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Shop Local at the California Welcome Center – Oceanside

More than just visitor information, did you know that the California Welcome Center – Oceanside features an in-house boutique boasting local artisan creations and Oceanside branded merchandise? The products offered are a great mixture of quick grabs for gifts, charming souvenirs, and high quality artisanal goods worthy of being displayed at home! So next time you find yourself in downtown Oceanside be sure to stop by and check out all the Welcome Center has to offer, including these awesome products!

The Mikolich family has been in the bee business nearly 40 years. From a young age, Alan Mikolich kept bees in his backyard in Chula Vista.

In 1985, Alan and his wife Mary decided to go independent with their business. All three children have their hand in the bee business between pollination, extracting and sales. “The shift in today’s honey industry is rapidly changing the way we look at our business. We pride ourselves on bringing you the best quality honey in the area.  We have a variety of different locations that we harvest honey from. These range from Temecula (where we are located out of) to surrounding areas throughout San Diego County.”

Mikolich Family’s Sage Buckwheat (2016) and California Coastal Wildflower (2015) honeys received the national Good Food Award for Best West Coast Honey. Various flavors are available for purchase at the California Welcome Center, including Wild Buckwheat, Orange Blossom, and Local Wildflower in 2 oz and 12 oz sizes.

Oceanside Candle Company was started in 2015 by Suzanne & Taylor Carr. The company was created after struggles with allergies and asthma prompted them to research why they would wheeze whenever their candles were lit. They discovered that a common petroleum based ingredient in candles, paraffin, has the same byproducts as diesel fumes, including at least 22 known toxins and carcinogens which create black soot when candles burn. After some searching the couple came across soy candles and began buying those pricey alternatives regularly. Quickly however, they realized that not all soy candles were created equally, many actually blended ingredients with paraffin and there is no law requiring candle companies to disclose their blends on the labels. Given the inconsistency of the soy candles they were purchasing in addition to their steep price, a decision was made to attempt to make their own candles with full transparency on what exactly was going into them.

All Oceanside Candle Company ingredients are naturally based from fragrance oils, soy wax with no dyes, and organic cotton Wicks. The glass jars can even be reused as vases, jewelry holders, q-tip holders, office accessories and succulent planters!

Oceanside Candle Company now has over 20 retailers including the California Welcome Center in Oceanside. They also participate in many local markets and seasonal events around town. To find a complete list of the classic and seasonal scents offered visit Oceanside Candle Company.

Sister co-authors Julia and Nancy Glen have teamed up to write a series of children’s books focused on the vibrant communities of Southern California, with Oceanside being featured as the subject of their first book! “We attempted to weave throughout this illustrated children’s book titled “Oceanside Adventures”, the history of Oceanside, current events and attractions to see. It’s all about an overall theme of acceptance, inclusion and kindness while bringing the story of Oceanside to life for children,” says Julia Glen.

Julia and Nancy are committed to supporting Oceanside businesses as well as literacy programs through this project. Their new book is available for purchase at several locations in Oceanside, including the California Welcome Center.

Alan Crosthwaite is a San Diego-Oceanside based photographer that specializes in landscapes, environmental photography, portraits, and corporate head shots. Alan is skilled in Photoshop re-touching and creating composite images. He is also an FAA certified Part 107 Remote drone pilot, and does commercial drone aerial photography and video work. 

View some of Alan’s spectacular photographs of the Oceanside Pier, Oceanside Harbor, Mission San Luis Rey and other local scenes on postcards and prints on canvas at the California Welcome Center.

First We Surf, Then We Eat

Jim Kempton has spent much of his life traveling and surfing across the globe. With his experience from working as the editor and publisher of Surfer magazine, the director of Quiksilver’s Crossing Project, the director of media for Billabong and the owner of the former Margarita’s Village, an award-winning regional Mexican restaurant in San Clemente, Jim has compiled not only stories of the best waves, markets, restaurants, adventures, and misadventures that he’s experienced from his travels, but also 90 recipes for how to cook some of the world’s best beach-loving dishes! In addition to his vividly colorful, richly flavorful and vibrantly healthful collection of favorites, the book also includes recipe additions from Dale Velzy, Bethany Hamilton, John “John” Florence, Rell Sunn, Donald Takayama and other legendary surfers as well as a foreward by Surfer’s Journal’s Steve Pezman!

Pick up a copy at the California Welcome Center, only a half mile from the California Surf Museum where Jim Kempton is the acting president.

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Oceanside Harbor Parade of Lights

Christmas is fast approaching and the celebrations are underway! Mark your calendar to attend the annual Oceanside Harbor Parade of Lights, a fun spectacle with boats of all shapes and sizes decorated in their finest holiday attire, including lights, ornaments and lots of holiday trimmings. In addition many of the captains and boat crews dress up in their holiday best, with a few jolly Santas joining to take part in the festive parade celebration. Once finished the best decorated powerboat, sailboat and small-craft boats will be awarded prizes and bragging rights. This magical holiday event is something you won’t want to miss!

Event Details 
  • Date: Saturday, December 8, 2018
  • Location: Oceanside Harbor, CA 92054
  • Time: 7pm
  • Cost: Free
  • Contact: Oceanside Yacht Club (760) 722-5751 
Insider Tips

The Oceanside Harbor Parade of Lights is a must be at event during the holiday season, so if you plan on attending here are a couple of tips.  

  • Arrive Early. There are a lot of people that will be attending, so give yourself plenty of time to park and walk over to the viewing area.
  • Where to Park? There are several parking lots located throughout Oceanside Harbor, please read all parking signs since each area has different restrictions. Carpooling is encouraged. Give yourself plenty of time to park and walk over to the viewing area. View City of Oceanside Parking Map.
  • Can you bring chairs? Yes, you are allowed to bring your own lawn chairs.  Please do not block walking pathways and be mindful of others viewing the parade.
  • Bring a Blanket and a Jacket.  It can be chilly at night, so make sure to come prepared and bring a blanket, jacket, mittens, and scarves so that you can be nice and warm as you watch the parade.
  • Bring Snacks and Hot Chocolate. Make an evening of it and bring some snacks or hot chocolate with you to enjoy during the parade.  There are several restaurants and shops located within Oceanside Harbor if you would like to dine and watch the event, please call for availability. View Oceanside Harbor Merchants.
A Glimpse What to Expect:
PC: Shannon Wingard / U-T San Diego
PC: Steve Marcotte / OsideNews
PC: Steve Marcotte / OsideNews
The Tradition of the Parade of Lights

The Parade of Lights is a tradition in many beach cities and dates back to the early 1900s where Newport Beach is credited with holding the oldest Christmas Boat Parade. This is a tradition that brings hundreds of families to the harbor. One father said, “The kids like the lights, and it’s just a fun thing to do together.” So if you have not yet been, start a new family tradition and get a glimpse of some of these amazing boats.

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Great Places to Take a Photo in Oceanside

Whether it be a fun selfie, a gorgeous landscape shot or something abstract and artsy, Oceanside’s diverse and beautiful scenery makes for some of the best photographic backdrops in Southern California. With classic Californian visuals like rows of palm trees and crashing waves on sandy beaches, as well as spectacular sunsets, photogenic murals laced throughout downtown, the largest mission in all of California and so on, Oceanside welcomes all keen eyed creatives and ‘documenters’ of fun.

The Beach and Pier

The most obvious place to snap away at is the beach. Oceanside is known for its large sandy beaches which allow for plenty of room to be creative and capture that perfect beachy shot to share. What really helps add a whole new dimension to your beach shots is the Oceanside Pier, a 1,942 foot structure stretching out into the deep blue ocean. Including the pier in photos of the ocean helps to give a sense of scale, and can make your picture that much more interesting!

Have a camera handy while the tide is low and you will get an amazing opportunity to capture pictures from below the pier! Standing directly underneath the middle of the wooden structure reveals an amazing ‘window’ out into the ocean that needs to be seen to be believed, and then photographed to remember!

The views from under the pier are just as beautiful as the views from the top! 😍 #repost from @djcannizzo

A post shared by Visit Oceanside (@visitoceanside) on Jun 27, 2017 at 9:12am PDT

Sunset bliss under the pier! 😍 #repost from @petercoilns

A post shared by Visit Oceanside (@visitoceanside) on Oct 10, 2017 at 4:24pm PDT

Golden hour under the pier! 😍🌅 Beautiful #repost from @kristinforbescreative

A post shared by Visit Oceanside (@visitoceanside) on Sep 11, 2017 at 4:06pm PDT

The pier isn’t just a great subject to fill your camera frame either, it is also an excellent way to capture the beautiful coastline and waves from a unique vantage point that would otherwise be unavailable. No matter the lighting or the equipment, the pier always results in a memorable photograph worthy of sharing with the world. 

What's the best way to spend the day? Watching the waves roll in... 😎🌊 #repost from @chelroch

A post shared by Visit Oceanside (@visitoceanside) on Sep 6, 2017 at 9:11am PDT

Murals and Artwork

Oceanside is much more than just a city by the beach, it is a thriving town with its own unique culture that includes a love for the arts. So much so that Oceanside has been recognized by the California Arts Council as one of the state’s 14 premier state-designated cultural districts! With the combination of talented local artists, passionate locals, supportive businesses and a strong foundation of art institutes and museums Oceanside has become a hotbed for stunning artwork that can be seen throughout downtown. Over the next three years the number of murals will continue to grow with the Oceanside Mural Initiative seeking to install nine additional curated public murals over the course of three years in Downtown Oceanside. These colorful and vibrant pieces located up and down Oceanside often require a little searching to find, but once located they all make for great photographic subjects. To see where you can find the murals photographed below click on their respective pictures.

A post shared by Skye Walker (@skyewalker_art) on Sep 12, 2017 at 10:58am PDT

Love seeing all the different murals around! 😎 #repost from @oliviacarlierose

A post shared by Visit Oceanside (@visitoceanside) on Aug 16, 2017 at 4:14pm PDT

Oceanside Murals are the coolest around! 😎 Find this one at @wrenchandrodent! #repost from @klettergoo

A post shared by Visit Oceanside (@visitoceanside) on Jul 13, 2017 at 4:10pm PDT

Unique Perspectives

With a little creativity even the most simple of subjects can turn into memorable photographs. For example, using the bright yellow center lines of the road in addition to the iconic rows of palm trees will give any picture a classic California beach vibe. Luckily Oceanside has numerous locations along the coast that fit this description perfectly, and can serve as the subject of your picture or the backdrop to your activity of choice such as biking or skateboarding.

Here's Oceanside from a different perspective 😎 #repost from @gerardophotos

A post shared by Visit Oceanside (@visitoceanside) on May 22, 2017 at 4:16pm PDT

Skatin' down to the Strand 😎 Happy Friday! #TGIF #repost from @jdcollings

A post shared by Visit Oceanside (@visitoceanside) on May 19, 2017 at 9:21am PDT

If you have the means, another particularly unique perspective that produces jaw dropping photographs is from above using drones. With the city’s varied and colorful terrain, pictures from high above result in a view we would otherwise likely never see and help give perspective on how closely intertwined we are with the ocean, rocks and sand.

Woah! Check out this AMAZING aerial shot above Oceanside! Fantastic repost from @joshwrogers #oceanside #aerial #oside

A post shared by Visit Oceanside (@visitoceanside) on Jun 28, 2016 at 10:54am PDT

🌅Oceanside from above🌅 #repost from @artbyart_la

A post shared by Visit Oceanside (@visitoceanside) on Jun 1, 2017 at 4:33pm PDT

For the Adventurous

Driving a little more inland brings about its own unique photographic opportunities, including a chance to walk and explore around California’s largest mission! Old Mission San Luis Rey’s beautifully kept gardens, giant white adobe structure and old ruins and relics from days long since passed are breathtaking to behold and a joy to capture.

For those that seek excitement and an experience that when coupled with photographs will be remembered for a lifetime, inland Oceanside also offers jaw-dropping coastal helicopter rides as well as sky diving! Both begin their journeys from the Oceanside Municipal Airport, but that is where the similarities end. For unbelievable pictures of the coastline from a vantage point few get to experience, Waverider Helicopter Tours offers the removal of any or all doors so that you can get the perfect unobstructed shot. Whether it be during the day or during sunset, the natural beauty of the beach, waves and land will always make for breathtaking pictures. For pictures of yourself with a similarly stunning backdrop GoJump Oceanside offers video and photo packages that keep your own equipment out of harms way but still allow you to get thrilling pictures of you free falling through the sky with the beach, ocean and land all in frame.

Golden Hour 😍 #repost from @tyycreations @waverider_helicopter_tours

A post shared by Visit Oceanside (@visitoceanside) on May 23, 2017 at 4:47pm PDT

View this post on Instagram

That was totally WICKED 💥

A post shared by Alexandra (@ally.moeller) on Oct 15, 2017 at 5:03pm PDT

Finally, those that enjoy an adventure in the water will be rewarded with special opportunities to capture pictures that would otherwise be impossible from land. Specifically Oceanside’s calm harbor is perfect for cruising around in kayaks and stand up paddle board (SUP for short) while snapping pictures of the docked boats, resting sea lions and the ‘Oceanside’ sign located on the side of the hill. Be sure to bring a waterproof case for your phone or camera just in case!

A post shared by OC Mom Blog 🍊 (@ocmomblog) on Sep 30, 2017 at 5:32pm PDT

And if capturing sea life is your goal, Oceanside Adventures takes guests from Oceanside’s harbor out into the deep ocean on their specially made whale watching catamaran. These sea trips allow for a unique chance to photograph not only hundreds of dolphins and seabirds, but also some of the most majestic and rarely seen sea creatures alive including the blue whale and killer whale if you’re lucky!

To get your Oceanside pictures featured on the Visit Oceanside Instagram page be sure to tag your photos with #visitoceanside and tag @visitoceanside so that we can see your lovely and creative interpretations of our beach city!

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Visit Oceanside Blog by Visit Oceanside - 2w ago
Things To Do This Weekend

This weekend is the perfect time to come experience Oceanside and all that this beautiful beach city has to offer. The Event Calendar is overflowing with fantastic activities for you to do, and we’ve highlighted just a few to give you an idea of all that you can experience this weekend. So if you’re up for an adventure and a great time come on down to Oceanside and check out these top events you don’t want to miss!

What: Come “move your feet before you eat” at the Pacific Marine Credit Union O’Side Turkey Trot, recognized as one of the Top Trots in the country by Runner’s World Magazine. Free digital photos, medals, shirts, and timing are available to all registered participants. The 5K Walk adult entry fee is $37 and the 10K Run/Walk adult entry fee is $40. Youth options are available.

Additionally, for seniors 65 and older there is a special 1 mile O’Side Turkey Trot experience held after the 5k and 10k. The 1 mile senior event will cost $30. Family members are welcome to participate to provide assistance if needed. Please see website for complete rules and qualifications. 


  • O’side Turkey Trot: Thursday, November 22, 2018, 6am-11am
  • Festival of Senior 1 Mile Run/Walk/Push: Thursday, November 22, 2018, 10:20am

Where: Oceanside Civic Center, Pier View Way & North Ditmar Street, Oceanside, CA 92054, USA

More Info: O’side Turkey Trot

  • Course Options: There are two options for this event, a 5K Run/Walk or a 10K Run. This event is family friendly and includes fun contests and competitions, as well as live entertainment along the course. Join one of the fastest growing holiday traditions!

What: Take a trip back in time and experience what the holidays were like in the mid-1800s. Rancho Guajome Adobe welcomes you to its annual Rancho Christmas celebration where you can see and tour the historic 28 room adobe and 2 large courtyards dressed with festive wreaths, garlands and centerpieces. The celebration will also include tractor rides, Native American storytelling and Christmas carolers! Tickets are $5 for ages 13+, $3 for ages 4-12, and kids 3 and under are free.

When: Saturday, November 24, 2018, 10am-4pm

Where: Rancho Guajome Adobe, 2210 N Santa Fe Ave, Vista, CA 92083

More Info: Rancho Guajome Adobe Christmas

What: Come discover an array of handcrafted and artisanal goods by local makers at this free, two-day holiday pop-up market in Artist Alley in Downtown Oceanside. Shoppers can browse jewelry, candles, art, glassworks and more while exploring Artist Alley shops and eateries and listening to live holiday music.


  • Saturday, November 24, 2018, 10am-5pm
  • Sunday, November 25, 2018, 10am-2pm

Where: Artist Alley, Downtown Oceanside

More Info: To learn more visit Shop Local Oceanside

What: Yoga & Beer at Legacy Brewing Co! Bring your friends and family who are in town for the holidays and treat them to an hour flow followed by a delicious craft beer for just $15! Tickets available at www.legacybrewingco.com or pay at the door.

When: Saturday, November 24, 2018, 11am

Where: Legacy Brewing Co, 363 Airport Road Oceanside, CA 92058

More Info: For more information visit Yoga & Beer Facebook

What: Participate in a guided walking tour of Mission San Luis Rey. Explore areas of the Mission that are not normally open to the public; including the private rose gardens and the pepper tree. General admission tickets are $12 for adults, $10 for seniors, students and active military. The special behind-the-scenes tour is available most Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Pre-registration is encouraged. 


  • Saturday, November 24, 2018, 11am, 1pm
  • Sunday, November 25, 2018, 11pm

Where: Mission San Luis Rey, 4050 Mission Avenue Oceanside, CA 92057

More Info: For more information please call (760)757-3651 x115

What: Enjoy tastings from your favorite Oceanside breweries, wineries and craft beverage makers while you explore shops and listen to live holiday music! Two Sip and Shop events will be taking place to kick off and conclude Shop Local Oceanside. The first will be located in downtown Oceanside on Saturday, November 24th from 2-5pm and the second will take place in South Oceanside in conjunction with the South O Walkabout on Wednesday, December 12th from 5-8pm.

Tickets are $15 when purchased in advance or $20 the day of. Purchasing tickets in advance for both Sip and Shop events is $25. Don’t forget to fill up a Shop Local Holiday Passport along the way, you can receive up to two passport stamps per Sip Stop!

When: Saturday, November 24, 2018, 2-5pm

Where: Sip Stops Include:

  • The Arcade Tattoo, 604 Mission Ave.
  • Endurance House Oceanside, 401 N. Coast Highway, Suite 103
  • Gypsy Soul Dreaming, 212 Artist Alley, Suite E
  • Meric Spearfishing, 605 B Mission Ave.
  • Monroe Boutique LLC, 301 Mission Ave., Suite 101A
  • The Loose Leaf Tea Bar, 408 Mission Ave.
  • Oceanside Ace Hardware, 263 S. Coast Highway
  • Oceanside Jewelers, 222 N. Coast Highway
  • Oceanside Museum of Art, 704 Pier View Way
  • Panels Comic Book Coffee Bar, 713 Mission Ave., Suite A
  • Stage and Screen FX, 510 N. Coast Highway, Suite B
  • Whitlock Surf Experience, 609 Mission Ave.

More Info: To learn more visit Shop Local Oceanside

What: Join Cynthia’s Artistic Expressions on Saturday afternoons for Paint and Sip! This veteran owned fine art gallery and studio specializes in paint nights with a beautiful, relaxed environment where groups can create, socialize and have a blast while sipping on their favorite drink. Paint Nights are BYOB with all art supplies, art instructions, and light refreshments provided.

When: Saturday, November 24, 2018, 5-7pm

Where: Cynthia’s Artistic Expressions, 1906 Oceanside Blvd. Ste. Q

More Info: To learn more visit Artist Uncorked Sip and Paint

For a complete listing of events, please view the Oceanside Event Calendar.

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Operation Hangout: Marine Reunion in Oceanside

Your next get together with your USMC unit or squadron doesn’t need to be a formal occasion or conference. Come hang out and play together in Oceanside where you and your crew can reconnect while enjoying a shared outing. We’ve listed a few of our favs below.

Beach Landings

With 3 miles of coastline, the beaches in Oceanside are a hub of activity, serving up the fun from mild to wild experiences. Perfect for the casual hang out with just the right amount of radical mixed in for your adrenaline pumping adventures. There is nothing better than spending a day at the beach, walking along the Pier, biking the Strand, and roasting s’mores over a bonfire. As authentic and as iconic as Camp Pendleton, surfing has deep roots in Oceanside. Take a group lesson and learn the surfing basics to get you up and riding the waves or improve on your skills! Get stoked and feel those endorphins pumping from the sheer power of nature. Feel the zen after a little wave therapy.

Biking on the Strand
Lunch on the Beach
Amphibious Explorations

Oceanside Harbor has numerous ways for your gang to get out to sea. Small groups can rent kayaks, paddleboards, and electric boats and explore the harbor, or you can hop on the Oceanside Adventures Catamaran and check out our local sea life including dolphins, sea lions, and migrating whales. There are daily tours available or you can book your own private charter. Sportfishing is another great way to catch up with your crew so jump on one of the daily trips being offered out of our harbor.

Oceanside Harbor Village
Stand Up Paddleboard at the Harbor
Aerial Adventures

Ready to take this hangout hardcore? Feel the breeze at GoJump Oceanside as they take you on an outstanding tandem skydive experience. This is the only Skydive Center in Southern California where you will have a full ocean view during your entire freefall from 13,000 feet. In addition, single jumpers from all around the world are welcome with a USPA license and a minimum of 50 Jumps in your logbook. If these heights drop a bit outside your comfort zone, feel the exhilaration of indoor skydiving at iFly Oceanside where you can experience the feeling of flight in a wind tunnel environment. You won’t be able to stop smiling from all this awesomeness.

GoJump Oceanside
iFLY Indoor Skydiving
Taking the Hill

You probably could golf anywhere in the world, but at Goat Hill Park in Oceanside, you can golf in barefeet. Originally built in 1952 as a regulation length 9 hole par 36 layout, Center City Golf Course was the first golf course in San Diego county. The course was redesigned in the early 90‘s by Ludwig Keehn into an 18 hole short course and became known as “Goat Hill” to locals. It is loved for its ocean views, fresh breeze, authentic atmosphere, and raw golf feel. Quite simply, you will have a hard time finding a more challenging short course with as many unique holes anywhere in the country. After your game, grab a cold one and hang out by the fire pit in their open air patio. 

Goat Hill Park
Goat Hill Park
Chow Hall Duty

Your foodie friends will appreciate being able to experience a variety of Oceanside’s chef inspired cuisine and cocktails while simultaneously learning a bit more about Oceanside’s history and what’s in store for its future. Carla & Linda’s Walking Food Tours host scheduled tours, but you can also arrange for a private one just for your friends. The tours guide you to four specially chosen restaurants in coastal Oceanside. You will spend approximately 45 minutes per restaurant sampling chef recommended specialties. Bring your comfy shoes and your appetite. 

Carla and Linda leading The South O Tour Group
Masters Kitchen and Cocktail Executive Chef Darrell Campbell
Suds and Buds

San Diego County is home to a number of widely known, well-respected, and award winning craft breweries. Lucky for us, the craft beer craze has cruised up the coast and has taken root in Oceanside. Located along the western edge of San Diego’s “Hops Highway,” Oceanside is a craft beer powerhouse with nine..

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San Diego Beer Week in Oceanside!

San Diego Beer Week is a 10-day celebration of the incredible breweries that make San Diego County the capital of craft beer! Starting on November 2nd and running through November 11th, events promoting our unique beer culture and world class brew will be taking place across the county at participating breweries, bars, and restaurants. Included among the more than 130 craft breweries participating are several found right here in Oceanside! Listed below are their events you can attend to show your support for craft beer in San Diego County.

San Diego Beer Week - Capital of Craft - YouTube

A county-wide toast to kick off the San Diego Beer Week festivities will be taking place on Friday, November 2nd at 7:30pm. Lift up your glass and cheers with your neighbor in celebration of great local brew!

  • Friday, November 2 – Pint Night
  • Thursday, November 8 – Batch 8 Release
  • Friday, November 2, 7pm – SDBW Kick Off Toast + Sour/Barrel/Vintage Specials
  • Sunday, November 4, 3-5pm – Blues + Brew w/ Ben Powell
  • Wednesday, November 7 – Bastard’s 21st Birthday (Enter Night Pilsner++)
  • Thursday, November 8 – Sunset Market + SDBW Specials
  • Friday, November 9 – Small Batch Attack – Limited Pilot and Liberty Station Tap List
  • Sunday, November 11, 3-5pm – Folk and Brew w/Small Batch Ramblers
  • Friday-Sunday, November 2-4 – Breaking Out the Cellar
  • Monday, November 5 – Alesmith Brewing Cheese Pairing
  • Tuesday, November 6 – Tiki Tuesday w/ Maui Brewing
  • Wednesday, November 7 – Belching Beaver 5 Course Beer Dinner
  • Thursday, November 8 – Beer & Dessert Pairing w/ Melvin, Left Hand and Ninkasi Brewing

To learn more about San Diego Beer Week and to see the rest of the events taking place throughout San Diego County visit SDBeer.com

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Haunted Oceanside The Ghosts of Fire Station No. 1

As seen in The Osider Magazine, September/October 2017, Vol. 4 Issue 5.
Words by Amber Lussier. Photos by Zach Cordner. Historical information courtesy of Kristi Hawthorne (Oceanside Historical Society)

“After spending the night inside Fire Station No. 1, we know the firemen are not alone.”
– Amber Lussier

      When we envision a fire station, we typically think of a safe place where our modern-day heroes wait to respond to emergency calls. These men and women are nothing short of brave. In their line of work, they witness things that most of us cannot even imagine. But at Fire Station No. 1 there are things happening that have our first responders feeling uneasy—paranormal activity.

      The firehouse was built in 1929 and was designed by famed architect Irving Gill. The building had a duel purpose. It functioned as Oceanside’s fire station, as well as the police station. The living quarters for the firemen was located above the garage and had a brass pole that allowed quick access to the truck. The police station was next door (within the same building) and included an office, radio room, and booking and visiting rooms. The jail was located upstairs.

“You had to drag everybody up those stairs. The drunks were the hardest to get in the jail”
– Ernest Taylor, a full time fireman and police desk sergeant in 1935.

      One of those drunks was named Johnny Rebovick. Within a 20-year span, Johnny had been arrested more than 56 times, mostly for public drunkenness. In 1967 Johnny was arrested one last time. He was placed inside a jail cell and given a meal. Later that night, Johnny was found sitting with his back against the wall, lifeless.

      The night we conducted our paranormal investigation, the firemen gave us a tour of the building and shared their paranormal experiences. Johnny’s name came up often.

“The guys get messed with all the time and a lot of the guys won’t even sleep (in the bunks). That’s where the jail cells used to be. They’ll usually stay in the front room. Whatever is here holds you down, you can’t move, and you can’t speak. In the beginning it’s unnerving, but after awhile you get used to it.”
– Captain Tim Scott

      The firemen identified three locations as having the most paranormal activity—jail cell #1, the “drunk tank,” and the women’s holding cell. All three have been converted into bunks where the guys refuse to sleep.

      After the tour, the firemen left the area so we could secure the space and set up our monitoring equipment. Our team consisted of four other people—Zach Cordner, Pascal van den Berk, Jace Gardenier, and Mike Pittman. We came armed with eight night vision cameras, numerous digital voice recorders, multiple professional grade DSLR cameras, K2 EMF meters, and apps that allow energy to be converted into actual words. Once everything was in place, we turned off the lights, fans, air conditioning, and anything else that might provide noise pollution.

      Fire House No. 1 was silent. The air was balmy. We had no idea what we were about to encounter.

The Osider Paranormal Investigation of Fire Station No.1 - YouTube

      I ended up taking cell #1. A bottle of whiskey accompanied me inside the cell in hopes of enticing the dead to interact with us. The rest of the team spread out throughout the building. As our night vision camera rolled, the cell seemed quiet and peaceful. I could see the moonlight shining through the skylight. After several minutes, something caught my attention. At first, I thought I was just settling into place, so I stayed there and waited for it to happen again. It did, but this time was twice as strong. Something was tugging at my pants. Within seconds, there was a very distinct tapping noise on the bed frame. It seemed paced and deliberate. I called for Zach [Cordner] so he could debunk or confirm the noise. It continued and seemed to get louder and more aggressive. Lasting several minutes, we were able to confirm the noise, but could not explain its origin.

      Later that night, we also captured an interesting EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) inside cell #1 that was extremely loud, but at the time could not be heard within the cell.

      Meanwhile, Mike [Pittman] was monitoring all of our cameras and saw some unbelievable orb activity in the women’s holding cell. These orbs seemed to be moving with intent, almost as if they were interacting with the camera. We also witnessed an orb “blinking,” which we’ve never witnessed in a pitch-black room.

      I wanted to save Johnny’s cell for last. Also known as the “drunk tank.” Jace [Gardenier] was the first inside the cell and reported activity.

      Upon entering Johnny’s cell with the bottle of whiskey, I noticed the distinct smell of chewing tobacco. I knew someone was waiting for me and could feel him in the room. Again, as the night vision camera rolled, I began an EVP session. During this session, I learned that Johnny is not the one who’s responsible for grabbing or teasing the firemen. While inside this cell, I documented something that I’ll forever point to as absolute proof of paranormal activity. It started with one simple question: “Are you European?”

      As an empath, I sometimes feel things I cannot explain and this was one. I had a strong sense that whoever I was sharing the cell with was not from this country. The moment I asked that question, my K2 meter spiked and I captured an EVP of a man singing. The voice is soothing, but sad. After reviewing the audio, I believe the man has an accent of some kind. During this same session, I asked, “Were you here before the 1920s?” It appears to be the singing man who responds with a clear and definite, “No.” 

      After spending the night inside Fire Station No. 1, we know the firemen are not alone. Is Johnny Rebovick still serving his jail time in the afterlife? We can’t say for sure. But it’s clear there are multiple souls who either refuse or are unable to leave 714 Pier View Way.

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