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It’s not everyday that a big event caters to the entire family. Bazaars are targeted towards women, car shows are made mainly for men, and geeky conventions only cater to a small group. Enter: Philippine Autocon 2019, an event the entire family can enjoy.

The Biggest Auto Convention in the Philippines

The Philippine Autocon 2019 is the newest automotive event that’s surely worth your time. Organized by beepbeep.ph, an online portal specialized in car-related care and services, this will not be your ordinary convention. It will be held at the World Trade Center, Pasay, from July 25 to 28.

The event is surely a family affair, with booths, attractions, and activities geared toward each member of the family, such as:

  • An exciting car auction
  • The biggest car sale of the year
  • A mind-blowing car competition
  • Stellar celebrity performances
  • A drift box go-kart course
  • An immersive car simulator
  • An action-packed Attack Arena
  • Trendy bazaars
  • A variety of food trucks
  • A relaxing spa area
Host, writer, and car reviewer James Deakin will be gracing the event.

James Deakin was announced as the beepbeep.ph brand ambassador during its official launch which was held last October 25th of last year. Having our poster boy present at the event is a must!

Just like beepbeep.ph’s primary goal which is to be at your service all the time, Philippine Autocon 2019 will serve as a platform for exhibits on maintenance and mechanical repair, body repair, paints and wraps, wheels and tires, and other services and products.

Tickets are now cheaper than ever! Pre-selling Price:

Single-day Pass – P170
Multi-day Pass – P300

Gate Price:

Single-day Pass – P200
Multi-day Pass – P340

What are you waiting for? Get your ticket at the nearest SM tickets outlet or visit https://smtickets.com/events/view/7769

For more information regarding this much-awaited Philippine Autocon 2019, visit our events page.

Don’t forget to bring your family and friends. We are definitely looking forward to have you there!

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If you drive in Metro Manila, chances are, a traffic enforcer has pulled you over at least once or twice. And you were probably thinking, “Oh no, what did I do? What’s going to happen now?”. Being caught in that anxious position is a hassle that nobody would want to go through again. Here are some tips on how to prepare yourself in order to avoid LTO penalties.

1. Have your valid driver’s license with you

Without a driver’s license, you could be fined for at least Php 1,500, whether your drivers’ license has been expired for the past few months or you simply forgot it in another bag.

On top of that, you will be disqualified from driving, and from being granted a driver’s license for an entire year. Renewing your driver’s license on time will keep you away from trouble in the future.

Check the list of fines and penalties here.


2. Keep your OR/CR in your car

The Official Receipt and Certificate of Registration are your proof of ownership and your vehicle’s identification. The fine of not having these documents on-hand could cost you up to Php 10,000.

Make sure to keep your OR/CR in your car at all times, and to renew your car registrations no more than 60 days before its expiration date.


3. Make sure all car parts are working properly

Have your car checked regularly. It will save you from getting into expensive repair costs, or better yet- a fine of Php 5,000 for driving a car without proper car parts such as the brake system and the car light system.

Getting your car maintained will help avoid LTO penalties, but most importantly, it will keep you and your loved ones safe.


By following these tips, we assure you that you will have an easier experience with LTO. Always make sure you’re on time to avoid late fees.

Thanks to Standard insurance, you can sign up for LTO registration reminders at beepbeep.ph.

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When on the road, one should exercise caution: always follow road rules, don’t drive when under the influence, and regularly get your cars checked.

As a rule: we can never be too careful when handling an automobile. After all, accidents can happen at any moment.


It’s important to protect yourself in case of an accident. With beepbeep and Standard Insurance’s CTPL Insurance offers, you can make sure that you or a third party get compensated for damages.

The CTPL Insurance, or Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance, is a car insurance plan that the Land Transportation Office (LTO) requires every car owner to purchase whenever they register a vehicle for private or commercial purposes.

It covers property damage and medical expenses due to road accidents, such as disablement or death.

Having a policy also protects you from legal liabilities as it also provides coverage benefits to the third party.

Depending on the severity of the accident and its resulting injuries, a victim may receive P20,000 to 100,000 in compensation.

In collaboration with Standard Insurance, beepbeep.ph is offering a cheaper and hassle-free option to purchase the CTPL Insurance online. With no hidden or additional fees, you get the most out of your money. Get all these benefits starting at just P610.40* a year.

Buy your CTPL Insurance from us now!

To know more about beepbeep.ph’s latest services this 2019, read this article.

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A driver affords you more time to be productive, plus they make life a bit more bearable because they’re the ones absorbing the stress of traffic. Here are some of the things you can accomplish when you book a Driver on Demand.

Let’s be real: having a driver is one of life’s best and greatest luxuries. Just imagine all the things we can do if we didn’t have to man a car in Metro Manila’s perpetual heavy traffic!

1. Catch up on sleep or your favorite series

Did an all-nighter keep you up? Catch some Z’s while our driver brings you where you need to be. Not only are you making the road a safer place (sleepy driving is a no no!), you’re also making yourself more productive for the day by recharging. Alternatively, you can also use this downtime to watch the latest episode of your favorite TV show.


2. Eat with two hands

You can finally eat your rice meals on the go! Not having both hands on the wheel gives you more options when you go to the drive-thru. Just make sure you pack a spare outfit in case you spill something on yourself.


3. No time wasted looking for parking

Sometimes, it’s looking for a parking slot that takes more time than the drive itself. With Driver on Demand, you don’t have to arrive extra early just to look for parking. You can get dropped off where you need to go to, and then get picked up after. That means no more running from the parking to catch your 9 PM movie!


4. An instant shopping buddy

No need to walk all the way to your car while carrying those shopping bags! Our driver can just meet you at the entrance and help load everything to your car without having to compromise your shopping time.


5. No more lazy excuses for fitness

Ever feel like working out after a long day in the office or in between your weekend errands, but you’re just TOO tired to drive or you can’t book a ride during rush hour? Well, having your own driver can help you get to the nearest gym or cross fit center. Now, what’s your excuse?


6. Bring out your inner romantic

The beautiful thing about not having to drive is being able to focus on more important matters, say, to woo your crush or girlfriend. When you’re in the backseat, you get to text them sweet stuff, or even wrap them in a warm hug *wink* ala Ali Wong and Randall Park in Always Be My Maybe!


7. Driver on Demand let you enjoy the city-scape for once

Admit it, when you’re the one behind the wheel you just get too focused on the road. By having our driver around, you not only just get to relax in the backseat but also you get to enjoy the city’s unique architecture, vibrant culture, and wide array of people living their daily lives.


8. More meaningful conversations

Conversations made on the road are the best! But being the one driving, it’s just hard to join in. So by having our driver bring you and your friends to wherever you need to be, you get to actually interact and have fun with each other. More tea and more secrets will be spilled!


9. Work hard

Big exams or presentations take a whole lot of prep time. Minimize mistakes and make the most out of your trip by reviewing and making sure everything is in its right place.


10. Party harder

Fancy a tipple? When you hire a Driver on Demand, you can have as many as you want! Designated Drivers will become a thing of the past. So have some fun and take those shots!


Enjoy all these perks when you book a Driver on Demand! Schedule your ride by calling 541-9999 or downloading the app on your iOS and Android devices.

Check out beepbeep.ph’s driver on demand faqs to answer your questions in mind.

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Car service probably isn’t the primary thing that would come to the minds of potential automobile owners when they’re pondering on that much-awaited purchase.

At first, of course, they would be mulling over the costs—how much the vehicle is, how much they’d be shelling out monthly, what their annual expenditures are, or which loans they’d have to apply for.

If they aren’t dwelling on financial matters, they might be ogling the car’s features online, becoming more and more thrilled at the prospect of having it sprawled across their garage.

But car services? Well, maybe not so much.

But that’s the thing—it doesn’t just end with buying that automobile. You also have to consider what comes after. That is car servicing!

You don’t want your beloved car suffering or performing poorly (which might eventually hassle or put you in danger, mind you) just because you skimped on essential car services or car maintenance.

But it’s easy to be overwhelmed, especially when it’s your first time acquiring a vehicle. There might be multitudes of questions swirling in your head, like what is a car service in the first place? Why are they so vital? Or what precisely do they do?

If these are your concerns, then don’t worry. This post will tackle the basic to advance things you should know about car service.

What are car services?

Part of the reason why car owners veer away from servicing their vehicles is due to their general lack of awareness about what it is and what it does.

Most of them might see it as nothing but a ludicrous splurge. After all, why would they visit a car repair shop when their automobile seems to be working just fine? Or when they’re having seemingly minor issues?

Sometimes, all they will think about is arriving at their destinations, on getting from this point to that point, without bothering to contemplate about what’s happening behind the scenes; that is, to their cars.

If you’re considering buying a vehicle, then it’s important to be aware that servicing your car is a fundamental part of your role as an owner.

Car services are a succession of maintenance procedures performed on your car at designated schedules, time intervals, or after it has traversed a certain distance. The intervals are usually set by the manufacturer.

What are the basic car services, and when should I get them?

Now here comes the tricky part.

You already know what car service is and how crucial they are. What comes next are the specifics—like what kind of services are available for your precious vehicle and when should you have them?

It’s easy to be confounded by the deluge of information, especially when you see the vast array of options to choose from.

Here are some of the basic ones that you should keep in mind. They will definitely allow your vehicles to have optimum performance.

  1. Oil change intervals – Probably the most famous misconception in car maintenance has something to do with changing the oil. For so many years, mechanics declared that oil should be changed every 3,000 miles. However, recent technological advancements led manufacturers to make a new pronouncement: that is, the oil should be changed between 7,500 and 10,000 miles. Whether you’re planning to personally change your oil or have it done by a professional, it’s essential that you keep track of your car’s mileage. Note them down in a journal—it will serve as your guideline as to when your next oil change schedule should be. Here are the things that you should consider to maintain your oil:
    • If you have a new model, it will be easier for you. Rely on your oil life monitor to designate when your next oil change should be.
    • Have a look at your vehicle owner’s manual to see the recommended oil change intervals are.
    • Lastly, make sure to constantly check your oil level using a dipstick. Is it a bit too low? Then add more oil. Does it appear dirty? Then have it changed.
  2. Routine brake checks – Knowing when your brakes will need a tune-up is very pivotal, especially if you often drive in areas that suffer from heavy traffic or place several miles on your vehicle annually. Below are signs and manifestations you need to look out for, as they usually reveal when your brakes should be checked.
    • There’s a shrill squeaking every time you brake or stop.
    • The steering wheel vibrates when you decelerate or stop.
    • There’s a grinding sound of metal clashing on metal.
    • It requires more effort and time before you can completely halt your car.
    • There’s an unpleasant smell when you apply the brakes.
    • Your vehicle pulls to one side every time you brake or stop.

    It’s time to visit an auto shop when you encounter any of these. You don’t want the time to come when you won’t be able to fully stop your vehicle. Awareness is key.

  3. Tire maintenance – Always keeping your tires in the best condition can help you avoid pricey repairs erupting from damages and from life-threatening driving situations. One way to ensure this is by regularly checking the state of your tires. For pressure, here’s what you need to know:
    • Underinflated tires can lead to a decline in fuel efficiency. Furthermore, it can also raise the risks of it being damaged or blown out
    • It’s advisable to have your tires checked monthly. Refer to your owner’s manual to see the preferred PSI (or pounds per square inch).
    • You can use a tire gauge to accurately check your car’s PSI.

    For tread:

    • Treads provide your car an ample amount of friction to keep in on the road. Tattered tires can lead to slipping, especially on wet roads.
    • As with pressure, it’s also recommended to check your treads every month. When your vehicle’s tread indicators have become worn out, then it might be high time to replace your tires.

    For rotation:

    • Rotation of tires allows them to utilize fuel more efficiently. Additionally, it also reduces wear and tear.
    • You can refer to your owner’s manual to see the optimum rotation intervals.
    • Rotate as soon as plausible if you note any manifestations of wear.

    For balance and alignment:

    • As with rotation, balancing of tires also helps in preventing them from getting shabby immediately.
    • A correct alignment will help your car avoid pulling to one side.
    • Performing balance and alignment is fairly convenient—you can have it done when you’re having an oil change or when you’re getting your tires replaced.
  4. Other parts you can replace
    There are also other replaceable parts that you can routinely check on your own. This can save you from having to spend more money when you encounter some issues in the future.Here are some maintenance and check-ups you can do at the comforts of your home:

    For air filter:

    • You should check your air filter during scheduled oil changes.
    • This is very critical if you drive on roads that often endure traffic or if you’re usually exposed to wind and dust (such as passing by construction sites).

    For hoses and belts:

    • Your automobile’s rubber parts can get dilapidated easily because of severe weather changes or high mileage.
    • Make sure to check your hood frequently and survey it for cracks or holes.

    For wiper blades:

    • Damaged wipers won’t function effectively. It can also hamper your car’s visibility.
    • Replace your wiper blades more often when you go through extreme weathers.
What’s included in car service packages?

Aside from the aforementioned individual repair services, you can also opt for packages.

However, car owners sometimes find it scary to go for these. After all, you’re letting a mechanic—who is virtually a stranger—have full access to your car and set out on anything he or she pleases to do with it.

You might end up relentlessly worrying while your car gets serviced in a shop. All these ultimately stem from a lack of knowledge on what these packages include.

Car service can be classified into two types: 1) minor services and 2) major services. The former is quite swift and might take less than a couple of hours.

On the other hand, major services, as the name implies, are immensely more comprehensive and come with a heftier price tag.

Here’s what needs to be checked during a minor car service:

  • Oil
  • Oil filter
  • Belts and hoses
  • Brakes and brake fluid
  • Air conditioning
  • Cooling system
  • Battery
  • Top up fluids
  • Exhaust
  • Transmission
  • Steering and suspension
  • Lights
  • Tires
  • Wiper blades
  • Air and fuel filters

As for a major car service, these need to be inspected:

  • Oils and fluids
  • Safety
  • Brakes
  • Exhaust
  • Transmission
  • Steering and suspension
  • Belts and hoses
  • Lights
  • Tires
  • Wiper blades
  • Battery
  • Cooling system and coolant
  • Brake fluid
  • Air and fuel filters
  • Oil and oil filter (should be replaced)
  • Spark plugs (should be changed)
  • Air conditioning
  • Wheel bearings
  • Trans line oils

As mentioned earlier, major vehicle services are a lot pricier. They’re also largely dependent on the car model.

Car Service Mileage Guide

If you want to have your car checked depending on the mileage, then here’s something to guide you.

For every 10,000 kilometers, you should address these parts:

  • Oil
  • Oil filter
  • Fluids (coolant, power steering, brake, and transmission, among others)
  • Air filter
  • Rotation, balancing, and alignment
  • Belts and hose
  • Wiper blades
  • Lights
  • Service battery
  • Cleaning
  • Painting jobs

For every 20,000 kilometers (or annually), retain the previous list and add these other concerns:

  • Flush and engine and coolant
  • Wiper blades
  • Fuel filter
  • Brakes
  • Hoses
  • Spark plugs
  • Suspension
  • Clutch release
  • Driveshaft boots

For every 30,000 kms or every two years, add these:

  • Oil (transmission, gear, differential)
  • Brake line bleeding and fluid change
  • Steering fluid
  • Spark plugs
  • Fuel injectors
  • Throttle body
  • PCV valve
  • Ignition timing
  • Valve clearance and adjustment
  • Air conditioning
  • Brake pads

Lastly, every 60,000 kilometers, there are the final things you need to consider:

  • Timing belt/ balancer
  • Water pump
  • Suspension
  • Drive belts
  • Hose pipes
  • Air filter
  • Clutch plate
Car service: an indispensable practice

When prospective car owners think of their first purchase, car service and car tune-up don’t normally cross their mind.

They’ll initially be worrying about the expenses and the automobile’s specs. But investing in vehicle services is an integral part of being a car owner.

And to ensure that your car will always be functioning efficiently and won’t suddenly break down when you’re traveling, then it’s best to be prepared. That is, by performing these services and maintenance routines religiously.

Why is it so crucial to have your car serviced?

Regular car service can make the difference between it functioning seamlessly and efficiently, and the hazard of encountering costly repairs that you might otherwise have avoided.

It can also mean that your vehicle won’t be able to perform smoothly just when you need it to or it breaking down in the middle of a bustling road—how are those for inconveniences?

Some of you might be thinking, car services are ridiculously expensive! And avoiding them means saving a lot of money altogether!

Unfortunately, this is nothing but a delusion. You’re just fooling yourself and waiting for the inevitable: when your automobile finally gives up and gets damaged, which can lead to much higher expense.

So whether you’re driving a pristine 2017 car or an older model, you should consider indulging in regular car services and maintenance. They’re an integral aspect of becoming a more responsible owner.

Here are some advantages you can consider:

  1. It helps maintain your car’s overall value.
  2. It can help you save money.
  3. It can help ensure that your car is in good working condition.
  4. It can maintain and improve fuel economy.

It Maintains Your Car’s Overall Value

One thing to note about cars is that value is almost everything. In fact, since the day you bought the car, the car’s overall purchase value is on an ever decreasing or increasing scale.

For the former, the more damage it takes overtime and the more it’s neglected, the more likely that the car’s overall value will decrease.

This is where regular car servicing comes in the picture! If you get your car serviced on a regular basis, then your car’s overall value will be maintained to a high price, which can make reselling your car even easier to do when the time comes.

Plus, with your car in tip-top shape thanks to having it serviced on a regular basis, there are bound to be some googly eyes being made of the natural, metallic beauty that is your car!

It Helps Save Money

Of course, thanks to the regular servicing of your car, it can definitely help you save money for your car and other things you wish to spend on!

Additionally, with the various amounts of damage that can afflict your car, which in turn would need repairs, in the end, why not save the money needed for regular servicing for your car?

Think of it as a precautionary measure for those emergency moments that can happen anytime!

It Helps to Ensure That Your Car is in Good Working Condition

When it comes to having your car serviced on a regular basis, one of the most important things to consider is the overall working condition of your car.

Sure, owning a car and getting to drive it around on a regular basis is nothing short of awesome. However, how long can a car really last?

For this, simply bring your car to the nearest auto shop and have it serviced.

That way, you can truly check if your brakes, lights, tires, and other important things are in good working condition.

It Helps Ensure Good Fuel Economy for Your Car

Since fuel is one of the most important aspects of a car, this is one of the most important tips to consider.

Regular servicing of your car can ensure that your fuel capacity remains in optimal condition, as well as ensuring that it is able to burn less fuel when running.

Key Takeaway

There you have it! Having your car serviced can really do wonders for you! With these reasons to consider, those regular trips to the auto shop or booking a car maintenance valet service can really be worthwhile in the long run!

And if you want your car to be at its optimum performance, then Beep Beep can help you.

Beep Beep guarantees that your car is properly assessed and given the attention and repair it deserves. We have a vast offering of car services that will definitely address your need.

If you’re interested in checking out our servicing options, then don’t hesitate to contact us now and our team will instantly come to your aid—even when you’re stuck in the middle of a road!

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We all know that summer road trips, as simple as they may be, are easily one of the most exciting things in the world! The thing is, we’re all focused on the road trip per se and often times, we forget that there is this ‘tedious’ part of preparing and getting ready for the trip; the road trip essentials.

There are a lot of things we have to consider before we get going. From planning to packing, it’s a draining process already! So luckily for you guys, we’ll be giving you the road trip essentials on how to handle your preparations like a boss!

TIP #1 Make sure all your ‘SELF CARE ESSENTIALS’ are going to end up in your bags and not gonna be left out on top of your beds

Forgetting your essentials will surely ruin your trip. Always remember that having your road trip essentials in a checklist and going over at it once or twice will really make a big difference.

So what do you need to bring?
TIP #2 Scavenge for the best playlists for a long road trip…or if you don’t have the time do that follow this playlist instead:

What’s a road trip without music? With the technology we have today, listening to all kinds of music has become more accessible. Set the mood for your trip and start your journey with an awesome playlist. Now, if you’re ‘too lazy’ to look for a playlist, we’ve prepared this awesome playlist for your unforgettable summer road trip!

Click here for the Spotify playlist we made for you!
TIP #3 Know where to go! Research about the route so you won’t have to ask every passer-by on the way.

We all know that uneasy feeling of asking someone we don’t know (especially for the introverts out there). So better be prepared and ready with your route so that getting lost will be the least of your worries. A lot of online navigation apps are accessible now so let’s maximize them.

TIP #4 It’s not always about you! Consider your cars as well. Prepare your ‘CAR CARE KIT’ just in case of emergencies

Let’s be real, we can never predict what can happen on the road no matter how prepared we are. Some situations can be out of our control so it’s better to know that there’s a reliable hotline you can call for all your roadside emergencies (ehem, shameless plug…) You can reach us through our app or hotline, 541-9999. To know more about it, you can check here: Roadside Assistance Made Easy.

TIP #5 Speaking of cars, make sure to get them in tip top shape before your trip! But since we know you (you busy human), why not book a Maintenance Valet for your car?
Don’t know what Maintenance Valet is? Check out this infographic to know more:

Basically, maintenance valet service is for the car owners who don’t have the time to get their cars checked or maintained. Let our drivers do the car pick-up and delivery for you so you don’t have to wait long hours!

So get you and your cars vacay ready with MV!

Well, there you have it, the 5 road trip essentials you need to prepare, easy to follow right? Now you can get on with your road trip without worry!

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It is often argued that in these times, there is a superfluous amount of cars in this country and reliable auto shop is needed now more than ever.

Here in the Philippines, transportation is a very hot issue; whether you’re an average commuter or a seasoned driving veteran with an intuitive grasp of all the fail-safe routes around your city, getting around in this country is a challenging beast all in itself.

Without a doubt, it would be of great advantage if you had your own car. It’s a given that we don’t all have the same financial capacity to be able to purchase one.

However, if you do have the means for car ownership’s proverbial rite of passage into adulthood, then buckle up because owning a car is a great responsibility, and you should be well versed in what you’re getting into.

Because if not, it is guaranteed that you’ll be constantly stressed out and find that owning a car will be more of a liability in your life rather than the convenient mechanistic tool that it was meant to be.

It’s important to realize that there are a lot of crucial aspects to the responsibility of successful car ownership.

An auto shop is a place that you need to acquaint yourself with because you’ll be spending A LOT of time there.

This article serves as a relatively extensive guide that covers the basic and integral sectors of car ownership that you need to be aware of.

A general overview of all the fundamental encompassing aspects that takes you through the ins and outs of how owning a car will come to play in your life.

It will cover the basics of car ownership and aims to be a nifty beginner’s blueprint for you to look back on when the time comes for troubleshooting.

Driving in itself is also a responsibility, remember, the most important thing is to always drive safely! No matter what anybody says, keep your seatbelt on and avoid driving when you are under the influence.

Tip 1: Consider Your Lifestyle

Every individual car owner has his/her own purpose for using a car to drive around from place to place on a daily basis.

Some people subject their cars to the harshest of terrains while others exclusively to the most pristine of concrete or asphalt. Some drivers travel cross country distances on a daily basis while others just use their car for errands around their small town.

It’s important to know your car and how you intend to use it on the regular. Obviously, it would be dumbfounding, comical, and straight up dangerous if you were to drive a compact luxury car on off-road terrain!

These are introspections that you have probably already gone through and sorted out when you were in the process of purchasing your first automobile.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, on a more in-depth aspect, make sure that you exhaustively review your car’s manual (to the best of your ability) and take note of its specificities with regards to special parts and instances for immediate factory servicing.

Keep the car manual tucked away somewhere at home for reference; you’re going to need it.

If your car has been purchased 2nd hand, make it a point to know the vehicle’s COMPLETE history and everything concerning significant modifications, part changes since it was newly assembled.

There are quite a number of factors to run through when it comes to affairs concerning a 2nd hand vehicle that’s a topic for another article.

Another important tip is to set aside a little notebook wherein you can jot down important part serials and mileage numbers every time you get the oil changed.

Tip 2: Research about Car Registration

First things first, driver’s license. It is for your (physical and LEGAL) safety that you under the strictest of terms get behind the wheel with your driver’s license on you.

Even if you’re just going for a cruise around your homeowner’s association, be sure you have your license with you.

In the case of an accident, even if you are in the right, you will indeed be the individual prosecuted for operating a vehicle without a license.

Next, to the auto shop, the LTO (Land Transportation Office) venues will be your other best friend. And another piece of extremely important paper documentation is your car’s registration.

It is ideal to always have this document nestled in your car’s glove compartment at all times on the road. Here are the required documents you need to have with you when you get your car registered at the LTO (as of March 2019):

Brand new car (imported)

  • Commercial Invoice of MV (motor vehicle) issued by the country of origin
  • Bill of Lading
  • BOC Certificate of Payment
  • Certificate of Stock Reported (CSR)
  • Sales Invoice of the MV
  • PNP-TMG MV Clearance Certificate
  • Appropriate Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR)
  • Appropriate insurance certificate cover
  • Valid Certificate of Public Convenience duly confirmed by the LTFRB (for hire MV’s)
  • Valid Motorized Tricycle Operators Permit (MTOP) for TC only
  • Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN)

2nd hand car (renewal, private vehicle)

  • Photocopy of Certificate of Registration (CR) and Official Receipt of payment
  • Appropriate Insurance Certificate of Cover (COC)
  • Appropriate Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR)
  • Certificate of Emission Compliance (CEC)
  • Taxpayer’s Identification Number

You can also opt-in to LTO Registration Reminder. This will ensure that you won’t miss your car registration renewal.

Although accidents happen when we least expect, it is important that we always have a fallback for any unfortunate event.

It is a high necessity that you apply for a car insurance card with the best deal for your current living status.

Remember that losing one of these documents could hinder you as a driver.

Which is why we highly suggest for you to make multiple photocopies of all these important documents.

Keep them safe because whenever the unfortunate occurrence of losing them actually happens, you’ll be saving yourself from a world of hassle.

Tip 3: Regular Car Maintenance

Everyday rounds are for making sure your car is free of any potential hazards. This should be part of your morning routine, preferably before you leave home.

Also, make sure to start your car and let the engine warm up at least until temperature levels are past the cold level. Failing to do this leads to the engine’s deterioration.

Check these parts on a daily basis and make sure everything is in tip-top shape:

  • Battery – If the battery doesn’t work, then your car would not turn on at all. So make sure that battery power is far from dead. The dashboard indicator will always notify you of this.
  • Coolant – This cools the car’s engine as it runs. Make sure coolant levels are sufficient because your engine would overheat otherwise.
  • Oil – Check dashboard if it’s time to get the oil changed. Also manually inspect the oil filter’s gauge if it’s already looking overused and dirty.
  • Fluids – Make sure that the Brake fluid and Power steering fluids are at the required level.
  • Brakes – Always be secure to testing out the breaks before hitting the road. Make sure your brake pads are not about to give out.
  • Tires – Ensure that tires are inflated with the right tire pressure.
  • Lights – Check headlights, park lights, signal lights, and fog lamps regardless if you’ll be driving at night time.
  • Gas – Make sure you know what type of fuel to get at the gas station, check the manual for your car’s preferred type of gas.
  • Belts – Make sure all the engine’s pulleys, belts, and fan belts are moving at normal rates. Make it a point to also check if they’re making any peculiar noises.

If you’re feeling iffy about any of these bullet points in your everyday rounds, don’t hesitate to take your car in at the auto shop right away for a proper analysis.

Tip 4: Periodic Car Maintenance

Matters of a periodic timeframe are usually concerns that should be ideally taken care of by the auto shop.

The equipment required for these are the high industry standard and for the most part, warrant a trained serviceman:

  • Oil change
  • Battery change
  • Tune-ups
  • Wheel alignment

If you’re a busy person but your car’s periodic car maintenance is due and you can’t attend to it, avail beepbeep.ph’s maintenance valet service.

Maintenance valet is a car pick-up and delivery service wherein you book an appointment to your trusted auto shop, and one of the best and trusted beepbeep.ph driver will pick-up your car, bring it to the auto shop for periodic maintenance and delivery it back to you once done.

beepbeep.ph’s poll of drivers are equipt with body cam and you will be able to track your car while traveling on the road. So this will give you peace of mind and convenience.

Tip 5: Keeping Your Car Clean

Make sure your wipers are running well, and your side and rear view mirrors are clear because these are minute details that could make all the difference.

Be sure to regularly get your car washed. If you don’t have the time to do so, take it to a car wash service.

Parking is also a factor that dictates your car’s (exterior) condition. You need to make sure that your car is safely parked in areas that are least susceptible to harsh weather conditions.

This is the usual cause for the paint to fade and if that’s the case, it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself stressed out on dealing with an expensive new coating job.

Furthermore, be sure that your air conditioner is in tip functional shape. It’s a no brainer that the tropical climate in this country can get very brutal, especially in the summer.

Depending on your area, keeping your car’s windows open all the time affects the interior well-being and could very well lead to damage.

When it comes to your car’s interior space: regulative vacuuming and wiping of the windows will alleviate the possibility of long term degradation by exterminating dust mites.

Tip 6: Have Your Car Checked to Ensure its Overall Condition

Wear and tear is a natural occurrence that happens to any well-used piece of healthy machinery—it’s a sign of successful usage and long term performance.

However, it’s of utter importance that you maintain your vehicles running condition. Your car’s performance is something that isn’t exactly easy to gauge, especially if you’re a newbie.

It’s best to constantly be aware of your car’s potential follies by consulting with licensed technicians in order to prevent further damage.

This is what was meant earlier when stated that you need to be constantly taking your car to the auto shop, regardless if it is in dire need of repairs or scheduled maintenance.

Think of it as bringing your car in to get a checkup! A few check-ups here and there can only prove to be beneficial for you in the long run.

Tip 7: Trust in Your Auto Shop

In order to rid yourself of any hassle from stressful dealings with your car, you should build a relationship with your auto shop mechanic.

This person is a well-trained and skilled technician that you can (and should) learn from. He/she will take you through the ins and outs of your car’s general state and will expose to you the long term mitigation plans for ensuring your car a long and healthy life.

Your auto shop mechanic will also refer you to a fitting electrician for any concern regarding circuitry.

You need to trust your mechanic with your car in the same way that you trust your doctors with your body and general well-being!

Also, in the more business aspect of things, getting well acquainted with the auto shop’s counter employees will grant you extended knowledge overtime on the various quotas concerning parts and repairs.

There you have it, folks! Hope you’ll learn something you can apply with our comprehensive guide in owning your first car. And for finding the best and trusted auto shop, remember to search with beepbeep.ph – the biggest online auto repair shop directory in the Philippines.

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Looking for the perfect casa alternative has become harder. A lot of shops offer unique services and good prices but the quality of service seems to be lacking. Luckily, ValuePlus Auto Service is here.

ValuePlus been known to be the best alternative for casas since 2013. They use cutting-edge equipment and tools so that they can provide their customers with high-quality service while getting a bang for the buck!

True to its name, ValuePlus upholds a transparent approach in dealing with their customers. Participation and inquiries are integral during the whole process. Along with this, they employ the best of the best in the industry.

“ValuePlus employs technicians, supervisors, and managers with over 20 years of combined experience from major automotive OEM and car dealerships. Our mechanics are trained to work on multiple car brands. ”

– Mark Saberola, General Manager

ValuePlus VP Prime Maintenance Subscription Program

Introducing VP Prime, an innovative subscription service for your car maintenance needs. It offers an easier solution for car owners to maintain their vehicles by addressing issues that commonly delay preventative maintenance.

  • Vehicle/Customer’s availability (or unavailability)
  • Cost of maintenance
  • Consistency of maintenance
  • Information that empowers them to understand their car’s health
  • offer maintenance solutions for their vehicles for the next 12 months
  • parts, labour, and materials that they will need
  • a installment scheme is applied on their credit card; the amount of their full-year maintenance is charged to them on a monthly basis

They will no longer have to worry about their cash-outs during their maintenance because the total amount has been spread out via instalment throughout the year.

VP Prime also features maintenance valet or pickup and delivery via beepbeep.ph

A valet driver will pick the vehicle up from the customer and deliver it to the customer after the car maintenance.

VP will also be exclusively launching the CARMEN Car Maintenance App. VP Prime customers will receive a gadget and a corresponding app that communicates with their car. They get real-time data on their phones concerning the health of their cars.

The app sends data to VP as the service provider then it will keep track of the car’s safety and roadworthiness. It will send an SMS, email, and notification to the owner and to VP something is amiss with the vehicle.

The information includes battery health temperature, fuel consumption, and other potential error codes that the app will detect.

With all these new innovations coming our way, ValuPlus will truly be one of the top service center which offers the best maintenance and repair solution for the everyday car owner.

Visit ValuePlus Auto Service website to know more about their new VP Prime service.

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So many reasons to celebrate this month of March! Whether it be the start of the summer, International Women’s month or Lazada’s 7th Birthday, we all have something to look forward to, get Lazada Voucher!

So get ready to splurge as we partner up with Lazada for their biggest birthday sale on March 27, 2019! With over 80 million discounted items up to 90% off up for grabs, better fill up your wishlists and shopping carts even before the sale day itself.

They’ll also be hosting a social media live streaming party, so be on the lookout for surprise celebrity guests and online games to unlock even bigger discounts!   Just make sure to be on your Lazada app on March 27 to benefit from these irresistible offers! It will surely be an unforgettable online shopping party!

But wait, there’s more…Get Lazada voucher when you book beepbeep.ph’s Driver on Demand service.

For every Driver on Demand booking from March 15 – 26, you will get an additional 10% off Lazada Voucher Code from us. In case you’re wondering what Driver on Demand is, here’s the answer for you.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Should have a minimum spend of Php 1000
  • The code is valid one-time use per customer on March 27 only
  • Valid on app only

Amazing right? So what are you waiting for? You can now enjoy the convenience of shopping at the palm of your hand with the best summer deals and travel comfortably in your own car!

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Beepbeep.ph by Beepbeep Team - 5M ago

It’s time to say goodbye to the cold weather and let the summer season begin! It’s already time to plan for your next summer getaway. But make sure to get your car ready too, like visiting a shop for a summer oil change and maintenance.

Whether you’d be going to the beach, mountains, or just drive through the city, your cars need to be in tip-top shape so that you won’t get that unnecessary summer stress.

Good thing these car shops are offering the best deals this March – a “summer oil change promos” that will surely be of a big relief for your next trip! Now, this is an easy way to save up for your trip!


What’s a summer getaway without stopovers right? Abante Tire Marketing Corporation is currently offering a promo you can’t resist. Avail of their summer oil change promo using their Castrol Edge or Castrol Magnatec oils and get FREE P200 GC’s from Jollibee! Now this is happiness!

Abante Tire Marketing Corporation is located at Commonwealth Avenue, Fairview, Novaliches, Quezon City – VIEW MAP


What’s better than a promo with a Jollibee GC? ANOTHER PROMO WITH A JOLLIBEE GC! Now you have no excuse not to get your summer oil change services. Visit Auto Active Trading Corporation and use Castrol Edge or Castrol Magnatec for your oil change services and get FREE P200 JOLLIBEE GC’s!

Auto Active Trading Corporation is located at Block 74 Lot 2, Commonwealth Avenue, North Fairview, Novaliches, Quezon City – VIEW MAP


Rudz Motorworks have consistently proven themselves as new hub for auto repair in Pateros. With the number of clients their getting and the amount of high quality work their putting in, getting this promo will be one of the best decisions you’ll make this summer!

They’re currently offering summer oil change services starting at only P1,600. Time to visit them and experience quality work for the best price! As what they say, “Your cars work hard for you, we work hard for your car!”

Rudz Motorworks is located at 246 M. Almeda st., Pateros, Pateros – VIEW MAP


Looking for one of the best all-around deals this summer? Visit Value Plus Auto Service and get their Buy 1 Take 1 PMS promo which includes 50% off on labor and FREE detailing services for 2016 and 2018 car models. Now this is a goooooood deal! For more inquiries, visit their page on beepbeep.ph!

Value Plus Auto Service – Las Pinas Branch is located at Robinson’s Place Las Pinas, Alabang-Zapote Road, Almanza Uno, Las Piñas City

Value Plus Auto Service– Quezon City Branch is located at 81 Serrano Laktaw cor. E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Dona Aurora, Quezon City – VIEW MAP

After getting your summer oil change service, pamper your vehicle with a home service carwash while packing your things for your summer getaway.

And if ever you encounter unfortunate car breakdown on the road, here’s your number to call 541-9999 for your 24/7 emergency roadside assistance.

There you have it folks, hope we have covered all the car services you need before hitting the road this summer. Stay safe!

Got more questions? View their pages on our website beepbeep.ph, and book now!

The post Summer Oil Change Savers! appeared first on beepbeep.ph.

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