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Being able to build your business effectively means knowing how to get your prospects to lower their guard. You have to make your prospects feel comfortable with you. People buy from those they know, like, and trust, right? Then ask yourself this; how relatable are you?

How many times have you pitched a prospect who was completely uninterested in what you what to say? We’ve all been there, and there’s no good feeling about it. Sometimes, it feels like you’re selling your product to a brick wall. And for some reason, your prospects just aren’t responsive to what you have to offer. Sounding too familiar?

This is a situation many entrepreneurs face.

Especially those who do not have a background in sales or marketing. If you don’t have much experience in connecting with others, it can be difficult to deal with. Since many entrepreneurs haven’t been able to learn how to make prospects feel comfortable, they find themselves giving ineffective dialogue or posting things that just aren’t relevant.

The prospect has their guard up, which makes it close to impossible to break through.

This is where being Relatable Matters Model your business on the corner store.

If you love the days of shopping at a local business where the owner knew your name and your family, try to replicate that experience. For instance, remember one or two details about your prospect and bring them up in conversation. Everyone likes to feel they’re important enough that someone remembers the little things about them.

It’s one important way we go past viewing customers as a transaction to a human in need of a genuine interaction. Or, remember the television show Cheers? Where ‘everyone knows your name‘ — This is a great model for business and being relatable.

Ask questions first.

Take time to talk to your prospect before every bringing up your business. Ask questions that will help your customer explain what they’re looking for. Once you know the things that drive them, it’s much simpler to show how your product or service can satisfy their wants or needs. This is all critical to relationship building. And the more skilled you are at utilizing open ended questions, the stronger the relationship you will be able to create.

Court your prospects, don’t chase them.

Think about when you may have been first dating someone. You had small talk, laughed a little and learned about each other, right? Consider this same ‘strategy’ when chatting with a prospect. Don’t rush the process. In most cases you would never go from first date to marriage. So, think about how you court your clients – stay genuine and authentic. Stop chasing them or slamming them with ‘did you order yet?’ messages. Allow the process to unfold as it should.

Be present.

Being relatable also means being likeable. When you are having a conversation with a prospect – be there. They should be made to feel like they are the only thing that matters at that moment. Social media has made it way too easy for multitasker’s to get caught in conquering too many things at once. Even through messaging online — set aside the few minutes to be present in your conversation. And if you need to step away – say so. For example, let’s say you had to step away a moment for your children – use that as your relatable moment. This is especially effective when chatting with other parents. You are demonstrating first has what it would look like for them if they chose to join you in business.

Relatable makes things possible.

Vulnerability is relatability.

Do you want a for sure way to completely turn off your prospect? Act as if you know everything. Pretend like your company can solve every problem a prospect has. It’s OK to admit you don’t know everything. Your prospect doesn’t expect you to have all the answers and you probably don’t need to have all the answers to solve their problems. (use your company tools!)

It’s OK to say ‘I’m not sure but will definitely find out for you’. As long as there’s a way you can provide a clear benefit for your prospect, you will be able to have them to listen to you. Stay true.

Final Thoughts on being Relatable

In today’s noisy social media world, it’s not enough to offer a great product or service. Company leaders and network marketers should work to make their brands likeable and credible. Storytelling can be an impactful way to accomplish this. And, ensures that you are seen as relatable to your prospects. This is powerful on both the business and customer side of things.

Customers are sold on testimonies, in other words – proof. Those who are considering the business side of the industry need to feel as though it’s possible for them. When you create scenarios that they simply cannot relate to, you’ve lost them. However, when you demonstrate how relatable your story is to theirs — powerful stuff.

Ask yourself; how relatable are you to your prospects?

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In this post, we’re going to share with you a powerful script and ideas for warm market prospecting. You can use this script to open up the conversation. It is best with those close to you to help you begin to build your business.

Our warm market is where many network marketers see success in the beginning when done the right way. And please remember, yes we are giving you something powerful – but stay true to you. Your warm market already knows you, right? Avoid swaying from who your authentic self is. Work with the script to help make it your own while sticking to its main principles.

Additionally, this script is equally as powerful once you start learning cold market prospecting. Why? Because the goal of cold market is to ‘get’ them into your warm market. Be sure to also catch the video included in this post too! Our goal is to help you master warm market prospecting.

What is Warm Market Prospecting?

A warm market is defined as a network of potential customers or distributors that you’ve had some previous contact or relationship with. This includes;

  1. family
  2. friends
  3. co-workers
  4. neighbors
  5. colleagues
  6. church group members

… and so on.

Whereas your cold market includes potential customers who don’t know about you or your business like someone you’ve met while waiting for your coffee at Starbucks.

So, when we talk about warm market prospecting – we are focused on those you do know. How you approach them is so critical in your first few days of getting started. Too often, people ‘blow’ through their warm market in the very beginning because they weren’t sure what to even say. They just knew, they were excited.

Excitement is great – so paired with what we will teach today – is powerful.

Coach Fryer’s Warm Market Prospecting Script

Warm Market Prospecting - My #1 Indirect Script - YouTube

Action Points while Watching and After the Video

Feel free to ‘follow’ along through the video or be sure to take action immediately following. This step-by-step script and breakdown is going to help you be successful in your warm market.

  1. Take out a pen and paper. You are maybe thinking this is ‘old school’ but, it continues to be one of the longest and most successful techniques. And, relevant regardless of how you choose to build your business.
  2. Make your list of all the people in your ‘super’ warm market. People you see daily or weekly. Anything beyond that sort of falls into lukewarm and we’re not there yet!
Here is Coach Fryer’s Indirect Warm Market Prospecting Script …

Remember, tweak the wording to match who you are but avoid wavering off course too much!

‘Hey Mary, you may or may not have seen but I recently started my own home-based business. Now I know this is probably not the best fit for you but based on what you’ve shared with me in the past about those pesky pounds you want to lose … I feel these products could really benefit you. Just curious by chance are you open to learning more?”

This approach is generally very well received. We’ve eliminated the ‘salesy’ part of the dialogue which offers a warm and softer approach.

Why does this work? Well, here’s a little psychology 101 for you. 

  1. Always use their name. Keeps things personal, warm and friendly.
  2. Offer and retract. This is done when you let them know about the business but ‘know’ it’s probably not for them. In doing so, it takes the pressure off the receiver of your message and for others, it may prompt them to ask why you think it’s not for them.
  3. Leverage a previous conversation. Show them you’ve heard them in past and feel this is a great option or even a solution they’ve been looking for.
  4. Invitation to hear more. This way if they’re not it should not change your relationship with them in the slightest given an almost passive approach.

Overall, learning how to implement warm market prospecting – powerfully – can change the game. If you are someone who blew through this market in the beginning, just change up your wording to something like;  I know we talked about this before when I had no real idea what I was doing (laugh) and I know the business side isn’t likely for you but these products Mary, may help. 

You know your prospect – they know you. These are often your best consumers! Let us know in the comments if this was helpful – and if you have any additions let us know too!

Seeking more social media training to help grow your business?

Feel free to join our FREE Facebook Group Today!

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The excitement mixed in with a little bit of ‘what did I just do‘ might be kicking in. Above all else know that you are now part of a powerful industry. One that has changed thousands of lives worldwide. And, we don’t want you to feel lost so this post is specific to network marketing beginners. We are going to outline for you the top 3 skills we believe you should get familiar with as early as today.

To be totally transparent with you – these skills should be revisited whether you are brand new or not. It’s always important to revisit the basics when the magic first starts, right?

Here we go!

Top 3 Skills for Network Marketing Beginners Skill Number One: Building Relationships

This is THE skill that will cause your business to grow – consistently. Too often people rely on the network marketing industry as being a ‘numbers game’. And in some ways sure the more people you speak to the more relationships you can build, right? However, the relationship in that interaction should never be overlooked or dismissed.

There are people that when we were active in the network marketing space that didn’t join us until years later and ended up crushing it. Why? Because we maintained our relationship. Network marketing beginners (or those around a while) should always keep the relationship at the forefront. No one should ever be treated like a transaction. 

Here are a few things to get you started;

  1. Be a human first
  2. Become an active listener
  3. Stay authentic and genuine
  4. Ask (and care) about them, their family, career, needs, wants, etc.
  5. Reach out to a handful of new people a day – keep the conversations going!
Skill Number Two: Building Belief

In our opinion, network marketing beginners are almost at an advantage here. They (you) are brand new to the industry and you’re fired up! This is often where the belief is the strongest. You caught the vision. The key when speaking to prospects is confirming that belief.

This isn’t something you can prove with words exactly, but it will be done through your actions. Here’s an example; you are speaking to someone in private messages about how excited you are. However,  moments later you create a post on your Facebook about how discouraged you are.

Dig deep and find your belief so that when you are speaking with prospects it shines through everywhere. This also includes having belief in your products. Often, network marketing beginners joined their respective businesses because of a product – tell your story!

In turn, this will help others you connect with find their belief in the message you are putting out there.

Here are a few things to get you started;

  1. Be a product of the product
  2. Stay connected – company calls, regional events, teams
  3. Share your excitement with others (without mentioning the business)
  4. Right down your goals – make a plan
  5. Connect with an accountability partner or community
Skill Number Three: Following Up

One of the hardest skills for people to master – in any industry in the follow up. Learning to master this skill early on will help network marketing beginners stay consistent throughout their journey. Many times we are left feeling like we have no one left to speak to, right? Meanwhile, we have an inbox of messages or voicemails we never got back to.

Often, following up is more nerve racking than the original exposure. Finding the right language that you are comfortable with – and that is effective is imperative.

Here are a few tips that can help you get started;

  1. Open back up the conversation where you left off
  2. Ask your prospect if there was more information they needed from you
  3. Consider inviting them to chat with a leader or upline (3-way)
  4. Use your company tools available to you – videos, calls, webinars, etc.
  5. Share with them something cool coming out – or what has you excited
Some Closing Thoughts …

Know that you are going to be OK. In fact, if you learn to master these skills from the beginning of your journey – you are going to be better than OK. It is so common for feelings of overwhelm to kick in if we haven’t established some type of routine – or plan.

Start with the basics and stay there a while. The basics is where people built network marketing business for years and years. We’re in a relationship business – become a master at loving people where they’re at and leading from the front.

The rest will follow.

We would love your thoughts on this piece for network marketing beginners! If you are brand new let us know how these tips work out for you. And, if you have been around a little while what’s the best piece of advice you can offer someone just getting started?

Seeking more social media training to help grow your business?

Feel free to join our FREE Facebook Group Today!

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You will find this post helpful whether you are looking into branding yourself or if you are solely looking to increase your influence on social media. We know that social media is a noisy place – so how do you stand out? Why should people follow you? Listen to you? Even buy from you?

Here’s the truth; if you are not committed to branding yourself on social media, you will just blend in with everyone else. And frankly, we believe you deserve more.

The whole truth, is that we believe anyone can be successful in network marketing using social media — the right way. So, let’s look at the number one thing you need to know.

Branding Yourself on Social Media | Network Marketing

Although there are several aspects about building your brand on social media today we want to focus on what we believe to be the primary starting point. Your name is your brand.

Seriously, too often network marketers get caught in this strange place when it comes to branding. Some people rush out and have a logo made or fall into the whole ‘I need a website of my own!‘. We want to encourage you to start with the basics. We need the foundation before we can build a mansion – so to speak.

Branding Yourself on Social Media

In this video,  I share with you how pivotal and influential your name is on social media. Your name literally (and figuratively) follows you everywhere. What are you attaching to it?

Branding Yourself on Social Media - YouTube

Think about the last time you responded to a comment in a Facebook Group. Looking back, was the response valuable to the poster? Or, was it of value to the person you responded to?

As humans we are naturally curious beings, right? Consider how many people may have clicked on your name to essentially – check you out – based on your comment. When we are mindful of how many people may be watching us we may increase the effort we put into our responses.

And, as I demonstrate in this video when commenting on a post that is already filled with comments – each of those people are notified when you have left a response. The more we are interactive in communities like Facebook Groups, the more familiar our names become.

What does your name say about you?

Here is a quick activity you can do to see just how influential (or not) your name is to your brand.

Do a Google search for your name.

Open an incognito window on your browser, so that your Google search is free from any personal customizations or saved search elements. Then search for:

  1. Your name, first and last
  2. Variations of your name (if any)
  3. Your full name, nickname, middle name
  4. Any usual misspellings of your name
  5. If your name is common, add other elements that might help define you like your occupation, career, education or ‘known for’

In my case, and likely in yours, too … social media form the foundation and glue for my personal brand. Let us know in the comments – what does your Google search bring up for you?

Seeking more social media training to help grow your business?

Feel free to join our FREE Facebook Group Today!

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One of the hardest things to watch in our industry are those with massive dreams, giving up. There are a variety of reasons people end up quitting and almost all of which are avoidable. What we mean by this is that, more often than not people give up because their lack of results. And these lack of results can almost always be tied back to not using a daily method of operation.

In case you are not totally familiar with this phrase, let’s have a deeper look.

Those that embrace the daily habits that generate revenue are much more likely to succeed than those who do not. As a network marketer, it is your job to show up consistently to build an audience and deliver them value.

Daily Method of Operation Breakdown

Think of what your day looks like at the office or even just in a more traditional job type setting. There is typically a routine or timeline you follow once you start your day, right? Although the specifics might vary, the overall process exists.

A retail store daily method of operation might include;

  1. Key holder: opening the store
  2. Turning on the lights, music, etc.
  3. Stocking inventory and shelves
  4. Opening the cash register
  5. Greeting customers as they enter the store

… etc. Day in and day out the routine stays pretty much the same. And although this may feel tedious if you are the one going through the motions, please know that this turnkey model is why retail stores function like a well-oiled machine.

It is predictable, associates and management alike know what to expect and, consumers are greeted with a feeling of familiarity and comfort. Have you ever noticed that although you may walk into a Ralph Lauren store in New York the vibe and energy feels the same as walking into one in Kentucky?

A solid Daily Method of Operation can be responsible for the consumer feelings, and that is powerful stuff.

3 Phases to Consider for your Daily Method of Operation

Regardless of how you decide to structure your daily method of operation, the end goal is always the same – Results. And, it’s important to evaluate where you are in your business presently to help you identify where your focus should be.

For example, someone who already has a large team may have a phase one goal geared to leading versus someone just getting started may include comfort zones. Below, we are going to outline for you the 3 most common phases and hope you won’t waste any time to implement them.

Phase One: Mindset

Whether you start your day with a morning devotional or an inspiring video on YouTube do not overlook feeding your mind. Beginning your day focusing on your mindset can help dictate the rest of your day. Find something that you enjoy doing;

  1. Reading
  2. Audiobook
  3. Podcast
  4. Video
  5. Meditation
  6. Prayer

… and so on. Even beginning your day with 15 minutes and closing your day the same way can be a huge game changer. When your head is in it – everything else falls into place.

Pro Tip: Make a list each morning of 3-5 things you are grateful for. Stick them on a post-it-note and refer to it as many times as you need to throughout your day. These are great pick me ups and we believe they will come in handy on the days you need them the most.

Phase Two: Skillset

Included in your daily method of operation should also be time to work on a skillet. As an example if you are focused on the skillset of relationship building, spend the first 10-15 minus learning/brushing up on it and the balance implementing it.

Knowledge is only power once its applied so we cannot stress this piece enough. Please stop wasting all your precious time learning and forgetting to implement. They both need each other.

Pro Tip: Make notes on the tips and tricks you are learning and share them on a live video. You can also share how you went about implementing what you learned and walk your audience through how they can too!

Phase Three: Developing Content

Get into the habit of creating content or documenting ideas, daily. One of the most common obstacles network marketers experience is having content to share. Get into the habit of making content you can use daily. This will also help you get ahead for the days you are equipped with less time.

Even a simple trip to the grocery store can help generate content for;

  1. Images
  2. Narrative Post
  3. Facebook Live
  4. YouTube Video
  5. Facebook or Instagram Story

… to name a few.

Pro Tip: Keep an ongoing log or note section around the house, in a bag or purse, in your car, etc. and make sure you are adding to them every day. Additionally, use your ‘on-the-go’ notes for the times outside of your DMO time. Always make sure you are spending at least 10-15 minutes a day both brainstorming and/or creating content.

If you are not used to working with a daily method of operation, yes – all three phases may take some getting used to. However, once they have become part of your everyday, you won’t be able to imagine your business life without them!

Let us know in the comments what are some of the tasks included on your Daily Method of Operation – and how have they helped you so far?

Seeking more social media training to help grow your business?

Feel free to join our FREE Facebook Group Today!

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If your plan is to build a network marketing team, customers and distributors are necessary! Whether you build it through your existing warm market on social media or leverage attraction marketing, you have to learn and develop prospecting and team building strategies.

But what about pushing past those common struggles like, slow growth and/or lack of duplication? Not to mention constantly having to feel this need to motivate your team? Today’s post should give you our top team building strategies and how to implement them. 

Team Building Strategies Using Social Media
Network Marketing Team Building Strategies - YouTube
Let’s Breakdown Some of these Team Building Strategies …

Think back to when you launched your business. You may have been told the glamorous side of things like being able to work from home, and always from your phone, right? And, although this is true in some ways it takes work.

If you are comfortable building a business that will help pay for an extra vacation a year or your children’s extra curricular activities, this is a brilliant industry that can worked part time. However, if you are after a 5+ figure cheques you will need to get outside of that safe zone. It will require a plan on how to get there — and then up to you to implement it.

So, evaluate where you’re at. If you are wanting to build a large, thriving organization .. these are 3 of my top tips you will want to make sure are part of your team building strategies.

Your Warm Market is NOT Enough

First we can ‘evaluate’  our market in a few ways;

  1. Hot market (those closest to us – existing, strong relationships)
  2. Warm market (those we are connected to – casual relationships, professionals, etc.)
  3. Luke-Warm market (those we are connected to by way of someone else)
  4. Cold market (those we haven’t met – yet)

In our opinion, if you want to push past the $1,000/month mark (and much more!) you will need to get past your warm market. There are no ways around it. And remember, we are always evaluating the long-term. Because it’s possible someone gets started in their business and is off to a solid, strong start but the last thing you want to do is have your business growth dependent on strictly family and friends.

Be Open to Tapping into your Cold Market

Now, thanks to social media we have our cold market literally at our fingertips, right? Your cold market can be as simple as someone with whom you are in a Facebook or LinkedIn group with that you have never connected with. Reach out. One of the best team building strategies you can learn to implement is how to ‘tap into’ that cold market effectively.

And ultimately this is as simple as starting up a conversation. Start to cultivate and then nurture a relationship with them. Please note that this does Not mean sending hundreds of copy and paste messages with your business opportunity or worse – your replicated website.

Additionally, a great way to tap into your cold market is by delivering consistent and relevant content. It is all about taking the initiative.

Learn More Social Media Strategies

Let’s be honest here — the appeal to building a business on social media is enormous! And unfortunately, there are a ton ways that are in all transparency, teaching it wrong. We are not suggesting you go out and have dozens of profiles you will never be able to keep up with. Nor are we suggesting you copy your Upline statuses and play them off as your own.

[let us know some of your pet peeves in the comments!]

The key isn’t just to ‘be’ online. The goal is to learn how to be effective and intentional in your team building strategies on social media. So often people are left spinning their wheels on why things aren’t working. And this is exactly why we created our Social Impacters Community to help network marketers just like YOU build an effective, growing and solid network marketing business.

If you haven’t joined us there yet – take the time now to do so.

We hope you found this video and post helpful in getting you on the right track. We hope it will help you create the right team building strategies for you and your business.

Seeking more social media training to help grow your business?

Feel free to join our FREE Facebook Group Today!

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Are you interested in attracting more eyeballs to your content? We know by now, that content is crucial, right? However, we need people to see it! And so, long gone are the days where you can get away  with posting things like ‘hey, I am looking for 5 dedicated women!’ Not only do they not work — but they’re harmful. If this is how you’ve been posting — you should stick around for the engagement strategies.

We want more for you.

In today’s post, we’re going to share with you 8 engagement strategies. These strategies will not only help you gain more traffic but increase the likelihood of people reaching out.

Why Does Engagement Matter?

We figured we should start with the basics. Engagement in many cases results in more visibility, more impact, and ultimately more sales. You’ve nailed the content piece (or at least on your way), but now what? With the right content, you will tap into your audiences pain points, create some type of emotional connection and can expect that it will reach beyond your immediate network.

When others see engagement on a post — they become curious, right? They want to check out what’s happening and ultimately become part of the conversation. Think about the last post you saw with tons of comments, how many did you read before commenting yourself?

It’s human nature.

Now of course loves and likes and haha’s are important, the best part with the right engagement strategies are shares. This is like your friend opening you up to their world. THAT it powerful stuff. And so, think bigger than your immediate circle. You’ve done an audience audit of sorts – customer avatar – what type of people are they connected to?

Let’s look at some strategies to help you get those who don’t know (yet), engaged.

8 Engagement Strategies for your Business

This list was carefully put together using a few ways that have never failed us;

  1. Taking note of what is working for others
  2. Trial and Error on our own part
  3. Asking the right questions
  4. Evaluating our risks

Schedule some time into your calendar where you can check out what others in your niche are executing on. What do their images look like? How are they asking for the next step or sale? Are they using longer or shorter content? Consider what your niche has always figured out and don’t be shy to put your own spin on it!

#1 Collect Questions for a Q&A Session

Consider creating a post that asks for your audience to ask any question they may want to know of you. These work great in Facebook Groups especially. But even on your personal profile – ask your audience if they could ask you anything, what would it be?

Take this opportunity to go Live to share your answers or, begin creating posts using the questions your audience has. It may surprise you what people want to know — user generated is the BEST content.

#2 Use (but do not overuse) Emojis

Including emojis to help illustrate emotions is far more powerful than you might think. Posts with a few emojis almost always generate more traffic than posts without. Be strategic about them. Truthfully, although we love emojis we never imagined them to be part of our engagement strategies. That of course is until you realize they work!

#3 Celebrate Someone!

Please note, this does not mean celebrate a cheque or rank advancement. However, you can always celebrate someone who is working hard, acts of kindness, etc. Think of the people you can celebrate and do it!

#4 Ask a Question

This one we’ve been using probably the most consistently. Ask your audience a question. And listen, there are TONS of things you can ask about. Mix them up go from Netflix to new photo App. There’s no right or wrong and know this… These posts generate a ton of engagement so be sure you are loving back on people!

#5 Stay Current with Trends

One of the most effective engagement strategies is to touch on topics that are already trending. This not only helps you show up in the news feed with those key, trending words but, it also allows your audience an opportunity to chime in on something they have probably just heard about.

People love to give their opinions, create a safe space for them to do so.

#6 Humor Never Fails

The best type of comical stories are ones about you. People love to laugh about silly stories or something that just seems off the wall but totally true at the same time. In the world of memes and GIF’s the humor capabilities are everywhere.

For example, you could post a funny image and ask people to comment with a GIF that matches the image in some way. Or, ask people to create a story out of GIF’s following one right after the other. These types of engagement strategies are ones that become evergreen as well. Meaning, they could easily be poked months down the road and have then engagement continue.

#7 Throwback Pictures

Whether you add a throwback picture of yourself or a device from when you were growing up — have your audience chime in. This will not only become a great tool in your engagement strategies toolbox BUT, will help identify some new demographics within your audience.

#8 Give, Give, Give … and Give Some More!

Want more engagement? Give it! When people see that you actively comment their content, naturally they will want to return the favor. Make sure that you are adding this time into your schedule. Maybe it’s the very first thing you do when you hop on social media for the day. Show your audience that you genuinely care about their content – take the time to leave a kind word, answer a question or even just to let them know you appreciate them.

What do you think? Which if these engagement strategies will you add to your schedule first?

Seeking more social media training to help grow your business?

Feel free to join our FREE Facebook Group Today!

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Facebook is always making changes, right? So we thought we would put together a video (below) and post to help you increase engagement. Now, we don’t pretend we’e cracked some algorithm code or anything here. However, what we do know is that when you implement these tips – results will speak for themselves.

And so, we have tried a few different ways to boost engagement and have found these to be the most successful and simplest to implement. What they do require is your commitment to implementing them — consistently.

Increase Engagement on Facebook

Before you do anything else, head over to your Facebook profile and scroll through the last 20-30 posts you’ve done. Take note of which ones received the most engagement. A great idea is to create a list of those ones and include the ‘reactions’ as well as comments and shares.

There 3 categories are all great ways to evaluate which ones saw the most traction. And from there, we can create a strategy to incorporate more posts like those – and how you can enhance them to increase engagement.

Number One: Have Relevant Content

Before you can expect people to engage on your posts you need to ensure that you are posting content relevant to the following;

  1. who you are
  2. who your audience is
  3. what you represent
  4. areas of interest

Additionally, your content should encourage people to want to engage. For example, ask yourself these few things;

  1. Is my content Entertaining?
  2. Would this content Empower someone?
  3. Am I Educating my audience on a topic?

If you answered no to each of those, then our suggestion would be to table the content for later. You want to make sure that you are posting things that your audience wants to see. The more you start to take note of what they DO engage on, the simpler it will be creating future content.

Number Two: Be Positive and Uplifting

We all have bad days – we get it. And, since social media has become an online journaling type platform we are often inclined to share those bad moments. Now, keep in mind you are working at building a business on this social platform.

Negativity breeds negativity and there is a TON of it out there. Stand out – sure, post your unhappier moments but follow up with something teachable. How were you able to overcome and keep pushing forward?

There is enough doom and gloom everywhere else – be the person who brings a smile or realization moment to your audience. Imagine all the people you could inspire!

Number Three: Ask for it

Picture this: You are on a Facebook Live sharing some solid content and no one is responding. Ask yourself … are you asking your audience to do something? One of the biggest areas people miss to increase engagement is asking for others to engage.

Perhaps you ask a question — don’t hesitate to ask them to answer it! Want them to share your video? Ask them to! Questions like … was this valuable? Can you hear me OK?

This may feel awkward at first and that’s OK, because once that engagement increases with your simple asks it becomes much more comfortable.

In fact, starting small will help you foster growth in other areas like asking for the sale.

Increase Engagement - Three Ways to Get More Engagement - YouTube

Final Thoughts on Learning to Increase Engagement on Facebook

Engagement is what drives our business for the long term. It allows your audience to connect with you and as a result, opens you up to their audiences too. This is why you always want to ensure that the content you post is;

  1. Relevant
  2. Uplifting

And, that you are asking for them to engage each and every time!

Implementing this few tips is easy, staying consistent is where things get a little bit tougher. Having said that, it’s in everyone! If we can be of any assistance be sure to comment on this post so we can reach out and connect further!

Seeking more social media training to help grow your business?

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Whether the relationships be professional or personal, we can all stand to learn how to improve upon them, right? See, we know that network marketing is primarily based on this (relationship marketing after all) … so wouldn’t it be in your best interest to learn how to build better relationships? Especially when we’re dealing with a noisy social media world?

Of course it would be! And in this post we plan to show you 5 ways to build better relationships on Facebook.

What is the Purpose in Building Relationships?

The word relationship can be defined as a connection between 2 (or more) people. The key word being connection or, connected. And so, think about your current relationships – both on and offline. Think about why you are connected to these people, what do you like about them, and so on.

The goal, is to create these sorts of relationships with our prospects, customers, team members, etc. Yes, some will grow deeper than others but the overall emotion should remain the same. Each person should be made to feel heard, cared for in some capacity, etc.

Think about what you expect from someone in a relationship – when you are on both the receiving and the giving ends. Consider the purchases you’ve made from others – had they treated you like just anybody else would that have changed your buying decision?

We hope these next few tips will help you both cultivate and nurture relationships in and for your business.

5 Ways to Build Better Relationships on Facebook

We will go into a lot more depth on building better relationships in our Facebook community so be sure you are plugged in there. Additionally, if you ever have questions on executing the tips taught here – we do our very best to reply to each and every comment. So please, don’t hesitate to drop your questions or feedback before you go!

Here we go!

Using Names. First Names are Best (respectfully) 

When you hear someone call you by your name, it feels good, right? This is applicable offline for sure but often overlooked in social media. When you are responding to comments or even leaving one do what you can to include the other person’s first name.

For example; Leonard thank you so much for your comment we appreciate you!

What this tells Leonard is that you took the time to include a personal touch. This may seem trivial to you but we assure you this little bit goes a long way.

Involve your Audience, Everywhere!

Remember how we spoke about people wanting to be heard? Imagine you put a call out to your audience for their favorite book and to include an image in their reply. This not only gets people commenting on your content – but helps you catch a glimpse of what they love. And, it helps when they go the extra mile to include an image!

Then, to take this to the next level consider this;

A week later you create a post that includes one of your audience’s book images and anything they may have said about it. This does 2 powerful things;

  1. shows the person you included in the post that you heard them and,
  2. helps the rest of your audience want to be more involved in future posts.

When your audience feels heard, that is where the good stuff happens!

Additionally on this topic, user generated content is the BEST content you can put out there. Take a few minutes to scroll your comment sections they will tell you everything you need/want to know.

Never Lose Sight of Transparency of Authenticity 

The businesses that crush it on social media are often the ones that are transparent and authentic with their audience. For example being truthful in their story and open in their sharing. This includes them knowing their audience through and through.

Remember: relationships and even better relationships are not built overnight. You need to be consistent and genuine to build that loyal ‘following’. And the more you get to know your audience, the more genuine and trustworthy you will become.

Never Ignore your Audience

You’re busy, right? We get it because, we all are. Make the time in your schedule to respond to your audience – always. This doesn’t mean you need to be there at their every call but at the very least acknowledge their participation in your content.

You may consider doing this with liking their comment (using the other reactions are better) or replying to their responses as well. If someone comments and it’s just left unrecognized what would prompt them to engage the next time?

Focus on the Journey not just the Results

Always remember that Facebook is a social  platform.  You are there to socialize with your audience.  Like any social platform, you need to be actively engaged – or you can’t possibly expect it in return.

You are here primarily to Entertain, Educate and Empower. 

Constant self-promotion is not interesting and can be nauseating to some. However, when you are trusted and valued you can lead people just about anywhere including, appropriate places to ask for the sale.

Love on your audience and you will be well on your way to building better relationships on Facebook (and elsewhere). Put your ears (or eyes) to good use. These are areas that should never be overlooked in your business and it is imperative to your success in network marketing, for sure!

Seeking more social media training to help grow your business?

Feel free to join our FREE Facebook Group Today!

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When it comes to network marketing do’s and don’ts on social media, it is very important to understand how these tips will benefit your social media presence. And, if you are a network marketer who is looking to build their business using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. this matters. A lot.

Although there is a great saying; ‘Fail early, fail often, but always fail forward’, by John Maxwell if you had tips to avoid the fail from even happening – wouldn’t that be ideal? In our communities, we realize that many people make similar mistakes when it comes to social media. 

Almost always, they have to do with 2 main areas;

  1. Giving away ALL the information and,
  2. Not piquing interest (enough).

To meet the goal of maximizing your presence, here are a few social media do’s and don’ts that will help you avoid the mishaps, so let us dig deep into those.

Network Marketing Do’s on Social Media
  1. Ensure you have a complete profile filled out. This is applicable regardless of the platform you are using. Now, each platform will require slightly different content but overall, the biggest of the network marketing do’s is a powerful profile. Give people a reason to want to reach out to you!
  2. Be authentic and unique with your content. Make sure that the content you are sharing is in alignment with who you are, always. Avoid posting something you came across just because it was ‘popular’ – unless of course it’s a reflection of you and your brand as well.
  3. Relationships are always first. Whether this is a brand new relationship you are looking to build or an existing one you want to nurture – relationships are always first.
  4. Use quality visuals. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to be a famous photographer … What it does mean however is avoid using grainy or blurry photos. Do yourself and your brand a favor when it comes to the images you post. Take the extra time it takes to get great shot!

(for more ‘do’s’ … be sure to check out the video include in this post below)

Network Marketing Don’ts on Social Media
  1. Avoid being spammy and needy. Remember, your positioning should be why your audience needs you not the other way around. You are a human not an advertisement, never lose sight of that.
  2. Proof-read your content. Mistakes happen (we get it!!), but take a few moments to proof your content before hitting publish. Many times, a quick read through will help you uncover errors that can be easily fixed in a moment. Avoiding mistakes helps your audience focus on your content instead of poor spelling or grammar.
  3. Avoid hashtag overuse. Yes, using too many hashtags can hurt you. Especially on platforms that are not totally reliant on them either for their search functions. Using a few hashtags is totally fine and take a few extra minutes to seek out relevant ones instead of what you see ‘trending’.
  4. Focus on quality over quantity.  Never, base your success (or lack thereof) of the number of followers you have. The moment you shift your content delivery to attract quantity over quality, your business will suffer long-term. Why? Because attracting your ideal prospects should always be the goal. Quality wins every time.

(for more ‘do’s’ … be sure to check out the video include in this post below)

Do's and Don'ts - Posting on Social Media - YouTube

If all else fails, remember to ask yourself when posting, commenting or sending a message: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind? We would love your feedback in the comment section below – what was your toughest lesson learned when it came to social media? Any network marketing do’s and don’ts you want to share?

Seeking more social media training to help grow your business?

Feel free to join our FREE Facebook Group Today!

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