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For as long as I can remember, the Maldives has been a fairytale dream of mine. The best news, it’s actually just as amazing as I thought it would be! Probably even better!

I spent a week in the beautiful Kandima Maldives Resort, a hotel that just opened up its doors last year. This means everything was totally brand new, spotless and magical.

Kandima Maldives Resort is actually the biggest Maldives resort island, it’s 3km long. So you actually have a bus that takes you from one end of the island to other.

For those of you who don’t know, almost all the resorts/hotels in the Maldives are separate islands. Meaning every island is a hotel, so you basically get a nice piece of heaven all to yourself.

During the early mornings, you have incredible sunrises that almost look photoshopped because they’re just too good to be true (if you wake up early enough like me 5:30am). The sunsets are epic and at night, if you look up in the sky, you can literally see galaxies — something I have never experienced anywhere else in the world. To me, it was better than seeing the Northern Lights (I’ve seen them 7 times). 

Out of all the places I’ve been to in the world, which is now over 50 countries, The Maldives just flow up to the top of my chart of favorite places in the world. I’m completely obsessed with it.

I traveled to the Maldives on a solo trip — something most wouldn’t normally do, but it was perfection. I met so many amazing people from around the world, from the amazing staff to the guest. It’s seriously everything I except and more and I love love LOVE Kandima for this amazing expierence. You can also check out my room tour, by clicking here

You can watch this video montage I made to get a better feel and of course, at the photos below. 

The Maldives Montage! The Best From Heaven - YouTube

I have so much more to say about this amazing place I call heaven now, but for now, here’s a sneak peek into my amazing time at Kandima. A place I know for sure I will return to because it was seriously a 10/10. 

Shop Orange Dress: CLICK HERE 


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When I first moved back to LA 4 years ago, I was basically living out of my 3 suitcases for 2 years. I left my belongings in a storage space in Washington D.C. and sadly, I never went back to claim them which is a whole story on its own. 

Thank you California Closets for sponsoring this post.

I was born in Israel and lived LA since I was 8. I left Los Angeles when I was 23 to live in NYC, Israel, Baltimore, D.C. and Miami. I didn’t come back until I was 28 years old. When I moved back to LA, I still wasn’t sure if I really wanted to make LA my home again. So I lived with one of my good guy friends and after living there for a while, I realized that I just craved my own closet and my own space. So I finally took the plunge and signed up a year lease, which gave me anxiety because I’m such a commitment-phobe. But hey, what do you know, a year became 3 years and here I am now living in Los Angeles for 4 years without realizing it.

Throughout my previous houses around the world, literally the 3 most important things to me in a house were always how the bathroom and kitchen looked and closet space.

How I Organize My Closet Space

Normally when I move to a new place, I always ALWAYS, start with organizing my closet first. Seeing all my things neatly hung up and folded, gives my OCD self, room to breathe. I always broke my closets into different section like most, but the main difference than most people, I always needed different color hangers for different types of clothing categories. I also color code each section in my closet from black to all the colors of rainbow, finishing at white.

Blogger Life & Organization 

As a world traveler, a blogger and a girl, having organization skills in the closet department is HUGE. Of course, it’s huge for any girl, but with me I feel like it’s even more dramatic since I’m always in and out of the country. Again, basically living out of my suitcase but now I have a home base to store all my things.

As a travel blogger, I always need both winter and summer clothes available to me all year long, since I travel to both exotic and freezing destination.

Many of us know that one of the perks of being a blogger is all the free stuff we get while working for brands; whether its clothes, accessories and gear. As a blogger, you also have so much camera gear, from tripods to cameras, selfie sticks, camera accessories, memory sticks, a million plugs and cords, it honestly never ends.

Seeking Professional Help 

Sometimes the origination of it all is a struggle! Especially when you’re always on the go and doing photoshoots. So I finally came to the realization that I need to seek some professional advice on how to organize it all. I do have a walk-in closet but it’s jammed packed and I seriously don’t have enough space for everything. This is just from the things I’ve collected in the last 4 years traveling the world and living in Los Angeles. So I sought for advice from no other than California Closets, the go-to company for utilizing your closet space, storage space and extra space in your house and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

and BTW, since this is LA I live in, know that California Closets has helped design an endless amount of celebrity closets as well!

Designing My Dream Closet Space With California Closets 

I made an appointment with California Closets over the phone to visit one of their local showrooms and get a consultation. Ideally, you can go about this 2 different ways, you can make an appointment to have them come to your home, show them your space and have them take measurement so that everything is super accurate or you can meet them in the showroom. I decided for my first visit to meet in the showroom which was located in Studio City, CA. My designer’s name was Melissa George who was super professional, knowledgeable and creative.

Once I arrived, we talked about what I needed and cared for the most, as far as my closet and storage space went. I showed her some photos of my closet, my house floor plan and another empty space I had right next to my closet that I wanted to turn into a storage space. She noticed my closet has a high ceiling and thought it would be great to utilize that space for something. I explained to her that I’d love to also have a storage space to organize my sunglasses, jewelry, hats, swimsuits, shoes and blogger gear. She also showed me a bunch of previous projects they have done to give me more ideas and to inspire the life out of me!

As she took down notes, she gave me a tour around the showroom, giving me a better idea what they do, how they help utilize storage space and I was seriously blown away! I wanted to give my entire house a makeover! They don’t only do closets, they do kitchens, living rooms, garages and more. I got to see all the different types of finishes they had, different colors of woods, leathers and all the colors everything came in.

After getting a better feel for what they do and how they do it, we went back to the design area where Melissa started designing my dream closet and storage spaces. She was truly amazing and talented in a matter how seconds she created a 3D model of my closet and side of closet space. She’s a true artist, it was beautiful and so ideal for my needs! She added all the little things I told her I liked from mirrors, to the type of wood I liked and more. She created a space for my maxi dresses along with regular knee-high dresses since she noticed I had more dresses than anything else. She also added a space for all my winter jackets, seriously you guys, it was perfect! I was SUPER impressed.

My New & Improved Closet Design

My side of the closet storage space she designed


Something many might wonder is if this is affordable. I honestly think it is! For starters, you can get as creative and detailed as you’d like, of course, the more details and things you want the more it will cost but using different types of materials can help you save if you’re on a tight budget. They also have great seasonal promotions and financing options. It’s definitely an investment but so worth it, it makes life so much easier and helps with the stress of finding stuff. I mean, I leave alone but if I had kids/a family and didn’t have my closet situation all figured out to perfection, I’d probably go nuts lol.

I feel like it also gives you such peace to know that everything you own is completely organized and just looks so beautiful and easy to find.

There is no hidden fees. As soon as your designer finishes designing your dream closet or space, the computer system calculates the exact price for you.

Here is a great example of what California Closets does!

California Closets and Marie Kondo Create Order and Spark Joy - YouTube

I left California Closets feelings super inspired! I could wait to get to my house and looked over my current closet and living situation and how much this will all help my lifestyle. Seriously super inspired!

California Closets aren’t only located in California, they have different locations all over the USA. However, if you are in California and want to make an appointment simply call (800) 427-4744 or visit their website here ——> California Closets .

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Are you looking to take your teaching career to the next level? Maybe you’ve been in the profession for years, but you feel like you’ve become stagnant and are looking for new challenges. Or perhaps you are just starting as a teacher, but you already want to experience what it’s like teaching in another country, like the UK for example.

This country is a good place to start your overseas teaching career as it is still an English-speaking country, therefore, you do not need to learn a new language just to be able to adapt. If you’ve chosen You might think that the process is hard, but when you follow a few tips, it does not have to be a long. tedious process. Check out the tips below to get you started.

  1. Start planning early – if you’ve decided that you want to teach in the UK, you need to start planning as early as you can. Remember that you are not just moving to another city but actually another country. You will need to make arrangements for concerns such as your house, or if you have a family or even pets and you would like to bring them with you to the UK. Some teachers who have taken this step have planned for at least six months before they make the big move.
  1. Do your research – find all the information about what it is like to teach in another country.  Aside from reading materials found on the internet, try to see if you can interview people who have gone through the process of moving and teaching in another country.
  1. Make sure to prepare all your documents – aside from your passport and any documents, for example, when you need to apply for a work visa, make sure to also have an updated copy of your CV and even your school records. Even if you’re just scouting for schools that interest you, you’ll never know if they ask for your documents right away even when you’re just inquiring, so always be prepared.
  1. Look for services that help people look for a job – you don’t have to do everything on your own. There are agencies that can help you with the process. They will advise regarding every step in the process, from what documents to prepare, what to expect when teaching in the UK, and even in helping you in choosing which area is perfect for you. There are even sites that can give you a list of these teaching jobs at many locations so that you won’t need to go through many websites just to see what your options are.
  1. Choose a place that will complement your personality – the UK is a big country, and there are many places where you choose to move and teach at. You need to be sure that you are choosing a place that will fit you. You will be staying there for a period of time and you want to stay at an area where you will enjoy exploring.

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Photo by: Uncoverla

The Mermaid Museum finally exist! Well…not for long, but I got you covered for the inside scoop into all things Mermaid! 

Last night, March. 21th, 2018, LA finally opened a Mermaid Museum — Hello! Can we say every girl’s dream!?

While doors weren’t officially opened for the public — only for the media on this night, I was one of those lucky girls that got to go under the sea and expierence it firsthand at the premiere event and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! 

First things first though! The museum isn’t going to be there forever, in fact, it’s only going to exist from March.22-25! So if you’re in LA, you better head on over there and FAST! Tickets are FREE! 

It’s located across the street from the Dream Hotel and Tao on Selma Ave & Cahuenga in Hollywood. Goya Studios (1541 N Cahuenga Blvd) 


The event itself was hosted by POPSUGAR and Freeform’s new TV Series, Siren.

Upon entering the Mermaid Museum, you can’t miss the Mermaids & Mermen bathroom! Such a cute touch!

The Museum itself is set up into different section and because I was attending an event they went all out in the most mermaidest way possible! 



There was a stand to get hair and makeup done mermaid style. The hair stands would style your hair in different kinds of braids and ideally specialized in the famous fishtail braid. I definitely had to take advantage of this because the entire day it was raining and everyone’s hair including mine was freezy, so problem solved.


If only I knew that I’d also be getting mermaid-like makeup, I would have probably left the house earlier. These ladies seriously did the coolest mermaid makeup. Since I already had eyeshadow on, they gave me the ultimate mermaid glitter fin across my face!


The Mermaid Museum also featured a real-life tank/pool that featured a Siren mermaid that would swim across the tank underwater, every 2mins.

What are Sirens? 

For those of you who don’t know what Sirens are, they are the OG of mermaids. Back in the day or as mermaid tales go… Sirens were mermaids that were beautiful and would seduce pirates and sailors, by singing to them. The moment the ships would stop and have a listen and get closer, they would turn evil and a bit scary and sink the ship and kill the men. Which is why this isn’t your typical beautiful mermaid. Later on in life, Disney created a whole otherworldly vision of what a mermaid looks like by making us all fall in love with Ariel. But the original idea of mermaids came from Siren which is what I’m guessing the show will be about. 


You know you’re living out your mermaid dreams when you’re approached with mermaid theme donuts! This was definitely donuts goals for days (it even had glitter on it) and surprisingly enough, the donuts actually tasted better than they actually looked if you could believe that!

The party also featured some amazing finger foods, of course, all in under the sea theme. 

But even more impressive was the cocktail menu, I mean my drink was glowing with under the sea mermaid vibes! I ordered the “Ocean Haze” cocktail which came with a purple/blue ice cube that looked like a stone rock. Every drink also came with an ice cube with a message in a bottle inside. If you were lucky enough to have your ice cube melt away, you were able to track a small glass bottle with a message inside of it! What a fun idea?!


What would any event or any museum be like without an awesome Instagrammable moment?! The event/museum featured a few stunning photo opportunities for its visitors. One was sitting in a shell bed, with a stunning vanilla sky backdrop. Another was a coral reef wall, the next was under the sea moment with a mermaids tail and a cute seaweed style mermaid princess chair, for mermaid goddess! Have a look!

Such a fun night in LA! 

I hope you get to go and have a blast!

If you want to see all my Insta-stories of all the magic, I saved it on my profile feed, labeled as “Mermaid”, CLICK HERE TO WATCH! There are so much more cool things on there!


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If you’re looking for an amazing Colombian expierence and crystal clear Caribbean water, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Playa Blanca — an island that you’ll never want to leave! If you’re making your way to Cartagena, you must spend at least a day or more on the stunning Caribbean region island. 

On my recent trip to Cartagena, Colombia, I visited a beautiful island called Playa Blanca which is located on Isla Barú, here is what you can expect from this beautiful island, where to stay, what to bring, things to do and what you should know. 

I spent 5 days in Cartagena, Colombia and after about 2-3 days in the city center Cartagena, I decided to venture off to one of the nearby islands. I personally think that if you love to explore and are good at waking up early morning and exploring cities, 2 full days in Cartagena’s city center is enough. A blog post about all that is coming soon but for now, you can check out my 2 vlogs of Cartagena: 

Cartagena Colombia Vlog: Day 1 (Old Town)

Cartagena Colombia Vlog: Day 2 (Castillo San Felipe de Barajas)

But, for now, let’s talk all about Playa Blanca…

Intro To The Islands In Cartagena, Colombia

The island of Playa Blanca is considered to be located in Cartagena, oddly enough it’s also considered to be in the Caribbean region. Cartagena has over 27 small islands near its coastline. Some of the islands are private islands, others are for locals only and of course, some are there for tourist to visit. The most popular islands to visit by tourist are Playa Blanca and Rosario Islands. Rosario Islands seemed to be the more popular choice for tourist and on most travel websites has the most amount of tours.

Why I Picked To Visit Playa Blanca and NOT Rosario Islands

However, I chose not to go to Rosario Islands because most of the cheap tours were sold out and for personal reason. I am a big animal activist and don’t support tours or locations that cause animal cruelty, which is what I believe about the Oceanarium Rosario Islands. It’s a small aquarium, that features a dolphin show in a pool that’s way too small for the animals. I elaborate more on that in the video below that I created and if you want to truly see what a day on this beautiful island would look like, plus all the things there are to do on Playa Blanca then please watch it.

Cartagena Colombia, Playa Blanca Island - YouTube

What To Except From Playa Blanca Island

Playa Blanca is a pretty busy island full of backpackers and hammock life. It reminds me of something you would find in Thailand but way cheaper. There is a long strip with many bars, backpacker style restaurants, hostels and beach life. People’s goal in life is to chill by the beach all day, sipping away at some rum and coke, beer or coconut water, taking an afternoon nap on a hammock and getting a tan. It’s SUPER laid back, but also has a party vibe to the island, similar to Cancun or Playa Del Carmen in Mexico.

The ocean crystal clear color is unreal, although the sea can get rough at times with the waves unfolding and you do need to watch out for huge rocks in certain spots. They are normally hidden where the waves fold. I had my good share fair of trippin on them a few times and it wasn’t pretty and totally hurt. I couldn’t walk for a few days normal, so please be careful.

Haggling and bargaining is a pretty common thing on the island, so if you’re good at it, definitely bargain, don’t get ripped off. More on that a little later…

Things To Do On Playa Blanca

So what can you expect to do in Playa Blanca? It’s pretty basic. You can chill on the beach all day and work on your tan, you can also rent a jet-ski, get a massage, make friends, enjoy some cocktails, walk around and explore the different cafes on the island. It’s pretty basic.

Once you get to the island you can rent a jet-ski, go on a boat ride and more. These things are all booked once you get there since most of the activities on the island are privately run and are to be paid in cash only. Definitely, bargain on these.

For more on things to do, check out my vlog above. 

How To Get To Playa Blanca

There are 2 ways to get to Playa Blanca, one is by boat and other by a shuttle bus which is how I got to the island. It is said that by boat it takes longer and the sea is always super rough which gives many motion sickness. So I would definitely recommend the shuttle way. The city created a bridge that connects to the islands.


My day tour cost about $29 to the island which included pick up from hotel and drop off, transportation, lunch, lockers, tanning beds and hammock for the day. In total, the tour was about 8hrs long. Tours to this island shouldn’t cost more than $22-$40, Colombia is a crazy cheap country, I was honestly amazed as to how cheap everything was. There are tours that cost more, depending on what you are looking for.

Here are some tours I recommend: 

Hostels & Hotels

This island is packed with a young crowd, I was actually amazed as to how busy this island was and how many young people were there, it’s like a mini Thailand.

Only after I got to the island did I realize that you can actually sleep there and I won’t lie and tell you I wasn’t totally considering it because I definitely was. There is an endless amount of hostels all located a few short footsteps from the crystal clear ocean water. This is definitely a backpackers dream in paradise. I personally feel like many backpackers and tourist just come to the island and then once they are there, they find themselves a hostel to stay at, but don’t quote me on that, I’m not sure. It’s just the vibe I got because it’s super laid back.

However, although there is an endless amount of hostels, they are fairly small and this island gets BUSY AF! So I’d definitely make a booking in advance for maybe at least the first 2-3 nights.

A Few Popular Hostels To Stay At:

Most if not all, of the hostels in Playa Blanca, are made out of wood, just as an FYI.

For more options CLICK HERE

Best Hotels on the islands

If you’re looking for more of a luxury expierence, check out these hotels.

What You Must Bring With You To The Island

CASH money

I totally made the mistake of not bringing enough cash with me to the island which totally sucked because you won’t be finding ATMs anywhere. I’m sure there are some but it’s a total odd find.

Many of the things you’re going to want to purchase are through street sellers, selling you fruits, coconuts, beer, water, sunglasses, hats, snacks, etc. So make sure you have some cash on you BUT don’t bring TOO much because after all Colombia is a third world country and has always been known for its crime rate, although you’ll feel totally safe on this island, I was traveling solo on this trip. But seriously, you couldn’t survive on the island without cash, so don’t forget.

Some places do accept dollars. 

  • Coconut Water – $4000 pesos 
  • Watermelon – $2000 pesos
  • Beer – $1500-$2000 pesos 
  • Water Bottle – $1500 – $2000 pesos 
  • 30-min Massage – $80,000 – $100,000 pesos 
  • Jet-Ski Ride – $100,000 – $120,000 pesos


I can’t stress this enough but this island’s sun is crazy strong! I’ve never been one to get sunburns and I arrived to Playa Blanca after traveling to Tulum, Mexico for a week and a half tanning every day and somehow I managed to get a ridiculous sunburn on this island. So definitely bring sunscreen

What I HATED About Playa Blanca

Although the island is a chill hang out spot, it’s also just as hectic. It’s pretty crowded and you will be asked all day, every day, every second if you want to buy something. This part completely drove me nuts and out of my mind. The haggling situation on this island is UNREAL! It’s the craziest I’ve seen in any other country in the world and let’s be real, I’ve been all over the world at this point, but this was just completely out of control!

The moment we arrived to the island, a group of women who do massages started following us for about a half a mile (no joke), the moment we put down our things, we were attacked with massage offers. They don’t take no for an answer and will repeatedly ask you and even when you say no, I’m not interested, they will try to give you a “demo – free massage”, which is a total scam. So don’t buy into it because you will be charged for it and gosh forbid you will tell them later, they will sit and watch you and come up to you ever 15mins to ask you. This happened to me before lunch, I said maybe later and one of the ladies literally sat across my table at lunch watching my every move and the moment I got up, came right back to me and asked me again.

The massage ladies seem to be the most aggressive and most persistent, but don’t get me wrong, besides them, people will try to sell you fruits — in all shapes and sizes, sunglasses, hats, earrings, beer, water and more. It seems to never end and takes away from the fun of just relaxing and getting a tan.

I hope you enjoy your time on the island! Have an amazing trip! If you have any questions, feel free to write them below and I will answer them!


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When I was a little girl, I couldn’t wait to grow up and be a woman. You get to go shopping when you want, buy everything you want (well almost), put on makeup, wake up whenever you want, go to spas, get massages and facials and get your nails done. I mean being a woman is a pretty fun job.

My mom has always been obsessed with makeup, nail polishes and beauty products. She used to have these massive dressers with every girl’s dream. It was as if she had owned a little Sephora shop in her bedroom. She owned over 500 nail polish colors (all color coated, of course), over 50 different kinds of blushes and easily over 200 different eyeliner in different colors and well, so much more. In fact, anyone that saw her collection was blown away.

My favorite stuff, beyond the crazy amount of nail polish colors, were her beauty and skin care products. Whenever I was bored, I’d go through her stuff and play “spa day” with myself and try on all sorts of face masks, blackhead removals, even when I had no blackheads or knew what they were and well it was a blast! I couldn’t wait to grow up one day and buy myself all these amazing products that she had and I definitely followed through with testing out so many hair masks, face masks and beauty products.

When I moved out of the house at the age of 18, I decided to go to makeup school and be a makeup artist which I thank her for all that makeup inspiration. I also randomly would make stops at Rite Aid, Sally’s Hair Supply and Target and randomly go through the beauty section and buy a bunch of random beauty products just to test out and what do you know, years later, I still do the same thing.

As women, our forever goal is to always look young and have flawless skin — Forever young. 

Here are my tricks and tips for having good skin and looking young. 

1. The Water Life

If you would ask me throughout my life, since I was a kid, what my favorite thing to drink is, the answer is always WATER! It always has been and it always will be. I’m completely obsessed with water and when I dine out, 100% of the time, I’m always drinking water. In fact, I can’t even eat a meal if I don’t have water. I will occasionally order orange juice but I always also need water.

Water is the fuel to our body and skin and can change your aging process and skin dramatically. There have been so many studies done on this, many before and after and it completely amazing to see how much it affects our skin and aging process.

On an average day when I’m not traveling, I drink anywhere from 4-5 water bottles a day! Always one when I wake up in the morning and one before I go to sleep. If you can add this to your daily routine you will see a massive changing in your body and skin. Plus, if you don’t drink enough water, your body will store extra water weight, so this is also a fun trick for looking skinner.

2. Cutting Dairy Out Of Your Diet

I used to love eating dairy products, in fact, almost my entire life my food source consisted of dairy and carbs (lol super healthy) but I didn’t eat meat, so I didn’t have too much options.

However, as life would have it, I became insanely allergic to dairy probably 3-4 years ago and didn’t really realize it until about 2 years ago. So I cut dairy out of my diet and well, what do you know, my skin has become FLAWLESS! For years my mom always wondered why my skin would breakout at my age, since I was clearly out of the teenage years, this was definitely the reason why.

Dairy is known for causing more blackheads, oily skin and pimples (GROSS). On the random occasion that I decide, I’m super craving a pizza or cheese and actually have it, I see it on my skin literally the next day. Cutting dairy out of your life, although it may be hard definitely make your skin look 10x times better! I can guarantee you that. We are what we eat.

3. Washing Off Your Makeup 

For the longest of time, I was the girl who never took off her makeup before going to sleep. I always felt like it was too much work and my answer to it was “who has time for that?! I just wanna go to sleep!”, but the older I get, I realize just how important it is and what it difference it makes on my face when I woke up in the morning. It’s so important to let your skin just breathe! So now I buy those wet cloths and make sure that the moment I get home from an event or dinner with friends that the first thing I do is take off my makeup. Plus, who wants to wake up with makeup all over their pillowcase?! It normally never comes off all the way after a wash.

4. Bioré One Minute Self Heating Mask (Charcoal)

I’ve recently fallen in love with everything charcoal related, from beauty care products to even drinking active charcoal as a detox. I’ve also always loved Bioré hair products, they have this one leave-in-conditioner that I’ve been using for YEARS! Easily over 10 years, so I trust them as a brand and love anything they come out with and always try their stuff.

My 2 favorite things that my mom’s dresser had were face masks and pore strips, they always seemed like magic to me! I mean what kind of a girl doesn’t love getting a fun facial and having smooth soft skin?! Probably no girl lol. So naturally, I had to try the new Bioré One Minute Self Heating Mask and their just great. I mean a facial in just ONE MINUTE?! Pure magic! They are infused with natural Charcoal which I LOVE!

What it does:

It purifies pores 2.5x better than a basic cleanser in just one HOT minute! It also melts away dirt, oil and surface toxins in just 60 seconds but I normally like it keep it on longer just because it’s fun! The cool thing about it is that it heats up on its own (such a cool feeling) and it never hardens ANDDD it smells SO GOOD, while applying and after washing out. This unique formula heats on contact with water to relax and open pores and attacks deep down clogs.

The Self heating masks by Bioré is also a great thing to pack in your travel bag, it will take a minute for it to work, so you can do this when you wake up or before you go to sleep.

You can find these at Target or on Amazon. I purchased mine at Target because it’s clearly my favorite store and the best place ever lol! The box comes with 4 packs and runs about $5.82


5. Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips

Ok, seriously I love pore strips like hardcore! Since I was probably 12 and didn’t even need them haha. The Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips are the trusted, dermatologist-tested way to purify pores. Now in their 20th year, the iconic, innovative strips work like a magnet, lifting out deep-down grime, oil and blackheads from even your most clogged pores — like I mentioned earlier pure magic…and some science.

What it does:

It instantly goes deep into pores and removes deep down dirt, oils and blackheads in just one strip. It actually removes weeks worth of buildup and excess oil in just 10 minutes for the deepest clean and you can see for yourself. This is another great item to have in your travel bag.

Stripping weekly is key to avoid complexion problems before they start! and another important fact, when used regularly, they actually diminish the appearance of pores, which I love love love! In just one use, they are more effective than the leading cleanser at removing deep down dirt, oil and blackheads.

The box comes with 6 of them inside and runs about $6 — a $1 a strip isn’t so bad at all!

To Purchase CLICK HERE

6. Moisturizing Your Skin

I’ve always had a tricky skin type, some facialist would say it’s oil, others would say it’s dry and others have said it’s both. I personally think I have both. I definitely naturally have dryer skin but what a facialist once told me a long time ago was that I have dry skin but if I don’t moisturize it, then it becomes oil and I have to agree with her on that. So normally a part of my “after the shower routine”, a few years I’ve added moisturizing my skin and it has made a huge difference. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who isn’t already doing it.

Always moisturizes your skin after washing it.

Those are my top tips for keeping your skin looking flawless, young and beautiful! xoxo

The post My 6 Secrets For Having Great & Younger Looking Skin – Bioré appeared first on Vanilla Sky Dreaming.

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Photographs are a great way to capture some of the best moments in our lives. In fact, some photographs can be a great way to bind people together, by reminding them of their shared past and their dreams of an even brighter future. That’s why you need to find a good photographer for such events, one that can capture the moment in as much detail as possible. If you live in Raleigh and are looking for a good photographer to capture your memories, here are 5 tips to finding one.

  1. Have a clear idea of the style you want

When looking for a wedding photographer, there is a good chance that you already have a mental image of the kind of photos you want. Use this mental image to compare the works of different photographers, then go with the one whose work is most in line with what you are looking for.

  1. Ask for recommendations

Before you settle on any photographer, ask around for recommendations. Your friends, family and even people you work with can through in a few names of photographers they have worked with in the past. From there, narrow down on a few of those names, and research more about their works online. A simple google search on the best Raleigh wedding photographers should give you an idea of which photographer to choose, for your wedding day photo shoot. Issues such as the level of detail of their website, awards they have won among other technical issues should influence your choice.

  1. Compare prices

Photography is not cheap, but that doesn’t mean that it should take up almost your entire wedding budget. To be sure that you are getting a good deal, compare the prices of different photographers then go with the most reasonable. However, reasonable doesn’t mean the cheapest. Remember an extremely cheap photographer could be charging that way because their services are not up to standard. For best results, a photographer that has a good reputation, and is not unnecessarily costly should do just fine.

  1. Arrange for a face-to-face pre-wedding meeting

Once you have settled on a few photography candidates, invite them for a face-to-face interview. This will help you identify, which one among them has a personality that best matches yours. That’s because photography is an art, and the better the connection you have with a photographer, the better the photographs will be. That’s because such a photographer will passionately try and capture every emotion, which is the whole essence of wedding photography.

  1. Scrutinize their backup plans

Your wedding day is a big deal, and the last thing you want is for your photographer to be a no-show, for whatever reason. That’s why before you hire one, ensure that they have a strong backup of two or three other photographers who can cover for them in case of an emergency. A photographer with no backup plan would end up ruining your entire wedding, in case of any eventualities on their end.

The post 5 Tips To Finding The Right Photographer In Raleigh, NC appeared first on Vanilla Sky Dreaming.

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If there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m a crazy clean/hygiene/germ freak. I feel like moving around, living in over 35 houses both with roommates and without, traveling the world and just educating myself on germs and diseases has led me to this point.

The older I get, the more I realize just how dirty things are and well, it grosses me out.

My OCD On Food

I’ve always been a picky eater, literally the moment I see how things are being made, food-wise, it makes me not want to eat. I’ll be honest and tell you that I’ve paid for food and throw it right away after seeing how it was made, IF, it wasn’t in a clean way. I’ve been like that since I was a kid and became vegetarian. I always picked at my food thinking someone is trying to poison me and secretly put meat in my food. My mom would go nuts with all my questions of “what is this little black thing?”, “what’s in this?”, “why does it look like that?” haha poor mommy.

Even after high school, when I got my first job working at a restaurant and saw how the food was being made, I realize I never wanted to eat there anymore. This actually happened at a few of the restaurants and cafes I worked at in my life. A few years ago, before I started my blog, I got hired to work at the famous Saddle Ranch on Sunset Blvd and had to take a “Restaurant Cleaning & Sanitizing Training Course” and the moment I learned about cross contamination, my entire world changed! I became even more crazy about my food, the restaurants I ate and trusting people with my food.

My OCD on Life & Being A Hygiene Freak

Besides the whole food thing, I’m a hygiene freak. I always need to be smelling good, I always need my house smelling good and being clean, I wash my hands like 100 times a day and if I’m dating someone, you best believe I expect the same standard, no matter how good looking he is or nice he is, if you don’t got it, you don’t get me.

This also goes for traveling, I’ve checked into hotels and checkout right out if they didn’t look clean. In Sri Lanka and India at 2 different hotels, I slept over the covers of the bed, covering my pillow with a scarf and didn’t use the blankets even when I was cold haha. I’m totally ok with my OCD way of life, I totally think it’s a good habit to adopt, as long as you’re not too Howard Hughes about it AKA crazy with it.

How To Be Cleaner and Cure Your OCD For Germs

So as luck would have it, Kleenex just came out with 3 awesome Wet Wipes and they have changed my life and they are about to change yours. So for starters, you can get them at Target and they are only $1.49, which is awesome because Target happens to be my favorite store in the world (and it better me yours lol) and I literally shop there 2-3 times a week.

The 3 new wet wipes they came out with are:

So after testing them out for a while, here is my review on them. First off, they are all thick and soft wet wipes and they are free from dyes, alcohol, parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. The Blue (Gentle Clean) and The Orange (Germ Removal) smell amazing and I’m obsessed! I always need everything to be smelling good.

The Green one (Sensitive) doesn’t smell like anything, it’s fragrance-free and has aloe and vitamin E for your hands and face with no harsh chemicals. Great for children and yourself.

The Blue (Gentle Clean) – is also good for gentle clean of your hands and face (no harsh chemicals). Perfect for cleaning children and yourself.

The Orange (Germ Removal) safely wipes away 99% of germs from skin with has no harsh chemicals. 

Ideally, it’s cool to have all 3 of them for different things. Here is how I used them this month…

The Orange (Germ Removal)

Cleaning Airplane Seat Area

I just got back from an amazing trip to Mexico and Colombia. I was lucky enough to fly back home with American Airlines and to have my own private TV on my flight back. Since I know that I often times get sick while traveling and my OCD really kicks in while on the plane, I always make sure to clean the screens before touching them since airplane TV’s now are touchscreen.


Many of you know that I’ve been hitting up the gym quite often recently, so if I’m using the treadmill, the elliptical or stair master, I always make sure to clean the screens and handles before using. I also do this when I use the machines for muscle building.

The Green one (Sensitive)

Puppy Love

We all know I’m madly obsessed with my puppy Peanut and although I try so hard to watch every step he takes and make sure he doesn’t go into dirty areas — reality is is that his still a dog that’s what dogs do. Sometimes I take him on a walk and go straight into my car to run some errands and bring him along the ride because he loves car rides. He also loves sitting on my lap and I need him to be clean while doing so. So I’ll use one of these wet wipes to clean his little hands and feet. Plus, let’s place it, I have white bedsheets. I like these for Peanut because they are for sensitivity and don’t smell like anything.

The Blue (Gentle Clean)

Traveling & Life 

Traveling the world is my life but we all know that random things happen when we travel, we might get dirty, we might not find a place to wash our hands, we might have an action full packed schedule with activities or just wandering around all day and after a long day of traveling or just doing life, you might want to clean your hands. This is what I’d use the Blue ones for, for everyday life.

I totally ate some matcha ice cream in Tulum and it totally melted all over my hands, luckily I had my wet wipes. I also went hiking to the top of a fort in Colombia and didn’t really realize until I got to the top that I probably touched more than I wanted to to get up there — you know climbing some old ruins. I’d use the Blue (Gentle Clean) or the Green one (Sensitive).


While traveling to Tulum, Mexico last week, you best believe I ate alot of healthy burritos, however, we all know that eating burritos can get a bit messy. Things get juicy and delicious and at one point or another, the burrito will explode on you. This is a great thing to just have when things like these happen. I love eating with my hands, I have no problem with it, as long as my hands were clean to begin with and afterward. I actually enjoyed eating healthy burritos in Mexico so much that when I came home, I started making them, I actually had one yesterday and it was delicious! There are way too many foods to enjoy with your hands and it’s a good idea to just one of these wet wipes in your car and/or purse, just in case!

The post My Crazy OCD On Hygiene & How Kleenex Wet Wipes Helps Keep Me Sane appeared first on Vanilla Sky Dreaming.

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On my most recent blog post about Iceland, I shared my amazing expierence visiting the South Coast of Iceland (The South Coast Of Iceland – Waterfalls, Rainbows & Black Sand Beaches).

The next question would be, should you take a guided tour or should you do it yourself by renting a car? I’ve come up with a list of both pros and cons for both and leaving the decision up to you. 

There are two ways of seeing the South Coast of Iceland, you can do it with a tour like I did or by renting a car and driving around yourself. Everything is on the same main road and you can spot all the locations on the normal tour from the main road yourself.

Related Articles: 

I actually got to expierence both. On the first day I did the South Coast tour with Grayline Tours and the next day I did a glacier hike and ice climbing with Troll Expeditions and rented a car with a friend of mine from Lagoon Car Rental.

Here is what you can expect to see in the south coast tour I did with Grayline

Iceland South Coast Tour - Rainbows, Waterfalls & Black Sand Beach - YouTube

A few awesome things to see on the South Coast of Iceland

Here is a vlog of me hiking the Sólheimajökull Glacier and ice climbing with Troll Expeditions.  

ICELAND | Ice Climbing & Glacier Walk - Sólheimajökull - YouTube

Pros & Cons 


Ideal for solo travelers & couples. 


  • If you booked an actual tour, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything. You simply book the tour and get picked up from your location and have a driver for the rest of the day.
  • You won’t have to drive 3hrs each way, especially on the way back when you’re probably tired, cold and there are no road lights.
  • You never know how the weather might turn out in Iceland, some days are better than others but the weather in Iceland is basically insane and changes about 100 times a day. It can be sunny one minute and the next you’re in a crazy snowstorm. If you’ve never driven in the snow, this might be a very stressful situation. So let someone else do it for you while you look out the window, take photos, listen to good music or nap.
  • Renting a car cost money and will probably cost you the same as the actual tour.
  • You also know that you’re guaranteed to see everything that’s written on the schedule.


  • You probably won’t get enough time to spend at these places. Our first stop at the beautiful Skógafoss waterfall, we only had 30mins. For some, it’s just enough time but for people like me who love taking photos, videos and enjoying the place, it’s not enough time. You’re basically being rushed and limited on time everywhere you go.
  • The tour I went on was sold out, which means there were no extra seats. While I don’t mind sitting next to a stranger, I know that some people mind. Also because Iceland is always cold/freezing, you probably have with you a bunch of layers, maybe also a camera backpack, gear, backpack with snacks or your belongings and want the seat next to you to put some of them aside while on the bus. So if the tour is sold out, you’d probably have to have it on your lap the entire day which is a 12hr tour. On our tour this became a problem for a few people.
  • You don’t have control over the AC or the heater.

DIY – Do It Yourself

Ideal for couples and families. 

If you’re going to do it yourself, you should definitely rent a car from Lagoon Rental in Iceland. They have amazing customer service. When I visited the Sólheimajökull glacier, I didn’t know the tour doesn’t come with transportation from Reykjavik, so I called Lagoon Rental and they literally got me set with a car in just a few short minutes. They also sent a driver to come pick me up from my hotel within 10mins, it was an amazing expierence. I highly recommend them.


  • You get to have flexibility on when you leave and what time you’ll be back.
  • You get to pick the music in the car.
  • You have more space to store your things.
  • You can make more stops throughout the day to see other cool things you might spot along the way.
  • You get more time at your favorite places without being rushed.


  • You have to spend money on renting a car.
  • You might have to drive in the snow during a storm, rain, blizzard which is very scary for those who aren’t familiar with it. I’ve driven through the snow many times but also got into a car accident once (not in Iceland) when someone in front of me pressed the brakes and my car lost control and did donuts on the freeway and I almost died. So although I personally have experience driving in the snow, I’ll also do everything in my power to NOT have to do it.
  • If you got into a car accident because of bad weather your basically F***ed.
  • You’d have to drive back 3hrs after being exhausted.
  • You might get lost.
  • Most of the cars in Iceland are automatic, so if you can’t drive a stick shift like me, you’re kinda screwed.

Whichever way you choose to get to the South Coast of Iceland, I seriously would HIGHLY recommend going! You can’t go to Iceland and miss it! If there are any must in Iceland it’s visiting the Blue Lagoon, doing the Golden Circle Tour and seeing the South Coast of Iceland!

After visiting Iceland 2 times and doing almost every tour possible on the Island, these are definitely my recommendations for you!

Enjoy Iceland!

The post The South Coast Tour Of Iceland – Tour or DIY (Do It Yourself)? appeared first on Vanilla Sky Dreaming.

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