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Abu Dhabi Tour from Dubai Single Day Itinerary Although Dubai has dozens and dozens of tourist attractions, Dubai travelers has used to seek interesting tours goes out Dubai to explore the culture and lifestyle in rest of UAE towns and cities. Tours to Fujairah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi are very popular for Dubai visitors however many travelers always have used to inquire where to go in these cities. That is why we come today with a suggested itinerary for Abu Dhabi tour from Dubai. Let us find out Timing

Our travel consultants always recommend 0800 am : 0900 am to be a pick time for Abu Dhabi tour from Dubai. Abu Dhabi is located nearly 140.00 km from Dubai and that needs about 75:90 minutes for a safe drive. Meanwhile, the main tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi are not open for visitors before 0900 am. So that we think 0800 am is an ideal time for picking up from Dubai.

Abu Dhabi tour could extend to 0800 pm. However the usual day tour to Abu Dhabi takes 8 hours to be completed covering the most highlighted tourist attractions in city.

Does Abu Dhabi need a separate entry visa?!

Actually for some reason – we do not know – many travelers are keeping send our consultants if it needs a new entry visa to visit Abu Dhabi from Dubai! Our answer was always No, It does not.

UAE is a united country that people have all the rights to move and travel inside with no single restriction as long their tourist visa is still valid.

May be due to the semi-federal regime of UAE some people have concerns about the freedom of movement inside Emirates. But this is obviously a misleading info.

Grand Mosque is an essential attraction to visit in Abu Dhabi. Grand Mosque of Sheikh Zayed

Abu Dhabi tour from Dubai is used to start with a visit to the first and most popular attraction of city; Grand Mosque. Zayed Mosque was opened in 2007 after more than 11 years of construction. Mosque commemorates the name of UAE founder Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyyan and it is a Sunni mosque that occupies 12 hectares area with a capacity of more than 40.000 persons.

Grand Mosque of Zayed is considered one of the biggest and most important mosques in world. It costs 2 Durham billions in order to be completed and was never meant to be only a worship house however it is a real symbol of tolerance and coexistence. Mosque is built following a classical Islamic architecture art style with a very rich decoration elements including marble lanterns and gilded columns.

Grand Mosque is open for visitors on daily basis from 0900 am until 1000 pm except on Fridays when it opens 0430 pm after Jumaah prayer ceremony is finished. Grand Mosque welcome Muslims and not Muslims with a free entry. However it needs to follow its own dress code in order to be welcomed to go inside. So make sure of following Grand Mosque dress code before heading to, to get inside.

Louvre Abu Dhabi sun rays lighting system Louvre Abu Dhabi

Since its opening in Nov 2017, Louvre Abu Dhabi musuem has became a very common tourist attraction in Abu Dhabi.
Museum is located at Saadiyat Island 18 KM from Abu Dhabi downtown and it is the only museum to have the name of Louvre after the first famous one at Paris, France.

Louvre Abu Dhabi showcases a great number of the fines artifacts dated back to several time periods and different civilizations including ancient Egyptian, Sumerian, Romanian and Greek civilizations. Besides a selective contemporary art pieces from Louvre of Paris and other reputable French museums.

Museum welcomes its visitors daily from 0800 am to 0800 pm for an entry ticket valued at 60 AED (about 17 USD) while it is closed only on Mondays.

Book Your Abu Dhabi Tour from Dubai from only 59.95$ Emirates Palace Hotel at Abu Dhabi Gulf Sea Shore Emirates Palace

One of the most reputable places in town to visit within your Abu Dhabi tour from Dubai is the luxurious hotel of Emirates Palace; one of the fanciest hotels on Earth and the oriented residency by world`s elite!

Before it turns into a fancy hotel, Emirates Palace has used to be a royal palace owned by the ruling Sheikhs family however due to its fine location over the Arabian gulf, Palace was decided to be turn into a luxurious hotel to be another tourist attraction of Abu Dhabi city.

Hotel is up to about 300 rooms and suites and it is owned by the state and operated by the global Kempinski group. Abu Dhabi travelers and visitors are able to reach the hotel inside after booking a lunch, dinner or even afternoon high tea.

While tour operators in Abu Dhabi could operate an inside visit to hotel court for a quick check-in escaping booking any drink or meal serve inside.

Heritage Village

Our Abu Dhabi tour from Dubai continues with a visit to the heritage village of Abu Dhabi which could be considered an open museum that showcases the difference between the old lifestyle of the original inhabitants of Abu Dhabi during the 18th, 19th centuries and early years of the 20th century to the nowadays modern lifestyle specially after the union of the composing seven Emirates in 1970s.

Village reflects local citizens pride in their legacy, heritage and civilization in the time before oil discovery and transition to modernity by depicting the old daily life customs and lifestyle of the original Bedouins.

Heritage village is open for visit on daily basis for no ticket entry except at weekends on Fridays when almost of tourist attractions in UAE are closed.

Extra to Visit in Abu Dhabi

A single day tour in Abu Dhabi was never enough to explore the entire city which includes dozens of tourist attractions. However if you are restricted to one day itinerary, The mentioned attractions and locations are fair to compose a day tour.

Tthere are a lot of attractions which also deserves to be visited. Below we will point out some of them:

Ferrari Abu Dhabi at Yas Island Ferrari Abu Dhabi

Ferrari Abu Dhabi is located at the man-made Yas Island. It is a large amusement theme park that bears the name of the great Italian manufacturer Ferrari. Theme park is best well know for housing world`s fastest roller coaster.
Ferrari Abu Dhabi has different categories of tickets. The cheapest of them reaches about 70.00 USD.

Yas Waterworld

In 2012, Yas Waterworld was chosen as world`s number two best water park. Yas Waterworld is also located on Yas Island and very near to Ferrari Park. Package tickets to Ferrari and Yas Waterworld are also available for purchase online.

Warner Bros World

Still in Yas and this time at the newly founded Warner Bros Park which was opened just last summer to be the newest and latest addition to Abu Dhabi`s tourist attractions.

WB World is an amusement park that has different and many gaming and entertainment inspired by the famous American producing company movies and cinema production.

Falcon Hospital

Falcon hospital is the only of its kind in world to treat and look after falcons birds. Hospital was founded in late 1990s and is under a direct patronage of the presidency palace in Abu Dhabi.

Hospital is open for visit with two inside tours daily at 10.00 am and 02.00 pm including the attached falcon museum tour and Arabain buffet lunch.

Dates Market

Dates has used to have a great status in the local Arab and Islamic culture. In Abu Dhabi we have one of the biggest dates markets that offers different and various kinds of the dry fruit that grows only in desert. A visit to the dates market is very recommended for cultural trips seekers to get deep in the local Emirates and Arab culture.

Marina Mall

Just like Dubai, Abu Dhabi is know of being one more regional shopping orientation with many malls and commercial centers. Marina Mall Abu Dhabi is the biggest mall in Abu Dhabi city with hundreds of world`s finest brands stores in different categories including jewellery, fashion, watches, electronics and more besides a big number of local retailers.

Marina mall also has a vast food court with various restaurants, cafes and fast food vendors. All of that comes besides the big wheel locally known as Abu Dhabi eye.

For all that, we always recommend our guests to go and discover Abu Dhabi as it is was never a neighbor city to pass by, but is is a new world city with dozens of attractions to discover, and that what makes Abu Dhabi tour from Dubai comes always as a must to add to your travel packages basket.

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For many travelers, Locating their own embassies in their next travel destination is a must. In some cases, a traveler may need to contact his embassy for consulting or getting help. So below we do provide a list of locations and contacts of the common embassies in Abu Dhabi:

1. Canadian Embassy Abu Dhabi

Address: Abu Dhabi trade towers, Abu Dhabi mall, the western tower, floors 9 – 10
Phone: +971 2 694 0300

2. Australian Embassy Abu Dhabi

Address: 8th floor, Almuhairy center, Zayed the first St.
Phone: +971 2 401 7500

3. British Embassy Abu Dhabi

Address: Khalid Ibn Walid St. Abu Dhabi Cornish opposite of Arab Bank
Phone: +971 2 610 1100

4. US Embassy Abu Dhabi

Address: Plot 38 at Rabdan St. Embassies district from the airport road
Phone: +971 2 414 2200

5. China Embassy Abu Dhabi 

Address: Plot 26, Alkhaleej Alarabi St.
Phone: +971 2 443 4276

6. Germany Embassy Abu Dhabi

Address: Abu Dhabi trade towers, Abu Dhabi mall, the western tower, floor 14
Phone: +971 2 596 7700

7. France Embassy Abu Dhabi

Address: Jumierah Ettihad towers, tower# 3, floor 22
Phone: +971 2 813 1000

8. Spain Embassy Abu Dhabi

Address: Alnahyyan commercial building No. 9, Al ladeem St.
Phone: +971 2 407 9000

9. Portugal Embassy Abu Dhabi

Address: Villa no# A42, Marina park office behind Marina mall
Phone: +971 2 650 5541

10. Russia Embassy Abu Dhabi

Address: Khalifa St. East plots 65 – 67, Al markazyyah Abu Dhabi
Phone: +971 2 672 1797

11. Italy Embassy Abu Dhabi

Address: Villa# 715, Mubarak Ibn Mohamed St. Alradwa area
Phone: +971 2 443 5622

12. Ireland Embassy Abu Dhabi

Address: Alyasat St. of 6th Street, Albateen, Abu Dhabi
Phone: +971 2 495 8200

13. Malaysia Embassy Abu Dhabi

Address: Unit 19B, Level 19, Tamouh Tower, 12, Marina Square, Reem Island
Phone: +971 2 448 2775

14. India Embassy Abu Dhabi

Address: Plot# 10, Diplomatic area, Embassies district, airport road
Phone: +971 2 449 2700

15. Pakistan Embassy Abu Dhabi

Address: Plot# 2, Diplomatic area, Embassies district, airport road
Phone: +971 2 444 7800

16. New Zealand Embassy Abu Dhabi

Address: Office 2503, International Tower, Capital Center
Phone: +971 2 496 3333

17. Sweden Embassy Abu Dhabi

Address: 12th Floor, Al Otaiba Tower(Mashreq Bank on ground floor)، Zayed the 1st Street
Phone: +971 2 417 8800

18. Netherlands Embassy Abu Dhabi

Address: Alkhaleej Alaraby St.
Phone: +971 2 695 8000

19. Philippines Embassy Abu Dhabi

Address: Street No. 8, Sector 2-23, Plot 51, Al Qubaisat – Abu Dhabi
Phone: +971 2 639 0006

20. Brazil Embassy Abu Dhabi

Address: Villa # 6, Street # 5, Madinat Zayed – Abu Dhabi
Phone: +971 2 632 0606

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About 5 millions travelers have visited the city of Abu Dhabi in 2016 making Abu Dhabi one of the decent tourist destinations regionally due to the distinct attractions of the capital city of UAE. As a result to this well-reputation that city gains, Millions of travelers around the world have put Abu Dhabi on their future travel plans specially within the big events that take place in city just like Grand Prix F1 Races. and for those, We have came  with 13 selective tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi where a traveler finds joyful moments to treasure 1. Grand Mosque of Zayed

Always and forever, The Grand Mosque of Sheikh Zayed will remain city`s most preferred tourist attraction. The Mosque was founded commemorating the memory and name of his highness Sheikh Zayed Alnahiyyan the founder of UAE state.

Mosque was opened in 2007 after more than 10 years of constructions costing more than 500 USD million to be established. Mosque`s main purpose is to be a Muslim house of worship which is up to more than 40.000 worshipers. However the most distinguished about it is its unique construction that took place upon a massive space including a big multimedia library and cultural center in the beyond.

Grand Mosque was meant to be a bridge between the oriental Arab culture and western one in an attempt to lessen the gap between the different values in the two spots of world and that also could be obviously depicted in the way of building constriction process specially the used materials to build the Mosque itself as these materials were grabbed form different countries in different parts of the world including Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America.

The Mosque opens on daily basis from 0900 am to 1000 pm on the weekdays, While on Fridays Mosque is not accessed for visit before 0400 pm. Grand Mosque of Zayed is one Mosque of only two ones in UAE which permits the not Muslims to go inside.

Mosque entry is totally free of charge however it needs a certain dress code to follow in order to be allowed to go in.

Book a private tour includes visit to Grand Mosque of Zayed from only 34.95$

2. Louvre Abu Dhabi at Saadiyat

Finally and after a long set of delays, Louvre Museum of Abu Dhabi was opened in November 2017. Museum is located onshore of the Island  Saadiyat as the core of a great cultural project on the island which includes also Guggenheim Museum, Zayed Art Museum and NYC university.

Louvre Abu Dhabi is world`s only museum which bears the name of the superannuated Louvre after the one in Paris. Museums showcases a selective collection of ancient artifacts in addition to a fine collection of contemporary art pieces almost of them were brought from Louvre Paris and other reputable French museums.

Museum`s entry ticket is only 60.00 Durhams (17.60 USD) and it opens daily with one day (1000 am to 0800 pm) closing each Monday which made it an ideal weekend cultural escape. Since its opening, Louvre Abu Dhabi becomes one of the most attracting tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi.

Include Louvre Museum Tour  in your day tour from only 56.95 USD
3. Ferrari Theme Park

Just like Dubai, Abu Dhabi is also known of its gratifying amusements on their head all is Ferrari Abu Dhabi theme park. The amusement park was opened in 2007 to be one of Middle East`s best amusement parks including dozens of the delightful and spectacular games. The park also houses world`s fastest roller coaster. in addition to kids gaming area.

Ferrari Abu Dhabi opens daily with no days-off offering various tickets packages which are sold online offer their website, and for being a place where all family members could feel happiness and joy, Ferrari Abu Dhabi is another one of the best tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi.

4. Yas Water World

Completing the leisure and just besides Ferrari Theme Park, Yas Water World city was founded as one of the best aqua cities in Emirates and Middle East. Yas Waterworld is also located on Yas island containing dozens of fantastic adventurous water games for kids and adults. As same as Ferrari world; Yas Waterworld opens on daily basis and its tickets also are provided online.

5. Yas Marina Circuit

Known of its annual Formula 1 Race, Yas Circuit is one of the most visited Abu Dhabi tourist attractions by city visitors and specially those who are fond of motor sports. Yas Marina Circuit is a witness of Formula One race is November of each year when the city is overwhelmed of spectators and followers.

However in the usual days and away of Formula One races, Yas Marina circuit welcomes visitors all day and night ( Check out the best things to do in Abu Dhabi at night) to practice walking and cycling sports.

6. Abu Dhabi Cornish

Cornish Abu Dhabi is one of the lovely places to go in Abu Dhabi for a family time, It is free and directly overlooks the gulf where you could fill your lungs with fresh air. Best time to visit Cornish is within sundown to attend sunset and at the evening times.

Almost of our Abu Dhabi tours include a stop by city Cornish for photo stops, Abu Dhabi frequent travelers have used to spend more time there.

Check Out Abu Dhabi All Day Tour from only 89.25 USD
7.  Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital – Photo credit goes to ADFH

There is no doubt that each city you travel to has something very special which you could not find elsewhere, Falcon hospital of Abu Dhabi could be this special thing of the city.

Falcons have used to have a special status in the local culture of the original inhabitants, Emirates also is know as a big wealthy market of falcons trade. Special races are held annually and specially for falcons sponsored by state`s Sheikhs who already own dozens of them with a value could reach one million American dollar per each!

For all that, Abu Dhabi falcon hospital was founded in 1999 to be  world’s foremost falcon welfare institution, and the first of its kind. Hospital is located near to Abu Dhabi International Airport which makes it an ideal place to visit within a stopover time in Abu Dhabi however it needs a previous booking to have a tour inside.

Abu Dhabi falcon hospital is open for visitors daily from 0830 am to 0230 pm except Fridays. Hospital offers three touring packages start from nearly 48.00$ as entry fees for a standard tour lasts for a couple of hours.

8. Emirates Palace

Another leading attraction of Abu Dhabi`s attraction is the super fancy hotel of Emirates Palace.

Emirates Palace has used to be a royal palace owned by Abu Dhabi governors before they decided to turn it into a luxury hotel owned by the state due its fine location directly over the gulf.

In 2005, Hotel was opened after a construction process that costs more than 3.9 US billion dollars. Hotel contains around 400 rooms and suites and operated by Kempinski. It is already one among the most luxurious hotels in world and is well known of being the most expensive hotel in UAE oriented by elite.

In addition to luxurious rooms and suites, Hotel also contains different restaurants where a visitor could book for a lunch / dinner or even a cup of tea.

9. Observation Deck 300

Directly opposite of Emirates Palace locates the iconic Jumierah towers by Etihad. The reputable towers are known of being commercial, business and residential towers. besides including number of fine hotels as well.

Observation deck 300 is located at Jumierah towers (Read in detail about Observation Deck 300 experience) where a visitor could enjoy a panoramic view of Abu Dhabi city 300 meters high. Experience used to come with high tea, snacks and desserts.

10. Heritage Village

Emirates People are well known of their authentic pride. So that at heritage village a visitor could identify the old lifestyle of the ancient original inhabitants of Abu Dhabi in the time before oil discovery. Village is such an open museum which showcases the traditional lifestyle of the people in Abu Dhabi within the ancient times. How they used to live, what to eat, where to house and all what is related to the daily life of them.

While in same village, and to the left of its entrance, we could see the modern Abu Dhabi. So that heritage village could be a mixture of modernity and authenticity and could be considered one of few tourist attractions of Abu Dhabi where visitors could go to to learn about the local legacy and heritage of city.

11. Umm Alemarat Park

Umm Alemarat Park is a wide vast park where the locals are used to visit at the weekends being a distinct family attraction. Park is highly recommended for families where visitors could feel safe to their kids playing and have fun with also educational activities.

12. Dates Market

Being a ring of urban society in the vast desert, Abu Dhabi inhabitants are still preferring dry food and fruit that they have used to since so long. Dates are surely one of the preferred to them. The desert fruit has many kinds and colors with different tastes. Dates also has a very special status in Muslim creed and Arab culture. So that dates market of Abu Dhabi is recommended to visit to go deeper in the local culture and live the totally local atmosphere.

13. Abu Dhabi Marina Mall

A visitor could not be in Abu Dhabi and miss city`s biggest and most famous commercial mall; Marina Mall.

Marina mall is at Abu Dhabi Marina and it is very distinguished of its super large wheel (Accidentally known Abu Dhabi Eye).
In addition, Marina mall houses a number of the best and most prestigious shops and retailers of world`s finest brands in different categories including fashion, leather, watches and jewelries.

Mall includes also a kids area and food court with different restaurants and fast-food shops.

Now, Check out the best collection of our selective Abu Dhabi Sightseeing Tours for very affordable rates and best money to experience value!

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Everybody loves to travel and explore new places regularly, and also and in same time everyone loves to save money! So how could do you travel to Abu Dhabi for the least budget?! Listen from the experts!

1. Traveling Season

There are many and different traveling season in Abu Dhabi that you need to avoid if you are really looking for a cheap holiday in Abu Dhabi. New Year, Easter, Formula One, Indian Diwali and more occasions are big traveling seasons here when prices and rates go up 30-50%. We hear mean the rates flight tickets, hotels and sometimes tours rates.

On the other side, Summer is not very busy season here in Abu Dhabi, You could avail various discounts and offs offered by hotels and airlines. However, It is still about weather, Could you deal with high temperatures that could reach 45?! It is your choice here!

2. Seek Discounted Flights

Catching flights discounts is a great solution for a cheap holiday in Abu Dhabi

One of the most costing things in traveling generally is flight fares. and if you are really looking to get a nice holiday in Abu Dhabi for reasonable price, We do recommend you to keep your eyes on the discounts that airlines do offer. Using websites like SkyScanner.com could be a useful tool to find low rates flights.

Another tip here which may help, Book your flight in two different segments, That could really save you some additional money!

Flights to Abu Dhabi are used to be cheaper from June to Sept. and if booked it 2-3 months before, you surely will get the best rates.

3. Where Will You Stay?!

After flight fares, Accommodation has used to be the second most costing factor when you do travel. In a big city like Abu Dhabi a traveler has various accommodation options that he could pick the proper one from. Away from Emirates Palace and similar hotels, You could find a private room in Abu Dhabi from only 25$ per night!

Using accommodation facilitating website just like AirBnB.com sounds a great idea to find a cheap accommodation in Abu Dhabi, Also you could find 3 stars hotels for reasonable rates. However you need to make sure of the following point when you choose your hotel or even your guest house.

4. Transportation

Public bus is your best way to transport in Abu Dhabi cheaply

Unlike Dubai, Abu Dhabi does not has its Metro project yet. Metro in Dubai eases transportation in an incredibly way. and although it does not exist in Abu Dhabi, Public transportation is here!

Dozens of public buses in Abu Dhabi are moving in city streets along the day linking city`s corners to each other. Use the web to download one of the regional bus maps, or find a smart phone application just like ” Darb” and download to know the best and cheapest way to reach wherever you are going to.

But what you really need to keep in mind when you choose your hotel, is to have a downtown hotel or at least a hotel which is near to bus station. That should saves you a lot of money.

5. Join Shared Tours

There is no better option to save money than sharing your tour with somebody else, So if you seek a cheap holiday in Abu Dhabi, You better yo find shared tours to join. Tours like desert safari Abu Dhabi are always offered on shared basis. dinner at Marina is the same, some sightseeing tours also are offered on SIC basis. So you need to consider these options when you book your tours in Abu Dhabi.

Discover: The most diverse Abu Dhabi city tours catalog Now!

6. Get Benefit of Whatever You Have!

Simply, Some tourist attractions and museums around the world give reduced rates for certain travelers categories just like students, So if you ve a student card, Make sure to get it with you when your travel to Abu Dhabi.

7. Live Locally!

The main idea about Abu Dhabi lifestyle is that it is a costing place to live at. and while this is somehow right, There are still a lot of options to live at reasonable cost specially if for a short time. So we recommend you to find the local restaurants to eat at trying new food and tastes in same time. Lebanese, Indian and Egyptian cuisine restaurants could do provide tasty meals for reasonable rates.

8. Shop as a Resident

There is no doubt that shopping souvenirs and gifts is one the best things we usually do when we travel to memorize our trips. and in Abu Dhabi there is irresistible shopping temptation in big malls just like Marina Mall, However and as you are looking for a cheap holiday for the lowest fares, You need to avoid all that, and only shop from local shops in local souks like Alzafarana and Alberi souks where you could find the same items which are sold in big mall but for lower rates.

So they were our key advice for a cheap holiday in Abu Dhabi, However it is not all. and after all, what you really need to do is to set your budget for your travel plan and make sure to follow it to have the budget tour package that you are looking for. It is not to mention that you have to escape the expensive activities while in city to keep your budget at your limits.

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For many travelers, Abu Dhabi is a city where is it must to go when visiting United Arab of Emirates. However, many people have no exact idea about where to go in Abu Dhabi. So below we would love to review a single day itinerary in Abu Dhabi, advising you what to do in Abu Dhabi for a day.

1. Grand Mosque of Sheikh Zayed

The first attraction is Abu Dhabi has used to be the grand Mosque of Sheikh Zayed; the founder of UAE country. Zayed Mosque was opened in 2007 after about 10 years of construction, Mosque was founded to be a cultural center which is meant to build bridges between the different cultures.

Grand Mosque complex is founded over 11 sq kilometers including a multimedia library beside the Mosque itself. Mosque is featured with its massive construction and fine decorations which costed more than 2 billions AED to be done.

Mosque opens daily from 0900 am until 1000 pm except on Fridays as it opens 04300 pm. It welcomes everybody to go inside even the not-Muslims visitors, However it needs to follow the set dress code in order to be welcomed to go in.

2. Dates Market

Your next stop at your one day tour Abu Dhabi could be at Abu Dhabi dates market. The dates markets is located near to Port Zayed (Tourist port of Abu Dhabi) offering multiple and various kinds of the dry fruit.

For years, Dates has been a main dish on the Arabian food menu specially it has a religious status for the local Muslim inhabitants. Within your visit the market you could taste some of the delicious dry fruit and buy whatever you want from. Dates are well known of supplying body with high energy.

3. Louvre Abu Dhabi

About 20 kilometers East of Abu Dhabi, a great project is still under construction; Saadiyat Island. Saadiyat island is one of the biggest constructions for the future of Abu Dhabi. It should be a residential. commercial, cultural and tourist project which includes international universities, schools, cultural museums and shopping malls over a total area of 27 kilometers.

Louvre Abu Dhabi which was opened for visitors in Nov 2017 is a leading project of those of Saadiyat island. Museum is the only one to bear the name of Louvre after the one in Paris. It showcases various valuable artifacts and objects from Louvre Paris and other reputable French museums.

Museum is one of the must to do in one day visit to Abu Dhabi, It opens daily and closes only on Mondays. It welcomes visitors for a tickets of 60 AED per adult and free entry for the children.

4. Lunch at Heritage Village

After finishing Louvre visit, it may be the time for having lunch. and since we have so limited time to spend in our Abu Dhabi day your as supposed, We recommend you to have your lunch at heritage village of Abu Dhabi.

Village is another tourist attraction of the city, It could be considered as an open museum that showcases the different between the lifestyle of the ancient inhabitants of Abu Dhabi before old exploration, and the modern lifestyle of the city nowadays. We could find the usual desert tents inside with some old objects that the people used to use in their daily life within the ancient times in addition to some professions that they have to work to get their livelihood.

We could take our lunch there in a local restaurant inside the village with a city overview.

5. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

After lunch and refreshments, You may need to explore one of the most things that feature the city Abu Dhabi; Ferrari Theme Park.

Ferrari world Abu Dhabi is a big amusement city where a lot of adventurous gaming are. It is also the house of world`s fastest roller coaster “Formula Rossa” with a speed up to 240 km/hour.

Ferrari Abu Dhabi tickets are available for online purchase including different categories and children packages. A visit to Ferrari park may last for like 4-5 hours.

6. Relax and Dinner at Marina Abu Dhabi

After such a fatigued long day, You may need to relax yourself on a sailing dhow cruise in city marina. So it the Abu Dhabi marina dinner must be your best choice for the evening and night.

The experience on board includes a sailing tour in Abu Dhabi marina as you could watch the city best landmarks around you in a pretty fabulous panoramic scene. One hour later to sailing dinner should be served includes international buffet dishes. a soft drink packages is provided within package in addition to spaces for the smokers on the upper deck.

Musical and dancing shows also are performed on board until cruise returns back to marina port 2.5 hours later around 10:30 pm.

However there are much more do, It was our suggestion for what to do in Abu Dhabi for a day and we do wish it was a proper plan that everybody enjoys.

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Abu Dhabi is a city where you could catch pleasure everyday and along the day. No need to a long intro, Today we tell you few little secrets of 15 amazing things to do in Abu Dhabi at night, Let us see:

1- It is night?! No Worries, You Could Visit Grand Mosque

Grand Mosque of Sheikh Zayed is known as Abu Dhabi`s first tourist attraction where everybody loves to explore. If you have not the chance to see the mosque within daytime, Do not worry. You are still able to visit it by nigh time being open for visitors until 10:00 pm.

This suggestion is very suitable for those who visit the city within a quick stopover tour by nigh times. But if you already have experienced it within day time, ignore it and jump to the coming.

2. Dinning at Marina Dhow Cruise

Abu Dhabi marina is always a perfect place that we do recommend people to visit once in Abu Dhabi, But this time we suggest you to try a fabulous dinning experience at the gulf water in totally magical atmosphere.

Dhow cruise is a wooden cruise which sails at Abu Dhabi marina serving dinning and beverages. The experience lasts for about 2-3 hours while dinner is served based on international buffet. Dinner booking includes soft drinks and water with no alcoholic drinks. Cruise upper dick allows smoking.

Book Abu Dhabi Marina Dinner for 89.95 USD

3. A Free Thing to Do?! Cornish Walk

If you are really looking for a free thing to do in Abu Dhabi by nigh times, We could not recommend you something better than a Cornish walk. and if you do not know what is cornish is, it is the coastal walk aside the sea.

The cornish walk let us you fill your lungs out with a fresh air that comes over the Persian gulf, and it is very adorable activity to have in company.

4. Night Safari and Camping

Desert safari will always remain one of the best things to do in Abu Dhabi, Such an adventure extends from daytime to early evening as it used to finish 0830 pm. However if you are looking for more time to spend at desert, you could easily ask for all night camping.

Book Desert Safari Abu Dhabi from Only 59.95 USD

Overnight safari lets you enjoy a whole night under the shining stars and over the cold sands. camping equipment should be provided including camping tent, blankets and more.

5. Fine Dinning at Emirates Palace

If there is only one thing that Arab people are famous with, it is gonna be being generous. Based on this concept Emirates Palace hotel offers various dinning experiences in different 9 restaurants.

Emirates Palace restaurants vary between international, Italian and Arab cuisines. Almost of them are a la cart restaurants, and some of them serves until mid night.

You for sure will need to be in touch for reservation, Check that link to help you booking your dinner there.

6. Saadiyat Beach Club

One of the best things to do in Abu Dhabi at night is to have fun at Saadiyat beach club. Club is located at Saadiyat island one of the hottest spots in Abu Dhabi (Also where Louvre Abu Dhabi is locating) and it provides daytime access to beach and pools, While by night it is time for dancing and music shows.

In addition to night shows, Club handles various and different events along the year which you could check out here. The only thing you need to know before to go is that Saadiyat is about 20 KM away from downtown so you will need to hire a taxi or private transfer to you get you there.

7. Coffee and Dinner at Mangrove Lounge

Enjoy your coffee / dinner at the heart of Mangrove lounge hotel of Abu Dhabi with a panoramic scene of swimming pools from the stunning Mashrabeyya window.

Restaurant and cafe works early from 0700 am to after midnight.

Inquire an Abu Dhabi night stopover from only 35.00 UISD per person!

8. Shopping at Marina Mall

Abu Dhabi marina mall is located directly on the shores of sea providing a stunning shopping experience from the best and most prestigious brands. a visit to mall within night times is a very recommended thing to do specially when you have your kids with you as they will have a chance to enjoy the various games inside.

In addition to shopping experience which mall does offer, there are different restaurants to have your dinner at besides cinema screens that always updated with the latest Hollywood movies.

9. Cycle and Walk at Yas Marina Circuit

Everybody knows about Yas Marina Circuit as a hosting of the F1 grand prix Abu Dhabi, But not everybody really knows that it provides a a weekly cycling activity on the same circuit where world`s fastest cars are racing.

TrainYas cycling march goes on every Tuesday, It need a prior registration to book it, While for women; GoYas is held as a weekly activity which is specialized for women.

10. Star Watching at Alsadeem

Alsadeem astronomy is a perfect option to spend your nigh at specially within summer times. The observatory there provides you an opportunity to watch out the shining stars in the dark sky with its astronomical phenomenon.

The observatory at Alsadeem is well equipped with camping materials, lavatory, kitchen, training area and most all it has several types and sizes of telescopes that can be use during the stargazing activities

11. Try a Night Safari at Alain Zoo

One of the most amazing and best things to do in Abu Dhabi at night is to try the adventurous night safari at Alain zoo, It needs you firstly to find your way to the near city of Ain where it all begins with a guided drive by a SUV to the wild discovering the nightlife of the African wild animals.

Your guide will tell you wonderful stories about what they have experienced with those animals during their long life with. Before your trip ends, you will need to feed the giraffes their dinner!

12. Night Dive!

One more thrilling and adventurous activity to have in Abu Dhabi at night is to try the night dive to the deep water of gulf. You firstly head  Abu Dhabi marina to ride a bark accompanied by a professional diver who will be in charge to guide you underwater exploring the nightlife of sea creatures.

A night dive could charge you about 200 AED per dive.

So there were our recommendations for the best things to do in Abu Dhabi at night wishing it does help to find you preferred one to do.

The post Abu Dhabi Nightlife: 12 Things to Do in Abu Dhabi at Night appeared first on Abudhabi Sightseeing.

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A single goal by world`s best player Cristiano Rolando was enough to secure Real Madrid giants a new FIFA clubs world cup wining last night in Abu Dhabi.

For the third time Real Madrid was able to add a new title to its honorable treasury by a great victory over Gremio of Brazil last night at the stadium of Mohamed Bin Zayed in Abu Dhabi. Real Madrid has begun its way in the championship with a victory over Algazira club of Abu Dhabi (2-1) to qualify to the final game of the annual trophy when they meet the champ of Latin America Gremio in a big battle.

The game which took place on the playground of Mohamed Bin Zayed stadium at Zayed Sport City was a big fierce competition between two big clubs from Brazil and Spain in which Cristiano Rolando was able to secure his team wining with a goal in minute 53. However sportsmanship was attendant after all.

With 2017 title, Real Madrid had became the most successful club in trophy`s history with 3 titles wining.

ZSC stadium was founded at 1980 with a capacity up to 43.000 spectators. It hosted the 2017 trophy and also is planned to host the upcoming 2018 one.

Discover Abu Dhabi with Abu Dhab City Tour from Only 35.00 USD

FIFA clubs world cup is an annual championship which is played for the third time at Abu Dhabi after the years of 2009 and 2010. Next year trophy will also be played at Abu Dhabi, The city which had became a vital capital for the biggest sports events just like F1 gran prix that takes place in November of every year.

The post Finished: Real Madrid are The Champions of World in Abu Dhabi 2017! appeared first on Abudhabi Sightseeing.

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Although it is the capital city of UAE Almost of people do not pay their attention enough to Abu Dhabi. Emirates visitors used to prefer spending almost of there time in Dubai because a lot of them have no idea where to go in Abu Dhabi!

Today we come to uncover the hidden pearls of Abu Dhabi  answering the traditional question: Where to go in Abu Dhabi?!

Contrary to popularو Abu Dhabi is a big town with different and various attractions to visit, From cultural attractions, sea resorts, desert adventures to wild tours. Simply; Abu Dhabi is a city where everyone could find his own joy! Let us preview the best attractions of it all:

1.Grand Mosque of Zayed

Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque of Zayed

In Emirates, It is used to commemorate the names of rulers with great constructions bearing their names. and while Sheikh Zayed was the founder of the country of UAE, It needs a might construction to commemorate his name, So it was Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi.

Grand Mosque of Zayed was officially opened in 2007 after 11 years of construction. It costs 545 USD millions to be completed. Mosque takes an area of 12 hectares and it is up to 41000 persons (worshipers).

Zayed Mosque is more than a traditional Muslim mosque, it has became a symbol of the town Abu Dhabi, city`s number 1 tourist attraction and the first place to go in Abu Dhabi. Moreover, Mosque was chosen as the worlds second attraction for two year in a row according to TripAdvisor

Mosque is open on daily basis from 0900 am to 1000 pm except Friday from 0430 pm to 1000 pm. and while Mosque entry is free of charge, It requires visitors to follow a conservative dress code to follow to be allowed to go inside Mosque.

2. Louvre Abu Dhabi

Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum Outside

Louvre museum of Abu Dhabi is the world`s only museum to bear the name of the famous French museum after the main one in Paris. Museum is the latest cultural addition to city of Abu Dhabi and it was opened just in Nov 2017.

Museum is located at Saadiyat island to be the core of the national cultural project of Abu Dhabi emirate besides national museum of Zayed and Guggenheim Museum. Both museums are to be opened later.

Book Your Abu Dhabi Tour to Louvre Museum and Grand Mosque Now!

Louvre Abu Dhabi museum showcases various valuable artifacts of ancient and contemporary times with special and exclusive pieces from Louvre Paris and other French museums. While entry ticket of Museum is just 16$.

Discover more interesting facts about Louvre museum before you make your visit to.

3. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari theme park is a big amusement park in Abu Dhabi that have the name of the Italian luxurious vehicles manufacturer Ferrari. Park is located at Yas island on an area of 80.000 Sq meters to gain the record of the largest space frame structure ever built.

Park is famous of its roller coaster: Formula Rosa, the fastest one in the world. and it has different categories of tickets starting from 69.00 USD which are available for online purchase. For many people, Ferrari theme park is one of the best places where to go in Abu Dhabi.

4. Yas Waterworld

Yas WaterWorld

Not so far from Ferrari Abu Dhabi, and just on the same island of Yas, comes the Yas Water world.

Yas Waterworld is a water park in Abu Dhabi which is home to more than 40 rides, slides and attractions, including Bandit Bomber the longest suspended roller coaster in the Middle East.

Just like Ferrari Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld tickets also are available for online purchase throughout their website https://yaswaterworld.com/

5. Emirates Palace

Emirates Palace is one of the decent attractions where everyone loves to go while visiting Abu Dhabi. It is a state owned hotel as it was used to be a royal palace of the ruling family of Abu Dhabi.

The hotel directly locates on the Persian gulf while its main gates are opposite of Etihad Jumierah Towers. Hotel was open in 2005 costing a number of  three USD billions and consisting of about 400 rooms.

To discover inside, Hotel provides booking of high tea, lunch and dinner. It requires a previous booking and to follow a specific dress code.

Hotel is operated by Kempinski and is considered one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. and it is another attraction of the best where to go in Abu Dhabi.

6. Abu Dhabi Marina and Cornish Walk

Cornish Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi marina is a brilliant idea to an evening and night outing, Marina was founded to receive Abu Dhabi`s visitors over sea by private yachts and cruises, However it welcomes everyone to go in for walking, relaxing and observing the sundown scene.

7. Heritage Village

A walking distance from Marina, Abu Dhabi heritage village locates. The village is such an open museum which provides detailed visualize about the ancient and modern lifestyles in Abu Dhabi.

Once entering the village, you will have the opportunity to discover how was the life of the ancient inhabitants looking like before oil discovery, what were the professions they work, where they used to live, what to eat, drink and how it is all used to go.

While to the other hand, you could easily see the modern Abu Dhabi.

8. Masdar City

Masdar Abu Dhabi

Masdar city is planned city project to be completely relying on solar energy and other renewable energies. Working in city was begun in 2006 and it is yet to finish. City`s area is about 6 KM and it is located near to Abu Dhabi international airport, It is estimated to cost 18-22 USD billions for the city to be completed.

A visit to Masdar could be a visit to future with all its lifestyle, resources, education and more. and although Masdar is not a tourist attraction, but it is really one of the best places where to go in Abu Dhabi.

9. Saadiyat Island

Development never stops in Abu Dhabi, and one of the future projects of city is Saadiyat Island.

Saadiyat Island is a tourist-cultural attraction with mixed commercial, residential, and leisure purposes. Island is currently under construction.

The cultural project of island includes the newly opened Louvre Abu Dhabi besides Guggenheim Museum and Zayed national Museums which both are yet to come. While educational project should includes Cranleigh Abu Dhabi, and New York University Abu Dhabi.

Right now, a visitor could overview the island`s project throughout Manaret Alsaadiyat which is a show that gives a full visualize of Saadiyat project.

10. Saadiyat Beach Club

Saadiyat Beach Club Pools

Have fun and enjoy the sun at Saadiyat beach club. Club provides a relaxing day use experience over gulf sea and swimming pools with a lot of fun, music and dance. It is a perfect choice to head within the days-off in Abu Dhabi.

Club contains a number of beaches, pools and spas, It is reached via Sheikh Khalifa highway E12 and it is really one of the adorable places where to go in Abu Dhabi for just relaxing and having fun.

11. Dates Market

Dates market is an open market souk that is special in selling only dates. Dry dates have used gain a great importance in the local culture in addition to its religious status for the local Muslims. Souk offers different and various kinds of dates that you could taste and buy whatever you love form the local food.

12. Jumierah Towers and Observation Deck 300

High Tea at Observation Deck 300

Just opposite to Emirates Palace hotel, Etihad Jumierah towers are located to be another decent remarkable attraction of the city. You could book for your high tea, lunch or dinner at Jumierha Etihad towers accessing the observation deck 300 that provides a panoramic view of Abu Dhabi city. See Abu Dhabi observation deck 300 for detailed description of the experience.

13. Falcon Hospital

It may be rather weird to know there is a specialized hospital to treat one kind of birds! But once know that some rare kinds of falcons could be priced at more than 1 million Dirham per head, Wondering goes bigger!

Falcon hospital of Abu Dhabi is the world’s foremost falcon welfare institution, and the first of its kind, It was founded in 1999 giving aids to about 6000 falcons per year.

One more and last surprising info, Falcons have passports in Abu Dhabi, and the hospital is the organization which is meant to issue these passports!

14. Yas Marina Circuit

Everyone knows about Formula 1 races and Yas Marina Circuit is the venue for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix which usually takes place in Novmber. Circuit locates on Yas island and it is up to 60.000 attendances.

Circuit was founded in 2009 costing 1.3 USD billions standing to be on of the marvelous places where to go in Abu Dhabi specially within the big season times.

15. Abu Dhabi Desert

Camel Ride in Desert

Although the modernity which you could see everywhere in Abu Dhabi, desert is still a perfect option to spend your time within your Abu Dhabi tour specially with the desert safari Abu Dhabi adventures.

Book Your Desert Safari Abu Dhabi Now from Only 59.95 USD!

Abu Dhabi desert safari is half day safari that extends to 6 hours includes dune bashing drive, camel ride, belly dancer shows, local dance shows and more lovable adventurous activities.

Much more, the desert safari Abu Dhabi used to include BBQ desert dinner with unlimited soft drinking package.

16. Abu Dhabi Dune Buggy Safari

From Abu Dhabi urban parts, get ready to conquer the desert within the adventurous dune buggy drive with a lot of fun and thrilling awaiting. The dune buggy safari is an adventurous trip that takes you to ride a strong-motor buggy over the red dunes of the massive desert. The scene of flying dust is something to memorize your trip to Abu Dhabi, Something could not be founded elsewhere.

17. Umm Al Emarat Park

Umm Al Emarat Park

Umm Al Emarat park is an Abu Dhabi centered open park for families and kids (See Best palaces to visit with kids in Dubai). Park was founded 1982 however it have been undergone to integrated development process lately with new additions like farm animals, plants garden and open theater.

Generally, Um El Emarat park is a prefect attraction for families and kids. It opens daily from 0800 am to midnight which makes it a very proper option for a Friday tour when almost of attractions are closed.

18. Al Ain Zoo

Not so far from Abu Dhabi, and by the foothills of Jebel Hefet, Al ain zoo was founded since 1969 over 400 hectares area. Zoo provides a unique wild experience which is somehow similar to the African safari. Arabian antelopes, oryx, eland, gazelle, lechwe and cat house are the animals which distinguish zoo.

However zoo is not located in town of Abu Dhabi, It is still a perfect option to have a day out surrounded by nature.

19. Al Ain Gardens Tour

Just 180 km away from Abu Dhabi, Al Ain city locates. Al Ain city is widely known as the green gardens city between the local people.

Ain in Arabic means ” Spring” and that is because the natural springs are something to feature the calm oasis-city where you could swim at.

In addition to springs, a visit to Ain city could include visits to camel markets, Sheikh Palace and city museum which perseveres and showcases the local heritage and culture. Ain visit could be fulfilled within a single day.

20. Liwa Desert Safari Adventure

Liwa Oasis is one more oasis locates in the vast desert of Empty Quarter about 240 km from capital city of Abu Dhabi. Liwa desert safari is very adventurous tour for adventure passionate adventurers. Along the road to Liwa, you could identify the real nature of Emirates away of urban and modernity, While at Liwa itself you easily could identify the very ancient lifestyle of desert inhabitants.

21. Qasr Alsarab Desert Resort

Qasr Alsarab Desert Resort at Liwa

In the middle of Liwa extended desert, Qasar Alsarab resort locates providing a totally unique experience of wild and desert life away of the urban.

People used to go Qasr Alsarab for meditation, relaxing and unplugging away from technology and nowadays world`s accelerating tempo. It is not to mention that a stay at Qasr Alsarab resort varies from just two nights to several days according to guest wish.

22. Mangrove National Park

Located in Abu Dhabi city center, you could reach Abu Dhabi`s mangrove national park where you may enjoy kayaking a wooden boat in the natural water of gulf. The experience itself could be more proper for sportsmen where to go in Abu Dhabi to renew their energies and flame up their spirit of contest.

23. Aldar HQ

Al Dar Headquarters

Aldar headquarters is an administrative building located in Alraha district and founded in 2010. What is really featured about it is being the first circular building of its kind in Middle East. It was designed by MZ Architects, While people used to visit for taking photos in front of since it is one of the landmarks of Abu Dhabi

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It is almost finished! and we are on date to receive the latest addition to the gulf pearl city Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Louvre Museum.

Within few days, everyone in Abu Dhabi and even everyone who interests in art and culture everywhere is waiting for the big opening of one of world`s biggest cultural projects, we are here talking about the only museum to bear the name of “Louvre ” after the first one in Paris; Abu Dhabi Louvre Museum!

Museum Interior


Museum Interior


Below we have listed 10 important matters you need to know about the big museum project to come:

  1. In March 7th of 2007, Louvre Paris has announced that a new Abu Dhabi Louvre museum would be built in Abu Dhabi city expecting to be completed in 2012. However, a set of opening delays were announced later. Firstly to early of 2013 and then to 2015.
  2. Finally and with a presence of his highness Sheikh Mohammed Ibn Zayed the prince crown of Abu Dhabi accompanied with HH Mohammad Ibn Rashed a soft opening of the museum were done before the official opening to take place on Nov 11th, 2017.
  3.   Over an approximately 24,000 square meters the museum was established on the famous island of Saadiyat as a part of an ambitious project to be hold on the island.
  4. Museum is a valuable part of a great project of a cultural district to be established on island of Saadiyat. the project includes another two museums: Guggenheim museum and Zayed national museum.
  5. According to Wikipedia, The final cost of the construction is expected to be between €83 million and €108 million. In addition, US$525 million was paid by Abu Dhabi to be associated with the Louvre name, and an additional $747 million will be paid in exchange for art loans, special exhibitions and management advice
  6. Just like the grand mosque of Sheikh Zayed, Abu Dhabi is to continue its dabbing objective to lessen the gap between the eastern and western worlds but this time though out art, as the objective of museum finding is to mix the oriental and western arts for one more unified world.
  7. The museum was designed as a “seemingly floating dome structure”; its web-patterned dome allowing the sun to filter through. The overall effect is meant to represent “rays of sunlight passing through date palm fronds in an oasis as a clear indication to the local Arabian impress of the global museum.
  8. Museum should displays an artwork that set up a dialog between east and west, So that a collection of ancient Egyptian, Ottoman and Mamluki pieces will be displayed side by side to artworks of modern artists just like Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso, Henri Matisse, Vincent Van Gogh and  Jacques-Louis David at the moment
  9. A 30 years deal between Abu Dhabi government and Louvre Paris administration was agreed to provide the museum with significant artworks. similar deals are negotiated with Egyptian and Iraqi museums to display exhibitions of ancient art pieces.
  10. Abu Dhabi Louvre museum day pass ticket was set at 60 AED per ticket = 16.6 USD.

Soon, we are going to lunch daily tours to Louvre Abu Dhabi, Explore best Abu Dhabi Sightseeing tours

A sample of the displayed artworks

The post Ten Things You Need to Know About Louvre Abu Dhabi appeared first on Abudhabi Sightseeing.

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Dubai is more famous, more attracting and more reputable. Well, No one could deny that, However Dubai is not the Emirates, and a visit to is not a visit to the whole Emirates. This is also a fact could not be denied. So the question now is, Where to go out of Dubai ?! Actually state of UAE is consisted of 7 Emirates, the most famous one of them is Dubai but that could not prevent that there are still other 6 Emirates deserve to visit. Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and Fujairah are the best of them as tourist destinations. and now we are gonna talk about Abu Dhabi, and why we should go Abu Dhabi tour from Dubai.

Abu Dhabi is the capital city of UAE, and the city itself (Abu Dhabi) is the capital of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi is the royal house where state president used to live in.
Also Abu Dhabi is the largest Emirate of the whole UAE federation union however it is the second populous city after Dubai with more than 1.5 millions inhabitants.

Abu Dhabi Emirate includes a different mixture between urban cities just like Abu Dhabi city itself and Alain city  and deserted oasis just like Liwa oasis.

Abu Dhabi Marina

Now, Shall we discover the top seven secrets why Abu Dhabi tour from Dubai is a must to do ?!

  1. Location: Abu Dhabi is only 140 km from Dubai city, and this way it is a near destination specially with a highway links the both cities. Abu Dhabi could reaching in a time of only 80 minutes from Dubai. The both cities are linked with a massive long road that links the seven Emirates together that is named as Sheikh Zayed road after the name of the founder of the Federation Sheikh Zayed Ibn Alnahayyan.
    The near location makes Abu Dhabi easy and fast to access from Dubai, you will not need to lose a lot of time while transferring between the two cities. also the road between is very comfortable.
  2. Green City: Although being a political and commercial capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is not so much crowded like Dubai, it is more less. Moreover, There are a big number of wide parks and green areas everywhere in Abu Dhabi which makes the nature of the city itself is much different than Dubai that provides a traveler new experience and enhance the travel experience generally.

  3. Grand Mosque: Sorted as one of the top tourist attractions, grand mosque of Sheikh Zayed is a leading destination that everybody loves to visit when visit the UAE country including world celebrities and movie stars.
    Actually grand mosque of Zayed gained its global reputation for its fascinating architecture and decoration that makes it the most important architectural treasure of contemporary UAE society and one of the most opulent in the world.
    The materials which were used to complete mosque building were imported from Asia, Europe, Africa and New Zeland in addition to UAE of course. that gives an overview of the original purpose of mosque building to be place where could unify the world under the coexistence values of Islam facing the extremists.
    Mosque is used for praying by Muslims and is up to 41.000 persons in a time.
    We have posted an article with rich information about the Abu Dhabi grand mosque that you may check as well.
    The grand mosque is used to be first attraction to visit during Abu Dhabi tour from Dubai due to its location near the city gates.

  4. Yas Island: The island was named after one of the famous tributes in Abu Dhabi city, Yas tribute.
    Island packs a complete bundle of thrilling fun and activities first of them the Formula 1 race track which receives a yearly car race comes in Nov.
    Next to is the Ferrari world Abu Dhabi the world`s second biggest amusement park with the fastest roller coaster which its speed is 150 mph/hr
    In addition to those, there is the Yas waterworld; another fabulous place in Abu Dhabi as one of the best water parks in the state.

    Abu Dhabi Marina, looks at Jumierah Towers

  5. The Cornniche: Unlike Dubai, Abu Dhabi corniche admires the walkers  alongside it. fill your lungs in with fresh air that comes over the gulf with safe areas and parks for the children to play and run. The gulf corniche extends to 8 kilo meters.

    Jumeirah Ettihad Towers

  6. Emirates Palace: Another fancy hotel among dozens of them in the UAE, Emirates palace is used to be a presidential / royal residence of the ruler who decided to gift it to the country to establish a reputable hotel attracts welfare seekers from everywhere in the world, and it became Emirates Palace hotel.
    Hotel is located over the gulf and opposite of Jumierah Etihad towers. it is manged and operated by Kempinski and composed of 394 rooms. However hotel is accessed to visitors as a tourist attraction to check in and taking some photos.
    Opposite of the superb hotel lay the magnificent towers of Ettihad towers which at one of them stands the observation deck 300 that provides a great panoramic view of the city.
  7. Shopping: Lately, Abu Dhabi has come forward as a new shopping destination and racing a strong rivalry with its dazzling sister, Dubai.
    Abu Dhabi malls provide a unique shopping experience gathers the oriental Arabic style besides latest global brands fine production.
    To name a few: the Marina on Qasr Al Amwaj Street is the city’s chicest shopping spot with a great collection of Western and Arabic boutiques; the Souk Quaryat Al Beri near the Shangri La Hotel is locals’ favourite for designer clothes.
    In addition to, Abu Dhabi is still famous of fragrances and perfumes with Arab and western smells.

So after all we listed, Do you think that Abu Dhabi tour from Dubai is a must to do ?! If yes you may like to check our Abu Dhabi tour from Dubai itinerary with rates begin from only 59.95$

The post Seven Reasons Why to Go Abu Dhabi Tour from Dubai ?! appeared first on Abudhabi Sightseeing.

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