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While making my itinerary for this trip, I saw a gap day between Jeonju and Gwangju. Instead of extending a day in either of them, I decided to pick a random city in between. I don't know how I landed in Yeosu, but what I do know is that I have a spot for port towns. Anything by the beach is instant good vibes! My short stay in Yeosu was definitely worthwhile.

About Yeosu

Out of all my IG Stories asking for tips, I received ZERO reply when it comes to Yeosu. In short, it is not a top of mind vacation site especially for us Filipinos. Reading up, here are some trivia I picked up about this southern town (almost just across Jeju Island) that might make you want to go here on your next trip to Korea.

1) Literal meaning of Yeosu is "Peaceful Water City". Since they are near the sea, Yeosu has cool summers and mild winters, and relatively longer springs and autumns. When I was there (coming from Jeonju) it was so windy I had to take out my extra jacket and bundle up!

2) In 2012, Yeosu hosted its biggest international event when they won the bid against Morocco and Poland. During EXPO 2012, Yeosu received over 8 million visitors from 105 participating countries where they talked about environmental issues like climate change and ocean conservation. Till now, they have a train station called Yeosu EXPO Station.

3) Yeosu is famous for their seafood, beaches, and unique architectures. It's best to view this city from bird's view point, so take the cable car, go up the observatory, or take a hike!

Traveling To Yeosu From Jeonju

From Jeonju, I took the KTX for Yeosu EXPO with about 1.5 hours travel time. I bought my train ticket on-the-spot at around 16,000 KRW (around Php 700).

The train was not full, but I had a hard time looking for a compartment space for my medium luggage (best to pack light if you can). The conductor checking the train tickets passed by and I asked her for assistance, and was told I can just put my luggage right next to me. Every time the train stops, I was hoping no one's assigned on the chair next to me kung hindi ang hassle! 😁

The train ride was so comfortable, I was able to post my mandatory 10th blog anniversary IG post hehehe. I was caught off guard when I saw people standing up for the next station, which is Yeochon. I forgot to double check my ticket, and instead, I stood up with the crowd and went off the train with them--mahirap na lumagpas! Yun pala I was still one station away from Yeosu EXPO! I had to take a cab all the way to my hostel, which costed my about Php 900ish! 😅

Aside from taking the KTX, or if you're coming from Seoul, here are other way to go to Yeosu:

By Plane
You can book for flights from Gimpo Airport to Yeosu Airport via Asiana or Korean Air. Flight takes around 30 minutes only.

By Train
The fastest way by train from Seoul is still via KTX, which will take around 3.5 hours from Seoul Station.

By Bus
Take a bus from Express Bus Terminal, with 5 hours travel time.

Where I Stayed In Yeosu

With a quick research, I trusted the user reviews and just booked Yeosu Inn Guesthouse via Agoda. A night only costs 18,000 KRW, or around Php 800, and this already includes breakfast! What I like about booking a room with Agoda is the user reviews and the map of the accommodation that you can show to your taxi driver (in Korea, hotel name is usually in Hangul or Korean text).

Although Yeosu can just be a day-trip, let's say from Jeju or Gwangju, I realized that I prefer staying for at least one night per city just so I can fully absorb it. And also, so I can rest from all the long commutes! I cannot imagine navigating and carrying my luggage 2x in one day haha. 😅

I am also happy that my stay at the Yeosu Inn Guesthouse was very memorable and pleasant. Grabe sobrang sulit! I was supposed to be in a 4-bed dorm room, but ended up with no roomies during my whole stay!

But aside from the comfort and luxury of a private room and CR, the highlight is the kind ahjumma guesthouse owner who, even with zero English up her sleeves, sure knows how to make me at ease and at home in her guesthouse.

The only downside I can think of is that they have no elevators, so I had to carry my luggage till my room on the third floor. I am used to this especially since I usually stay in dorms, but just a warning in case you are not fond of this set-up.

Here's how my room looks like. Para syang university dormitory, but very clean and neat! As you enter the door, there are two doors next to each other with one leading to the toilet and bath, and the other leading to the room.

There are 2 bunk beds meant for four guests, but then again, I was lucky to stay here on my own! They also assign a locker for your luggage, but di ko na sya nagamit. They also have a small ref, a hair dryer, and a box of tissue on top of the lockers.

Two electrical outlets and a tiny bedside table for each bed:

The restroom already has shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and toothpaste + hot shower 24/7:

I was not in a rush to leave Yeosu the next day, so I made sure to enjoy my sleep and my short stay in this guesthouse. I guess that's the perk of just taking the bus or KTX on-the-spot, your schedule is flexible depending on your mood (or energy) for the day.

How To Go Around Yeosu

I've been reading Yeosu transportation tips, and most bloggers prefer riding a taxi to navigate the city.

I took the bus to Odongdo Island, but I was just lucky to chance upon a very helpful local by the bus stop. She was also on her way to Odongdo to hike with friends!

It was a memorable bus stop encounter for me because the ahjumma was very friendly, and she really tried her best to strike a conversation. Buses were very few so matagal talaga ang waiting time. Ahjumma said she's taking a nightly English class, trying to study the language for her niece who is now studying abroad. The little time we spent at the bus stop I tried to teach her how to count in English, while she taught me a few Korean words I often just hear in Kdramas, hehe!

 From Odongdo, I also walked a lot, took the cable car to another side of the city, and then hailed a taxi for my last stops (Aqua Park and heading back to the guesthouse). Tita traveler na ata talaga ako, tamad na mag effort, hoho!

Things To Do In Yeosu

Just for a day, here are the sites and attractions I was able to accomplish:

Odongdo Island 

Odongdo Island is known for its beautiful camellia flowers, lighthouse observatory, cliffs, musical fountain, and of course a nice view of the blue ocean.

Since I just came from a Php 900+ taxi ride for getting off the wrong train station, I decided to just go by foot across the breakwater connecting Yeosu Port to Odongdo Island. They also have a Dongbaek Train option (500 KRW), but I just enjoyed the view of the 2012 EXPO site across Odongdo as I walked at my own pace. Maybe when it's colder will take this train.

The highlights of Odongdo Island:

Odongdo is famous for its scarlet camellia trees, which blooms from November to April. I was a little late for its full bloom season, but still spotted a few during my hike in the island!

Turtle Ship! I think these are just replicas, but a turtle ship is a large Korean warship used during the Joseon dynasty. There's one near Dolsan Bridge that you can enter the ship for free.

A musical fountain park! I stayed in this area just to people watch, while Busker Busker's Cherry Blossom Ending was playing. I love that the song instantly lifts up the mood! I even saw kids wearing rain gears by the water fountain, dancing and jumping!

Here's where the Dongbaek Train ride ends, and where you can also board if you're leaving Odongdo.

The entrance for the hike to Odongdo's trail has a huge signage featuring the Bare Feet Odongdo Park, and its health benefits! They really encourage walking here in Korea.

Although I was clueless and did not know what to expect, the Odongdo trail had lots of English signages that you can just follow. It was a lovely walk around bamboo forests, cliffs, and views of the ocean here and there. I also went up the lighthouse for the free observatory. Wind was cool but not uncomfortable, It was a nice exercise and sight-seeing in one!

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The past months, I've been in contact with my college classmate and friend Arete for his upcoming Korea trip with his misis (wife). 

From their visas, to their itinerary, to the little details like Korean Won money exchange, we tried to exchange tips to make their first trip to Seoul A+. As I've said before, I may have travelled and write about Korea travels so many times, but I still learn a lot from people I get to talk to about their own travel experiences. 

Yesterday, Arete messaged me that they are finally back in Manila after a "super fun" Korea trip. Then, he also sent his tips and lessons from their own personal experiences, which I realized might be helpful to some of you! I asked if I can share them here on my blog. 

I already have my own "standard Korea travel 101", usual airline, usual travel agency for the visa, usual place where I withdraw my Korean Won, so basically my tips might be limiting when it comes to these things. Again, there are no right or wrong in travelling, but there are OPTIONS. And so I am sharing my friend's lessons as a guy who travelled to Korea for the first time with his wife. I hope you find them helpful! Here goes!

Lesson 1: Don't take the connecting flight from Manila to Cebu to Incheon 

Schedule is 10:35am to 12:10pm Manila - Cebu, and then 2:25pm to 8:10pm Cebu - Incheon. Grabe ang stress! 

Our first flight from Manila to Cebu got delayed. We flew almost 12 na, and we arrived at Cebu 1:20pm. Our boarding time for Cebu to Incheon was 1:30! Grabe. We had to run and ask the manong driver of the shuttle from Terminal 1 to 2 to transfer us already. Buti pumayag kahit konti pa lang ang nakasakay. Basta, don't take this flight kahit sale pa. If you can't resist a cheap connecting flight, better take a flight that leaves manila earlier. Di bale nang mag-antay sa Mactan Airport.

Lesson 2 - The money changer in front of the Chinese Embassy in Myeongdeong really gives a good rate

If you can exchange all of your money there, mas okay. They follow the global rate. Compared to exchanging it in money changers like Sanrys or Czarina here in the PH, you'll save around 1k for a 10,000 PHP transaction. Highly recommended yung money changer sa Myeongdong talaga.

Lesson 3 - Use Naver Map app for navigating the train and bus stations

Not sure if you've tried this already pero it really made my life easier. We had no problem getting from one place to another because of this app. Super recommended.

Lesson 4 - For guys, Korea will be a wonderland for your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, etc. 

Because of all the cheap clothes, bags, and cosmetics. Expect to be left alone frequently while she browses in a store or a stall. Hehe. But this shouldn't stop you from enjoying the country. Give her time to shop, but do devote some days for the things you really love doing. I'm a kind of guy who likes visiting museums and eating out, so it's either my wife and I combined the things we wanted to do in a single day, or we set a day for her shopping and the next day for my museum hopping. 

But seriously, for guys who want to make their women happy, plan a trip to Korea. she will love you forever.

Lesson 5 - If you can take advantage of the ongoing promo of BPI and BDO for multiple entry korean visas, do it! 

The promo is up to december 31, 2019, but i have a feeling they will extend it again, considering the number of Filipinos who go to Korea. I asked BPI to upgrade my blue card to gold months before we applied, and the rest is history. 

We've only used the visa once but knowing that we can go to korea anytime we want is something that makes my wife and I happy. I consider this as one of my best investments since we know that Korea will only evolve even more as a tourist destination. 

We already want to go back this november for autumn, and with a smaller budget since we now know how affordable korea really is.

Kamsahamnida to my college buddy @aretemequi for the photos and for allowing me to publish his Korea tips on my blog! 

Got more insights? Comment them below or email me at mail.anagon@yahoo.com.
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Many women today turn to hair extensions so that they can enhance the look of their hair, or easily achieve the style that they want without cutting their actual hair or waiting for it to grown. Choosing the right extensions takes some time on your part so you can make sure you get something just right for you. Since buying extensions is an investment, you want to do all you can to get something of the best quality, get it installed properly, and learn the best ways to take care of your hair. Here are some steps you can take to properly care for the virgin Remy hair you have purchased, and make the most of your investment by making it look great all the time.

Maintenance is Important

Since the virgin hair you purchased is unprocessed and natural human hair, it requires maintenance to make sure it stays in the best condition possible. The damage that you may cause to your extensions because of improper or lack of care is irreversible, you will end up wasting your hard-earned money on something you can no longer use. Taking the time to perform daily and regular maintenance on the hair to keep it looking the way you want it for a longer time.

Steps You Can Take

The basic steps you can take to care for your virgin Remy hair are quite simple. You always want to make sure that you keep your hair clean and conditioned so that it maintains its shine, color, and look. Keep the hair properly moisturized, and you will be rewarded with the great look you want. Brushing and combing the hair while it is still wet will help you to maintain a proper look. You also want to be careful when using heat with your hair extensions. Continuously applying heat to the hair will shorten its lifespan and you will not get the same amount of wear you want.

With proper care for your virgin Remy hair, you will get a much longer-lasting extension. If you have any questions about proper maintenance of any of the extensions or wigs, feel free to contact Magic Hair Company by calling 310-558-0181 during regular store hours, or make use of the contact form found on their website.

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I am not sure and I don't wanna know nadin how much I've already spent for fan meetings and concert tickets! When I was younger, I will save up even just for the General Admission section, for obvious reasons. Breathing the same air, seeing and hearing my idol/s in real life, albeit teeny tiny versions, was enough!

When I started earning a bit more, I now make sure to get good seats. Might not be front row, but at least makita ko clearly yung face/s niya or nila, okay na. Range of these "investments" just to see my favorites in the flesh is about Php 8000 to Php 15,000 per show. Medyo nakakalula sa totoo lang, haha! I think the most expensive that I bought is for Nam Joo Hyuk's first Manila fan meeting, not knowing he'll be coming back a 2nd and 3rd time with just Penshoppe purchases for the ticket. 😅

I learned that BlackPink is coming back to Manila this June for a Meet and Greet with Shopee Philippines. Their mechanics to get a ticket is a bit different to just lining up on ticket release dates, you have to make a purchase in their online shopping platform. 

It's a bit similar to fan meeting mechanics in other countries, credits to ms @KringKim:

To thoroughly explain the mechanics since I received a few DMs about it, you have THREE chances of getting 1 out of just a thousand of the seats in Samsung Hall. I hope I get to explain them well, so here goes!

Sure Ticket By Purchasing In YG Shop

Purchase any product at the YG Official Store on Shopee from May 11-25, and use special voucher code “SHOPEEXBP” upon check out to qualify and get an exclusive fan meet pass. One checkout is equivalent to one fan meet pass only.

I tried this earlier and was relieved to see that Ikon albums are back in stock. Unfortunately when I tried to input the voucher code “SHOPEEXBP”, it says that it's already fully redeemed. And so we move on to our second option...

Top Spender Sitewide

Shop via Shopee between May 11 - 25, 2019. Total spend will be CUMULATIVE, meaning, you can purchase separately just as long as they are within May 11-25. Think groceries, your school supplies, or for your gadget upgrades. The minimum accumulated spend is Php4,000 to qualify as a Top Spender.

The 568 Top Shopee spender who registered via https://shp.ee/byjbw7c will win one fan meet pass each for the event.

The Top 40 out of the 568 Shopee spender will have a chance to go on stage and have autograph with BlackPink Members!

What will I buy for more chances of winning??? :D 


Might as well purchase all the official and unofficial Kpop merch I've been eyeing the past months:


Going to the BlackPink fan meet? Prepare for what you will wear during the fancon! A BlackPink top, these cute badges, and a BlackPink keyring:


This is the time to buy that authentic hammer bong and BlackPink's new album via Shopee's legit sellers.


If you're planning on upgrading or buying a new gadget, then might as well buy them from their official stores in Shopee! I saw that Huawei and Canon are both in the app's Mall section. I am also thinking of getting a new hard drive via Shopee since the last one I got is almost full.

And lastly, I realized that if I am going to buy bulk it will probably be....


Medyo nakakatawa pero sobrang practical! Besides, I've bought several edible stuff via Shopee na before--including mga pang fruit shakes ko (chia seeds, coco sugar), and a big bottle of honey!

The Top 40 out of the 568 Shopee spender will have a chance to go on stage and have autograph with BlackPink Members!

Check out THIS PAGE for more information on the BLACK TICKET.

What I like about shopping high value products in Shopee is that you pay through Shopee, the third party in this transaction, and they won't release your money to the seller without you clicking the  "orders received" button. So if hindi dumating sayo yung order, you can easily refund your payment. Ilang beses narin nangyari sa akin to before kaya guaranteed safe mag shop for me sa Shopee.

Here are some more tips before making big purchases in Shopee:

1) Check reviews - Most product listings have them at the end of the posting. These are from actual buyers so you'll know that what you're getting is authentic, or if the seller delivers fast, or if they deliver items well-packaged, etc.

2) Check PHOTOS in reviews from actual buyers. Most of them post the actual look of the product, and sometimes iba sya from the photo posted by the seller.

3) Weigh if you're ok with waiting for your purchase (overseas) or just shop from sellers within Metro Manila. They have an option to filter out these things. Another recommended filter is to buy from PREFERRED sellers.

4) Check the seller profile to see if they ship FAST or if they take time to deliver their goods.

5) And lastly, make sure to avail Shopee's vouchers! I usually forget that they have these, but sobrang sulit when you apply them to your cart. They have free shipping, free "coins", sellers discount coupons, etc.

Oh and before I forget, the 3rd option to get a ticket for the fan meeting is through:

BlackPink x Shopee banner making contest

Purchase materials via Shopee, and create a poster for the BlackPink fan meeting. There will be three winners for this. The entries will be judged in terms of originality (20%), creativity (40%), content (30%) and virality (10%, # of likes and shares combined).

My personal tip is to add elements of Shopee in your entry, maybe adding a touch of orange (Shopee's color) to your artwork! And second is to use things other than paper and coloring materials--think outside the box and make your banner standout from the rest! Add battery operated fairy lights as borders? Place magazine cut-outs of Jisoo, Lisa, Rosé, and Jennie's faces on top of the banner? I saw these sold in Shopee! And lastly, add a WITTY statement--not too long, but something cute and eye-catching!

Full mechanics for this giveaway HERE.
Good luck, Blinks! I am rooting for all of you!!!
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If your hair feels thin or limp, or you just want to instantly change your hairstyle without cutting your hair short or without waiting for months for it to grow, then here's a very quick and easy solution: Human hair wigs

When selecting a wig, make sure to know the difference between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. This will be a major make or break. Natural hair lace wigs are made of harvested human hair, so they look and feel like your actual hair. Meanwhile, wigs that are made of synthetic materials are made of wool, buffalo hair, or horsehair. These types of lace wigs are also made of high quality materials, but they can easily get easily damaged in high temperature.

Most full lace wigs are made of human hair, it requires considerable care. Human hair wigs are versatile, you can color, perm, or style it easily just like your own hair. It also has a variety of textures that you can choose from to naturally match your hair texture. Human hair lace wig comes with a delicate lace cap, so it's a bit high maintenance and fragile. You should consider when it really needs to be washed, and as long as you clean it with the correct shampoo, then you should not have a problem. It is also a bit pricey, but with proper care, human hair wigs will last for a long period of time.

Meanwhile, synthetic wigs are easier to maintain. They have style retention so you can wash and dry your synthetic wig, and it will return to its original look. Synthetic wigs are also natural looking, you just have to pick the right brand and style. Some budget synthetic wigs might have unnatural shine, so keep an eye on that. You also cannot recolor or use heat hair styling tools with your synthetic wig, as they cannot take high temperature. It may cost less than human hair wig, but it usually last for only about 6 months with daily use.

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Travel Dates: April 24-25, 2019

This trip started early this year when I decided to celebrate my blog's 10th anniversary in Korea. As per usual, I wanted to explore another city outside of Seoul.

I remember posting a survey on Instagram, and the cities that were suggested include Gwangju, Jeongno, Pyeongchang, and of course, Jeonju. I searched these name over the internet, and what little information I got when I planned for my Daegu or Jeju trip--let's say around 1/4 lang ang lumabas for these cities!

In short, kung first choice ang Seoul, and 2nd to 3rd choices ang Daegu, Busan, and Jeju, asa pang 5th na halos ang Jeonju. I think this lack of information made me even more ecstatic to plan and push for this new solo travel adventure in Korea! 

To start off this blog post on my first city for this trip, here are some:


1) Jeonju is the capital of North Jeolla Province.

Try and search for a map of South Korea, you'll see na medyo nasa pa south na sya. My original plan for this trip was to catch cherry blossoms even when it's off season na. I had to suck it in and let go of this when I realized that my destination is southern-most na halos ng Korea, meaning mas mainit na compared to Seoul, Pyeongchang, or Sokcho areas (thus lagas na din ang cherry blossom trees).

2) The word Jeonju's literal meaning is Perfect Region. They got this name for being "blessed" in terms of geographical location-- close proximity to the sea, vast plains.

From readings, I learned that lots of South Korea's produce and crops are from this region.

3) Aside from being a rich land, Jeonju also maintained their Korean traditions and culture. You'll find everything traditional Korean in this city, including hanoks (traditional Korean houses) to hanji (traditional Korean paper), to hansik (traditional Korean cuisine).

4) Jeonju was named a UNESCO City of Gastronomy in 2012! Did you know that the famous Korean dish BIBIMBAP came from Jeonju?!

5) Some famous personalitites from Jeonju: Kim Tae-yeon of Girls Generation, Kim Sung-kyu of Infinite, Ahn Hye-jin formerly from Mamamoo, and actor Yoon Kyun-sang (second lead in Park Shin Hye's Doctors)


We always learn from our mistakes, and although it wasn't major, one of my travel boo boos from past trips is that I still go to the city center before heading for my main destination.

Example! During my Jeju-Busan winter last 2018, I spared 2 nights pa in Seoul. I planned on going back din naman sa Seoul for my flight back to Manila, so might as well just go straight to my main agenda. Ang hirap rin ng marami masyadong transfers!

For this trip, I learned that there's a direct bus from Incheon International Airport going to Jeonju. I decided to just stay for the night in the airport, and then take this bus the next day.

After having breakfast at the airport (and feeling like a boss in my house clothes hahaha), I went back to the airport jjimjilbang to check out and get my stuff.


I went to the airport concierge to inquire about the bus to Jeonju, and the lady at the desk just gave me the exit number. I went there and saw lots of destination signages--it's impossible to get lost if you just READ.

I easily spotted Jeonju in 12B, and went to the pillar and saw more signages and buses. I went to the nearest ticket booth and true enough they sell the bus tickets for Jeonju! Bought my ticket on-the-spot, sobrang dali and convenient!

They'll give you a timed ticket so make sure madali ka makakapunta sa platform mo on time. Do not lose your bus ticket! Check and follow everything: Departure time, Platform, and Seat Number. I paid 33,000 KRW (around Php 1500), and the ride took around four hours long, and included one food and toilet break. Take a picture of your bus plate number during the stopover.


If you're coming from Seoul, there are buses for around 30,000 KRW from Seoul's Express Bus Terminal. Ride is about 2 hours and 30 minutes.


You can also take the express train to Iksan or all the way to Jeonju Train Station. This is the fastest option if you're coming from Seoul, but also a bit more expensive at KRW 42,800 for the first class bus (around Php 1900).


Still on a budget trip, I looked for the best location with cheap rates for Jeonju via Agoda. I usually go for hostels that are either 1) Near the shopping and food center mala Myeongdong or 2) Very near a train station.

I ended up in Blueboat Hostel Jeonju.

Will I recommend it, definitely!

1) It is walking distance to the main attractions of Jeonju, including the Jeonju Hanok Village and the Jeondong Catholic Church. Meanwhile, Jeonju's famous choco pie bakery PNB is just across the hostel!

2) I like the privacy of dormitories that look like this:

Your very own box-type cubicle with blinds, essential when you want privacy especially when you sleep. There are two electrical outlets per bed, a personal lamp, and a place to hang your clothes.

Ang kalat ko, haha! I stock my packing cubes inside my cubicle para hindi na din ako mag hahalungkat ng maleta every morning. I got the top bunk so medyo hassle din when I need something and have to go down pa. I have here my valuables (camera, phone, etc), chargers, toiletries, makeup kit, skincare kit, and all my clothes for the next day.

The space in the room is to small to fix or get something from your luggage, so a tip is to go out at the hallway and dun mo na gawin bilang may chairs naman na dun and mas hindi nakaka hiya mag ingay. 

Btw, they also provide you with a small net bag (I used this to bring my clothes when I take a bath), and a rubber slippers. All shoes are left in another shoe locker before entering the hostel.

3) Common areas such as the toilet and bath (separate ang girls sa boys) and the dining and kitchen area are all very clean and well-maintained. 

Toilet and shower cubicles are separate, and enough for us checked-in at that time. Never ko need mag antay for my turn. I also like that they provide everything I needed: Shampoo and body wash, a small towel, toothpaste, and hairdryer. Just make sure to bring your own toothbrush, a towel if naliliitan ka sa face towel size lang, and your skincare stuff.

They are strict with no eating inside the rooms policy, which is okay. The common room where the receptionist is also located is very inviting.

Ang saya na may drinking water narin pala dito: 

4) As for security, everything's de-tap card from the time you enter the main area for the rooms, and then for the door to your room. They also provide lockers big enough for my medium maleta (has separate key attached the the tap card's lanyard).

Sobrang okay lahat, A+ sya for my standards of a guesthouse. Plus points nalang din that I only spent around Php 1500 for two nights, inclusive already of other taxes and charges.


Almost like Jeju, main mode of transportation in Jeonju are buses and cabs. I don't think they have local trains around the city, but if you booked in the right location, most prob you just have to prepare yourself for a lot of walks as most attractions are just near each other. The only time I took a taxi was going to my hostel, and when I went to

Except for a day pass in some of the Jeonju Hanok Village museums and attractions, I haven't discovered a Jeonju tour in the likes of Trazy or Klook. 


I stayed in this city for 1.5 days. Sunsets were late (past 7pm) so I was able to maximize a day till night time. Kalaban ko lang that time was pagod! Tita na talaga ako, hehehe.


After checking in BlueBoat Hostel Jeonju, I just crossed the street to have coffee and try Jeonju's famous PNB choco pies (cream instead of mallows).


Made sure to get more on my last day to bring home to my fam:

Energized from the sweets and the coffee, I walked to the area of Jeonju Hanok Village. I decided that Day 1 will be just chill for me since I just came from a long bus ride and have 1 full day pa naman the next day.

Jeondong Cathedral

Built in honor of Roman Catholic martyrs of the Joseon Dynasty on the very same spot the martyrs lost their lives.

Saw my first blooms for this trip in the church's compound:

Continued walking till I reached the Gyeonggijeon Shrine. This is the famous area for most Jeonju travellers, featuring a vast garden, structures and museums, and the portrait of the founder of the Joseon Dynasty King Tae-jo.

Meanwhile, this is also a main location for my first ever Kdrama comeback in 2016 Moonlight Drawn By Clouds! ❤

I also had time to walk around Jeonju Hanok Village before calling it a day.

Costume rentals (hanbok and 1920s style) are in every corner:

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The past weeks I've been getting health related projects for my blog. And although my main niche is travel, I said yes to these because health is everything in my line of work. Without good health, how can we enjoy our adventures?

Aside from making sure I secure a healthcare plan, I also have a set of supplements that I now take regularly. I used to only take Vitamin C, but after talking to several travel writers that I've been with on road trip assignments, I learned that ascorbic acid is not enough. I now have Vitamin B on my list, and MANGOSTEEN supplements as the latest addition.

Healthmax Care Mangosteen Plus 8 Berries Food Supplement's main ingredient is used for a lot of known diseases, including diarrhea, urinary tract infections (UTIs), tuberculosis, menstrual disorders, and yes--even cancer! There's a whole lot more when you read up on this fruit on the internet, an article even said that mangosteen helps improve one's mental health! I know that I will need this especially in my age, my dietary preference (vegetarian), and also because of my lifestyle.

Here are some Mangosteen Health Benefits:

• Anti-Oxidant
• Anti-Cancer 
• Anti-Tumor 
• Anti-Inflammatory 
• Anti-Diarrhea 
• Improves immune system

But aside from mangosteen, the Healthmax Care Mangosteen Plus 8 Berries also contains super fruits, making it more effective, powerful, and enabling you to achieve faster results.

The 8 Berries in Healthmax Care Mangosteen Plus 8 Berries Food Supplement:

• good source of energy
• improves digestion 
• helps maintain normal cholesterol level

• anti-cancer 
• helps improve vision 
• helps lower blood sugar level 
• support cardiovascular health

• promotes good eyesight 
• anti-diabetic effect

• promotes healthy heart 
• improves circulatory system 
• immune booster 
• helps prevent UTI

• enhances the immune system 
• anti-diabetic effect 
• anti-inflammatory effect 
• anti-oxidant properties

• anti-cancer 
• helps heal wounds 
• good for osteoporosis 
• helps lower cholesterol 
• high blood pressure

Wolfberry (Goji) 
• supports immune system
• anti-inflammatory properties 

• keeps the heart healthy 
• good for the circulatory system

To assure the public that all its products are safe and compliant, Healthmax Care is registered under the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission, and has a permit to operate from the Philippine Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

I am currently taking this every morning after my first meal. It is recommended to take this twice a day (at night as well) but haven't figured out how I can juggle the supplements I've recently added in my routine (Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Gluta)--any tips?

As for how I feel after a week of taking Healthmax Care Mangosteen Plus 8 Berries Food Supplement, I'd like to think that it is keeping me healthy and illness free even though this week in one of the busiest! I am juggling my online work, organizing for Bloggers United this June (social media + meetings), my online shop, and an upcoming travel. I sleep late (huhu) but still feel strong and ready to work the next day!

Healthmax Care Mangosteen Plus Berries (Php 2500 / Box of 100) is available in Mercury Drug Stores Nationwide, and online:

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I'm always on the lookout for new beauty products to try in the market ever since I've become a fan of Korean Beauty. I think that's the fun in Kbeauty, they always have something new for us to try kaya hindi nakakasawa and it doesn't feel nakakatamad to do your skincare nightly. Plus, they will hardly break your bank, and their packaging is always too cute to resist! 

My go-to site is Althea Korea since 2016. They offer a variety of brands and products for both skincare and makeup. I am also impressed that they now have their own line! 

I am sharing here 3 of these new products from Althea A'Bloom. I've tried them for the past three weeks, and--it might be early to tell--but with its price points I can easily say that they are worth trying!

A’bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster (Php 200)

A’bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster is an easy and quick triple treatment for blackheads, whiteheads and dead skin for daily care.

I've only tried this once, and my personal opinion is that the effect is not instant. You won't see blackheads and whiteheads magically disappear when you rinse the product from your face, but skin does feel smoother after use.

What I like about A’bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster is that it is made of natural ingredients like tea tree, natural BHA, apricot seed powder, and charcoal. It smells good, and very easy to apply on the face because of its handy and sleek packaging. 

To Use:

1) Dampen the skin, and apply the stick directly on targeted areas and massage in circular motions for 30 seconds.

2) Massage face in circular motion.

3) Rinse of with water.

A’bloom Refreshing Skin Mask Pack (Php 20)

I am a sheet mask person, and I've tried different brands and variants. I think the A’bloom Refreshing Skin Mask Pack is the most affordable yet in the Korean market, and the best part is they work well on my skin! 

I brought the A’bloom Refreshing Skin Mask Pack to my recent Korea trip, and it was spring at that time so my face tends to dry. These masks helped moisturize my skin effortlessly every night.

One factor that I won't recommend a sheet mask is when it breaks out my skin automatically the next day. That's how sensitive and acne prone my skin is, alam ko agad if I won't continue using a product. 

The case is different with A’bloom Refreshing Skin Mask Pack. It is gentle on my face, packaging and branding are both A+++, and a sheet is only Php 20 you won't feel guilting using this everyday!

Btw, A’bloom sheet masks are fruit masks pack with strong antioxidant power of fruits and soothing energy of natural plants to care for each skin concern such as hydration, nutrition, whitening and blemishes. The sheet masks are also made out of 100% natural eco-friendly fabric to effectively deliver the efficacy of the rich fruits essence and the essences are formulated with reduced viscosity that are available in creams.

Sheet Mask Tip: Don't throw away your mask right away after using it on your face! Don't forget to apply it also on your neck, it is said to be the first to wrinkle!

A’bloom Perfect Skin Expression With Meringue Puffs

Last but not the least are these beauty tools: Althea A'bloom's makeup sponge! They come in cute pastel tones, and big and small sizes.

If you ask me, I am more of a sponge person than brushes. I use them for all my morning skincare application prior makeup, just so I won't be using my fingers to touch my face (na baka madumi haha and OC!). 

The Giant Meringue Puff (Php 100) is available per piece, and can be used to apply makeup quickly and easily. I like that it is soft to the skin, and has minimal "sponge pores" so it doesn't absorb and waste a lot of your foundation or BB Cream.

Meanwhile, the Baby Meringue Puff (Php 140) is sold by 3s in one box. These smaller, multi-angle puffs that blend easily for perfect detailed application. I imagine using them for concealer application or to dab my cheek tints. Cleaner and more precise than using my fingers!

 Have you tried any new Kbeauty finds? Share some of your favorites! 
Visit https://ph.althea.kr/ to check out these products.

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I've been working freelance all my life, and as much as I love being my own boss, working at my own pace, and developing more of my creativity--there are downsides that come in being self-employed. 

I learned a lot over the years the different adulting essentials that I do without. First is having my business registered and pay my taxes (check!). Second is having insurance investments (check!). I am now dealing with another concern that I realized is super important especially on cases when I needed to go for a check-up and have to pay full price. I am now looking into getting healthcare plans that my employed sisters automatically receive from their job!

Then I discovered Maria Health

What Is Maria Health?

Maria Health is an online one-stop-shop health platform that provides simple and easy to access healthcare to every Filipino.

Did you know that an estimate of only 5% of the Philippines’s 100 million population are medically insured because of lack of access to providers? 

Maria Health is set to solve this problem by inviting some of the country’s top providers such as Maxicare, PhilCare, and AsianLife to pool their healthcare plans ONLINE where they can reach everyone!

Aside from freelancers, Maria Health market also includes overseas workers, business owners, health enthusiasts, and mothers. 

MediCard RxER delivered just in time for Mother's Day! It's the perfect gift for mommy who is a housewife for more than a decade now. Of course, it's the best gift also to myself as a freelancer.

Here's how Maria Health website looks like! You can choose the health plan that will fit your needs, and compare coverage and prices from different providers. All in one online shop!

Maria Health has revolutionized the healthcare shopping experience by offering you the ability to pull plans beside each other and compare which fit your needs and budget best.

For comprehensive plans, you can instantly get a free unbiased proposal from experts by simply answering a few questions. The proposal contains the best possible options you can enroll yourself, your family, or your business to.

for prepaid plans, you can choose from Maria Health’s wide range of packages and bundles covering emergency care, diagnostic exams, and doctor consultations to name a few.

Best part is, they have a lot of frequently asked questions section, and a customer care hotline (email, cellphone, and chat options) all over their website. They make healthcare plans simple and understandable and accessible. Sa totoo lang, I've never been this less intimidated when it comes to healthcare adulting essentials!

Simply put, you can find and shop for a plan that fits your health needs in just a few clicks.    
Visit https://mariahealth.ph, and follow them on Instagram @MariaHealthPh. 

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As much as I snap, record, and post almost every step taken in all my travels, there are still some stories that didn't find its way to social media.

The wrong climbs and getting lost in an empty park while it was raining non-stop and I only had a jacket and cap on. Or the budgeting woes, the no-dinner days, and non-stop conversion from Won to Pesos before making a purchase. Or the many times I find myself Google translating "vegetarian" to Hangul, but only ending up in a convenience store (again) where there's a sure egg-mayo sandwich or ramyeun that can pass up for a meal of the day--only to warm the tummy in a convenient way.

If there are Instagram worthy spots in every travel destinations, there are also the non-IG Worthy moments that (sometimes) only remain in my memory. But maybe that's why I became a blogger. This space is where I can tell my untold stories from this trip that recently came to mind now that I am in the comforts of my home. Some were merely not documented because I was "busy" to get by at that time, while others I just tried to forget out of embarrassment. Why just now? I thought that maybe telling these experiences will be a lesson to even just one reader.

I arrived in Korea for this late spring trip via a red eye flight. I was expecting this (since obviously I was the one who booked my tickets) but did not expect a few things.

First, my luggage broke and it hasn't been a day yet (I have 9 days to go!)! It was nothing to me, and was able to fix the zipper in the airport before I walked again to look for the Incheon Jjimjilbang where I planned to stay for the night.

Which leads us to another unexpected detail: The airport jjimjilbang "Spa On Air" was full that night!

I already tried Spa On Air before while waiting for a night flight back to Manila, but just to take a shower and try their hot tubs. It was my first time to actually sleep there and didn't realize that it gets full booked. Some of those ahead of me gave up and just walked away from the line. I have nowhere else to go, and thought that going around with a luggage will even be more tiring compared to just waiting, and so I just stayed there. I think it was almost 1am when a female spot freed up!

Spa On Air is Incheon International Airport's jjimjilbang, or Korean public bath house, but with a more modern take. It is located at the East of Public Area 1BF, Terminal 1. There are elevators in the area of the arrivals, but just ask the information for Spa On Air to be sure.

What I like about this sleepover experience is that the price is already inclusive of: unli shower time and public bath tub use. Men and women shower rooms are separate, but take note that if like me you came from a country where hindi full naked ang mga spa you might feel awkward at first. Iniisip ko nalang na mag isa lang naman ako, hindi nila ako kilala, and usually wala rin silang pake.

Here's the price list. You can just take a shower, or you can also book the shower+sauna combo. Sauna is the term for the place where you can sleep. I paid for the 12 hours so I can still have my breakfast the next day, and concoct a game plan for my Jeonju trip without pressures of checking out early. I also planned to rest a bit more.

So for 22,000 KRW (around Php 1000) I already have access to the shower and sauna for 12 hours. They kept my luggage securely, and I also have a personal locker for my "immediate" things like clothes for the next day, makeup, toiletries, etc. You can ask for your luggage naman sa receptionist if you forgot something. They are very accommodating!

My small locker space and tap bracelet that opens this locker and my shoe locker:

We also get a brown t-shirt and shorts uniform + 2 small towels:

Right next to the locker area is the vanity area, a toilet, and the door to the shower room where the hot tubs are also located. No photos allowed here, but took some when there's no one around. Aside from your clothes and towels, they also provide shampoo and body wash in the shower area, a water dispenser where you can get water anytime, and skincare, hairdryer, comb, earbuds and cotton pads, and hair products in the sink and vanity area.

Aside from having almost everything that I need, I like that Spa On Air is very clean and well-maintained!

Make sure to bring your own toothbrush, toothpaste, and facial wash. They also have a vendo machine for some of these essentials in case you don't have them.

I made sure to avail all the free stuff, especially these bottles of Korean skincare!

And finally, here's how the Spa On Air sauna (or sleeping area) looks like. The first time I went it, it was so full ang awkward tumabi kani-kanino lang. They only spread out these thin cushions (size of a yoga mat) and blocks for your "bed and pillow". You'll see some guests stacking 3 cushions and hug 2 blocks with no care--so una-unahan lang sya talaga. It was so hard to find a space, but managed to secure one near the door when an old lady got up.

Btw, you will get a card when you check-in so you can go to this area:

Mahirap rin mag sleep coz you can still hear noises from snores, and from people outside--chatting in the lobby area, the hairdryer buzzing non-stop, locker doors slamming. Rinig na rinig ko silang lahat haha.

Some tips! Bring your own small pillow and blanket so you'll feel a little comfortable and covered. Take note, the room is MIXED and people just come and go, so there are times when I was next to a couple, then to a lola, and then one time I woke up and I was next to a boy! Nkklk. 

Ilang beses ako nagigising, so please expect this na. You won't get a nice deep sleep here. Bring eye shield and earbuds if you must! I also woke up with aching right wrist and I think it's because nadaganan ko yung hand ko sa matigas na floor while sleeping, haha.

Overall, it was a difficult but interesting experience! It's also a good and affordable option if you have red eye flights. I've always had "sleeping in jjimjilbang" in my Korea bucket list after seeing them in Korean dramas--so at least I got this out of the way already. To think this is not hardcore yet, sosyal pa tong lagay na ito coz nasa airport! 😆

Aside from the broken luggage and sleeping on a sauna, here are some untold stories from this trip.

Crying In A Bus

If my Instagram stories and photos show that this trip was all fun and carefree, then let me tell you how I cried in public on a bus on my way to the train station for Yeosu. Akala mo nakaka Kdrama scene pero sa totoo lang nakakahiya! Aside from getting lost trying to figure out the right bus stop and the right bus, I made sure to set aside my money on my pocket so I won't get in the way for the other passengers the moment I climb in the bus with my luggage and backpack, while confirming to the driver if it's the right bus. I was juggling so many things in my head and in real life!

I dropped my money in the clear box in front of the driver--like how they do it in Seoul--and I made sure I drop a big amount just so hindi na ako magtatanong magkano and if kulang pa. That's 10,000 KRW. The driver suddenly looked at me frustrated, and with the little Korean I know I caught him saying the word "otoke" (What will I do!?) while tapping his pockets showing that he has no change for me. I moved aside because I was already on the way of the other passengers, the bus was full so I was just holding on a bar while making sure my luggage won't slide.

Then suddenly (and I am usually tough) I caught myself wiping tears from my eyes! Halong hiya at pagod nadin siguro (the next day I got my period so let's pls blame hormones on this drama haha). The bus driver asked for my bank account, and realized it wasn't Korean bank so he made another scene. Later on before my stop he called me back in front (I was going back and forth with my luggage!) as he released coins on a machine in front of him. Sa totoo lang kaya naman pala nya magsukli bat may eksena pa!! Huhu!! 


Another bus incident, but this time in Gwangju on my way for my hostel check-in, I was again confronted by a full bus. This time I was confident I am in the right one, and of course made sure I paid the exact amount this time, and I was standing steady even with my luggage and backpack. Then I realized something odd.

I know masikip yung bus so I thought it might just be a bag or something, but I suddenly turned around to see what has been resting on my butt for a few good minutes and saw an ahjussi's hand holding on a phone but with his fingers extending in a scooped position. I felt sick in the guts.

I do not know how to react or feel at that time, but kahit na-disorient ako I made sure to move away and face side view from the old man. I made sure I can see what he's doing. Ang lapit niya masyado, and parang ang baho nya (amoy alak). I also noticed that he shifted his position and tried to go near me again and alam nyo yung feeling na nag guguni lang ba ako non o dapat ba hindi ako magalit coz hindi naman confirmed na binastos ako ng mama o baka "feeling" lang ako, but I cannot help but get furious at that time so scowled at him before he goes near me again, and whispered "putang ina" which caught the attention of a girl next to us so she also moved away from the ahjussi. He then walked to the far end of the bus. By the way, he's the only old man in this bus as the route to my hostel turned out to be mostly high school and university stops.

Nakaka frustrate pala yung feeling ng solo female traveler ka, and you'll encounter something like this noh. Suddenly from feeling confident and independent, I felt that the world is unsafe for women like me to explore it alone! For a few rides after that incident I find myself taking the cab nalang kahit on a budget ako because natakot talaga ako. Ayaw ko na sana ikwento to but I realized how important this is as I keep on getting messages from readers who are also traveling solo now or about to venture on solo travels because of my posts--Always stay alert! It can happen anywhere, even in "safe countries". Even if unsure ka, show that it's not okay and you're uncomfortable by making a fuss! Look for fellow women or couples and stay close to them or (if needed) seek help from them.

Sharing reading materials I am going through now on #MeToo experiences while commuting.

"There are so many small moments, and a lot of women feel that their story isn’t valid, or valid enough,” she said. “And they just brush it off and move on with their day. But it is valid, and it’s important."
(source: the washington post)

Again, I am sharing these incidents not to scare you, but more of for awareness. Traveling is not all fine and dandy like the Instagram influencer's well-curated feed. You will encounter troubles along the way--minor or major--it's best to be ready mentally, emotionally, and physically for them. I think a more important lesson for me here is to not let these hinder you from your travel dreams.

You are brave, you will endure, you will enjoy! And of course, you will learn.

To be continued!

Slept in Incheon International Airport’s Jjimjilbang! - YouTube
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