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The North Node of the Moon “Rahu” and the South Node of the Moon” Ketu” are shifting signs on the 6th of November, Rahu will be moving into Cancer while Ketu will be moving in Capricorn.
Rahu and Ketu travel in a retrograde movement and spend almost a year and a half in each sign, this means that the nodes of the Moon will travel into the Cancer/ Capricorn axis from the 6th of November 2018 until the 2nd of May 2020.
Rahu represents the energy of ambition, desire, obsession and invention. It carries the potential of material success, Ketu is the significator of past karmas, dissatisfaction, chaotic changes beyond our control, Ketu often works as a spiritualizing factor.
Below are the results you can expect during this transit, read your rising sign/ ascendant.
Aries: Your material situation is going to improve, but you may find yourself in an inner discontent in spite of how well you are doing on the career and financial front, make sure you appreciate what you already have and what is going in your favor. You could find an emotional distance with the mother growing during this time, try building bridges. Changing residence or immigration is likely.
Taurus: This is a great time to start learning a new skill or subject, a great time to cultivate a new hobby. Family support could be absent during this time, but you will attain to a powerful status and prestige in society without any attachment to it on your side.
Gemini: You may find yourself constantly complaining about your financial situations, instead use the energy of Rahu in your financial sector to improve your financial situation and consider new ways of earning resources. Unexpected changes in your life are expected, unexpected journeys will also be part of this phase.
Cancer: You may find yourself confused about who you are in the beginning of this transit; this will ignite the desire to focus your energy on developing yourself in every possible direction. You might appear self absorbed to others and grow socially isolated. Don’t take it too far, but don’t worry either, soon balance will be restored.
Your sexual energy will grow beyond what you have been used to during this time. You may also grow more philosophical as well.
Leo: During this phase you might feel exceptionally receptive to premonitions from other dimensions, you want to guard against depression and keep yourself grounded through a meditation practice. Beware of oppositions and troubles created by colleagues and associates. Great changes will be triggered in your life, a kind of metamorphosis. A lot of travelling will be part of this phase, perhaps to spiritual or isolated destinations. Relocation could also be the case with some of you. Gains may come from overseas.
Virgo: Your earning will increase, especially from overseas, avoid illegal forms of earnings. You will engage in the studies of ancient spiritual science and literature. You will be meeting people of influence, especially those in foreign lands. Generally, a great phase to accomplish a great deal.
Libra: This is a time to focus on your career and accomplishments. Your efforts will receive great recognition and your accomplishments will have an enduring effect. You may start feeling detached from social relationship, try to retain balance.
Scorpio: You may start rebelling against old forms of religion and thought, be careful about whom you keep in your circle and who you spend your time with. Retain y your balance in terms of sensual pleasures and avoid extremes. Health issues related to the throat are likely if you have such indications in your natal chart. Dissatisfaction on account of siblings or friends is possible.
Sagittarius: You will be more inspired into spiritual detachment. Your interest in occult and esoteric subjects will increase. Pay special attention to what your intake of food during this phase as you are prone to food poisoning. Beware of the tendency to develop greed or miserliness.
Capricorn: You need to make an effort to bring satisfaction to your significant other, try to bring more balance into your relationship if married or if you have a spouse. If you are single, the desire for relationships will be great. Developing psychic abilities during this period is likely. Avoid depression and melancholy.
Aquarius: You will be able to win over enemies and find solutions to your life problems. Litigation should finally be resolved to your favor. Traveling for pilgrimage or spiritual purpose is indicated. Generally, this transit will bring mental and spiritual liberation.
Pisces: Avoid confusion with governments or financial institutions; you also want to avoid indecent forms of earning. Problems with older siblings or an influential person is likely. Avoid unplanned pregnancy. Pay more attention to children.
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Saturn is a slow moving planet, it spends around two and half years in each zodiac sign. Saturn is going to shift into the sign of Capricorn on the 20th of December 2017 and will stay there until the 18th of December 2020.
Saturn is the planet of limitations, discipline and boundaries. it is the energy of decrease and contraction. Whatever house Saturn transits in your chart, this is the area of life that will ask for your attention, tests your patience and demand your responsibility, it is that area of life where you may expect slow, but steady growth, it is where you need to have realistic expectations, and sometimes can also be a source of frustration.
Since Saturn spends around two and a half years in each sign, its influence can be easily felt over a long period of time, it is important to understand this transit as it can show us where we can expect slow growth, limitation and the need for patience and structure.
Based on your rising sign, here is how Saturn is going to influence your life from the 20th of December 2017 and until the 18th of December 2020.
Saturn is moving in your 10th house of career all of this year. This is a time to focus on building a strong foundation for career success. You need to work hard to make career advancement and experience success. If you’ve been working hard, this transit can bring plenty of rewards for your work. If you haven’t been, you might have to deal with the consequences of your actions.
Saturn is moving into your 9th house all of this year, you may expect positive changes regarding your work. This can be a challenging transit as you may question your faith, is there a solid foundation to things you believe in?  Avoid falling into pessimism and try to remain self inspired. If you are a student you need to put extra more attention and effort into your studies.
Saturn is moving into your 8th house all of this year, this is a time to take care of your financial obligations, issues related to mutual resources or intimacy might require your attention, you need to stay focused, avoid laziness, and take responsibility. You will have the chance to let stressful and uncomfortable situations change your life for the better. Unforeseen journeys are indicated.
Saturn will be moving in your 7th house all of this year, relationships will be challenging at this point, your level of maturity around handling relationships will be tested. Relationship problems can arise and they are meant to help you improve the relationship, strengthen it, and make it more lasting. Relationships that are not in harmony with you who you are at this point may come to an end. By the time Saturn leaves your 7th house will have become more responsible with your relationships and you will stick to quality relationships even if they are a few.
Saturn is moving into your 6th house all of this year, you will have the opportunity to become more productive, efficient, and bring more structure and order to your daily life. Try to be disciplined, patient, and focus on one goal at a time. You also need to watch your health at this point and guard against accidents. With this position of Saturn, this is not the best year to get married, unless your personal chart indicates otherwise.
Saturn in moving in your 5th house all of this year, you don’t want to ignore your talents this year or deny what you are good at, even if you are feeling uninspired or that your creativity is blocked. Try to find inspiration within yourself; a regular mediation practice can be of great help in this regard. Take more care of your children and make sure your responsibilities don’t get in the way of having fun!
Saturn is moving into your 4th house all of this year, you may feel like your life is restricted at this point, home and family issues can demand a lot of your attention, try to focus on one goal at a time and be as responsible as you can with home and family, you also want to keep the health of the parents in check.
Saturn is moving in your 3rd house all of this year, this is a great year to pour your effort into studying a subject or developing a skill that requires a long process of learning.  Keep relationships with your siblings and peers smooth. Guard against depression and dark thoughts, a meditation practice should prove helpful.
Saturn is moving in your 2nd house all of this year, this is a time of hard work and taking a practical approach to the way you earn your resources, you may feel worrisome and insecure regarding your financial situation, this is an excellent time to save, to start a business, and create a long term financial plan to stabilize your finances. Family life can be demanding at this point.
Saturn is moving in your 1st house all of this year, take care of your health during this year, eat well, drink plenty of water, and try to regulate your sleep as Saturn in this position can disturb your appetite and sleeping patterns. If you feel uncaused fear and anxiety, blame it on Saturn, keep yourself motivated and avoid dark spaces and pessimism, a meditation practice can be very helpful in this regard. You may feel burdened with added responsibility, embrace that responsibility, it is going to be rewarding in the big picture.
Saturn is moving in your 12th house all of this year, this year can mark endings of some of your life situations, you may experience delays and setbacks with some of the things you have been trying to accomplish. This may not be the easiest of years psychologically as you may have to let go of a lot of things that have been weighing your down. Fear may grow, your sleeping patterns may get disturbed, a meditation practice can be of great help at this point. Help this process by allowing things to happen as they may without resistance on your part, it is time to clean your closet.
Saturn is moving in your 11th house all of this year, you may not be interested in superficial relationships and may see some friends leaving your life, this is a time to clear your social circle, you need to trust that whoever leaves your life at this point may not necessarily resonate with who you are today, be selective with your friends! This is a time to work hard and realistically towards achieving your dreams. Dedicating yourself to a cause is a good idea at this point. Financial gains are indicated.
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