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We are all living in an imperfect world. Otherwise, you would lead a successful life, thriving in anything you try. In addition, you would have a well-sculpted body, owe no debt, and hit the jackpot whenever you play the lottery. Unfortunately, here in this imperfect world, we cannot be successful in everything we do. You can perform extraordinarily well in some things and flop in others. Even the most influential people in the world have flaws of their own. If you are a leader, you can find yourself living a very frustrating life, simply because you like to be good at everything you try. Worse still, you may think that for you to be successful, you must thrive in everything. The truth is that this is impossible. It is therefore important to embrace your flaws and transform them into strengths.

Here are some ways for you, as an effective leader, to can turn your weaknesses into strengths:

Recognizing and Admitting Your Weaknesses

There is no way your weaknesses can be transformed into strengths if you deny their existence. Even bodybuilders who struggle to achieve their fitness goals have to admit that they are imperfect. They have to come up with good training plans and schedule how to hit the gym and may consider using steroids from reliable vendors like steroids-evolution.com to complement their workouts. So, the first thing you need to do is acknowledge that you have some weaknesses and then identify them. You may be a team leader who does not like confronting your juniors. If this happens quite often, you can find yourself in a bad situation. Accepting that you have this flaw can be of great help, especially when it comes to decision making, as you have to factor it in before you decide anything.

Obtaining Guidance from Someone You Trust

Finding someone who you trust can sometimes be challenging. You may think that a person trusts you the way you trust them, only to find out that they are undermining you. To avoid being hurt or feeling betrayed, seek guidance from people close to you who have proven to be good friends. The important thing is to bring out what you have found to be your weakness and openly discuss how you can improve the situation. Seeking guidance can turn into a good solution, as these people may provide useful advice.

Being Prepared

If you thoroughly prepare for anything in advance, the chances for failure are minimal. The best way to handle your weaknesses is by preparing for them beforehand. If, for example, you do not have a good sense of direction, the GPS on your car, phone, or tablet can come in handy. Have it ready whenever you are going somewhere, as it can turn out to be an excellent guide. You can use the same technique when you are negotiating a contract that has differing terms. Reading in advance the details of both contracts can help you negotiate a better deal for your organization.


One of the greatest qualities of an effective leader is being able to turn your weaknesses into strengths. It is possible to do so by first accepting your flaws, then getting help from someone you can trust, and always taking time to prepare for potential problems.

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Today I start from basics of blogging, like what is a Blog, what is blogging and who is a blogger?

If we extend the word Blog then the full form is (A place on the Internet where we express our thoughts and we can also call it “Weblog”). Some internet users call it with different names like – A Digital Magazine, A Diary, Newscast, Collector’s meeting place, place to show your art, information sharing place, teaching hub, learning spot and if I have to call it in my words then it would be “A place where almost everything can happen by words.”

A regular blog merge with text, images, videos and links, and many more elements and the blog readers can post queries, comments and their thoughts as well as feedback’s about your posts and communicate with the author. The comments and discussions between the author and reader are proof of a successful blog.

In the blogging world, you will see the three words continuously:

Blog – An online journal.

Blogger – The person (Author) who owns and contributes to a blog.

Blogging – The action for creating the blog.

“A blog is a type of website that is usually arranged in chronological order from the most recent ‘post’ (or entry) at the top of the main page to the older entries towards the bottom”.

What is a Blog, What is Blogging and Who is Blogger?

What is Blog?

A Blog is a shortened form of “Weblog”, this word is used to narrate the all kind of websites which share any kind of information with different types of niche’s (Topic of Website) on the internet. It includes articles, videos, links, comments and many more.

  • Personal Blog: This is the place where someone who has some skills and he/she want to share their skills with others, then blogger use this place to show his/her skills. In a personal blog, you can share thoughts, poems, photography skills and you can review any product and sell it to your reader via affiliate marketing.
  • Business Blog: These kinds of blogs are developing to publish their products and services and used to enhance the public relation of a company. In the past time this type of blog is good for small companies but today all huge brands and multinational companies have using this type of blog to publish their activities, products launch, products information and many more.
  • Niche or Topical Blogs: This type of blogs useful for anyone because it will work with any particular interest. Niche blog could be about many topics like Education, sports, fashion, home interior, gardening, pest controls tips, pets, childcare, technology, cooking, how to’s and many more. If you have any kind of skill or talent then there is a blog waiting for you and then you can earn a good amount of money with your passion.
  • Media Blogs: This type of blogs depends on your content. For e.g., if you love to make videos and post on your blog as well as on YouTube then you’re a vlogger. If you are a photographer or you are a painter then your blog will be called as photoblog or art blog.
  • Insight Blogging: Insight blogging has some great topics like Sharing insights, Original ideas, commentary or trends on a particular topic.
  • Piggyback Blogging: In this kind of blogs blogger writes about a particular topic which is popular in the media and on meme website like Tailrank.
  • Life Blogging: In this type of blog, blogger sharing his or someone else real life story which will be inspiring for all readers. For e.g. TheLogicalIndian.
  • Link Blogging: In this, you should collect a huge series of links to websites, blogs, vlogs or any other online platform; here readers get all useful links at one place. (Note: This kind of blogs can get a huge amount of traffic but if you provide real and useful links.)
What is Blogging?

Each and every action is done by you for your blog is called blogging. In blogging you have to learn some skills like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Writing, Designing and some basic knowledge of coding languages like (HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT), I am not saying that you have to learn these coping skills for blogging but if you have basic knowledge of these languages then it will help you in your blogging career.

If you are damn serious about your blogging career then you have to learn some skills for a bright future in blogging and for becoming a top blogger and entrepreneur you have to be punctual and hard working.

Who is Blogger?

A person who handles and manages the blog is called a blogger. Blogger can share his/her skills, thoughts, stories and many more.

To become a blogger you have to start your own blog on any niche and write unique content or articles on your topic and start publishing it and make it visible to as many as users on Social Media.

To learn coding languages you can try some best options in the market where you can learn coding for free (W3Schools, Codecademy, Teamtreehouse)

Writing Skills:

You should be a good writer to write a unique and useful content for your readers but if you are not then don’t think that you can’t write well just be confident and improve yourself daily like me (Karan) and you can try some tips of mine which I follow for myself in daily life (Learn at least 5 unique words daily, Read English newspaper daily at least one hour, Be a Researcher about your niche and write at least one article daily). You should learn On-Page Optimization seriously because the search engines are the only one who will give you success.

Important Factor for Blogging:

You need to be a Social Media Marketer because, after search engines, the social media platforms are the second most important place to drive traffic to your blog.

Investment in Blogging Business:

Everyone knows that if you want to start a business then you need to invest money and in blogging career, you have two choices whether you want a free place to show your skills or you want a place only for you. Alright, I suggest that if you choose to blog as a career option and want to become an entrepreneur with your hard work then go to your own domain and hosting platform.

if you are doing this just for fun then you can try platforms like this WordPress.com and Blogger.com

Are you confused while choosing the best blogging platform? Frankly speaking, it’s really a tough choice. Today, there are a number of blogging platforms available and their features are more than sufficient to confuse someone so, how will come to know which one is best for you. Here, we have explained a complete guide to help you choose the right keyword research for beginners one for your blogging platforms.

Before moving on to the features, lets first find out what kind of platform you need

Being a beginner, you are expecting the platform to be simple and easy to set up. Most of us are also looking for something that doesn’t require any type of coding. You might also be having a dream design for your blog and thus here the blogging platform plays a vital role is backlinks submitter sites. Making a wrong choice will not only take you away from the dream design but you may also face a lot of difficulties in the future.

Let’s come to the features, pros, and cons of the top blogging platforms now.

#1. WordPress.org

No need to say that its one of the best and the most popular blogging platform WordPress SEO friendly. We have seen many people getting confused between the two wordpress.org and wordpress.com. The difference is that wordpress.org is an open source platform. You can build a website on your own. It’s a self-hosted service and this means that you will have to purchase hosting in order to host your website with free blogging platforms.


  • (i) WordPress lets you control and customize each and everything of your website
  • (ii) You can add as many extra features you want to buy just installing the plugins
  • (iii) you get a huge bunch of themes and plugins and thus you can get the look and functionality as per your requirement
  • (iv) This tool is completely SEO and search engine friendly


  • (i) You need a bit of learning before customizing your website
  • (ii) Managing the backups and security is completely manual

Price:- Its totally free and most of the plugins and themes of wordpress.org is also free. You just have to pay for the hosting.

#2. Wordpress.com

This is basically a blog hosting service which one can use free of cost. You can even configure your own custom domain name, storage, and other services.


  • (i) Predefined setup is provided
  • (ii) Easiest to manage


  • (i) you get very limited options and features
  • (ii) You can customize your website completely
  • (iii) Not good for long-running blogs
  • (iv) The blog is not owned by you and WordPress have the right to suspend your blog and account if you violate their terms of service

Price:- Basic account of WordPress is free but, you will see ads and other brandings all around the site. The basic plan is $2.99/month and you can remove the WordPress logo and advertising from the website.

#3. Blogger

This is yet another free blogging service offered by Google. Free best blogging platforms, You can easily set up your blog and even a non-techy guy also can start their blog with just some clicks.


  • (i) It’s free
  • (ii) Easy to use and manage and no need for any technical knowledge
  • (iii) You get awesome performance along with security and reliability


  • (i) Very limited basic blogging tools
  • (ii) very limited design options
  • (iii) Blogger is been updated in a very long interval
  • (iv) Google holds the right to suspend your blog if they found any breach of terms and conditions
  • (v) If the blog gets successful, it becomes really difficult to transfer the website to WordPress

Price:- It’s free.

#4. Joomla

This is yet another best blogging platforms which are similar to WordPress.org. if you are looking to build your website or blog on Joomla then you must have a good amount of coding skills. This is also a self-hosted system and you need to have a domain and hosting in order to use it.


  • (i) You can customize the blog as you want
  • (ii) It’s free
  • (iii) add or remove the features you want


  • (i) Joomla community is a lot smaller than WordPress and thus you get limited themes and plugins
  • (ii) Support is really very limited
  • (iii) you will have to make backups, updates, and security of your own.

Price:- Joomla is 100% free, but you will have to spend money on domain and hosting.

#5. Magento

This is another alternative of wordpress.org and Joomla but needs to do all the hard work my own. This tool basically needs hardcore coding and thus you must be a coding expert if you want to use Magento.


  • (i) Websites built on Magento are highly customizable
  • (ii) Highly powerful and highly responsive tool


  • (i) Bad support from the community as the people in the community is low
  • (ii) Very limited themes and plugins

Price:- tool is 100% free, but you will have to pay for the domain and hosting. If you are not good, with coding, you will have to hire an expert and spend money.

#6. Wix.com

This is a hosted platform which one can use to build blogs or websites. This platform provides a very easy way to make blogs. The reason is that it provides drag and drop tools. If you want you can even add a blog to your website by Wix Blog app.


  • (i) easy customizations of a site using multiple templates and also using the third party addon.
  • (ii) easy drag and drop support, no need for any coding
  • (iii) quick and very easy setup


  • (i) Free account is very limited as you will see the Wix logo and ads
  • (ii) very limited free third-party apps
  • (iii) you cant change templates once you made a choice
  • (iv) you will have to pay in order to get E-commerce support.

Wix Prices:- Basic Web Builder is free but if you want to use a custom domain and remove ads then you will have to pay a minimum of $4.50/month.

#7. Weebly.com

This is yet another hosted platform that one can use. It has got drag and drop tools which makes developing the website very easy. They have got tons of themes which you can use in order to make your blog look awesome.


  • (i) Easy drag and drop web builder
  • (ii) the quick setup even a child a do
  • (iii) with the free plan, you can give the service a try


  • (i) Limited built-in features and you can’t add more features too
  • (ii) very limited configuration with a third-party platform
  • (iii) Exporting your Weebly site to other platform is very difficult.

Price:- Paid plans start from $8.00/month which have got very limited features but to get all the features, you can pay up to $49/month

#8. Squarespace

This is one of the services that allow people to create websites with their drag and drop web builder. It especially focuses on the small-scale people who want to make their presence over the internet.


  • (i) It’s simple and easy to use especially for beginners
  • (ii) It has got the best-designed templates
  • (iii) offers domain with HTTPs/SSL and also the e-commerce support


  • (i) It is limited to its own platform
  • (ii) Personal plat limits you to only 20 pages and 2 authors
  • (iii) You can integrate only some of the services

Price:- Personal plan started from $16/month, for the business plan you will have to pay $26/month

#9. Tumblr

This tool is a bit different from other platforms. This is considered as the microblogging platform which includes social media too which will help you in making your social media presence.


  • (i) It’s free and damn easy to use
  • (ii) it provides integrated social media
  • (iii) since it’s a microblogging tool, its quick to blog videos, images, gifs, etc


  • (i) it has got a very limited set of options which you can extend
  • (ii) Many themes are available but they cant provide additional features
  • (iii) importing or backing up the blog to another platform is very difficult.

Price:- It’s free to use, you can even configure your custom domain, there are many third-party apps available that you can use and configure easily.

Which one to choose?

Choosing the best is really difficult. But if you are looking for something that has everything in it then you must go for wordpress.org

“Since Blogger and WordPress.com don’t provide much features and you are bounded by many kinds of terms and conditions, we are keeping both of them on the rejected list. But, if you think that you need a very basic blog with very minimal functions and features, you can go for any of the two.”

Choosing the Best CMS

Now, let’s move on to choosing the best cms for blogging. When it comes to CMS, all can be considered as the best. But since we are looking for the best blogging platform for beginners, We are looking for features like easiness, multiple layouts, awesome support, good performance and as less coding is possible.

WordPress is one of the best CMS that is used worldwide. The reason being is it has got all the things that we require. The first and foremost thing is that it’s easy to use and one can easily set it up. Even if the user isn’t tech savvy, the WordPress hosting providers are nowadays using the one-click installations which made it really..

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When searching around for a web host, you’re likely to spot the word ‘cPanel’. The reason for this is simple: it’s the industry standard when it comes to Linux-based control panels. However, what is cPanel hosting, and why is it so popular?

A breakdown of cPanel hosting

In simple terms, the cPanel is a control panel for managing your website. This means it can be used for everything from creating email accounts to installing WordPress. Thanks to its user-friendly approach, cPanel is utilized by many Linux-based host providers.

What makes it used by so many? Well firstly, it has an easy to understand interface that even beginners can navigate with ease. Users are not hit in the face with intimidating code. They’re not searching around and struggling to find a certain feature. cPanel presents everything in an uncomplicated, clean fashion.

Efficiency levels are further boosted due to the tools supplied by cPanel. It’s already been touched upon that you can create email accounts, but you can also arrange other mail-related aspects such as autoresponders and mailing lists. For easily managing and uploading files on your website, you can set up FTP hosting via cPanel. Plus thanks to compatible software options such as Softaculous, you have the ability to one-click install a wide range of applications to improve your site further. Keep in mind: that’s just scratching the surface with regards to cPanel features.

While a number of benefits have been mentioned above, let’s take a close look at the positives – and negatives –of cPanel hosting.

cPanel hosting: the positives

Easy to learn and use: The accessibility of cPanel is what makes it such an enticing option for both users and host providers. The former love using the software because it makes managing their hosting extremely easy, and they don’t need to possess any website technical know-how. The latter love using the software as it makes their job easier. The more comfortable their clients are using cPanel, the less they’ll be needed to step in and deliver assistance.

Helps save time and money: As an extension of the previous aspect, another cPanel advantage is the amount of time and money it saves overall. The simplicity behind the control panel means you don’t have to spend extensive time learning about certain functions and features. Along with money being saved due to fewer hours needing to be dedicated to cPanel hosting, fewer resources – aka hiring website host specialists – are also required as a result.

Tried, tested and plenty of support available: cPanel would not be the industry standard if it wasn’t a battle-tested bit of kit. Due to being so prevalent and available for over 20 years, many users have tried cPanel, supplied constructive feedback, and ultimately helped shape the platform into what it is today. All of this also brings another advantage: plenty of support. As it has so many people that adopt the platform, it’s only natural there’s an extensive selection of tutorials and support freely available online. This means you will rarely become stuck on an issue when using cPanel.

cPanel hosting: the Negatives

It can be overwhelming at first: Despite every measure being taken to have a clean and easy-to-use platform, newcomers can be overwhelmed when using cPanel. After all, it does contain many tools – which are a major benefit in general – yet a large number of features can leave people wondering where to start.

Mistakes can be made: No, not by selecting cPanel. However, it isn’t too difficult to end up in a certain section of the control panel, and then accidentally alter something. If this happens, it could result in changing some important settings, and you might require help from the hosting provider to get it fixed.

You’re not getting it for free: Unless you’re using a free hosting provider – and this isn’t recommended for a multitude of reasons – you will typically pay for the privilege to use cPanel. Thankfully, you won’t be spending too much. You can get high-quality cPanel hosts for just a few bucks a month.

Additional Reading:- 

The post What is cPanel Hosting? A Complete Guide to cPanel for Beginners appeared first on BlogDada.

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Many people assume that blogs are best-suited for bloggers who want to share their personal stories or for entertainment purposes. While there are estimated hundreds of millions of active blogs online, of various topics, a blog can benefit your business.

Whether you’ve been trying to decide if a blog is right for your business or if you are looking for some new ways to increase your business, check out some of the benefits of a business blog.

1. Attracting Potential Clients

Whether your business is a specialty boutique or a startup that provides specific services to your community, a blog is another great way to attract potential clients. Even if you use social media to promote yourself, your posts need to be short and to the point to get noticed.

When you add a blog to your business site or link it to your social media profiles, you have a great opportunity to connect with your target audience. A blog allows you to explain what you do, who you are, and the services you offer without “selling” yourself to potential clients.

East Rutherford attorneys blog regularly and notice an increase in consultation requests after a prospective client reads their blog. Since legal issues can often be difficult to understand, the firm uses a blog to explain and clarify legal issues, so that potential clients gain a better understanding of the type of legal help they need.

2. Create Relationships with Your Customers

Regardless of what type of business you have, your blog can help you establish and maintain relationships with prospective, past, and current customers. Since a blog can also help you become an expert in your industry, customers are more likely to leave comments or ask questions after reading a blog post.

If you respond quickly and frequently to the comments (whether negative or positive), you can help create and improve relationships with your customers. Not only are you setting yourself apart from other businesses similar to yours, but your customers are more likely to see your business as a “real” business run by real people.

3. Address Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ sections are popular and are undoubtedly a helpful feature of any business’ website, but they can often be a little boring or lacking in-depth information. A blog is a great way to engage with your customers and answer frequently asked questions in a more unique and in-depth way.

4. Boost Traffic to Your Site

Even if your business is part of a brick and mortar establishment, you benefit from having a company website. An excellent way to increase traffic to your business site and boost search engine optimization is to have a blog. By creating new content regularly, with your blog posts, you’re adding new content you’re constantly improving your online presence.

Keep in mind that it may take a short period to see an increase, and you need to create new content consistently, but it ends up benefiting your business.

5. Blogging can Boost Creativity and Excitement About Your Business

As a business owner, you’re likely to have moments where you feel like you’ve run out of ideas or even feel a little stagnant. Nearly every business experiences this frustrating moment and blogging may help you get out of your “funk.”

Writing about your business’ mission or the things you are passionate about in your business can breathe life into your business and even remind you why you are doing what you love.

Additional Reading:-

The post 5 Ways A Blog Benefits Can Benefit Your Business appeared first on BlogDada.

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Today, investing in internet business shouldn’t be called into question. In order to secure the future and the survival on the market, every company that cares about good business results must work on the web presentation.

Today, when most people use the Internet in their everyday life, companies must be able to take advantage of it to present and promote themselves, their products and services, etc. A well-designed website can build trust and credibility, which “activates” people to become potential clients and customers.

However, internet users have different requirements. Some of them will only look at whether the website is eye-appealing, not thinking about the ease of its use. Others will usually be interested in what kind of information it delivers, ignoring the design. The third group, for example, won’t care about whether the site is attractive or not as long as they can use it easily and quickly.

None of the mentioned items should prevail, but company owners and designers should pay attention to how to combine them in the best way.

What Is a Must-Have in Web Design

Although many think that good design means that the website looks attractive, there are many other things web designers should think about. Yes, the web presentation should look engaging, but its design must be functional and fulfill its purpose. Why the appearance of the website matters, check here.

Then, agencies or individual experts engaged in the creation or “upgrading” web site need to consider how the site navigation will work. They have to provide users with the availability of required information. Today, average Internet users won’t bother going through numerous pages, categories, subcategories, and so on. If something is hard to find, they’ll just give up on that.

Attractive Design as a First Impression

In the world of online business, companies have only one chance to leave a great first impression on potential clients. Among all content that is placed on the Internet every day, the odds that an average user will take a closer look to your website are minimal, unless you have something unique to offer them.

Companies shouldn’t neglect the importance of good looking design, because this is what the Internet audience first sees. Emotions can play a significant role in user experience when visiting some random website. Those with appealing visual design and the use of modern technologies benefits will have more satisfied visitors who will later mark the website as reliable and easy to use.

The aesthetically acceptable solution of your website will show the audience that you believe in your company and your business. If your web presentation stands out among the competition, most users will likely return to you as potential clients or buyers.

Don’t Forget SEO Requirements

The content of your site is essential; it’s a way to represent your brand and company, but also to communicate with Internet users. This doesn’t mean that each sentence should point out how your product is best on the market or how your services are unique. In agreement with SEO experts, find a solution on how to send these messages to visitors in a subtle way.

Also, when there is too much text on the page, it becomes overloaded and difficult to read. As we have already said, Internet users have become lazy, and every additional effort makes them lose their will for further reading. Proper text editing involves well-planned input of the text, audio-visual content and blank spaces that will allow the visitor to rest of reading.

More useful guidelines on how to optimize a website find on this page: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/231235.

Navigation Is of Great Importance

Website navigation can mean either a score or a complete failure, especially in those with many pages. It usually contains a navigation bar, a list of tags, categories that split the pages of the website and external and internal links. Good navigation should be noticeable, easy to understand and manage, which will improve the user experience.

Sometimes designers exaggerate with details, making the site complicated. Experts from http://profitsurgeseo.com/kuwait point out that the main rule is to make navigation as simple as possible so that all groups of Internet users can handle the website without any problems.

Two-Way Communication

When you establish a “committed” connection with your users, they’ll get back to you. Potential clients should be aware that you appreciate their suggestions and observe their wishes. A website designed for two-way communication can serve as a way to find out what exactly your clients need.

By strengthening communication with potential clients, you can implement everything they consider positive. As you make your site friendlier to users, you will notice how the traffic on your site increases, so as the number of satisfied customers.

Once you get the attention of internet users, you have to find a way to keep it. The company owners should consider all mentioned requirements and combine in a winning combination. The great, functional and user-friendly design will satisfy potential customers and convince them to become your clients.

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Canadian web hosting companies are among the best in the world. They offer services that enable businesses and individuals to run successful websites all over the world for a great price. Nonetheless, these web hosting companies are not the same. In fact, by digging deeper into individual companies, you will realize that they are very different and that they outshine each other on different fronts. That’s where reviews come into play. Reviews give perspective, on which hosting companies are best for your needs. To help you better understand this, here are 4 reasons to read Canadian web hosting reviews.

   1. They give you an idea of the prevailing hosting prices

When seeking a web hosting service, you need one that gives you top quality service, and at an affordable price. That’s where reviews come into play. A review like the blogging Buddha, for instance, allows you to compare prices between different web hosting companies and find one that gives you the best price for hosting. The cost savings accruing from such information can be passed over to other aspects of your web business, and that’s a plus to using such reviews.

 2. They help you find a hosting company with the best disk space

Disk space is the key to having a website that loads fast.  The challenge comes in finding a web hosting company that offers disk space that can meet your website needs conclusively. One solution to this problem is to make use of reviews. Reviews give you a platform to compare different web hosting companies and find one that offers you suitable disk space for your website. In essence, by using reviews to compare the bandwidth offers of different web hosting companies, you have an edge, as opposed to randomly choosing one.

  3. You get to compare the quality of customer service

For a website to be successful, it needs to be online 24-hours a day. As such, it is important to work with a web hosting company that has a reliable customer care service. That’s because, when the customer service is good, they can rectify such issues for you fast enough. By using website reviews, you can gauge the sentiment of customers and determine which web hosting companies have the best customer service. This can make all the difference between the success and failure of your website.

  4. They Help You Compare Load Times

Website load times are critical to ranking well on search engines. In fact, according to research by Google, people lose interest when a website takes more than 3 seconds to load. As such, it is essential to go for a hosting service with the fastest load times. Reviews are a perfect way to do this comparison and find a hosting company that is perfect for your needs. Besides, through reviews, you get to make a better decision, by comparing a web hosting not just on load times, but on other features as well. For instance, you get to find a hosting service that has fast load times and is environmentally friendly.

Additional Reading:- Why to Choose MilesWeb Shared Web Hosting Plan?

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Event Blogging now becomes the most popular and there are many bloggers who work in event blogging, maybe you also planning to create event blog. Because event blogging can actually generate a high-quality income within a two or three days.

Event-based blogs are best ways to earn money in short span of time with less effort, less site building cost & less maintenance. If you are working on an event based niche blog and got it ranked then you can easily make one-year income in just two or three days.

If you do not hear of event blogging word then it will sound like a fake. So today in this article I am sharing some tips for Blogging platforms for beginners to successful in event blogging guide niche.

What is Event Blogging Or Event Niche Blog?

Event blogging means micro niche blogging, where bloggers write on a specific topic.

Event-based niche blogs are the blogs are mostly focusing on an upcoming event, festival or special day. Event blogging guide is all about taking the advantage of receiving the huge amount of traffic on target event in short span of time. It is not a Long-term blog you just have to work only for 30 to 40 days.

1. How To Choose An Event

There are a lot of events got popular searches you just pick one event and create a blog on this event. Here I have listed some most popular events that you can start your event blog. Also according to your interest, you can choose one of the below events.

Holidays: Happy New Year, Independence Day, Valentine’s Day Quotes, Christmas event and Latest Whatsapp DP, Collection.

Sports: IPL, BigBoss League, Wrestle mania, Olympic, FIFA World Cup, Barclays Premier League, World Cup.

New Launches: Reliance Jio, Freedom 251, Champ One C1, Demonetization, Big Billion Day Sale, Deals of the Days.

2. How To Make Money With Event Blogging

There are a lot of ways to monetize your Event blog and make huge income. Google Adsense and Affiliate are one of the best ways to monetize event blog. You can also monetize your event blog in many ways.

  • Google Adsense (Recommended)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Infolinks
  • Chitika Ad Network
  • CPA and CPI
  • Net
  • Promote your own product and so on!!!

Are you from Delhi? Here’s Best Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi training programs.

3. How to Find Keyword For Event Blogging

Keyword research is an important part of a successful event blog. Because properly keyword research will do your half work. Keywords are the main words which are searched in google result.

Google Keyword Planner is one of the best tools for find keyword for your selected event. Make a proper notepad list of keywords which are top searched in google and which have less competition. This is simple and effective tips to rank on google first page.

4. Purchase A Domain

Once you have select your event then you need to purchase a top level domain name relevant to your event. And make sure to have the keyword in the domain name. Because keyword in your domain increases the click-through rate.

After Google, algorithm update domain name does not matter a more, but it does matter. If you are on the page and off page SEO is fine then you can easily rank any domain and subdomain on google first page.

If you are doing any Indian event like Independence Day then always go with .in extension. But if you are doing an international event like Christmas then buy a domain with .com, .net extension.

5. Setup An Event Blog

After purchasing a domain for your event you need to setup best Event Blogging Guide. You can choose whether a blogger or WordPress platform.

For event blog always go with blogger because it’s free and easy to blog setup in minutes. If you have good budget then go with WordPress.

The best part of the blogger is you do not need to worry about the hosting downs and it is highly secure for security purpose. After creating the blog upload user-friendly template for your event blog. Always use well optimized and fast loading template like ABT blogger template.

6. Write Quality Content

Now comes the content part, I recommend that you always target your main keyword and create a long and quality article for event blog. You can start posting content for event blog nearly 30-40 days before the event and can easily get it ranked in Google.

Your event post covering all keywords like Independence Day images, Independence Day wishes, Independence Day quotes etc. The article should be more interesting, well researched and informative so that your visitor spend more time on your blog.

If the length of your article is more than 1000 words than writing 15 article is enough but if you have short article then write near about 35-45 articles.

7. Create Quality Backlink

Link Building is the most important part for rank your event blog on google first page. For creating instant backlink you need to find do follow and auto-approves blogs. You can comments on blogs also comments increases the chance of getting a good amount of traffic to your blogs.

You can make backlinks daily or even in a single day. Always start backlink building process after publishing five to six posts.

For creating backlink only for event blog SEO Profiler is one of the best tool and it is totally free to use. Just visit SEO Profiler website and enter your top ten competitor event blog link. Now click on link profiler < backlinks option and you will get backlink report of your competitor blog. Here you have to take only LIS green signal backlink for creating backlinks for your event blog.

Don’t create all backlink for the same keyword again and again. If you create all backlink with the same keyword then google will not rank your site. And also build some no follow backlinks too.


 First You should take the domain 6 months before the event.
 Then you start posting the content, put some spurned content which is readable.
 Then Go to Keyword Planner and search for the long tail Keywords.
 Collect some long tail keywords by using Keyword planner and KWfinder.
 Because for short tail keywords, you have lots of competition and when you focus on building links and
concerning the main keyword then your doing the mistake.
 Short Tail Keywords has much competition as nowadays bloggers taking links from same and hidden PBN SEO links and ranking them in a short period.
 Even you can do it if you have enough money to experiment these factors.
 For an article, you can get more than 10-15 long tail keywords.Then sprinkle the keywords and Give interlinks for it in the first month.
 Don’t do keyword stuffing in the article.When you do it even the web page ranks temporarily. Eventually, you will lose your rankings.


 Start Building Links from the Second month.take links from low OBL websites.
 Don’t Build 100’s of Spammy Links. Build Less Number of Quality Links.
 Anchor Texts should be optimised well in this process.Build links to the ” Long tail keywords” which you have taken.
 Take Sitewide Links,10 days before the event to sustain your rankings.
 Don’t rely on single Source. Do all type of Links: Comments, Web 2.0, Profiles, Forums et

Final Conclusion

So we hope you like this guide to how to make money from event blogging in short span of time. These event blogging guide will definitely help you to choose the best event.

If you still need help or any doubts about event blogging guide then you can comment below. I will help you and solve your query. If you find this post helpful then don’t forget to share with your friends.

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Planning to start an online store with WordPress? If yes then we are sure that you already know about WooCommerce. Woocommerce is one of the best tools out there to create an e-commerce website using WordPress.

However, when it comes to creating an online store, Woocommerce is not the only thing you will need.

Along with that, you will need a great theme. That is why to help you out we have handpicked the 5 Best WordPress Woocommerce Themes from Templatemonster.

So let’s just go ahead and check them out:

1. Woostroid – Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Woostroid is one of the bestseller WordPress woocommerce themes that you can try out. This theme lets you create a unique, better and more user-friendly web store with ease.

Along with that, you will get a bunch of amazing features. This theme is also supported by Woocommerce and Ecwid plugins. Also, you can use the element or page builder to create a drag and drop website within minutes. This theme is also extremely easy to set up, and you get a nice layout which will surely offer a great user experience to your users.

2. Willard – Tools & Hardware WooCommerce Theme

If you are planning to start an online store to sell tools or hardware. Then the Willard can be the best option for you. This theme comes with quite a lot of layout stores. Along with that, you get the full package of cherry plugins so you can enhance the look of your website.

Also, the theme is powered by a flexible power page builder. As a result, you will be able to create responsive websites without touching a single line of code. Moreover, the look of the website is also pretty amazing and offers you a bunch of other features.

3. Shop4U – Modern MarketPlace WooCommerce Theme

You can also check out the Shop4U theme. This is one of the most nice looking themes that you will find on our list. The theme also comes with a bunch of amazing features. Like it offers you some of the Multi-Homepage Designs plus it is mobile friendly. Along with that, you get multi vendors support.  Also, if you wish to create a slider, then you will find also find the option in this theme.

This theme is also supported by the visual composer so you can build your dream website without touching a single line of code. Also, it supports MailChimp For WordPress.

4. Donnie – Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

You can also check out the Donnie. This one is also one of the best WordPress woocommerce themes from templatemonster. It is a multipurpose theme which means you can use the theme for all kind of stores.

Plus, you get a bunch of other features. Like it lets you a create a responsive website. Also, it comes with 06 unique home demos and offers you a fast page load time. The theme is also Search Engine Optimized and has an easy customization option. The theme is also translation & RTL ready.

5. Electronics WooCommerce Theme

In the end, we have the Electronics WooCommerce Theme. This theme comes with a uniquely clean and modern design. Along with the theme, you also get plenty of widgets and comes with social sharing features. The theme is also SEO optimized, and it is total cache and autoptimize supported. You will also get unlimited colors. This theme is a perfect option for creating a store for selling electronics.

Final Words:

So those were the Best WordPress Woocommerce Themes from Templatemonster. Now go ahead and check these themes out and see which one is working the best for you. Also, if you want, you can also check WordPress consultancy themes from different vendors on Templatemonster.

Additional Reading:-

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In this article, we will be looking at a watch that revolutionized the industry for decades.

Coming from Hublot, a brand that has existed for 37 years now since it was founded; the Hublot Bing Bang is a watch that features excellent craftsmanship. The watch is beautifully designed and is accurate in timekeeping.

Although Hublot has created thousands of other Bangs in different colors, of different material, and flavor, the Big Bang is still unbeatable.

Let’s take a closer look on every aspect of the watch

  • The Case

The case of the Big Bing outshines other watch models. It is complex in design and features both traditional and latest techniques as well as materials. In the past, great watches were made with a combination of ceramic, steel, and rubber, but today, things have changed following the release of Hublot Big Bang.

  • Mechanical Movement

The Bang comes with a 42-hour power back up. It features an automatic skeleton and particularly precise self-wind movement with chronograph functionality. The case is transparent which makes it attractive to the wearer. Well, the watch is small but the overall design of the timepiece if high-quality.

  • The Dial

The dial is also made with unconventional materials including carbon fiber that provides a texture that complements the mirror-like finish of the ceramic bezel. Regardless of the fusion, it still does not confuse the purpose of a watch which is time telling. The dial is made with broad luminova, large rhodium-plated indices, and modest printed subdials.

The most appealing features are the numerals and indices.

  • Style / Comfort

The Hublot Big Bang is hugely made with stainless-steel and is full of other unique features like the alternating Arabic numeral-stick hour indicators. It also has an infused black theme in addition to the grey and silver color. This makes it stylish and rugged-looking in construction. The design of the Hublot Big Bang is ideal for casual settings but can be won in dress watch style.

  • The Strap

It features a rubber strap with a diamond tread-like pattern which is unique and hostile but not boring. By the look, the hooded lugs hide the point where the straps converge, which is an addition to the seamless whole. You just need to fold a deployment once to protect the strap.

  • On The Wrist

Of course, you will like how fun it is to wear the Hublot Big Bang. It is stylish and flagrantly awesome. It offers maximum comfort and is intelligible. However, the brash look might not be for every wearer, but it would be great to wear it occasionally. The watch is bold and innovative in design.

  • Build Quality

The construction of the watch involves an extensive Hublot 3-step process which ends up with a 33 mm watch with a thin case. It cannot be hampered by water even on a depth of 100 meters. It features a chronograph, date, hour, minute, seconds and small seconds. Its hands are shinier and have three sub dials which are easily seen through the scratch-resistant dial window which also shows the analog dial.

The last stage of making the Hublot Big Bang is where all the parts are assembled. This involves the assembling of more than 200 separate components, where 25-pieces are put together at a time. In places where jewelry needs to be included, high-end machines are used and lubrication is done. Testing is done at every stage to ensure quality is enhanced. During the testing, pieces that do not meet the quality standards are disposed of off.

The classic stainless steel makes the watch simple to wear and take off. The rubber strap gives you maximum comfort on your wrist. The length of the rubber strap ensures that it does not get too tight or too loose for a wrist of any size.

Hublot Big Bang’s rubber strap design has been the distinguishing feature from other watch models for years, despite getting negative criticism. But when it comes to the ease of cleaning, aquatic application and non-decomposition nature of the rubber strap, the rubber strap of the Hublot stands out to be the best.

The Verdict

When it comes to quality, the Hublot Big Bang wins with a huge margin from other models. Pricewise, it’s costly to buy it. But the cost comes with quality, hence giving you value for your money.

Additional Reading:-

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If you own a company or want to expand your small business (or just to attract traffic to your blog), you probably already know the importance of internet advertising. However, the point of being in the online world is not just to be present, but to be visible and available to those who will bring you some profit or results, i.e., Internet users.

To achieve this, you need to apply the right SEO strategy, which primarily refers to users, but also follows the rules of Internet browsers. Since these algorithms often change and the field of online business is very turbulent, you have to ask yourself – can you do this on your own (do you have the required knowledge, resources, etc.) or do you still need the help of an expert?

Before making a final decision, it would be a good idea to analyze several key points.

Define Your Goal and Be Real

The goal that you want to achieve using SEO strategies is to promote your website, brand, blog, etc. You need measurable results or statistics that indicate the success of your business on the Internet. Clear objectives are the basis for achieving good results.

You have to have realistic expectations. If you are planning to “dive” into Internet marketing, don’t expect results overnight. Neither the local SEO expert you hired can make this feasible that fast. They may have what it takes to help you find your place on search engines, but they are not all-mighty.

If you are not sure how to start, consult the SEO agency. You tell them what you want, and they will “translate” that in numbers. For example, you want to increase your site’s traffic by 30% in the next month. A reliable SEO company will suggest what they can do to achieve your goals, like which strategy they could use and similar. Now it’s up to you to consider how this fits into your financial plans.

The Expertise vs. Staying In-House

Even if you have knowledge in the field of SEO, you need detailed planning of all activities on a daily, weekly or monthly level. To ensure visibility, you must be up-to-date, place new content, guest and social network posts, regularly update links, etc. Since this is just a tiny part of a good SEO plan, you must consider all the benefits and limitations before making a decision whether to hire an SEO expert or not.

If your team has a person who can deal with this, or you have time to devote yourself to SEO activities of your business, that’s great. However, if you are aware of the limitations of your business, which will “require” the engagement of additional SEO workforce or the outsourcing services of an agency, don’t be afraid of it.

The Evidence of Expertise

There is no best SEO expert in the world. Simply, the best are all those who are ready to learn, to improve, to follow the turbulent situation in the world of digital marketing and to perceive changes in the market. Feel free to ask for samples of their previous work.

Everyone can tell you that they are experts in something when you see them for the first time. But can they give you firm evidence of their expertise? Someone may believe in the words, but deeds are the ones that usually prove someone’s knowledge and experience.

On this webpage, check what other qualities an SEO expert should have and what you should look for before hiring them: https://medium.com/@DavidB_L/top-9-qualities-to-look-for-in-an-seo-expert-d8e7fb4f661e.

Two-Way Communication

An SEO expert must listen to you, that is, to work according to your wishes and requirements. When you expose your ideas and intentions, they have to make it SEO feasible. Don’t fall for promises that your goal will be fulfilled in the shortest possible time. Ask for a detailed explanation of all the procedures, and realistic deadlines.

Communication must always be a two-way street – you are hiring a professional to make your ideas come true. You are the boss, but an SEO expert is here to give you point you the right way. Also, they should regularly report on the results, activities, and changes that occur. When the results are positive, they have to make an arrangement with you how to make them even better. When they’re not that good, you should work together on changing SEO strategy and adapting it to the market requirements.

If you or your company has high-quality content, product, or service to offer to the market, you must find a way to reach clients. A great SEO strategy can help you a lot in the online world and find you the way to the target audience.

Certainly, hiring professionals in that field is the best option, because the funds invested can quickly be multiplied. If the engagement of experts or agency is not possible, you can use your own workforce in the SEO field.

The post Questions to Consider before Hiring an SEO Professional appeared first on BlogDada.

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