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Total Gym Pulse by Total Gym Direct - 21m ago
Total Gym Addicts, Terri’s Story - YouTube
On December 6, 2017 I hung this saying at my work desk - “A YEAR FROM NOW YOU’LL WISH YOU STARTED TODAY 12-7-17”. Best. Saying. Ever.
In the past, a new January would roll by and I’d wonder what I had done for my health the previous year and would have regrets for doing little or nothing. After watching some documentaries, I made the decision that I would improve my health and well-being and started eating better with little processed foods and including more plant-based foods into my diet. I thought that I would walk “when the weather got better” but didn’t really do too much exercising except for a dozen Pilates classes. While I loved Pilates, I didn’t like the cost or rushing to a class directly from work. Meanwhile, in my spare bedroom, a Total Gym and exercise bike were gathering dust. The Total Gym infomercial kept appearing on my TV and I watched it repeatedly, especially the episodes with Christie Brinkley demonstrating the Pilates exercise and saying that you could get a great workout in just minutes a day.
In February 2018 I purchased the Pilates kit, dusted off the gym and bike, and had my first workout. Being the competitive person, I can be, I knew that I needed to have daily interaction, or this would, as so many other things, become something I would do hard for two weeks and then life and excuses would get in the way. I then found the Total Gym Addict Facebook group, a group filled with positive and like-minded wonderful people. The Facebook group also offers challenges and links to new videos to workout with. Rosalie Brown is in the group and she and her workouts are so inspiring!
Since August 2, 2018 I have been on the Total Gym four times a week minimum (at least 15 minutes a day). There was a post in the group about a goal of #200workouts and that became something for me to strive towards. During my workouts I do what I can to my ability that day, with some days working out longer than others, and my preference is to do more reps with the gym at a lower level. The Total Gym has so many exercise options and attachments that it makes workouts fun and can be difficult to choose which exercises you want to do that day! My favorite exercises are anything to do with arms, legs, squats, the Pilates bar, and the Cyclo Trainer 2.
I’m 57 with some health issues (super high cholesterol, half a thyroid, menopause, fibromyalgia, shoulder issues, and herniated discs) and I refuse to take medication and will get healthy by using natural methods, exercise and diet. In 6 months, my cholesterol has dropped 50 points. I have not lost a lot of weight but am fitting better in my clothes and feel utterly fantastic. I look forward to getting up and getting on the gym at 5 A.M., which I NEVER thought I would say. No driving to the gym or membership fees. If I can do this, I know that others can too.
2019 goals:
  • 8/2/19 - the get real anniversary date: before and after pictures
  • Include more exercises that I have not tried before
  • Lose 20 of the 50 pounds that I’d like to lose
  • Drop cholesterol 30 points
2019 saying:“Don’t look back, that’s not where you are going.”

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Total Gym Pulse by Dr. Michael Mantell - 6d ago
Whether it’s the harm to your health that comes from chronically failed New Year RE-solutions, blaming yourself for not being able to create and maintain healthy habits, feeling intimidated by setting “the right” fitness habits, you certainly aren’t alone.
Many Americans resolve to create healthy habits to lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier and according to research by the Social Network for Athletes, Strava, who analyzed more than 31.5 million online global activities last January, January 12th is the date when most people report failing in their New Year resolution habits. In fact, only 8% of people actually succeed in establishing and maintaining habits of health. Grim.
Why? The problem is your habit creating and habit maintaining system, not you. And your head can spin from the glut of information that’s out there on how to create good habits.
From Jack Hodge’s “The Power of Habit,” Tynan’s “Superman by Habit,” to Stephen Guise’s “Mini Habits,” Charles Duhigg’s “The Power of Habit” and James Clear’s “Atomic Habits,” it appears there are a plethora of systems to use, tens of thousands of tips to follow, and a flood of blog posts on creating good habits. How many ways can you read the same tips, twisted a bit differently and continue to fail.
Focus on consistency…use your mistakes to your advantage…it’s all about cue + routine + reward…believe you can change…don't be a “dreamer,” be a “doer”…it’s your lack of willpower…apps, that’s the answer, use apps…it takes 21 days to create a habit, no it takes 30 days, no it takes – you get the idea…ahh, you’ve got to set SMART goals…see the benefits of a new habit and that’ll help you keep a good habit. And on and on it goes.
With all of the information out there, you may begin to think, in all or nothing terms, “Since I can’t be, or haven’t been, successful, why bother at all?” But habits ARE important because they are necessary to help you become the person you aspire to be, and help you live your life as you choose, in optimal health and wellbeing.
Will Craig, author of “Living the Hero’s Journey,” is quoted as saying, “The life you live is the outward expression of your inner journey.” Perhaps it’d be wiser to better understand yourself before figuring out a new habit, since the purpose of a habit is to help you become your habit. I’d add, “mean your meaning.” James Clear in his recent book, summarizes the “Four Laws of Behavior Change”:
  • Make it obvious, that’s the “cue” and your intention and how you design your environment to help sustain your habit.
  • Make it attractive, that’s what your craving, the benefits you see.
  • Make it easy, that’s the response that you can do easily, quickly and successfully.
  • Make it satisfying, that’s the reward you give yourself immediately.
There is no one right method to create and maintain healthy habits. It needs to be personal and fit you, while following these four general “rules” of universal behavior change.
It’s essential to understand:
  • Why do you want a new habit?
  • Is your intention tied to a clear, concrete and easy to measure, achievable plan?
  • Who is your support team to help you across the finish line?
  • What celebrations and/or rewards do you have planned for establishing your new habit?
When I thought about why I wanted to live a healthy, fit life, I knew that meant I’d need to find a method, a process, to build physical activity into my daily life. I made that my #1 habit, the driver of everything else in my day.
I made a 100% commitment, not an 80% commitment. I left no wiggle room. Jack Canfield’s (“Chicken Soup for the Soul” author) observation that “99% is a bitch” sure made sense. I created easily attainable, daily achievable and realistic goals, and I do not miss a day, nor do I ever stop making improvements. I knew my dream, my intention and the steps I needed to take to get there. I assured myself that I truly wanted to do better at achieving my intention, and was fully willing to put up with the discomfort the effort of acting differently would naturally bring.
I took small, tiny, steps and insured that I had social support to help me get to the gym or do home-based workouts on my Total Gym equipment. I started with what Stephen Guise calls “stupid small” workouts. I spent lots of time “working in” before I began “working out” with “neurohacks” that set my mind in the right direction. But I also didn’t rest on “mind first” and instead changed my behavior and found my mind followed.
The Real Key to Habit Change With all of this said however, by far the most valuable tool in creating habits that stick is to think backwards from the future, not think forwards to the future. Huh? It’s simple. I imagine myself on the cover of “Daily Workout” Magazine. It can be any magazine that relates to your selected habit. I imagine it’s one year from today. I imagine a reporter from this invented (or real) magazine calls and says, “Hey Michael, a year ago, you weren’t working out at all and now you are a daily workout guy. How’d you do it? We want to put you on the cover of our magazine!” I imagine telling him all of the tiny, easy steps I took over the imagined past year to arrive at my sustained daily workout habit. I tell him about the answers to the questions I described above, the community I used, the reward games I used, and how I built in unfailing repetition.
Then I use those steps as my going forward plan to create and sustain healthy habits. It works…
Let me summarize:
  1. Huh? You DON’T write, daily, in a journal or write out your goals for the new year? So, what! You don’t really need to.
  2. Wait. You’ve been fooled into thinking motivation is a feeling? Nope. It’s your genuine reason for changing a behavior. If you don’t have a reason, a real one, you won’t create a new habit, let alone one that will stick.
  3. Oh, you think your habit, once you’ve made one will stick? Nope. Sorry, but you will need a strategy. Think backward from the future to see what your successful strategy will be.
  4. Include positive cheerleaders, do what you prefer to do only after you do what you’d rather not do, find a comfortable, pleasing place (gym, home, etc.) to do the uncomfortable, etc. Get it?
  5. No, it’s not all drudgery. But these effective tips beat pouring wasteful $$ in the pockets of journal manufacturers, don’t they?

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As a fitness professional and naturopath, I am constantly asked the difference between an osteopath and a physiotherapist. Although both professions have extensive training in anatomy, physiology, pathology and hands on techniques, there are distinct differences with the two and they originate from quite different roots. 

Osteopathy was brought to the world by Andrew Taylor Still on June 22, 1874 in Kirksville Missouri. Osteopaths view the body as a unique, interconnected, self-healing system. The philosophy is based on the premise of treating the body as a whole since all parts are interrelated. The goal of the osteopath is to discover the blockages, or lesions, unblock, and the body will do the rest. Each body is viewed as being unique, which means that treatment is tailored to the individual, not the symptoms. Osteopathic treatment is 90 % hands on and varies from gentle touch and pressure to thrust techniques.

The earliest documented origins of actual physiotherapy as a professional group date back to Per Henrik Ling “Father of Swedish Gymnastics” who founded the Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics (RCIG) in 1813 for massage, manipulation and exercise. 

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession concerned with human function, movement and physical well-being to maximize potential. It uses physical approaches to promote. maintain, and restore physical and social well-being. To the physiotherapist "movement “is the core expertise of physiotherapy. 

Physiotherapy diagnosis and treatment is less hands on than an osteopath as more focus is given to observing movement and correcting technique. Along with manual pressure for healing, a physio may use ultrasound for strains, tears, or frozen shoulders. Electrical muscle stimulation machines are used very often to help rebuild tone and strength in muscles that may have atrophied or injured in an accident. 

In conclusion, if you are looking for a more holistic approach to treating malaise in your body, perhaps an osteopath would be a better choice as he or she would look for the underlying cause of pain and work on returning the body back to its normal state so that it can heal on its own. However, it is important to note that not all osteopaths are versed in exercise like physiotherapists.

In the US, osteopaths are fully licensed physicians, able to practice the entire scope of medicine, where in Canada and many other countries, it is strictly a manual therapy practice requiring training and licensing. It is important to note that an osteopath is able to treat anything from vertigo, pain with pregnancy, to digestive issues. 

There are a lot of options to help with pain or injuries that may develop. Never ignore a problem as these practitioners are here to help with our health and safety. 

The opinions shared in this article are those of the contributor and not Total Gym Direct.

The post What is the Difference Between an Osteopath and a Physiotherapist? appeared first on Total Gym Pulse.

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Total Gym Pulse by Frances Michaelson - 1w ago
If there is one food that I remove from all my client’s diets, it is sugar. Actually, I should say that I try to remove it, because sadly, there can be over 60 different names for sugar that are very well hidden. Even if you do your best to read labels, it is challenging to recognize the sugars. Take a look at the link below for further information. Knowing these names will help you avoid foods loaded with hidden sugars. 
Click to Enlarge
It is true that not all sugars are evil. Your body actually needs the sugar that it gets from fruits and vegetables. The sugar in fruit is a simple sugar, meaning that your body does not have to break anything down like it has to with complex and refined sugars. When this sugar in fruits and vegetables is combined with fiber, vitamins and minerals, it is processed very differently in your body. This sugar is used instantly for energy and nourishment. 

Refined (white sugar) sugar causes damage to your body and cells. It is also highly addictive. What happens when you eat one cookie? You want more, right? What people do not recognize is the amount of sugar in processed foods, cereals, breads, pastas, and rice. When combined with protein at a meal, these sugars take a toll on your digestion as they conflict with the breakdown (digestion) of protein causing bloat, and other digestive issues. It is best to avoid these complex carbohydrates and eat quinoa, sweet potatoes, or wild rice instead. What about salad dressings, condiments, and canned goods? They too can be loaded with sugar and pack on the extra calories. They have no nutrient value to your cells at all.

I find that many parents give their kids far too much fruit juice and wonder why they are gaining weight. Fruit juice is void of nutrients and loaded with sugar, often as much as soft drinks!! Also, when you drink your calories, you do not experience that ‘full feeling ‘, which may cause you to eat more. Try feeding your children only water, or water sweetened with real fruit. The combination of lemon juice and maple syrup makes a nice, refreshing, healthy, alternative. 

Stay completely away from high amounts of fructose as this has been linked to metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance. Did you know that agave nectar (which many people have switched to), is between 70 and 90 percent fructose?  To learn more about the effects of fructose, please go to Mercola's link below  https://www.mercola.com/infographics/fructose-overload.htm

In summary, to stay in control of your health, avoid weight gain, and feel energized, avoid sugar by eating real food. If food is canned or boxed, it is likely to have preservatives and added sugars. Read your labels, and use only stevia as a liquid sweetener.  The opinions shared in this article are those of the contributor and not Total Gym Direct.

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A solid productive week of work and working out is complete and the day off you have been looking forward to is officially here. The consistent exercise routine you created for yourself has been going well and you are seeing visible results. Now that you have that day off and opportunity to rest it is time to determine how to spend it. Sometimes we may feel like a rest day from the regular workout routine should involve little to no activity, but this is not necessarily the case. When we all of a sudden go from an active state to very little or no movement at all this can cause stiffness in the muscles and lead to a decrease in motivation.


Without question it is important to take rest days to first restart the body and the mind.  Taking a break from a structured workout routine allows the body time to recover properly while also giving muscles, nerves, and bones time to rebuild.


I have been asked by various people in my exercise classes about recommended activities to perform during a rest day. One of the first things we discuss are light activities they may enjoy so they will want to continue with it moving forward. Here are a few fun light activity recommendations along with their benefits.

Take a walk outside in nature

By taking exercise outdoors it allows a change in scenery and usually a breath of fresh air. Research that new trail you may have been thinking about or discover and explore a new location to wake up the senses. You may discover a new favorite spot to unwind and recharge.

Bike ride in the area

Taking a nice bike ride outside can be a low weight bearing activity and good for cardiovascular health at the same time. Don’t forget to wear a helmet and bring water to hydrate in case you find yourself enjoying a longer ride on a pleasant day.

Try a yoga or stretch class.

I think we could all use a little more stretch and me time once in a while. There are a number of benefits to taking a yoga or stretch class. Improved flexibility, increased muscle tone and definition, better balance, increased circulation, and relaxation are to name just a few. A Gentle or Basic Hatha Yoga class is a good place to start if you are new to this form of exercise.

Listen to an audio book.

Why not take an hour on a rest day to also exercise the brain muscle?  Many times, we only think of exercising our body muscles forgetting that our brain also needs attention and variety. Try learning a new skill that you have been wanting to do: gardening, cooking, browsing the book store, all which require some light movement that continue to keep the body active.

Volunteer and help others.

Volunteering can be personally fulfilling and a great way to incorporate some light exercise in the process. There are animal shelters around the country in need of volunteers to walk and care for pets. Take a moment to research some local organizations where you live and find out how you can get involved. You may find yourself receiving more benefits from giving back and being outside while walking than the actual animal receiving the care.  If you may have been thinking of volunteering someplace but not sure where to start, do a simple internet search on volunteer organizations near me or visit: www.volunteermatch.org  to learn about opportunities and establishments looking for volunteers in specific areas.


By taking a rest day and making the most of it, it can help one both physically and mentally.  Muscles need time to repair themselves and by allowing needed rest time you will help avoid injury and overuse in the future. The muscles need time to rebuild and if they are constantly under stress and strain it will be challenging to gain that additional strength you have been working on consistently to achieve.


Now that you have reviewed some suggestions for your next day off take a minute to think about how you may want to spend it. No matter what activity you decide to pursue take into consideration the planning that may be involved and go from there. You might discover a new favorite pastime or experience a fun adventure you never thought would happen. Go grab some trail shoes, bike helmet, or yoga mat and enjoy that day off!


Keep moving,

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Total Gym Butt and Gut Workout - YouTube
Have the holiday’s gotten the best of your body leaving you with fun memories and a little ‘extra fluff’ on your waistline?
Extra weight sneaks on quickly from all the festive gatherings.  Go ahead … blame it on too many good foods and tasty cocktails wreaking havoc on your diet, but know you can get back into better shape than where you left off pre-holiday’s.
BURN BABY BURN It’s the perfect time to get your ‘butts’ back in gear and shape up that waistline with a good booty liftin’ and core slimming workout that will shape, sculpt, and tone these stubborn areas. Plus, your backside and torso will look and feel great as you ‘strut your stuff’.
Your Total Gym is ideal to train your butt and gut in minimal time. This simple yet challenging routine is sure to make you feel the burn where you need it most. So, if you have developed a flat, round, or saggy butt with a de-conditioned core, you can turn that around if you stay committed to a plan!
TRAINING BENEFITS FOR GREAT BUTTS & GUTS You can expect some great benefits when focusing your energy on exercises targeted  for great glutes and a chiseled core. Here are just a few to get you motivated to move:
  • Improves posture
  • Feel better in your clothes
  • Decrease back/ hip/ knee pain
  • Stronger lower back and tighter core
  • Rounding, tightening, toning the backside
  • Sculpt sexy muscles for a great ‘rear’ view
  • A tight waistline makes the hips look curvy
  • Accelerate fat loss by gaining lean muscle
  • Develop a sculpted midsection & a toned tush
  • Reduced belly fat is better for your overall health
  • Glute exercises also conditions the core muscles
  • Strong, toned, and sculpted muscles develops confidence
  • Glute exercises simultaneously condition the thighs, hamstrings, and calves
  • Core strength is utilized in everything you do!
Bonus Benefit: Using your Total Gym to target both the glutes and abs also challenges your arms and stabilizer muscles, making this a great total body workout burn!
WORK THOSE BUTTS & GUTS This workout targets the glutes and core muscles in a variety of angles.  The exercises are sequenced in a circuit that flows from one to the next by combining movements that are efficient, effective, and produce results.
  • Learn the exercises in the order listed so that the workout flows efficiently.
  • Execute each exercise with control and proper form.
  • Perform in circuit format with little to no rest between exercises.
  • Perform 20 reps per exercise and on each side.
  • Repeat the circuit as many times as your schedule
WARM-UP: Goal: total body movements to prepare and warm-up the glutes and core
Medium- Low Incline, Squat Stand Attached
  1. Straddle Squat & Rotate
  2. Bridge Press
  3. Quadruped Glute Press (Rt/Lt Leg)
Focus: Lengthening and strengthening the core and glute muscles
Goal: Perform 2 glute exercises on the right leg, followed by 3 core exercises, then repeat the glute exercises on the left leg. This challenges your body to work harder by fatiguing the targeted muscles.
Remove Squat Stand & Connect Cables RIGHT LEG
  1. Straight Leg Press Back
  2. Side Leg Sweeps
  1. Pullover Crunch
  2. Bicycle Crunch
  3. Straight Leg Lowers (stable arms)
  1. Straight Leg Press Back
  2. Side Leg Sweeps
BURNER MOVES: Goal: Finish the routine with 2 final exercises to burn out those butts and guts!
Remove Cables
  1. Hmstring Extensions
  2. Pike Ups
  • Repeat if time permits.
  • Recover by performing a series of quick stretches to lengthen the muscles and reduce soreness for your next workout.
Be sure to check out the video to see how this workout is performed and how to execute proper form so that you get the most out of your workout. 
This tush tightener, waist whittler routine will set the tone to achieve a flat tummy along with a voluptuous and sexy booty!
Work it, shake it, move it, and enjoy your great results.
Best to you into this New Year, Maria
www.groovysweatstore.com @GROOVYSWEAt

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Strength and Conditioning Workout on Your Total Gym - YouTube
For several years now, people thought that the words “Strength and Conditioning” only applied to athletes. But as time passes, we are all starting to learn & see more often that Strength & Conditioning can apply to anyone because let’s face it, we all have a little athlete in us and YOU are no different – YES, YOU ARE AN ATHLETE and can also benefit from a strong Strength & Conditioning Workout Program just like any hardcore athlete could.
Don’t believe me?
Do you want to get stronger? Do you want to get faster? Do you want to get leaner?
Those goals mentioned are some of the same goals for some of the most dedicated athletes in the world and did you know that you can reap these benefits and more by using your very own Total Gym FIT?
Below is a sample Strength & Conditioning Program with 7 new exercises for your Total Gym Fit that you can incorporate into your exercise regimen 2 – 3 days per week that will have you feeling like an athlete in no time.
Sample Strength & Conditioning Program on Your Total Gym FIT Total Gym Chest Fly Sit up straight with good posture facing away from the Total Gym. Grab onto the handles, slightly bend the elbows, and start with the arms straight out to the side. Then bring your hands together in front of you in a clapping motion to complete your first rep, then you repeat the exercise to complete the set. Remember to squeeze in front of you fast but to come back slowly to the starting position. Repeat this sequence to complete the first rep and then you repeat the exercise to complete the set. (3 Sets of 10 – 15 Reps)
Total Gym Chest Press Sit up straight with good posture facing away from the Total Gym. Grab onto the handles and push out directly in front of you to complete your first rep, then you repeat the exercise to complete the set. Now repeat that motion to complete the 1st set. Remember to press out fast but to come back in slowly to control the movements and maximize the muscle contractions. Repeat this sequence to complete the first rep and then you repeat the exercise to complete the set. (3 Sets of 10 – 15 Reps)
Total Gym Upright Back Rows Sit up straight with good posture facing the Total Gym. Grab onto the handles and begin to pull them towards your body with the goal of getting your hands lined up with your chest, then come back out to complete the rep. Now repeat that motion to complete the 1st set. Remember to pull in towards your body fast but to go out slowly to control the movements and maximize the muscle contractions. Repeat this sequence to complete the first rep and then you repeat the exercise to complete the set. (3 Sets of 10 – 15 Reps)
Total Gym Curls Sit up straight with good posture facing the Total Gym. Grab onto the handles with a closed fist and begin to curl your hands up with the goal of getting your hands lifted up all the way to your chest. Curl up fast, then come back down to the starting position slowly to complete the rep. Repeat this sequence to complete the first rep and then you repeat the exercise to complete the set. (3 Sets of 10 – 15 Reps)
Total Gym – One-Legged Regular Squat Sit upright with your butt as close as possible to the bottom of the seat with one foot on the platform and the other leg lifted in the air to the side of the platform. Proceed to squat on the one leg that is on the platform by going down slowly until you feel engagement in the quadriceps region of your leg, then press to lift your body back up to complete the rep. Repeat this sequence to complete the first rep and then you repeat the exercise to complete the set. (3 Sets of 10 – 15 Reps)
Calve Raises Sit upright with your butt as close as possible to the bottom of the seat with your toes on the foot platform and your heel not resting on anything. Tip toe and raise your heels up a few inches. Hold the position for a moment, and then lower your heels below the platform, feeling a stretch in your calf muscles. (3 Sets of 25 Reps)
Oblique Swings Sit on the seat of your Total Gym and place your knees on top while also grabbing both handles simultaneously. Extend your arms out towards the top of the Total Gym, then pull yourself up by swinging your arms away from the machine and at this point, you should start to feel a good stretch in your oblique muscles. Return yourself back to the starting position slowly to complete the first rep. Be sure to swing out fast and come in slow while staying in full control during both motions – up & down. (3 Sets, 10 – 15 Reps in Each Direction)

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Total Gym Pulse by Maria Sollon - 3w ago

Drink This, Sweat Off That - YouTube
Oh the joys of the holidays… There’s nothing like getting together with friends and family to celebrate and toast to a great year. Just be smart about what’s in your raised glass. Do you really know what’s in that cocktail?
Holiday weight gain is not just from cookies, treats, or eating too much! It’s also contributed to cocktails loaded up with extra sugars in the drink. If you’re mindful of what’s in the food and drinks you intake, you can prevent ingesting any extra – unneeded calories this season.
You can have your booze and drink it too but with healthier options. This season, try making ‘healthier’ holiday cocktails that will keep you happy (cheers!) and focused on your health for the new year.
This blog highlights 5 festive holiday drinks and provides 3 different circuit workouts to work off those extra calories to keep your body on track. Cheer & Enjoy!
These holiday drinks are not only festive, but they are made with a low-cal option and taste great too! The beauty of concocting your own drink is that you can pick and choose the ingredients you want to use, scale it down or even add other spices.
Following each drink recipe, you will find a suggested circuit workout that will help burn off the extra calories with 3 powerful moves. It’s quick, efficient, and will keep your fitness in check while enjoying the festivities of the season.
NOTE: These cocktails contain alcohol in the ingredients but can always be omitted!  Please drink responsibly and sweat it off regularly.
  5 SEASONAL SIPPERS Champagne & St. Germain
This classy mix may be a holiday cocktail favorite. It’s simple to make with only two ingredients. Add in some pomegranate seeds or cranberries for a red festive garnish.
  • 1/2-part St. Germain
  • 1/2-part brut Champagne, dry sparkling wine, or brut Rose
    Mix It: Pour ingredients into a chilled flute glass and stir lightly.  Top with garnishes and enjoy.
    Non-spiked alternative: muddle limes, mint, ginger and combined with club soda for a refreshing bubbly treat.
    <h3>Mulled Wine-o</h3>
    A short list of ingredients is what will keep the calorie count down. In 20 minutes, you will have a seasonally spiced drink to keep you warm and toasty.
  • 1 bottle of red wine
  • 1 orange sliced
  • 1/4 cup Brandy
  • 1/4 cup raw honey
  • 8-10 cloves
  • 4 cinnamon sticks
    Mix It: Combine all ingredients into a non-aluminum saucepan and bring to a simmer over high heat. Once it’s boiling, reduce the heat to medium-low and let it simmer for 15 minutes. Get the glasses ready… strain when pouring. Serve warm and enjoy this full spiced treat.
    Work it off with the ‘3 Leg Blasters’ routine!
        Rosemary Gin-a-fizz Tree
    This holiday inspired cocktail is easy and light to whip up for a festive treat.
  • 3 sprigs rosemary
  • 1 small squeezed lemon or pressed lemon juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon of raw honey
  • 1 1/2 ounces of gin
  • 3 ounces club soda
    Mix It: In a shaker or small glass, muddle the fresh rosemary, lemon juice, and honey.  Fill the glass with ice and pour in the gin. If you have a shaker or a closed container, shake it hard. Pour into a drinking glass and top it off with the soda.
    Non-spiked alternative: leave out the gin.
    Work it off with the ‘3 Core Moves’ routine.
    Splurge on this mean green cocktail treat. It will satisfy your sweet tooth and put you in the holiday spirits.
      Ingredients: 2 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk (or coconut milk if you prefer) 1 cup creme de menthe 1/2 cup Godiva Chocolate Liqueur
    Extra: Here’s an option to make a this an extra naughty, grinchy treat… Pour this drink over a scoop of coconut-based ice cream!
    Mix It: In a shaker, mix all ingredients together over ice. Shake hard… serve chilled, ‘up’ in a martini glass and garnish it with something festive!  (Makes 2 drinks.)
    Non-spiked alternative: Omit the liquor. Use unsweetened chocolate peppermint  almond milk instead of plain/ vanilla. (Trader Joes sells a great one!) Mix in the coffee for a little energy kick. Serve chilled or warm.
      HoHo CoCo Love
    Warm up with a boozy hot chocolate! This holiday sipper is big, bold, beautiful and overflows with festive goodness.
  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1/8 cup cacao powder
  • 1-ounce Amaretto, Baily’s, Kahlua or whipped cream vodka. All are great options in hot chocolate. My fav is Amaretto!
    Mix It: Heat the almond milk over light heat. While stirring, add in the cacao powder.  Once heated, pour into a mug and adding the alcohol of choice. Sip with pleasure!
    Extra: If you happen to be a coffee lover and have a Nespresso or a single coffee maker, add a coffee shot to this drink! It’s a delicious way to put an extra jump in your step.
    Non-spiked alternative: Omit the liquor. Make it skinny by using a non-dairy base and water. Add in some mini marshmallows or a scoop of whipped cream for an added treat.
    Sweat it off with the ‘3 Cardio Burners’ routine.
    Directions: Choose a specific workout to burn off extra calories on your Total Gym.
    Warm-up: Dynamically move for a few minutes to prepare your muscles.
    Workout: Perform the workout in circuit form, one after the other without breaks.
    REPS: 15-20
    SETS: 1+ (repeat the circuit depending on your time)
      Workout 1: 3 Cardio Burners
    Accessory: squat stand
    • Star jacks
    • Bicycle jog crunch
    • Pendulum jumps
      Workout 2: 3 Core Moves
    Whittle off the middle and develop your upper body strength with these core movements. It’s a dynamic trio to simultaneously train your body.
    Accessory: cables
    • Teaser roll up
    • Crunch & punch
    • Back extension sweeps
      Workout 3: 3 Leg Blasters
    Accessory: none
    1. Reverse lunge +pulse
    2. Lateral lunge +pulse
    3. Inner thigh sliders +pulse
    4. EXTRA BURN: Jump Lunges (then repeat circuit on other leg)
    Be sure to check out how these exercises are performed to blast off those extra holiday calories on your Total Gym.
    Let’s cheers to healthier, holiday drinks that raise your spirits, but not your jean size, so you can sip up a guilt-free festive treat!
      Happy Holidays!   Maria www.groovysweatstore.com @GROOVYSWEAT

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