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TIME 2 EXERCISE by Time2exercise - 1y ago
Goal: Qualify for the Boston Marathon (3:23) Place: 1st WOMEN to cross the finish line I was able to achieve my goal thanks to Guido (my husband), who has always believed in me, my grandma, who has always looked after me and my parents, who have always supported me. It all started when we decided to start a NEW YEAR (2018) full of energy and happiness, doing what we love most… RUNNING.


Three weeks before the event, I signed up for the race, bought flight tickets and booked an Airbnb @ The Woodlands… I was going to be back to where I have found my passion for running long distances. At that time we were training for Tokyo Marathon, 2018. So, I decided to do a Marathon simulation of 3 x 4 miles @ 7.7 miles per hour with 2.5 degrees in incline, at the end I was dying hahaha, but I knew I was ready for the race. Not everything went as I have planned, two days after the marathon simulation I got a cold, really bad one. I had to stay in bed for almost 3 days and if you know Ana, that is the worst thing that can ever happen to me (I can not stand still), but with only two weeks and a half left for the race I needed some rest to get back on track.

Two weeks before the race my parents came to visit for Christmas, we had a wonderful time and visited many places in Colorado like: Golden (Coors factory), Denver, Vail, Breckenridge, Georgetown, WinterPark. It was great to share special moments with them, even though I was not able to stick 100% to my healthy diet, “you know what I mean”.  Their visit filled me with energy and light, getting my mind ready to believe that I was going to achieve my goal of beating my marathon PR of 3:29. The week prior the marathon I decided to increase my Carb & Protein intakes –and to decrease SUGAR intakes for 5 days, which was a very essential part (65%) of my incredible performance @ the race. I want to share with you my Texas Marathon Diet: Carbs: Oats, Quinoa, Rice, Potatoes, Lentils & Pasta. Protein: Tofu, Tuna, Eggs & Fish. Fruits: Banana, Apple, Kiwi, Blueberries, Cranberries. Veggies: Spinach, Tomatoes, Brocoli, Lettuce, Squash, Avocado. Healthy Fats: Sesame seeds, Almond butter, Ginger, Green tea, Chia.

***I drank almost 3 lts of water a day. The day before the race we went to pick up my bib and did a course recognition. My intakes that day were: Breakfast:  Oats + banana + blueberries + cinnamon Snack: almonds + cranberries Lunch: Broccoli + green peppers + tomatoes + mushrooms Snack: Nuts + Gatorade Dinner: Pasta + tomatoes + spinach + Pinole 01/01/2018 Happy new year!! The day of the race had finally come. We woke up around 5:00am, it was freezing (29° F), I hadn´t ran in such cold weather, not even in Golden, Colorado (where we live). I was so nervous and excited at the same time.

For breakfast I had Oatmeal+ Pinole. In only a few moments I started to feel the boost from the Pinole rushing through my veins… We got to the start line just in time. It was so f&/$; cold. Everyone was huddled by the start, trying to keep warm. We sang the national anthem and then the race started. I can’t remember the first 5K of the race, it was to cold to concentrate. I began to enjoy it around 10K, which was the first loop. I was wearing four layers on top and one on the bottom, wearing as little as possible on the legs and trusting to long-sleeve tops, gloves and hat. “Normally, the optimum is when the temperature is 98.6 degrees”, says Robert Girandola, a TA of kinesiology at University of Southern California. “When the temperature goes down, the oxygen Exchange is much more difficult. Muscle function itself may be also impeded. “Cooler muscle has less endurance”so it reduces our running economy. It was too cold to feel completely fluid and comfortable, I still remember that I could hardly breathe, but I did not stop for a second, I was focused on my goal: qualifying for Boston Marathon.

There it was… Mile 26!! One of the best feelings I have ever had, only 200 yds away from the finish line. I was the FIRST woman crossing the finish line and SECOND place overall, I couldn’t believe it.  I started crying with a bunch of mixed feelings. I just had achieved my first goal of the year, another great year with lots of great things to come.
Guido was my motivation to keep going.

The satisfaction you feel after all the commitment, sacrifices and painstaking. It is so rewarding.
History of 20th annual Metal Saw Texas Marathon: Rick Worley was the reason for starting the Texas Marathon in 2000.  He was working on setting a Guinness World Record for the most marathons on consecutive weekends when he ran 200 in 159 consecutive weeks.  There was not a marathon being held during the Christmas weekend in 1999, which would have broken Rick’s streak.  We organized the Free Kingwood Marathon and held it on 12/26/99.  Rick went to Ohio to run a series of marathons between Christmas and New Year’s.  He needed a marathon on New Year’s Day and could only find a very difficult ultra marathon.  We offered to organize another marathon six days after the Free Kingwood Marathon using the same course, with a new name, “Jammin’ in January” and held it on New Year’s Day.  The race has been held on New Year’s Day every year since then.  Rick completed the Texas Marathon four times and participated in it every year until 2006 when he injured his ankle.  He completed 299 marathons including at least four in every state and also at least one on six continents.  Rick Worley was tragically killed in a traffic accident on 7/25/10. We send our love to Rick’s family.  We will miss Rick, his laugh and his love of friends, family and marathoning. . -paula&steve. Location:  Greentree Park, Kingwood, TX Post race:
A pizza picnic lunch is provided after the race with fresh pizza being delivered every hour starting at 10 AM.  Also, snacks, fruit, cookies, chips, and soft drinks are available while you cheer on the other runners as they finish. Plus: Boston Marathon Qualifier Race. 5 Lessons learned from running Texas Marathon:  1. Listen to yourself- You are the expert of your body. 2. Work daily in your goals and you will achieve them. 3. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. 4. Believe you can and you will be half way there. Our mind is more powerful than our body. 5. Training does not end the day of the race, in order to recover in the best way, we must take care of the body: takeing care of it and eating healthy.
 Ana Treviño
m:  720-609-3734
Golden, Co
w: time2exercise.com  e: timeto2exercise@gmail.com
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