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by Robert Wilkinson

The next two weeks indicates a lot of productivity, high specialization and unexpected gifts amidst the general multi-level friction. We will say goodbye to many things, redeem many things, and can understand the place and function of every detail. Be honest. What are you responsible for, and what are you not responsible for? Negotiate, since this is an end game rallying to a group potential.

This Full Moon will help us move into a vaster feeling space with renewal at every turn of the river. When in doubt imitate, and when unclear, meditate or at least get off into a sacred space where you can receive a new inspiration by contacting the collective field in which we all live, breathe, and have our Being.

We’ve been flooded with higher energies, higher visions, and a greater sense of our group work the past several weeks. We’ve begun to say goodbye to a lot of things which no longer require our management skills. We are preparing for a different level of “planned group activity,” and the next two weeks quickens the pace by challenging us to rise to an occasion that may seem premature, but which we are ready for nonetheless.

With the continuance of powerful Sagittarius and Capricorn energies in play these next 2 weeks, get clear about the priority of what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. Be flexible, positive, have a sense of humor and responsibility, and remember to have a sense of humor about all of it!

Remember we have a lot shutting down due to past Solar Eclipses at 16 Capricorn, 21 Cancer and 19 Leo, helping us get organized, “put on the show” and let go of old “social rigidities” so we can become happier.

Those Solar Eclipses, along with other ones still in play, are allowing us to “shed skins” wherever we have 9, 19, and 30 Pisces, 28 Aquarius, along with 29 Leo, 10 Virgo, and 21 Virgo. As you can see, that involves a large part of our charts! Add various Lunar Eclipses in play for several months after they happen, and you can see areas where we’ve been eliminating things we no longer need. All our losses associated with these signs have left voids which will attract life contents more appropriate to who we are now.

Major Aspects and Configurations

We have a very mixed bag of aspects in play at this Full Moon, with two significant frictional configuration as well as the productivity and specializing configurations already mentioned. Over the next two weeks, be alert to unique interactions that will be beneficial for the most part, and magically serendipitous at times. I’ve explained some of the frictional configurations related to the Rhombus Diamond in action at this Lunation in earlier parts of this series. As usual, there are some barely separating partile aspects, indicating a lot has been going on in the immediate past and NOW.

The major inner planet aspects in play involve the Moon sesquisquare Venus, trine Mars, tredecile Jupiter, sesquisquare Saturn, and trine Uranus (out of sign); Mercury is sextile Venus, semisquare Mars, square Jupiter, sextile Saturn, conjunct Neptune, and sextile Pluto; Venus is semisextile Jupiter, conjunct Saturn (through collection of Light), biseptile Uranus, and conjunct Pluto; and the Sun is sextile Mars, quintile Jupiter, semisquare Saturn, sextile Uranus, and novile Pluto.

Outer planet forming and partile separating aspects include Mars sesquisquare Jupiiter, tredecile Saturn, and biseptile Pluto; Jupiter is semisextile Pluto; Saturn is biseptile Uranus, sextile Neptune and in a wide forming conjunction by sign with Pluto (which will be “frustrated by refranation” until 2020; and Uranus is semisquare Neptune and trielftile Pluto. Obviously the aspects made from Jupiter out are long term influences.

In this chart, we’re back to two forming oppositions, that of the Lunation and Sun opposed TransPluto. This makes “the Tension of Opposites” specific to early Pisces and early Virgo. Wherever these occur in your chart is sure to provide many realizations related to Divine Discernment, compassion, forgiveness, the need for closure, and the possibility of forms of practical redemption for those willing to adjust to a greater sense of service.

All oppositions provide us an opportunity for genuine spiritual breakthroughs through the need to resolve and transcend “the Tension of Opposites.” Where oppositions fall, the signs they’re in and the houses ruled by the planets in opposition are subject to profound tensional awareness, leading to realizations and healthy polarizations in many areas of our lives. The task is always to find the appropriate third and fourth energies and approaches to achieve healthy productive movement with maximum awareness.

This month, the oppositional awareness is stressed through the Moon sesquisquare Saturn and the Sun semisquare Saturn creating major friction related to us taking responsibility or being honest and letting go of old responsibilities which are no longer useful for our spiritual evolution. This will generate activity in the middle decan of Cancer, showing the problem and the solution. Look at it all as an exercise in personality integration via growth and allowing new blood into our lives.

However, this larger tension can be relieved through Mars, since it creates a sextile and trine to the Lunation, creating a very favorable and productive void in early Scorpio. Add that Jupiter makes a quintile and tredecile with the Lights, indicating an opening up of very favorable energy in mid-Gemini. Highly unique circumstances and gifts are shown by this configuration, so enjoy the special things that come!

Besides these dynamic configurations, this Lunation also shows Mercury semisquare Mars and square Jupiter, with Mars sesquisquare Jupiter. This offers us more friction, this time in areas around 2-6 Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, as well as 17-21 Gemini, Virgo, Sag, and Pisces. If you have a planet or point in these areas, open to renewal, watch out for exaggerated claims or unclear assertions, and you could find your “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.” Just realize that will mean you have to bury the past to open the door to a life renewal.

Besides harmonizing the Lunation and a point of contact generation friction with Mercury and Jupiter, Mars also makes a powerful tredecile with Saturn and biseptile with Pluto! This makes Mars the go-between in the frictions of everyday interactions and the unique gifts and blessings promised by Saturn as Pluto precipitates major forks in the road of our destiny wherever it is!

Zones most affected by the Mars biseptile Pluto are 21-25 Capricorn, 12-16 Pisces, 3-7 Taurus, 25-29 Gemini, 17-21 Leo, 8-12 Libra, and 29 Scorpio-3 Sag. Zones most affected by Mars tredecile Saturn are 2-6 Taurus/Scorpio, 8-12 Gemini/Sag, 14-18 Cancer/Capricorn, 20-24 Leo/Aquarius, and 26-30 Virgo/Pisces. If you have anything in these latter 10 zones, serendipity is in the air! Expect very good fortune related to anything ruled by Mars or Saturn in your chart to play out in the houses where you have early Taurus and mid-Capricorn.

Even though the very powerful Uranus biseptile Pluto is not in orb right now, Saturn biseptile Uranus still brings forth the 7th harmonic irrationality between the planet of “Spiritual Mastery and Spiritual Friendship” and the planet symbolizing the Divine Revolutionary who follows their own path to their Higher Destiny. This anticipates the Grand Irrationality V.2 which will be back in focus by May. This Lunation moves the zones a little, affecting planets and points near 15-19 Capricorn, 7-11 Pisces, 29 Aries-3 Taurus, 20-24 Gemini, 11-15 Leo, 3-7 Libra, and 24-28 Scorpio.

Pluto introduces a powerful theme for the first time, that of receiving awards for our courage up to now, Neptune is showing us a new inspiration, and Uranus is now showing us our “duck pond” where we may work and play with other “ducklings.” While there may be a sense of restriction, there should also be some contentment and security in knowing what corner of the universe we’re supposed to be in, now that we know our part to sing in “the Cosmic Choir.” By Spring we’ll be back into major choices and changes on a global level related to these planets helping humanity’s metamorphosis. Those who learn how to use these dynamic invisible spiritual energies will become effective Spiritual units of Consciousness in the body of Humanity in the future.

There are relatively few spiritual aspects in play at this Full Moon. While we have the three powerful biseptiles, we have only 1 novile and 1 trielftile. We have a few very powerful specializing aspects to make this a very interesting time, represented by 1 quintile and 2 tredeciles.

For those new to the craft, quintiles and biquintiles are 5th harmonic aspects, septiles and triseptiles are 7th harmonic aspects, noviles are 9th harmonic aspects, deciles (semi-quintiles) and tredeciles are 10th harmonic aspects, the elftile series are 11th harmonic aspects, the quindecile is a 15th harmonic aspect, and the vigintile is a 20th harmonic aspect. Each of these has a unique function in the phase relationship of the two planets in aspect.

The 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th harmonic aspects are specializing and bring forth partially or fully developed quintessential elements of the planets involved. The 7th harmonic aspects help us make choices to fulfill our destiny, and the novile series aspects (9th harmonic) represent entry or exit points of periods of gestation which can bring forth possible spiritual developments. The 11th harmonic aspects involve situations where there is a need to transcend and master some form of duality by making a leap of faith.

The various aspects in all these different harmonic series indicate points where the theme of the Whole Cycle becomes clear, whether through major developments or minor refinements in the process. Each aspect shows a phase relationship, specific to the special and unique circumstances of that particular Whole Cycle. It's how we can know when to work, when to play, when to create, when to imagine, when to have faith, and when to mobilize!

If you want to know more about these aspects, when you’re done here please go to The Specializing Aspects Pt. 1 – Quintile, Tredecile, Decile, and Biquintile, The Specializing Aspects Pt. 2 – The Quindecile and Vigintile, and The Spiritual Aspect Series – The Novile, Septile, and Elftile Harmonic Aspects where you’ll find more about the meaning of these aspects and the glyphs associated with them. Also, remember that all of these set up harmonic resonance void points all over our charts.

Element Balance

We are now in a very skewed element distribution. Of the traditional 10 planets, there are 2 planets in Fire signs, 3 in Water, 5 in Earth, and none in Air. This gives an extreme emphasis on Earth (Practicality and Grounding) with slightly less Fire (Inspiration and Light) than Water (Feelings and Experiencing Life on Deep Levels). As there is no Air (Relatedness and Communications), we’ll have to find these qualities within us.

Air and Earth are “cool” elements, while Fire and Water are “hot” elements. With this distribution, things are a balanced between hot than cold. Still, with so much Water and Earth, the focus is on practical feeling-responses and fluid groundedness.

Uranus Square Pluto Is Over!

After the square of many years, we’ve now experienced these two planets in a fateful biseptile last year, which put the entire world in a very irrational energy field from May through November! The square was fully active from the Summer of 2010 through early 2017, after which Uranus pulled out of orb. However, even when separating, various transits continued to make a “mundane square” every time a planet transited between 21-30 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn.

We are now at the end of the end of this “off set” square energy, since Uranus is about to leave Aries. After that, Uranus and Pluto make no frictional aspect until Uranus in late Gemini sesquisquares Pluto in mid-Aquarius many years from now.

Looking back, Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn were volatile, “out of control” energies, occurring during the global collision of ideas between 2010-2017. From time to time, this square was activated and associated with the hard edge of the conflict between control systems and the forces of individualization that have been calling everyone to a greater spiritual individuality.

I’ve discussed Uranus square Pluto at length in many articles in the archives. Please use the site google box to find out more about this years’ long disruptive revolutionary influence. This square welcomed the 21st century to upheaval, transformation, and titanic collisions between a new world being born and an old age that’s digging in even as it’s dying.

That square represented the ongoing revolution of our times, with innovations and pioneering energies in conflict with restrictive and controlling power structures. It certainly introduced us all to a very “electric and eclectic” revolution unlike any seen since the 1960s, when these two powerhouses made numerous conjunctions in mid-Virgo!!

As we learned to master Uranus square Pluto, we saw the true causes of any social disorder, constructive versus destructive justifications and motives, and where mistrust and mischief-making originate. This allowed us greater power to deal with Pluto coercions and heavy-handed corrosive behavior. We now know how to use any tension between Uranus and Pluto in two big ways in the future, exercising good Pluto function to put the brakes on, or turn the corner on, negative Uranian manifestations, and good Uranus function to put the brakes on, or turn the corner on, negative Pluto manifestations.

Uranus is now moving through a span of degrees it hasn’t transited since 1934-1936. Given what was happening then and the parallels to what’s going on now, stay alert to those who are impatient or petulant in wanting to change things in a hurry, as well as those who are willing to wage ideological war against others. We redeemed many promises in 2018, but also learned that using blunt force to push will destroy the good that could come.

Over the past few years, Pluto has taught us how to show care, release old inhibitions, and quicken to some needed task. We’ve done our dress rehearsals within forms of “group performance,” and last year surrendered with dignity in some way that gave us a spiritual victory. These have led to deep transformations in our lives.

This one again puts the focus on rising to some occasion even if we don’t feel up to it, with the added seeds of rewards for courage on the way! Keep purifying yourself in every way, since the less sludge we carry forward the lighter and freer we’ll feel.

The current sequence at present of Deciding, Feeling, and Thinking

We’ve been through several different sequences over the past few months. There are six patterns, and each has their strengths and weaknesses. We are now in a time of shifting patterns, and this Lunation continues the New Moon pattern. As a process of moving through events, the most effective “firing sequence” for approaching life and experience over the next 4 weeks involves leading with our feelings, then deciding, then thinking.

This pattern leads with feelings, and then makes decisions and acts based in those feelings. This pattern leads with its instincts, and then seeks facts and actions to confirm or deny those feeling impressions. While it is tempting to move back into more feeling after the actions, after we make our decisions and/or act, it will be important to get new information to come to a new vision or understanding. Once we get the right view or understanding, then a new feeling-experience will naturally arise that points the way to the next action.

When you are moved by a feeling or experience, it will naturally lead to decisions on the basis of those feeling experiences, which should be followed by a search for new information, new ideas, new interpretations, and new views. We’ll be “feeling our way” into new experiences, then deciding and acting on the basis of those feelings. After a decision or action, then we’ll have to find newer, more up to date information, facts, and understanding so we can get a new vision.

So learn and teach through anecdotes, seeing how others handled things practically, or how you handed things practically in the past. Let your thinking and communicating and envisioning follow your actions, and let your feelings follow a new understanding, a new perception, or a new view.

Go with the flow while opening to deep and vast feeling experiences, since these will lead you to know what decisions and actions to take. When you’ve done what you needed to do, then allow yourself to see a new vision, or a new understanding. When you come to that clear vision or understanding, then the next feeling will naturally arise, showing you the next action to take.

Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend

Because Saturn is in its home sign of Capricorn for the first time since 1991, it is the final dispositor of all planets transiting Capricorn and Aquarius from now through 2023. We are now in a year of “co-equal rulerships” between Jupiter and Saturn, since Jupiter now disposits all planets which transit through Sag and Pisces, while Saturn continues to disposit all planets which transit through Capricorn and Aquarius. Because Mars was in a Saturn-ruled sign from March 17 through November 15, 2018, Saturn was a very powerful influence on all Mars-related events of that time, which of course meant Saturn was the backdrop to Jupiter in Scorpio for that entire time.

2017 and 2018 were an extraordinary period, due to Saturn trine Uranus dominating most of those years. Their 2017 Fire trines stabilized Electric Fire and distributive “Fire by Friction,” which led naturally to the 2018 Earth trine helping us ground our efforts in practical ways. These helped us blend the past and future, the established with the innovative, and make the structure of our lives unique.

Now Saturn is in a powerful biseptile with Uranus, structuring many of the Plutonic “seeds of destiny” planted in 2018 during Uranus’ biseptile to Pluto. This is putting pressure on everyone to reshape their sense of purpose or duty related to awakening to their part to sing in the Cosmic Choir, and the next important phase in the Saturn-Uranus “dance of individualization” in our lives.

I explain the dance between Saturn and Uranus which awakens us to our power to shape our destiny in conscious individualized ways in Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend. Saturn helps us give form and structure to our quest for Self-realization, and in Capricorn, teaches us how to construct an “organized personal structure” to the Uranian energies making our spiritual life come alive.

The book was written for both astrologers and non-astrologers. Even those with little or no understanding of astrology will benefit from understanding why you had to make certain choices at crucial times that shaped your life in profound ways. Each time you read any section of this book you will find new insights about your power to steer your personal evolution. Over time you will throw off attitudes and memories which have held you back from finding and living your “Truth of Being” on your own terms, and fulfill your purpose for being alive!

If you’ve haven’t already gotten your copy, you can go to the Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend. page on Amazon and this should be all you need to order your copy. It’s also available on Amazon and as an ebook on Kindle, so if that’s more to your liking, go for it! If you would, whether you’ve gotten the ebook or the paperback, please write a review on the Amazon site, since the more reviews, the more of a boost they give it.

Summing it Up

This Full Moon will open us to a vaster feeling-experience within the collective field, with enough friction to get us moving and enough harmony to ensure that those who effort will be rewarded, sooner or later. Gifts abound for those who are honest with themselves and willing to take on appropriate group responsibilities.

If you don’t feel like you know what you’re doing, imitate those who seem to know what they’re doing. Rise to the occasions you’re called to be involved in, learn good negotiation skills, see the place and function of each part of the whole, and see yourselves as pioneers in a new land called to do what you do best!

We’re moving in radical new directions this year, with abundant opportunities to forge a deeper connection with the Eternal. We are fully launched into living a greater freedom and a greater understanding, with signs and symbols showing us what’s to come. This Lunation sprouts the seeds of an unknown future which will yield a harvest in 2020.

Between all the squares, semisquares, and sesquisquares, there may be a LOT of friction going on, but remember it takes making sparks to create a fire, and there’s a lot that needs lighting up right now. The past is now over, and we no longer are attracted to things we were even a few months ago. These voids have created the space for new life contents to come forth.”

We’re now well into the next phase in a cycle of deep transformation which began at the January 2018 Mars conjunct Jupiter, with tremendous boosts last May and September. Our lives have been enriched through allowing inspiring experiences to transform our everyday lives. We began this self-discipline in 2014, and have been proving our willingness to act on our truths between early 2016 and early 2018. Jupiter took what we’ve structured through our actional intention and blew some door down in 2018. Now what was bound can expand into wider and higher vistas, truths, and potentials.

Again, this is a time when inner strengths and powers can be tapped, and can find assistance from Devas and Angels who bring “divine help when human efforts seem to fail.” Forgive much, and you’ll create the space for Grace to enter your Life. When new adventures beckon, embrace them with warmth, since you might find Spiritual Brothers and Sisters from past lives along the way!

As I reminded you earlier, we are still within the effects of Eclipses from the past. These are shutting down major things wherever they fell. Jupiter has now finished a year of expanding our opportunities based in the voids created by the Eclipses in Scorpio, and is now expanding opportunities left by the voids of past Eclipses in Gemini and Sag. We’ve had a year of eliminating all that would hold us back, and as the Eclipses continue to remove some people and considerations from our lives, it will create space to “join together with the band!”

The past two years have led us all to blend the old with the new, the traditional with the innovative, throwing us into an adventure in higher awareness where we can demonstrate confidence and heart strength. We now are living a new identity, a new love, a new spiritual awareness, and a new spiritual expression in grounded ways, so keep your mind and heart open and keep coordinating your body, feelings, and mind to demonstrate a stable and harmonized Soul energy.

Because life seems to be a never-ending experience of out-breathing elements of the past and in-breathing elements of the new, it is useful to remember that when we are moving through major changes, and something new is introduced into our lives, it means that something else must leave, or has already left, to provide space for the new to be embraced. And lesser wisdom must give way to greater wisdom, and..

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by Robert Wilkinson

This Full Moon will move us into powerful long term closures and a “last minute rallying” toward a group effort, expressed through practical redemption. We will continue to surrender many things while accelerating our growth through imitating higher forms of living and accepting advanced responsibilities. Divine Discernment is the thing to focus on!

With the Moon as the nozzle focusing all the other planetary energies, while there may be power surges wherever we have 1 Virgo, the growth is still in Cancer, indicating we must rise to some occasion, leaving behind our comfort in the area where we have late Cancer in our charts. This assists us in letting go of whatever we need to, seeing how everything serves a purpose. We just need to accept our need for organization, discipline, and maturity once the vision, truth, or understanding has been opened.

In part 1 I explained why there’s some constant friction and agitation in the collective atmosphere off and on during these months due to Uranus semisquare Neptune anchoring constant friction whenever a planet moves through the middle degrees of the Mutable signs or the end of Cardinal signs and beginning of Fixed signs. This anchors the on-again, off-again energies I have termed a “Rhombus Diamond,” associated with a “cutting, grinding, and polishing” energy that’s very frictional and disruptive. This Full Moon Eclipse has Saturn making octile series aspects to the Lunation, setting frictional growth into motion and adding to the friction of Mercury and Neptune both square Jupiter with Mercury semisquare Mars and Mars sesquisquare Jupiter.

Why Are Full Moons So Important?

At a Full Moon, that which has opened since the previous New Moon surfaces in a public form, and heads toward the culmination and fruition symbolized by the second half of any cycle. First half, birth into form and field. Second half, culmination and completion of the purpose of that cycle.

That’s why it’s important to regard the New and Full Moon charts as “God’s Footprints in Time,” since one follows the other in an unending sequence of births of newer and newer seeds. The New Moons show us the seeds that will flourish under the reflected light of the Full Moon.

Full Moons heighten feelings, due to the opposition of the Moon and the Sun. We’ve been moving through the time of the year when we had oppositions from the inner planets to the outermost planets. We had the oppositions to Saturn and Pluto, then to Neptune, and finally Uranus.

We are now in a period of no non-Lunar oppositions until Mars opposes Jupiter in early May 2019, with the compression tightest in recent weeks, with all the planets are between very late Sagittarius and very late Aries. Mars in Taurus is now expanding the compressed field.

Dispositors - What's the Backdrop to the Energies?

The Moon is in Virgo, making the Mercury in Pisces its ruler. The Sun is in Pisces, making Jupiter in Sagittarius its worldly ruler, and Neptune in Pisces its Spiritual Ruler. This will boost Jupiter’s influence, keeping honesty and open-mindedness front and center as the natural entry sign to the other planetary experience in the occupied half of the sky.

This month is the first where we no longer have four “final dispositors” in Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune, since Mars is now in Taurus. Using only worldly rulers, Mercury is disposited by Jupiter in its home sign; Venus is disposed of by Saturn in its home sign; The Sun is disposed of by Jupiter in its home sign; Mars is disposited by Venus, and so is ruled by Saturn; Jupiter disposits itself, Saturn disposits itself, Uranus in Aries is disposited by Mars and ultimately by Saturn, Pluto is disposited by Saturn, and as usual, Neptune disposits itself.

So this month we have all the planets ruled by three planets as final dispositors. By looking at how “chains of dispositors,” “final dispositors,” and “mutual reception” are in play between the planets, we get a clear picture of the backdrop for how each planet operates. You can find out more about dispositors in general, chains of dispositors, and mutual reception by going to Astrology Class – What Is A Dispositor and What Is Mutual Reception Between Two Planets?

The Sabian Symbols for the Full Moon

This Full Moon falls at 1 Pisces and 1 Virgo. It is said that the first third (decan) of any sign deals with the actional, physical, material levels of life, and as the Lunation is in the first decan of those signs, invokes a sub-influence of Pisces and Virgo.

Since the Moon always focuses the light of the Sun in specific forms, the degree symbols for both are important. The Sun degree is the illumination or enlightenment of the Lunation, whereas the Moon shows us the potential forms that enlightenment will take. Though I’ve given you a sense of what this is about up to now, here’s where we go into detail.

The Solar degree symbol for the 1st degree of Pisces is "A public market.” In the original Jones notes published in The Astrology of Personality, Rudhyar says this symbolizes “the social nature of human responsibilities,” “a last moment joyous rallying to a task,” and “seen synthesis at the end of cycles.”

We are told in the Astrological Mandala that this symbolizes “the process of comingling and interchange which at all levels demonstrates the health of a community.” He goes on to state that this sector of the zodiac is often associated with a “closing of accounts,” or “a final evaluation of the harvest of the cycle.” It may be a time of reaping rewards, and is a time of a “coming together, in a final experience of community, of all factors previously experienced; this means constructive interaction and an interchange of the products of social activity.”

He continues this symbol “emphasizes that the time has come to take full advantage of the social opportunities to bargain and to trade.” He offers this is about “social interplay and … commerce.” This symbol is said to be in the Span of Innocence, Act of Capitalization, and is the initial degree of the Actional level of the Scene of Federation.

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, creator of the Sabian Symbols, says this degree is "a symbol of full maturity in (humanity's) social estate, with an emphasis on the group integrity" facilitating each to develop their special patterns. This degree is about the willingness for each of us to do our part in the larger "common ideals of a community life."

He offers that here ambition refines itself here through "a consistent generosity toward the aims of others with a real intensity of effort directed toward its own ends." He states the keyword is COMMERCE, and when positive, this degree "is an exceptional capacity for organizing the converging and conflicting interests of many people in practical arrangements of mutual benefit."

Before we discuss the Lunar degree symbol, I’ll take note that this Moon is conjunct TransPluto. TransPluto, or Divine Mother, danced on this degree for many months, indicating those years initiated a shift in our larger Era related to how we conceive of God the Mother. I’ll give you specifics in the next section. The next two weeks brings the focus directly on this vast Divine Feminine energy.

The Lunar degree symbol for the 1st degree of Virgo is “A man’s head.” In "the Astrology of Personality, where Rudhyar uses the original Dr. Jones' class notes on the symbols, he offers that this degree is one of “the shaping power of idea or ideal over outer form and behavior,” “completeness of realization,” “pure aggrandizement,” and “intent.”

In The Astrological Mandala, Rudhyar states this degree involves “the capacity to picture to oneself clearly the salient features and the overall meaning of any life situation.” He says this sign is about harvesting, “but it is also the Path of discipleship, and of all strongly determined processes of training.” This is about learning lessons of “significant form” and seeing “life situations as wholes of experience, and to discover their meaning by distinguishing their most characteristic features.”

He continues that the keyword is Discrimination, combining analysis and intuition, and this degree can help us figure out the place and function of differences in us and circumstances. This degree is in the Span of idealization, Act of stabilization, and the first degree of the actional level of the Scene of characterization.

Dr. Jones, creator of the Sabian Symbols, offers that this degree “is a symbol of full maturity,” emphasizing “personal integrity” where our inner ideals are manifested “through some self-accepted responsibility on which others can count.” He goes on to state that “ambition has its high dignity” by “the distinction with which it endows those who remain most faithful to its exactions” and “become most conscious of its rewards.”

He offers us the keyword CHARACTER. He says that when operating positively, the degree is “an effective self-assurance and an ever-clear vision of each emerging opportunity in life.”

So the Light of a greater spiritual maturity related to group awareness will express through the Divine service which will present itself wherever we have 1 Virgo in our chart. We’ll be illuminated by a vaster sense of the give and take in the marketplace of life, and find significant forms through seeing the place and function of each part of the whole.

TransPluto, Divine Mother, and the Tests of Human Redemption

Both Neptune and TransPluto represent very vast fields of feeling and connectedness beyond individual control. Neptune is the oceanic field of collective consciousness in which we all swim, and TransPluto is an almost incomprehensibly vast Divine Mother energy which redeems all things, brings grace to all circumstances, and is beyond even Death itself. When these two planets make an aspect, it shows us how the collective field is relating to Divine Redemption.

Many important collective developments related to these themes began to surface between 2009-2012, when Neptune in Aquarius was in very close opposition to TransPluto, or Divine Mother. That’s a major factor in why things became so polarized during those years, where the “tension of opposites” began to bring forth lessons in our Oneness, our need to share, and the human collective consciousness faced its need to embrace compassion and learn Viveka, or Divine Discrimination, especially when TransPluto was at the first degree of Virgo. Since that important opposition, we’ve all experienced intensified opportunities to join together in the Great Mother and realize our interrelatedness on a feeling level with All-That-Is.

In terms of the larger Era, we’ve now ended the TransPluto (Percephone, Parvati) in Leo era that we knew from September 20, 1935 through July 4, 2014. The transition period where this planet danced at the last degree of Leo and first two degrees of Virgo began October 2011 and ended July 4, 2014, when TransPluto left Leo for many centuries to come, and entered into Virgo for the next century.

TransPluto, or Divine Mother, danced between 1 and 2 Virgo between July 2014 and Oct 2017, showing us the larger view of what we are learning about how we conceive of God the Mother. The symbol for 1 Virgo is about how our ideas and ideals shape the outer forms in our lives, as well as how we act. It’s about picturing “the salient features and the overall meaning of any life situation,” as well as the Path of discipleship and other forms of training.

So one of the two great themes Divine Mother has taught all of us these past several years was to see life as a whole, and find meaning in seeing the significant features of the whole picture. We have had to understand the value and function of differences, and seeing how our personal integrity has allowed us to make our ideals real through accepting some sort of responsibility.

TransPluto then made its first entry into 2 Virgo October 2014, and we began humanity’s “liberating ordeal.” That initial visit was between October 2014 and mid-January 2015, and began the themes of the “crucifixion” of our sense of ego-separateness so that compassion and understanding could come forth. We are told it symbolizes “eminence at the cost of struggle,”’ which certainly seems to be very much the case as humanity redeems the promise of its better nature.

It was at 2 Virgo between October 2014 and mid-January 2015, after which it retrograded back to 1 Virgo. It re-entered 2 Virgo in early September 2015, and stayed at that degree until February 2016, when it retrograded back to 1 Virgo again. In mid-May 2016 it went stationary direct at 1 Virgo, and then re-entered 2 Virgo in early August 2016. It remained at 2 Virgo until the end of March 2017 and then retrograded back to 1 Virgo between April and the end of June 2017.

It then again entered 2 Virgo until October 11, 2017, when it entered 3 Virgo, which we are told is a degree of “Two angels bring protection,” symbolizing inner powers and “divine help when human efforts fail.” Its occupancy of 1 Virgo is now complete, and this is the next phase in our collective “liberating ordeal,” promising relief, protection, as well as the manifestation of unexpected latent powers.

This should bring forms of security via “the simple and consistent convergence of all good things toward their own kind.” This is a type of conviction that guarantees “an effective fulfillment of our dreams.” With the planet symbolizing Divine Mother expressing help via guardian angels, it should provide us a welcome relief from some parts of our “liberating ordeal.”

It went stationary retrograde at the end of November 2017 at 3 Virgo, and re-entered 2 Virgo on Jan 19, 2018. It occupied 2 Virgo until it went stationary direct in mid-May 2018 on that degree, continuing to occupy 2 Virgo until Sept 6, 2018, when it re-entered 3 Virgo again. Our guardian angels are back on the job, and there are inner powers to cultivate, as well as a greater recognition of how we have divine helpers everywhere!

As you can see, while we dealt with themes related to 1 and 2 Virgo for a long time, we’re now moving into themes related to 2 and 3 Virgo for many months to come. It will remain at 3 Virgo until late February 2019, when it will again occupy 2 Virgo until early August 2019, when it again moves into 3 Virgo.

Planetary Cycles Bringing Forth Divine Mother

The energies of Divine Mother will only grow stronger throughout this century, and these will be demonstrated each time the planets make significant aspects to TransPluto. One major set of cycles were set into motion When Saturn conjuncted TransPluto at 28 Leo in August 2007, and of course Saturn’s SD point at 2 Virgo in May 2008 is currently being transited by TransPluto. Those Saturn-expressed TransPluto Leo lessons will hold sway until their next conjunction at 9 Virgo in Sept 2037.

Another important cycle was set into motion when Jupiter conjuncted TransPluto at 1 Virgo in August 2015 in Virgo, beginning a new 12 year cycle of how these “Divine Mother energies” will manifest. It also began a new long wave era, since Jupiter will conjunct TransPluto in Virgo every 12 years until the 22nd century!

Related to that Jupiter conjunction, Venus went stationary retrograde exactly conjunct TransPluto in late July 2015, also at 1 Virgo, setting up Venusian manifestations of Divine Mother that will show each and every time 1 Virgo is transited. That means the Venusian Divine Mother promise of late July 2015 was expanded, or set into motion somehow, by Jupiter's transit of 1 Virgo in mid-August 2015, and then took expression due to Mars’ transit of that degree in late September 2015, and found “beauty of form” when Venus transited it again in early October 2015.

Those two conjunctions have dominated the Virgo landscape in our charts since then, and were given new value, new power, and new understanding each time the inner planets transited those early degrees in 2016 and 2017. Related to this, please take a new look at the Mars-Jupiter cycle set into motion by their conjunction in mid-Virgo between October 2015.

So we’ve officially entered a different Spiritual Era that will last through July 2107, when it leaves Virgo for good and re-enters Libra for the first time in many centuries, also after a few years of dancing on the cusp of Virgo and Libra. I offered you a bit more about this vast spiritual energy field in Astrology in the Age of Aquarius - Transpluto, a.k.a Divine Mother, Parvati, and Percephone.

See you soon with part 3 covering aspects, planetary sequencing, and other important factors in this Super Full Moon!

© Copyright 2019 Robert Wilkinson

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by Robert Wilkinson

Since today is the birthday of musical powerhouse Billie Joe Armstrong, frontman for Green Day, tonight we enjoy power music! A band that can rally millions, his is the voice that's challenged authoritarian and brain-dead thinking for years. Tonight we have some awesome performances!

As I’ve written before, in case you've been on a trip to Sirius or Alpha Centauri, Green Day blasted their way to national influence in the so-called "grunge" alternative rock movement of the mid-1980s. The band originated in Berserkeley and soon blazed to global popularity through its uncompromising brand of neo-punk thrash rock that forced everyone to take note of what was happening. A major musical force and social conscience in our world, for your listening pleasure here are Billie Joe Armstrong (February 17, 1972), Taurus Mike Dirnt (born Michael Pritchard, May 4, 1972), Sagittarian Tre Cool (born Frank Edwin Wright, December 9, 1972), and Scorpio Jason White (November 11, 1973)!

And now, on with the shew. I've found early, middle, and relatively recent performances of the many phases of Green Day! It’s said Billie Joe is writing new tunes for another album, so we’ll begin with their latest offering, the music video from “God’s Favorite Band,” cranking it up!

“Back in the USA” (no, not the Chuck Berry classic, but classic Green Day!)

We now move to a video for a cause that really matters. Here's a great performance for "Instant Karma: the Campaign to Save Darfur," Amnesty International's effort to bust genocidal war criminals. A powerful video of Green Day doing the John Lennon classic ”Working Class Hero” offering a chilling indictment of genocide! Here's their performance of "Working Class Hero" on American Idol that was said to "stun America." We can only wish that Amerika would wake up and remember.....

From Munich, their hit, ”Know Your Enemy.” Here they are in NY doing "Know Your Enemy." Also from that NY show, here's ”21st Century Breakdown.”

Let's move into some videos of early classics. From 2000 in Japan, here's Green Day performing "Basket Case" with another version from Chicago in 1994 of "Basket Case."

From Munich, a live performance of "When I Come Around." From the same show, (you really should watch this one!) the awesome "Holiday."

From a 1997 "Live in the Alley" performance, "Nice Guys Finish Last" with another version from the Chelmsford Festival V98 of ”Nice Guys Finish Last” and “Hitchin' A Ride” done as a medley.

Here's one of their best! From 2009 in England, complete with the crowd singing every single line, "Good Riddance (the Time of your Life)." From Japan, another great live performance of "Good Riddance (the Time of your Life)”

Recent material features some magnificent live performances. We now groove into my favorite Green Day song, "Holiday." Written as an in-your-face challenge to the Bush War Criminal administration, Billie Joe makes it clear that "This song is not anti-American. It's anti-WAR!"

This version is magnificent. From the Billboard Awards ceremony, "Holiday."

From the 2005 “Bullet in a Bible” tour in England, I found a bunch of their songs, which I’ve posted in the same order as the playlist! We begin with the title song from the album of the same name, here's a live performance of ”American Idiot.”

“Jesus of Suburbia”

Billie Joe’s rousing the rabble! Another stunning performance of "Holiday.”

"Are We The Waiting”

"St. Jimmy.”


”Hitchin’ A Ride.”

"Brain Stew.”

"Basket Case.”

"King for a Day” and “Shout.”

"Wake Me Up When September Ends.”


"Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” (This is from their 2005 MTV performance, since I couldn’t find the 2005 UK performance on the “Bullet in a Bible” tour.)

"Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”

Last year I found the full two hour show, but it’s nowhere to be found this year. So instead, here’s another full two hour plus show! Green Day 2013 Reading Festival Performance

We now leave that concert for more live performances!

From "American Idiot," here is "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," along with great performances of "Wake Me Up When September Ends" and ”Give Me Novacaine.”

Here’s a great 10 minute performance in Japan of "Jesus of Suburbia."

From Berlin at Live 8 in 2005, Green Day live performing “Minority” and “We Are The Champions”

Last year I had the entire 2001 Bizarre Fest show, but they killed the audio. So instead, here’s the entire 1 hour 47 minute show of Green Day Live at Roseland 2000.

Here’s the entire 55 minute show of Green Day MTV Live in Italy 2005

Here’s the entire 92 minute show of Green Day Live Rock am Ring, Germany 2005

From their newest effort, the music video of the title track of "21st Century Breakdown."

From the same album, a live performance of "East Jesus Nowhere" with Will Ferrell on cowbell! Here's a better video from Letterman of "East Jesus Nowhere"

This time on Fallon, a great performance of "Last of the American Girls."

Moving things forward a few years to late 2016, we have four great videos! We begin with Billie Joe unplugged live doing "Ordinary World.” At the same show, he begins with the classic guitar line from “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly,” and then moves straight into “Know Your Enemy” We’ll follow with “Still Breathing” and close with “Youngblood” (No, not the Coasters classic, but again, classic Green Day!)

Our finale features U2 and Green Day in N’awlins in 2006 doing a great performance of "Wake Me Up When September Ends” and “The Saints Are Coming," finished with "Beautiful Day.”

For the encore, some covers! First, Green Day doing the Sonny Curtis classic, "I Fought The Law", and the Chuck Berry classic "Johnny B Goode." We'll move into their cover of the Rolling Stones' classic from Exile on Main Street, "Rip This Joint," and finish with their performance at the 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame backing "the human metronome" (yes he is!), the great Ringo (whose voice is shot) in a rousing performance of the classic "Boys."

An interesting Live Audio 1990 performance that features fragments of several early songs set to still photos.

And if you still want more, here's the official Green Day You Tube channel where I'm sure you can get dialed in to what's up with this amazing group.

Happy 47, Billie Joe. Welcome to a huge life shift the next three years! Keep writing, keep rocking, and keep the fires burning bright!

© Copyright 20198 Robert Wilkinson

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