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Nestled in the bordering corners of Himachal Pradesh, Spiti Valley lies in the Western parts of Himalayas which witnesses less rainfall and has minimum vegetation.

Known for its “beyond amazing” landscapes, rough terrains and a tough accessibility, it is one of the most loved places for travelers who like less-commercial and partially explored destinations! Spiti is not just a District or destination to explore; it is an emotion which can truly be felt by a lucky few!

The second best way to experience Spiti is through a road trip (First would be on foot, provided you have that much time and stamina). The population here is really low thus limiting the public transport. Of course you can travel across Spiti with Public vehicles if you are an ardent traveler, yet I would suggest a Roadtrip.

Reasons to take a Road Trip across the Spiti Wilderness-

1. Itinerary Flexibility-  A road trip means having a car at your own disposal, you may or may not drive it, but you can stop it anywhere and call it a day! The magic that these harsh terrains does to you, you might want to stay a day extra at the Kye monastery or just stop by at the Chacha-Chachi Dhaba in Batal and wish to spend the night there. Well it’s all possible only when you have your own vehicle. So come prepared with a rough itinerary and make amends  as and when needed.

2. Photographer’s Dream- Alright, let’s just be honest, each one of us has a hidden photographer within us who wakes up from the nap whenever it sees something gorgeous!  You know, that tiny photographer friend of yours, is gonna be up all while, when in Spiti. be it the dramatic changes in the landscape, the pretty Spiti river or the Deers crossing roads randomly, you would want to capture it all.  Having your own vehicle gives you the liberty to snap the bewitching valleys and beauty of this majestic land and take breather breaks as you wish.

3. Spoilt for Comfort-  The magic about Spiti Valley is that the entire journey is breathtaking and the “destination” just doesn’t matter.  You enjoy each bit of the valley and be amazed as the landscape changes frequently, it just gets a little better when enjoying it from the comfort of your car. Also, its a continuous journey for hours each day (unless you are planning to call it home for a month), the rough terrains and basic public transport might get on to you and give you a bad back. While a roadtrip saves you time and energy and you can can just dump in all your essentials and takeaways and get set for the journey instead of maintaining a schedule and waiting for shared cabs and buses.

4.  See the best of what you like- Although it looks like a small district, but Spiti has a lot to itself than just the awesomeness lying on the main roads, the villages in the interior regions doesn’t have easy connectivity.  There are so many off beat things to do in Spiti, and not all places are accessible otherwise! When you have your own vehicle, have no fears! You wouldn’t mind spending the night at a deserted village with only a few houses, neither would you mind leaving extremely early to catch the sunrise at a particular point!

5. No fixed Time Schedule- Spiti Valley being remote has a scarce connectivity and using public transport means being on time, if you missed one bus, you are stranded for a day unless some amazing rider gives you lift. And with limited office leaves, even a day wasted can cost you a lot! While it sounds adventurous and keeps on your toes, Spiti is one of those places where you would want to laze around and wandergaze the valleys and lose track of time.  Specially if it’s the off season when spotting buses or travelers is occasional, you don’t have to rely on hitch hiking for commute. And if you aren’t a Morning person, missing out on buses is quite easy.

Note- I will be sharing the tips, Information and Contacts (places to visit) in my upcoming blog on Spiti. Stay tuned for more!

Check out this Video for a glimpse of Spiti Valley as seen from the Window seat! https://youtu.be/neD0gBTCfXQ

Here’s an ideal itinerary (with moderate pace) for Spiti Valley en route Kinnaur based on my recent trips to this hamlet!

Day 0- Delhi- Shimla (Overnight Volvo) Considering Delhi as the base, you can catch an overnight Bus from Delhi which drops you at Shimla early morning and this breathtaking journey would begin from Shimla!

Day 1- Shimla-Sarahan (Overnight Sarahan)- With a Good Morning Kiss from the mountains, Leave for your journey towards Sarahan en route stopping at Narkanda and Rampur for breather breaks and local sightseeing! You can visit the Bhimkali temple and the Sarahan palace and be awed at the typical Himachali architecture. Chill with the locals overlooking grand mountains and treat yourself to plate of Kinnauri Rajma-Rice, a staple of this region!

Day 2- Sarahan- Chitkul- Rakcham (Overnight Rakcham)- This is going to be an amazing journey through some of the most treacherous roads of world. You will cross a number of those rocky semi-tunnels and blind turns. Drive till Chitkul, last village of India crossing Sangla and Rakcham, take a short hike and soak in the beauty. Drive back to Rakcham for your stay by the riverside valley.

Day 3- Rakcham-Sangla-Reckong Peo-Kalpa (Overnight Kalpa)- Bid good bye to Rakcham as you leave for Kalpa. Explore Sangla in the morning, do the local sight-seeing and depart for kalpa driving beside Sutlej River. You will cross Reckong Peo which is the district headquater for Kinnaur and may have lunch here and leave for Kalpa.

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The Vagabond Dreamer! by Chetna Khetawat - 6M ago

Nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award! When you are surrounded with doubts and wonder whether things are going your way or not, you get a sign that you are on the perfect track! Got such an amazing sign in the form of this nomination!

All thanks to Lara Lorenzi for nominating me for this award! Check out her awesome work here!

Rules of the Sunshine Blogger Award:
  1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you in the blog post add their link in your post.
  2. Answer the 11 questions which your nominator asked you.
  3. Nominate up to 11 new bloggers for the award and write them 11 new questions for the same.
  4. Let your nominees know that they have been nominated.
  5. List the rules and add the Sunshine Blogger Award in your post.


I chose to nominate the following awesome Travel Bloggers! Congratulations guys, loved everyone’s content and wish you great luck for future!

  1. Sahil Singh http://ghoomakad.in/
  2. Rahul Yuvi https://the-passport-souls.travel.blog/
  3. Sreedevi Jeevan http://fireflysree.blogspot.in/
  4. Chandreyi Bandyopadhyay https://themoonchasers.blog/
  5. Jim Jones https://travelstoriesandimages.com/
  6. Alexandria Brown http://www.thecloudtraveler.com/
  7. Souvik Mandal http://samtravelogue.com/
  8. Saloni Kilam Rampal http://www.gypsyescapade.com/
  9. Prachi Sachdev https://www.justbeingme.in/
  10. Dale Anthony https://www.facebook.com/rebefser/ 

Answers to Lara’s questions!
  1. What kind of Traveler are you?

Well, I am more of a lazy and laid back solo explorer! Not a trekker or an adventurist, I love to enjoy the little things a place has to offer. I prefer solo traveling as it gives me the opportunity to step out of the comfort zone and indulge with amazing conversations with strangers!

  1. Which place that you have visited is in your mind for its beauty?

I prefer to travel to naturally beautiful places rather than grand cities. Still out of all the places I have visited recently, my favorite remains Spiti Valley.

  1. Share one of your best experiences in your trips.

Quite recently on my trip to Spiti valley with my best friend, we missed our bus and boarded a wrong bus. The driver and his conductor were amazing enough to convince the rest of the passengers, take a short detour and wait there for the other bus which would drop us to our destination. Meeting such helpful people when you least expect them is a miracle!

  1. Tell me how many countries have you visited and which is your favorite?

Only 2 so far. India and Bhutan so far, and my favorite is India.

  1. Which is the craziest thing you have done in your travels?

Planning random Solo trips, Staying at basic tents with temperature below zero and almost freezing to death are some of the crazy things I have done till date!

  1. Which place in your country would you recommend visiting and why?

For History and Culture Lovers- Rajasthan and for Nature Lovers- Norh East India.

  1. What is top in your Bucket List?

Attend the Burning Man Festival, Nevada, USA.

  1. While travelling, what do you do to help local business?

I generally use local transport, like to stay at small homestays or local hotels and also prefer eating at local eateries thus contributing to local business.

  1. What is the most important thing you look for when you start a new trip?

What does the place have to offer in terms of natural beauty and cultural uniqueness!

  1. Which place would you like to go for living if you could choose?

Anywhere in the Himalayas.

  1. Where are you planning to go next?

I am planning to explore different locations of Western Ghats in Monsoons.

My Questions to the Nominees:
  1. What do you love the most about blogging?
  2. Who is your Blogging Inspiration?
  3. Is it a hobby or you are pursuing it as a profession? If hobby, do you plan to be a full time professional blogger?
  4. Mention 3 top Travel Bloggers you adore and wish to be like?
  5. Have you read my Blogs (http://thevagabonddreamer.com/) before this nomination?
  6. Any suggestion for improvement in my blogs?
  7.  Which is your favorite travel destination so far? Why?
  8. What do you do to promote your blogs?
  9. Do you believe in paid promotion of blogs?
  10. Share any memorable experience with a local resident of one of your favorite travel destinations?
  11. How do you think you can contribute to the society with the help of your blogs or travel advents?

Looking forward for answers from you guys! Wish you all good luck and Congratulations again!

Keep Traveling and Keep Sharing!

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The Vagabond Dreamer! by Chetna Khetawat - 11M ago

Such an awesome way to begin this year’s journey of Blogging. Getting appreciated is always special and motivating! Kickstarting 2018 on an awesome note as I just got nominated for the Liebster Award by Trevor Jackson. Please check out Trevor’s informative Blog at https://bloggerdroidseo.blogspot.in/2017/12/Awards.html on Internet Marketing, Blogging and SEO techniques!

What is Liebster Award?

Liebster Award is given to new bloggers who have just begun navigating through the blogging world. The Liebster award is prestigious and connects fellow bloggers as both Nominators and Awardees are bloggers. This just shows that bloggers have each other’s back and that good work always receives the deserved.

Liebster is a new word meaning sweetest, kindest, beloved, dearest etc. Thus it’s a kind and sweet gesture to appreciate good work by fellow bloggers.

The Rules:

There are certain rules that come with receiving a nomination.

  1. Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blogs on your blog.
  2. Create a post on your blog and display the Liebster award logo.
  3. Answer your nominator’s questions and create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
  4. Nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award and have a less than 200 followers.
  5. List these rules in your post.
  6. Once you have published the post, inform your nominees, so that they can continue the chain and nominate other bloggers.

Questions asked by Trevor to me!

1.Do you blog for Passion or Money?

-Passion! Both for Travel and Writing!

2. What do you think makes your blog unique?

-My blog is a collection of first hand travel experiences and I try to use a Layman and Nature lover’s aspect while creating content.

3.Does your environment affect your blogging activities?

-I need a calm environment to focus and write.

4.Who is your Role Model in the Blogosphere?

-Not really a role model, but I am really fond of Shivya’s blog, “The Shooting Star” and Shubam Mansingka’s “Travelshoebum”.

5.If you are to write articles for my blog, what would their title be?

  • Howto get maximum results from organic promotions?
  • How to increase blog’s traffic with SEO?
  • Free tools of Internet Marketing.
  • Ways to earn out of your blog.
  • Optimize the use of Keywords!

6.How do you reach out more readers?

-Facebook bloggers groups and Instagram!

7.Where are the sources of hunches for your blog?

Natural instinct and love for travel. I like to observe little things which are attention grabbing, I guess that would be the major source of hunches for me!

8.If you are to choose, where would you like to travel next?

-Norway to witness the Northern Lights!

9.Is there anything you lack which can help the growth of your blog?

-Maybe better marketing and promotion skills can help me grow.

10.Are you earning from your blog?

-Not yet. But I am hoping to monetize it soon.

The Awesome bloggers I have nominated for the Liebster award are:

  1. All things Sassy! http://allthingssassy.winkl.co/

A fashion blog by a young girl Pallabi Guha is really refreshing and informative about the current trends of the industry!

  1. NutriQ India. https://nutriqind.blogspot.in/

A really nice blog with good information on health products. I also love the way they have created the website wi9th different sections.

  1. Let Her Be! http://www.letherb.com/

It’s a personal blog by Jyothsna Pasila, a young girl who writes about things on her mind, mostly style related.

  1. The Blonde Healer! https://theblondehealer.com/

This one’s a really cool blog on Healing, Wellness and Yoga. Jennifer is extremely passionate about blogging the same and it can be seen in her work!

  1. 2 The Runway! http://www.2therunway.com/

Casie and Arthur from Las Vegas jointly handle this blog. While they write about Travel and Lifestyle in general, their focus is educating visitors about “Las Vegas”.

  1. The DIY Millennial. http://thediymillennial.com/

This is a beautiful and simple DIY blog for the new age crafters. Chelsea loves Plants, Tattoos and all things beautiful and we can see that from her blog.

  1. Beauty Bliss with Mimi. http://www.beautyblisswithmimi.co.za/

A beauty and Skincare blog by a 20 year old South African Woman Megan is a must read for all the beauty lovers. Well written!

  1. Tinycraft! http://tinycrafts.in/

This is lovely DIY craft ideas blog by Jigna. She not only showcases her talent by creating awesome stuff but also customize them to order through this website.

  1. The Entitled Millennial! https://entitled-millennial.com/

This is more like a social platform to bring people from different ethnicities closer and share their stories in this blog.

  1. Eman Writes. https://emanwrites.wordpress.com/

More like a personal blog of a brave young girl Eman who writes about Lifestyle, Recipes, Life lessons etc.

Questions for the nominees I have selected-

  1. What was the inspiration to start your blog?
  2. How did you choose your Blog Name?
  3. How often do you work on your blog?
  4. How do you aim to increase your followers?
  5. Is it just a personal blog for passion or are you earning out of it (or planning to earn out of it?)
  6. Are you a member in any Bloggers Forum/Groups?
  7. If you had to give an advice to me, for the improvement of my blog (The Vagabond Dreamer!), what would that be?
  8. Do you think there’s a huge demand for good bloggers in the industry? How difficult/easy is earning from a blog?
  9. How important is promotion of your work and how do you promote your blog?
  10. Do you interact with your readers and followers? How?

Congratulations Guys! Let’s make the world a better place with the help of blogging! Keep up the good work and now it’s your turn to Answer the questions, select nominees and spread love to fellow bloggers!

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