the past, you could always stand in one place on the grassy knoll and see the entire track. Things have changed over the past few years and now the place is full of jumps and added elevation. You can no longer see the entire track from one spot.

We actually kind of ribbed Derek about it on the ‘Moto Central Live Show Presented by Sneaky Weasel Beer‘ on Friday night when Ryan Lockhart, Ryan Gauld, and Derek sat in for the first 20 minutes or so.

Derek took it all in stride and just chalked it up to progress. You have to keep giving the riders what they want, and the new school riders want jumps to scrub.

They also had a bit of a wet area so they had to decide whether to try and drain it or add more water to it and make it a spot where fans could grab one of the floaties they provided. They went with the latter and it made for a perfect place to stay cool and catch the action. I meant to go in there all day but never made it happen.

If you didn’t get a chance to tune in live, the show always goes to archive and you can watch it again here:

Moto Central Live Presented by Sneaky Weasel from Gopher DunesDerek Schuster, Ryan Lockhart, Ryan Gauld, Dylan Wright, Ève Brodeur, and Tristan Lane sit in on this one. #mx #motocross Canadian Rockstar Triple Crown Tour #sneakyweasel Balderdash Beer

Posted by Direct Motocross on Friday, July 12, 2019

Thank you very much to those guys for spending some time on a busy Friday night before a National. Also, thank you to Dylan Wright, Eve Brodeur, and our new Florida friend, #711 Tristan Lane, for hanging out and getting to know us and the Canadian Moto Scene a little better.

Speaking of Dylan, he dropped to his knee and proposed to his girlfriend at the team victory photo op on the podium at the end of the race day. Congratulations, you two crazy young people!

Next Friday, we’ll be at Sand Del Lee just outside our nation’s capital, Ottawa, for the racing. That means Kevin Tyler has agreed to host the live show on Friday night.

Maybe we’ll set up on the deck outside their little office/shop and do it from there? Who knows.

Hopefully, we can get his riders to sit in and tell us some stories. We’ll also try to get Johnny Grant on with KT. Hey, Marco Cannella, Hayden Halstead, and Luke Renzland, don’t make any dinner plans for before 7 or until after 8 next Friday…

These race weekends are very busy. Just when it was time to sit down and start going over the content generated from a long day at a National, it’s time to charge batteries and head back to the track for a full day of Amateur racing.

That’s what I did Sunday, but, truthfully, James Lissimore and I didn’t get to the track until the sprinklers were on for intermission between the first and second set of motos. But I did catch every second moto!

The beach in Southampton, ON is DMX World HQ for the next couple days before we head to Ottawa.

So, now it’s Monday and I’ve got so many photos and video clips clogging my laptop’s hard drive that I’m surprised I can still load up Photoshop, Lightroom, and Final Cut Pro to work on anything!

Also, knowing where to even start would help! I’ve got about 10 different things on my mind to get started on and then I decide maybe I should be doing another thing. And you know how that goes…nothing gets started at all!

Because Sundays are also busy, I decided to do a little recap video where I sit in a chair and go through the notes from my flip pad.

When I’m at the races, I always jot down notes as things happen so I remember them later when I have to write captions for photo reports or write a column or even ask a rider questions during interviews.

I can imagine being at home and not being able to be at the races and wanted to get caught up on how the racing went. It is very time consuming to do a full photo report so pointing the camera at myself and blabbing about the notes in my book is definitely the quickest and easiest way for me to get a lot of information out.

I actually thought the one I did today was going to come in under 15 minutes, and I was shocked when I went to upload it to YouTube only to see that it was 27! Sorry about that.

I’ll keep doing these things but I promise to do my best to shorten them down a little. Maybe they help cure your insomnia, I don’t know.

Here’s the one I did today for the Gopher Dunes round:

2019 Gopher Dunes 'By the Book' - Race Recap - YouTube

What did you think of the racing this weekend? Congratulations to the home team. The Honda Canada GDR Fox Racing guys took both wins. In fact, they won every moto!

250 podium: Dylan Wright 1-1, Jess Pettis 3-3, Luke Renzland 3-4. | Bigwave photo

Dylan Wright came into this one just 2 points down on #121 Marshal Weltin of the Sky Racing International Motorsports Husqvarna team.

Dylan left with the red plate and heads to the track at Sand Del Lee that sits, literally, 30 seconds from his parents’ house where he grew up! He knows this place well, and it’s going to be pretty tough to wrestle the points lead away from him at this track.

He went back and forth for the lead a couple times just to keep it interesting for the fans.

450 podium: Mike Alessi 1-1, Phil Nicoletti, 2-2, Cole Thompson 3-3. | Bigwave photo

Mike Alessi was on fire this week. We’ve seen him do very well here before, but this was next level stuff.

He took a little while to get around #16 Cole Thompson in moto 1, but he absolutely crushed everyone in moto 2.

This display of sand skill is something most of us were expecting to see from multi-time champ and sand God, #2 Matt Goerke. Unfortunately, Matt had one of those days every rider would like to forget. It’s also one of those days that every one of us has gone through or is about to go through. It’s just part of the game.

Mechanical DNF’s in both motos have dug Matt a gaping hole in the points chase. He was nursing that broken finger but then had bike issues be what sent him to the sidelines. He’ll regroup and do what he always does: put it in the past and go for wins.

Alessi was coming off some health issues and then had a pretty hard crash the Thursday a week before the race, so he probably wasn’t 100%, himself!

If that was less than 100, yikes!

Every summer there are rides that you remember, and this is definitely going to be one of them.

Round 1 of the Women’s East MX Nationals took place, too, and there was some exciting racing at the front! I’m not going to get into too much detail here because the Monday Morning Coffee is already late and I want to post the 2nd moto video ASAP.

Women’s podium: Eve Brodeur 2-1, Isabelle Thibault 1-2, Liz Burke 4-3. | Bigwave photo

Word on the street was that there were pink slips up for grabs in the FXR Pre Mix race.

Apparently, whoever won between Justin Roney and Ryan Gauld got the other’s bike!

When I asked Justin about it on the starting line, he simply said, “This bike is worth more than anything Gauld owns!” So, no, he didn’t think they were going through with this bet.

Good thing, too, because Ryan ended up getting the better of him.

The win went to #218 Nathan Bles who sarcastically put on some red plate graphics and took some ribbing for it.

He also admitted on the stage that he even started training more seriously for the racing.

Pre Mix podium: Nathan Bles 1-1, Drew Roberts 2-2, Taylor Ciampichini 3-3. | Bigwave photo

OK, guys, I hope that gave you something to read while you are at work or having brunch. I apologize for this week’s lateness, but I had a 2.5-hour drive to do this morning and I also had to drop the DMX Van off with Josh Snider of the CTR Club MX Redemption Racing Yamaha team so he can replace a wheel bearing/hub before the van heads east again. Thanks, Josh.

Have a great week, everyone. I’ll get some things from the weekend up as soon as I can. Everyone else is lounging on the beach, but I’ll just look out the window, periodically…

Of all the thousands of photos I took this weekend, this one of Paul Kingsley and Daryl Murphy walking away in their “rain gear” may be my favourite. See you at the races… | Bigwave photo

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Gopher Dunes National ‘By the Book’ | Race Recap

By Billy Rainford

Here’s a look at how I saw the racing from the side of the track while shooting photos and video. I jot thoughts and positions down in some sort of shorthand I’ve developed over the years to use for information when doing Photo Reports etc. after the event.

A good way to get some information out to those who weren’t able to be there in person or see it on TV or the internet live is to sit down and do through my little flip pad the following day.

Obviously, I missed some things, but here’s a look at how I saw the race unfold in front of me.

2019 Gopher Dunes 'By the Book' - Race Recap - YouTube

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