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Finally, another travel post! Actually, I haven't blogged for quite some time because my laptop kept hanging and nakakawalang gana sa totoo lang. So I finally bought a new 2nd hand one during our Japan trip! Yey! This time I finally took the plunge (stuck with windows for so long hihi) and bought an 11" Macbook air. So far so good! Hope this lasts for years na please lang. Haha. Nico kept teasing me that I keep on delaying my posts so here I am trying to prove him wrong. Lelz. To recap, I went on a 10-day solo Taiwan adventure last May and this is the 2nd installment! On my 3rd and 4th day, I transferred to a new accommodation and just took my time exploring the city. No tours yet! Read on to know where I went and what I did... 

After our Pingin Tea plantation tour, I got my bags from the hostel and headed to my new accommodation, CHECK INN HOTEL!!! From Taipei Main where Miniinn is located, I boarded the train going to Xingtian Temple Station. The hotel is just a few steps away from Exit 3. So convenient!  

 Xingtian Temple station Exit 3! Upon exit, go left, walk a few steps and you'll immediately see the hotel on your left!  

The hotel is hard to miss with their huge and unique signage! It's located along the road and just a few steps away from the train station).

 Meron ding Starbucks and 7-11 a few steps away! Woots!

 Love the hotel's vibe and aesthetic! 

So happy I got to stay in their Classic View Room for 3 nights! I honestly didn't want to leave na. I also enjoyed my room so much! Super cozy. Hehe. There was ample space to move around, love the interiors and my room has a nice view of the street!

My cozy bed! 

 Sink, basin, safe, blower, ref by the door

 Cute toilet! 

Solo traveller problems haha

 To-go paper cups for your tea/coffee!

Work desk by the window 

 Shampoo and Body wash

Spent most of my time doing this. Chillin' while eatng and watching TV! Hehe. 

 Elevator lobby

Sad I missed this free milktea workshop for guests!

 Woke up early on my 2nd day to avail my free breakfast

 Set breakfast that confused me a bit but masarap naman hehe

Love the dining hall

Enjoyed this spot

Free coffee and tea all day!

Book your stay here:

After settling in, lounging around and taking photos inside the room, I finally decided to head out and visit Xingtian Temple which was just nearby. Just one block away from the hotel. Here are photos!

Built in 1967, Xingtian Temple is quite popular with the locals. Many believers feel that this is a very efficacious temple, and it is frequently thronged with people praying for help and seeking divine guidance by consulting oracle blocks. In front of the hall is a censer with a somewhat unusual design, its two handles in the shape of flying dragons and its four sides adorned with dragons’ heads stretching toward the sky. The courtyard of the temple is usually busy, with crowds of worshippers bowing their heads or kneeling in devotion. On the main altar you will see offerings of only fresh flowers and tea, since the temple forbids the killing of offering of animals. The temple also discourages the burning of ritual paper money as an offering to the deities and the spirits of the deceased, the staging of operas for the gods, the presenting of gold medallions in gratitude to the deities, and the like. The temple supplies free candles, and there is no donation box-a first for traditional religion in Taiwan! :) (source: https://eng.taiwan.net.tw/m1.aspx?sNo=0002090&id=229)

Not sure what the line is for but it's super long! For blessing? 

OOTD outside! Thrifted top and pants :)

Bought my favorite noodles from a nearby supermarket! The best to guys!

Woke up quite early (super aga na sakin 10am okay? haha) the next day just in time for breakfast! My stay includes free breakfast so shempre avail tayey. Afterwards, I didn't leave agad. I chilled in the room muna for about 2 hours (super comfy kasi the bed!) and left at around 1pm. I had a pretty relaxed itinerary, no concrete plans, so I just took my time and randomly picked a place to explore. I decided to visit Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Thanks to the kind stranger who volunteered to take my photo!

Nice building I saw along the way

Self-timer hits FTW hehe

Cute, artsy minimalist cafe 

She suggested this shot. Hihi. 

Leopard top from RHIPE'S CLOTHING, jumper dress from ukay!

Self-timer hits reality. Hehe. It's a struggle guyz

After spending about 2 hours in the park, I decided to check out naman the less frequented WUFENPU wholesale clothes market! I took a train from Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station to Houshanpi Station which is only a few minutes walk to/from the market. 

Scenery outside Houshanpi Station

Just follow Google Maps! It led me here! I see clothessss

Walked around and saw this temple

Clothes on sale! 

May winter coats din

Gabi na hehe

I didn't  shop much though. I was able to buy lang a super cute sweater for $500 NT and black leggings! Had fun exploring the area naman. Mejo sumakit chan ko sa had to hurry home. Hehe. It was a good night! 

The end for now! Next post will be about my Jiufen, Yehliu and Shifen tour! Thanks for reading! :)

BUDGET per person in PHP:
Airfare = P5,300 (with 20kg check-in baggage going home)
Airport tax = P1,620
TOTAL = P7,520

Taiwan Budget for Days 1-2 in TWD:
Miniinn Hostel = 1128
Bus from airport to Taipei Main = 125
Convenience Store buys = 500
Train = 20
Ramen Nagi dinner = 300
Klook Pinglin Tour = 1400
Lunch - 120
Train to Check Inn = 25
TOTAL = 3,618 TWD or P6,071 (ung tour nagpamahal pero keri)

Budget for Days 3 & 4
Lunch and Dinner - 200
Shopping - 690
Train Fare - 85
Miscellaneous - 200
TOTAL = 1175 TWD or P1,932

Link to first post:

* Budget depends on traveler's preference and spending habits. :)

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Life has been pretty hectic lately. I’ve had out of town trips with family and friends, a movie shoot, blog events, organized Bloggers United etc. Don’t get me wrong, as a workaholic and someone who’s always on the go—I’m actually reveling in it. Hihi. But in between the hustle, it is also very easy to catch a cold or get tired easily. That’s why I’m thankful I discovered RITEMED’s Sodium Ascorbate and Fibermate! Read on to know how it helped me big time and why it’s now my everyday partner…

For those who follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my posts about RITEMED’s 15-day challenge. So basically for 15 days (until now!), I religiously took the (non-acidic) Sodium Ascorbate (took 1 capsule daily) and also Fibermate (30 minutes before each meal). I didn’t really expect much when I first started, but as the days passed I noticed that even with all the activities I had to do, the fickle weather, vices, staying up ‘til morning, I’ve never gotten sick! (knocks on wood) And I’m pretty sure it has something to do with my new routine. So I guess it really is effective?!

It is not a magic pill but it really helped boost my immune system, making me feel healthier, lighter and my skin more youthful and radiant! Yes, even my skin. How? Well, Sodium Ascorbate aids in collagen production and gluthatione absorption.

Fibermate on the other hand helps me with my constipation and it’s perfect for weight management as well! It contains Psyllium Fiber that helps one digest their food easily for detox. I love how it’s easy to prepare and compared to other brands I’ve tried, this one does not taste like fish food. Haha! Love the orange flavor and that it’s sugar-free. :)

If you want to try it out for yourself (no harm in trying just know the proper dosage) then you can buy via Shopee’s Ritemed Clickhealth Store: https://shopee.ph/ritemed or from major drugstores! Let me what you think once you’ve tried it! Cheers to a better and healthier us. :)

* RiteMED Sodium Ascorbate (Php 4.50 / Capsule) is available in all major drugstores nationwide while RiteMED Fibermate (Php 622 / 30 Sachets) is currently available Shopee with a special Buy 1 Take 1 promo!

For more news and updates, follow RITEMED:
IG: @ritemedicine
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Hi guys!!! I got a lot of messages asking me if I already blogged about my solo adventure in Taiwan, so here it is!!! I emailed my itinerary to many of you but will post here (and in my next blog posts) details about my whole trip. I've been to Taiwan a few times before, so I set a goal for this particular trip-- explore places I've never been to and to finally see cherry blossoms! I took a chance hoping I'd come across kahit 1-2 trees in full bloom. And what do you know? Goal achieved agad on my 2nd day in the city! So, so happy I finally got to tick that off my bucket list. Sakura in Japan or Korea naman next! :) Anyway, here are stories and photos from my first 2 days in Taiwan, plus tips on itinerary creation, booking and of course, budget! Read on...

 Airport outfit! Shirt from JHAJING!

Since I'm such a motherpacker (haha), I was able to save on extra baggage fees 'coz I didn't check-in any bag flying out! I only brought 1 coat, 1 pair of shoes (which I both wore na going there) and I planned my outfits carefully so I won't exceed the 7kg handcarry allowance. I also brought a small backpack where I kept my important belongings. Would you believe that I have 10 outfit sets inside that luggage bag? I didn't bring clothes that are bulky or too heavy so it won't take too much space and weight. Good job, me! Hehe. 

For my first 2 nights in the city, I booked a bunk bed in MINIINN Hostel, just a few steps away from Taipei Main Station. I paid 1,128 TWD for 2 nights or roughly P1,900. For its location and delicious free breakfast, it's a pretty nice deal! My only complaint was the bed bug bites I got after. Huhu. 

Hostel is along the main road

Nearest train entrance! Just a few steps away from the hostel

I love that there's a 7-11 convenience store almost beside the hostel

From Taipei Main, just turn left and you'll see the sign!

They have an elevator. Reception is at the basement

 Common area and dining area

Reception area. I borrowed a towel from them:)

 I am not a breakfast person but I was able to eat on my 2nd day 'coz I had an early morning tour! It was good!

They have sausages, eggs, fruits, lettuce, toast and jam, juice, water, coffee!

 Toast anyone? I love mine with butter and jam!

Free drinks

Time for a ROOM TOUR!!!
This is their Ladies Only dorm room

The room has 16 bunk beds inside. I still had privacy though 'coz each bed has a curtain and everyone was super silent. Upon check-in you will be given your own slippers, key card and keys for your lockers. Can you see my luggage? That's where my spot is! 

My bed for 2 nights! Each bed has 1 pillow, comforter, lamp, sockets, hanger and small sabitan ng clothes.

View from our room's window

Main road

Whenever I make an itinerary, I usually mark the first day as a free day. Since I usually book discounted fares, the flights available are mostly late night flights. Same with this trip! I arrived in Taipei at around 1am, so after a 40-minute bus ride from the airport to Taipei Main Station, checking-in the hostel, eating, taking a shower and settling down, I dozed off at around 5am na! Woke up at around lunch time and I was out the door after an hour. I was so excited 'coz it was the first day of my solo trip! 


Using my Google Maps app powered by TEP Wireless portable WiFi, I navigated my way through the city. Guys, super useful talaga if you have a consistent internet connection and a map 'coz you can research anytime, anywhere and you will never get lost! :) Anyway, I just followed the map, walked along Civic Boulevard and decided to visit the park near our hostel, YIXIAN PARK! It's a small yet beautiful Japanese style garden that houses the more than a century old Sun Yet-San Memorial House. It's amazing how in the middle of the busy Taipei streets you'd find this peaceful zen garden right in the middle!

Zen garden

I found a Yoshino (not sure though hehe) cherry blossom tree but kalbo na! Got excited and disappointed real quick. Hehe.

No cherry blossoms but the park has other beautiful flowers! 

When I got there, was surprised to see a lot of locals in costume (cosplayers) and mega pictorial sila. Hihi.

The traditional Japanese-style wooden house in the middle of the park is where the "Founder of the Nation" Dr. Sun Yet-San stayed for a few days in the year 1913 before heading to Japan. It was a former Japanese hotel named Ume Yashiki (梅屋敷) or "Plum House" in English. You can go inside, just pay for the entrance fee.  I decided to skip it 'coz the place was pretty small and I wanted to take photos but it was not allowed. 

Photoshoot galore sila 

After so many failed attempts to take a decent photo in the park, I gave up and left. Decided to visit Chiang Kai Shek Memorial next! Walked back to Taipei Main and boarded a train going to Chiang Kai Shek. Commuting in Taiwan is pretty easy and straightforward. You just need to know how to read signs. :)


The most prominent historical landmark in Taiwan, the CKS Memorial Hall was erected in honor and memory of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, the former President of the Republic of China, and was opened in 1980 as part of a national park and gathering area. The octagon-shaped white building rises 76 meters and is covered with blue tiles and red accents, echoing the flag of the Republic of China. The eight sides represent the Chinese cultural symbolism of the number eight which is traditionally associated with fortune and wealth. The two sets of 89 steps represent Chiang's age of death and lead up to main hall housing a large bronze statue of Chiang protected by military personnel which change hourly.

Hirap ng self-timer dito huhu

 Taipei Main is the biggest station in Taiwan! It has an underground mall, it's also connected to other malls and has lots of  restaurants and shops inside.

 Nico's favorite store. Char. Haha

 Just follow the train signs

 Saw these 2 trees when I exited the train station. Kalbo again! There were a few flowers but not nice sa pics hehe. 

Self-timer hits! Pinatong ko sa bushes my cam haha

 It was a Sunday so the place was packed! 

Liberty Square

Didn't go up na this time

Well, I was  supposed to enter the memorial hall but as I was walking towards the stairs, I looked to my right and like an oasis in a desert, I saw 2 cherry blossom trees!!! OMG I wanted to cry. You can still view my IG srory vids via my Instagram Highlight "Taiwan 2019". It's there! Hihi. So I ran and looked for a nice spot to set up my camera. 

My self-timer pics! Hihi pwede na

This photo was taken by a fellow Pinoy tourist. Thanks Ate!

I was so happy that I was literally skipping with joy. And then when I was strolling around I saw a whole road full of trees in full bloom! Waaah! Okay pawala na sha but still more than I wished for! :) I was actually planning to go to Yangmingshan to search for trees but sa city lang pala ako makakakita. Thank you, Lord! So lucky. :)

One of the trees at the back of the memorial hall. There were a lot! Struggle mag self-timer but naitawid naman haha.

So beautiful


From Chiang Kai Shek I walked all the way to Ximending! I just used my Google Maps. :)

It was just a 10-15 minute walk. :)

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I've known the brand BAYO all my life. I'm sure most of you 90's babies could relate that it's one of those brands that has become my/our closet staple (lalo na mga nagooffice jan), one of those local brands that has become a part of our history. :) For 27 years, I watched the brand evolve and flourish even with all the competitions coming in and that's kind of amazing right?! I am so happy that they continue to withstand these ever changing times, much like the country and the people they represent. This 2019, BAYO celebrates the evolution of Modern Filipinas through a beautiful collection that tells her story. Read on to know more... 

Bayo is a home-grown fashion brand that takes full pride in being Filipino. The brand offers a variety of fashionable ready-to-wear apparel – from comfortable basics to classic-trendy and timeless pieces --while promoting the ingenuity of Filipino through campaigns and collaborations that put our heritage at the forefront, preserving our culture and traditions. :)

OOTD wearing some of my favorite BAYO pieces in front of the National Museum! :)

Wore BAYO during our spontaneous Intramuros trip. Perfect combo!

Here are photos when I visited their newly renovated Shangri-La Branch!

Can you see their new dressing room? The doors are made of wood and capiz shells!

Browsed through racks and racks of beautiful clothing! Love the selection!

Last March (Women's Month), BAYO celebrated the evolution of modern Filipinas by launching their Modern Filipina campaign, a collection that tells HERstory and HERitage. From the meek and mysterious Maria Clara of our literature, to the strong and delicate woman bound by our tradition but looking and moving forward, the Filipina has redefined what it means to be a woman of this era. 

Here are some of the looks I came up with!
Love this pants! Love the color and fit.

Obsessed with this skirt. Took this home, obviously. Hehe.

Also in love with this dress!

Super nagsisi ako na I didn't get this Sili/Chili dress huhu

So anyway, after Women's Month, they also launched their Maria Clara summer collection! This collection evokes the timeless allure of the lady from our history, inspired by the iconic Filipina, Maria Clara. It also imbibes and imparts the modern day Filipinas-- strong, beautiful and proud of her rich culture and roots. It features ultra feminine, prim and pure, and delicate clothing pieces. 

Here are photos of my Bayo Galleria branch visit and styling session with my giveaway winner!
With the BAYO team (minus Ms. Marianne) and my winner, Katrin Marielle!

They have so many nice, wearable pieces that you could wear from day to night! You could mix and match according to your needs. They also have shoes, bags and other accs.

One of the 3 looks I came up for her! I made sure to incorporate her own style, her outfit needs (dapat pwede for school and events), our weather and my own idea na din sa outfits. Achieve!

Twinning in earth tones and denim!

Bayo girls:)

Dalagang Filipinas. Hihi.

My Maria Clara/Modern Filipina OOTD! Hihi.

Thanks Bayo for celebrating us! :)

I am still thinking of that sili dress! It was an old collection and was on sale and sold out na daw. Huhu.  If anyone is selling, let me know please I'll buy! Hihi. Anyway, go check out Bayo stores near you! Happy shopping, ladies and don't forget to share your Bayo stories! Use hashtags below. :)

For more news and updates, follow:


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Last week, Nico and I went on a quick, but very relaxing getaway east of Manila, just less than an hour drive from the city (well, at least from our place in Cubao hehe). I love going on little breaks in places that are accessible yet still far enough from the busy city. Places like Antipolo's hidden gem-- Luljetta's Hanging Gardens! I've always wanted to visit this beautiful place after seeing countless photos of it online but never got the chance, so the invite from Travelbook.ph to check out this Bali-inspired paradise was just perfect timing. I'm also in desperate need of a nice respite from this summer heat that is just killing me. So without further ado, let me take you on a tour of this lush oasis that is the best destination if you want a quick escape with your friends or loved ones. Read on to know more...

From Cubao, we took the Boni Serrano-Libis-Marcos Highway-Sumulong route and along the road a few minutes away from the resort, we stopped at Luyong for a quick (super late) lunch. If you're bringing a car with you just use WAZE for navigation, it's pretty easy to find! If you're familiar with Loreland Resort (if you're from Marikina or nearby areas you'd know this famous resort, parang lahat ata nag outing na dito haha) then you already know how to get there. Luljettas is actually part of the 8-hectare Loreland resort so they share the same entrance. If you're commuting, just take a jeepney or FX to Antipolo Church and then ride a tricycle from there going to Loreland. Total fare would be more or less P100 each.  

Loreland and Luljetta's shared entrance. It's a residential area outside.

Luljettas on the right, Loreland on the left

You can park at the big lot near Loreland's main entrance

I was told by the owners that Luljetta's Hanging Gardens and Spa gets full especially during weekends and holidays so they highly encourage online reservations to secure your slot. Confirmed guests are guaranteed of entrance or spa services if payment has been made in advance and upon presentation of a booking order. So to be sure, just book your Luljetta's tour via TRAVELBOOK.PH, they even offer discounted tours! You could walk-in but no guarantees, so just book a slot online. :) 

Click here to book!

Reception area

Luljetta's Hanging Gardens day tour price list! This is separate from the Garden Suites room rates.

We arrived an hour after check-in so I was in a hurry 'coz I wanted to explore agad to take photos for the blog. Check-in was fast and we were immediately escorted to our room. They asked P500 for deposit which they gave back din after check-out. Do take note that the day tour rates and room rates are separate. If you want access to the hanging gardens, you have to avail one of the day tour packages. Cheapest is P1,150 (only P1,092 if you book via Travelbook!) with access to the hydropool, infinity pool, lockers and cabanas. Additional charges apply for the spa, massages and food.  

Welcome drink


It has a cozy living room with flat screen TV

Nico is obsessed with this day bed! Well, it is comfy AF. He wanted to sleep here but after persuading him for hours, he finally agreed to sleep in the room. Haha. 

Living room bathroom

Stairs going to the main room

Bedroom with private bathroom and queen-sized bed! No TV in the room but that's okay no biggie. 

Love it when hotels do this sa towels hihi

Door, closet and bathroom

Room's private bathroom

Had a nice sleep!

This suite is P7,000 a night and includes:

*Welcome Snack 
*Set Breakfast at Luljetta’s Café
*Access to Luljetta’s Garden Suites Amenities: Lap Pool, Doctor Fish, Gardens & Lounges 
*Access to Loreland Farm Resort
*Check-in: 2PM – Check-out:12NN 
***Access to Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa & Spa Services are not yet included 

Book a room here:

Again, you can now book an overnight (or more nights) stay at Luljettas! Book a room for as low as P4,000.

Lap pool near our suite

If you're staying at the Garden Suites and you want to go to the Hanging Gardens, you could ask one of their staff to drop you there. They have a golf cart service for guests. Hassle free! Nico and I decided to explore on foot and walk from our suite to the hanging gardens. It's a 5-minute walk and you'll pass by Loreland on the way. Don't get confused! It's there. :) 

Golf cart service we availed on our 2nd day

Mykonos and Santorini Suites are also separate and has their own pool! So posh. 

Pool's so nice!

This is the SANTORINI SUITE for P14,000 a night.

The room has 2 beds and good for 4 people. 


OOTD: Mango from Zilingo Top, Quirk Manila bag

Pool area! Can only be used by guests staying in Suites 909,910 and 911

Just follow the directions

There's a convenience store inside the resort! Load up on snacks because fast food restos don't deliver to this area late at night. We tried and failed huhu.

On our first day, we didn't have enough time to explore the Hanging Gardens so we asked if we could go back the next day so we could take more photos and also enjoy the pools, the nice view and the rest of the facilities. So glad they said yes! Thank you Sir Ramon Mariñas and Madame Lolita (owner of Luljettas) for accommodating our request and for the top-notch service. So here are photos from our awesome 2 days in the Hanging Gardens! 

Finally here! Woots!

If you're taking a tour of the Hanging Gardens they will give you a piece of green paper and 2 purple wristbands that you have to wear and always bring with you. Don't lose it guys, it's your access to the Hanging Gardens. :)  

Cafe where you could get your free snack that is included in the package

Nestled on top of the mountainside, Luljetta's Hanging Gardens Spa is a great escape for anyone looking to get out of the city in order to relax even for just a few hours. The Hanging Gardens Retreat offers you five (5) hours of access to the establishment’s many facilities. Personally, I think 5 hours is not enough to enjoy this amazing place. One could just spend hours just swimming in the infinity pool, napping in one of the cabanas and just lazing around this idyllic place. I know I did! 

Check out their other tour packages here:

First stop? Locker room to get changed!

Excited kids hehe

The facilities of Hanging Gardens include a locker where you can store your valuables and other personal items

They even provide a basket, towels and robes!:)

Inavail namin the robe agad! 

There are areas, cabanas, lounges where you could just chill, rest and enjoy the scenery

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Last April 5, my favorite Korean skin care brand INNISFREE just opened their 2nd store in SM Megamall and I couldn't be happier! Aside from being just a stone's throw away from me, the store also carries and offers most of their best-selling products. Now I can now stock up on my favorite skin care products anytime. I remember panicking 'coz I run out of my Green Tea Seed Serum which I got from Korea, luckily Anagon gave me a new one as a gift! If you're from the South, they also have a branch in SM Mall of Asia. Anyway, sharing with you photos from the media launch last April 4 where a few bloggers/vloggers and I was able to take a sneak peek of their new store before it opened to the public. Read on to know more...

The store is located on the 2nd floor of SM Megamall, Mega A

This fast-growing brand of the AMOREPACIFIC Group offers innovative beauty solutions powered by the finest ingredients found on Korea’s pristine Jeju Island. Thanks to its volcanic origins, this fertile oasis has a unique ecosystem of powerful ingredients to nurture beautiful skin. With the wonders of nature at the heart of Innisfree, they take great care to preserve and protect the environment in all that they do, practicing green living and supporting causes that give back to the Earth and the community. Beauty with social responsibility? Yes please! My kind of brand! 

Get that natural glow by using some of Innisfree's most well-loved products like the newly improved Green Tea Seed Serum, Orchid Enriched Cream and Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask. Here are a few of their products which I love and would love to try using! :)

Love how there's a section for different skin care needs!

My friend Sarah Tirona uses this and maganda daw! Trying this out next time!

Keep your skin protected from the sun!

So No-Sebum means no oil pala! Thanks Ava for explaining it to me. Hihi. These products absorbs excess sebum and oil to prevent makeup from becoming patchy, while correcting dull skin tone to keep the skin bright and radiant all day.

There is a section dedicated to Hair Care!

They have products for hair strengthening, repairing, calming, refreshing, anti-dandruff, etc. 

They also have Green Tea shampoo!

I love that they have a line for curly hair and permed hair! Para sa future when I perm my hair again. 

For my curly hair sistahs, this one's for you!

Wow they also have a section for Men!

This one I gotta try! Been hearing a lot of good reviews! Anyway, this is their Cushion Foundation.

Their staff asked my skin type and she recommended Semi-Matte for my combi oily/dry skin! 

Matte for super oily skin

Glow for dry skin! Comes in 20 shades! Love it.

Lip tints, lipsticks, lip balm. So nice!

You could even customize your own make-up palette!

Eye shadow, blush, contour, lip & cheek tint, highlighter, primer

Twinkle glitter for that extra sparkle!

“In today’s culture, Filipinos are naturally drawn to Korean influences, especially the K-beauty skincare regimen. With our brand, we are excited to offer our Pinoy consumers skincare with quality selection of products and green sustainable practices. We are also committed to expanding and establishing a long-term presence here.” said Stephen Lee, Brand General Manager of innisfree, Amorepacific Philippines.

Of course, d mawawala the face masks! Obsessed with masks. 

Wanna try these Lifting Masks!

Different kinds of cleansers for different skin types

During the Glass Skin workshop I learned that 2-step pala ang cleansing-- oil and foam. Innisfree has oil cleansers and foam cleansers and they also have combined! :)

I super love Cleansing Tissues! Sometimes kasi I don't have the time to do all my skincare steps so I just use this to clean my face.

As for me, I swear by Innisfree’s Green Tea Seed Serum! I first tried it during our Innisfree flagship store visit in Myeongdong Korea and fell in love with it instantly! Even if it was freezing cold that time, my skin never cracked or it was never dry. I used it every day and it kept my skin hydrated and moisturized! Been using it ever since and proud to say I’m now on my 4th bottle! Hehe. Just 1 bottle could go a long way. You only need a few drops for your whole face.  

Love this line!

They also have a set! 

Packed with amino acid and minerals, this lightweight yet nourishing serum works to replenish your optimal moisture level, wrapping skin in comfort for a smooth, glowing complexion. It opens the moisture path of dehydrated skin to replenish clear moisture. Did you know that Innisfree has their own organic green tea field in JEJU Island and they spent years researching all the benefits Green Tea could do the skin. No wonder it’s their best-selling line! The Green Tea Seed Serum retails for P1,590, with 8 bottles sold every minute around the world. WOW! 

The Innisfree Green Tea Line

Ganda din their hand cream!

With my loves Anagon and Ava

Here are photos from the Glass Skin Workshop!

Ito na! The 10-step Korean skin care

I also learned that you could apply the serum agad after cleansing your face! Usually I apply toner first then serum. Okay, now I know!:)

Workshop by Ms. Jet Guison!

Thanks Innisfree for having us!

One thing I love most about the brand is how they actively care for the environment. For 6 years now, Innisfree has been reusing, renewing and recycling every chance they get. They have this “Empty Bottle Campaign” all year long where the brand encourages consumers to drop off their empty bottles or containers at Innisfree stores. These materials are then used in making new packaging or upcycled into new objects or art. So let’s go guys! Let’s all get involved and donate our used bottles. This small and simple step could create a huge impact to the world and in creating a healthy, sustainable, waste free world. 

Innisfree girls!

Congratulations again Innisfree on your super successful launch! Hoping for more store launches soon? So guys, go to SM MOA or SM Megamall 2nd level, Mega A and check out all the amazing items being sold in their stores. Always remember, invest in your skin! And it’s not hoarding, if it’s skin care. Happy shopping! :)

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Nico and I aren't big on anniversaries. We do birthdays best though. Haha! But this year we wanted to do something special since we're celebrating an important milestone in our relationship--reaching half a decade! Can you believe it? We've had our ups and downs and there was a time we had to take a brief time off but we're still here. Will save our story for later, but for now will share with you our amazing anniversary celebration in one of my favorite hotels, TAAL VISTA in Tagaytay! :) Read on to know more...

I've been to Taal Vista before and I remember having a great time, so we were really excited to spend our anniversary here. I had a lot on my plate that week, so we wanted to celebrate somewhere accessible but also far away from the hectic city life. Taal Vista, the the first and only deluxe hotel in Tagaytay, was just the perfect place for our much needed R&R! After doing some last minute pullouts for a shoot, we headed straight to Tagaytay...

Hello again, Taal Vista! I've missed you!

They have a huge parking lot, so you could bring your car with you!

Location wise, it is a winner. It is just located along the main road, near many restaurants, shops, malls, there's a McDonalds in front and just a few steps away from Sky Ranch! 

Lake View Wing where I stayed before. They said there's a pathway here connecting to Sky Ranch. Convenient!

Check-in was a breeze!

Lobby area and their lobby lounge

 The Lobby Lounge serves cakes, pastries, sandwiches, batirol (yum!!!), coffee, tea, etc. Perfect for an afternoon snack! They also serve alcoholic drinks (wines, cocktails, etc).

 Beautiful lobby lounge that comes with a wonderful view of Tagaytay!

  You could also enjoy their nightly entertainment of piano music played in the center

 We were assigned to their new Mountain View wing! I stayed at their Lake Wing before and nice din the view:)

 Aura sa may fireplace

Hallway going to our room. It was a bit far from the main lobby but it was okay! 

Our room!!!

 Full body mirror. Yaaass.

We stayed in one of the the freshly renovated RIDGE ROOMS at the Mountain View Wing for 2 nights and it was amazing! The room was spacious, beds were super cozy, we had our own balcony overlooking Taal lake/volcano, there was strong WiFi so staying connected was easy, there's a Smart TV, a hair dryer, toiletries, refrigerator, free water/coffee/tea, safety deposit box and of course, the best thing ever, 24-hour room service AND flat iron with board! Haha. I cannot travel without my clothes steamer (maybe it's the stylist in me but I hate wrinkled clothes!) and for some reason I forgot to bring it for this trip, so yey! Saved by Taal Vista. Hehe.  

 Bathroom! Towels and toiletries were provided

 Glass shower and toilet

 Toiletries were refilled daily

Check out Taal Vista's other rooms and rates:

After settling in our room we headed out again to look for food 'coz we were famished. We were supposed to go out and eat somewhere but we were informed by the hotel's kind receptionist that we could try out their dinner buffet at VERANDA resto! :) So of course we said yes! Hihi. 

 Lechon Paksiw is my faveee

 Salad bar

 Of course inavail ko this Pad Thai noodles station!

 Fruits for dessert and Make Your Own Halo-Halo!

 Kakanin anyone?

 Happy kid haha

 I ate rice and noodles! Haha. Carbs pa more but no ragretz

 Dinner date with jowa! Nico loved the roast beef and I loved the lechon paksiw and noodles. Hihi.

They also have a bar!

Veranda restaurant has beautiful interiors, good ambiance and impeccable service! Actually, service was great in all corners of the hotel. The resto has a wide selection of traditional Filipino dishes mixed with International cuisine. Just the right balance if you want to try different dishes. :)

Woke up early the next day! Wore this cute polka dress from The Penthouse!

Made it in time for breakfast! Woots. 

Back in Veranda

 Bread and pastries section

 So many selections. Shempre got rice and pork & beans first hehe


 Salad bar again

 Bacon yaasss

 And dried fish! So good!

 Fruits and juices

Sa wakas, breakfast date! We are not breakfast persons but sometimes it's nice pala haha

 Sherep! While eating, we were also serenaded by their talented musicians! :)

 After breakfast, we explored naman outside

 So many IG worthy spots in the hotel!

 It was foggy that day so we didn't see the Taal Volcano

Still loved the view:)

 Oooh langka!

After exploring, we headed back to the room to nap for a bit. Nico surprised me with this beautiful bouquet of sunflower! Huhu. Love it.

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Lately, I am feeling super inspired to work on travel posts especially personal trips I shelved for quite some time. There are times when the feeling of "burnout" becomes so overwhelming that I can't even bring myself to open my laptop. Have you ever felt that way fellow bloggers or writers? Anyway! So sorry if it took me one whole year before writing this post. So many things happened in between that I was not able to go right back to it. And so, finally, here it is! The first part of our super epic 10-day INDOCHINA adventure! Traveled with a few of the Cubao crew making the trip more special. Our first stop? HO CHI MINH, VIETNAM! Read on to know more...

To be honest, this trip took weeks of planning. We booked our tickets early so we could get the lowest fare. We booked from two different airlines (we waited for a seat sale hehe) and I think we paid P1,500 for our MNL-Vietnam ticket and then P5,000+ for Thailand-MNL. Not bad na din! For our accommodations, I took care of the hunting and booking. Chose cheap but nice dorm rooms on Booking.com (so we could pay for it at the property) that would fit all 6 of us. Success naman! Will include budget breakdown at the end of my posts. We also challenged ourselves to just bring a backpack for our 10-day trip! We didn't pay for extra baggage so we just added the amount we saved to our pocket money. Yey!

 NAIA Terminal 3 VIP lounge. Thanks Tita Con for letting us stay here while waiting for our flight.

And thanks Tita for the free dinner hihi

Ready for take off! :)

 Picture muna coz GGSS kami

 After going through immigration, we headed straight to the money changer in the airport! Had a few bills changed so we could have money to pay for Grab and snacks.

 We booked a a GRAB car from airport going to our hostel because it's cheaper!

Bui Vien Walking Street where our hostel is located! It was just a 20-minute ride from the airport.

Finally arrived at SUPE HOSTEL!

Supe Hostel or Viet Dream Travel is a backpacker hostel located in the center of the lively Bui Vien Street and a few steps away from the vibrant Pham Ngu Lao Backpacker Street! The location is near everything (we discovered the next day that it's just a 2-minute walk to Sinh Tourist where we booked our tours!) and it's mostly where locals and tourists hang out to drink and party. If you're after peace and quiet, this might not be the hostel or the area for you. We loved it though! :)

 Reception area and there's tour desk on the left side

May mini sofa

Here's how our 6-bed dorm oom looks like!
It was tiny but d na kami choosy. Haha. For $15 per person (roughly P700) for 3 nights, super okay na! :) We're gonna be out most of the time anyway.

 Triple deck bed on both sides

 I stayed on the topmost bunk since d naman ako ihiin. Hehe.

 Winner na din coz we have our own private bathroom inside!

Bed was comfortable, each bunk has fairy lights and there is a socket.

 After settling in we went outside to for a quick bite bilang tomjones na kami haha. Daming tao sa labas db? 

 People usually just drink on the sidewalk! Our jam!

 Banh Mi everywhere! Rjae bought from this stall and paid 30,000 vnd or P68 for his sandwich. 

 P68 sandwich pede na

 We walked some more and saw this food place at the side of the street! 

 Decided to try it! We wanted to eat like locals. Hehe.

 Saigon Beer pampatulog

 My fried noodle shrimp for 35,000 vnd or P80. YUM!!!

 Our tiny table at the corner hehe

 Nico's 30,000 vnd noodle soup

The next day...
 Good morning, Ho Chi Minh!!! In fairness ha kahit gano kagulo and kakalat the night before, super linis na sa morning! Good job!

 Ready na for our first day in the city that never sleeps!

 How our hostel looks like in the morning. It's easy to find!

 Turista shot sa Bui Vien arc! This street is very similar to Siem Reap's Pub Street! :)

 First stop, THE SINH TOURIST to book our Cu Chi Tunnel & Mekong River tour + our bus ticket to Cambodia!

 It's one of the most trusted and the most popular travel agency in Vietnam. Had a tour with them na years ago during my first visit to Saigon!

 Tour price list. For your reference. You're welcome. Hehe

So anyway, we booked tour #7 or the Cu Chi Tunnel + Mekong Delta 1-day tour for 398,000 vnd or P900 and one way bus ticket to Siem Reap for 598,000 vnd or P1350. The tour includes aircon bus, lunch, guide, wet tissue, bottled water, boats & horse cart ride, snacks. Excluded the entrance fee to Cu Chi Tunnels (90,000 vnd or P200) but that's okay! Worth it na din the price. :)

Click here to check out their other tours! 

 Lots of art shops all over the city

 Ate lunch at the Saigon Central Market! Parang mini banchetto or merkato.

Busy ako magpic ng food haha

Nico bought from this stall

Catch had skewers and rice

 I had the vermicelli bowl and Paula (ata) ordered the seafood noodles. Sherep! Mine was only 30,000 ata. 

 Nico ordered these--snail and squid! 35,000 vnd for the snail and 60,000 for the squid

 I don't know what this is but lasang gulaman

 We were supposed to eat in that alley but changed our minds hihi. I think there's a Buddhist temple inside! Didn't see it sayang.

 Cheaper this Banh Mi than the one Rjae bought!
I see fresh spring rolls! Nom

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Have you seen Vicks' new #TouchofCare video? Yes? No? Well, one thing is certain, tears will roll! Mine did. I guess it's because it hits so close to home. Knowing a few people who struggled and are still struggling with HIV-- some winning and losing-- it's heartbreaking. Some of the things they have to fight for everyday (aside from conquering their illness) are PREJUDICE, DISCRIMINATION and ACCEPTANCE. And let me tell you, it doesn't come easy. Read on to know more..

VICKS shows us through the story of Mommy "Agnes" and her adopted son infected with HIV, how unconditional love and genuine Touch of Care could defy odds, surpass any hardship and break barriers regardless of relation and status. The video teaches us the power of acceptance and hope and how it could transform lives.

I also remember how our family "adopted" a family friend's worker's son years ago. He was just 3 at that time but he brought so much positivity and sunshine in our lives! He lived with us for a few weeks and I remember how much I cried when it was time for him to permanently stay with my Uncle. It was the first time I realized, "Ganun pala maging Mommy, you would do everything for your child". We showered him with so much love and care even if we were uncertain when it will all last (his real parents might come and take him anytime). Now, he still lives with my uncle at our ancestral house and he has grown to be a fine, very kind, young man! He's now a scholar in PUP, taller than me (haha) but I still see him as my baby. It just proves how much the "Touch of Care" and unconditional love could make a huge impact on anyone's life. We are all living proof that everyone deserves a #TouchofCare". ❤️

Me with JD! Now he's in college na! How time flies! :)

With this, I invite you to watch and share #VICKS touching new campaign video! Watch video below or click this link!

VICKS - Just A Boy #TouchOfCare - YouTube

Thank you VICKS for creating videos like this!  Thank you for shining a light on issues that matter most to society and to the country. Thank you for sharing these extraordinary stories of extraordinary people--stories that.truly makes a difference, raise awareness and possibly change the world for the better. Spread love everyone! And remember to be kind to each other always, in all ways. ❤️

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They say one should love the skin they’re in, and to be completely honest, I am only starting to love mine. Growing up, I have always been obsessed with skin whitening everything maybe because of society’s double standard when it comes to beauty. Now, I have truly embraced my color (thanks to the kind & encouraging words guys hehe) but I still use SNOW CAPS Glutathione! But WHY??? I know this might seem contradicting or confusing to you, but I promise you I have my reasons. One of which is the most important: HEALTH! Read on to know more… 

I come from a family of drinkers (dad’s side hehe). Our family get-togethers always require the presence of alcohol. My apartment is also just a few streets away from my cousins and childhood friends and because we’re super clingy, we see each other almost everyday with always a bottle or 2 of beer to cap off the night. But there are days when I also think about how this might affect my/our health. You see, my Dad has liver cirrhosis. Sometimes I wish he took something for liver maintenance earlier in his life to cushion the blow. I’ve always believed that prevention is better than cure! That is why I religiously drink glutathione, coz with this lifestyle I know I must really do something to keep my whole being (and not just my liver) healthy! 

We love drinking hehe

So here’s the question, how does SNOW CAPS Glutathione work? How does it help improve our over-all health? 

First of all, here’s a fun fact: Did you know that the body naturally produces glutathione? YUPPPP!!! It is not optional okay? It’s actually a very crucial element or “molecule” in the body. Glutathione, also known as the “Mother of all Antioxidants”, is a combination of three amino acids − cysteine, glycine, and glutamine − and we ALL need it to survive and live a healthy life. Antioxidants keep the free radicals (atoms or molecules that contains unpaired electrons that causes damage to cells through oxidation) in check, eliminates toxins, boosts our immune system and protects cells, deep tissues and our organs! Grabe pala its role in our lives noh?! So anyway, our glutathione level decreases with age and also due to other factors like stress, poor nutrition, smoking, drinking, environmental factors, etc. And due to my age and lifestyle I really need an antioxidant boost! Now, this is where SNOW CAPS enter. Drinking supplements helps increase glutathione levels in the body and reverse its negative effects. Bonus nalang the side effect na radiant, youthful, healthier and glowing skin after. It’s best to take it with Vitamin-C which helps the glutathione retain its active component. 

Ever since I started drinking Snow Caps religiously, I noticed a dramatic change in my sleeping habits. I still sleep late (my preference) but I don’t sleep lightly anymore. Usually when I sleep, I still feel tired after waking up. It’s like you’re asleep but not really. Gets? This often results to lack of energy, low productivity and migraine. I could have migraine for days whenever I don’t get the sleep I need. But this past week, I’ve been sleeping soundly even with all the noise outside our window. Record yun! I love how I am productive and less stressed now than before. I know a friend who uses Snow Caps to cure her hangover! Haven’t tried it yet but I will soon. And if you’re trying to conceive or have hormonal problems (ex. PCOS), they say glutathione aids in fertility by producing higher quality eggs and it helps the body's hormones return to normal! Wow. Drinking Snow Caps cleanses the body, speeds up metabolism, prevents fatigue, and clears your skin! And I’m sure there are still a lot of amazing benefits we haven’t discovered yet. 

To recap, here are the amazing benefits of drinking SNOW CAPS or glutathione:

1. Boosts immune system
2. Healthier liver 
3. Cleanses the body from harmful toxins
4. Protects cells, tissues and organs
5. Better sleep
6. More energy to do things
7. Prevents stress and fatigue
8. Cures hangover
9. Aids in fertility and hormonal problems
10. Speeds up metabolism
11. Clears the skin 

*SnowCaps Glutathione is packed with 500mg of Premium Kohjin Glutathione and enriched with 100mg Non-Acidic Vitamin C and 100mg Alpha Lipoic Acid to help you achieve a beauty that lasts.

So what are you waiting for??? No pressure, but you might want to consider taking glutathione to improve your skin and health too. Of course, choose the best of the best, schoose SNOW CAPS! For just P1,495 per box, you get maximum benefits that are really worth every cent. Have you tried it? Let me know its effects on you! :)

For more news and updates, follow SNOW CAPS:

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