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As many of our new and existing client base have noticed, we no longer have prices for our hair extensions on our website anymore!

So, Why Don’t We Give Prices for Hair Extensions on Our Website?

Since Vivid Hair opened its doors in Northampton just over 4 years ago, methods, lengths, colours and thickness of hair extensions have evolved so much. It’s impossible to list every single one on our website; pricing is bespoke to what your requirements are.

So, what’s the difference in methods we hear you cry? Here’s the low down…

Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions – Our Most Popular Method!

Pre-bonded extensions have a premade keratin glue bond at the top that is softened with a heated device known as a connector. They require minimal maintenance and are not reusable. (However, some places do offer to rebond on pre-bonded extensions – by doing this, you lose length and thickness as the bond needs to be cut off, and as hair extensions do shed towards the end of their lifespan, the process of rebonding also means you will lose strands. The cost for this is not much cheaper than purchasing new hair)

Hair weights start from 0.5 – 1g strands. At Vivid, we tend to use 0.8 to 1g strands only as you then don’t need as many to go in, which limits matting and struggling aftercare.

This method comes in lengths starting from 14 inches* to 24 inches*, and a variation of colours that spans over 200 shades from solid colours such as black (#1) to combinations of 2, or even 3, shades blended into 1 strand. We also now have Rooted shades (these start dark at top and blend into a lighter shade 2 inches down) and Balayage shades (starts dark and blends into a lighter shade with a more staggered and subtle finish).

Cost will depend on length and the supplier. Average bill is £400.

Micro or Nano Rings

Micro/Nano rings are the same thing, however the Nano is a smaller ring. Strands are secured with a small metal ring that is silicon lined for a more secure fitting. Rings now come in 6 shades so are more discreet than ever. This hair can be reused up to 12 months if looked after; maintenance is 6-8 weeks and is a chargeable appointment.

This method is not as secure as the pre-bonded but is a great stepping stone into “permanent” hair extensions, and as the hair can be reused, if any extensions need repositioning to be more discreet or for comfort purposes, new hair isn’t required.

This method comes in all lengths and most the Balayage and Rooted shades too (dependant on supplier); weights start from 0.8 to 1g.

Price is again dependant on length/thickness but average bill is £400 for the initial fitting with maintenance £65- £100 dependant on stylist.

Tape Hair Extensions

These are lightweight strips of hair that are 1.5 inches in length, with a sticky strip at the top.
Hair is sandwiched between each strip. A packet of 16 strips is 48g meaning you will need an average of 3 packs to create thickness and length.

The process to put these in is extremely quick and the hair can be reused. Maintenance is every 6-8 weeks and it’s recommended they are taken out by us the day before and retaped and replaced the following day. This is because the remover is oil based solution and the hair needs cleansing and drying properly before it can be retaped, which can be a lengthy process. However, we find that clients also have colour; we recommend having this done in one sitting as the hair can be sorted during the colour appointment, ready for fitting.

This method is perfect for fine and very short hair as it sits so flat you can take this method closer to the parting without being seen. We tend to mix this method in with another if the client has particularly broken or short front sections, or we feel this would give the most natural look.

Comes in lengths starting from 16” to 24” depending on supplier and colours. Not all shades are available yet as it’s a relatively new method in the UK but new shades are coming into circulation every month.

Prices hugely vary on this and the type of hair that is used as some of our suppliers are more expensive than others – and its also dependant on colour. The rooted shades are more expensive.

Average bill for a full head of Tape extensions is £500, with maintenance costing £65-£100.


We have developed a method of wefting that is similar to an LA weave. It’s placed on a row of micro rings but we secure it using a clothes line effect when stitching.

This method is great for creating lots of thickness in fine hair with very little damage. The hair can be reused for up to 12 months and, unlike the tape, it does not need to be out and in over 2 separate appointments.

All shades and lengths available starting for 12” to 30”*, and a multitude of weights/thicknesses. This is by far the most varied method of hair extensions regarding this.

Prices are dependent on how many rows are needed, colour, length and weight.

Average bill on 3 rows to create length & thickness is £400. Maintenance for weft is charged per row, not per hour; this can vary depending on stylist but starts from £50.

Book a Consultation with Vivid Hair

To discuss the different methods of hair extensions and what is best for you, contact the team direct at the salon on 01604 629 011 to arrange a consultation, or drop us an email on info@vividhairextensions.co.uk.

Bring any images that you love but also please be realistic as to what can be achieved; if we say no, it’s not because we don’t want to give you your dream look, it’s because it’s 99% not doable in 1 appointment!

*subject to availability, colour and supplier

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The team at Vivid Hair have been celebrating today after finding out we have won another award; we’ve been voted as Salon of the Year 2018 by readers of the Chronicle and Echo. This is now our 8th award since opening 4 years ago!

The award is run by the Chronicle and Echo for its readers to nominate their favourite salon online; there’s 87 salons to originally choose from. It’s then narrowed down to the semi-finals and finals; both of these rounds are done via clients purchasing the paper and sending in their vote.

On Tuesday 6th November 2018 we were announced as the winners of Salon of the Year 2018 with a feature being online and in the paper on Thursday!

Our Managing Director, Hannah Britten, said: “We are over the moon to pick up another award in 2018. We now have 8 in total since opening in 2014. As we are in quite a big area with over 400 salons in its borough, this is amazing for us to win as we were up against much more established and well-known salons.”

We are hair extension and colour specialists based in The Ridings, off St Giles Street, in Northampton. Give us a call 01604 629 011 to make your hair dreams a reality.

The post Salon of the Year 2018 Winners! appeared first on Vivid Hair & Beauty.

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