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Fitzroy Gordon with Stephen Harper & Portia Simpson

In death, we are smitten with immediate empathy

We instinctively cherish life so much, the petty fuckery that was so important becomes mute in the face of the loving things that are remembered

Flow 93.5FM came about and Denam Jolly, Farley Flex, Mark & Jem, The Juiceman happened and we saw peers rise

Within a short time we became disgruntled with “our” own urban station that really didn’t seem to cater to the community quite the way that they said that they would

We all got a crash course in the great expense it took to run a radio station and what actually paid the bills, and it wasn’t locally produced music

Times moved on and Fitzroy Gordon spearheaded G98.7FM

“We” seemed to have a greater input with this station.  This was more “us” than the predecessor Flow

Fitzroy seemed more like one a wi

As per usual the various criticisms came at the station and Fitzroy as we tend to do

Once upon a time, Fitzroy Gordon called me.  Called me mi seh

He wished to do a show about the beliefs of RasTafari, being a devout Christian, with a very Christian listenership, to PROVE whether Haile Selassie I was / is God

Both Fitzroy and I knew that I was not the person for that job...lol

I have neither the wisdom, teaching nor temperament for a radio debate of such contention

I put him in touch with Naphtali Paul Edman and we were treated to a very spirited, respectful, sometimes very heated debate that Sunday.  I know Fitzroy wasn’t on “my side” he was still very respectful in his questioning and responses

{I would recommend listening to that show once again}

I do not believe Naphtali made Fitzroy a believer

I felt grateful

I was grateful to Fitzroy Gordon for putting a topic of RasTafari to the mainstream airwaves in a serious debate with a wizened elder like Naptali.  In my humble opinion, the debate elevated the Toronto RasTafari community.  I felt grateful

I am grateful to Fitzroy Gordon for that moment to I n I livity

Some months later, a likkle sistrin Chantie harassed me to help out Davey Rochester’s situation and his family

This time, I called Fitzroy Gordon

The following week he brought Davey’s wife Krista and her loving friend Laine to the station and made a plea to the community to create drives for swabbing and bone marrow matches to save Davey’s life

Fitzroy did not hesitate to use his position in the community to instantly fight for Davey

In his death I feel this most

Bless up Mr. G, as usual we don’t know what we have till it is gone yet with the footage and photos coming out, it seems a ‘few’ more are on to this secret, Fitzroy Gordon
A proud Jamaican
A good man to me and mine
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Your God tied us with chains
Our God comfort us in pain
Your God held us as slaves
Our God broke the chains
Now war of brains

~ Words by Lenn Hammond

I was grateful to read those words this very morning

A simple glance at worldwide circumstances confirms the abuses of “colonialism” destroying the human spirit which was pushed through their God

Those abuses continue today as is boldly evident in the US, everyday in the news

This is no mystery

Burning of Nike products because a black athlete pointed clearly to police brutality

They made it about a flag, an anthem and patriotism

Just avoid the topic at hand

Police brutality
“Our God comfort us in pain”

I can’t speak for Lenn on this one yet my personal story is that Haile Selassie I, released the mental and spiritual chains on millions globally

It could mean that atheist, Allah, Buddha, Christian, spiritualists, agnostics or sun worshipers recognized that using the Lord’s name while you commit crimes is devious and deceitful, hence we can’t use the God that you killing us with

Our God cyaa work wid yours
“Your God held us as slaves”


We still doing a slave thing today

It still a gwaan with everyone, especially the “woke” one dem

Calm down

If you so “woke” you know what to do

Talking and screaming at the top of your voice who is to blame or racism or political correctness or AI {Artificial Intelligence}, veganism, voting, government cutting student loans, expensive real estate Toronto are all distractions and while you get upset by any or all and more, we can go on a march or hold hands or peace protest something else but the truth is, “woke” ones are either doing it or they are not

They are not speaking about it

They are doing it

Changing it

“Our God broke the chains”


“Now war of brains”

“War” implies violence so that excites them

They are adept at violence

Best distraction ever


Keep the abused scared

It is how they “win” every time

They still trying to scare educated humans that The Black Panther, Move, Watts, The Congo, blah, blah blah

The “brains” is the movement{s} needed for upliftment of the human family

It forces you to think for yourself

That is where we challenge our own lies
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Feel Reggae 23rd February, 2019 ~ Review

Carl Harvey on guitar alongside Jason Wilson on keys, with Michael Shapinko on bass

Carl Harvery, a guitar virtuoso, on tour with Toots Hibbert now for over 40 years.  He has played on songs and albums with Jackie Mittoo, the legendary Skattalites who was a keyboard wizard

Warning:  Carl Harvey’s playing can give goose bumps

Jason Wilson, plays a LOT like Jackie.  This past weekend, it was clear to me of Jackie’s influence on Jason Wilson.  Dr. John Jason Wilson, thank you for this week’s presentation{s} and song choices

They did something that is the essence of Feel Reggae, which is to speak of the different eras, charting the progression of the music where quadrille, mento, ska, rocksteady and reggae are discussed, then played

Education and entertainment

Like a reggae school

We discuss the eras and the political climate of when the music was produced

When the music changed and why



Both Carl and Dr. Jason Wilson, a professor at Guelph University, are learned scholars yet have lived the life of music ie; jazz, funk, folk, classical and all forms of reggae for most of their existence{s}

They played with many of the originals and still do today

Experience and great talent

Our goal is to bring the fans to the players of instruments and pay them for said talent

The “system” isn’t set up to pay artists at any time, especially the reggae crew

Next Feel Reggae Seminar, Saturday, 23rd March,2019
Feel Reggae ~ Intro ~ Rastacasta Story Jackie Mittoo stories ~ Carl Harvey / Jason Wilson - YouTube
Drum Song by Jackie Mittoo
Feel Reggae ~ Carl Harvey / Jason Wilson ~ Drum Song ~ Reminiscing about Jackie Mittoo - YouTube
Israelites ~ Desmond Dekker cover
Feel Reggae ~ Carl Harvey / Jason Wilson ~ Israelites story and performance - YouTube
Satta Masagana ~ Abyssinians cover  ~ Carl goes in on guitar...wait for it...
Feel Reggae ~ Carl Harvey / Jason Wilson~ Satta Massagana - YouTube
Willi Williams ~ Armageddon Time ~ A history about the punk movement and The Clash covering this tune
Feel Reggae ~ Carl Harvey / Jason Wilson ~ Willi Williams Tribute - YouTube
Keele Street ~ Jason Wilson original ~ Reggae / jazz
Feel Reggae ~ Carl Harvey / Jason Wilson ~ Keele Street - YouTube
A few images on the day
I have and will continue to bring this energy for as long as the strength stays within me

I could also use whatever aid ones wish to provide, so if you appreciate the talent on display here, the time it took for the film and uploading, please donate to the cause

At some point we would love to produce a documentary from the footage accumulated over the past couple of years and present this to the world; a unique look at reggae Canada through the eyes of CRW

Etransfer:  canadianreggaeworld@gmail.com
Paypal:  Julion King
Next Feel Reggae Seminar, Saturday, 23rd March,2019
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This a dream match up

These are two musicians on the planet who shared musical experience{s} with the musical guru Jackie Mittoo

 Come listen to how that story went for both

Carl Harvey has been on tour with Toots Hibbert aka Toots and the Maytals for over forty years now, brother to Rupert Harvey of Messenjah, where Carl has produced a few of their albums as well as played live at times with the band and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience

Dr. John Jason Wilson, a professor at Guelph University and a musical veteran in this city `trained` with Jackie Mittoo from about the age of fifteen years old and has produced albums and gigging for over forty years himself

These two have wanted to work a Feel Reggae Seminar together since I mentioned it to them

There will be a few mentions of Jackie as well as all kinds of talk of jazz, funk ska, rocksteady and reggae

I am eternally grateful for this opportunity to have two people on the planet who can speak from actual experience cause there were there when it was done

There is a change of time for this event to 7:00pm – 9:00pm

There will be several performances

JuLion soup a mek
One of the reasons I love Jason Wilson is his ability to go back DEEP into the history of reggae and touch a Skattalites track, aided by Sunray Grennan on drums and Michael on bass
Feel Reggae ~ Confucius ~ Skatalites Original ~ Jason Wilson cover - YouTube
 Here is Toots with Carl and the rest of the band on the Jimmy Fallon Show last year
Toots and the Maytals: Funky Kingston - YouTube
Here is Carl at a Feel Reggae session throwing down a version of Jimi Hendrick's, Voodoo Child
Feel Reggae ~ Carl Harvey ~ Voodoo Child ~ 24th November, 2018 - YouTube
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Grateful that a positive energy of RasTafari was able to shine in Toronto for a split second

Bob Marley performed in Toronto three times I think but I saw only two of them.  The last one at Maple Leaf Gardens

RasTaman lit up a hockey arena that night

Torontonians like me, still brag about that last concert in 79

They lit up the lights at Nathan Phillips Square red, gold and green

Ites up to Jason McLean of Torontoreggae.ca who requested it

Grateful for those who came by and by all those who shared and fulljoyed the process

It was Robert Nesta’s earthstrong yet I send a love to Peter and Bunny also as I know we all feel that

Garry Lowe passed last year and his RasTafari energy affected rock and roll in Toronto and Canada

It is always a blessing and a source of pride to see one of Haile Selassie I greatest warriors, when 38 years after his death, his energy and conviction as a spiritual warrior, has a major city like Toronto, shining the colors of RasTafari on his birthday

Those two examples plus many others show me what the love of RasTafari can accomplish

Big love to all who came out to the first ever time the powers of RasTafari was shone out to the world from Toronto, Canada

I am eternally grateful to those who showed and to all who still monitor and show pride in this energy

RasTafari blessings to the world family

A few visual memories of last evenings events including the after party at Remix Lounge - click on the pics to enlarge them
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Toronto Reggae YYZ, Jason McLean tweeted City Hall from November 2018 to present {weekly} to change the colors of the TORONTO sign, on the 6th February, Bob Marley’s earthstrong, to the colors of the Jamaican flag

When The Hall decided to agree with the change of color, they chose those of the red, gold and green of RasTafari, which was Jason’s first choice but he never believed that they would change it to that

They did


On the Wednesday, 6th February, 2019, the colors of RasTafari will be on the TORONTO sign, starting at dusk where the colors will stand out nicely against a dark sky to signify Bob Marley’s earthstrong and homage to Reggae as well as RasTafari

Ites up Jason McLean


We will be on hand to shoot pics of Toronto reggae lovers from 7:00pm – 8:00ish, {if it aint too cold}

We have also decided to resurrect The Lion’s Den for a night {an after party of sorts} with some of the amazing DJs / Selectas that have played through the years at the popular Monday night jam

Line up is African Star, Spicegad, Briggidier Kingsley, Xixgon and Friendlyness

Pure love

We will have a limited number of “coupons” for $10.00 off the cover charge of $20.00 to give away at the photo shoot

If you can’t make it for a coupon, bring a non-perishable food item for the Daily Bread Food Bank Parkdale and also will get you a $10.00 discount at the door

Location to be announced
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Coolest vibe is look through the historical lenses, I met the Dub Chronicles when they were playing with a much bigger band {totally forgot that we all hooked up at The Cage years ago}

Always rootical conscious, the different variations of bands, no matter the size, played good roots, conscious reggae music and a blessing to watch them morph into what seems to be their first love, "dub"

Many conversations, trial and error, many performances since and now they come to a Feel Reggae Seminar, to perform and play their music, answer a few questions on the history of dub and will do some jamming with Canadian veteran Carol Brown, the lyrically sweet Nkrumah and the soulful stylings of Tréson

​Honored to work with this crew
Always blessed to have photo evidence of time served together along this reggae journey
Not sure what year but this is at least 4 - 5 years ago
Christopher Charles & The Chronicles, "Feel Reggae" @ DenDay... - YouTube
The Chronicles Dub Trio at the time performing with Nkrumah
Incarcaration ~ Nkrumah ~ Chronicles Dub Trio ~ Cadillac 4th June 2015 - YouTube
Tréson here performing with The Human Rights
The Human Rights ~ Warrior ~ Soul Rebel ~ 6th June 2015 ~ Lee's Palace - YouTube
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Reggae a Toronto / Canada as I see it

Everybody want freeness

The fans, the artists, the promoters... all want reggae for free

Fans don't want to pay cover

Artists want free promotion

Promoters want artists to perform for little and nothing and don't want to shell out for promotion

I get it

The die has been cast

Reggae is a less valued commodity in the eyes of the community that buys it

It is so because we practitioners have no respect for the true value of the music, the art and the culture

We have accepted the limited value babylon puts on reggae

There is an old adage that poor people don't know how to ask for money {in my case it has been true for a long time}

But now, not so much

I love reggae and reggae culture... obviously

I try my best to pay those that work for me and I won't work for free for those stuck in an archaic culture of expecting freeness

We should actually create commerce among ourselves

1.  If I have a show, there is no guest list.  Every artist MUST put something in the pot.  When I come to your shows, I pay cover, even when I am on the guest list

2.  All artists and 'friends' must pay cover at ALL artist's shows


Support your artist friend's talent and pay them for said talent

3.  There is a pricing guide on CRW.  Don't send me a flyer without payment

CRW receives 300 - 600 hits per day on average

You decide if that works for your event

4.  Think consciously of how to raise the fiscal rewards to those within our own communities

Those thoughts will lead you to purchase the talent that you came to see / listen to

For too long freeness a run tings

Not I

I n I am not reliving slave mentality

I respect the value of the talent and the culture around me and will charge or pay accordingly

I n I know the value of what reggae provides

I implore conscious fans to protect the integrity of the art



Pricing 2019

$25.00 to post flyer for the week... $100.00 for the month {2,3,4,5 week months}

Etransfer, PayPal...  Payment confirmed prior to posting
Etransfers:  canadianreggaeworld@gmail.com
PayPal:  reggaelaneking@gmail.com

All contributions go toward the continued movement of reggae music as a positive force for our human family

For use of social media package $200.00 - $300.00 / month

Zero advertising without payment in advance / prior to posting

Flyers with scantily clad women are discouraged

"The strongest foundation of our independence is the development of Our economic resources" H.I.M. Haile Selassie I
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​Hurt my heart to see a quote, "because it is black girls, no one cares"

Surviving R Kelly

A talented pedofile

The statement is true

Black girls / women believe this as a truth

It is true

The abuse to black women is real

It is also true for lots of girls... children

Some are having a difficult time separating the musical genius from the sick individual 

There are women today defending R Kelly, saying, "he's just a freak... my kind of freak"

Our system of abuse towards women have women defending abusers

I liked NUFF of his tunes too and if they come on at a jam I'm at, before I catch myself, I start dancing

That is also a spiritually entity 


Hence the conflict with the morality for some

I Believe I Can Fly, for me is one of the greatest songs of hope in the history of song.  How can one not love the author?

I did

R Kelly is proven sexual predator of underaged girls

Yet the spotlight has been on him for a while and nothing has changed

EVERYONE heard, saw, gossiped, rumors of his exploits with teenage girls for years yet he sold millions of records on hundreds charts

Predation is rampant in black and white homes


Don't get caught up in media hype about a high profile sexual predator and lose sight of the predators sitting next to our children at all family gatherings 

No one cares if it is any girl

Men don't care

It's a man's world

Some fulljoy the power the construct gives us so we turn our heads when it happens to our daughters and sisters

We will maintain this masculine power at all costs

I have written about this in the past yet I will do so once again

Some of these bible toting clowns blame Eve {women} of original sin saying that Eve being tempted to sin was the easier target hence she is weaker, so she must be dominated for her own good


Bible cowards 

When you all go to church next Sunday, ask the pastor boy why Adam was such a coward and didn't tell Eve to put down the apple or whatever metaphor, tree of knowledge, serpent, satan, whatever...

Ask why the benevolent religion has excluded women as pastors, preachers for centuries

Coward ideology

Adam was a coward as are the law makers today

Adam takes no blame for his part in the "first sin"

Coward ideology

I don't want to be ruled by cowards

It weakens our children

We need Lions to rise

The cowards are killing the race 

Many cowards run the planet

Men cowards

Bill Cosby, R Kelly, Harvey Weinstein and millions of men in our own families


What are we doing for the victims globally?

Who's identifying the pedofile{s} within the family and protecting the children from them?

What are we doing today to protect our daughters?

Lions / men need to step up 

There must be balance of the masculine and the feminine within each individual.  We need the correct amount of interaction from both for humans to be whole

We NEED masculine and feminine in balance and a coward cannot teach this

Man have to stand up to the abusive system weakening humanity



Recognized the mind fuck of these images to the psyche of humans for centuries now
If you apprecilove what we do, write, say feel free to donate

Etransfers:  canadianreggaeworld@gmail.com
PayPal:  reggaelaneking@gmail.com

All contributions go toward the continued movement of reggae music as a positive force for our human family
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As we grow and gain momentum I am focused on not only earning for I self, but to also to generate income for others

Clearly, it has been too long that we have allowed a white supremacist culture to stifle brilliant talent within the black community and stunt our ability{s} to earn 

It is incredible the numbers of globally respected and known artists that have contributed to world music, having these racist roadblocks before us, curbing the earning power of artists in the so called "urban" genre

Michie Mee is a globally respected musical icon that took some of her valuable time to come and "Feel Reggae"...  Fingazz, Laza and Peter played for her

We talked history, present and future

Her performances displayed clearly that soulful, reggae, R&B, hip hop talent that still has no peer

She is still supremely gifted

I and the room full of fans were treated to conversation on the realness of the industry, ups and downs, triumphs, failures, heartbreak culminated into indelible memories

We all felt proud and honored to have shared a couple of hours with her

In this first video, Michie speaks on getting signed at 14 years old, in the music business and her many experiences along the way
Feel Reggae ~ Michie Mee ~ Giving Knowledge ~ 22nd December, 2018 - YouTube
I have gratefully been around the music from the jump as a child growing in Jamaica, to having my own children and growing them in music in the home.  My oldest two, Alyssa and Dillan grew up on NUFF music including Michie Mee and stars aligned to bring them together at this event.  Dillan aka Dillan Ponders is able to speak with a mentor that he is familiar with

My pride in this moment "feels" nice
Feel Reggae ~ Michie Mee response to Dillan Ponders ~ 22nd December, 2018 - YouTube
Louis March of Zero Gun Violence Movement asking Michie about the meaning of "Resilience" and the need for that in the business and daily life... "Some know the definition yet do not ovastand the meaning"
Feel Reggae ~ Michie Mee ~ Response to Louis March ~ 22nd December, 2018 - YouTube
First performance of the night was "Don't Want To Be Your Slave"
Feel Reggae ~ Michie Mee ~ Don't Want to be Your Slave ~ 22nd December, 2018 - YouTube
This one is called "No Man" from her current works
Feel Reggae ~ Michie Mee ~ No Man ~ 22nd December - YouTube
This first one of a Smokeshop riddim, "Bad Gyal Revenge" I believe that it is called is Michie's versatility on full display... charisma and charm in full effect as well
Feel Reggae ~ Michie Mee ~ Smokeshop Riddim 1 ~ 22nd January, 2018 - YouTube
This one a tribute women in reggae on se stalag riddim...crucial dancehall flow.... a guy fe know
Feel Reggae ~ Michie Mee ~ Smokeshop Riddim 2 ~ 22nd December, 2018 - YouTube
Click on the pics below to enlarge them

​Still moments tell their own stories of some of the "feeling" in the room when we do these events
If any of this resonates with you and you apprecilove seeing Michie Mee, you apprecilove the “Feel Reggae” energy, the apprecilove the performance{s}, the knowledge, feel free to donate as we build a stronger platform for future events

It is no secret that “urban music” as these bigots label it has no bearing in their estimation hence has no future in their minds

Dem cyaa curb we

I ask you the fan base to aid where you can to provide a donation and to forward to other like minded soldiers

Etransfers:  canadianreggaeworld@gmail.com
PayPal:  reggaelaneking@gmail.com

All contributions go toward the continued movement of reggae music as a positive force for our human family
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