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I am a foodie at heart or tummy, rather and I love trying out new stuff and sometimes, when I discover something really yummy, I tend to obsess about it and keep eating it until I'm tired of it or sick to my stomach. Haha! Do you relate? Recently, I found myself craving for these certain food and want to share them with you! :)

Being a mom for more than 11 years, having to wake up really early for school and needing to adult in some occasions has still not trained me enough to be a morning person. It's just not my jam and I don't think it will ever be. >_< I've always been an insomniac and that's something i've found difficult to shake off. But there is one way to make me all happy and perked up in the morning, and that's a yummy breakfast! :) 
Eating breakfast helps start your day right and give you the nutrients and energy you need to take on your tasks for the day. But sometimes our mornings tend to get so busy or we'd rather snooze a little more than cook our meals, so we either skip it or go for the unhealthy bites. 
With Quaker Instant Oats, it doesn't have to be that way! You can easily prepare this and let it become an easy and tasty solution to your breakfast woes!

 Before, it was honestly so hard for me to swallow oats cos of the bland and plain taste. Thankfully, Quaker Instant Oats made more exciting flavors, like Chocolate, Chocolate with Milk, Banana and Honey, and Original with Milk! A great way to kickstart your day in a simple, nutritious and healthy way. :)

The great thing also about Quaker Oats is that, it's a super grain! It contains fiber to help keep you full longer, protein to give you energy to get going, and beta-glucan to lower cholesterol for your heart health.♥

During the event, Quaker Oats together with Alex Gonzaga and Luis Mazano shared how important it is to incorporate healthy habits into your morning routine. :)
Glad that I now have more reasons to have delicious mornings cos of Quaker Oats! How about you? What makes you look forward to mornings? :)
Quaker Instant Oats is available in all supermarkets, groceries and convenience stores nationwide! For more information, visit http://www.quakeroats.ph. :)

I have been craving this since the moment I first tasted it and in all honesty, I've eaten here a total of 3x just this month alone. >_< I'm talking about none other than, HAKATA TON-ICHI, the newest ramen restaurant that opened on Top of the Glo. :)
It's no exaggeration when I say that I can eat there again for two more days straight. I feel in love with their signature ramen or Hakata King's Set. I can gobble it up in just a few minutes and I think my obsession with it started after I had such a long day of mom duties and workout. It instantly became my comfort food. It's also very filling!

But truly, the main winner of this is, you can get a bowl of ramen for just PHP 180! WOW, right??  It's worth your money and will surely make your tummy happy. :) I also personally love their Gyoza and Salmon roll!

During the opening I tried out the red ramen cos I thought it was spicy? But it actually wasn't. Still pretty good though! They have curry too, in case you're not a ramen or noodles kind of person!

Hakata Ton-ichi is located at the 4th floor of Top of the Glo (Japan Town) in Glorietta. You won't miss it cos you can immediately spot this inspired Shibuya Crossing in front of it! ^_^
For more information, visit HAKATA TON-ICHI on FB!. :)
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Almost coming to the last blog posts for my Taiwan in December! I know this is also majorly LATE in terms of posting. But a lot happened these past few months, so had to prioritize. >_< This trip was a fast one - 4 days, so I really did my best to make sure we made the most out of it. :) If you noticed, our day is usually packed with more than one or two locations and I do that with most of my DIY itineraries cos for me, it's a way to maximize the day. ^_^ Since Taiwan is already a familiar place, it was easier! 
For Taiwan in December Day 3, we went to 5 places and thankfully, all these could be reached via MRT! :)

Since we had a lot in our schedule, we woke up early for this and like usual, we bought our breakfast at a nearby bakery and ate at our favorite spot in front of the train and also managed to shoot a quick OOTD near our house hehe.

December is just the beginning of winter in Taiwan. The temperature would play around 19º to 23º when I check the weather app. But to be honest, the wind can get quite strong and it can feel 13º real quick! I wore a wooly type of coat and coords on this day. I basically had 3 layers on top but come night time I was freezing! >_< 
Our first agenda after breakfast was the National Palace Museum. I've been here several times already as a kid. But since it was my husband's first time in Taiwan, I thought it was a must to visit one of Taiwan's popular museums. :)

From our place, we took the MRT red line and got down Shilin Station. There isn't a direct line going to the National Palace Museum, so you would need to take a bus. Once we got down the train, we headed to Exit 1 and the nearest bus stop in front of the station and took the 255 (you can also take S18 or S19) and got off Wesley Girls High School Station to get to where we would redeem our tickets.
Even before our trip, I already had reserved our tickets to The National Palace Museum via KLOOK. :) The great thing about this was I didn't have to worry about lining up + it came with an access to the Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines too! The ticket claiming for both museums was at Shung Ye Museum, so we stopped by there first.
We weren't allowed to take photos inside, so I only have a photo of the building. :) It's a two-floor museum that showcases the indigenous tribes of Taiwan. It only took us about 20 minutes here since it's pretty small. 

After Shung Ye Museum, we walked to the National Palace Museum since it was just walking distance to each other. :) I haven't been here in years, so it was like seeing it again for the first time. :)
We finally got to do the "TAKE ME TO" pose hihihi! >_<

If you have big bags or tumblers with you, it's recommended that you leave it in the locker. You only need to put in NT$ 10 to gain access to one and once you're done with it, you can get your money back! ^_^ We left our bags here too! It was also great cos we could roam the museum freely!
I love museums and exploring each room is the best for me. I can spend hours in them cos there's just something about reading up on the past or history that intrigues me. :) 
The National Palace Museum houses one of the largest ancient Chinese imperial artifacts, like calligraphy, paintings, ceramics and more. Some collections date back from the Ming and Qing dynasties.

This is one of the popular pieces inside the museum and it looks like a mouth-watering braised pork belly, right? But it's actually a hard mineral called banded jasper. :) Cool!

Hubby admiring the sceneries and taking countless of photos. :)

Again, it was a rainy and gloomy day for us on this trip. But we didn't mind! :)
After a few hours at the museum, we hopped on the bus again to get back to the MRT station. We went down near our house to have lunch at Mia Cusina. It's my mom's favorite restaurant and we got to dine there as her treat! :)
Food here is SO good! I also ate here with Ana two years ago during our summer 2018 trip! :)
I really love Taiwan! They're right when they say it's all about food! Every where you look there's surely a place to eat and a milk tea shop to satisfy your craving at! ^_^
When we were done, we walked back to the MRT to head to Longshan Temple! Going there is really easy. Just go to the BLUE line and go down at BL 10 - Longshan Temple. :)

The train we rode had these cool brick deco/design to it and looked so real! :) Sometimes if you're lucky, you can ride trains with different designs.
The Longshan Temple is one of the popular or known temples in Taiwan. It was built in 1738 by Fujian during the Qing rule and has withstand numerous earthquakes and war. It has gone through many renovations and was rebuilt in 1924. 

During our visit, we witnessed the monks here in prayer. :) We admired the beautiful architecture and the people praying and offerings around. 

It was my first time here and main reason why we went here was the Hubby requested for temples in our itinerary and glad we included this! Discovered something new!

Back again to the MRT, we still had a lot of daylight, so told the Hubby we should try to go to Taipei 101! Another favorite spot of mine in Taipei cos of the malls and reason to admire one of the tallest buildings in the world. :)
Compared to my visit last summer 2018 to Taipei 101, I got a much better shot this time around of this iconic building and with me in it! ^_^

We went around Taipei 101 for a bit and then transferred to ATT4Fun cos price-wise, it's more affordable there! =P If you're into signature or designer items, then you would definitely enjoy Taipei 101 mall cos it's filled with them! ATT4Fun is more on the quirky side. :) In case you wanna see more of it, CLICK HERE!♥ 
Since we still had a few hours to go through, we decided to also stop by one of my must-visit Christmas places in Taiwan. We rode the MRT to Taipei City Hall Bus Station and walked to Hankyu Dream Plaza, another mall that had a really cute Christmas installation on the top floor. :)
For some reason, when I tried typing the mall's name on Google maps, this is what came out. So, I followed it. Leaving this here in case you want to drop by at this mall if you're in the area. :)

It looked so dreamy and glad there weren't much people when we got there. I got to take the photos that I was hoping for! Christmas makes everything so magical and this is our first Christmas in Taiwan too!♥ 
While we were at Hankyu Dream Plaza, we happily stumbled upon this "WHAT'S WRONG WITH SECRETARY KIM" installation and the Kdrama-fan in me just had to check it out! :)

Super kyeopta!! I also have a photo of me in it on my Instagram hihi! :)
Finally, after a long and tiring day, we ended it at Ximending, so we can have dinner and also buy a few pasalubong for the Hubby's side of the family. :)
We tried out this Japanese resto and the food was not bad. They offered individual and set meals. The Hubby had a tempura set while I had udon + kimchi. Yum!

One of the places we bought pasalubong at :)

Went on a quick Family Mart stop too once we got back to our apartment cos I..
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Going to museums is something that I really love doing and I always try to tag my family along cos I know it can be a fun learning experience for them. I'm actually happy that two recently opened here in Metro Manila and is just a ride away. :) One of which that I am talking about is LAKBAY MUSEO
Located at S Maison in Conrad Manila, Lakbay Museo is a project by The Millennial Concept Factory Inc. and this museum allows you to travel, experience, and take IG-worthy photos around the Philippines without having to leave Manila!

At the Lakbay Museo, you don't have to choose between adventure and aesthetic cos here, you have the best of both worlds! ^_^ It has 14 unique experiences of 11 destinations. You get to travel to Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. :)  My kids and I really enjoyed our time here cos it's very interactive, educates you about our history and appreciate our culture. :)
The moment you get in the museum, you see this facade that makes you choose between three modes of travel transportation: Lupa (land), Himpapawid (air) and Dagat (water). Which would you pick?

These boys happily choosing both Himpapawid and Lupa! :)
I personally picked out Lupa (land) for this adventure! ^_^

This museum isn't just about IG-worthy photos. It was built on the foundation of environment conservation. Nearly all of the exhibits were constructed using 4,560 old and used rubber slippers and scrapped materials, 328 old rubber tires, 453 old car mats, and a variety of recyclable materials. :) They also provide job provides job opportunities to out of school youths, non-professionals, local artists, disabled persons, and senior citizens.♥

Here you can experience the livelihood of our fellow Filipinos, like the Palengke, Sari-sari storeCarinderia and more.

Get Lakbay Museo tokens and spend it inside! :)

The Philippine culture will never be complete without food! Inside you can fill your sense of smell and taste with Filipino food and drinks. :)

Your ticket to the museum comes with 12 tokens and you can use them to purchase some Philippine 'meriendas' or different Pinoy dishes and satisfy your cravings! We got some Puto, Fishballs and Mangga w/ bagoong during our visit. :) In case you run out, you can easily buy tokens again at the VILLARICA booth!

I love how this gallery makes colorful Filipino life felt. From the music, food, festivals and traditions, it's all present here. They even lent us costumes to wear, so we could feel the experience more. ^_^

This museum is the perfect place for people to delve and appreciate the roots of Filipino identity. :) The Lakbay Museo aspires to encourage Filipinos to cultivate our heritage and traditions. It aims to nurture patriotism in the next generation and guidance for foreign tourists in learning the fun and easy way!

To be honest, I think this is the museum that we really need right now for the new generation cos often times we focus on foreign things too much and showcasing an only Philippines-filled museum is something that can make kids now understand and see that our country has so much to offer and to love about.♥

If you're also curious about certain regions about our country, the museum has fun facts scattered around for your reading pleasure! ^_^

Have you ever been to a festival here in the Philippines? NO? Well, here at Lakbay Museo, you can! It's my first time to see PAHIYAS! ^_^
Lakbay Museo is truly a collage of experiences. From the sight of different attractions, the feel of the fabrics, to the taste of the food, this museum depicts a picture of national history, culture, and arts. It allows you to rewind to the past, "superzoom" into historical details of our country!
Coconut Falls?? YES, Please!! | Oh and my kids just fulfilled their dreams of swimming in rice! LOL!

Some of the food displays here look SO real that you actually want to feast! >_< Made me crave for all kinds of Filipino food that I haven't tasted in a while. :)

Lava walk your way inside the Bulkang Mayon!
The sea room and Mayon Volcano are examples of things inside here made from recycled materials. :) Impressive, right? ^_^ I hope more brands or companies can make use of waste this way!
Say hello to the giant version of our national fruit!

This is probably one the many favorites of mine in Lakbay Museo! Suman and Puto for chairs, guys!! How adorable is that?? ^_^
Traditional clothing, woven by ethnic and indigenous groups across Philippines, are also displayed around for a feast for the eyes. Even if we have trendy clothing nowadays, there is still something beautiful about traditional tapestries and fabrics. :)
During our visit, we also got to enjoy musical entertainment by the museum staff!

My boys and I had an amazing time at Lakbay Museo. Its nice to have another place to keep the joyful Filipino spirit alive and with this, younger generations will surely learn to love Pinoy culture even more. :) Remember to not just #DoItForTheGram, but also learn and appreciate roots of the Philippines!

Catch Lakbay Museo's official opening on July 12, 2019!

A look inside LAKBAY MUSEO!♥ - YouTube

You can watch my quick sneak-peek of our museum visit on my VLOG above.♥
For more information, visit www.lakbaymuseo.ph or https://www.instagram.com/lakbaymuseoph/. :)
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Everyday there is something new to try out and trying is one of the best ways that we find our new favorites. :) In case you've been curious or haven't encountered these yet, i'd like to share new things that I experienced recently that you can try too. ^_^

When going out or traveling, bags become our sidekick to any thing we have to do or go about that day. It shouldn't be just stylish but also functional. I've been recently using a backpack from Beside U and I'm obsessed with it! I brought it with me to my last travel in Chiang Mai and I use it everyday as well, like when I take Asher to school, malling or during errands. :)
Beside U does more than just be your average trusty handbag.

 Originally from California and now available in 14 countries and counting, the bags are designed with the goal to earn a place by your side.

Beside U has a lot of options to choose from and designed for many different tastes and lifestyles. They also have crossbody bags, tote bags, satchels, wristlets and backpacks. :) 

Safety in Mind

Like I mentioned above, Beside U is not just a stylish bag, it's also about functionality and when you carry your bag around, you'll always have safety in mind. We know for a fact that there are people out there to steal. But the worst part is that, they don't have to steal your whole bag to take information. Identity theft is rampant, especially with travelers. With Beside U, they placed the RFID (Radio frequency identification is used by thieves to steal personal information) Guarded Zip Pocket feature. The RFID blocking material inside of the zip pocket will prevent you from being a victim. 

Another thing I love about this bag and brand is that it can fit a lot of my stuff in it. It's the perfect size and durable too. :) I've road tested this bag for a month now and I'm happy with it! It's already my everyday bag and if you're on the lookout for a new travel bag, Beside U will make a great companion. :)

Beside U is available at Landmark, TriNoMa, Makati, Festival Supermall; Robinsons Department Store Ortigas, Cebu; SM North Edsa, Megamall, Cubao, Bacoor, Cagayan De Oro and Metro Gaisano Alabang

Your idols favorite sandwich is now here! :) Originally from South Korea, Inkigayo Sandwich was made popular by different K-Pop idols, like BTS, MonstaX, Seventeen, Black Pink and more!
The SBS Inkigayo Sandwich started at SBS music show, named after the show itself, "Inkigayo". Many K-Pop artists shared their story about discovering the sandwich. Seungri, from Bigbang, shared about how they're not allowed to eat inside the waiting area. While waiting for their segment, they would go to the 4th floor of the building to get some food. That's how SBS Inkigayo Sandwich got famous. 

There's only one kind of sandwich and filled with egg and crab mayo, coleslaw and strawberry jam. :) It may sound like a weird combination, but it really works! :) Definitely will satisfy any sandwich cravings!
Great news! Inkigayo Sandwich is now Robinson's Ermita for their first pop-up! They will be there until July 7. Be sure to also follow them on social media to know where they'll be next!
Visit https://www.facebook.com/sbsinkigayosandwichph/. :)

When it comes to products we take or use, we have all become more conscious in our purchases and that's important to have a healthy lifestyle. 
Since 1995, Healthy Options has been providing Filipinos with alternatives to help them take control of their well-being, without harming the planet. They continue with that commitment by bringing in Mineral Fusion, the #1 minerals cosmetic brand in the US. 

Swatched some of their lipsticks and it had a luxurious feel to it. Its smooth with rich colors and has antioxidant protection. Available in 15 shades and is 100% Vegan infused with pomegranate, red tea, and white tea + Vitamin C and E! :)

They also carry Concealer Duos, Pressed Powder Foundation, 3-in-1 Color Sticks, Eyeshadow Trio and more!

Beauty and Mineral Fusion expert, Elizabeth Bartlett gave us more information and insights about using mineral makeup. :)

Combining makeup and skincare in one, the full line of mineral cosmetics is formulated with clean, non-toxic ingredients and is infused with a blend of beneficial minerals and rich botanical actives to enhance your natural beauty. With its beautiful pigments, each product is carefully formulated to have multiple skin benefits, such as to help boost collagen, to block UV rays, to camouflage hyper pigmentation, and to nourish and brighten skin. :)
Their packaging is also made from recycled materials! How awesome!
With Mineral Fusion's nourishing high-performance cosmetics that are clean and cruelty-free, your natural beauty will be made healthy! This is exclusively available in select Healthy Options branches nationwide! Visit www.healthyoptions.com.ph for more info!

Are you obsessed with cake or find yourself craving for it often? Why not a drink version of it? :) Serenitea is here to answer that call with their COOKIE BRULEE SERIES!
The Cookie Brûlée series is made up of 3 flavors: Cookie Supreme Matcha [ M: Php 175 / L: Php 190], Cookie Brûlée Milk Tea [ M: Php 120/ L: Php 135] and Cookie Supreme Milk tea [ M: Php 155/L: Php 170].
Was able to try out their Cookie Brûlée Milk Tea with my blogger bestie Ana last week!

I enjoyed the Cookie Brûlée Milk Tea, but just a suggestion, if you're the type who isn't into too sweet, go for 0% sugar and it's already enough. :)
This is already available in all Serenitea branches nationwide! :)
For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/iloveserenitea/. :)
That's it for my new things to try! Hope you, guys enjoyed this!

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Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad. Every June we celebrate this amazing man in our lives and how fortunate for some of us to have someone who dedicates their time and life to give us the very best. :) 
Last June 16 was Father's Day and to show the Hubby how much we appreciate and love him, we dedicated a series of activities and gifts for him.♥

Since the weekend is made especially for our family day, as early as June 15, I booked a staycation in one of the properties of Red Doorz in Bless Amare Boutique Hotel, BF Homes Parañaque. :) My husband and kids love hotel staycations, so what better way to kick-off Father's Day than an overnight, right? ^_^ Before booking this, I actually did a little research and what got me really attracted to this property among other Red Doorz is that, it's Santorini or Mediterranean themed!
You can easily find this place by inputting "BLESS AMARE BOUTIQUE HOTEL" on your Waze. You would have to leave your ID upon entering BF Homes cos they don't allow cars without stickers to enter. But not to worry since based on experience, they keep the IDs well. Not far from the guard house is already the hotel. :)

Upon check-in, we were greeted by the welcoming staff of Bless Amare Boutique Hotel. I easily spotted all the lavish Mediterranean-inspired interiors as soon as we got in and loved it! Looks exactly like it did on the photos. :) 

This Red Doorz room is complete with the following:

♥ Spotless Linen
♥ Satellite Television
♥ Mineral Water
♥ Clean Washrooms Toiletries

I super loved every nook and cranny of this place that I actually took so many photos (obvious naman?)! >_< Another thing that I loved about staying in this area is that they have parking and once we step out, there are a lot of places to eat, a grocery nearby and even drugstore! :) 
Needless to say, we enjoyed our stay at Red Doorz! If you want to book this exact same place, >>>CLICK HERE<<<
I recommend this place for travelers too cos it's only 40 minutes away from the airport and affordable too at only Php 1,222/night! In case you want to try this or any Red Doorz property, download the app: https://reddoorzhotel.app.link/Ava-Te-Zabat and use my code: RDAVA to get 20% OFF on your budget hotel bookings! ^_^
Red Doorz is also having a FREEDOM SALE this month of June! Book a budget hotel starting at Php 699 across the Philippines. Don't miss out on this. :)

TBS 1978 
My husband Gersh is not the type who loves to shop. But he gets giddy when people he loves gets him a new bag, perfume, clothes or a new pair of shoes. He's just not someone who spends on fashion, so when there's an occasion or chance, I make sure to get those things for him cos it already makes the perfect gift! This Father's Day, I got him a pair of boat shoes from French brand, Terre Battue Synthétique a.k.a. TBS 1978! :) This is his first ever boat shoes, so I knew it would be something new for him and a great addition to his wardrobe!

What's great about this pair is that it's not only stylish, but also durable and comfortable. He can strut in his events in this and go on long walks with us in the mall with it. :)
TBS has many more styles to choose from and you can even get that special man in your life a pair at 25% OFF! Just use the code: BESTDAD25! Valid online: https://hittheroad.ph until June 30!
You can check their styles in person at the following: Hit the Road, ATC | Hit the Road, Glorietta 2 and Hit the Road, Nuvali. :)

After our staycation at Red Doorz, we decided to fully use up the day by doing something we haven't in a while and that's a visit to the museum! Perfect timing that a new one in Lucky China Town Mall just opened last June 8 and I've been wanting to take the boys there. :)
So, Father's Day itself was spent at the ChinaTown Museum!

ENTRANCE FEE: Php 150/regular | Php 100/students (bring ID!) | Php 120/PWDs | Kids below 4ft: FREE

This museum is conveniently located at the 4th floor of Lucky China Town Mall. So, if you're done touring this place, you can easily do your shopping and dine! :)

The BINONDO exhibit of the ChinaTown Museum showcases the history and culture of the oldest ChinaTown in the world. It has a total of 15 galleries inside and what I super love about this particular museum is that it's very interactive! Unlike most museums we've visited that had a lot of "Do not touch" signs, this one barely has any. :) Your kids are free to touch and experience the galleries and I think this even makes them learn more about how they lived in the past. :)

The chair that Athan is sitting on is what we similarly have at home and the same chair my Angkong loved sitting on when he was still alive. :) 

Binondo or ChinaTown in general has a really big spot in my heart cos most of my childhood was spent here and memories of my Angkong comes flooding in forms of food trips, Kalesa rides, temple visits and more. I miss him dearly and going here always reminds me of the good times!  

Asher checking out what the Chinese immigrants have cooking at the Shophouses! While also trying to sell some fruits at the Esteros De Binondo! ;)

One of my favorite galleries is this one called "EL 82".  This particular one is inspired by the store owned by Ramon Ongpin and here they sold hardware and art supplies. :) 

EL 82 ~ "Its name commemorated 1882, the year of the country's rebirth after the cholera epidemic and "82" was also the store's phone number." - can you imagine having only two numbers to your phone? Wow!

Chinese medicines can be found here during that time. :) Even then it was already popular! Asher thought they were tea while he was exploring the drawers! =P Haha! 

My Angkong would definitely dig this gallery! He was such a foodie and Chinese food was his bias! He would buy Tikoy for everyone he knows during Chinese New Year and often brought home Hopia as pasalubong for us.♥

How awesome is it to buy 5 pieces of Hopia for only Php 1 today! Haha! I wish! Did you know in Chinese meaning, HO - good and PIA - pastry? ^_^ Hence, the word HOPIA!

This gallery also showcases the "Flavors of Binondo" since back then, it was known as a food hub that blends native, Chinese and Spanish influences.

 Back in the 1900s, they used the Tranvia for mass transportation. These were originally horse-drawn but eventually became electric-powered streetcars. :) My kids went crazy for the bell and kept ringing it. >_< Haha!

We got to try this cool water painting method too! You just use water on the canvas and it comes out in black form. Then it dries up eventually and you're free to paint again! :)

This museum isn't that big. But we had so much fun! I'm glad we were able to visit and if you haven't, I really recommend you to visit when you're in the area. You will surely enjoy your time here! :)

For more information, visit: https://www.chinatownmuseum.org/. :)


Taking on the challenge of Hot Wheels on why my husband Gersh is the WORLD'S BEST DAD!

I know a lot of people would vouch for their Dads as the "World's Best Dad!" and I couldn't agree more that there are so many of them. :) But allow me to dedicate this post to the best Daddy in OUR world - GERSHWIN!♥

For someone who started out as a young dad, my husband is truly a dedicated father. As soon as he graduated college he already started working so he can provide for our eldest son Athan. Even when we had our second baby Asher, he continued to dream big, find good jobs and work hard. But he doesn't stop at just working 9 to 5. He also helps me in taking care of our children. In the morning he wakes up early as well to prepare them for school, gives them baths, helps build their toys, never misses major school programs or activities and tirelessly answers their many "WHYs' in life. :) He doesn't just fill-in the father role, he completes the package!

They say, when picking out a partner in life, you should choose wisely cos in turn, it will also be your children's future on the line. I can whole heartedly say that I made the best decision! I'm grateful to have a husband who is an amazing father to both our kids! ^_^

Thank you, Hot Wheels for this! Challenge accepted!

That's it! That ends my Father's Day special for my husband Gersh! I hope you, guys also had an awesome celebration with your Dads and Hubbies! ^_^ Till next year!
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 Last month, I started on a 15-day challenge with RiteMed to achieve that ‘Summer Glow’ and since I am all for vitamins, I jumped on it immediately! As of today, it has been 27 days already and even if it’s not a challenge anymore, I’m still continuing with it, because I really did like the results it gave me. Like what I mentioned on my Instagram post during the challenge, I’ll be sharing with you, guys the effects of RiteMed Sodium Ascorbate and Fibermate for me. :)

Getting that summer glow and looking good in photos is something that we all want. But achieving it is all about taking care of our selves in and out. Our bodies need certain supplements to help us on a daily and given that some of us have so many things to do, vitamins really help to give us more energy and boost our immune system. :)

In case you’re not familiar with the two products that I tried, here’s a short info on both.


  • Non-acidic Vitamin C
  • Aids in collagen production and glutathione absorption
  • Helps strengthen the immune system


  • Contains Psyllium Fiber that aids in weight management
  • Sugar-free
  • Comes in orange flavor

As a mom, I’m often busy with work, balancing things I’m passionate about, family life and having boys who are like energizer bunnies, I try to keep the same pace as them and be in my best health.

During the first week of using the RiteMed Sodium Ascorbate, I noticed how it helped keep my colds in check. During summer, change of weather or when I get too exhausted, I usually have a series of heavy colds and it’s one of the most annoying feelings in the world for me. But when I started taking it, I noticed that I haven’t experienced it for a long while and that is a huge deal for me.

Did you know that our body isn’t capable of producing Vitamin C? Hence, it’s important that we take it regularly so that we can get the health benefits that we need. It also acts as a strong antioxidant that’s why it strengthens the body’s natural defenses.

You can take RiteMed Sodium Ascorbate 2x a day before or after meals.
SRP: Php 4.50/Capsule and available in all major drugstores nationwide.

Recently, I went on a week’s long travel in Thailand and I really did enjoy that. It was my yearly “mom-cation” and along with seeing new sights, I also ate my way through it! Traveling can take quite a toll on the body, so I really made sure I prepared for it.

The RiteMed Fibermate is said to be good when it comes to weight loss and management. But personally, it has been a good help when it comes to detoxifying and keeping my food intake in check since I tend to overeat.

You can take RiteMed Fibermate 30 minutes before meals (3x/day). Mix it in one glass of water and you’re good to go! SRP: Php 622/30 sachets and is available at Shopee with a special buy 1 take 1 promo until supplies last.

Needless to say, RiteMed’s Sodium Ascorabte and Fibermate are the newest addition to my diet and routine. :)

Aside from vitamins, always make sure to drink plenty of water, eat right, try to avoid stress, exercise and get enough sleep. :) Doing all these will surely give you the healthy glow you want to achieve.

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The past months have been crazy busy for me, so only blogging about our lovely Easter + my birthday celebration at Linden Suites now! >_< I've been meaning to write about it as soon as our staycation ended. But so many things happened! Since the experience was really fun and memorable, I still remember every bit of it and will share it with you, guys! ^_^
So, last April 20-21, we stayed at Linden Suites to celebrate Easter with them the second time around. We really loved our first time with them last 2018 (CLICK HERE TO READ), so I was sure 2019 would be even better! As an added bonus, April 21 was also my birthday - Easter day itself, which makes the hotel stay even better. :)

What made this year's Easter celebration at Linden Suites different from last year was that we got to enjoy more activities. But before anything else, we first settled into our spacious and lovely room, one of the many things I love about staying at this hotel. :)
Here's a quick look at our One Bedroom Suite....

The room in size is around 63 to 80 sqm, has WiFi, a king or queen sized bed and  has a living room, kitchen, and dining facility. It's everything you could want in a room and more. If you're staying for more than a day, you can easily buy food outside and cook it. :) I also love that the room has a bath tub cos the boys get to soak up and enjoy bath time even more. ^_^ Cozy rooms like Linden's make it extra hard for me to pull the boys out of the room for lunch or dinner. It often results in a grumpy-fit cos they would rather stay inside. >_<
After settling our stuff in our room and getting a bit of rest, we went to attend our first Easter activity!

In case you were wondering, all the Easter activity that Linden Suites offer comes FREE for people checked-in the hotel during that time. It's one of the perks they offer for their guests. :) 
The Egg painting was something new for us cos last year, we checked-in exactly on Easter day and we only got to enjoy the party. So we made sure this year, we would join in both!♥ The boys got really creative with theirs; Athan painted Thanos, Asher did a Minion, the Hubby went for a plain blue egg and I did a generic Easter patterned egg. Hihi. ^_^ It was fun!
Dinner time at The Happy Chef! Located at the 2nd floor of the hotel. :)

This is our second time dining at The Happy Chef. But its been awhile since we last dined, so we missed their food!:) Love how they have a wide variety when it comes to choices, from local to international cuisine, so we get to try different dishes whenever we're  here. :) This time, we had Lechon Kawali, Caldereta, Carbonara, Greek Salad and Ravioli. Yum!
When dinner was done, we all headed back up to the room, prepared the boys' much-awaited bath time and curled up watching TV while waiting for 12 midnight to strike, so we can celebrate my birthday salubong!

HELLO, 30!!!
I've always wanted to celebrate my birthday in a hotel with matching shots like the one you see above in a pretty dress, number balloon and a rainbow cake to match! Hihi!♥♥♥
A little flashback to our first stay at Linden Suites was during our couples anniversary back in 2010. It's awesome how we've been celebrating not just Easter but our special occasions here as well. :) We've had only the best memories here!
Come next day was Easter! We all got up early to have our breakfast and excitedly made our way to the venue of the Easter Party. :)

As soon as we got to the venue, we were greeted by a garden-themed installation and I must say that this one tops last year's celebration! ^_^ The decorations were super cute and you would just want to take nonstop photos, I know I did >_<. The egg-hunt was also well organized cos they made sure each kid had the equal opportunity to get eggs for their basket. :) As a mom that really matters to me cos I never want Asher and Athan sad at parties. I always want to see them in high spirits! ^_^
Aside from the cute installation, they also had a variety of snack foods, activities and play areas. :)

They got these cool cowboy tumblers along with their Easter loot and they even got to have their names written in calligraphy. :)

The inflatables were Asher's favorite and almost didn't leave this area! :)

They also had this awesome on-the-spot caricature and I think Sir Josh really got the likeness!

During the egg hunt, Athan got an egg with a special prize inside! He got this cool Play-Doh Shape & Learn set! :) He was so proud about this!

As usual, The Linden Suites has exceeded expectations when it comes to their Easter Party. :) I'm really glad we were able to celebrate it with them again. The family and I had a great time and can I just say that they are SO GENEROUS with their giveaways. It actually took some effort to bring them all up to our room cos there were so many! Happy problem haha! Totally worth it!
Will definitely add this to another wonderful staycation for the family! Thank you, Linden for always making it a happy one for us with your amazing service and staff!
In case you want to celebrate a special occasion with your friends, family or loved one, The Linden Suites is offering PHP 3,000 OFF on room rates from JUNE 11-17, 2019!

Don't miss out on this huge discount! :)
THE LINDEN SUITES37 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center,
Pasig 1600

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/TheLindenSuites/ or http://www.lindensuites.com/
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It has been a month since Asher's recital with Promil Four i-Shine Talent Camp 7 and until now he still hasn't stopped talking about it. He loved it that much and I myself haven't gotten over the cute photos and videos I took of him during that time.♥
Sharing with you what happened during their recital and what we felt about the whole experience. :)

The Promil Four i-Shine's Talent Camp was really an amazing experience for us. It showed us sides of Asher that we haven't before and all the more through this recital did I see what he can do. :)
For two days straight the kids practiced for their recital and unlike during their workshop, we weren't allowed to have even the slightest peek at what they were doing or preparing for. This got me more excited for D-Day! ^_^
Finally, May 10 was the recital and both the Husband and I made sure that we made time for this special day. :)

I remember telling the Hubby how he couldn't be late for this. He did a half-day shift on his job, so he can attend Asher's recital. For all of our kids' special occasions, we really make sure we make time for them regardless of our jobs and being busy. :) I believe being there for your kids and giving them the support they need is a huge factor in their development and growth. 
There are a total of 5 camps and the first camp up during the recital was ART CAMP! ^_^ The camp that Asher was enrolled in and just seeing him come out of the stage already got me so emotional! I found myself getting teary-eyed. I didn't know what he was gonna do yet, but I was already SO proud of him.♥
Teacher Robert and Kara joined the kids on stage and I'm really grateful for them cos they taught our children creativity, to use their imagination in their projects, how to express themselves and work well with other kids. 

I can see how proud he was of his progress and his parents being there as well, cos as soon as he came out on stage, he was already looking for us in the crowd. I had to do huge hand waves for him to see us and once he did, get got giddy and kept saying, "HI" while on stage. :) 

After gathering the kids on stage, they eventually showed us a huge collage of all their works during the camp and it was so beautiful! I immediately spotted Asher's cute building with its blue and green windows. ^_^ 

*Asher trying to find us again and wanting to say hello on the photo.♥* 
They even got to connect the boards together and make a cute city out of it. :) Super creative!
After Art Camp, the others followed as well and didn't get photos anymore cos I got so engrossed in watching all the adorable and talented kids! I love how Promil 4's i-Shine Talent Camp 7 really worked for everyone. Each kid expressed themselves so well and I truly saw how they shined. :)

The awesome Promil 4 i-Shine Talent Camp 7 mentors all in one stage. :)
Sharing also a video compilation of Asher during his recital! Please do watch it! It's super cute!! I'm not being biased! Haha!
Promil iShine Talent Camp 7 - YouTube

Overall, this Camp and recital showed me different sides of Asher. Yes, he's the shy type and I actually didn't expect him to go all-out during this time. But he really gave it his very best, he performed! On the video you can see how much fun he was having and how amazed we were via our voices squealing haha! We're just so proud of him! It's no wonder why many parents enroll their kids in Promil 4's Talent Camp. It gets children out of their shells and at the end of the camp, they gained so much more than learning new skills, honing their talents, but also being more confident and new friends. :)
It saddens Asher and I that the camp is over. He keeps saying he misses it. But both of us made a deal that next year he'll be enrolling again in either Art or Dance Camp and we can't wait! ^_^
For more information, visit https://www.promilnurturethegift.com.ph/ and https://www.facebook.com/promilfour.
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It is sale season once again and this is the perfect time to snag those items that you've been coveting when the year started or for a while now. :) This weekend, Fisher Mall has their Red Boat Sale for shoppers to avail from May 31 to June 2. You can get up to 70% OFF on selected items and even a BUY 1 TAKE 1 promo! :)
Last Friday, I went to the sale together with my blogger friends and I actually managed to purchase some items that I really needed! Sharing with you, guys some of the stores that are joining in this sale! Some even beyond this weekend. :)

Being a south girl, it's not often that I hit the north side for the mall or things I need. But if there are huge sales like Fisher Mall's happening, who am I to resist?? I'm there! ^_^ The first stop for us during our mall tour was the grocery and I super love it there!
As soon as we got in, I immediately noticed the BUY 1 TAKE 1 signs all over the place and as a mom, it's a dream to have more groceries to take home! :) I'm sure many mommas hoarded during this time. Also, hello, unicorn cereal!!

They have so much sale at the grocery and even the meat and fish section has their own respective sale. :) Totally a treat! They also started on their back-to-school promos at Fisher Mall!
Next stop was the Department store to check out the sale. :)

They have an ongoing 10% OFF sale on regular priced perfumes! :) If you're running out of your favorite, head to Fisher Mall to stock up!

Checked out some of the new items from Fisher Mall's in-house brand and I love how they're becoming more stylish in selection. :) There are more choices in design and they're slowly adding more, so watch out for those. ;)

The women's section also offers a lot of cute items on sale and a wide selection to choose from. :) 

Filo and I modeling the cute trendy bags!

Paxie trying out the cool and affordable sunnies! :)

They have super cute swimwear too! Pwede pa humabol sa summer, guys!

Cute dresses here! I managed to find a gold skirt at their dept store. I've been on the lookout for one cos Bloggers United's theme was gold. Unfortunately I couldn't find it in the malls I frequent in. But thankful they had one at Fisher Mall! ^_^ YEY!

Pretty belt bags here!

With my Fisher Mall buddies! Hihi! :)
For all the TITAS out there, home section time! Avail their 10-20% OFF Sale on kitchenware and BUY 1 TAKE 1 on some home stuff. 

Spotted this cute cactus tumbler that I totally forgot to get. :( This was only below Php 100 and I'm regretting it now that I wasn't able to buy it! Oh well, it only means I have to go back to Fisher Mall soon! ^_^
You can also find super affordable back-to-school items at their department store! Start preparing as early as now. :) From uniforms to school supplies, they have it. :)
Other stores in Fisher Mall also having huge sales...

Top brands carries Von Dutch, Jag, Tribal and US POLO in their store and are having huge discounts too!

Sneaker-lovers catch this! Branded sneakers, like Keds and Vans on 10% and 50% OFF Sale!
Thrift Market is a store in Fisher Mall that I really like and so far I've only spotted there. :)

Clothes for as low as Php 99! They also have several stylish ones that are not on sale, but they're not pricey either. :)
More stores joining in the Red Boat Sale...
Actually almost every store in Fisher Mall having discounts and promos for shoppers to enjoy! These are just some of the many. :) New Fila sneakers for as low as Php 999!

Found a lot of cute tops in Plains & Prints on sale and will surely go back for some of them! :) Currently, they have some items on 60% OFF!

Maui and Sons are also on a 50% SALE on selected items until July 15, 2019! Don't miss on the chance to check out some of their cool clothes! 

We also dropped by Michaela and Paxie even got a new wallet on sale!

Selected bags are on 50% OFF! :)

We all know how Mumuso is already an affordable store but during this time, they're also offering a 10% OFF on their items! :)  

Holding on to my EQ really hard during this sale! Haha! Major test siya! >_< But I'm also thankful for it cos I got things that I needed during this time. I even got to save money cos of it! 

A store that I would gladly bring my kids in is Mind Werks cos they have some cool items and games on sale. :) Instead of gadgets, I can introduce them to new board games. :) 

A visit to Fisher Mall would never be complete without checking out their cinema! They have one of the best, in my opinion. :) Hello, Zoltar!

They currently have a Godzilla Collectors exhibit at the cinema area and this is absolutely cool! Some are worth thousands of pesos! Do checkout it out while your there! 

 To cap off a day of shopping, head on to QUEZON for a yummy Filipino buffet lunch! :) Only Php 499 on weekdays and Php 599 on weekends. :)

And to all Fisher Mall Elite Card Holders, additional treat for you, guys! Get 10% OFF on top of your 50% OFF items when you present your card! :)
Hope you, guys had an awesome weekend with your loved ones! 
For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/OfficialFisherMall/. :)
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