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At last count, there were close to 55,000 WordPress plugins and services website owners and designers can select from in their effort to boost traffic and improve site performance.

If you’re one of those seeking a way to boost website performance and your productivity as well, you should easily be able to find the right tool or service to make it happen. Right?

Not exactly.

Searching through roughly 55,000 WordPress tools and services could take weeks if not months, and before you’ve checked out the first 1,000, everything will start to look alike, and the odds of your making a poor choice or not making one at all will steadily increase.

In this article, we’re sharing our expertise and knowledge as to what “must-have” WordPress tools and services for websites in 2019 should bring to the table. We’ve listed 5 of the very best, which means you shouldn’t have any problem finding a game-changing tool or service reasonably quickly.

Starting with:


If you desperately need to streamline your design workflow and speed up production, Elementor, the market’s most advanced WordPress page builder can offer a solution to these and several other problems you could be facing.

Perhaps you’re either spending too much time coding, or you’re limited to what you can accomplish due to a lack of coding skills. With Elementor’s powerful drag and drop page builder at your fingertips, you can create professional WordPress pages and sites without any need for coding.

And since Elementor works with any theme and any WordPress plugin, you can avoid a couple of other common problems. More than a few themes place design constraints on you and many plugins have a nasty habit of slowing your sites down. Not so with Elementor. Every problem this amazing tool can help you avoid will pay dividends in product quality and time saved down the road.

You can build your site with Elementor’s super-useful widgets if you prefer to start a project from scratch; or, you can pick and choose among hundreds of pre-designed templates and special effects to build pages more quickly.

Brizy WordPress Website Builder

Page and website-building tools can be difficult to work with and intimidating for beginners. Brizy is powerful, but this WordPress page builder is super-easy to work with and it’s not one bit intimidating. If you’re in the market for an easy-to-use drag and drop website building experience, Brizy’s an ideal choice. No coding is required, and you don’t need any special skills to create beautiful websites fast and easy.

Since you get 150 layouts, 240 pre-made building blocks, and 16 popups right out of the box, you should be able to easily figure out a page’s structure and put the page together in minutes. 4,000 icons are included and working with fonts and color schemes is easy; plus, Brizy gives you total control on how your site will appear on tablets or mobile devices.

Brizy is free to download and you can start using it right away to create your website for free with no strings attached.   

WordPress Site Care

With Newt Labs’ proactive approach in supporting your operational WordPress websites, you can stop worrying about how WordPress issues or new upgrades might affect their performance and potentially affect your reputation with your clients should they cause bad things to happen, no matter how minor.

The Newt Labs team will be more than willing to dedicate their resources toward helping you with small fixes your websites might require, managing any effects WordPress updates might have on your sites, and providing security monitoring, backups, and WordPress optimized cloud hosting.

With an agency that specializes in WordPress maintenance at your fingertips, you can relax and focus on other aspects of your business knowing that any potential problems are being addressed by Newt Labs and any problems that surface will be quickly attended to.


The Goodie software development platform directly connects end-clients with experienced web developers. By relying on Goodie, you can avoid costly middlemen, avoid unnecessary communications breakdowns or bottlenecks, save time, and have a website completely and carefully coded for the special price of $999.

All that’s required of you is to provide the Goodie team with your design. Then it’s simply a matter of taking it easy while the team goes to work. Their service is ideal for anyone needing a clean and carefully-coded website.


Looking for an easy way to optimize your content? The WordLift plugin’s AI technology makes what is usually considered to be a difficult task as easy as it gets. This useful tool translates the content of your site’s pages into machine-friendly content that enables it to talk across multiple devices to help your site’s visitors take the actions you desire.

This is the year of voice search and AI-powered content discovery platforms, platforms like WordLift that can be relied on better connect with your audience.

Tips to Make Your WordPress Site Secure Choose a Good Hosting Company

If you give in to the temptation to go with a cheap hosting provider, it could be costly in the long run. A more common-sense approach would be to go with a provider that can guarantee to keep your site secure and your data safe at a reasonable price.

Install a WordPress Security Plugin

Installing a WordPress security plugin won’t cost you much, it’s easy to do, and it can pay huge dividends. Even if you have coding skills, and not all that many web designers do, using a plugin to keep your site secure makes a lot of sense. A good security plugin can monitor your site 24/7, scan for malware, and in general, keep bad things from happening.

Update WordPress regularly

With every update, WordPress gets incrementally better and more secure as well. Latent malicious bugs are swiftly dealt with, bugs that could put your site at risk if you fail to update regularly. Make it a habit to periodically check the WordPress dashboard and hit the “Update Now” button when you see a new update has been released.

Back up your site regularly

Almost everyone knows they should do this, yet many designers and website owners rarely or never get around to it. Create a copy of your site’s data and store it safely away and you won’t be faced with tedious and time-consuming rework if something bad happens.


Any one of the above 5 tools and services could help you take your site-building experience to a higher level, and by practicing the 4 tips your sites will be safe and secure, or easily recoverable should bad things happen.

It will be nice not having to worry about plowing through a few thousand WordPress tools or services to take your work to a higher level either, since any of the products and services listed here are capable of doing it for you.

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A computer mockup enables designers with an opportunity to display potential UI design, website layout, and apps to clients.

These desktop mockups transform a flat surface and design into a realistic, professional and engaging design. Therefore, you are presented with an impressive and engaging presentation when using a mockup.

If you are a professional looking for a desktop mockup PSD, the listed mockup templates will suit your needs. You have plenty of options that will suit any project and these are both printable and downloadable.

Recommended computer mockup examples Free modern floating desk mockup

The Modern Floating Desk Mockup is another free mockup ready to download.

It is in a PSD format which makes editing easy using Adobe Photoshop. Individual detail can be customized with integrated smart layers.

Computer set app & skin mockup

The Graphic river computer mockup comes with excellent features like organized layers, Smart Objects with shadow and reflections on separate layers and more.

You get a full video tutorial and help file in this easy-to-use mockup. It is great to present professional advertising, presentation, products, and web design showcasing with premade scenes.

Retro IBM desktop mockup

The Retro IBM desktop mockup is from developer Anthony Boyd. It is a free-to-download mockup that allows designers to add their own designs to it.

It features a vintage desktop scene that is perfect for branding work and website designs.

Computer Monitor Mock-up

The premium computer monitor mockup is a responsive mockup which is perfect for gallery presentations, web pages, and design applications.

Web designers will be able to preview and showcase graphic designs and more in a simple and easy way with images inserted in a smart object and it will automatically fit the screen.

Surface studio mockups v.2

The Surface Studio has excellent features including modern styling, high resolution, adjustable shadow, changeable background, and 3 mockups.

It features a landscape orientation, PDF file types and Adobe Photoshop features and more.

Free Professional office desk mockup

The Professional Office Desk Mockup is easily edited in Adobe Photoshop. It is integrated with smart layers and details can be customized individually.

Designers and developers can showcase a professional brand on their desks. What is more, it is free!

Isometric surface studio mock-up

The Isometric Surface allows designers to showcase the wed project design and work in an isometric perspective.

It is a simple to use design that works on a drag-and-drop, ready to use design. it is easy to use since it works via Smart Objects.

Designers insert their own design into the Smart Object with changes reflecting in the PSD file.

Computer desk mock-up

This computer desk mockup works with three simple steps and consists of three computer views.

It allows for easy customization with six PSD files, clear text documentation, 100% Photoshop and layer masking to name a few to features.

Surface studio computer mockup

The Surface Studio is free to download and easy to use. it is a professional and stylish PSD mockup with great ambiance.

This free computer mockup is great to showcase graphic designs, website designs, creative works and excellent for website headers.

Computer Mockup – 14 Poses

Computer mockup 14 poses come in 14 PDF files which are easily edited with screen replacements done via Smart Objects.

It is one of the best for MacBook and iMac mockup templates.

Vintage iMac Desk Mockup Freebie

The iMac might have a futuristic design, however, vintage tropes do amazingly well with it. Designers can design a custom desk in vintage design completely free.

It is downloadable in PSD format and edits simply with Adobe Photoshop. Individual details can also be edited with integrated smart layers.

Screens PSD Mockup Black White

The black & white Premium is a mockup of a Dell monitor and Lenovo notebook in a photorealistic PSD mockup. It is very easy to use and present designs with smart layers.

Mac Computer Mock-up

The Mac computer mockup comes with an easy-to-use guide for editing via Smart Objects as well as a PSD Photoshop document.

It uses layers to add designs with ease and ideal for designers to preview website and graphic designs realistically. It is the recommended mockup for gallery presentations, web pages and many more.

Mac Clean style desktop mockup

The Mac Clean Style mockup features a text help file and two template files for organized layers in 4000 x 2667 px JPG.

It is simple and easy to use and ideal for professional and realistic looking presentations and web pages.

Free awesome computer plus desk mockup in PSD

Another free desk mockup that involves a modern computer featuring an advanced scene. In the mockup you can see the monitor on a workstation, sitting on top of a comfy desk along with a keyboard.

You will be able to edit easily and change details according to personal preference. It is a great free mockup ideal for personal, business, branding, design and more.

Photorealistic Computer Mockup

Alex Nikandrov is the developer of the Photorealistic computer mockup.

It was developed for iMac using Smart Objects that allows users to replace screenshots with ease and simplicity. You can download it for free!

Computer Responsive screen mockup

Designers find the responsive design of the screen mockup via Photoshop Smart Objects the ideal tool to promote their graphics, presentations and website design skills.

It has 23 positions and seven vectors, and all the devices have a right, left and central position. Device sizes can be increased without losing sharpness.

Surface Studio Zoom In Mockup

The Surface Studio Zoom gives designers the opportunity to present Surface Studio devices in various angles while it also has zoom in capability.

It allows you to magnify the features that are used in the design. colors and display screens can be changed while device accessories can be removed and added too.

iMac Free Mockup

Another free mock for iMac that is easy to use with the use of Smart Objects. It comes from designer Christina Kr and the ideal mockup to present designs professionally and in a realistic way.

Surface Studio Mock Up

The Surface offers designers with realistic looking files with a clean look and professional perspectives. The print quality is 3000 x 2000 300 dpi.

It offers organized layers and Smart Object use suitable for Photoshop CS5 and higher.

The Importance of Mockups for designers

If you are a graphic designer, you will need a desktop mockup PSD in various project demonstrations.

For example, when you design a web application, how will you be able to show clients how to use it, its features, how it works and what its functions are when downloaded?

Clients can see how the app or other designs will be interacting and operates when in use.

Ending thoughts on these computer mockup designs

Irrespective of your needs, from designing, branding or personal use, these computer mockup designs will enable you to showcase your expertise without having any prior knowledge.

If you enjoyed reading this article about computer mockups you should read these as well:

The post Looking for a cool computer mockup? There are 20 templates in this article appeared first on Design your way.

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We expect graphics design websites to be a little bit more creative, right? Well, it depends. Let’s look at this collection of graphic design websites to figure out what we are talking about.

One of the best ways to tell if an artist or graphic designer really is really what he or she what assumes to be, is to check their online portfolio websites.

The online portfolio will display the attention to detail, the artist’s personality, and you can make an idea yourself about how good they really are.

And sometimes a website can look incredible but the artist’s work for brochure or postcard printing is less than desirable, which probably means the website was designed by someone else.

The post Graphic Designer Websites: Portfolios and Resources appeared first on Design your way.

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We all want to create the best UX designer resume for ourselves. Before you start – What is a resume’s precise function?

Answer – you use your resume to get hired! This is the wrong answer. The function of a great resume is to get prospective employers and hiring managers to notice your resume from the pack. It will give you the opportunity to be considered for a phone screening interview.

Is a resume’s importance overstated? Definitely not!

While the internet certainly evolved rapidly it isn’t necessarily great for job seekers. Sending out more applications to land a job, does not mean an increased opportunity to get an interview. The secret is sending better resumes. Employers shared their experience on resumes and the consensus is that 75% of applicants that apply are not even qualified for the advertised position.

According to experts and hiring managers, a minute fraction of job seekers is selected. Only the top 2% of job candidates actually make it to the interview. This 2% could potentially meet the rigorous requirements.

If you want to be part of the 2%, read more as we will share with you how to avoid being part of the 98% that are eliminated during resume screening when designing a UX resume. The top secrets of designing a UX resume that is part of the 2% will include:

UX resume essentials

How to design a UX design resume that stands out among the thousands?

Mistakes that will lower rejection rate

You can compare a resume with an exam. Mistakes result in lower scores and negative results.

Common mistakes in a UX designer resume that you need to avoid:

  1. Grammatical errors and typos
  2. Visually too busy
  3. Incorrect contact information
  4. No action verbs
  5. Ugly typesetting
  6. Broken links
  7. And many more….

Go over your UX resume with a fine toothcomb as you will continue finding small errors like these mentioned above. Get a proofreader or a couple of friends to check your resume as others can see a common mistake that you will not notice.

Self-description and Objective do not match the job requirement

This is a big mistake you should avoid and why HR does not add your UX resume to the shortlisted potential UX interviewees.


When your target is UX design, check out the recruitment information. Do not use a one-for-all UX resume. Different companies will have different UX job descriptions. When you forward the same UX resume to different companies, your chances are 98% certain to be in the rejection pile.

Information overload
  1. Bad portfolio
  2. Wordy irrelevant description
  3. Too lengthy
  4. And many more….

Your UX resume must be concise with focal points that attract attention. A hiring manager has thousands of resumes to check and doe not have hours to spend on a single resume.


Your first page is where you attract attention, thus if possible, stick to one page, a 25-page UX designer resume will not attract attention.

When you add UX portfolios you should add it in links as additional attachments and lengthy pages also get rejected. Add links to a website where your UX portfolio is placed.

Use Hierarchy to make your resume eye and user-friendly.

Essential elements that a UX designer resume should have

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics UX, User Experience Design is one of the hottest creative careers.

There are more than 3,426,000 jobs and job growth over the last ten years is 22.1%. that is very appealing especially when you consider the pay rate is between $95,000 and $150,000.

With this information you know you want a UX designer resume that stands out, however, how could you stand out from the crowd of applicants?

Top Points to Highlight

UX Designers have key skills which they specialize in. What are yours? Do you have experience in the retail or restaurant industry? Are you specializing in designing apps or is desktop software your specialty, or do you concentrate on mobile? You will have UX Design specialties, which you must highlight.

Besides your UX design skills, what else makes you different and where do you stand out? Do you have a strong communicative and collaborative nature which are essentials to communicate with clients?

What software specialties do you possess? Are you a UX design expert that uses specific tools like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Balsamiq, In Vision or Sketch? While code is a bonus it is something which could mean that you are the UX designer that lands the job.

Contact details

Full name

Contact info – phone number and email address

Social media – employers use social media on an increasing basis and a personal website where you showcase your UX design skills, UX portfolio, UX design work, and previous clients and expertise are recommended.

Keep it short

A single or two-page resume is adequate. Keep in mind that the HR does not have time and when the person has to go through a heap of applicants with pages upon page. If your UX resume is too long, the time that they get to your fourth or fifth page they already forgot what is on the first couple of pages, therefore is your first page the essential page and keeping it as concise as possible.

Concise self-introduction

Who are you, what are your UX design expertise and role?

Work experience

It is tricky but essential as both beginner UX designers and experienced UX designer need different methods.

Shorten work history

While UX design employers are looking for experience, it is rather irrelevant what you did two decades ago. What worked ten and more years ago and the UX design tool of that time are different today. If you want to include a decade and longer ago, keep it short.

UX Skills

Make a list which is relevant to your UX experience. Nobody wants to know or have time to see how long you have used a tool. List the skills you have mastered in a list which could include CSS, HTML, information architecture, sitemaps, UX design research, UX writing, usability testing, wireframing and so on.


A UX beginner designer could have exactly the same chances as an experienced UX Designer.

Recognition and Awards

If you have any, please include it as UX Awards and recognition could make a difference.

What does a UX designer resume look like that stands out?

If you incorporate the elements listed above, you are half-way there as the UX designer resume must be designed to stand out. How would a well-designed UX designer resume look?


A UI designer would commonly use a Vector tool but UX designers tend to use prototyping tools. A recommended tool to use is Mock Plus which has 200 components and drag-and-drop design that makes your job effortless.

A UX resume should be easy to read Color scheme

If you are going to choose a dark or busy resume you are already mistaken. Choose a simple, clean design and do not use more than two colors.


Male reading easy with adequate whitespace


Avoid fancy illustrative fonts and script. Do not use Comic Sans or Times New Roman and use single typeface with key points in italic or boldface.

A great file title

You want a useful file title even though this might appear irrelevant to you at first. It should not be called resume.pdf. it should include your name and if you wish the date as it immediately shows it is an updated resume. An example could be JamesSmith_UIUXdesigner-2019.pdf 

Stand out regarding vital information

UX work experience is very important. This should always be in the center and it should be easy to read.

Remain honest

You will be a part of a massive pack of applicants and you want to stand out without dishonesty. You should avoid titles like CEO, Art Director, Creative Director, etc. especially when you are a beginner of entry-level UX designer. It is not more impressive, and it will not attract employers when scanning through your resume. Your design experience, work experience, and information must match the title.

If you enjoyed reading this article about the UX designer resume, you should read these as well:

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Round logos help to send a message about a company.  This is because businesses use logo design to send an easily identifiable message about a brand.

Like all logos, circle logo design shares a company’s image.  The goals and values of a business are shared using a logo.  Customers will associate a circular logo with the organization and what it stands for.

Round logos are therefore carefully chosen to send a precise message about a company.
Logo designs may vary, but round logos are a common choice for businesses.

Circular logos have become a popular trend in graphic design.  This is because circles are classic, memorable and often very simple.

This article will show you some of the best round logos in the graphic design world.

Why choose round logos?

Many companies choose circle logos not only because they are trendy, but because they are simple, stylish and uncomplicated.

Cool circle designs are often timeless as well as memorable and easy to identify.  When viewers see a circle logo design, it will often appear instantly familiar.

This helps a brand to communicate clearly with its audience.

Points to consider with a round logo design

When creating a logo, your goal is to produce a simple and easily identifiable design which will represent your brand.

  • Your circle logo should be easy to identify in all shapes and sizes.
  • When you choose colours for your logo, select colours which will send out the message behind your brand.
  • When you design circle logos, keep the message behind your brand in mind.  This will help you to represent the values behind your organization.
An excellent selection of round logos

These round logos have made use of circular designs in unique and very creative ways.  Sometimes the logos contain images, symbols or even typography.

Explore the examples below for inspiration for your logos with circles.


Pinterest creates a clear example of how very feminine cool circle designs can be.

This great logo for a popular online pin board combines a target as well as a pin in its round logo.  This shows the value the brand brings to a connected online community.

Pinterest encourages users to connect through a shared appreciations and interests.

This logo has been created in a vibrant red, making it both highly visible and easily identifiable.

Burger King

Burger King has an attractive circle emblem made up of bun halves.  This logo was first introduced and quickly became a classic.

The words “Burger King” form an attractive filling, representing the tasty burger.
Viewer’s appetite is stimulated by the red, blue and yellow colours in this logo.


WordPress is an open source company who has used a circle logo design to represent a connected online community.

Circular logo design includes a “W”, which is symbolic of both the brand and the community it serves.

This double circle logo represents the stability and reliability of the WordPress brand.


Xbox is a round logo design which is instantly recognizable to gamers.  The logo is simple, with the sharp letters of the ‘X’ juxtaposing against the organic circle design.

Xbox has used a circle emblem to stand out from the competition.  Microsoft is frequently recognized by their rectangular windows.

Xbox has a timeless, iconic yet very cool logo which helps it to stand out from the crowd.

The Organic Basket

Cool circle designs are very familiar in nature.  Fruits, water droplets, planets and even the sun are circular in shape.

When a brand draws on round logos to express its values, it is easily able to evoke an image of natural or wholesome living.

Organic Basket Co has used a round logo design to represent an earthy and wholesome quality.  Earthy colours and deep yellows represent a natural and down to earth lifestyle.


AT&T has used a circular logo to share the value of connecting people to the world around them.

A globe, circled by lines represents technology and the power of connection.


Nimbu has drawn on the organic and very minimalist design of a circle in order to express the message behind the brand.

This brand has gone for an elegant, sleek and modern circular logo with organic, flowing waves.
Nimbu is a luxury brand, symbolic of refinement, quality and elegance.

This message has been captured well with its circle logo.  A modern, sans serif font adds a touch of modern sophistication.


Nivea is a skin care brand which has stood the test of time.  It offers stability as a veteran in the market, as well as the innovation and skill of a leading skin care brand.

Nivea’s logo has been developed and changed over the years to appeal to its customers.  The brand uses a circular logo to represent timelessness, strength and continued development.

This is an important message for this skincare leader.

Obradov Design

This brand draws on the simplicity offered by round logos and contrasts this with complex geometric shapes.

Dynamic geometric patterns help to create a sophisticated message for this leading brand.

A part of the circle logo is hidden by a sphere.  The different elements of the logo converse in a inside- outside design.


Starbucks does not only offer great coffee, but a space for communities to gather, share, chat, or connect online.

A circular mermaid is enclosed within a larger brand name circular graphic. This is finished off with a circular stroke.

Three circle logos combine to share how coffee, individuals and communities combine to create great experiences.

Little Friends Shop

Soft circles combine with a gentle colour palette to produce an organic and very safe aesthetic.

This aesthetic has been used by Little Friends Shop.  An image of cuddling pets has been added to this soft and approachable logo design.

The result is a very cute and friendly logo swathed in gentle grays and soft yellows.

More Round Logos Examples Dell


USA Today








Ending thoughts on round logos

Circles are classic, organic, simple and elegant shapes which make them highly attractive.  Round logos present a timeless feel of connection and community which sends out a spiritual message.

By creating a circular logo, you will be able to create a design which is easily identifiable while communicating a clear message about your brand.

Your audience will instantly relate to the message sent out via a circular logo, making it a popular and very attractive choice for graphic designers.

If you enjoyed reading this article about round logos, you should read these as well:

The post Round logos showcase: 23 Circular logos to inspire you appeared first on Design your way.

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The listed mockup designs are free to download and easy to use. Business stationary mockups build your brand, attract new customers and should never be underestimated. With a stationery mockup, you can present your logos, poster designs, business cards, resume templates, corporate identity and so much more.

In the business world, nothing is as important as communication. Without customers your business cannot succeed, therefore is your customer relationships vital. To improve your professionalism while promoting your brand, you use email.

How do you present your business to prospective clients, do you use a blank page, or do you use professional stationery? The mockups presented here allow you to preview your stationery designs with stationary mockups.

Boost your brand awareness by letting consumers know more about you through your stationery. Check out the free stationery mockups which are easy to use.

Stationery mockup templates Psd Invitation Stationery Mockup

This PSD stationary mockup enables you to showcase work using Smart Layer integration. It is suitable for invitation mockups and other stationary mockups. What is more, it is free to download!

Free Smartphone Plus Stationery Envelope Mockup

The stationary envelope mockup is designed for smartphones and mobile devices like tablets. It is a free to download mockup in layered design PSD file format.

Free PSD Business Card Mockup with Letterpress

The PSD business card mockup offers you the ideal opportunity to present your business professionally with the tactile feel of letterpress. With the integrated Smart Layers can you place your own design easily and change colors accordingly.

Stationery – Branding & Identity PSD Mockups

This branding and identity mockup are the sixth in a series of branding mockups that allows you to present your brand realistically. Smart Object integration gives you the freedom to easily place your own designs and colors.

Psd Notebook Stationery Mockup

Pixeden is the creator of this beautiful PSD Notebook Stationery mockup that adds creativity to designers. It is easy to use and allows you to add your own designs. What is more, it is free to download!

Stack of Business Cards Free PSD Template Designs

The stack of business cards PSD template designs mockups is free to download. Add the acquired attribution when used commercially and use it to enhance your business.

Stationery Mockup With Pencil and Clips

The designer of this stationary mockup with clips and pencil gives your stationary a professional, realistic look it works on Smart Object integration which allow you to add your own design and graphics with ease. It is a free mockup with layers and a file size of 7.8 MB!

Free Stationery Mockup

This free stationary mockup is quick to download and edited via Photoshop with a few clicks. Smart Object integration allows you to use your own logo and branding. This business stationery mockups have five scenes. You can change the background color and decide where you would like your business designs on the envelope, letterhead or business cards, both front and back.

Free Advanced Branding Stationery PSD Mockups

Wassim Awadallah is the creator of this amazing free advanced mockup stationary set. You get 15 different templates free. Each has different arrangements and angles with built-in Smart Object.

Psd iPad Stationery Branding Mockup PSD

Pixeden offers yet another free branding mockup for iPad stationary. It works on Smart Object layering which allows you to add your own logos and branding.

Stylish Free PSD Business Card Mockup Design

Another free business card mockup that is free to use with attribution to the author for commercial use. it is easy to edit in Adobe Photoshop.

Simple stationery PSD mockup

This is a simple to use and easily adjustable PSD mockup for business owners that want to show professionalism and specialize their branding. Use Smart Objects to add your own logo and design with this 3, 23 MB layered mockup.

Free food stationery mockup

Are you in a food-related industry or restaurant business? This is the top free food stationary mockup to build your brand. The food stationary mockup is free to download and very easy to edit. It uses smart Object to add your own logo, images and more. You can change the background too.

Stationery Branding PSD MockUps Vol 3-2

The Volume 3-2 PSD mockups is in a dark theme in a high-resolution textured background which can be changed as well. You will be able to hide and move existing elements with Smart Objects. It contains seven files and is free to download.

Giant stationary mockup bundle

The giant stationary mockup bundle is from designer Moody and free to download. It is easy to use, and you add your own design to the empty mockup template.

Essential Stationery Mockup Free PSD Design

Attribute the author of the Essential stationary mockup free PSD design and download it free! it is easy to edit in Adobe Photoshop with integrated Smart Object and organized layers.

Basic graphic stationery branding mockup PSD For 2019

Here you have a blank design with Smart Object integration and layers to add your logo and graphics with ease.

Arts plus crafts stationery scene mockup freebie

When you are in a hobby shop or arts and crafts industry, this is the perfect stationary scene mockup resembling arts plus crafts. Designing is easy with Smart Object that is downloadable and edited with Adobe Photoshop.

Stationery Branding Mock-Up Vol 1

The volume one of this stationary branding mockup contains nine files in PSD format. It is a premium download with Smart Object and organized layers.

Clean and simple white folder mockup

When simplicity is what you want, you would love the clean design of the white folder mockup. This blank mockup allows you to add your own graphics, logo, and branding.

Letterpress Business Cards Perspective Free PSD Mockup

The Letterpress Business Cards Perspective Mockup is free to download and edited via Adobe Photoshop. It uses Smart Object Integration with layers. It is adjustable with landscape and portrait layouts for a photorealistic business card.

Standing Stationery PSD Mockup

The standing PSD stationary mockup is a package that contains a CD cover, CD, envelope, A4 paper, and business card. Change colors and add your own logo and branding with the standing stationary mockup for all design types.

Free Stationery PSD Mockup

The free stationary mockup is the best tool to maintain and boost your..

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Websites dedicated to female content are at their best. Part of this boom (like that of many sites) is due to the new tools that are available on the internet, which greatly facilitate the entry into this field. One of them is WordPress and its themes, which without much technical knowledge we can use to create a successful site. Today, to help you in this search, we present you the best free feminine WordPress themes to start your new site.

If you are looking for your website to gain popularity, the use of pretty themes is a very popular strategy. Users feel more secure when reading content on pages that strive to give a pleasant feeling.

However, it is good to make it clear what is a feminine theme. These are usually those that include pink or similar colors, and their patterns and designs have flowers, butterflies, and other stereotyped figures. However, nothing is further from reality, since these themes are really a mixture of elegance that everyone can use.

Femininity is a synonym of fashion, of elegant letters, soft and pleasing colors, a theme that in general, does not overload the user with unnecessary information. Depending on the characteristics of our blog, it may be convenient to use one of these themes, to give it the correct visibility it deserves.

Free feminine WordPress themes A minimalist style with the use of Juliet

We started this list of free feminine WordPress themes with Juliet, a minimalist theme with pastel colors and simple design. Straight lines, without additional details, and a basic color scheme are the characteristics of this design.

If we seek a facelift for our lifestyle, business, fashion, food or entertainment blog, Juliet is our cleanest option. In addition, it has extensive features and integration with WordPress plugins, such as WooCommerce or the strategic location of Ads. The main page shows a great featured post accompanied by other less relevant articles in the lower part as if it were a presentation, guaranteeing the visibility of our content.

Adapt to any terminal with Elegant Pink

The pink themes could not be missing from a list like this one. Elegant Pink offers light touches of this color spread throughout the site, from important letters to banners. The elements are well distributed in an adaptive grid, so it does not matter in which device we are seeing it, it will be adjusted so that we always have the best visual.

In addition to its adaptive qualities, Elegant Pink has a large number of options to facilitate its customization, such as the selection of the slider, the possibility of creating a page with infinite scroll, native integration with multiple social networks, compatibility with multiple languages and translations, among other features.

Elegant Pink is also ready to give your site visibility on Google thanks to its SEO optimization. It is an easy and fast theme to use through any internet connection, so your users will not get bored in long loading times.

A modern look with Lifestyle Magazine

Following in the list of free feminine WordPress themes, we have a whole collage of a magazine. Lifestyle Magazine seems straight out of a fashion publication thanks to its collage design, where a great article is accompanied by smaller ones.

Regarding its construction, we can highlight some elements such as the bar of recent articles on the top, the banners and trending sections on the right side, the division by categories at the bottom, and its ability to adapt to any browser or device.

The simple style of this theme makes it ideal for lifestyle sites, design, travel, photographs or for a personal blog.

A more modern and clean touch with Bandana

Not all cute WordPress themes have to include pink. In fact, Bandana gets a little out of this scheme to offer a more professional and business style. Ideal for personal blogs, this theme offers a mix between turquoise and white in a format where our content is the most important thing.

We can apply menus, headers and fully customized options, as well as the widgets we want. If you are looking to create a site for personal purposes, this is the best theme you can get.

An elegant blog with Milady

Milady is perfect for a feminine blog that seeks to stand out for its elegance. The beige and coffee colors give it a more serene and classic touch than the rest of the themes. It has a standard navigation bar and a sublime header, which gives it a business touch.

The titles are written with a very elegant and readable cursive font, the buttons have a simple design, and the location of each item can be edited using WordPress, so we can customize it to our liking. It includes support for Widgets, WooCommerce and anti-spam system that does not require the use of captcha.

Use a popular option like Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice WP theme is an alternative that never goes out of style. Perfect but not limited to sites that specialize in wedding services, this theme seems straight out of a yearbook thanks to its stylized edges with ribbons for the bars.

The color scheme is very clean, mixing white, gray, turquoise and pink, in addition to the perfectly ordered elements. This lacks the classic format of a prominent post at the top since all the content has the same hierarchy. In any case, this is editable through three layout options and their responsive properties.

Create a fashion blog with Pashmina

Stand out in the fashion world can be difficult if we do not have the ideal design. Pashmina is a free fashion WordPress theme that uses a default fuchsia color scheme (customizable) with a simple but colorful element distribution.

Its top menu is a complete kit of options where we can sort each of our categories, sub-categories, and even place featured items with its main image. It also has four preinstalled widgets: Social profiles, about me, recent articles and banner advertisement.

An interactive world with Rose

If we look for free cute blogger templates, we cannot miss Rose, an extremely feminine and dynamic option. As its name suggests, its main concept is the petals of a rose, which we can get throughout the site in different positions, even in the background interactively.

As we go down through a notebook that shows all our publications, a cascade of petals that give a unique touch to this theme accompanies us. Of course, not only is it visually striking, since it has many technical features, such as SEO optimization, WooCommerce compatibility, Anti-Spam, and a long list.

Be ambitious and feminine with Blossom Feminine

Feminine is a theme that works exceptionally for everything. A complete theme, ideal for those who do not want to write any code, but look for a professional result. Among its unique features, we found total colors and fonts customization, animations, an easy to use advertising widget to monetize your content, multiple buttons for social networks and WooCommerce compatibility.

Anissa is another safe option

Anissa WordPress theme is one of those options that do not go out of style among users. Anissa does not use pink colors or flowers to stand out as a feminine style but plays with a more elegant and minimalist design.

The good thing is that, if this business finish is not for us, we can always customize it completely, from the fonts to the logo. Likewise, it is an adaptive theme, so it will look good on any device, especially on panoramic screens.

Start your business with Avenue

Avenue is what any entrepreneur is looking for. A perfect theme to sell products or services with which you can attract your user’s thanks to its simple but animated design (includes more than 600 icons with movements).

The navigation bar will follow us wherever we go, with widgets for our social networks, a top bar where we can place additional information such as our phone number and address (with a direct call option with just one click), and 3 colors alternatives.

BARBIE is a subject that speaks for itself

The name of this theme is enough to imply that we are facing something totally feminine. BARBIE is one of those free chic WordPress themes that allow us to quickly build a brand, thanks to its colorful background pattern, its different shades of pink, and its multiple optimizations and customization options.

Jazzmine takes simplicity to another level

Ideal if we want our content to highlight with photos, Jazzmine offers us a simple user interface, with three fully customizable columns and the possibility of adapting to different devices. A quick option for an elegant design.

A splash of color with Aquarella Lite

Aquarella Lite is a bath of colors among the list of free feminine WordPress themes. Specially designed for bloggers, this theme includes a unique button design, with great relevance for the photos, and it allows us to put the amount of information needed in each post. We can even create image galleries of our social networks.

Think pink with Cleuf

Thanks to its floral patterns on pink and faded purple colors, Cleuf help us to have a strong impact on our visitors. This theme is ideal for displaying large, prominent images.

Have your page speak for itself with TheMotion Lite

This WordPress theme has a cozy and simple style, but what is really impressive is the way in which we can organize our content. The videos as feature multimedia in the posts are perfectly visible with this multipurpose theme.

Kalon is another clean option in design

The themes with minimalist finish always work better among the users since they take them directly to what they are looking for without having to load content that they do not want. Kalon keeps its style simple but functional, with few patterns and colors that overload the design. Likewise, it is compatible with custom widgets, multiple devices, and translation in several languages.

Show your love for food with Kale

Kale is a theme that allows us to continue enjoying food as a hobby but on the internet. The theme is kept clean so that the images are the center of attention. In addition, it has the standard options of adaptability, banners, change of colors and background, and compatibility with buttons for social networks.

If you enjoyed reading this article about free feminine WordPress themes, you should read these as well:

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Law firm logos help you to create an easily identifiable representation of your brand.  Ideally, law firm logos show a commitment to justice on behalf of your clients.

If you create an impressive law firm logo, you will be able to create credibility for your legal practice.

A law firm logo should be unique enough to stand out from the competition.  It should also be memorable enough to be easily identifiable by your clients.

Here are some tips on designing law firm logos which will stand out from the crowd.  We’ll also provide legal logos to inspire your designs.

Tips on creating awesome law firm logos

Ask yourself: where you will use your legal logos?

Law firm logos can be used in a variety of different ways.  Here are some examples:

  • Law firm logos will appear on a company letterhead or other stationery.
  • It may appear in different sizes across different branding materials.
  • Consider how you will have your design printed.  Local business card printers often don’t handle complex designs.  It may be best to keep your designs simple.
  • Have a look at how your logo will appear in different colors.  This way you can stick to a standard color scheme for your brand.
These traits are common in law firm logos
  • Clean, simple designs.
  • Minimalist designs which appear precise and professional.
  • Bold designs make a strong statement.
  • Precise (law firm designs use few words).
  • Fonts are elegant and sophisticated.
  • Limited use of color to create a distinguished appearance (one or two colors is most common).
  • Colors are often muted to give a professional appearance.
Work with an excellent graphic designer

Law firm logos represent a highly professional practice.  A well-designed logo will give you the sophistication and professionalism your firm values.

When you decide on a law firm logo design, you will want to achieve the very best results.
A professional graphic designer will combine the following three qualities to give you the results you need:

  • An aesthetic ability which comes with visual art
  • Technical skills to create sophisticated digital designs
  • A fine-tuned marketing ability.

If you can find a graphic designer who has experience in creating law firm logos, this will be an added bonus.

When working on your legal office logo, take it slowly.  You’ll want a highly professional result which communicates exactly what you want to say.  Your design will be with you for a very long time.

Examples of top law firm logos Klamath Defender Services

Klamath Defender services have a law firm logo which is elegant and highly professional.  This logo looks as great in print as it does on a web page.

The client wanted a logo which would be highly impressive without being flashy.   The logo had to look good on all documents and business cards.

With this brief in mind, the designer has created an attractive and very sophisticated logo.

Frankel Law Firm

Frankwel Law Firm has a legal office logo which is both professional and impressive.

The logo draws on a contemporary font and uses negative space to give a clean and sophisticated look.  This is a legal logo which stands out from the crowd.

The innovative approach of this law logo makes it both eye-catching and memorable.

O’Melveny & Myers

Did you know that law firm logos can share corporate values?

This great legal office logo resembles a telescope, showing the firm’s focus and long-range perspective.  This symbol, combined with the word ‘achieve’ makes a very impressive legal logo.

Fashion Law Institute

This law firm logo design sends out a simple and precise message about the company.

The logo is shaped like a hammer, which symbolizes the judiciary.  However, a closer look shows a needle and thread, the specialization of the law firm.

This clever law logo shares the company’s profession and their niche in the field of law.  It does this in an original and very professional way.

William R Pike Law

William R Pike wanted to use a traditional lawyer symbol in their logo design.  As a result, the designer drew on well known legal imagery.

A hammer, scale and classic column were all incorporated into the company logo.  This law firm logo design certainly shows the importance of justice!

This law office logo also draws on a traditional serif typeface to show the long history of law.  Shades of dark green provide a formal and professional design which emphasizes pride in professionalism.

Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe

This is one of the great law firm logos which draw on a font to create a professional appeal.  An interesting “K”, as well as a great colour palette, adds to this memorable design.

This law office logo draws on a symbol which resembles a drill bit or camera lens to show focus.
As a global law firm, this law logo sends out a message of focus, unity and getting the job done.

As a global law firm, it makes use of its modern law firm logo to send out a professional image.

Baker Botts

Baker Botts has come up with a creative law firm logo which gives the appearance of the symbol for a square root.  There is a pun here, with the law being seen as a square.

This company designs logo shows that the brand is highly efficient, has power, reach and influence, working for justice on behalf of its clients.

TE Law Offices

Law Firm logos don’t have to be traditional.  This great firm logo uses a geometric shape to create a dynamic appeal.

The letter T is clearly visible, and the letter E obscured in this triangular logo. These letters represent the name of the company.  ‘T’, the more visible letter, gives the appearance of a scale, symbols for law and justice.

The blue color used in this legal firm logo design appears to be smart and approachable.

Bird & Bird

Law firm logos are often either modern or traditional in design.  This law firm has chosen to go for a strong and contemporary design which incorporates a traditional serif font.

The effect is clean, friendly and attractive.  Two fonts have been used, with the ‘&” standing out.
This firm logo has used two fonts as well as colors to create an interesting and approachable design.

This font is a great example of lawyer firm names creating an attractive and friendly logo.

More good looking law firm logos Trust & Co

Brand Lawyers

Brick & Mortar Legal identity

Legal Services

K Law Logo & Branding


Roy Scott & James Injury Attorneys

Peter Harrison Attorney At Law Monogram

Lawfirm Logo

Joshua B Clark Law Logo

Gilberto Melo

Ending thoughts on designing law firm logos

When you are designing law firm logos, you can add a touch of creativity to create simple yet very professional designs.

Use a graphic designer to use professional judgment to produce attractive designs which will stand out from the crowd.

If you enjoyed reading this article about designing law firm logos, you should read these as well:

The post How to design law firm logos: 22 lawyer logo designs appeared first on Design your way.

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Have you ever looked at the standard UX designer job description online to find out what you need to cover when hired on this position?

Not only you, but people who are hiring are doing the same. What a UX designer does is sometimes not well defined in most agencies.

A UX designer creates products that will provide users with relevant and meaningful experiences. The UX design process involves the acquiring and integration of the product.

This process includes all aspects of usability, design, branding, and function. A UX designer will ensure that the process flows logically, and it is often completed through user testing by observing the user’s behavior.

Any product that provides excellent user experiences are designed with more than the product consumption in min, but the complete process that includes troubleshooting it.

So, what is the UX designer job description? A UX designer creates applications that users want to use

User experience designers use their measuring and optimization skills to create web-based applications that will increase usability and user experience. A UX designer job is to explore any possible outcome to solve potential problems that could arise during use. In-person tests are often conducted to observe user behavior.

These tests are refined if needed and software, apps, and websites are created to make it user-friendly. A user interface designer UI has a similar role; however, they focus on interaction and presentation of a design instead of usability. In some instances, these two roles are combined.

UX Designer  job description – How to write a killer  ux job description

When you have a job opening for a UX Designer, your most important step is to write a job description that attracts the best potential prospect. With the high number of jobs posted on Indeed, your job might disappear between the cracks unless you use the best title and description.

UX Designer job title

Any job title includes the term, for example, UX designer, the level of expertise and experience, and other special requirements. The general term used will optimize the job title to show up when someone searches for related jobs.

The experience level attracts qualified prospects when you outline the prior knowledge requirement and amount of responsibility.

When it is a specialized position, include the specialized term into the description as well. You should avoid using acronyms, abbreviations and internal title for job seekers to understand what your position is about.

UX Designer job title examples

  • UX/UI Designer
  • UX Designer
  • UX Designer (Part-Time)
  • Mobile UX Designer
  • Senior UX Designer
UX Designer job summary

A killer UX designer job description will tell the applicant exactly what the role within your company would be. In your summary, you need to include a company overview as well as the job expectations for the position. Job seekers will be able to identify with the job responsibilities and activities within the company and determine their own fit.

UX Designer job summary example

We are looking for an ambitious UX designer with a minimum of five years’ experience in an auction web environment for our C2C e-commerce startup.

Our flagship website is focused on C2C transaction for home goods and apparel, but we plan to extend our services into other consumer products in the future.

The ideal candidate will be enthusiastic about the prospect to build a user experience strategy from inception to completion, while the focus will be on both brand management as well as the seller and consumer loyalty. Our aim is to take over this field in C2C marketing, with the right candidate being part of the experience.

UX Designer duties and responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities are the heart and soul of your job description. To avoid future disagreement and discrepancies when you decide on an employee and to ensure you choose the best candidate, the functions of the position must be detailed and outlined.

UX Designer responsibilities – examples

  • Conducting usability tests on independent website pages and create a detailed report to showcase findings
  • Complete mockups to provide to our design and development teams
  • track usability goals
  • prepare reports of usability for senior management
  • coordinating with the UI design team on issues like product page design, page routing, navigation, and more
  • participate in the creation of content development strategies
  • prepare customer analysis based on initial transactions and our target demographic
  • conduct a competitive analysis of our competitors and websites running in the same space.
UX Designer skills and qualifications

The preferred skills must be outlined which include technical skills, certifications, previous job experience and education. You could include personality traits and soft skills too that you would like to include.

It might be tempting to list length requirements and skills; however, overstating might dissuade qualified applicants from considering your position. Provide adequate detail with relevant terms and keywords to attract but keep it to the point.

UX Designer skills examples

  • able to commit to 50+ hour work weeks
  • adequate experience in preparing detailed consumer and competitive analysis
  • advanced understanding of the C2C marketplace and the functions of e-commerce and auction websites
  • advanced PC skills superior knowledge of Adobe products, including Illustrator and InDesign
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Development, Design or Engineering required
Suggested Software Proficiency of UX Designer

(If you know how to use all of these you are a God among mortals, not even a unicorn)

Typical duties of a UX Designer:
  • Develop and maintain design wireframes (mockups of applications) and specifications
  • Work with visual designers and creative directors to incorporate a brand identity or visual into a finished product
  • Communication of scenarios (hypothetical users) interaction models, end-to-end experiences and screen designs to more people working on a product
  • Defining user interface UI specifications, user task flows and interaction models
  • Running user testing of websites, software, and applications
  • Use an online tool like screen readers to aid in research
  • Considering the HCI (human-computer-interaction) element of design
  • Considering the existing applications and evaluate the user experience UX effectiveness
User Experience Ad Template and Job Description Company Introduction

Add a short and captivating paragraph about your company. Add details like benefits, rewards and company culture. Include hours of work, remote working possibility and advantages that make your company stand out.

Job Description

Our company is looking for a UX (user-experience) designer with the ability to understand our industry needs and technical limitations, as well as be responsible for interviews and surveys, conceiving and conducting user research, and translate them into wireframes, customer journey maps, user flows, sitemaps, prototypes and mockups.

The UX designer will be expected to design the product functionality overall, and to ensure excellent user experience, iterate upon it in accordance with user testing.

  • Translating of concepts into user flows, mockups, prototypes, and wireframes that result in a positive and intuitive user experience
  • Collaborate with stakeholders and team members
  • Taking a user-centered approach with rapid testing and iterate designs
  • Make strategic user-experience and design decisions related to new, and core, features and functions
  • Identify design problems and formulate smart solutions
  • Design and deliver user stories, user journeys, mockups, and wireframes optimized for a wide range of interfaces and devices
  • Facilitate the client’s product vision by doing research, conceive, sketch, prototype and user-test experiences for digital products
  • Champion new ideas, take risks and ask smart questions

  • A clear understanding of the importance of design thinking and user-centered design
  • Ability to effectively and clearly communicate design ideas, processes, and solutions, to clients and teams
  • Ability to iterate designs and solutions intelligently and efficiently
  • Ability to work within a team including synthesizing abstract ideas into concrete designs
  • A solid understanding of UCD, conducting user research, planning, user testing, heuristic analysis, rapid prototyping, A/B testing, accessibility and usability concerns
  • Extensive experience in using UX design best practices, with a deep knowledge of responsive design and mobile-first
  • Capable to work with clients while understanding detailed requirements and designing complete UX that meets client vision and needs
  • Expertize in UX software like Framer, Balsamiq, UXPin, InVision, Axure, OmniGraffle, Sketch. Basic knowledge of JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 are a bonus.
  • Five or more year of UX design experience. Preference will be given to applicants with experience in designing complex solutions for digital environments
  • Passionate about everything UX and areas of innovation and design
  • Be open to receiving constructive criticism after feedback
  • Be passionate to resolve user pain points with excellent design
  • Be excited about communicating and collaborating closely with stakeholders and other teams..
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If you absolutely love beauty and believe that beauty makes the world go round, you’ll want to find the best beauty websites online.  There are many different forms of beauty.

The works of artists, musicians, poets, and sculptors resonate at a soul level, evoking emotional responses from their audience.  Even if we shrug off beauty, declaring it to be skin deep, we can’t deny how entranced we are by it.

This is why people put a great deal of care into their appearances, and why cosmetic websites are incredibly popular.  As the beauty industry grows and evolves, competition increases.  A beautiful website goes a long way to make a strong impression.

How to create an awesome beauty website

Beautifully designed websites help to sell products.  How do you make an excellent cosmetic website if you are not a developer?

If you are looking to create a make up website, a skincare website or even a salon or spa website, you’ll find some great tips to help you to build a beautiful website which will grab your viewer’s attention.

Create a responsive design for your beauty site

By using a responsive design for your beauty website, you will ensure that your site looks good no matter which device your viewers select.

It won’t matter whether your viewer is using a mobile phone or a laptop, your site will still look great.  Your clients won’t have to zoom in to try to read your content.

Your images will also remain effective, evoking resonance within your viewer.  By creating a great user experience, you’ll keep your viewers in your site for longer, making yours one of the most enjoyable beauty websites available.

Create a great domain name for your beauty website

When you choose a name for your make up website, try to come up with something catchy and relevant to your identity as a brand.  Your name will be the first thing your viewers know about you and it will make an impression.

The name of your beauty website will also have an impact on your SEO rankings.  Choose a name which lets your viewers (and search engines) know who you are and the role you play in the beauty industry.

Grab your viewers attention immediately

When your visitors land on your homepage, you’ll want to make an excellent impression.  Let your beauty website visitors know they have come to the right place but don’t overwhelm them.

Let viewers know they have landed on a beautiful website which will meet their needs.  Your homepage will form the very first impression of your business and determine how your viewers will proceed.

The best beauty websites are simple and don’t overwhelm the viewer.  They are also aesthetically pleasing.

If you create a positive user experience, you will engage your viewers, who will delve further into your site.  If your viewers feel lost or overwhelmed, however, they will bounce off your site.

Use stunning visuals for great effects

A beauty website will rely on great visuals to make an impression. Images speak a thousand words, and particularly when they evoke an emotional resonance within your viewer.

Visuals help you to communicate with your viewer in a manner which is easily understood and absorbed.  Keep all of your images relevant and use photographs which will speak to your viewers.

Use your beauty website to keep customers informed

Whether you offer up an e- book on makeup techniques or tips on how a haircut will suit a specific face shape, you’ll benefit your customers by offering up information.

By appealing to the interests of your viewers, you’ll keep them engaged and you will also be a site they return to.  You can offer up information by ebook, videos, images or articles.

Offer up information about your products, how to use them and why they offer value to your clients.  You could ask your clients to sign up in order to access free information.

The very best beauty websites rely on communicating information visually.  Attractive images, new techniques or trendy new approaches to beauty will have a deeper resonance when presented aesthetically.  If your site is content heavy, monitor your speed and ensure that it downloads quickly.

By offering great content which is easy to engage with, you can establish yourself as one of the most valuable beauty websites online at the moment.

Points to consider when creating a beautiful website

Beauty websites are incredibly subjective.  People will make decisions based on the styles, tastes and aesthetics they are presented with.  Whether you are creating a skincare website or a make up website design, this principle applies.  You will need to appeal to the tastes of your viewers.

The best beauty websites pay attention to how their images and information are presented.  Creating relevant content which is simple and easy to digest will appeal to your viewers.  An aesthetic design will add interest and keep your viewers engaged.

Beautifully designed websites add the aesthetic appeal needed in the beauty industry.  The best beauty websites will only ever use high-quality visual content.  Designers and photographers add a professional touch to galleries and catalogs.

The beauty industry will also share information.  Magazine sites and beauty bloggers will offer guidelines on the value a product brings to a viewer’s life.  Offering quality content will enable you to become a source of choice setting yourself above the competition.

Once you’ve shown your viewers how they can benefit from your products, you will be able to encourage your clients to buy.  Great product websites always make their clients see the value of an item.

A site which is aesthetic, intuitive and informative will become valuable to viewers.  By offering valuable information you could become one of the top health and beauty websites for your clients.

Your overall goal is to create a great user experience for your clients.  A swift and efficient website will work well on smaller screens.

When every element of your site is valuable, aesthetic and easy to digest, you will have an optimal design which adds value to your viewers’ lives.  You’ll soon have one of the top beauty websites for your viewers to enjoy.

Take inspiration from some of the best brand websites

Now that you have an idea of what you’ll need to launch your new site, let’s draw from some of the best beauty websites in the industry!



Tarte Cosmetics

Urban Decay

Jo Malone

KKW Beauty

Jeffree Star Cosmetics


Bumble and bumble

Kylie cosmetics

Billy Jealousy



St. Tropez







Cult Beauty

Call Beauty is one of the best beauty websites at the moment.  This beauty product website is easy to navigate, with products divided into clear categories.

This make up website also offers a great selection of brands.  Products have been further broken down for clients, and his beauty website shares information on products which have won awards.

You can also find out which products have been used or endorsed by celebrities or experts in the field.

If you have a favorite celebrity and want to know the products they use to brighten up their looks, you’ll easily find answers in this beauty site.

Look Fantastic

Look Fantastic is a cosmetic website with an addictive appeal.  It is simple to use but offers an excellent range of products.  Products are arranged both by brand and by type which makes the site easy to navigate.

This site makes the buying process easier for customers by offering the best sellers at a glance.  This will offer customers insight into products  many people are using – providing both inspirations and feedback on good value products or brands.

This site also offers up extra value to customers by giving discounts on favorite brands.

Being Content

Being Content is a beautiful website which offers an excellent range of brands.

This site has ecological appeal and will give you products which are free from harsh or irritating chemicals.  This makes it a favorite for people who are environmentally aware.


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