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Did you know that math is one of the most compelling proofs of God’s hand in creation? Most of us take it for granted that math works; some assume that mathematics is a mere human invention. However, other than developing different symbols and systems to represent math, man has NEVER created anything in math.

Mathematical truths (e.g. ‘‘2 + 3 = 5’’) existed long before man discovered it. For example, 2 + 3 = 5 was as true at the beginning of time as it is today. Indeed, it would be true even if there were never any human beings, even if there were never a universe! Yet, laws of mathematics are conceptual in nature; they have and can have no existence except when they are mentally conceived. So how can a conceptual entity like math exist before any mind is around to think it? 

The answer is that math isn't the product of a human mind, but rather the product of the mind of God. Since God has always existed and thought, the laws of mathematics are also eternal, existing before people. I must stop and say it's no wonder Romans 1:20 tells us that it is ‘the things that are made” that reveal the attributes of God (that He exists). Math is also universal, immaterial and invariant because God is himself omnipresent, immaterial, and invariant.

Math, Math Everywhere! 
As if that wasn't enough proof, mathematics is also embedded in the complex framework of ALL life and the entire superstructure of the natural world around us:

1. Fractals. The term "fractal" was first used in 1975 to describe the never-ending, infinitely complex, [often] self-similar, geometric patterns, which were generated from the simple mathematical equation: Z = Z² + C. It is only with the advent of modern computers that it has been possible to explore fractal structures created by mathematical equations, such as the one below:

Fractal zoom on a Mandelbrot set

Isn't that mindblowing? Just look at the intricacy, complexity (described as 'infinitely complex'), and wondrous beauty hidden within numbers! Only intelligence produces such things. The fact that numbers are merely concepts makes it even more phenomenal, and puzzling for the secularist! As this math professor at Bowdoin College said of fractals,
"When you look at the Mandelbrot set and see its chaotically intricate and beautiful design, you can’t help but feel that there is something larger than life going on here–that you are staring right at some unexplainable cosmic mystery." 
But this is not surprising, a Christian expects to find beauty and order in the universe, not only in the physical universe, but in the abstract realm of mathematics as well. The verse “For by him all things were created” (Colossians 1:16) tells us God created all things. The word all includes everything, even math.

Fractal design on a leaf
You may also have noticed some familiar shapes in the GIF above, since nature is full of fractals! You can find them in phenomena ranging from the structure of snowflakes, trees, clouds to coastlines and mountain ranges. It seems that some of the most complex, chaotic networks in nature are actually not random, but can be defined by fractals!

In fact, fractal geometry can be used to mathematically model creation. Today’s video games and special effects for movies are created using fractal geometry. This is how movies became more “realistic” over the past few decades (see the realistic mountain scene pictured on the right). Isn't it remarkable that the reality of these screen-worlds is possible only because they successfully mimic God’s creation? And still, when compared with the actual creation, they are ridiculously simple!

2. The Golden ratio and Fibonacci series. When we take any two successive (one after the other) Fibonacci Numbers (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, ... etc), their ratio is very close to the Golden Ratio 1.618 … This ratio (and numbers in the Fibonacci sequence) appears all over the natural world. You can find them in phenomena ranging from the shell of the chambered nautilus to hurricanes and spiral galaxies. See: The Golden Ratio: Amazing Proof of God

The Fibonacci spiral in Nature

3. Even the laws of nature follow mathematical rules. As scientists record what they observe, most often they are not just using words and paragraphs. The laws of nature can be documented with numbersThey can be measured and computed in the language of mathematics.

Galileo, one of the founders of modern science, was right when he said:
“The Universe is written in the language of mathematics” 

The very existence of math is a miracle, let alone the correspondence of conceptual mathematical laws to material things!

There can only be one conclusion: the correspondence exists because nature, mathematics and the human mind have one supreme link — they are all the created products of God, the Master Designer.

What will you do with God? Will you RECEIVE Him (John 1:12), or will you REJECT Him? (John 12:48) Your decision will determine your eternal destiny! Learn more: How To Receive Salvation
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Anything with Israel is significant as it stands at the center point of Biblical prophecy. So it should come as no surprise to find that just as we see patterns all around us in God's creation (golden phi ratio, fractals etc.), and His Word (see here and here), Israel's history also contains incredible patterns demonstrating God's design...

Israel’s 490 Year Cycles
Have you ever wondered why Christ commanded us to forgive our brothers “490 times” (Matt 18:21-22) or why “490 years” was the great prophetic timeline revealed to Daniel? The answer, I believe, is that God determines and measures the redemptive history of Israel in cycles of 490 (70 x 7) years. God seems to have divided Israel’s history into four 490-year cycles:

1. From Abraham to the Exodus (490 Years). 

From Abraham's birth until the giving of the Law at Mount Sinai and the beginning of a new era (Galatians 3:17) are 505 years (Note: This time frame is obtained by simply adding the numbers of years given in Scripture). However, the 15 years when Abraham had lapsed from faith in God's promise and went in to Hagar (Genesis 16:3) until the promised seed was finally born (Genesis 21:5) must be deducted from this, leaving 490 years during which Abraham and his descendants were abiding under the covenant promise.

2. From Exodus to the Dedication of the Temple (490 Years). 

From the giving of the Law at Mount Sinai until the dedication of Solomon's temple are 601 years. However, the 111 years under the Judges during which God withdrew His protection from Israel must be deducted from this, once again leaving 490 years.

3. From the Temple to Nehemiah’s return (490 Years). 

From the dedication of the temple in c. 1000 BC to Artaxerxes' commandment to build Jerusalem in 444 BC (Nehemiah 2:18) are 560 years. However, the 70-year captivity in Babylon must be deducted from this, leaving c. 490 years.

4. From Nehemiah’s return to Israel's final establishment in the millennial kingdom (490 Years). 

The fourth cycle is actually stated in Scripture in the great "seventy week" prophecy of Daniel 9:24-27. The opening words of the prophecy make this clear: Seventy weeks have been declared for your people and your holy city…” (Daniel 9:24). The phrase "seventy weeks" literally means in Hebrew “70 sevens” (70 x 7), and the context demands that the sevens be reckoned in years—seventy sevens of years, which would be a total of 490 years.

Furthermore, Daniel’s prophecy states that the 490 years are divided into three periods. After the first two periods (69 weeks or 483 years), the cycle terminates in the crucifixion of the Messiah (Daniel 9:25-26) as God breaks His covenant relation with His people. The cycle starts again when the last seven-year period begins—the so-called "70th week of Daniel" (Daniel 9:27; Revelation 6-19). Thus, Daniel's prophecy is a major confirmation that God determines and measures the redemptive history of Israel in cycles of 490 (70 x 7) years! In fact, it was this prophecy that originally led Sir Edward Denny to the discovery of the 490 year cycles.

But the most amazing part of the prophecy is that it pinpoints the EXACT date of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem—over 600 years before it occurred! In Daniel 9:25 we read:
"Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the command to restore and build Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince, there shall be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks..." (Daniel 9:25)

According to the prophecy, from the command to rebuild Jerusalem there would be seven weeks (49 years) and sixty-two more weeks (434 years)—a total of 483 years, or 173,880 days (using 360-day prophetic years)—until the Messiah would show up, i.e. Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem (which is when Jesus publicly declared that he was the Messiah).

We know from history that the command to “restore and rebuild Jerusalem” was given by King Artaxerxes of Persia to Nehemiah on March 5, 444 BC (Nehemiah 2:1–8). Adding 173,880 days to March 5, 444 BC gives March 30, AD 33—the exact date of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem! 

May I remind you that Jesus made his “triumphal entry” into Jerusalem 4 days before His crucifixion (Matthew 21:1-9) and days after March 30, AD 33 is Friday April 3, AD 33—which just so happens to be the most likely date for the crucifixion (see: Evidence for Jesus' Crucifixion on April 3, 33 AD). What a remarkable fulfillment of prophecy! 

Israel's 70/7 Year Pattern

As seen above, the numbers 70 and 7 are very significant numbers related to Israel (Dan. 9:2; 24). Throughout the Old Testament, Israel's inextricable link to the number 70 is unmistakable:

  • Terah, the father of Abraham, was 70 years old when Abraham was born (Gen. 11:26)
  • The Nation of Israel began with 70 Hebrews who migrated to Egypt (Ex. 1:1-5)
  • The children of Israel camped at an oasis of 70 palm trees, following the liberation from bondage in Egypt (Ex. 15:27)
  • Moses appointed 70 elders to be the governing body of Israel (Num. 11:16)
  • The Jews were liberated from captivity in Babylon after 70 years (Jer. 29:10)
  • God's plan of redemption for Israel and Jerusalem is comprised of 70 weeks (Dan. 9:24-27)
  • Israel's greatest ruler, King David, died at the age of 70 (2 Sam. 5:4)

Seeing the recurring pattern of 70's throughout Scripture relating to Israel, it's interesting that there are seven other instances of seventy (7 x 70) in Israel's history: 

  • Israel went into Babylonian exile in 606 BC and returned to Jerusalem in 537 BC (70 years)
  • Jerusalem was destroyed in 587 BC and then rebuilt in 518 BC (70 years)
  • The Second Jewish Temple was completed in 515 BC. The wall around Jerusalem was completed in 445 BC (70 years)
  • Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD
  • The first modern Jewish settlement in the Land of Israel (Petah Tikvah) in 1878 until the modern State of Israel was born in 1,948 (70 years)
  • The first [major] step in reestablishing the State of Israel (First Zionist Congress) in 1897 until the final step (restoration of Jerusalem) in 1,967 (70 years)
  • The UN vote in favor of the establishment of the modern State of Israel in 1947 until the first recognition by a foreign power (US) that Jerusalem is its capital in 2017 (70 years)

Have you noticed that the events occurring after 70-year intervals are restoration-themed? Given that the number 70 symbolizes restoration in the Bible, the odds against this occurring by chance are astronomical, suggesting divine orchestration.

If the recurring pattern of 70's in Israel's significant historical events isn’t uncanny enough, consider the following prophetically significant events that shaped the modern nation of Israel:

1897—First Zionist Congress (the intent to establish the nation of Israel)
1917—Balfour Declaration (end of Ottoman rule in WWI)
1947—UN Partition Plan approved (declaration of Israel)
1967—Six Day War (reunification of Jerusalem)
1977—Camp David Accords (beginning of "Land for Peace")
1987—Temple Mount Institute founded.

Have you noticed that all these significant dates end in a "7"? Once again, the odds against this occurring by chance are astronomical, suggesting divine orchestration.

The Significance of 1,948

We've seen that the numbers 70 and 7 are significant in Israel's history. But what about the date/number 1,948? Surely, the year in which one of the most significant prophetic events in history took place—the rebirth of Israel—wasn't just some random date in human history. As it turns out, the significance of this date/number may be more than what you realize:

1. The 19th book and 48th chapter in the Bible (Psalm 48) describes the rebirth of Israel. It's also interesting that this chapter has 14 verses. Is it a coincidence that the rebirth of Israel took place on May 14th?

2. Not only is Psalm the 19th book of the Bible, but it is also the 48th book from the end of the Bible. This is interesting, considering the book of Psalms is right in the CENTER of the Bible and Israel is CENTRAL to God's redemptive plan.

3. If you add 19 to 48 (19 + 48) you have 67. Is it a coincidence that the next most significant prophetic event since New Testament times, the liberation of Jerusalem, happened in 1,967

4. Gold is heated to exactly 1,948 degrees Fahrenheit during the refining process. Interestingly, Scripture compares Israel's deliverance during Jacob's trouble to the refining and purification process of precious metal (Zech. 13:9).

5. Even the sun and moon appear to point towards the significance of the numbers 19 and 48. Of the eight rare blood-moon tetrads since the time of Christ, three have been in the last 100 years, falling on feast days in 1949-1950, 1967–1968, and 2014–2015. Note the following pattern within this triad of tetrads:

1968 - 1949 = 19
2015 - 1967 = 48

But that's not all—there was another span of three tetrads within 100 years falling on feast days, in 795-796, 842-843, and 860-861. Note the same pattern within this triad of tetrads:

861 - 842 = 19
843 - 795 = 48

6. The number of years from the first man, Adam, to the first Hebrew, Abraham, is easily determined to be 1,948 years by simply adding up the years found in Genesis chapters 5 and 11. Coincidently, from the second man Adam, Jesus Christ (1 Cor. 15:45), to the rebirth of "Abraham's seed" (Israel) as a nation, there were also 1,948 years! 

7. The year 1,948 has been shown by scholars like Dr. Ken Johnson and Ellis H. Skolfield to have been mathematically predicted in Scripture. See: Israel Significant Dates: Prophesied in the Bible


The list of patterns, "coincidences", and signs in Israel's history defy probability and point to design. We should take notice and make our decision whether to believe the Bible, and therefore our Creator's story of love and salvation for a human race in need of saving!

Christ is knocking at the door of your life even now! "Behold, I stand at the door and knock." (Rev. 3:20.) "What will ye do with Jesus?" (Matt. 27:22.) Will you RECEIVE Him (John 1:12), or will you REJECT Him? (John 12:48.) Your decision will determine your eternal destiny! 
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    Approximately 2,600 years ago, the prophet Ezekiel was given a vision of the Glorious Appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ (Ezekiel 10:18–19; 11:23; 43:1–5; 44:1–2; 46:12). In Ezekiel 43, we read:
    “Afterward he brought me to the gate, even the gate that looketh toward the east: And, behold, the glory of the God of Israel came from the way of the east: and his voice was like a noise of many waters: and the earth shined with his glory. And it was according to the appearance of the vision which I saw, even according to the vision that I saw when I came to destroy the city: and the visions were like the vision that I saw by the river Chebar; and I fell upon my face. And the glory of the LORD came into the house by the way of the gate whose prospect is toward the east.” (Ezekiel 43:1-4)
    It seems reasonable to suggest that Jesus Christ will enter the Temple Mount via the Eastern gate in one of the most momentous events in the history of mankind (the Second Coming)!

    The Eastern GateThe Eastern Gate (also known as the Golden Gate) is one of eight gates built into the walls which surround the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Eastern Gate provides the only entrance from the East, and it is also the only gate that gives the most direct access to the temple mount. The Eastern Gate was destroyed during the Roman conquest of Jerusalem, and the subsequent destruction of the Temple in A.D. 70, thus fulfilling Christ's prophecy that "not one stone will be left on top of another" (Matthew 24:2). But sometime in the sixth or seventh century, the Byzantines rebuilt the Eastern Gate making it the oldest of all the gates to the city. In 1969, Jerusalem archaeologist James Fleming confirmed that the ancient gate is located right under the current Eastern Gate. While investigating the Eastern wall of the Temple, he suddenly fell into a mass burial site and clearly saw five large wedge-shaped stones set into a massive arch.

    James Fleming's photo from 1969 from inside a grave on the outside of the Eastern Gate looking at the arch of an ancient Eastern Gate.

    The Eastern Gate was sealed shut, with fifteen feet of cement, in AD 1540–41 by order of Suleiman the Magnificent, a sultan of the Ottoman Empire. The reasons for this remain unclear, however, it is likely that the Muslim Suleiman became aware of the prophecies which predicted the Messiah’s entrance through the Eastern Gate and, as a result, attempted to thwart the Messiah’s plans. And just in case a sealed entrance didn't thwart the Messiah's coming, Muslims even built a cemetery directly in front of the gate, thinking that a Jewish Holy man would never defile himself by walking through a Muslim cemetery.

    However, little did they know, they were fulfilling prophecy by doing this. Ezekiel prophesied the shutting of this gate itself around 600 BC, more than 2100 years before Suleiman actually shut the gate:
    "Then He brought me back to the outer gate of the sanctuary which faces toward the east, but it was shut. And the LORD said to me, "This gate shall be shut; it shall not be opened, and no man shall enter by it, because the LORD God of Israel has entered by it; therefore it shall be shut." (Ezekiel 44:1-2)
    There are eight gates in modern Jerusalem, but only seven are open. The Eastern Gate, and it alone, has remained sealed just as the Lord proclaimed to Ezekiel over 2,600 years ago!

    It is a miracle how the Eastern Gate has survived for nearly 500 years of turmoil in Israel, and in spite of numerous well-documented attempts to open it. Four times in the last century an attempt to open the sealed Eastern Gate has failed... 

    The first attempt was on December 9th 1917 during the Battle of Jerusalem. Muslim leaders in control of Jerusalem wanted all, but one, of the gates in Jerusalem sealed to deter the approaching allied Expeditionary Army led by the British General Allenby. The one gate chosen to remain open just so happened to be the Eastern Gate. On the exact day the workmen were preparing to demolish the mysterious sealed gate, Allenby's airplane flew over the city, telling the Arabs to flee. Miraculously, without a shot being fired, the opposing soldiers fled the city. The city was delivered into the hands of the Britain, and the gate remained sealed as Ezekiel had prophesied. 

    A second attempt was in 1967. King Hussein of Jordan, who had control over the ancient city of Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount, decided to build a hotel for Arab pilgrims on a section of the Western Wall to close off the area to Jewish worship forever. The hotel was planned to be built over the Magreb Gate, which Moslems used to enter the Temple Mount. This meant another gate would have to be opened so that Moslems could still get to the El Aksa Mosque (on the site of the Jewish Temple Mount). King Hussein chose to open the sealed Eastern Gate. But, on June 5th of 1967, as the workmen prepared their air-hammers to shatter the huge stones sealing the Eastern Gate, an intimidating array of Israeli aircraft flew overhead. The Six Day War had begun, and the workmen put down their tools. At the end of the Six Day War, the workmen were unable to resume their project because the Jews had managed to recapture their ancient capital of Jerusalem. What a coincidence!

    There was another failed attempt around this same time. When the Six Day War first broke out, some members of the Jewish military suggested catching the Jordanian defenders of the city off guard by blowing open the sealed Eastern Gate. But the leader of the group, an Orthodox Jew, had vehemently protested the idea, stating that “the Eastern Gate can be opened only when the Messiah comes.” After a heated debate, they launched an attack at the Lion's Gate instead.

    Back in October 31 of 1997 the Denver Post had an extraordinary news item which headlined "Israel plans to alter wall." Here is an excerpt from the article:
    "Israel's Housing Ministry wants to reopen a sealed gate in the wall ringing Jerusalem's Old City...The plan to break through the 15-foot-thick stone wall - part of a project to build up the Jewish ‘Quarter and increase its population - also is likely to anger the Palestinians, who oppose any changes in Jerusalem's eastern sector." 
    Whatever came of this plan is unknown, but today, true to Ezekiel’s prophecy, the Eastern Gate remains sealed.

    The gate will remain sealed until the day when the promised Messiah will enter into His Kingdom. Its sealing is clear evidence that we are living in the end times, and given the amazing accuracy of this prophecy, we have no reason to doubt it will remain shut until the return of the Lord as this prophecy reaches its fulfillment.
    "Lift up your heads, O you gates! And be lifted up, you everlasting doors! And the King of glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. Lift up your heads, O you gates! Lift up, you everlasting doors! And the King of glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory? The Lord of hosts, He is the King of glory. Selah" (Psalm 24:7-10)
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    Since 1947, UFO sightings, claims of alien abduction, and "government disclosures" have exploded. “Aliens” have appeared in movies, books, cartoons, video games, TV Series, toys: There have been well over 500 movies featuring extraterrestrials and there are hundreds of TV shows/series about aliens. Untold millions of average people now believe that aliens and UFO's exist. Certainly something is going on, but what?

    "Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth..." (Luke 21:26)

    End Time Deception
    The Bible warns that a powerful deception is going to take place in the last days, as mankind enters the time period Christians know as the Tribulation (Matthew 24:24; 2 Thessalonians 2:10-11). A deception so strong that it will keep most people from believing in Jesus despite the impact of millions of people disappearing during the rapture. It is my belief that the alien and UFO phenomena are part of this great deception.

    Many scientists (including non-Christians), experts and theologians have come to the conclusion that the UFO phenomena are simply and precisely demonic in origin. This is because virtually all of the incidence of alien abduction or alien/UFO sightings directly parallel demonic activity as demonstrated in the Bible (e.g. Bible-believing Christians are absent among those who are abducted by aliens, abductions end when the name of Jesus is invoked by the abductee etc.). See: 10 Reasons Why Aliens Are Actually Fallen Angels or Demons

    UFOlogist John Keel has said:
    "The UFO manifestations seem to be, by and large, merely minor variations of the age-old demonological phenomenon..."[1]

    It is obvious the entire UFO/abduction phenomenon is a deception. The big question is, could this be the strong deception of the end times? The Bible doesn’t directly address the issue, but it is certainly plausible, for a variety of reasons...

    1. A UFO abduction could be used as an explanation for the Rapture. 

    Such encounters have been suggested for years, with many believing in them. In fact, recent films such as Jupiter Ascending describe a similar situation. Imagine if UFOs were seen in the skies around the world at about the same time as the Rapture, and eighty percent of the population believes in the possibility of extra-terrestrial intelligence, wouldn't this be a powerful form of deception? We know that the rapture of the Church will be accompanied by "...fearful sights and great signs...from heaven" (Lk 21:11). While we can only speculate about the nature of these events, one thing is for certain, the appearance of alien ships in the skies of planet Earth would be the greatest shock in the history of mankind.

    2. Extra-terrestrial presence could successfully stage the appearance of the Antichrist. 

    Based on the propaganda of Hollywood, with its movie plot lines driven by the usual premise—the Earth is in grave danger from either an inside or outside threat; alien saviors arrive just in time to help mankind; sometimes they are good…sometimes bad—much of the world is primed now to accept the arrival of an "alien savior". Could this be the Antichrist, who appears to be the savior of the world (Revelation 6:2)?

    Nordic Alien
    Now, we know the Antichrist will be a man (2 Thess 2:3). However, this does not preclude people believing that he is an alien. In fact, one of the three main alien characters (along with reptilian and a grey) - the “Nordic alien” - looks like a beautiful (almost angelic) human!

    According to Wikipedia, the Nordic aliens resembled the people of the Northern European countries and are often described as benevolent beings who have telepathic powers, claim creation of humanity, and are concerned about the Earth's environment or prospects for world peaceThis all sounds very much like the Antichrist [the Antichrist will be European (Daniel 9:26), likely claim creation of mankind (2 Thessalonians 2:4), and bring false world peace (Daniel 9:27)].

    3. The alien phenomenon MAY have been mentioned in the Book of Revelation:
    “Then I saw three evil spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. (Revelation 16:13)

    It’s rather strange that John refers to unclean spirits, who go forth to deceive the rulers of the Earth (Rev. 16:14-19, 21), as frogs. But note that John doesn’t say the three evil spirits ARE three frogs. He says they looked like frogs. Could it be that John was describing 20th and 21st century depictions of aliens as “Little green men” in 1st Century language? Did John see demons, looking like aliens?

    The culturally common image of a “gray alien” not only looks much like a frog, but also shares some strange similarities:

    • Both frogs and “gray aliens” have large eyes, and similar facial features. 
    • Both frogs and “gray aliens” have similar hand and finger structure. 
    • Both frogs and “gray aliens” have no distinguishable external genitalia. 
    • Both frogs and “gray aliens” have no hair. 
    • Both frogs and “gray aliens” absorb through their skin. 
    • Both frogs and “gray aliens” reproduce through external reproductive means.

    Frogs and “gray aliens” both have large eyes, and similar facial features.

    4. Pope Francis and the Vatican are preparing for the arrival of an alien savior.

    The False Prophet, whom many believe to be the pope in charge of the Vatican (Roman Catholic Church), will play a central role in the coming deception (Revelation 13:13; 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12), and it seems Satan will have the false prophet, through this great deception, carry out his one primary mission - to promote and sell the Antichrist (alien savior?) to the world (Revelation 13:12). 

    Interestingly, Pope Francis and the Vatican are not only expecting an alien savior to arrive shortly from some place outside of Earth, but are actually preparing for his arrival and getting ready to renounce the one that they claim to follow! Is it just me, or is that the most bizarre thing that you've ever heard?

    For centuries, the Vatican has been searching for extraterrestrial life, with the most powerful telescopes in the world, and acquiring information such as manuscript evidence and possibly relics, which may link the aliens with Earth history. The Vatican is now preparing and monitoring the approaching alien savior with the most powerful telescope in the world - the "L.U.C.I.F.E.R." telescope. The Catholic Church plans to embrace the new 'savior' and encourage religious people everywhere to do the same by reassuring them that the new ET reality doesn't negate the word of the Bible and Jesus Christ as the son of God. For example, the Vatican claims Jesus was an alien (a “star child”) and that the virgin birth was one of the earliest documented cases of alien abduction/visitation. Is all of this REALLY just a mere coincidence?

    The Vatican's L.U.C.I.F.E.R. Telescope. (Credit: NASA)

    And there are many more reasons. I didn't even mention how an alien threat, perhaps by the greys and reptilians (which are generally malevolent in nature), would create the need for a world government, or how an alien attack could be used as an explanation for God's judgments during the tribulation (consider especially the humanoid demonic creatures of Revelation, chapters 8 and 9)...

    Could It Be the Strong Deception of the End Times?

    Again, all of this is merely speculation, and the current UFO phenomenon may be nothing more than a deception; not the strong deception of the end times. However, given that this deception has been very slowly and surely developing generation by generation, and now Satan through Hollywood is conditioning the masses to accept the reality of UFO/alien presence as normal (which is so serious one has to ask, "why"?), this scenario is a very real possibility

    “Sons of God” visit Earth in Noah's day
    It is also interesting that the famous alleged crash of an alien spacecraft took place at Roswell, NM in 1947 (sparking the UFO phenomenon) and Israel once more became a nation in 1948. When Israel became a nation again, Satan knew that his time was short and the Lord would be returning soon!

    Whatever the case may be, I believe we are witnessing the same basic activity of demon possession that occurred in Noah's day (Genesis 6:2; 4), but in a somewhat varied form under the guise of "UFO's and aliens from another world", and since Jesus said He would return at a time when society resembled “the days of Noah” (Matthew 24:37), we see yet another sign that He’s coming soon.

    Do not be deceived. Jesus is coming!

    1. John A. Keel, UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse, p. 299
    2. https://exemplore.com/ufos-aliens/An-Alien-God-is-Coming-and-Vatican-is-Ready-for-Him
    3. http://www.alienresistance.org/ufo-alien-deception/strong-delusion-end-times-prophecy/
    4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nordic_aliens
    5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aryan
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      1. The Fine-Tuning Argument. The obvious fine-tuning of the world “proves” the existence of a “Designer.” Science has calculated the odds against our universe randomly taking a form suitable for life as: One in 10,000,000,000124 [Ravi Zacharias, The End of Reason, p. 35]. See more here.

      2. The Teleological Argument (Design). The obvious design (complexity) of the world “proves” the existence of a “Designer.” Science has estimated that the odds that intelligent life exists on the Earth as the result of non-directed processes to be around: One in 102,000,000,000 [Cited in Gary Habermas and Mike Licona, The Case for the Resurrection, 2004, p. 179]. See more here.

      3. The Moral Argument. The existence of a universal morality among humans “proves” the existence of a universal “Lawgiver.” If the evolutionary worldview were true, we would be advanced animals acting on chemical impulses. Absolute moral standards would not exist. But they do exist! See: Moral Argument (Proof God Exists)

      4. The cosmological argument. The principle of cause and effect “proves” the existence of an “uncaused Cause.” Simply put, nothing cannot create something, and therefore, either the universe has always existed or something outside the universe has always existed. Scientific evidence shows us that the universe hasn't always existed. Therefore, the something outside of the universe, that has always existed, is God (the characteristics of this something are the same characteristics that are attributed to God). This argument has a logical progression, unlike the atheist's irrational argument. See: Cosmological Argument (Proof God Exists)

      5. The Golden Ratio. In God's creation, there exists a "Golden Ratio" (the mathematical constant of 1.618) that is exhibited in a multitude of shapes, numbers, and patterns whose relationship can only be the result of the omnipotent, good, and all-wise God of Scripture. See here.

      6. The Great Pyramid. Isaiah 19:19-20 tells us that The Great Pyramid "shall be for a sign and for a witness unto the Lord". It was built thousands of years ago, and yet contains extraordinary measurements of Earth and space that could not have been known at the time. It can't even be built with today's modern technology, and hence, people are more willing to believe that Egyptians used superior technology from alien visitors thousands of years ago! See here.

      7. Hidden Sevens in the Bible. The recurrence of the number seven - or an exact multiple of seven - is found throughout the Bible and is widely recognized. But there turns out to be much more below the surface. For instance, in the first 17 chapters of Matthew Gospel, there are 42 such words (7 x 6) and they have 126 letters (7 x 18). Always an exact multiple of 7. These are just two features, there are 14 features, in total, in that chapter! What are the chances? In the 12 verse of Mark Gospel, the chances of this being random chance have been calculated at 54,116,956,037,952,111,668,959,660,849 to 1! It is absolutely, completely, and totally impossible to mathematically disprove this phenomenon. The overall validity of this discovery---the fact that God did it---is unimpeachable! This phenomenon only occurs in the original Biblical Hebrew. See here.

      8. 101 Scientific Facts & Foreknowledge in the Bible. Scientific research continues to unfold the wonders and mysteries of our universe. Interestingly, the Bible has anticipated many of these scientific facts centuries before they were discovered! For example, the Bible shows circumcision on the eighth day is ideal (Genesis 17:12; Leviticus 12:3; Luke 1:59). Medical science has discovered that the blood clotting chemical prothrombin peaks in a newborn on the eighth day. This is therefore the safest day to circumcise a baby. How did Moses know? See more: 101 Scientific Facts & Foreknowledge.

      9. The Shroud of Turin. It is considered to be the linen cloth the dead Jesus was wrapped in after He was crucified. It's an ancient, sepia-colored, rectangular, 14.3 x 3.7 foot linen cloth woven in a three-to-one herringbone twill composed of flax fibrils with the front and the back image of a naked man with his hands folded across his groin on it. The Shroud of Turin is an icon of faith and controversy among Christians. We can't be completely dogmatic about the Shroud of Turin, but there is certainly a high degree of probability that it is genuine. See: The Shroud of Turin: Evidence of Jesus' Resurrection

      10. America 9/11 terrorist attack predicted. The link between the 9/11 attack in America and the attack on ancient Israel (Isaiah 9:10) is uncanny. For instance, both were attacked by Assyrian terrorists, both terrorists were Semitic people (children of the Middle East), both buildings in the attacks had fallen bricks, both had a sycamore tree cut down, both buildings were rebuilt with hewn stone, both sycamore trees were replaced with a cedar tree...etc. See more here.

      11. Biblical Shemitah years in America. The biblical Shemitah came every seven years to Israel, and brought cessation to production, trade and economic activity, and ultimately, a nullification to the nation’s financial realm, the wiping away of credit and debt. This ancient pattern, established by God, has manifested in modern America. From September to September is the Shemitah year and each of the crashes America's experienced as a nation, for the last century, have been on a Shemitah year! See here.

      12. Blood Moon Tetrads on feast dates. There have been 56 tetrads since Christ's day, however the last 8 have fell on the first and last of the 7 "feasts of the LORD" (Lev. 23:4; cf. Gen 1:14). On God's "appointed times”, just like He foretold in Genesis 1:14! And not just have they fallen on the seasons (appointed times), but they have also been for signs (things to come). See more here.

      13. Not only was Israel becoming a nation, and the recapture of Jerusalem prophesied, they were also prophesied down to the very date! Two of Israel's most significant end-time prophecies fulfilled, and predicted by date, thousands of years beforehand! See: Israel Significant Dates: Prophesied in the Bible

      14. Biblical archaeological discoveries. There have been thousands of Bible discoveries; but the wonder of it all is that even with all the overwhelming archaeological evidence, none has ever contradicted a single claim the Old and New Testament makes! See here.

      15. Specific Bible verses have numbers and themes in the text of the Bible that seem to line up with the locations where the verses are found. For example, Matthew 24:42 is about the Day of the Lord. It is the 24th chapter, it's about the DAY (24 hours) of the Lord; and the 42nd verse (reverse of 24) is the key verse to watch out for we don't know when this DAY will occur. These three references relating to 24 are all found in the 24,000th verse of the Bible (now that really sets it apart)! Mathematics shows it's statistically impossible for this to be chance occurrence (calculated at billions to one). See over 35 more examples here.

      16. In Revelation chapter 21, there are 12 gems mentioned to be inlaid for decoration of the New Jerusalem, and ALL of these 12 gems are anisotropic gems. When viewed in crossed-polarised light (similar to “pure” light), anisotropic stones produce a colourful array- reflecting all the colours of the rainbow, whereas isotropic stones lose all of their colour and appear black. Since anisotropic behaviour has only been discovered in the last century (and John wrote Revelation almost 2000 years ago), the odds of 12 stones picked randomly being in that one group, is lower than 1 in 1,000! See here.

      17. Theomatics. Throughout the Bible, multiple factors and clustering (known as theomatics) is so consistent in words and phrases, that it boggles the mind. The major fact is that it happens so regularly, as to defy any mathematical odds. In other words, if God did not place this phenomenon into the text, then the numerical values for words and phrases would only produce "random" results. It is absolutely, completely, and totally impossible to mathematically disprove theomatics. See here.

      18. Overwhelming evidence for a young earth and universe. For example, there is evidence of recent volcanic activity on Earth’s moon which contradicts the supposed vast age - it should have long since cooled if it were billions of years old! If the sea had no sodium to start with, it would have accumulated its present amount in less than million years at today's input and output rates. This is much less than the evolutionary age of the ocean, three billion years...etc. The list goes on. See: 101 evidences for a young age of the earth and the universe

      19. There is a flood of evidence for Noah's flood in the fossil record. For example, it is not possible for trees to remain vertical for thousands of years while layers form around them, yet we see thousands of them. We also find fossils of sea creatures in rock layers that cover all the continents more than a mile above sea level! The list goes on. See here and here.

      20. The spiritual realm. Testimonies of supernatural healings, demonic encounters, angelic encounters and many different spiritual experiences by generations of people all over the world speak of a reality/realm that exists beyond the physical. See here.

      21. The Bible. The New and Old Testament have an overwhelming amount of evidence supporting their reliability. So much so that it defies natural explanation...
      •  If the average-sized manuscript were two and one-half inches thick, all the copies of the works of an average Greek author would stack up four feet high, while the copies of the New Testament would stack up to over a mile high! 
      • 40 authors wrote the Bible over a period of 1,500 years, yet when the 66 books of the Bible with their 1,189 chapters made up of 31,173 verses are brought together (KJV), we find perfect harmony in the message they convey. 
      See more here.

        22. End-time prophecies fulfilled. Approximately 2500 prophecies appear in the pages of the Bible, about 2000 of which already have been fulfilled to the letter - NO errors. The odds for all these prophecies having been fulfilled by chance without error is estimated at over one in 102000! See: 101 Last Days Prophecies

        23. Historical records for Jesus. There was never any debate in the ancient world about whether Jesus of Nazareth was a historical figure. The historical evidence for Jesus of Nazareth is both long-established and widespread. Within a few decades of his lifetime, he is mentioned by Jewish and Roman historians, as well as by dozens of Christian writings. See more here.

        24. "ELS" (Equi-distant Letter Sequences) in the Bible. ELS are words spelled out over a specific interval (instead of reading a text normally––one letter at a time––hidden words are looked for by reading the text every 2, or 3, or 4, (etc.), letters, skipping over the letters in between). For instance, the word "Eden" is encoded repeatedly sixteen times within the relatively short Genesis 2:4-10 passage of only 379 Hebrew letters dealing with the Garden of Eden. The odds against sixteen "Edens" occurring by chance in such a short passage is one chance in ten thousand. In this same chapter, scientists have found twenty-five different Hebrew names of trees encoded within the text of this one chapter! The laws of probability indicate that the odds against this occurring are one hundred thousand to one. See more here.

        25. Jesus' number is in everything. The relationship between the two numbers, 792 and 3168, is foundational to the creation of the earth itself! It is evident that these two numbers are found to repeat all through creation! Why these two numbers? Maybe because the Gematria value for “Lord Jesus Christ” in Greek is 3168, and in Hebrew is 792... see more here.

        26. Laminin. The protein inside our body, called Laminin, has an extremely vital role in our bodies. So vital, that without it, we could literally cease to exist. What is it exactly that makes Laminin so special? It is a cell adhesion molecule that is organized into a specific structure and it dictates what job the cell performs in the body. In other words, it literally holds all the cell membranes in your body together. It is the glue of the human body. The cross-like shape of the Laminin molecule is evidence of God's hand in creation!

        27. Planets aligned to form Jesus on the cross during crucifixion. On the day commonly viewed as that of Jesus' actual crucifixion, April 3, 33 AD, the planets Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Earth and Venus aligned to form what looks like Jesus on the cross with the head, the hands spread out and the legs together in accurate positioning, rotation and on a galactic scale. Indeed, even Saturn's rings can be viewed as representing the 'halo' or 'crown of thorns.' This alignment appears to have occurred only six times between the year 0 and 2000 A.D.

        28. YHWH in our breath. The word "YHWH" is used almost 7,000 times throughout the Bible as the only and unique name of God. Hebrew scholars, when looking at God’s Sacred Name, have concluded that when we breathe, we breathe the very name of God. The very sounds of each letter (YHWH) are the sounds of our breathing! “As long as I have life within me, the breath of God in my nostrils” (Job 27:3).

        29. Cross at centre of galaxy. The Hubble Space Telescope took a picture of the center of the Whirlpool galaxy, M51. The cross-like shape is evidence of God's hand in creation!

        30. Pillar shields Israel from the Islamic State. On the 1st December 2016, the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists had been hammering Israel along their border for several days, almost defeating Israel, when, on the fourth day, a large cloud pillar formed within minutes, so thick it made for zero visibility. This strange storm of what appeared to be dust, cloud and rain did NOT cross the border fence into Israel. It sat like a barrier between ISIS and Israel. This is evidence of God protecting Israel as He promised.

        There are numerous other evidences for God's existence. If you know of greater evidence for God, than the top 30 shared in this article, let us know in the comments below!
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        For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled." (Matthew 5:18)
        Jesus Christ stated that even the smallest of the letters and grammatical marks (jot and tittle) in the original text of the Bible were directly inspired by God.

        Equidistant Letter Sequences (ELS)Equal-distance (or Equidistant) Letter Sequences can be discovered when, instead of reading a text normally––one letter at a time––hidden words are looked for by reading the text every 2, or 3, or 4, (etc.), letters, skipping over the letters in between. The Bible is the only literature in existence that contains numerous hidden ELS placed within the scriptures in an intentional manner! This phenomenon is only found within the original Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament, and in the New Testament, Aramaic! Here are a few examples of this phenomenon in English...

        1. Genesis 1:14: "And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:"

        The word "seasons" here, translated "HaMoyadim", means "the appointed times." When searched for as an equidistant letter sequence, the word appears only once in the Book of Genesis, at the interval of 70, clustering EXACTLY where the word is spelled explicitly in the text, and where the calendar is established. In addition, there are only 70 specially appointed times for holy days called HaMoyadim, in a year, as defined by Leviticus 23-52. The very interval where HaMoyadim, "the appointed times," is encrypted in the text. Coincidence? (The longer the word, the smaller its chances to be found in the text at any given interval. The odds against this have been estimated at more than 70,000,000 to one.)

        2. The total numerical value of the four letters of Y’SHUA is 386. In the Torah (the five books of Moses), the Name Y’shua is spelt out at 386-letter intervals - TWELVE TIMES! At least 12 times, Y’shua has been discovered again, encoded at 7000-letter intervals in the five books of Moses.

        3. In the text of Genesis 38, at 49-letter intervals, are the names of Boaz, Ruth, Obed, Jesse, and David-in chronological order! David's genealogy is actually encoded in chronological order in Genesis 38 in an equidistant letter sequence of 49 (7×7 of course) letter intervals! These names anticipate, five generations in advance, the next five generations climaxing in David, a total of ten generations! 

        4. The word "Eden" is encoded repeatedly sixteen times within the relatively short Genesis 2:4-10 passage of only 379 Hebrew letters dealing with the Garden of Eden. The odds against sixteen "Edens" occurring by chance in such a short passage is one chance in ten thousand.

        In this same chapter, scientists have found twenty-five different Hebrew names of trees encoded within the text of this one chapter (Garden of Eden chapter)! The laws of probability indicate that the odds against this occurring are one hundred thousand to one.

        5. In Isaiah 53, the Suffering Servant chapter, over fifty names that deal with Christ's crucifixion are encoded in equidistant letter sequences! Messiah, Yeshua, the three Marys, ALL of the Disciples' names, Herod, His Cross... (See all of them here). It's also been found that All, passages prophesying the coming Messiah contain the name of Jesus encoded within them!

        6. The first five books of the Bible (the books of Moses) are known as the Torah. In 50 letter increments, we find the letters spelling "Torah" in the first two books of the Torah. In the third book, the book of Leviticus, it doesn't seem to work. But it does work for YHWH, the sacred name of God ("Yahweh" or "Jehovah," translated "LORD" in the King James Version), if you count in 7 letter increments. The last two books spell out "Torah" again in 50 letter increments, but this time backwards. Amazingly, each book of the Torah appears to be pointing towards the Name of God! Check it out:
        The number 50 has several important meanings (e.g. The Torah was given 50 days after the Exodus from Egypt), and the use of seven with the name of God shouldn't surprise us! Furthermore, it turns out that TORH is spelled out more than 56,000 times in the Book of Genesis (with various skip lengths)! Genesis itself is slightly more than 78,000 letters long. Coincidence?

        There is no other literature in existence which contains hidden ELS in the manner given here. Numerous other Hebrew texts containing about the same volume of material as the book of Genesis have been tested with no ELS being found. The above examples, which are only a small sampling of the discoveries which have been made, demonstrate supernatural complexity: hiding that much coded information of any type in any 'surface text' is far beyond the capabilities of any existing computer and any computer technology that can reasonably be envisioned. The possibility of these ELS appearing anywhere by pure chance is mathematically impossible. 

        And remember, to plan this kind of thing wouldn't just take years, but to prepare the text as well, with perfect grammar, a message, and no contradictions, puts the statistical odds of it being humanly written as impossible. Despite many arguments and challenges, the data still stands uncontested. We are left with the undeniable conclusion that this phenomenon is another clearly authenticated signature of God upon the pages of His message to mankind. 

        Dr. David Kazhdan, chairman of the mathematics department at Harvard University, warns those who casually reject the evidence of the ELS in the Bible:
        "The phenomenon is real. What conclusion you reach from this is up to you." 
        • Grant R. Jeffrey (from his book "The Signature of God")
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        "When you see all these things, you will know that He is near, right at the door." (Matthew 24:33)

        Jesus was quite clear that no human knows the day or hour of His return for the Church (Mark 13:32). He did, however, say that when we see the signs of His soon coming we can be sure that “summer is near” (Mt. 24:32). It would appear that we are on the verge of summer. Here's a small timeline outlining some of the latest prophetic events, from 2001 to 2019, indicating that the rapture is right around the corner...

        1. APR 1, 2001 - Netherlands became the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage. Ever since, a domino effect across the world has led to dozens of countries legalizing gay marriage (currently 27, and the list is growing all the time), an official endorsement of sin not even seen in Sodom. The only other time in history when homosexual "marriage" was practiced was … during the days of Noah. And guess what? That was the final straw that led to the FloodRemember, Jesus said He would return at a time when society resembled “the days of Noah” (Matthew 24:37)!

        There are now 27 countries where gay marriage is legal.

        Jesus also said the time immediately before His coming would be as it was in the days of Lot (Luke 17:28). Though homosexual "marriage" was not practiced, homosexuality was also rampant in Sodom and Gomorrah. Likewise, the angels decided this sin was the last straw for Sodom and forcibly removed Lot and his family from the city before it was destroyed with fire!

        In only the last few years has homosexual sin, as well as transgenderism, reached its zenith. Homosexuality has become the 'norm', and by destroying the institution of marriage, the "gay rights" LBGQTI movement made possible the transgender revolution, which has been sweeping across the world since late 2013. Several new words have entered our English language: cisgender, gender-fluid, non-binary (gendered), pansexual, trans, and transgender. There are now 114 different gender options listed on Tumblr and dozens of proposed gender-neutral pronouns. Children are having sex change operations. Gender is being eliminated on birth certificates. The media is fixated with stories of men’s transformation into women and women who have operations to be like men. The “gender theory” is being infiltrated into educational materials for children...

        Did the pre-Flood world have even this level of sexual immorality before judgment? I seriously think not, which makes one wonder: if we've surpassed the level of homosexuality and sexual immorality that existed in Noah's day, and this particular sin was the final straw before judgment, how close are WE to judgment?

        RFID microchip implant in the hand
        2. MAY 11, 2002 - The Jacobs family volunteered to be the first consumers to receive an RFID microchip implant (the VeriChip) and underwent the chipping procedure which was broadcast live on American television (BBC 11 May 2002). According to VeriChip, about 2,000 persons had been implanted worldwide by the end of 2008. Today, there are a few unsolicited studies that forecast that VeriChip (now under the new corporate name Positive ID) will sell between 1 million and 1.4 million chips by 2020! Bible prophecy foretells about a coming mark, called the "mark of the beast", that is going to be put into everyone's right hand or forehead (Revelation 13:15-18). 

        Furthermore, GPS-enabled RFID chips can keep track of your every move so that no man can “buy or sell” without the approval of a central government (Revelation 13:17).

        3. JUN 29, 2007 - The first ever iPhone was released, causing smart phones to become mainstream for the first time. Smart phones, along with satellite televisions (est. 1962) and the Internet (est. 1974-1983), allow for the gospel to be preached to the WHOLE world (Malachi 1:11; Matthew 24:14), and the two dead witnesses to be seen by the ENTIRE world over the span of three and a half days (Revelation 11:9; 10).

        In addition, smart phones can track your location anywhere there are cell towers and your activity online is constantly being monitored by companies and governments. Mass surveillance would make it easier for a totalitarian government to control its citizens (Revelation 13:17). 

        The first iPhone was released in 2007 (Photo: Apple)

        4. JAN 3, 2009 - The Bitcoin network, which is the only international currency out of the almost 200 currencies of the world, came into existence. A cashless society (with electronic transactions that can be monitored) would make it easier for the Antichrist to control all buying and selling (Revelation 13:17). Could Bitcoin be the means for the Antichrist to control the financial system of this world and in turn, the people? Time will tell, for now we can just speculate.

        Nonetheless, the worldwide infrastructure for mark of the beast commerce is present and widespread social acceptance of such a system is perhaps only a year or two away. Digital payment methods, like Paypal, Google pay, NFC payments and Credit Cards, became well established in countries across the world by the 2010’s making this possible. There are now reports that cash usage will be surpassed by debit cards and contactless payments in a few years!

        5. JAN 17, 2009 - Fifteen miles off of the coast of Israel, the Tamar field, which is a natural gas field large enough to fill 40 percent of Israel’s energy needs, was discovered. This was the first of several such fields Israel would discover in 2012 and 2013. But wait—there’s more! In 2015, a massive oil reserve ten times larger than average oil fields in other parts of the world was discovered in the Golan Heights. If Israel is able get to it, the field could make the Jewish state self-sufficient in oil for years! Gog (Russia) will invade Israel with the prime motivation of seizing spoil and carrying off plunder (Ezekiel 38:12). Could it be oil and gas? 

        Interestingly, there are reports that oil production in the surrounding countries will peak in a few short years, which would affect Russia and perhaps drag her into the Gog-Magog War. Some believe Russia’s peak oil production could be just three years away! Could the Gog-Magog War also be just a few years away? If the war takes place in the first half of the tribulation period, how much closer is the rapture? 

        The Tamar gas rig, located 23 kilometers (14 miles) west of the city

        6. SEP 2, 2009 - The Earth is overdue, and more vulnerable than ever, for a devastating solar storm. Based on historical precedence, experts predict that a massive solar storm should hit our planet roughly once every 150 years. The last one, known as the Carrington Event, happened in 1859 — 156 years agoThere is strong indication that Earth will be adversely impacted by a major solar storm right before the Second Coming (Revelation 16:8-9; Revelation 16:10-11). 

        Interestingly, Earth’s sun goes through an 11-year cycle of increased and decreased activity, and the next peak activity (when the possibility of a solar storm hitting Earth is at its highest) is due around 2024–2025. If the time is ripe for a major solar storm on Earth, and this judgment is unleashed at the end of the tribulation period, how much closer is the rapture?

        Solar flare captured on August 31, 2012, taken from the Solar Dynamics Observatory.

        Earthquake in Tiberias
        7. OCT, 2013 - In a rare occurrence, a series of five minor earthquakes struck northern Israel during one week in late October 2013. Ever since, seismic activity has been increasing in Israel with experts fearing a "big one" may still yet be due. Just this year, a chain of dozens of tremors in July reignited experts' fears. Bible prophecy foretells that several catastrophic earthquakes will strike Israel in the tribulation period (Ezekiel 38:18-20; Revelation 11:13; 16:17-21). Based on historical precedence, experts predict that a major earthquake occurs in Israel every 80–100 years on average. The last major earthquake was on July 11, 1927 — 91 years ago!

        With the sudden increase in seismic activity, and the fact that Israel is overdue for a major earthquake, it's no wonder the experts' predictions of a major quake within a few months are not unfounded (see: Coming Soon: A Devastating Earthquake). If the time is ripe for a major earthquake in Israel, and the earthquake takes place in the tribulation period, how much closer is the rapture? 

        8. SEP 14, 2015 - Russia moved their military forces out of Russia and into Syria. Thus, the three most powerful nations involved in the invasion force that attacks Israel (Ezek. 38) - Russia, Iran, and Turkey - now reside in Syria, with their military forces camped on Israel's border. And not just any border - Israel's northern border. Remember, Ezekiel said the Gog of Magog invasion force will come from the north (Ezekiel 38:15; Ezekiel 39:2). Never before have the military forces of these three nations been on Israel's northern border at the same time. And never in the history of the world, have the three formed an alliance. At least that is, until now...

        Presidents Hassan Rouhani of Iran, Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey and Vladimir Putin of Russia

        Meanwhile, the other three nations involved in the invasion force - Libya, Algeria and Sudan - are already closely aligned with Russia and hostile to Israel. If the stage is set for the Gog-Magog War, and the war takes place in the first half of the tribulation period, how much closer is the rapture? 

        Sophia (robot)
        9. FEB 14, 2016 - Sophia, the first ever rationale robot with human traits, was activated. The robot is modeled after actress Audrey Hepburn. There is strong indication that the "living" image (statue) of the Antichrist, which is constructed in the tribulation period (Revelation 13:14-15), will be an Artificial Intelligence (AI) robot. Sophia's range of facial expressions and the quality of simulated human voice, which make Sophia look and sound less like a robot and more like a human, clearly demonstrates that the technology for making an "image of the beast" (and for it to speak) is present. See the recent video below, displaying just how far robotics has come!

        Interestingly, Forbes just reported that 2019 will witness the emergence of avatars or images of a person that will in essence be their AI counterpart...

        China's AI news anchor - YouTube

        10. 2017 - A record-breaking year for heat and extreme weather (natural disasters). Even secular news sources and mainstream media recognize the unprecedented number and severity of natural disasters the world experienced in 2017 (see: 2017 — a year of disaster). The US, for instance, was struck by hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria combined with devastating Western wildfires and other natural catastrophes. Bible prophecy foretells that one of the signs of the last days, leading up to Jesus' return, is the appearance of earthquakes (Matthew 24:7). The Greek word for “earthquakes” is seismos, which can also refer to violent storms involving wind and water (see—Mark 4:37).

        The three biggest hurricanes of 2017 making landfall in the US. Courtesy of Chris Dolce

        Interestingly, according to the Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS) composite catalog, recent years have seen a marked increase in the number of earthquakes with a magnitude of 8.0 or greater:

        • 1900's - 3 earthquakes
        • 1910's - 0 earthquakes
        • 1920's - 1 earthquake
        • 1930's - 1 earthquake
        • 1940's - 1 earthquake
        • 1950's - 1 earthquake
        • 1960's - 3 earthquakes
        • 1970's - 2 earthquakes
        • 1980's - 3 earthquakes
        • 1990's - 7 earthquakes
        • 2000's - 13 earthquakes
        • 2010's - 10 earthquakes so far

        The 20th Century witnessed 22 earthquakes with a magnitude of 8.0 or greater, but already the 21st Century has seen 23 such earthquakes (within just 18 years!). If that pace continues, we'll see 128 earthquakes of 8.0 magnitude or greater by the end of this century! It certainly appears to be reaching a climax.

        Site of the new US embassy in Jerusalem
        11. DEC 6, 2017 - Donald Trump announced the US will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In response, a total of 128 countries came together to back a UN resolution which called on the US to remove its recognition of Jerusalem (one tiny city on the entire planet!) as the capital of Israel on December 21, 2017. To make matters worse, Donald Trump decided to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem on May 14, 2018 (Israel's 70th Anniversary), dramatically energizing the controversy over Jerusalem. The Bible warned that the issue of Jerusalem would become the center of world attention, and all surrounding nations would be united against her, in the end times (Zechariah 12:1-3)! According to J.D. Farag: 
        "When you hear of Israel in the news it is God's prophetic minute hand, but when you hear of Jerusalem in the news it is God's prophetic second hand."
        If the world is already focused on Jerusalem, and it will be the focus of the tribulation period, how close is the rapture?

        12. DEC 7, 2017 - China set a world record in mobilizing the largest swarm of drones in history (over 1,000 miniature drones). There is strong indication that the plague of “demonic locusts” which attack and torture humanity in the first half of the tribulation (Revelation 9:1-11) will be a swarm of micro-dronesFlying 1,108 tiny dronebots in as a single unit (and currently 1,374 drones, as of 2018) clearly demonstrates that the technology for the locust swarm is present. 

        Hundreds of drones lit up the night sky above Guangzhou, China, breaking a world record for the most drones in a single display

        Here's some other news that caught my attention:
        The Pentagon may soon be unleashing a 21st-century version of..
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        The Book of Esther is rather odd because it is the only book of the Bible in which the name of God appears to be missing (Martin Luther considered excluding it from the Bible for this reason1). Nonetheless, in this short book consisting of just 167 verses, the Median King is mentioned 192 times, his kingdom is referred to 26 times, and his name "Ahasuerus" is given 29 times. So why isn't God explicitly mentioned?

        Deuteronomy 31:17-18 gives us a clue:
        "Then My anger shall be aroused against them in that day, and I will forsake them, and I will hide My face from them, and they shall be devoured. And many evils and troubles shall befall them, so that they will say in that day, ‘Have not these evils come upon us because our God is not among us?’ And I will surely hide My face in that day because of all the evil which they have done, in that they have turned to other gods." (Deuteronomy 31:17-18)
        God declared that if His People forsook Him, He would hide His face from them. The Book of Esther is a clear example of God fulfilling His Word. God was hiding His face from His people on account of their sins; they had deliberately chosen to continue in the land of their captivity among the heathen, instead of availing themselves of the opportunity of returning to Jerusalem with Zerubbabel. But, though He was hidden from them, He was working for them. The name Esther gives us another clue: it means "Something Hidden"!

        Hidden AcrosticsAn "Acrostic" is when the initial letter of each line spells out a word, and it can be used as a mechanism for including a hidden message. The name of God is hidden several times in acrostics in the Book of Esther! Four times it appears as an acrostic, the famed Tetragammaton, "YHWH" or "Yahweh" or "YeHoVaH", and once as "EHYH" or "I AM". (Note: This phenomenon is only found within the original Hebrew Bible.)

         The First Acrostic 
        "And when the king’s decree which he shall make shall be published throughout all his empire, (for it is great,) all the wives shall give to their husbands honour, both to great and small." (Esther 1:20)

        The name YHWH reads backward with the initial letter (Note: Hebrew reads from right to left).

         The Second Acrostic 
        "And Esther answered, If it seem good unto the king, let the king and Haman come this day unto the banquet that I have prepared for him." (Esther 5:4)

        The name YHWH reads forward with the initial letter.

         The Third Acrostic 
         "Yet all this availeth me nothing, so long as I see Mordecai the Jew sitting at the king’s gate." (Esther 5:13)

        The name YHWH reads backward with the final letter.

         The Fourth Acrostic 
        "And the king arising from the banquet of wine in his wrath went into the palace garden: and Haman stood up to make request for his life to Esther the queen; for he saw that there was evil determined against him by the king." (Esther 7:7)

        The name YHWH reads forward with the final letter.

         The Fifth Acrostic 

        The above are four of them, and the final one validates the others. It is "I AM" or EHYH in Esther 7:5, meaning 'I shall prove to be'.

        The following phenomena are noticed in examining the four Acrostics which form the name "YHWH":

        1. All four acrostics appear in four consecutive words.
        2. (At least) three ancient manuscripts are known in which the Acrostic letters in all five cases are written Majuscular (or, larger than the others) so that they stand out boldly and prominently.
        3. Each of the acrostics are words spoken by a different voice:
        • Memucan (1:20)
        • Esther (5:4)
        • Haman (5:13)
        • The author (7:7)
        4. The first two Acrostics are a pair, having the name formed by the initial letters of the four words.
        5. The last two are a pair, having the name formed by the final letters of the four words.
        6. The first and third Acrostics are a pair, having the name spelt backward.
        7. The second and fourth are a pair, having the name spelt forward.
        They thus form an alternation:

        A  Backward
           B  Forward
        A  Backward
           B  Forward

        8. The first and third (in which the name is formed backward) are a pair, being spoken by Gentiles.
        9. The second and fourth (in which the name is spelt forward) are a pair, being spoken by Jews
        They thus form an alternation:

        C  Spoken by a Gentile (Memucan)
           D  Spoken by a Jew (Esther)
        C  Spoken by a Gentile (Haman)
          D  Spoken by a Jew (the inspired writer of Esther)

        10. The first and second form a pair, being connected with Queens and Banquets
        12. The third and fourth are a pair, being connected with Haman
        13. The first and fourth are a pair, being spoken concerning the Queen (Vashti) and Haman respectively.
        14. The second and third are a pair, being spoken by the Queen (Esther) and Haman respectively.
        They thus form an introversion:

        E  Words concerning a Queen
          F  Words spoken by a Queen
        E  Words spoken by Haman
          F  Words concerning Haman

        15. It is also remarkable that, in the two cases where the name is formed by the initial letters, the facts recorded are initial also, and are spoken of an event in which God’s overruling was initiated; while in the two cases where the name is formed by the final letters, the events are final also, and lead rapidly up to the end toward which God was working. Thus in the two cases where the name is spelt backward, God is seen overruling the counsels of Gentiles for the accomplishment of His own people; and where the name is spelt forward, God is ruling directly in the interest of His people Israel even though it is unknown to them at the time.

        In these five Acrostics we have something far beyond a mere coincidence; we have design!

        But that's not all...

        The names: Meshiach ("Messiah"), Yeshua ("Jesus"), and El Shaddai ("The Almighty"), also appear as equidistant letter sequences! (ELS are similar to acrostics, but instead of reading the initial letter, hidden words are looked for by reading the text every 2, or 3, or 4, (etc.), letters, skipping over the letters in between.)

        1. In Esther 1:3, counting in 8 letter increments, we find the letters spelling "Meshiach", the Hebrew name of the Messiah. The interval of eight is significant as the number of Jesus is 888 (in gematria).

        2. Again, in Esther 9:17, counting in 8 letter increments, we find the letters spelling "Yeshua", the Hebrew name of Jesus.

        3. Finally, in Esther 4:2, counting in 7 letter increments, we find the letters spelling "El Shaddai". El is the familiar name of God; Shaddai, from the root for "breast" or "provider"; the Almighty. And the use of seven shouldn't surprise us.

        The Book of Esther is designed to show God's providential care of His people. Even in the explicit absence of God’s name, the Book of Esther reminds us that He is always present and always in control. See related article: ELS in the Bible

        1 Colloquia Mensalia, or The Table Talk of Martin Luther , trans. by William Hazlitt, World Publishing Co., 1952. "I am so great an enemy to the second book of the Maccabees, and to Esther, that I wish they had not come to us at all, for they have too many heathen unnaturalities. The Jews much more esteemed the book of Esther than any of the prophets; though they were forbidden to read it before they had attained the age of thirty, by reason of the mystic matters it contains." (Ed. Note: He was in error; that was Song of Songs - CM.)
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        Why did God take 6 days to create the world when He could have just snapped His fingers and poof, there it was? Why did God not create in 1 day, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9 days, yet He could but He created for 6 days and rested the 7th day? 

        "Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done." (Isaiah 46:10)

        Many believe that since God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh day (Genesis 2:1-3), that God has a 6,000-year plan for man followed by a 1,000-year reign by Jesus Christ (Revelation 20:4). In Biblical times, it was commonly believed among the Jews, and early Christians, that at the end of 6,000 years of history, Christ would return and reign for 1,000 years. Early Christian writers, such as Barnabas, who was with Paul the Apostle in Lycaonia, wrote:
        “Therefore, children, in six days, that is in six thousand years, everything shall come to an end.” 
        Another Christian author, Lactantius, wrote: 
        'As there had been 2,000 years from Adam to Abraham, and 2,000 from Abraham to Christ; so there will be 2,000 years for the Christian era and then would come the Millennium.'" 

        There is even an old tradition that the prophet Elijah taught there would be six thousand years for humans to rule under Satan's kingdom, followed by one thousand years of abundance in the kingdom of God. The fact that both Jews and early Christians believed God had a 7,000 year plan, doesn’t mean that their belief is the reality. It’s just a factor worth considering.

        Biblical "Hints" of a 7,000 Year Plan
        Let’s look at some interesting things in Scripture that support this belief...

        1. There are two places in Scripture that say a day with the Lord is as a thousand years:
        "For a thousand years in Your sight Are like yesterday when it is past." (Psalm 90:4)
        “But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.”  (2 Peter 3:8)
        Curiously, these verses do NOT say that a day is with the Lord as thousands of years (plural), ten thousands of years, or millions of years. It specifically states that “one day” is with the Lord as “a thousand years.” So, when the apostle Peter tells us that a "day" is with God as a thousand years, we should sit up and take notice!

        2. Scripture also says that there still remains a day of rest for God's people.
        Paul tells us that “the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now” (Rom. 8:22), which means that the creation has not yet entered into the rest that the Scriptures mandate (Isa. 11:10; 14:7; 44:21-23; 49:13; 55:12). This rest will occur under the rule of Jesus when He returns and sets up the promised kingdom on earth for one thousand years (Rev. 20:1-7)!

        Interestingly, in Hebrews 4:4, 11, the seventh day of the week is pictured as a type of the peaceful "rest" on earth which will follow Christ's return! Being a time of “rest” (Heb. 4:4-11), and lasting a thousand years (Rev. 20:1-7), it makes perfect sense that God would correspond it to the seventh day rest of Genesis 2:2. Since the last "day" of God's plan for mankind is 1,000 years, it is logical to conclude that the other six days of creation typify 6,000 years of man's government on earth.

        Furthermore, the number 6 represents mankind and rebellion (6,000 years of man's self rule?). The number 7 represents perfection (The Millennium?). The number 8 represents new beginnings (New Heavens and New Earth?). Could it be that God is trying to show us something here?

        3. There are many "pictures", "shadows", and "types" in the Bible that would seem to confirm the 7,000-year theory:

        • King Solomon (a type of Jesus) had steps to this throne and the 7th step was his throne (2 Chronicles 9:18).
        • Lazarus (a type of Israel) was sick and dead for a total of days (John 11:1; 5-6; 14; 39). Jesus resurrected him on the 7th day (John 11:40-44). 
        • After 6 days, Jesus took his closest disciples up into a high mountain and was transfigured (a picture of the Second Advent) before them (Matt. 17:1; Mark 9:2).
        • After 6 days, Moses was called up to mount Sinai to be in the presence of God in the midst of the cloud (Exodus 24:16).
        • After 6 days, Jesus went to the wedding feast in Cana (John 1:51; 2:1).
        • Noah was 600 years of age when God destroyed the world with the flood (Genesis 7:6). And the ark rested in the 7th month (Genesis 8:4).
        • King Joash was the rightful king of Israel but who was hidden in the temple of God for 6 years while an impostor reigned (Queen Athaliah - a picture of Satan the devil, the great usurper). At the beginning of the 7th year, the king was brought forth to sit on his rightful throne, and the usurper was put to death (2 Kings 11:16).
        • Slaves worked for 6 years and the 7th year was freedom (Exodus 21:2; Deuteronomy 15:1).

        The list goes on. There are many other instances in the Bible that reflect a similar kind of timeline, and there is no need for such specific information (the six and a distinct seventh pattern) unless it hints at a larger truth!

        4. Bible chronology shows there were approximately 2,000 years from Adam's creation until Abraham (Genesis 5; 11) and 2,000 years from Abraham until Jesus Christ. Is this merely coincidence? Given that the Millennium, the final "day" in God's plan for human history, will be 1,000 years, it requires no great leap of exegetical skill to posit a comparable 2,000 years from Jesus' First Coming to His Second Coming.

        The notion that there will be 2 days, or 2,000 years, from Christ’s death till the Second Coming, or 4,000 years from Adam to Christ’s death, also seems to be confirmed by Bible analogies:

        • Jesus stayed with the Samaritan woman (a type of the Church) for 2 days (John 4:40).
        • The Good Samaritan (a type of Jesus) gave the innkeeper 2 pence (equal to 2 day's wages) to care for the wounded man, promising to return and settle the account (Luke 10:35).
        • During the 6 days before going to the wedding feast in Cana, Jesus took a trip on the 4th day and was not seen again until the 7th day (John 1:19; 29; 35; 43; 2:1).
        • The Passover lamb was set aside 4 days before it was sacrificed (Exodus 12:3; 6). This of course is a type and shadow that pointed to Jesus, the Lamb of God, who was to come and die for the salvation of mankind. The Lamb of God was sacrificed from the foundation of the world (Revelation 13:8) and was killed at Passover 4,000 years later.
        • “Life” shows up after the 4th day in the creation narrative. Likewise, Christ shows up after 4,000 years and brings “life” (John 1:1-5; 10:10; 3:16; 1 John 1:1-2; 5:12-13).

        Lastly, Hosea pictures Christ's Second Coming 2,000 years after his ascension, in one of the most remarkable passages that supports the theory of God having a 7,000-year plan:
        I will go and return to my place, till they acknowledge their offence, and seek my face: in their affliction they will seek me early. Come, and let us return unto the LORD: for he hath torn, and he will heal us; he hath smitten, and he will bind us up. After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight.” (Hosea 5:15-6:2)
        No one seems to be able to explain this verse. But if you apply this verse inside the 7,000-year template: “I will go and return to my place, till they acknowledge their offence . . .”  refers to Jesus returning to heaven after being rejected and crucified by the Jews. He will remain there until they “acknowledge their offense” and “seek” him in the Great Tribulation, which the passage calls “their affliction.” They will then “return unto the LORD” and be revived “after two days,” which equals the third 2,000-year time slot in God’s Plan, toward the end of which Israel becomes a nation (1948) in preparation for a spiritual revival later. Finally, “in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight” refers to the nation being totally revived and regenerated at the Second Coming of Christ and living in His sight in the millennial kingdom, which is the “third day” after Calvary, the “third day” after their offense of rejecting Christ.

        Keep in mind that not all uses of the word "day" in Scripture mean a 24-hour solar day (Gen. 1:5). Take, for example, what God told Adam in Genesis 2:17:
        "But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die" (Gen. 2:17). 
        Adam died at the ripe old age of 930 years (Gen. 5:5). The "day" in which he died was certainly not the "24 hour" day. But the Word of God also speaks of the "millennial" day, or the "thousand year day."

        5. Scripture statements seem to support that we have been in the LAST DAYS ever since Jesus died:
        "In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams." (Acts 2:17)
        "In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom also he made the universe." (Hebrews 1:1-2)
        These verses are likely referring to the latter days of the 7,000 year week. If there is no 7,000-year plan, then the New Testament statements above about then being in the last days make little sense.

        6. Everyone is aware of the weekly Sabbath, the seventh day of the week under the law of Moses, but most do not realize that God has more than one Sabbath. In the Bible, there is a "Week of Days", "Week of Weeks", "Week of Months" and a "Week of Years" (see a more in-depth discussion here)! If there are "weeks" (groups of seven) of days, weeks, months, and years, what about millennia? 

        There are many other Scriptures showing support for a 7,000-year plan, and the lateness of the hour makes this truth more relevant today than at any time in human history.

        When Does the 6,000-Year Rule End?
        Have you ever wondered why the Bible records the ages of people all the way back to Adam? Or why it records the number of years the Kings of Israel ruled? It seems God wanted us to be able to count the years from creation. Interestingly, after stating a thousand years is as a day in Psalm 90:4, the Psalmist writes that our own days are limited and we should number our days that we may have the heart of wisdom (Psalms 90:4-12)! Could understanding approximately where we are in the 6,000 years be a wise thing to do? 

        Historical records indicate that almost 6,000 years have elapsed since the re-creation of the earth and almost 2,000 years since the death of Jesus Christ. Based upon certain calculations that I am currently aware of, it seems that Adam and Eve were created and/or apparently left the garden of Eden between roughly 3959-3975 B.C. (it is most likely that the 6,000 years began once Adam sinned as Adam had not rebelled before then). This would suggest that the 6,000 years should be up sometime between 2026 A.D. - 2042 A.D.

        However, a more accurate way to calculate when the 6,000-year period ends would be to add 2,000 years from the year Jesus Christ was crucified - and the Church Age began - which likely marks the beginning of the third 2,000-year time slot in God’s Plan. Although we cannot state with absolute certainty the amount of time that passed since Adam, we can establish the date of the crucifixion with fair certainty: Virtually all scholars believe, for various reasons, that Jesus was crucified in the spring of either 30 A.D. or 33 A.D. Based upon this calculation, we COULD expect the 6,000 years to end, and Jesus Christ to return, in 2030 A.D. or 2033 A.D. (Please note: I am NOT setting a specific date for Jesus to return, but only suggesting a "possibility" based on whether the 7,000 year plan is correct).

        What About the Rapture of the Church?
        Since there is a seven-year tribulation period foretold to occur just before Christ's return, the Rapture of the Church would be prior to this date. Most pre-millennial Bible prophecy teachers would put the Rapture seven years sooner, however, logically, it seems there has to be some amount of time (a short stage setting gap of perhaps a few years) between the Rapture and the tribulation period beginning (see here). So, the Rapture could be up to a total of 10-years, and possibly more (some prophecy scholars like Bill Salus believe it could be 11.5-years), from the coming of Jesus in Glory. I won't attempt to calculate an approximate timeframe of when the Rapture will occur based upon this, since we don't believe in setting dates, but I'm sure you can work out the implications of this!

        ConclusionWe must keep in mind that there is no conclusive evidence anywhere in the Bible that God has a 7,000-year plan, or has decided to work in 2,000-year time slots. While these connections are fun to explore, let's remember it is just a theory. You can decide whether such an exploration has any merit!

        Mind you, considering almost 2,000 years have passed since Christ's crucifixion (making a total of nearly 6,000 years—or six millennial days—from Adam), and at this precise juncture in human history mankind stands poised with the ability to blow up and blast out of existence all life on planet Earth, the 7,000-year plan is more believable than ever!

        In any case, with Israel being a nation in the land again, and many other prophetic implications ramping up as of late, we know that Jesus will return very soon. The time is short.
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        According to Scripture, an aggressive and authoritarian ruler identified as “Gog” will arise from Russia (known in Biblical times as “Magog”) to lead a coalition of nations against Israel, in what is known as the Ezekiel 38-39 war, in the last days.

        Since this ruler is likely that of either a current or future leader of Russia, and the stage appears to be set for the Ezekiel 38-39 war, there may well be a credible candidate for Gog, and there is: Vladimir Putin. Little is known about this man, who was catapulted from obscurity into the seat of Russian power. What is known, however, is that Putin very closely fits the description of Gog...

        Russian President Vladimir Putin

        1. Gog is a dictator with such powerful reputation to where countries of the world hesitate to confront him directly (Ezekiel 38:13). Putin is an undisputed dictator, and him and his Russia are already becoming so powerful that no one in the world can stop them. Forbes has named Vladimir Putin the world’s most powerful person four years in a row. Garry Kasparov in his book, "Winter Is Coming" says, “Putin’s Russia is clearly the biggest and most dangerous threat facing the world today.” Time magazine (2014) makes the case that Vladimir Putin does not see himself as Russia’s president or prime minister but rather as her modern Czar (Gog is a title like “Czar”). Putin is certainly living up to his name - Vladimir - which means: Universal ruler

        2. Gog invades the tiny nation of Israel (Ezekiel 38). Putin and his Russia have a history of moving in and conquering weak nations. Putin's invaded the country of Georgia (occupies 20 percent of the country), southern Ukraine's Crimea peninsula (annexed it, made it part of Russia), eastern Ukraine (controls it today), and has taken over the Syrian government. According to Joel C. Rosenberg:
        "He is invading one country after another, and you know the saying, 'If you give a mouse a cookie, he'll want a glass of milk. Putin has eaten a whole bag of Oreos, and now he just grabbed the dairy farm and no one is stopping him."

        3. The manner in which Gog invades Israel is fast and overpowering (Ezekiel 38:9; Daniel 11:44). Putin has a record of calculated and overpowering violence. Masha Gressen in her book, "The man without a face" says, "...Putin painted himself as consistently rash, physically violent man with a barely containable temper." For instance, Putin's childhood friend recalls that:
        “If anyone ever insulted him in any way, Vladmir would immediately jump on the guy, scratch him, bite him, rip his hair out by the clump – do anything to humiliate him in any way… he would flare up and start expressing his outrage. He did this several times over”
        Putin's overpowering violence and impulsive temper which manifested through the tentacles of the KGB/FSB (Russian intelligence agencies, the organizations Putin was a part of before becoming president), resurrected vertical power enabling him to effectively head a security state much like Hitler's Nazi SS. Is this the same barely containable temper that will “go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many” (Dan. 11:44)?

        4. Gog’s motive for invading is to steal Israel's resources (Ezekiel 38:12). Putin is also infamous for taking what doesn't belong to him, including personal items and corporate assets that belong to other individuals and companies. One notable example is when Putin shutdown Russia’s largest privately owned oil & gas firm, Yukos, and salvaged its assets.

        Here are just two other examples, taken from Gressen’s book, showing Putin’s reoccurring urge to steal:

        • In 2005, while hosting a group of American businessmen, Putin pocketed a 124-diamond Super Bowl ring of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft. 
        • In the same year, while hosted as a special guest in New York, Putin nodded to one of his bodyguards, who took a glass replica of a Kalashnikov automatic weapon filled with vodka and carried it out of the room, leaving the hosts speechless. 

        5. Gog will likely steal Israel's massive quantities of natural gas and oil resources (see here; Ezekiel 38:12). Putin has actually completed his PhD on the subject of exploitation of natural resources! His PhD was entitled: ‘Natural resources and the development strategy for the Russian Economy’. So the idea of resource exploitation is well and truly entrenched in Putin's mind, AND he seems to have a strong urge to steal what doesn't belong to him. Not a good mix. 

        Interestingly, right after Israel's major oil find in the Golan Heights, Putin called the Israeli PM and offered to guard Israel’s oil and gas assets. Then, Putin ordered troops into Syria, beginning the Russian military intervention in Syria - it's possible that Putin’s interest in assisting Syria is connected to this recent oil discovery! It would appear that Putin has his eye on the spoil (Ezek. 38:12).

        6. Gog will provide air cover (planes and helicopters) for the multitude of troops he has moving up the mountains on Syria's side of the border (Ezekiel 38:4-6). In the fall and winter of 2015, Putin sent hundreds of troops, many planes, helicopters, drones and other weapons to a military base in Syria. With each passing day, Vladimir Putin is getting more deeply involved in the Middle East: He's sending in more troops; better planes, helicopters and drones; and more powerful and advanced weapons. On top of that, Putin has a second base under construction; a radar and missile defense system under construction; helicopter pads, air traffic control towers, storage buildings and mobile housing units under construction, and more. Gog prepares for himself and all his allies (Ezek. 38:7).

        Russian military forces arrive in Syria

        7. Gog is masterful in secret planning and forms an evil plan (Ezekiel 38:10). Putin is, without doubt, masterful in secret planning and a man with a plan. Putin's master plan is to destroy the West by breaking up the European Union, dividing NATO, frustrating and unnerving the United States, and expanding Russia’s global influence (in an attempt to recapture the power of the former Soviet Union). Is it too difficult to imagine a time when Putin devises an evil plan against Israel?

        Putin meeting with Iran leader
        8. Gog will attract many allies to fight with him; and he will take command of their troops (Ezekiel 38:5-7). Putin's recently met with many leaders and announced plans for Russia, along with Iran, Sudan and Turkey (all Russian allies in the battle of Gog and Magog) to step up their military co-operation! These countries respect his leadership and seem to be getting along with him.

        Interestingly, in the Ezekiel 38 alliance, "Put" is with them (Ezek. 38:5). Put refers to modern day Libya, but could it also be an abbreviation for Putin?

        9. Gog will act as a guard to his allies and justify his aggression as self defence of them (Ezekiel 38:7). We can see Putin "being a guard" in the recent invasions. For instance, Putin's justification for the actions in Crimea was one of help for Russian speaking peoples who feel oppressed and not represented by the political authorities who are over them.

        Interestingly, there are reportedly over half a million Russian speakers living in Israel. Is it too difficult to imagine a time when the Russians, led by Putin, will storm into Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to 'protect' these Russian speakers from so called oppression? Could this be a way that Gog justifies his invasion of Israel?

        Putin says he reserves right to protect Russians in Ukraine - The Washington Post

        10. Gog is an adversary of God (Ezekiel 38:3). Certainly this is true of Putin, since he is both a Communist and an atheist. For a long time, the leaders among those who sought to oppress and destroy human beings, and to wipe out Christianity, were Communist Russia and China.

        Could Putin be Gog?The coming person of Gog will not be known until the events of Ezekiel 38-39 take place, so it’s too early to draw such a conclusion. That being said, all of Putin's actions indicate that he could—and I strongly believe he will—fulfill a Bible prophecy that was recorded millennia ago. If Putin is indeed Gog, it seems highly likely the invasion of Israel by the northern coalition will occur in the next 6 years, for three reasons:

        1. Russia’s constitution states that the president may serve no more than two consecutive terms, meaning Putin would be obligated to step down in 2024
        2. Putin is aged 66, and the average life expectancy for a male in Russia is 66. 
        3. The stage is set for the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39.

        If Putin is not Gog, then he is certainly setting the scene for Gog to arise!

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