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Baselworld has become a commercial member of CIBJO the World Jewellery Confederation, in an aim, as they explain this new initiative, to be more "firmly rooted in the jewelry, gemstone and pearl industry."

Many have claimed, including me, that BaselWorld is focussing too much on watches and is becoming less and less interesting for jewelry exhibitors and buyers. This new collaboration with CIBJO might prove that they are taking some further steps in regaining the interest for those who come (also) for the jewelry. 

What is the CIBJO?

CIBJO, The World Jewellery Confederation, represents the interests of all individuals, and companies earning their livelihoods from jewelry, gemstones, and precious metals, covering the entire industry from mine to marketplace in the various production, manufacturing, trading, and retail centers.

Loris-Melikhoff is determined to make positive changes

In a statement (source: Jewellery Focus) Michel Loris-Melikoff, managing director of Baselworld, said: "Baselworld is particularly proud to join the most important international organization in the jewelry, gemstone and pearl industry. Becoming a member of CIBJO allows us to actively support the organization and to participate directly in its development."
Furthermore, he explained the common values they have;
"We are driven by the same values of ambition, tenacity, and sustainability. I thank Dr. Gaetano Cavalieri for welcoming us with stimulating enthusiasm. The sector will be able to count on the support of Baselworld."

Dr. Gaetano Cavalieri, president of the CIBJO, added: "CIBJO is delighted to welcome Baselworld into its ranks. As a Jewelry & Watch trade show that for decades has served as a leader both in Europe and internationally, it provides one of the most effective platforms possible for advancing the mission to harmonize industry standards and promote Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability throughout the value chain. I look forward to working with the Baselworld team."

Next Step

The next step will be to see what this collaboration will bring for both parties; however, I think it's a good step. What it'll boil down to is not so clear from this statement. I hope that they'll show us soon more!
Hopefully, lots will be learned and applied to add value to everyone. From visitors to exhibitors and everyone in between.

AuthorEsther Ligthart
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Nanis is the solid, consistent to its style, jewelry brand from Italy. Laura Bicego is the charismatic face of the company and the designer behind all their soft and luscious looking jewelry. Their rapidly increasing success in the Netherlands, my own home country, was the reason to sit down and ask her why she thinks her jewelry is so successful. Turns out she want all of you to wear her jewelry! Like to know why? 

Esther: You were born into a goldsmith family, I can’t help but think it was the obvious choice for you to work in this industry:

Laura: Being born and raised in a goldsmith family has been really determining for my career and for sure the starting point of my passion for jewelry. I literally grew up in this business, breathing creativity and passion day by day. My father has always involved me both in his jewelry-making process and in the decisions making-part, helping me to develop a comprehensive glance on things since I was a little kid. I feel very fortunate for that. The desire to express my own creativity, to explore, and to create something capable to talk to the contemporary woman was at the core of my decision to create my own company. It wasn’t easy. It has meant leaving my comfort zone, starting from zero taking a considerable amount of risks and also set a sort of distance from my family business. Today, after almost 30 years, I know that this was one of the best decision of my life because it has contributed massively in becoming who I am today and I encourage all the women reading to follow their dreams, even when it seems really hard. This effort always pays you back. 

Esther: You are a husband and wife team, what is the most lovely aspect of working together and which one is the most challenging?

Laura: Running a business with my partner was another of the risk that I took, but also another one that I am very proud of. In a way, I think that our professional relation has strengthened our personal one and vice versa. Being very busy and very often abroad, I, of course, enjoy seeing my husband in the office and I feel privileged in a way. But this is more than a private pleasure. I really hold great professional esteem and respect for Piero. I like to confront him, to see his perspective on things, mostly when it doesn’t correspond to mine. Of course, it can happen to have some discussions, but we both consider differences as extremely enriching. To have the chance to daily confront with such a professional point of view is something that I am quite grateful for and something that, most of all, is then reflected on our jewels, imperfectly perfect as we all are. 

The future of jewelry

Esther: There are many opinions about the future of the jewelry business. The way we think about it, the way consumers think about it. The way we might produce it in the future. What would you like to share as your insights? 

Laura: I think that, precisely as times have changed, so has the conception of jewelry. In our fast and intense times, where everything goes so fast, also the jewel has to change accordingly with a versatility that has, at the same time, to maintain its luxury. This may sound very contemporary, but the truth is that it has always been the core value of my company from the very beginning. I’ve always kept a certain distance from “static” jewels, which for me didn’t represent women 30 years ago, let alone nowadays. I will never get tired of saying that jewels have to adapt to women, and not the other way around. And today’s woman is exceptionally sophisticated and demanding at the same time. Elegant, active, dynamic, engaged: to meet the need of this woman you need to create something unique, precious, well and sustainably made... and casual at the same time! Not easy, you might say, but I can grant you that these are the core values of Nanis. When wearing a Nanis jewel, you can all of a sudden perceive all this: the enchanting beauty of the jewel, wearable in so many possible ways, and that incredible lightness that uplift you and make you feel special and powerful. All this is in our DNA: we’re born with this idea, we have been the first to understand and translate this into the precious language of jewels. From my very first collections, in fact, you can always find this versatility, which to me is like giving a personal possibility of expression to every single woman that will wear one of my jewels. That is why I am so positive, and I see a bright future for Nanis in the jewel market.

Esther: For all those who don’t know about your background, can you tell us a little more?

Laura: I literally grew up in the jewelry business. My parents, in fact, run a goldsmith company in Vicenza, recognized as one of the most important gold centers worldwide, and they transferred me all their passion and knowledge. Since I was a child, jewelry has always exercised a great fascination on me and this, along with my creative soul, naturally lead me to the creation of my own company Nanis in 1990. My dream was, and still is, to combine my family legacy and incredible know how to my desire to shape a contemporary and revolutionary concept of femininity throughout my jewels. Too many times, jewels have been seen as accessories that can be used only on special occasions. Instead, I believe jewels should melt into every shade of anyone’s lifestyle.

Why have you become more visible as the face of NANIS?

Laura: I’ve always been the soul of Nanis, and I am on top of the game today with the same enthusiasm that I was in 1990. Passion and energy haven’t changed at all. But as a woman, I’ve changed a lot in these years, both professionally and personally. And so has my idea of femininity. I matured, I experienced, I traveled, I made mistakes.
To put it briefly; I lived. I am an artist, a mother, a wife, a daughter, an entrepreneur, a friend. Everything has contributed to creating the identity of the woman I am today, a woman I feel comfortable with and that wants, as a matter of fact, to express herself, to let speak her personality louder and louder, and I wish that every woman does the same.

Esther: Marketing is key to presenting and selling a jewelry brand. It’s marketing guru Seth Godin who says brands no longer should “shout” about their product but connect with just the tribe of people that are really into your product. More specific, more storytelling, more adding value to the interaction and experience.

Laura: Generally speaking, I, of course, agree with Seth Godin. But if you ask me who are the “Nanis women,” I wouldn’t have any doubt about the answer: every woman can be a Nanis woman! Precisely as every woman is different and unique, so are my jewels, or to be more precise, my pieces adapt themselves to the most diverse personalities and occasions. I genuinely believe that my jewels can be and should be at your side every single day. They can follow you everywhere, being so casual and elegant at the same time. Take, for instance, my TRASFORMISTA: it is the most sophisticated and statement piece, but if you just give it a twist, it’ll be your casual and shining companion for a fun night out. It is for this reason that I like to say that Nanis can speak to every single woman, because first of all my jewels want to be something that makes you feel great, glowing, powerful and this is something that, in particular as a woman, I wish every woman can think and feel about herself.

Esther: In the Netherlands, you have become very popular in just a short time. Why is that you believe and how is it different from saying; your Italian market?

Laura: The Netherlands are one of our most important market and one of the most inspiring, dynamic, and reactive ones. Dutch women are so strong, free, and independent, reminding me of Italian women in this. I believe that our two countries have so many things in common, starting with the love for what is beautiful and accurate in every detail. It is such a tremendous and challenging pleasure to work with this country!

How would you explain the success of nanis in the Netherlands?

Laura: I think that this country combines a highly structured market to an incredibly receptive public. Dutch women have an incredible taste, they love what is well made but also what carries an individual uniqueness, which are features at the very core of my brand. For that reason, I often say that The Netherlands have really grasped Nanis’ soul, and this makes me extraordinarily proud and willing to invest in this market always more! We have incredible partnerships and customers and great plans for the future... stay tuned!

What is your secret dream for the future?

Laura: Fashion is, for sure, one of my biggest passions. It has to do with my deep love for beauty, balance, harmony, but most of all, with my desire to express freely in any possible way. Clothes and jewels are to me two sides of the same coin. So yes, for sure designing fashion is something that I think I would really enjoy. But to tell you the truth, my biggest dream is to dress as many women as possible with my jewels. Because when they wear my pieces, I see their sparkling eyes, full of enchantment and self-love, and this is the most amazing reward. As a woman, I want all women to experience that powerful sensation of joy and well-being that makes them feeling shining, strong, and unique.

In one word:

In one word (if possible) :
● What would you love to do, but don’t dare to? Climbing
● Who do you admire within the jewelry industry: Maria Grazia Chiuri, for the change she’s bringing in the sector and for her idea of femininity. I found this quote of her that I 100% share: “As a woman, “feminine” means something different for me than the meaning it can have for a man. Feminine is about being a woman, isn’t it? So I said to myself: if Dior is about femininity, then it concerns women. And [...] I know what it means to be a woman today. When you create clothes for women, then fashion is no longer just about how you look when you wear my creations. But about how you feel and how you think.”
● Music muse: Lady Gaga: I love her energy, strength, and engagement on bringing out the best of herself and on the others
● Trade Show: Vicenza Oro
● Gemstone: Rutilated quartz, for its imperfection and uniqueness.
● Blog, vlog, Instagram or print: Instagram
● Dream Market: The whole world
● Italy is: wonderful
● Nanis is: the perfect combination between contemporaneity and craftsmanship heritage and the
● Laura is: you’ll find her in every piece I’ve signed

AuthorEsther Ligthart
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Arman Suciyan was very young when his father pointed out that he should become a goldsmith. At the tender age of 15, he started working in Istanbul, but soon enough he traveled to England for education and ended up working with Stephen Webster himself. This fantastic jewelry designer surprised me with his amazing, edgy designs that I think you'll love too! 

What you need to know about Arman:

He grew up in Istanbul, Turkey and began his career as a goldsmith apprentice in a workshop in the covered Bazaar at age 15. Later he got accepted to work alongside Misak Toros, who represented the fourth generation of a Turkish Armenian jewelry family.  Then in 1994, he attended the Kent Institute of Art & Design and shortly after he started to work with no other than the famous rockstar among jewelry designers; Stephen Webster. An absolute wonderful opportunity, which I am sure, brought him a taste for success, what works and how things go on a daily basis within an established, yet small independent jewelry designer company.

He became a goldsmith and wax modeler, something he enjoyed lots. When he returned to Istanbul in 2008, he started to fully dedicate himself on building his own brand: Suciyan. With all his experiences, his insights, his skills and craft, he developed his very own unique style. Arman prides himself on receiving various awards. Like the one from the Goldsmiths Craft Council or the utterly prestigious DeBeers Jewellery Design Award.

Suciyan recently revealed his New Odyssey Ring Collection 

The Turkish jeweler Arman Suciyan created a collection that he named the Odyssey Collection. Containing very futuristic looking pieces that were inspired by the myths and legends of antiquity telling the story of Goddesses Phrygian Kybele, Babylonian Mylitta, Ancient Egypt’s Isis, and the Greek and Roman Persephone. Arman Suciyan was only 15 and living in Istanbul, Turkey, when he learned the craft of goldsmithing. He was able to capture the winged Goddess and her evolution in silver. This new collection is designed to be worn either individually or stacked as a pair. 

The sterling silver Traveller Goddess Scintilla Gold Tzavorite ring and Glancing Travellers ring are each set with blue sapphires, tsavorites, and 18kt gold nuggets.  What do you think? Don't they look amazing?  I had a vision of a Turkish designer in my head, I absolutely adore the influence of any part of the world in jewelry design, but also found out that I have this kind of image in my head of how that jewelry looks like. And then there is Arman, who absolutely surprised me, with his clean, sharp, stunning and mouth-watering designs! I would wear each of his pieces immediately. They have that mix between edgy, contemporary, design but made with that sense of balance and pure clean craftsmanship needed in high-end jewelry. These rings start at around €785,00! Affordable fantastic design, which is just one of the many reasons I wanted to share this jewelry designer with you!

Love to see more fantastic jewelry designers? Try my 21 favorite Italian jewelry designers!

Esther interviews Arman, so you get to know him better too!

E: ''Can you tell us how you thought about jewelry when you grew up?''

Arman: ''I can say that my natural inclination to drawing and working with my hands lead me to jewelry. It was my father’s suggestion that I should try goldsmithing as a craft. After starting my apprenticeship in the Covered Bazaar in Istanbul, I followed my own path led by my curiosity in this craft and finding a medium that I loved working with, which was modeling wax. Rather than the traditional designs that were widely made during my first years, I had an increasing interest in more unique expressions in design and execution where I could put my imagination to work.''

E: ''You have worked in different countries. Could you share what you have explicitly learned in Turkey, Milan, and England on a professional level?''

Arman: ''In Istanbul, as an apprentice to Master Misak Toros, I learned to think outside the norms of conventional jewelry design. In England at the Kent Institute of Art and Design and later working for Stephen Webster, I gained a deeper appreciation of the quality of craftsmanship in design execution. In Milan, I enjoyed teaching and sharing my knowledge and experience with my students.''

E: ''You have also lived in these different countries. Could you share what you appreciated or learned on a human or personal level, in these 3 countries?''

Arman: ''Growing up in Istanbul – Turkey, it’s impossible to ignore all the different historical layers that the city and the country offers. This cultural richness has always captured my imagination. Later, working in the Covered Bazaar where the goldsmithing craft was passed down from master to apprentice for over 500 years, I was deeply immersed in this history and its traditions.''

''During my first years in England as a student, I liked how information and knowledge were accessible and shared so openly. This was very fresh and inspiring as well as dedication and support to keeping the traditional crafts alive and relevant to contemporary culture. Also enjoyed the diverse cultural life of London while living there for over a decade.

After getting accustomed to England and its culture and language, Italy was a new and exciting challenge. Living in the creative city of Milan supplied me with new friends, and unique tastes, particularly in food.''

E: ''You have returned to Turkey, what can you tell us about your daily work and life? How does a typical day look like?'

Arman: ''A typical day for me starts with organizing things to be done regarding their priority and trying to stay loyal to that plan.''

E: ''What is your process from translating an inspiration or idea into an original design?''Arman: ''I do not have a set process to get inspiration, I do keep a record of my sketches and visual clues that I like. I have three collections, two for men and one for women, which all have a different design language related to their storyline. I love form, movement, and texture; they are essential aspects of my creations. I create mood boards around the storyline of the collection that I am working on and start creating the overall look of the pieces.''

E:'' How would you describe your fans and clients? What do they have in common?''

Arman: ''My clients are confident about their individual style and like to show this - they are mostly involved in creative lines of business.''

E: ''Where can they find your jewelry?''

Arman: ''In Turkey, my collections are available by appointment directly with me, and in the UK they are available from Jewelstreet.com''

E: ''Share with us please, what you would love people to know about your work.''

Arman:'' My work and collections evolve around distinct stories. Using silver, gold, bronze, and precious stones, my designs are brought to life with attention to the quality of the craftsmanship to achieve a contemporary look.'' 

E: ''Outside your job, what does life for you look like? Family, hobbies, favorite sports, or activities/ interests?''

Arman: ''Other than my work, I teach also jewelry making at a local university to second-year fashion design students. In the summer I love to spend time near the sea. We are fortunate in Istanbul. We can reach Princes’ Islands with a 40 minute, a beautiful ferry ride, where we spend the summer months, removing us from the hectic rhythm of the metropolis. I like to travel with my wife in Turkey, it’s incredible how many places there are still left that I would love to visit. I’d like to travel abroad when we have an opportunity. Also, I just love natural sciences, sculpting, and watching movies.''

You can find more about this brand here: www.suciyan.com and you can always contact me for personal advice or opinion.

AuthorEsther Ligthart
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Sometimes we just want to look at jewelry and say; WOW, now that is a stunning piece of jewelry! We have taken the always fashionable Baroque Pearl and give you something to dream about!

Baroque Pearls come in all shapes and sizes, but never oval or round shaped. People are drawn to it because it's playful and odd but in a good way. Something you would find in a Wunderkammer so to speak.

There are many faux baroque pearl jewelry pieces if your budget doesn't allow you to buy the real deal, but as this is such a beautiful creation of nature, and won't ever go out of fashion, it might be the piece of jewelry you want to invest in. 


We have brought you the yummiest pieces of jewelry to get you inspired! Not all the pieces are available, some are one of a kind and just to remind you, the artist and jewelry designers have to work around the pearl, so shapes are always different. Before you buy online, ask for more information about this. 

My favorite piece in this blog? Ohhh my...I am not looking at prices here, the Buccellati collection is definitely the most expensive one in this blog, but my eyes are on Mario Buzzanca's Ganesha. And what about you? 

Ornella Ianuzzi


Bibi van der Velden

Hippo and Ganesha by Mario Buzzanca

Rabbit, Panda, Eagle, Snake, and Monkey by Buccellati

Vibe South Sea Pearls


By unknown artist, sold by Christies

By unknown artist, sold by Christies

Seaman Shepps

Henry Dunay

Kittens, Polar Bear, Teddy Bear, and snail ring are all by Jewellery Theatre

Russel Trusso Earrings

A wow factor piece of jewelry by Naomi Sarna

AuthorEsther Ligthart
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These very affordable summer jewelry pieces are all colorful. Wearing them will lift your mood and zest for life instantly, like the cheerful smile of your child or the sun breaking through on a rainy day. These are the fun pieces of jewelry that you’ll cherish this summer!

Affordable or priceless summer jewelry?

There are those who embrace fine jewelry only and those who don’t like to leave the fashion jewelry arena for whatever reason (money, the fun part, eclectic choice), but why limit yourself? Personally, I adore both worlds. I wear a shell ring that is worth almost nothing, but that I adore as it is sheer beauty created by nature. Even when I visited the incredible jewelry master Wallace Chan, he took this ring into his hands and admired it from every angle, appreciating it for its impeccable beauty. There was nothing to add but a hole for my finger.

I stand by that quote! :-) The ring in the middle is mine

More affordable fashion jewelry inspiration

The pieces shared in this article are affordable because all well below the € 1000,- or $ 1000,- but perhaps still be too expensive for your wallet. Don’t worry! The pieces I share here are all made by designers and sold on platforms such a Modaoperandi or LuisaviaRoma. They are great designers and absolutely create durable, fun, and beautiful fashion jewelry!

But if your budget doesn’t allow yourself to splash out on these great fashion jewelry designs, then allow yourself to get inspired and find pieces on Etsy or your local fashion jewelry store that capture that same zest for life feel, as these pieces do! Never splash out on jewelry you can’t afford, but it can be also worth saving money to buy that one fun piece you absolutely love!

Rosantica Earrings

Jewelry that will make you smile is always a great investment!

Whatever your choice, make sure that what you choose brings a big smile to your face the instant you notice it! You’ll never regret buying it and wearing it. You’ll see, you will grab it many times. So even if you think that € 300,- is a bit much for a pair of fashion jewelry earrings, bear in mind that it’s only a lot of money if you never wear it, or just occasionally. The keyword for these colorful jewelry pieces? Happiness!

Need more keywords? How about a zest for life, smile, brightness, energy, summer, sun, children laughing, playfulness, joy, lightness, freedom?  I think they ALL apply! You? Enjoy!

Susan Alexandra colorful beaded hoops. €94,-

Tres Almas jewelry €210 and Rosantica Earrings

Cult Gaia Earrings acrylic and wood: €156,- and Sandra Alexandra 10k-plated €135,-

Mercedes Salazar fun cherry earrings €174,- and Deepa Gumani Watermelon earrings €204,-

Rosario Holquin Tulips Earrings in goldplated silver €498,- and Rebecca de Ravenel silk earrings €303,-

Roxanne Assoulin happy bracelets! €114,-

Shourouk €246,- and Casa Chiqui €372,-

Susan Alexandra €148,- Brinker + Eliza bracelet 24kt goldplated and you can order them with your own name too: €215,- and Simona Rocha yellow earrings €220,-

Rosantica Ceramic and Wood Earrings €198,- and Susan Alexandra earrings Smiley Cyrus (Hand beaded in South Africa at the Hillcrest Aids Center, supporting themselves. If you buy these, you are helping the world to become a better place, according to the designer) €94,-

Roxanne Assouline Palm Beach Bracelet, three pieces €344,- and Ranjana Khan €96,-

Brinker + Eliza Earrings long €177,- and Sophie Buhai Shell earrings €804,-

AuthorEsther Ligthart
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When you are at a birthday party and it’s your turn to tell what you do, believe me; saying you are a jewelry blogger is a guarantee for surprised faces. There are many questions that I get on a daily basis, but here is the most asked question I get, answered!

25 years in the jewelry industry and then I started a blog

When I started this blog in 2013, I had already lived a long career in jewelry. From running a jewelry store in Italy to being an e-commerce buyer. From running an agency representing various Italian brands in the Benelux and UK to working with a family jewelry wholesale business.

I was a full 25 years in jewelry before starting that very first blog. and I felt excited yet hesitant. Although 2013 seems not long ago, it was a different media landscape and blogs were upcoming, but mainly seen as the area of young fashionable people.

Love to read more? Here is a little in-depth. You can skip it if you like of course!

I felt that being in my mid’ 40’s, saying I was going to blog was a bit like ‘’look at me, I am still young!’’ hehe. Not midlife-crisis, but when you reach that age, there are several moments you get a slap in the face that tells you; you are no longer that young anymore.

MTV was hot, until it was not, that frilly cute skirt fits still perhaps but no longer does it make you look cute. It’s the moment that you look at a twenty-something-year-old and realize that they could have been your son or daughter. Many ouches! hehe. Although, I was a young mom in my id 40’s, I realized how thin the line sometimes is between being up to date/ sticking a little too long to your younger self/ trying too hard, using words of younger people that sound cool ( and sometimes just as silly) but ridiculous from your mouth.

Why I started a jewelry blog? Frustration!

But the reason I wanted to blog had nothing to do with wanting to appear younger or trying too hard to be relevant. It had everything to do with my build-up frustration over many years, visiting jewelry stores that often lacked vision. I had seen so many beautiful companies over the years, I knew about so many artisans, brands, people with creative ideas, and so on, but what I saw in the jewelry stores was all the same stuff. I felt that the jeweler was not educating the public, not inspiring the people, not building on their own name and create their own identity, but had lost track of all this whilst being emerged by brands who had aggressive marketing styles and imposing ever more rules and demands to their customers. The jewelry store seemed to be a sort of showroom, dictated by those brands who invested most in advertising. Pandora is to blame and so are many others.

The end of an era of brands dictating jewelry stores was coming when e-commerce started to be booming. Now those same brands were online and shops were slowly being used as a showroom for real, but the buying happened online.

I also started the blog frustrated by the poor storytelling of the salespeople I had encountered. Maybe they are better in your country, maybe you are a jeweler and you invested in your employees, but what I witnessed is that most part-time workers were hardly really interested in what they sold, took out only what the client pointed out, never proposed anything more expensive, different and was scared to take out stuff they knew too little about. Pandora might have worked great for them, as it sold itself. But come on!

What blogging about jewelry brought me

Long story short: I thought I wanted to share that view on brands and products and insights with the world and started to publish content. Whilst overthinking what the next step in my career would be. I didn’t mean to become a blogger, I was looking for a job in jewelry really, but within a few months, I had my first assignment for a jewelry magazine, as a freelance contributor.

Over the past 5 and ½ years, many magazines worldwide have found their way to me and as I always had a passion for sales and marketing within the jewelry industry, it became my focus area of research. And I write about this and beautiful designers and brands for seriously beautiful jewelry trade magazines. 

What blogging also brought me is freedom, and a chance to talk and read about jewelry all the time. My love for the subject has only grown and I am still enchanted, full of wonder, excitement and so much more when I see truly beautiful designs. I love many people within the industry and it's old-fashioned but also willing to take huge risks and leaps into the future. I kind of dig that contradiction.

Opinion about the jewelry world

*I started to get noticed as someone with an opinion about the industry. With ideas about improving things. It resulted in opinion articles in renowned magazines. Yet, brands and stores started to reach out to me too for consultancy and training. ‘’How to create a compelling client journey? How to set up a business blog? How to create a coherent collection, how to get your employees to become ambassadors for your store or brand. How to improve sales with storytelling and so on. I am a blogger, yes, but it turned into so much more and  I couldn’t have predicted that back in 2013.

The same question, always

Funny enough, although so much has changed and people from all ages know what a blog, vlog or social media channel is, the most frequently asked question has remained more or less the same! Please note that the question is not from the insiders of the business. Let’s create another blog about that ;-) but this one is about the most asked question from friends, and relatives, from people you meet at a party or you get introduced to. 


The Nr. 1 question I get is: How do you make money as a jewelry blogger?

Ahhhh, the mother of all questions a blogger of any subject gets! First of all, this question used to embarrass me lots! I didn’t make any money as a jewelry blogger for a year or so.

There are a few things you need to know about blogging, whatever the subject you write about.

  1. It takes a lot of time to create content
  2. Google doesn’t immediately start to show your content
  3. It takes persistence and determination to keep going, even when you see only 100 people read your blog and if this is your idea of a quick and easy way to get rich, don’t start blogging!

Having said all this, you also need to know that many of my colleagues have blogs and they each run it differently. Some are visiting jewelry companies, take photos and write a story, creating beautiful content that the company is happy with and pays for. Others focus primarily on a social platform such as Instagram and have a blog on the side. Some blog about the business side of things and are professional jewelry journalists pushing the content they write for trade magazines and other papers, through to their own site, often earning income with banners and ads.

Jewelry bloggers and their own style

Today we see that most bloggers aren’t counting on cashing on their written content and banners look like they are largely ignored by visitors. Some bloggers have started to sell their own jewelry line, have a click-through kind of e-commerce business model. Others promote in more obvious ways brands and designers alike and have invested heavily in gaining as many followers on Instagram.

Bloggers have been investing lots of time, effort and endless passion into promoting jewelry to either the b2b industry or the public, without getting always the recognition for their influence. But times are always changing and many have developed their writing into a business model of some sort. I think that bloggers and so-called influencers ( gosh, I hate that word) are becoming more and more entrepreneurs and it’s a good thing that the industry starts to treat them that way.

I work differently. My focus is both the industry as the public. But the money I earn is almost always B2B related. I earn money with the occasional sponsored blog, only promoting those I truly endorse (I know everyone says this, but although it may have harmed my wallet several times, I turned down more than I accepted, thinking always and only about my long term reputation) I earn income with my writing for mainly international trade magazines. I take care of some brands social media content and I do consultancy*

My main focus outside my own blog is LinkedIn, where I have 30.000 jewelry connections worldwide. I get most of my assignments from LinkedIn. The blog itself is free from ads, banners, and other stuff. And I always loved it this way!

Currently, I am developing something that will help a lot of people within the industry and will be a source of income too, can’t say much yet, as it’s not finished yet!

How much money can you earn with blogging about jewelry? **

I know some of the bloggers earn a nice income, but they work long hours each day and travel around the globe like mad. If this is what you love, perfect! Some have staff or interns working for them. And hire freelancers for photos, editing, translating, and much more.

The question is not how much money you can earn with blogging, but rather: how much do you want to make? And what are you prepared to deny yourself in order to get there?

Personally, I love a life of freedom. Being with my family, knowing I can always meet with friends. I do travel too, but I tend to be really picky about it. It has to bring me and my readers or work something valuable, but it also needs to be valuable to the company, person or event that I visit. Freedom comes with responsibility, I often wake up very early as I push deadlines until the very last minute and my best work comes from that method, but it’s not very stress-free;-))

Any business you start today, you should always start with this question:

How much do I need to earn? (income for all the fixed costs such as housing, groceries, insurance, health, hobbies) what is important to me (think about: having time to learn a new language, travel in my free time, taking care of a relative, have social engagement with your community or whatever it is for you) and what would I love to do, including the price tag of these things (a classic car, motorcycle lessons, going to Australia for 2 months, sailing around Greece all summer long, a course or going back to school etc)

If you make a list of all turning costs and the occasional costs for the things that aren’t primary necessities, you get an idea of how much money you need to earn. You should create your blogging, your business, whatever you start around this idea. ( It’s not mine, but I adopted the idea from Tim Ferriss ( 4-hour work week)

Here are a few ways to make money as a jewelry blogger:

  • Create a following on Instagram and get paid for promoting a product
  • Create a following on Instagram ( or other platforms) with the option to buy the promoted items
  • Have banners or ads on your website ( related to the industry or even not related)
  • Become an ambassador for brands
  • Create content for brands or designers and get paid for the content
  • Write for other blogs
  • Write for (trade) magazines
  • Become a speaker about jewelry or blogging on events
  • Write a white paper
  • Promote companies through your e-mail list
  • Sell jewelry on your site or on social media

Here is what you need to do before all this:
  • Find your own voice. Don’t imitate colleagues, don’t try to be cooler, younger or hipper than you really are. Authenticity is everything!
  • Find your own niche. I am a niche blogger, an authority blogger, a seasoned jewelry industry blogger, and I never ever call myself an expert.

  • Niches are a focal point, such as diamonds, fair-trade, gemstones, vintage, a country such as India (Indian Jewelry), jewelry stores, business, trade-fairs, trends, fashion, art, contemporary, etc. These are all subjects that are niches and it pays off to establish which one is most close to you!
  • Be realistic: how much income do you need? Can you afford to travel? Can you afford to not earn much? Or will you need a job too? There is no shame if you can’t pay the bills with blogging! Be real, have fun, build your audience slowly your way.
  • Let the ego go. If you are in this for your ego, let it go. I know, there are many cool bloggers posting amazing selfies and I am not one of them, but ego has its own ways to manifest its distracting self. Maybe you find the world of jewelry very glam, maybe you love to do selfies, maybe you want to gain some fame. These things are all fine, but if they are your motivation, you might be in for a very stressful time. Today it’s Katerina Perez or Liz Urla posting beautiful selfies, tomorrow it’s someone else. Both women are very ambitious and have created their own unique ways of showing jewelry. Liz promotes a total look, whilst Katerina is all about the gemstones and design. But they don’t do it alone and have created this investing a huge amount of time and money. You may see the glamour, I see the hard work and the traveling and leaving behind a child home and always try to look amazing. It’s stressful to compare yourself with others. They may be more experts, seasoned, have more followers on Instagram, work with bigger names, get invited more to speak on events. Let that go and put all your energy in yourself and your own audience and work.

  • Know what you are good at but also know what you are not great at. When I told my hubby (who has his own business, is a vet and runs franchising of veterinary clinics in the Netherlands) that I wanted to start working for myself again, I had to promise him one thing: outsource everything that is necessary to do, but you are terrible at. So even when I made just a little bit of money, I already had a bookkeeper ;-) Outsource as much as you can. Focus on what you are good at. Even if this means that what you earn goes straight back to paying your bills. It takes time, but when you can focus, you will achieve more in the long run!

  • Meditate, take time off, walk. Hours behind the computer, squeezing every bit of creativity out of your brain, it takes its toll. And you need to treasure that creativity and the processes behind it. It’s what creates your blog, your income, and your future. So meditate in the morning, take regular breaks, go out with the dog, play with your child, have a coffee with a friend, look outside the window and stand still now and then. It’s incredible but you’ll notice that most of your brilliant ideas will actually come when you didn’t think about it. Under the shower moments, we call them. It seems like they come out of nowhere! But of course, your brain has worked secretly in the background ;-)
  • Talk to bloggers and entrepreneurs of other fields too. Their fresh perspective can really open your world a little more.
  • Always write with a specific audience in mind!

  • Dive into what I call the boring stuff: SEO, Analytics, measure what works, turn of the emotion and put on your business hat. 
  • Now I am going to sound a little moralistic here but pay it forward. Many of my biggest assignments have come from a good recommendation from someone I have helped out, without getting paid for it. There is a fine line between getting a little used and paying it forward, but try to trust your gut feeling. Sometimes you were wrong and allowed someone to use you. But most of the times, I some shape or form, it comes back to you. Be impeccable in your words about others as much as you can, and keep things real and in perspective. Yep, I do start to sound like an old wise woman now! hahaha.
  • Have fun! No one needs jewelry! But we love and embrace it for thousands of years. It is about meaning, value, status, emotion, art, and expression. Never forget that.

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Part 1

Wallace Chan, the Chinese Jewelry Master living and working in Hong Kong, has done it again! His creations contain magical jewelry that whispers stories of art, culture, and humanity. Dive with me into his enchanting world and read also my personal notes about the pieces! This is the first part of a new series of stories about a designer and his jewelry. 

Wallace Chan is one of those artists that capture even those who aren’t that much into jewelry. Why? Because his jewelry goes beyond status, beyond enhancing the wearer. It is a form of art and the sheer size is so dramatic that the story told by the stones and the creation itself, is heard and felt.

Look, really look at Wallace Chan's jewelry

Once you start to look, I mean really really look, you can’t stop. Because every single detail contains a world of skills and materials and different lights. Every detail, every angle is like a new play on the same stage. Poetic words, giving away my admiration for Wallace Chan.

In this new series of taking a closer look at the work of designers where I will share with you what I see and for you: what to look for. In some cases, I will share with you for whom a particular piece is most suitable, or which story or symbolism there is to share. I hope this will help you to look differently at jewelry and even inspire you in your next choices. 

Jewelry is based on stories

Wallace Chan is one of those few Masters in the world that are so innovative, so unique and are so willing to push boundaries of techniques and imagination, that it's almost a pity that his jewelry isn't seen more. The reason for this is simple. Each piece is a work of art. And although this is a word that I use often, I mean true art in this case. Wallace Chan gets inspired by many things in life. When you talk to him, which is surprisingly easy and pleasant, you'll experience that his curiosity is perhaps his biggest asset. He wonders. He listens to a story about my son, who has a hard time focusing but has the ability to touch almost all domestic animals and somehow calms them within no time. My son, who can't sit still, becomes just as calm as the animals and they somehow connect. I hate the word - whisperer- but I tell you: it's a little magical to observe. Mr. Chan listens carefully to my story and answers me with what he thinks of this. I can perceive, almost in a tangible way, how this little story touches his imagination, his philosophical mind. And I think to myself: my son of 10 would immediately get along with Mr. Chan! 

Looking a Wallace Chan's jewelry can be a gift to yourself

The jewelry of Mr. Chan is not for everyone. It isn't meant for everyone either. The price tag, which I can't say, isn't either for everyone. But here is the beautiful thing: Mr. Chan shows his jewelry on a few events worldwide and is visibly happy to just share it with people who stop and look. He wants them to see and listen to his jewelry. He wants them to observe, allow themselves to experience an emotion, understand the story behind the creation. And then, we all see through our own glasses. We all observe the world with our particular view of the world. We aren't objective when we look at his jewelry. But take a moment to listen to what he meant with its creation and then look with your own heart and your own emotions and allow yourself to be a little enchanted. If you allow yourself that, it'll be a gift to yourself. 

In this blog, we look at the first of his latest creations: Nebula Butterfly

Nebula Butterfly

This is how Wallace Chan describes the collection Nebula Butterfly:

''Deep in outer space, within immense galactic clouds of gas and dust, stars are born. In these cosmic bodies, little is certain – which leads us to imagine; and much is possible – which turns our imagination into innocent wishes and eventually, hopeful dreams.

Lying about 4000 light-years away from Earth is the wildest dream fantasized under the light of stars fulfilled by the incomprehensible wonders of the universe: Butterfly Nebula. From this hourglass-shaped cloud of interstellar gas and dust, a pair of spectacular butterflies emerge with dainty wings of near-perfect symmetry. They float through the night sky, exploring the mystical galaxies.

On the Butterfly Planet, the pair of surreal butterflies with titanium bodies share a communicative frequency through the glittering patterns of gemstones on their wings. Polished slivers of amethyst interact harmoniously with the pavé gems underneath them, creating stunning dimensions and worlds to get lost in. Below their swirling antennae, bright stars of yellow diamonds, pink sapphires, and green tsavorites beam upon their faces and illuminate their bodies’ subtle movements.

Dancing within the boundless depths of the galaxies, the butterflies flutter about with the grace and elegance of souls truly free, celebrating the joys of companionship and the greatness of the universe''.

What did you see?

What happened in your mind? Did you see something in your head when reading these words? I was, immediately transported to the movie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, where there is this wonderful planet, with the white sand, blue sea and stunning creatures that overwhelmed me visually in the cinema. Now let's take a look at his creations itself! 

Details of the nebula butterfly:

You have to know that this is a pair of brooches. Sold as a pair and not meant to be separated.

  • The first one: yellow diamond 1pc 2.01 ct and yellow diamond, diamond, tsavorite garnet, pink sapphire, amethyst, ruby, and titanium.
  • The second one: yellow diamond 1pc 2.32 ct and yellow diamond, diamond, tsavorite garnet, pink sapphire, ruby, and titanium.

What I see:

First of all, the sheer size, you can see it in my hands here below, is striking. It's made in titanium, so very light. I moved it around and from every angle, it's a little miracle. It feels as fragile as a butterfly should be, yet it also feels strong. It's fantasy, but you kind of wish they would really exist. The fluid form of the wings, the way the colored gemstones are set is something you almost can't stop looking at. Did you see it? Did you notice all the small details too? The double wings, the three-dimensional finish? Wherever you look, there is something going on. Did you notice all the particular gemstones? The details of the creature's body? The antenna of the Nebula Butterfly is bouncy and slightly flexible. I was torn between admiring the skill of the artisan, the visual poetry and the story it was telling me all at the same time, and felt enchanted by the whole experience. 

Love to hear what you saw, noticed or thought of!

Below a sneak peek into next week's creation: the Wheel of Time!


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Maastricht, the Netherlands is home to one of the most prestigious fairs in the world. And it is open to the public! Art and jewelry are the very heart of TEFAF. Here is why you should visit it if you truly love jewelry!

TEFAF is a yearly art and jewelry show held in Maastricht, but it also has a smaller edition in New York in fall. Every year, we see the ongoing private jets coming in at Maastricht Aachen Airport. The richest people on the planet, returning year after year to find the most beautiful art, antique and sometimes really ancient creations.

But they also come to see the fabulous jewelry. It is here that one can pick up collectible jewelry in the last century and beyond by houses like Cartier, Boucheron, Van Cleef & Arpels and many more. Although the art is incredible, I always head straight for the jewelry. And one day is not enough!

Wallace Chan, Cindy Chao, Glenn Spiro, Hemmerle and Otto Jakob aren’t normally visible for most of us. TEFAF is, therefore, a unique place where you can find the hidden gems of the jewelry world, normally known to a small inner crowd of wealthy collectors and investors, these jewelry creators are unique. It’s jewelry you NEED to see, even if only once in your life. Even if you can’t afford it, it doesn’t matter! It’s beyond jewelry, it’s art and it goes a lot deeper than anything you’ll ever see at your jeweler, or in your career in jewelry.

Why you should visit Cindy Chao on the TEFAF

Cindy Chao is the daughter of a sculptor and a granddaughter of a famous architect. She obviously inherited a culture for sculpture, depth, dimension and her creations, especially the high-end creations of her Black Label Masterpieces are to be admired from every side! If you visit the booth, you’ll see how the jewelry is arranged around a tree of life. In itself, already a beautiful way of exposing jewelry. In every display, you can are able to observe the jewelry from all angles. You’ll notice that it is very different from what you have seen before.

In jewelry like this, it isn’t about selling many pieces. Just a few of every piece will be produced and although prices aren’t communicated unless you are a serious client, this is obviously not jewelry for every pocket, nor is it wearable for every occasion.  But the jewelry itself is very light. As all jewelry is made in titanium. A metal preferred by the very high-end artists in jewelry. A necklace such as the Winter Leaves weighs therefore not more than 78 gr! Can you imagine that? It looks so heavy, but instead, it’s very light and therefore, very pleasant to wear.
Even more important: the earrings are also created in titanium, so even the boldest biggest earrings weigh no more than 27gr more or less!

The Black Label is unique and should be visited with the same approach and curiosity you would have when visiting an art museum. You should also bear in mind, that working in titanium is kind of a nightmare, so it takes hours and hours ( Winter Leave Necklace 10.000 hours)to create this kind of jewelry. Setting the stones, finding the right ones in color, weight, and pairs is a slow process. So these are to be admired for the masterpieces they are.

The white label is the more commercial collection of Cindy Chao. If you like; the jewelry for every day. You can still see her touch, but wear it to practically every occasion.

Look for: the Winter Leaves Necklace

Where to buy: TEFAF and the showrooms in Taipei and Hong Kong.

Where to find Cindy Chao: Collections can be found in both showrooms. Cindy Chao jewelry  

Why you should visit G by Glenn Spiro on the TEFAF

This is jewelry is created by Glenn Spiro. In this booth, there are some very spectacular pieces of jewelry showcased. A mix of old and new. Stones from ancient times are used in modern jewelry. Also, some of the jewelry looks rather classic at first, but when you step just a little closer, you see that a cabochon emerald ring is anything but usual. The sheer size of it is amazing, but it also allows you to look into it somehow. Like if it was snowglobe. It’s just a beautiful stone and the setting doesn’t do anything to distract attention from the stone. I am personally never a fan of too many diamonds or metal around bigger stones, especially in rings. To me, it feels like the designer thought that its beauty needed more enhancement, whilst that is the last thing it needs.

Look for: The Emerald jewelry collection! Watch the emerald necklace in green titanium and the cabochon ring

Where to buy: at the TEFAF you can actually buy directly.

Where to find them: London. The boutique is in London, whilst the jewelry is made in Switzerland. Glenn Spiro Jewelry

Why you should visit Otto Jakob at the TEFAF

Otto Jakob is a tall, full of life, German jewelry creator. Studying the works of Cellini and Plinius. The thing I personally admire so much about Otto Jakob is that he is a self-taught artist, an autodidact that today creates jewelry that reminds you of ancient times. It’s refined, but not shiny, nor very big. You need just to step closer to each window and then, like a small miracle, you’ll start to notice details you thought weren’t possible on such a small object. An obsession for technique and perfection is what sets all the greats apart. What I love about Otto Jakob is his stubborn way of sticking to his very own signature in jewelry. I can’t get enough of looking at it.

Look for: The Aquila amulet. And look at how he used the beak to hold the amulet to the necklace. Every little detail is perfect and yet it has that look and feel of past times to it.

Where to buy: At TEFAF Maastricht and TEFAF New York or book an appointment at his studio in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Where to find them: Karlsruhe, Germany. Otto Jakob Jewelry

Why you should visit Hemmerle at the TEFAF

Hemmerle is an exclusive jewelry brand from Munich. You can’t find their jewelry in boutiques other than their own boutique and at the TEFAF and PAD in London. They have two private viewing events in New York. Known for its iconic pieces as the mushroom and vegetable collection, this company works not in titanium but aluminum. Which allows them to play with color in a completely different way than one can do with titanium or rhodium.

Hemmerle creates jewelry for the more intellectual collector. Or that is the impression I always get. The jewelry isn’t small, but it’s modest all the same in its appearance. It’s elegant and refined. Yet, it needs a bit of context, a bit of explanation. Which is wonderful. During the show or if one should own such a piece, the jewelry of Hemmerle always creates a conversation. They source TEFAF and other antique fairs for ancient artifacts and use this is in their jewelry. Hemmerle is famous for its use of color.

Look for: The earrings with the micro mosaic tiles. To the eye, it seems like a small tile, but these are micro mosaics created in 1828. If I am not mistaken; the tiles are actually sourced last year at the TEFAF!

Where to buy: Hemmerle boutique in TEFAF Maastricht and New York and PAD London. As well as their private viewing events.

Where to find them: Hemmerle, Munich. Hemmerle Jewelry

Why You should visit Wallace Chan at the TEFAF

My personal favorite! This Hong Kong-based Chinese artist has the most interesting stories.

He is charismatic and although the jewelry and art are for the wealthiest of collectors, his background is very humble. He explains he is not on TEFAF to sell, but he wants people to notice. To take a look, to dive into a completely different world for a moment. Behind each piece, there is a story and the team is happy to tell you everything you want to know.

Prices aren’t communicated and there is no use in starting a conversation about the weight of certain stones. If you look at the jewelry like that, you aren’t the person who can really appreciate what has been created, is his philosophy. And although gemstones play the leading role in almost anything he creates, he wants you to look at it not from a value of the stone point of view, but to observe the art and skill that has gone into the piece itself.

Wallace Chan is a generous at sharing of stories and a pleasant person with whom I share moments from laughter to deep philosophical thinking. Something I personally adore. I always feel moved, touched within my soul by Wallace Chan. It is what true art does. It moves you!

It’s not easy to write just a short story about him, but this is what you need to look for:

Look for: the porcelain ring. It’s porcelain that took him years to create. Obsessed with porcelain from a young age, when living in a small apartment in Hong Kong with 11 people, he had the bathroom as his room and shared a plastic spoon with the other kids. The adults possessed just two porcelain spoons and he didn’t like it that he wasn't allowed to use these spoons. One day, he dropped one of those spoons and it broke. Leading to severe punishments. In his adult life, he started to collect porcelain and he thought the only defect of porcelain that it is too fragile. So here is where he started to experiment and after years he created porcelain 7 times stronger than steel. The stones are cut to fit in and the ring is simply amazing! Also, again: the coloring of porcelain is different and it feels so nice to the skin!

Also, look for:  the Chinese Horoscope necklace! Made in titanium, pearls, and gemstones. I wore it for a photo and can only say to be surprised how pleasant and easy to wear it felt! Other than being completely enchanted by the creation itself.

Where to buy: TEFAF Maastricht. Contact Wallace Chan through the website to learn more about their events or to book an appointment in Hong Kong. http://wallace-chan.com/welcome/#the-spirit


Van Cleef & Arpels and Siegelson show beautiful jewelry, both new and vintage. Expert salespeople are available in every booth.. Are you really interested in buying? Every booth has the possibility for you to try jewelry on and talk about all the details. Depending on where you live, an appointment for delivery can be established.

If you work in jewelry, attend the jewelry school or want to become a designer or jeweler, you MUST visit the TEFAF. It’s the opportunity to see jewelry that goes beyond big diamonds, to put it very simple. It’s about heritage, about stories, about arts and philosophy. It’s about observing, allowing yourself to be moved by the wonders of natures turned into spectacular jewelry. And there is no show on the planet where you’ll find these icons altogether. Combine this with a beautiful setting, in one of the most gorgeous cities -Maastricht- the art and antiques exposed in the other booths and one can be sure to have the most enchanting, slightly overwhelming experiences!

More details on the TEFAF including dates etc: TEFAF

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Nowa is an initiative that wants to change the world and our perception of value and waste. By collecting and ‘’harvesting’’ gold from old mobile phones and creating a lovely jewelry collection. Here is their story:

Some weeks ago, I noted an item on the news about a small Dutch brand that created jewelry out of old mobile phones. Intrigued, I contacted them to find out more. They are currently running a Kickstarter project that you can find here: Time is running out, so make sure to act swiftly! A project like this takes an enormous amount of time and passion. Passion not just for jewelry, in this case, the jewelry may just be the tool, but a passion for a better world. E-waste isn’t a very sexy problem that gets attention everywhere but jewelry created with the gold out of waste is. So these women, Josette and Joyce, had found the right tool in jewelry to get their message across.

NOWA Jewelry stands for No WAste

Josette tells us that Nowa stands for No Waste and it’s actually the first jewelry collection ever, made from gold and silver, collected from old mobile phones. These old mobiles are collected by Closing the Loop in Africa. They make sure that these mobile phones are recycled in a responsible and sustainable way.

E-waste is one of the fastest growing sources of waste in the world, created by electronic devices and gadgets we no longer use. Joyce and Josette used to work at Closing the Loop, an initiative born out of a longing for solving this waste problem. Why haven’t we heard more about this project? Josette explains: ‘’it’s kind of a difficult, complicated matter and many people don’t relate to the problem. How could we make people care more? We came up with the idea of showing there is value in waste’’. A more tangible, curious approach for sure.

What is your vision for the company in say; 1-2 years time?

‘’We envision a world where everyone sees the importance of recycling e-waste, hands in their old mobile phones, and where all mobile phones are reused or recycled in a sustainable way’’

''What we dream about? What if in 1-2 years from now we’ll have launched several jewelry lines with different designers and brands? Because of our cooperation with Closing the Loop, we can provide gold and silver directly from waste mobile phones. That's why we have a unique position. Brands who want to launch sustainable and circular jewelry can also work with us! For every piece of jewelry that we sell, Closing the Loop will collect and recycle five waste phones from Africa. So our goal is the reduction of e-waste worldwide.

In the future, we would love to become material-neutral. We would love to collect as many old mobile phones as pieces of jewelry we sell. Perhaps we can think about a discount system of some sort.

Are there other initiatives in the world that you know of, that have used the circular or re-purposed use of gold or silver out of consumer goods and turned them into jewelry?

It’s not that there is no use of recycled gold in the Netherlands for example, but we feel that the whole gold industry is super non-transparant. It’s hard to know where gold comes from and recycled gold is just as expensive as ‘’new’’ gold. Fairtrade gold is even more expensive.

Nikkie Reed from Dell has created a jewelry line from gold she collected out of old computers. We applaud this and would love to see more people engaging in this way of thinking and creating. We hope that with our Kickstarter program we will have money to do more marketing initiatives. We need to get attention and spread the word.

You have turned it into jewelry, but this wasn't your first choice (perhaps) would you explain how you ended up creating jewelry after all?

Well, jewelry is by far the best tool to make people think about the resources and where they come from. Jewelry always tells a story and people love to talk about it. Becoming more conscious about the value in our waste and of waste is our goal. So we felt jewelry was the perfect tool to get that message across.

Would you see yourselves developing a whole collection with your designer in the future, or is this not a goal at all?

The first jewelry line we launch after our Kickstarter campaign is with designer Mickey Philips. Together we’ve created a modular piece of jewelry. You can wear it in several ways: the brooch and earrings are easily transformable into a necklace or bracelet. You can mix and match in endless ways.

In the future, we will launch jewelry lines with different designers and brands.

Who do you think would love to buy this kind of jewelry? 

‘’Our types of buyers will be female frontrunners, conscious- and convenience buyers, starting from 21 years old’’

International readers, who are intrigued by your story; can they order your jewelry online too?

Yes, please do :) We're an international brand. We’ve already got orders from all over the world!

Should another country show interest, would you be willing to talk to other companies to expand the idea or business?


Why should people buy this particular piece of jewelry?

Because it is beautiful and you can contribute to less e-waste worldwide.

My personal view on Nowa jewelry

First of all, it is admirable. And I know you’ll agree with me, that this is a fantastic project! I can only imagine how committed one must be in order to get this project even started. The jewelry looks nice and I am sure that it’ll find its way to the public. Why? Because here is a beautiful case of perfect story and meaning.

So many Millennials minded people look for significance, meaning, a value in experience. We love to hear a story behind a piece of jewelry. Now, many stories start with; a love for nature, or ‘’ as a child, I already loved to draw jewelry’’ but this is a different kind of story. One that takes jewelry as a tool to communicate to the world about a problem that concerns us all. Also, we might not even be conscious of what we have in our drawers at home. I have at least 4-5 old mobiles that I don’t throw away, yet they just sit there.

Therefore, take a look, read the story, see if it resonates with you? Maybe buy it as a gift to someone you know would love this story? Maybe for yourself, for the beauty of the product, the message and the world!


JOSETTE & JOYCE: ''We call our unique Kickstarter collection Eternal Connection.

‘Eternal’ because if only we’d recycle more, we could use resources like gold and silver for eternity. ‘Connection’ refers to the connection we have with each other and the earth.  We have created three unique pieces of jewelry made from recycled mobile phones. A bracelet, a necklace with a small Eternal Connection design (for those minimalistic jewelry lovers) and a necklace with a bigger Eternal Connection design (for those of you who love some bling!)''

AuthorEsther Ligthart
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What is the most expensive jewelry ever worn at the red carpet? Who wore it and where was it shown? And what is the second most expensive piece of jewelry ever worn on such an event? Oh, and do the stars actually own the jewelry themselves? Find it out in this blog!

Jewelry at the Oscars 

Whilst they are sweeping the streets around the Dolby Theatre, where the most glamorous of events of the planet - the Oscars- took place earlier this week on Sunday evening, we thought it would be fun to show you the most expensive piece ever worn on the red carpet. But before we get you too excited you need to know that not always do jewelry houses announce the price and especially for this particular piece of jewelry; we have non-confirmed sources that we consulted to give us an idea about the actual retail price.

What does the industry whisper about jewelry on the red carpet

I follow various groups of jewelers on Facebook and other platforms and it’s funny to read how many different opinions there are about jewelry on the red carpet in general, from people within the industry. From jewelry creators owning a small workshop or retailers, we hear things that vary from: what a joy to see all this glitz and glam to do you think they own this jewelry? And others who think it’s all over the top and they should wear lesser known, nicer designed jewelry instead.

Why is jewelry on the red carpet so expensive?

First of all, all the companies represented on the red carpet are absolute top jewelry companies. As far as design goes; I do understand what they mean. The price of the jewelry on the red carpet is extremely high mostly due to the number of stones, the quality and the weight of the stones. Beyond precious and absolutely fabulous for the occasion. But it’s not what any of these companies sell on a daily basis.

Instead, the red carpet is the sublime moment for fashion and jewelry designers to gain the attention of a worldwide audience during the most glamorous, most photographed and talked- about-event in the entertainment industry of the year.

And no. None of the most prominent actors own any of the jewelry or dresses they wear. It is all a win-win industry. They get the most beautiful clothes. They also work with the most sought after-stylists of the moment, and on top of that, they get to wear the most glamorous pricy beautiful jewelry and in return the brands involved get the promotion.

The most expensive jewelry ever worn on the red carpet is...

So allegedly, the most expensive piece of jewelry is a pair of earrings created by Chopard. Worn by the stunning South African actress Charlize Theron on the Cannes Red Carpet in 2017. The Queen of Kalahari was a diamond, fair-mined in Botswana in the Karowe Mine. The giant diamond weighed 342 ct, a seriously big stone! And Chopard cut it into 23 pieces. Five of the stones weighed over 20 carats.

Like the ones Charlize Theron wore. A mismatched, versatile worn ( the dangling part comes off) pair of earrings with two giant D color IIA certified diamonds. The collection consists of a necklace, a ring, a watch, a bracelet, and earrings. And the price is…….an estimated, non-confirmed whopping $50 million! That is for the full-length pair with the mismatched stones weighing 25ct and 26ct!

And the runner up is...

Which jewel comes in second? Probably the yellow diamond necklace was worn by the woman who surprised friend and foe last year, as an actress: Lady Gaga. The necklace is by Tiffany and weighs 128,54ct. The estimated price is around $30 million.

What do you think? How comfortable would you be wearing jewelry like this? Will they have personal guards to watch over the jewelry? And who buys jewelry like this? I would love to know all these things!


Esther XOXO

AuthorEsther Ligthart

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