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We have been taking on food recipes and health for a while now and I feel it's time to infuse some food business.

Food business is very important because it is the one that brings about money which is important for life.


 In the last decade, there has risen in Nigeria, a new wave of enterpreneurs in all fields, the standard of productions have been raised even up to world standard and the food world is not an exception.

Different creative foods and drinks have been developed and packaged which are taking over from the imported ones that has been dominating the market for many years.

However, no matter how big your ideas, food formula is, it cannot be accepted to be sold in Nigeria except it is registered under the Nigerian food and drugs agency.

HOW TO REGISTER WITH NAFDACThe National Agency For Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) are the regulatory body that controls the influx and efflux of food and drugs in Nigeria.

They also validate the authenticity and quality of your products either food, drinks or drugs before it can be sold publicly.

Visit the NAFDAC office in your state or the one closest to you and register. Your factory is going to get a visit from the officials.

* They are going to check your Water purification plant if you are into drinks

* They are going to check your production line

* They are going to check your workers room

* They are going to check the general neatness of the place and the equipments you possess and other things they deem fit to check

After this, if they are satisfied, you will be required to submit three samples of your products for analysis and then given a certificate of recognition as a manufacturer.

2. You have to purchase a form and fill accordingly. After filling the form, you will now write an application letter to NAFDAC stating your intention to register your product.

The application must be addressed to the Director; Registration and Regulatory Affairs.

3. After both have been done. You will attach both the Registration form and the application letter together and submit.

It could takes weeks or few months but if the forms were properly filled with no mistakes, your registration would be successful.

1. Your certificate of inspection and Recognition after your factory was checked

2. Your certificate of incorporation by the corporate affairs commission

3. The application letter coupled with the Registration form you forwarded to the Director.

4. Certificate of sample collections with the date and signature of the analyst

5. Trade mark issuance certificate for your brand by the ministry of commerce.

Wishing you good luck as you proceed into registering your food or drink products.

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(Pic credit: olgar's factory)

THE TRADITIONIt's a tradition in my family that the only set of people allowed to kill and cut up a chicken to different body parts are the adults

It's like a rite of passage the first time you hold down the chicken for your father when he is cutting up a chicken, turkey or a goat.

You also know it means you are coming of age and very soon, it would be your turn to handle the preparation .

It's never taught. You look and put to mind every steps and skill used in cutting it up.

It's also a culinary skill you must learn in a good culinary school. So if you never had some one put you through, Here is Me showing you with love.

How to cut up a Chicken
* I always start with the laps. Make sure the chicken breast is side up and draw the laps out from the body (you might ask someone to help hold the other laps)

* Slice through the skin and work your knife around the laps (Note: A sharp knife will make your work much easier) to remove the laps.

If the joint becomes an impediment, hold the body and the lap that's almost off and pull in an upward motion. The joint ball will come off and you can complete your cut.

* Same should be repeated for the other lap

* The next are the wings. Turn the chicken on its sides, pull away the wings and cut through joints to detach the wings

* Then, remains the body. There are different ways to remove the chest from the backbone region.

1. Lift the chicken from the bottom (anus area) and slice up to remove the whole breast.

2. Place your knife in the middle of the right and left breast and cut straight down. Then work through the ribs to remove the two halves breast completely

* Another area to be removed is the chicken butt or Parson's nose.

Place your knife in the middle and using the solid lower palm or carpals dislodge the bone there and cut through. Then, remove easily.

The Carcass

The Carcass consist of the back part which consist of the back bone. Don't throw away, cut into sizes and store in the freezer as base for soups or grills.

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Cereals are underated most times as snacks and comfort food or just taken whenever you feel like indulging in junks.

 However, this is far from the truth as cereals are one of the most important part of our diet and without it, one runs a risk of having countless illnesses.

 Why are they so important?  

1. Cereals are a very good source of dietary fibres.


Sometimes I get emotional when I write, that's  because I believe if people are well informed, they would not find themselves in bad situations.

Do you know what fibre does in the body?

why are they so essential to our health?

 Food fibres dissolves in the stomach and form a gel like substance that allows digested food to be slowly absorbed into the body.

This stabilizes sugar level and prevent cholesterol build up ultimately preventing Diabetes

It also allows for free movement of waste product in the large intestine and prevents haemorroids.

It also keeps your weight in check and makes you live long.

2. Cereals are an excellent source of breakfast from corn flakes to oats.

Why Breakfast is a must!!!* It's the most important food of the day as it improves concentration at work and prevents loss of memory.

No wonder many companies provide breakfast for their top workers; the engine room to their organizations

* It keeps you from consuming junks which affects your body weight and injest lots of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) into your system. It summarily keeps your heart in good shape.

3. Cereals are rich source of vitamins, carbs, minerals like iron and protein so they supply energy needed and nutrients for the day and they are easily digested.

Phote credit: sciencebuddy

4. Cereals are healthy because they are be combined and taking directly with different fruits, vegetables and milk.

5. In the case of having a picky eater on your hands, cereals can be easily planned and incorporated into good and attractive dishes any picky eater cannot resist.

6. They contain phytosterol which prevents cancer like breast cancer by blocking oestrogen that causes breast cancer.

7. Cereals are also very good for children. This is because children requires a lot of nutrients for their body growth, daily activities. This can be gotten from cereals which is dense with nutrition.

They are also relatively cheap to procure, sweet and are easy to prepare unlike most foods.

 They save you a lot of money trying to get pastries or burgers at work.

To cap it up, one is guaranteed a healthy and strong life if one can incorporate cereal into his or her life.
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It was said that what you don't know can't kill you; Now we know, that the contrary is the absolute truth. What you don't know kills. There are many examples to prove this starting from HIV to Diabetes.

If only they knew that ordinary protection like the use of condom or reducing the consumption of sugar could prevent them contracting the disease, they would probably have taken precautions.

So I will be doing a sensitization on the effect of food and fruit on drugs we injest into our body.

FOOD AND DRUGSWe fall ill as humans due to so many reasons from environmental to genetic and Man has come a long way in developing drugs that combats almost any type of sicknesses.

However, information about side effects of these drugs and food consumed during the use are often not well communicated to patients and to the general public as a whole.

This is getting serious now as these powerful drugs can easily be gotten at a local chemist by ignorant individuals

Here are some drugs and foods or drink you mustn't combine together


Cases of drug abuse and death are becoming rampant all over the world especially in some African countries and it affects the youth most often.

A good example of drug that is highly abused is Tramadol. Tramadol is a central nervous system depressant and combined with alcohol which is also a depressant can slow down your brain which can lead to a state of depression and finally Suicidal thoughts

Also, the combination and abuse can cause seizures. This is because the central nervous system consist basically of  the brain and the spinal cord and since tramadol is CNS drug inducer.

Taking too much will cause too much activities and reactions in the brain ultimately leading to seizures.

In general, Alcohol should not be taken with any pain relieving drink. Just ONE DRINK A WEEK WHEN TAKING THESE DRUGS CAN CAUSE GASTRO INTESTINAL BLEEDING.


Ciprofloxacin and other fluroquinolones which is used for typhoid for example or tetracycline are very reactive to Diary foods and product.

You probably must have heard it before or not that when using thyphoid drugs, you should abstain from food like milk, cheese, youghurt etc

It's actually; Do not take them alone with these drugs because they will render the drug useless. You can read about the biological mechanism here.


It is no news that NSAIDs (pain releiving drugs) like Ibuprofen, Aspirins taken by an ulcer patient could be dangerous and life threthening However, many still don't know.

The symptoms include vomiting, neusea, acute stomach pain or internal bleeding.

So if you have been diagnosed with ulcer, it is best to stay away drugs like this.


Caffeine which is a stimulant is very reactive to many antibiotics. Antibiotics affects the rate at which caffeine works in the body causing caffeine overdose which can cause insomnia, restlessness, dizziness etc

It is advised to stop the consumption of high caffeine containing drinks, coffees, teas and sodas before using most antibiotics

Its discovered that grape fruit juice and some of it's closely related citruses must not be taken with cholesterol drugs, immuno-suppressant drugs and even some malaria drugs.

It increases the blood level of these medications and increases their side effects.
Examples of such are: Muscle tissue breakdown, kidney problems, General body pains, Rapid drop in blood pressure etc. Read more here
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(Pumpkin vegetable soup)

Pumpkin leaves  came into lime light and became very popular for vegetable soup in the 1990s especially when it was believed to increase the production of red blood cells in the body.

It became the highest consumed vegetables in contrast to African Spinach (Efo Tete) which was previously majorly consumed.

Since it started becoming popular, I have eaten this soup in every type of way and in countless local restaurants.

As a chef, I was impressed with many but most didn't have a taste. So I decided to prepare mine quite differently so to improve the taste and make it sweeter.

* Pumpkin leaves

* Scotch bonnet (ata rodo)

* Ground crayfish

* Smoked horse mackarel (kote)

(Shredded Kote)

* Cow skin

(Smoked Cowskin)

* Palm oil

* Seasoning cubes

* Salt

* Onions

* Chicken stock

* Locust beans (Iru)

Unlike the normal way, The first step here is to heat up the palm oil and season it with Onions, ginger powder, curry, seasoning cubes

Pour in your washed smoked cowskin, smoked fish and crayfish and STIR FRY under low heat for 3-5 minutes.

Then put in your grated or finely chopped scotch bonnets

Pour in your beef/chicken stock and Iru inside.

(Frozen chicken stock)

Put in your to taste, cover and leave for 5minutes

(Pumpkin leaves are ready to be poured in)

Chop finely your vegetable leaves, wash and rinse in a sieve. Make sure you remove most of the water so it doesn't make the vegetable soup watery

Pour in your finely sliced vegetables. Don't stir immediately. Leave for about 2minutes before stirring.

Leave for another 2 minutes and set down.

Please comment and let me know your thoughts concerning these methods of preparation. Much love.
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       "Note that purchase through this blog will help serve you better and grow us at no additional cost to you"

This is the year 2019 and majority now understands the importance of healthy eating and the many dangers of taking too much sugar.

Puff Puffs are the stars of finger foods in many events.

 Though we have many pastries and proteins on a finger food platter, majority still won't accept a platter without Puffs.

(Honey Puffs)

It's one of those pastries that makes you not want to stop eating. It's sweet, fluffy and melts at in your mouth at every bites if it's made correctly.

For this, recipe, we will be replacing 90% of sugar with honey so it could be eaten by everybody and also be healthy.

* Wheat Flour (200g)

* Honey (3tbsp)

* Yeast (1tsp)

* Cinnamon ( optional)

* Water (25cl)

* Sugar (1tsp)- Optional

* Pinch of salt

*Sieve your flour to remove any dirts or lumps

* Dissolve your yeast into warm water

* Make a hole in the middle of your flour and add the dissolves yeast. Mix gently

* Pour in a quarter of your water into the flour mixture and mix lightly for some seconds

* Pour in gently your honey and fold it in

* Lastly, pour in the remaining water and mix vigorously with a mixer or by hand.

We are making a batter  which is not too soft but holdable without trickling off too quickly from the hand.

Cover and let it set and rise for 30-40 minutes.

It rises earlier if it's in a hot environment so keep an eye on it

(Rising batter after 30minutes)

* Once fully risen, Pre-heat the oil to medium heat before deep frying on a cooker or use a deep fryer. Heat should be on a medium level.

* Make sure once you drop your puffs into the oil, you turn after some seconds.

* The standard frying colour is golden brown which is done inside and not soggy.

Wrong instructions concerning Puff Puffs
* Yeast must be mixed with hot water for it to work. This is false and you might even be killing the yeast as it is an edible healthy microbe.

* Milk must be added. Actually, milk and eggs makes puffs crunchy and flaky and these are not the attributes of a good puff puff. It has to be succulent, fluffy and not flaky.

Please try out this puff puff variant today and you will be glad you did.

Also, Chef Wale would love to hear from you and possibly get to know you. Much love from Caterbakes.
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   "Note that purchase through this blog will help serve you better and grow us at NO additional cost to you"

This write up was done after intensive research with respected and notable nutritionist both in the medical world and in the educational world.

I believe we understand the basis and foundation of obesity and even the risks However, the persistent question on my mind is; Can the causing factor also be the curing factor?


Before I give you a summary of what obesity is, I would love to remind you that the blog is not a scientific blog; if you love to read more, links will be given to you.

It's focus is food and it's written so even a layman will be able to read and understand and make reasonable changes where needed.

Ok! Let's go on...

OBESITY, which is the leading disease that is preventable or treatable, is the addition of excess fat to the body till it starts making the body malfunction. It's the source of uncountable diseases from artherosclerosis to diabetes etc

Do you want to know if you are one or coming close? Simple!

Divide your body weight against your height. (Metres square) For example, I'm 90 by weight and 6ft in metres should be around 1.7m.  multiply 1.7 by itself and divide it by your weight and you will know if you are normal, slightly overweight, overweight, obese or very obese.

25-30 is the range of  from over weight to obese. 30 upward is range of obese to very obeae.

So let's say I'm nearing overweight and caution needs to be taken.

What makes FAT so hard to eradicate?
Fat has so many uses in the body. Infact, without the normal body fat, the body might suffer different complication.

Before I let you into the reason fat is hard to lose, let me share their functions with you.

Some of the functions of fat in the body are;

1. They are heat absorbers. They are located around most organs like kidney, heart etc because their work produces heat and something needs to be done to absorb it

2. They store up in the body and get converted to energy and nutrients when the body is not well nourished . This is why people lose weight when fasting or are in places where there is no food or water. Their body fats gets converted to nutrients that helps to nourish the body

3. They underline the skin where they help maintain regular body temperature.

Let's stop here... Read more yourself.

Fat is hard to eradicate because unlike salt and other substance that can be expelled by urination, sweating, crying etc, they have no OUTLET. They have to be burnt and incoming source of fat has to be lowered or cut off.
According to science, human store most of their fat in their buttocks, breast and stomach.

Now let's go to the reason we are here; 

HOW TO BURN OUT FAT WITHOUT TOO MUCH EXERCISENote: These are not for people who doesn't want to put in the work and discipline it takes. If you are one, please stop reading!
Also, it took you several months or years to gain up the weight so don't expect a one week solution. It takes a process of diligently coming down over a period of time and these have no side effects on the body.

Measures to take to lose fat without or with less exercise

1. Water Therapy:  Click on this Water therapy
to know more on how to but to summarise;

*Wake up in the morning and drink as much water as you can

* Wait for an hour before you eat. (That's it majorly)

Functions Of Water Therapy

From experience, it will kill your strong urge for food, junks and sugary foods. You eat less.

Since it has been researched that the major cause of obesity is food, taking water will cut down the amount of food you take and still make you feel filled (Not hungry).

Even if your work calls for it, always find a time to move around and expend energy.

 Make sure you take any opportunity to walk around. Make sure you sweat in a day. 

Yes! You can call it exercise but it is light exercise. Make sure you are not seated in a place all day.

Don't be lazy. Engage in skipping when less busy, go on a walk and meditate, intentionally, clean your house, wash your car.

Do something that get your blood moving fast. Engage your self in judo classes, dancing class, community service or any sport you love just for the fun of it.

 As you are doing this and enjoying it, you are burning off fat. Just REFUSE TO BE SEDENTARY!!!!!


If you are so into fried foods, you can try using non-cholesterol oils however if you can, dump foods with high cholesterol. Remember, we are on a journey and determination helps you do this.

CHOLESTEROL (A short summary)

Cholesterol is a fatty substance made by the body to produce some hormones and maybe vitamins.

It's very essential in the body However, too much of it will for plaques around artery wall thereby shortening the space blood is passing.

 Blood realising this will want to force itself through thereby causing heart related problems like artherosclerosis.

So eat good oils (Non-cholesterols) or do Grills!


I wrote extensively on this and you can check by clicking here... Fruits and vegetables

They are rich in fibres, anti oxidants and vitamins that not only balances your food intake and enhances digestion but also prevents the build up of sugar in your body which will eventually be converted to fat if not used.


Probably they have told you but you feel they are exaggerating or you are procastinating about stopping or reducing it, let me inform you; Sugar is at the core of obesity.

Sugar through a process called Lipogenesis is turned to fat and stored or used in the body. The whole shady deal occurs in the liver when it metabolises fructose or sucrose into fat.

Sugar will not be left unused in the body; so when there is excess of it, it get converted to fat and get stored in the body.

Now, sugar doesn't only causes obesity, sugar also causes diabetes and high blood pressure. Not stopping there, this same sugar also affect your Sterility as a man. TOO MUCH SUGAR IS BAD!!!

*Cut the sodas

* Cut the diary products with lots of sugar

* Cut alcohol (beer); contains sugar too. Alcohol (spirit) weakens your kidney.

* Cut raw sugar intake. Sweet things are cool but not worth my life.


It has been written like a program in the body that any unused food digested as glucose (which is supposed to provide energy for the body) should be converted to fat. So;

* Eat small to fill your stomach and don't over eat

* Make sure you feel hungry before you eat. Your body must digest the previous food and demand for another before you give. Stop stuffing your stomach and eventually, your body with unused glucose. It will be stored as fat.


This might seem strange to you but I will explain. Except your cause of obesity is DNA related or others that needs medical expertise, this works most times.

Self psych evaluation is self motivation to become a better you. Sometimes you need the help of a loved one to achieve this. 

1. You speak out what you want.

2. You develop control over your MOUTH. It can be extremely difficult. You might cry many times when the urge comes extremely strong on you but for the joy of the result, you must stand your ground. If what is killing is what you use YOUR HAND to put into YOUR MOUTH, then it can be controlled.

 You own your body, your body doesn't own you. Command it to do your biddings because if you don't, your body and lack of self control is KILLING YOU AND YOU MIGHT DIE. SO TECHNICALLY, ITS A WAR AGAINST YOURSELF.



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   "Note that purchase through this blog will help serve you better and grow us at no additional cost to you"

This is a special piece because it is directed to people who doesn't like to be in kitchen or spend any extra second in the kitchen.

Their passion is in other hobbies but they do have to eat and unfortunately, it's not all the time you have an helper, girlfriend or even wife around.

So for these special people, I have collated dishes you can prepare so fast you won't need to spend any extra seconds in the kitchen.

1. Fried Chicken, Chips and Plantain

This is one of the easiest dishes anybody can call cook. The only pre-requisite is to have a deep fryer. If you don't, get a frying pan and groundnut oil for the purpose.


 If you don't want to go through the process of cutting yam or potatoes, there are already processed and packaged ones you can get. Mix with salt and dump inside deep fryer.

As a man that loves a quick meal, it's advisable to have frozen chicken laps you can easily season up and fry or frozen fried ones you can put inside the microwave to defrost.

2. PLANTAIN: Not everyone eat fried plantain however, it can serve as a side dish and main dish.

 Make sure you purchase a ripe plantain so you won't have to bother salting it again. Dice and fry and your dish is completed to be eaten alone with stew and protein


This ranges from cornflakes to different brands of corn and wheat products for example cornflakes, golden morn etc with milk.


 While in see part of the world, soups are considered as dips for different foods, it is considered as main dishes in some other parts.
Also, not all are easy to prepare but some are very quick to prepare. Try preparing a quick one or order online.


This is one of the easiest food to prepare. Break, stir, add your salt and pepper and fry in little oil and your fried eggs are ready for any food you want to pair it with either bread, yam or rice etc

If you would love make a simple scrambled eggs, click here and you will see a very short recipe of how you can prepare it under 3 minutea


Hey! This is super easy; when coming from the office, Get different fruits for example; pineapple, water melon and apple already cut. (Or you can do it yourself) add one banana or youghurt and blend all. (Remove the seeds).

You can get more recipe on how to prepare Chapman and pinacolada on this blog too.

Pour in a cup and chill with your purchased chips, Burger or pizza


Nobody says no to this and it's very easy to prepare. If you don't want to buy the already prepared pancake mixture you will only mix with water.

Mix flour with water, milk, sugar and add one  whisked egg.

Mix all together.

Get your nonstick frying pan on low heat, put a little oil and pour out your mix. That all.. Wait for it to firm under and flip over.

You can also use a waffle machine or pancake making machine.  Just mix all ingredients and  pour I side the machine and it's done.

Serve with syrups, honey, chocolate or ice cream


This also is not a big deal: Boil your water but before hand, you dissolve your Custard.

 Pour in your boiling water and stop when it thickens up. Serve with milk and sugar.

As you can see, life is not supposed to be hard with a right quick fix breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cooking is not hard!
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   "Note that purchase through this blog will help serve you better and grow us at NO additional cost to you"

I'm very happy I could write about this soup because it's one of my favorite soup.

I know how to prepare the soup alright but I made a promise to myself I'm not going to prepare this soup until a native where the soup originates from prepares it in my presence.

I wanted to compare my Technique to the original way it's being prepared.

So my Friend and Chef from Akwa-ibom came for a visit and we decided to prepare the soup.

After watching her prepare it, I realised there is almost no difference in my recipe and hers and thus, decided to write.

Edikang Ikong

 It is said to originate from the Efik- Ibibio (South-east) of Nigeria which consists of the Calabar and Akwa-ibomite.

It is a very rich vegetable soup which can be very expensive to prepare if you decide to prepare it in all of its glory. The preparation entails two different distinct vegetables.



* Water Leaves (3 cups)

* Ugwu leaves (4 cups)

* Crayfish (1 cup)

* Beef 300g

* Stock Fish (1 medium size)

* Dried Fish (1)

* Cow Skin (1 big size cut)

* Scotch bonnet

* Palmoil (2 big spoonful)

* Seasoning cubes

* Salt


These are the following preps you do before you start that makes your cooking faster;

1. Cut both pumpkin leaves and water leaves either by yourself or in the market (* Wash your pumpkin leaves early so it can be well dried before you pour in your soup)

2. Chop or grate your scotch bonnets and crayfish and set aside

3. Clean and break your dried fish. Wash your stockfish with salt and rinse.

That done? Good; Let's start!


* Wash your beef, cowskin and your fishes and season with seasoning cubes, little scotch bonnet and salt. Cut some onions into it too.

* Add little water (so we could have some beef stock) and boil for about 15mins until the meat are tender.

* Then after the meat are soft, the water leaves which is already washed and sieved to remove the water content is poured on it

*Reduce the heat here and let it simmer for 5 mins. This will release more water into the mixture as it boils.

* Pour in your Ugwu (pumpkin leaves) ,the grated or chopped pepper and crayfish; then your palmoil follows ensuite.

* Stir and add more seasoning cubes and salt ( This might not be needed if at the earlier stage, you seasoned it well).

Cover and leave for extra 10minutes and your Edikaikong is done

This soup can be merged with almost any type of food from rice to traditional dishes like pounded yam, starch, FUFU etc

I hope you give this lovely soup a trial and let me know the outcome. Your questions would be answered apply and I hope you get it right.
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