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If you have been following this blog for a bit you will know that I have been writing about a book called Created to be His Helpmeet.  I actually gave my thoughts on three different chapters (you can read them here, here, and here).

I could have continued giving thoughts on the entire book because there is so much that I have learned from it and been convicted on.  But I have started a new book since then and have found just as many amazing nuggets in it…so I decided three posts per book would be sufficient.

I don’t know about you, but I have a stack of books a mile high that I want to read and I can’t wait to tell you about all that I am learning!

The book that I recently started is called Living Virtuously by Erin Harrison.  The description for the book is “A Wife’s Complete Guide to Keeping Her Heart and Home” and I have found it to be very accurate!  Erin is incredibly down-to-earth because she gives account of how she has learned most of what she is sharing the hard way.  There is no pretense or holier-then-thou…she says “been there, done that” and gives hope for a glorious marriage and home despite where you are beginning.

What is virtue?

I have gotten over halfway through the book but when I was deciding which chapters I wanted to cover the first one really stood out to me.  Some major eye-opener here!

The theme of the book is following the example of the Proverbs 31 wife who was described as virtuous.  So the first question we must ask is “what is virtue?”

Think about our society today.  It is truly falling to new depths of perversion and sin every day.  Things that our forefathers would never have imagined to be acceptable or appropriate is now the norm.

  • Killing babies for profit
  • Popular TV shows glorifying drug culture
  • The medical ability and support to completely switch genders physically
  • Pornography being pushed on every street corner
  • Marriage being completely redefined
  • Every lie in the book being taught as fact in our public school system

This is a dark world and that makes it even more important for the light of Christians to shine.  So the way she painted it, if there is a fence with the evils of the world being on one side, in order to be virtuous we need to be as far on the other side as possible!

We don’t need to be meandering close to it by watching movies that let foul thoughts into our home.  There is no reason to lean against that fence by holding grudges against our husbands or giving negative words to our children.  And we certainly better not sit on top of that fence and start justifying any sin in our life simply because it looks a little better then those who are completely over the line.

NO!  God didn’t save us so that we could be mediocre Christians that blend in the crowd.  He never intended for us to have miserable marriages or horrible relationships with our children.  He wants our lives to be blessed and our homes to be a place of rest.

Virtue is truly a very broad term but if we are in tune with Christ it can change every area of our life!

My word is my bond

One example that Erin gave in this chapter of standing out from the world is to be trustworthy and keep your word.

Sounds obvious, right?

I doubt there is one among us that would ever want to break our word or say less then we mean.  But think about it…

Have you ever seen someone that you hadn’t seen for a while and say, “we should get together sometime” but never really intended to follow up?

Has there ever been a time that you had an appointment or commitment but when the time rolled around you were in the middle of something so you canceled or no-showed?

How many times have you inaccurately predicted how long it would take to get the kids ready so you could get where you needed to get on time?

The wake-up call that I received from this chapter was that my word needs to be my bond in every season of life.  I want everyone who crosses my path to know that I can be trusted and if I am asking them to put me on their schedule at a certain time I will follow through.

But this has another level of importance as a wife because I am a representative of my husband the same way I am a representative of Christ.  If I lead a sinful life I am giving the world a bad image of Christ and if I am not dependable I am giving the world the impression that my husband chose a flake as a wife.

But what does all of this have to do with $6 million???

God says in His Word, “Who can find a virtuous wife?  Her worth is far above rubies.”  I would say her worth AND her rarity could be compared to rubies.

The most expensive ruby on earth right now is worth $6 million…we have the potential to be so much more valuable to our husbands then we could ever imagine!

So I’m asking myself today, “What is an area in my life that should be more virtuous?”

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Worth more than $6 million!! Living Virtuously Vol. 1 was first posted on December 6, 2017 at 10:05 pm.
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When I began this blog I made the decision that I didn’t want it to be about makeup…even though I am a cosmetologist.

I LOVED my years working in a salon and have truly loved makeup/skincare since my early teens but a lot of what that field involves does not compliment motherhood.

Hour-long pedis, perfectly manicured nails, flawless skin, freshly colored/styled hair, runway makeup, taking over an hour to get ready in the morning…these things are really hard to fit into a stay-at-home mom’s life and budget!

So why would I want to talk about them in a blog about PURSUING HOMEMAKING??

Well, as I mentioned a little bit in my recent post on skincare, I have also realized that even though I won’t be using as professional of products and certainly don’t have as much time I still want to look my best, take care of myself, and continue doing something that I love.

So I won’t being showing you a 45 minute makeup look that would make you “runway ready” simply because I’m assuming that won’t be helpful to you because it wouldn’t be helpful to me right now.  I’m going to show you how to apply a full face of makeup with Wal-Mart products, a toddler in the background, and in only EIGHT MINUTES!!

I will be breaking many “rules” that I’ve learned over the years simply because I don’t have time to follow them.  If it is between having the perfect, by-the-book look or having no makeup at all…then I would be setting myself up for a fail.

So the biggest tip I can give you, especially if you haven’t done much with makeup OR tend to be a perfectionist, is set your timer for 10 minutes (give yourself a little wiggle room), start applying, and when the timer goes off…stop!  I’m not saying to leave only one eye with mascara…simply to allow your look to be less then perfect.

If you are new to makeup, the skill with come.  If you are a perfectionist, the relaxation will come.  But if you demand perfection from the start the application will take too long, you will get discouraged, and tomorrow will not include makeup.

So here is the link to the demonstration!  I would suggest you go watch it and then come back and read the remainder of my thoughts.

There are just a few comments I want to add.  I decided to make the video real time so that you could see how quickly it could be done and that I wasn’t editing it to make it shorter or making it less then realistic in any way.  The one downside to that is I am not a fast talker and there was SOOO much I wanted to say but simply didn’t have time.  At the end of the day, if you have ANY questions or if there is a topic you would like for me to cover in more detail please let me know!

  • My daughter is an absolute HAM!  I simply love doing my day with her!  But when there are things to be done (like putting my makeup on) that require her to do some self-entertaining I am so thankful that I taught her how.  Check out my post here to see how I did that.
  • You can see throughout the video that I move fairly quickly.  I will be the first to say that when I worked at a salon and my job was to make people confident in my capabilities I would routinely take 30-45 minutes to put my makeup on and end up with some pretty elaborate looks!  But I have a priority on time over perfection now and that choice makes it so that I am able to do this makeup look about 90% of the time.
  • I don’t use an eyeshadow primer any day except Sunday (for church) because ones that truly work are too expensive for us to buy on a regular basis.  With that in mind, if you follow my skincare suggestion of using coconut oil as your makeup remover you get much better staying power from your eyeshadow if you don’t remove your makeup right before reapplying.  It is better for your skin to have the makeup taken off the night before anyway.
  • If you can afford to use eyeshadow primer on a more regular basis my favorite is Urban Decay (purchased from Sephora). It is the only non-Wal-Mart product I will currently buy.
  • I mention taking care of your brows and the important role they play.  If you are not comfortable shaping your own brows from scratch my personal suggestion is to get them professionally waxed one time and then tweeze them every couple days to maintain the shape.  Then choose a pencil/powder color that matches or is one shade darker then your hair and lightly fill in gaps/even them out.
  • I chose to use a very dark eyeshadow color in this video because I like that look but also so that you could clearly see what I was doing with it.  There is complete flexibility in the choice of this color.  Chose one that works with your features, compliments your outfit, or matches the formality of the occasion.  The sky is the limit in eyeshadow selection!

There is so much more that I can talk about but I think you have what you need to know for this basic look.  Before I’m done, though, let me give you a shopping list!

  1. Powder brush (for powder and blush)
  2. Contour brush
  3. Blending brush (for blending and highlighting)
  4. Smudger brush (for undereye and brows)
  1. Stick concealer at least one shade lighter then your skin
  2. Cream foundation or BB cream, depending on how much coverage you need
  3. Pressed powder
  4. Highly pigmented blush
  5. Eyeshadow compact with your favorite contour and highlight color
  6. Brow pencil or shadow
  7. Roll-up eyeliner
  8. Mascara

Thank you so much for watching/reading!  Please give me any of your questions or thoughts on my makeup application!

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Full makeup in 8 minutes! DEMONSTRATED! was first posted on November 22, 2017 at 3:59 pm.
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I have realized that no matter how many parenting books I read, videos I watch, or parents I learn from…my children will always find a way to offer me a new experience and the need to come up with my own way to handle it!

So I have decided to start a new series mentioning some random lessons I have learned the hard way and specific situations I have resolved so that perhaps it can be applicable to you at some point.  I don’t know how often I will write them…I guess it will be determined by how often I find successful solutions!

Before we get started, though, let me point you back to a few of my posts on training idea/concepts that I have already shared:

Some of these posts were written a while ago but the concepts have still stood the test of time.  I’m hoping the ones I share today will be as on point in the future!

  1. Easier diaper changes (started at 7ish months) – This begins teaching your child obedience and the importance of doing what Momma says (it also makes a frequent job MUCH easier).  The main issue I was having was my children trying to pull up their knees while I tried to fasten up their diapers making it very difficult to do it properly and securely.  Whenever their knees popped up I would given them a gentle swat on the thigh with the swatter (not enough to bring on tears) and pull one of their legs straight while saying “straighten out”.  You have to be willing to let the diaper change take as long as necessary so that you can be consistent until they catch on.  In an amazingly short amount of time both Daniel and Heidi got to the point that I can simply give their leg a little tug while saying the phrase and they hold them that way until I’m done fastening the diaper!
  2. Clean up time (started when able to walk) – This lesson has two purposes; to teach your child an important phrase/concept (messes made will need to be picked up) and starts instilling in them a good work ethic.  When a mess had been made I got down on the floor next to Heidi, picked up an item and dropped it into it’s home while saying “pick up”.  Then I handed her an item, pointed to it’s home and said “pick up”.  Finally, I just pointed to an item, said “pick up” again and was so pleased to see that she had completely caught on!  Now, I can point to a mess she has made at home or something she has pulled off of a shelf at the store and say “pick up”…she scurries to the item(s) and puts them away!
  3. Laundry time (started when able to walk) – Here they are learning to share in the work of the house and develop a good work ethic. To set it up, I wash a load of laundry, take the wet clothes out, and put them in a basket on the floor in front of the dryer (with room for her to actually stand directly in front of the dryer).  Then I grab one article of clothing, place it into the dryer, and explain what I am doing as I go (stressing the words “put in dryer” so she will begin to connect the dots). Then I hand her an article, point to the dryer opening and say “help Momma put in dryer”…it’s that simple!  Now at 21 months I can load up the basket in front of the dryer and by the time I have reloaded and started the washer she is almost done loading the dryer!
  4. Stay still (started when able to turn over) – Comprehending this phrase helps with EVERYTHING! Cutting nails, brushing hair, buckling seatbelt, brushing teeth, painting toenails :), etc. Start off on the changing table again.  Whenever they try to turn over while getting their diaper changed give a small swat on the thigh, gently push their shoulder back down, and say “stay still”.  Again, diaper changes might take a couple minutes more for just a bit.  My eight month old son is still in the process of learning this but my daughter will stay still per my request for any of the items listed above or any other time I ask it of her!
  5. Do not mess with that (started when they are able to crawl/scoot) – Before this will work, you will need to teach your little one the meaning of the word “no” (read how I did that here).  I would also suggest reading my post on training with ribbons because I am talking about the same principles just in a broader way.  This can apply to cabinets/drawers they shouldn’t open, objects they shouldn’t touch, or tasks they shouldn’t do.  When she is about to touch/open/do something she shouldn’t say “no, that is Momma’s”.  Then show her something she can touch/open/do and say “THIS is _____ (insert your child’s name)!”.  If she goes back to “Momma’s” thing again say the same phrase, but paired with a swat on the thigh and then redirect again.  This lesson was also learned very quickly and we have gotten to the point that about 75% of the time if Heidi is unsure if she is allowed to play with something she will bring it to me and ask for permission…if I say yes she will proceed to play with it but if I say “no Heidi, that is Momma’s” she will either set it down or give it to me!

The final three tips I can give you apply to all of the ones I have ever given you or ever will give you.

Train with joy!

Be consistent!

Always praise when your little one successfully obeys!

Now it is your turn…what are some things you have learned from the unique situations your kids have thrown at you??

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Training children is a learning process – #1 was first posted on November 18, 2017 at 8:45 pm.
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Just a few weeks ago I came up with the idea of having a page set aside to represent companies/services that I love and have already shared my new favorite razors with you.

I am so excited to pass along some more exciting deals that I highly suggest you grab on to!

In a previous post I gave an overview of how we stay in a tight one-income budget, giving some basic over-arching tips.  But deals, like the one I’m about to share, are what really make the difference when added up.  It takes sitting down, with your budget in front of you and saying, “If I can’t get rid of this expense, how can I make it go down?” and you will usually find a way!

So let’s get started!

The Journey

Today we are going to be discussing cell phones (as you probably picked up from the title).  But before we get to the deal I want to tell you our cell phone story.

Before getting married my cell phone was on my parent’s plan because that allowed us all to get a better deal.  They were with Verizon and had a two year contract that had just under a year left by the time I married my husband.  So during that time we were paying for my husband’s in a separate plan that cost us over $100 a month!

We knew that would never do! Must find a way to get that price down…

So when I was done with my parents’ plan we switched to “dumb” (basic) phones with minimum data (you had to get a certain amount in order to be in a plan that had enough minutes).  But we were still paying $140 a month for two basic phones with basically no data!

That wouldn’t do either!  Price must go down further…

So I just started Googling…there MUST be a reasonable plan out there that allows us to simply call people with a price that won’t break the bank!  Then I found it…

Try $18 A MONTH!  Bingo!!

The Company

Introducing: Republic Wireless!

To give you the basics, this is a company that uses Sprint and AT&T’s towers (not quite as good of coverage as Verizon) depending on what phone model you go with. It requires that you bring a smartphone to the table (you can buy one from them if you don’t already have a compatible one).

But once you make the initial investment they have plans starting as low as $15 a month (plus tax)!  That’s right, we pay about $35 a month for TWO phone services!!

Another great part is that there is no contract so if there was ever a reason we needed to stop using them we could just be done at the end of the month!

We have been very impressed with our experience with them.  As mentioned before, we have found that after being with Verizon the coverage with Republic Wireless isn’t quite as good but it has done everything we needed it to do and the amount we are saving makes it well worth it.

The Deal

So I gave Republic Wireless a ring and asked them what they could give me in the way of discounts that I could pass on to you.

They actually responded by saying that they have some really good deals already going for the holidays and so they would look  into getting me a coupon code after that…but no worries, if you sign up now you can take advantage of the holiday deals AND the coupon code if we can get one later!

So here are the deals they have going on right now for all perspective customers:

  1. 10k luxury vacation giveaway you can sign up for
  2. You can purchase a compatible smartphone from them for as low as $49! That is a $130 savings!

There you have it!  My favorite phone company EVER!  Let me know if you sign up!

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Cell phone bill under $20??? was first posted on November 16, 2017 at 10:58 pm.
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I’m sure most of you reading this will agree…there is A LOT that goes into raising children!

I believe there are some people that take the mindset that you can just kinda cruise through their childhood and hope that they turn out okay.  But in our world today it takes being proactive 24/7 in order to sway them in the right direction (the opposite direction then what they see in society).

Parenting isn’t just making sure they are fed and clothed…we are truly molding the minds and hearts of our children and playing a HUGE role in who they will be and what they will believe for the REST OF THEIR LIFE!

This obviously includes things like basic manners, education, social interaction, money habits, the difference between right and wrong, and most of all, teaching them to follow Christ.

But I have recently found an area that has been lacking in our parenting and, in fact, in most of society…THEIR GUT!

What’s the big deal

That might sound completely random, but what I have been learning lately through hours and hours of research is: our gut is EVERYTHING!  Our gut houses 60-80% of our immune system and whether or not it is healthy will determine whether or not we are healthy.

An unhealthy gut can lead to hormonal imbalance, autoimmune disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue, allergies, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, eczema, rosacea, and MUCH more!!

Our society does not know how to take care of their guts and because of that it is rampant with all of the ailments I listed and our quality of life has been severely decreased!  With all of our medication and technology people are living longer then they were 50 years ago but NOT living better.

Though all of our medications may cover some symptoms, they add others…all the while not ever touching the root cause of all our problems – AN UNHEALTHY GUT!

People used to know how to grow/prepare/eat food that benefited our guts but we have lost that for many reasons.

The more research I do, it becomes very clear to me that living/eating the right way isn’t easy and takes getting over a learning curve and being willing to truly commit to a new way of thinking.

If you encounter an illness, the EASY thing to do is pop a pill and get about your normal life, but that is only a temporary and pathetic fix that will come back to bite you in the future.

Another fact that I believe has helped encourage our current unhealthy trend is the fact that our modern way of living is MUCH more profitable to the medical/pharmaceutical community as a whole…if you have a healthy gut you will rarely need assistance from them and in turn will rarely have to pay them.

“The doctor of the future will give no medicines, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” Thomas Edison

If we use the hygiene knowledge that we currently have, but then add to it the healthy eating and lifestyle of our forefathers, I believe the majority of the medical community that we know today would become obsolete.

God has already created the most effective health potion within our bodies…we simply have to take care of it!

Does this have anything to do with parenting??

Yes…I know I might have confused you because I started off by talking about a parent’s responsibility and then went into a long talk about medicine and health…but stay with me!

Shortly after Heidi (our first) was born we decided to not vaccinate.  This decision was made after a LOOOOOOOOT of research and prayer and is something that we had complete peace about.

But with that decision I began to think about the importance of making sure our children had good immune systems so that they can fight off any illnesses that may come there way.

And then I began to think….

…we teach them to write, ride a bike, and do math – but is it possible to train them to have good immune systems???


The health of their gut is determined by what they eat, how active they are, how much stress they encounter, and how much they allow their immune systems to be built up by encountering non-threatening illnesses and germs (a whole different topic).

So how am I beginning to train my kids to have a healthy gut?

  1. You never know how much stress you will encounter and a lot of it is out of our control, but teaching my kids (by example) to enjoy free time, family time, and quiet time (aka their naptime :)) is a start.  But more importantly, teaching them where true peace comes from and the fact that God is in control is the ultimate way to help them deal with stress.
  2. I have actually backed off on how much I disinfect our home and how OCD I had become on constantly cleaning their hands.  Obviously, I still do what is needed in our bathrooms and kitchen, but I have begun to learn the importance of letting their body get used to fighting a certain level of germs so that they will know what to do as they continue to “go out into the world” more.  Make sense?
  3. Their activity level is a non-issue at this time since they are, in essence, little energizer batteries.  But I am very particular to exercise WITH THEM so that they will get used to seeing Mommy being purposeful in taking care of herself.
  4. The last one is the toughest.  What we put in and on our bodies is sooooo important and I am just beginning to learn how much has been lacking from our diet.  But just to give you an idea of some changes we have been making: we have stopped using sugar in our home, eliminated almost ALL processed foods, started having a crockpot full of homemade bone broth every week, made our own sourdough starter and bread products, eating veggies with every meal, incorporating smoothies and superfoods throughout our day…and we still have so much to learn!  As far as training our children…they eat what we eat.  So no sugar, only homemade sourdough breads, LOTS of veggies, all smoothies and superfoods that I make, and Heidi has even had some bone broth!  The biggest way I can train my kids to grow healthy guts is by training their taste buds to enjoy foods that will benefit them for their entire life!!

I feel like I have barely touched on the potential of this topic, but I will be covering more things in detail in future posts.

Before I go I want to leave you with a couple resources to get you started.  Remember…most people don’t know how to naturally take care of their guts so it is going to be a learning commitment for most of us!  I have gained SOOOO much knowledge from Traditional Cooking School and will be writing a more detailed post on them soon but have a couple starter videos for y’all:

  • Check out this post to see a description of what we are working towards eating on a daily basis.
  • If you are actually having health problems right now you might want to consider a true Gut Healing Diet – start off by watching this video.
  • If you aren’t having health problems or just want to start things off more gradually check out this video on easy steps to introduce traditional foods.
  • And here is a bundle (that we are saving up for) that will answer every question you could ever ask about gut health and how to help your insides thrive!

So this is my challenge to me and to you. 

I commit to train my children to grow up healthy. 

I commit to make their immune systems, minds, and hearts work the way God intended them to.

I commit to not make them them to face unnecessary illness or struggle.


Are you coming with me???

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Going with My Gut! was first posted on November 9, 2017 at 10:37 pm.
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Drawing Winner!

Before anything I want to announce the winner of The Pursuit of Homemaking’s FIRST DRAWING….


Misty will be receiving a FREE box of Rose’s Razors to try (and become addicted to!)!!

But the fun isn’t over!  My post on Rose’s Razors was also my introduction to my new blog category “My Favorite Products/Services” and my goal is to have discounts to offer for every product or service I write about!

If you are already subscribed to my email list the new discount codes will be automatically sent to you but if you aren’t subscribed then you will receive them upon subscription.

The First Discount!

This is truly an exciting time of “firsts” for this blog!  Now that the drawing is over I have been given permission by Rose’s Razors to offer you a 20% discount on your first razor order from them!

If you aren’t already subscribed to my email list the time is now!  This discount will only last through the end of the year!!

If you have any questions on how this offer works please let me know!

The post Announcing: a new discount! appeared first on The Pursuit of Homemaking.

Announcing: a new discount! was first posted on November 3, 2017 at 6:16 am.
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I am soooo excited to announce that today I am able to offer my first GIVEAWAY!!

The Pursuit of Homemaking has been plugging along for just over a year now and I have enjoyed every minute with you!  But then, out of the blue, a few weeks ago I was  contacted by Rose’s Razors and asked if I would be willing to do a review on their product.

I will admit that I was VERY skeptical at first because I could tell that they were a higher quality of razor that I have NEVER had before and couldn’t imagine them fitting into our budget.  I had also assumed that I would only be recommending products that I had been using for a long time and hadn’t really thought about the option of trying a product just to see if I would recommend it to you.

So I started developing my standards…something that I could stick to throughout the life of my blog so I wouldn’t just start recommending things to get free products.

The main things I decided to focus on were 1) would I use it and 2) was it a good company.  Obviously, if it is bad quality or over priced then I wouldn’t use it.  However, even if it was a good price for the quality but was still out of my budget, I wouldn’t actually purchase it myself and wouldn’t be able to recommend it.

Bottom line, if I didn’t decide to begin purchasing the product after I used up the freebies, then I would not suggest you purchase it either.

Well, let’s just say…I’m going to be getting these razors from now on!!

What I’ve learned about razors

In this process I have become much more educated in the razor department.

Did you know that the surface covered in seven shaves equals approximately the size of a tennis court??

With that in mind, did you know that you should be replacing your razor blade ever 6-8 shaves?

If you fail to do so you start getting the ingrown hairs, irritation, and less efficiency.  We have all experienced these problems but I had no idea it was because I wasn’t replacing my blades enough!  I just thought it came with the shaving territory.

Well, let me tell you, I have now experienced a quality razor being used the appropriate number of times and my perspective on shaving has COMPLETELY changed!

Rose’s Razors

So there was once a husband and wife who were getting ready to go to a wedding.  Suddenly the wife realized that she had hairy legs but didn’t have a razor so they had to run to the drugstore to pick up a pack.

This is when the husband realized how expensive even “cheap” razors are and thought there should be a better way.

After much research, determination, and traveling to many different countries to try every quality razor they could get their hands on…ROSE’S RAZORS was born!

Through my interaction with this company I have been very impressed with their customer service and dedication to low prices.  But before determining whether I could be a return customer I had to make sure they fit in the budget.  After all, I’d rather have less then a perfect shave over spending money we don’t have.

So I went to Wal-Mart, looked at the prices of the normal cheap razors that I buy, compared it to Rose’s Razors…and saw that they are within 25 CENTS of each other!!  Some were the same, some a smidge more, and a couple we a smidge less.

Does it fit into my budget?  Check!

So the next check was actually using them.  I have now shaved “a tennis court” and still LOVE the results I’m getting!  I used to get ingrown hairs and sensitivity ALL THE TIME.  But I have not had a single issue since using Rose’s Razors.

I’ll let you in on a little secret…in an effort to save money a while back I stopped using any sort of shaving gel or cream and just use water (which is probably the reason I’ve had difficulties with ingrown hairs etc.).  Since I wanted to know if they would truly fit into my life or not I went ahead and shaved like normal…NO bumps and NO irritation!

Is it an excellent quality?  Check!

These razors can be bought by the set or you can sign up for a plan (which can be paused or canceled at any time).

The one warning I would give is that there are some risqué pictures on their site.  I know this makes sense seeing that they are selling a product that is used to make the body beautifully smooth but if you have little ones running around, it might be better to do your razor shopping after they go to bed.


On behalf of Rose’s Razors, I am GIVING AWAY a pack of these amazing razors!!

EVERYONE who is subscribed to The Pursuit of Homemaking’s email list will be entered into the drawing!!

The drawing is on November 1st so subscribe NOW!

If you have any questions about this product or company please let me know!

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Razors for the housewife – and a GIVEAWAY!! was first posted on October 27, 2017 at 7:34 am.
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Do you ever have those moments when you are struck with an idea that sounds amazing, but you can’t actually do anything about it at that moment, so you need somewhere to keep track of it until the time comes? Whether it needs to wait until you’re in a better financial situation, or the kids might need to be older, or you might just need to ponder and develop it a little but longer….

Well I have decided to find a place here on my blog, to tuck away/hash out/revamp those ideas until the time comes along to use them!

I want my “just thinking out loud” posts to be open season for discussion!  Give thoughts on my idea and share your own as we all try to think outside the box and be the best wives/moms we can be!

With all that said…let’s get to my idea!  I’d like to start off by finding out if I’m the only one here that has had a hope chest?

My experience

I know it is a rather old-fashioned idea, but I diligently collected items throughout my youth and ended up filling a cedar chest and a large wardrobe in my parent’s garage!  There were some hand-me-downs from my mom and grandma, but they were mostly things that I picked up that I thought would be beneficial in my future home.

I even picked out some lingerie when I was 15 because I had realized that it could be expensive and didn’t want to have to buy it when I had all the other financial obligations of starting a new marriage and home…a sweet thought, but unfortunately I bought them to fit my 15-year-old body and lets just say that after 12 years and two babies I have a very different figure!

There are many examples of things that I purchased with best of intentions, but I didn’t really know what would be most appreciated in a new home since I had never had one.  I’m sure my mother could have given me MUCH wisdom on the subject, but honestly I thought I had it all together and didn’t think of asking for assistance…

Truthfully, very little of my hope chest is actually in use in my home.  But the few things that are benefiting us were things that my mom bought with the express purpose of putting them in my hope chest.

My Idea

Although I had a less then perfect experience with my hope chest, I still believe the concept should NOT die and that it could really be a MIND-BLOWING gift from the parents to their daughter!

Even just three years into married/homemaking/mother life I can think of SOOOOO many things that I wish I had used my money to invest in before marriage.  No matter how much I train my sweet Heidi to prepare to be a wife/mommy and take care of her future home, I am the one that has a much better idea of what will truly make that transition easier for her.

So basically, my idea is to start making a list NOW of things we are having to buy that would have been perfect hope chest additions and start setting money aside.  Then, when our daughter(s) reach middle schoolish age we can start purchasing those items.

I envision giving her maybe one gift a year to add to her chest.  When I give it to her, I can talk about the benefit it was for me when I was starting a new home and use that time to encourage her to be excited about her future and all that God has in store for her.

In addition, Josh and I were talking, and we think it would also be good to set aside one item every year into our own stash so that we will have a VERY special wedding gift for her!

Side Benefits

It seems that there are so many benefits that could come from this.

Obviously, the big one would be preparing our daughter for her future.

But choosing to give her a “practical” hope chest gift each year would help her think maturely and plan for the future instead of only keeping her mind on what she wants NOW.

It could also be personalized it you see a strength or specific talent in your daughter.

Items that I have been thinking of so far are things like: a full set of microfiber cloths, a Vitamix, a dehydrator, book collections, a cookbook full of family favorites, movie collections, etc.

So there you have it!  I would LOVE to hear your thoughts, additions, or concerns!!

The post Just thinking out loud…hope chests appeared first on The Pursuit of Homemaking.

Just thinking out loud…hope chests was first posted on October 5, 2017 at 2:43 pm.
©2016 "The Pursuit of Homemaking". Use of this feed is for personal non-commercial use only. If you are not reading this article in your feed reader, then the site is guilty of copyright infringement. Please contact me at mrs.krista.sutton@gmail.com
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