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The obsession with MLM leads, and paying for them is at such an absurd fever pitch that it boggles the mind.  Really?  Pay for MLM leads?


Sites and the pitchmen promise “prospects” with Funnel and Social Media “hacks” are lying to you.  MLM leads, no matter how they are generated are just that… not prospects.

Try burning these definitions onto you brain and, more importantly, onto the brains of your greatest assest; your teammates.

A suspect is a name and a number

A possibility is someone you talked to and agreed to look at your stuff.

A prospect is a possibility who has volunteered THEIR reason for looking.

So anyone telling you (re: selling you) that you can develop prospects through their social media hacks and funnels is lying.  Period.

See, a person, properly “prospected” is coming to your presentation ready to buy and ready to join.  MLM leads

How do you get prospects?  Well, now you’ve conjured up the greatest of all questions to ask yourself so that common sense returns.


Fearful and inexperienced peeps are easy targets for clever lead hustlers

There exists, on planet earth, out of 7 billion people, ZERO prospects.

None.  Nada. Zilch.

No one is a prospect until we talk to them.  That is the money shot, folks.  Learning the skills to convert suspects into possibilities into prospects.

So why would you pay ten cents for a lead… which, now you know is a “suspect” at best.   The last 7 plus years of building in MLM, wifey and myself had a 94% conversion rate… meaning 94% of the people we showed our business to for ourselves and/or teammates, joined.  They were MLM leads we converted into prospects… who, you may recall, are ready to buy and ready to join BEFORE you show them what you have.


All this bullshit out there (here is the hook the bottom feeders use) about “and you won’t have to bother your friends and relatives” sounds great to people who feel like they burned through their list and don’t know what to do next.

How to Generate 5000+ Names Blog HD 720p - YouTube

And next week we’ll release a free 4 part series to show you exactly what to say and do to turn these free local MLM leads into prospects that are ready to buy and ready to join.

Here’s the link for the webcast and workbook.  Imagine a handful of your teammates, let’s say 10… who all quickly turn over 5000+ leads AND have 25 people who own businesses in those areas, expecting a call.  Think that might help?

Let me know how you feel and what else we can do for training.  After all, it’s you readers who made us 8th in the world… and the only blog that spends zero on advertising.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing

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There are 2 types of people in the world and to be earning in Network Marketing, you need to be a bounder, not a bouncer.

What’s the difference?

Are You A Bounding OR Are You A Bouncing Entrepreneur? - YouTube

EARNING IN Network Marketing

Bounding does not come from hoping to clear up financial challenges you may have carried, like I did, for years.  It does not come from hoping to hit a pin level.

Earning in Network Marketing comes from find your true purpose… and no, this isn’t one of those “dumb” read-your-why-until-you-cry-pieces.

Of the 7 factors of building any business successfully, the number one factor is enthusiasm.  The classic Think and Grow Rich study clearly points out that imagination is the ONLY bridge to that unbridled enthusiasm.  Here’s a workbook for you if you really want to become a bounder.

But our 45 years of collected blessings in helping people begin earning in Network Marketing indicates most people don’t really know what they want.  So the suggestion I made in the video is really contingent on your finding your purpose, your definite major purpose.

Take a look at your goal or vision statement… if it’s riddled with ideas about how money will eliminate things then you have not found your purpose.

While getting free of credit card debt is great…and so is a better car and remodled bathroom; these types of objectives are really about getting “rid” of problems. Ut-oh.


Focusing on a problem, even elimating it, draws it back to you.  I can tell you this for sure… no bounding takes place without achievement of your purpose being the carrot.  Since 2007 we’ve run, on line, The MasterKeyExperince based on Haanel’s book, The Master Key System.  It was the Master Key System that Hill studied before and during his 25 years of research.

Each year we offer the course, not a pitch here.   Previous members donated and funded the upcoming members for 2018 [#Grateful] … again, it cannot be bought and it’s limited in number of members we can handle.  You can grab early notification here if you like ensuring you getting a shot at a scholarship

Both studies, which are exercises, not books, point out strongly that most people do not know what they want… just what they do not want.  And, a life spent trying to get rid of stuff is never yields achievement.

BE THE OBSERVER Goundhog Days in Network Marketing belong to bouncers

So, are you a bounder or a bouncer?  Break the “Ground Hog Day” movie by observing yourself from the time you get up.  Notice your habits, notice if you are attacking the phone or bouncing from site to site till you find one that tells you they know a secret and you can use social media and not talk to people. LOL.

Bouncers’ dreams die, 100% of the time.   Stop getting hustled by driving on your purpose last thing at night and first thing in the morning.  The rest of the time you have for your biz?  Call people.

You can’t buy success, it is earned.   Here’s a ticket to the REAL Recruiting and Duplicating Summit… these folks I know, have nothing for sale, earned over $100,000,000 and helped turn me into bounder… oh, yeah, it’s free and you don’t have to travel, buy food, airline tix and listen to the endless pitches.  Grab your free ticket here


mark januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

Mahalo for sharing
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The post Earning In Network Marketing Takes Bounding, Not Bouncing appeared first on Mark Januszewski.

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