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My doTERRA Journey to Platinum: He’s Making Diamonds Out of Us I Lost My Purpose

I’m a stay-at-home mom that lost her passion and purpose in her life.

You guys, when I married my husband and gave up my contract with the Army, I had zero idea how much that would rock my world. I had a plan for my future that involved me having a purpose, serving people, and digging deep everyday. I thought that being a stay-home-mom sounded great. I saw that it still had purpose and it was the best way for me to marry the man that I love (he’s Air Force and I was contracted Army).

It was absolutely the right choice, but it still rocked my world.

I thought that motherhood and wife-hood would give me a purpose. While yes, I find my fulfillment in God, I felt like this wasn’t all I was called to do. I always felt like God called me to serve and to be something more.

But what was this BIG thing God was calling me to do?

I can’t count how many times I’ve cried out to God asking what He wanted me to be and do. I knew that I was called to service but didn’t know how that would be fulfilled. I thought that it was through the military – clearly serving your country is a service to our nation and the world. And yes, I still serve in a different way as a military spouse but it still didn’t feel quite right. I had well-meaning friends tell me this was a spiritual problem and that women should feel fulfilled as a mother and wife. Anything outside the realm of wife and mom must not be from God. But I couldn’t disagree more. I knew God had another tug on my soul.

I knew God had more planned for me. But, like usual, God doesn’t write out His plan for you on a calendar. He just had me wait.

Something Fell into my Lap

At the time I didn’t realize, but one night changed my life. I had a small baby and I desperately needed out of the house. I left my daughter with my husband and went to a STRANGER’S house on our Air Force base for an essential oil class. You guys, that’s how desperate I was. I actually showed up to a party at a stranger’s house!

I left the class very intrigued with the idea of natural medicine. I went home and my husband and I decided to get the smallest starter kit – the Family Physician’s Kit.

Two weeks later, my daughter’s bad tummy issues were completely gone thanks to the oils. That’s when I brought up the idea of starting my own home oil business to my husband. I don’t think he thought it would go anywhere, but he knew that I needed a purpose outside the home. I needed something else. So he agreed to my business proposal (a $100 monthly commitment).

You might be able to see where this is going. I didn’t at all at the time. I thought that I’d love to one day be an Elite (doTERRA Rank) and get our oils paid for. In my wildest dreams, I thought I’d probably make Silver eventually (lowest doTERRA leadership rank). But I didn’t make the connection yet that this might be tied to God’s larger purpose for my life. This was just my side-business.

That’s all MLMs are, right? They are *just* side-businesses and never actually lead anywhere…

Boy, was I wrong. This had everything to do with God’s purpose for my life.

(doTERRA Compensation Plan and Ranks Explained)

Things Escalated

In just four months, I hit my Elite goal. And in five months, I was Premier.

Okay this is real.

This business really helps people. This business really fits with our ever-changing military life. This business really results in real income. Let’s pick up the pace and treat this like the real thing.

And then God started to lay something really difficult on my heart. He started to tell me to give up a large part of my income. THIS was the service He was calling me to. But I pushed the thoughts aside.

One year into my oil business, I hit Silver. For those that aren’t in doTERRA, this means I was making as much as a first year teacher, but as a stay-at-home mom.

God’s Calling

God kept pulling on my heart.

I mentioned this odd and crazy-sounding calling I felt I had to my husband. I don’t think he much liked it (neither did I at the time). We both enjoyed my paychecks. But knowing we shouldn’t ignore something like this, we decided to have a week of prayer specifically over this subject. We prayed individually and would come back together at the end of the week and share what we thought God wanted us to do with my income.

We came back together with the EXACT same numbers and calling.

This income is NOT mine. It belongs to God and I will give it all back to Him if He so-asks. I feel like He dropped this doTERRA opportunity into my lap and it was my job to work hard and to be obedient in the calling He had on my life.

So we Obeyed.

Fast Forward

We have been tempted over and over to be disobedient to God. But it never leads to fulfillment and happiness. It’s tempting to say that we’ll be obedient after my student loans are paid off, or when we hit Diamond, or when we make ‘X’ amount of money a month. But we’d just be lying to ourselves. If we can’t give up small amounts in faith, what makes us think that we’d be able to give up large amounts later? That’s a foolish way to think.

We had to be obedient in all circumstances.

I am now a Platinum in doTERRA. Last year my HOME-BASED business did over a half a million dollars in sales. I now make as much as my husband – a Captain in the United States Air Force – and I’ll probably completely pass him up this year.

But this business and my income are NOT mine. They belong to God. And guess what?

God takes pretty great care of His possessions.

I trust that He knows better than me. Because of this business, we can not only give our own children a better life, but we can support multiple missionary families around the world, we can support our local pregnancy crisis center, and offer financial assistance to friends adopting, and other places where God has called us to give.

Beyond our calling to give, our business does a lot for the families on my doTERRA team. Some have been able to leave their job to pursue the doTERRA business, many make enough to get their essential oils paid for and have extra money to play with, and all have a healthier lifestyle. They can all reach for a bottle of oil or a vitamin before turning to modern medicine.

Free to Give – He’s Making Diamonds Out of Us

At doTERRA we have a phrase, “Free to Give.” It’s a goal that people would grow their home businesses not only to promote healthier lifestyles, and to give families another stream of income, but to get families to a point where they are FREE TO GIVE.

I love that so much. This is the doTERRA culture. To Give. To Love.

My doTERRA Journey to Platinum is a journey of faith and obedience. One day, when I walk Diamond at Gala I will celebrate to the song “He’s Making Diamonds Out of Us” by Hawk Nelson. Yes, this journey will be my literal path to the doTERRA Rank of Diamond but it’s also my spiritual journey. God (He) is making Diamonds out of us along the way.

Your Purpose

I want to charge you all to seek out God’s purpose for your lives.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

Ask God, wait patiently, be open to the opportunities out there.

Imagine the plans God has for you in your job, your marriage, your motherhood, or home-business. What if you did that job and pursued it and worked as if for the Lord? Imagine the wonderful things He could do IN you and what He could do for others THROUGH you.

You just have to choose to Obey.

Learn more about me on my Meet Kaitlyn Page.

Join my Essential Oil Team here.

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Flu Season or Vitamin D Deficiency Season?

It’s Flu season!!!

Or is it Vitamin D deficiency season?

Vitamin D deficiency in the Winter

Vitamin D3 is what our bodies naturally produce when we are exposed to sunlight. We get less sunlight (its cold, so we don’t go outside) in the winter and it takes longer to get enough sunlight because we are further from the sun in the winter months. This leaves our immune systems more susceptible.

Did you know that there’s no seasonal difference in elderly deaths from influenza in the winter compared to summer in Norway? Did you also know that Norway has the highest Vitamin D levels in Europe – attributed to their high consumption of Cod Liver Oil? And that Great Britain has a low Vitamin D level and has TWICE as many elderly deaths due to influenza? I think I want my kids to take some cod liver….(1)

Go check your vitamin for the D3 variety of Vitamin D – make sure it’s REAL. And then I want you to check the IU of Vitamin D in your vitamin. The Daily Recommended amount is only 400IU. This number is way too low. You’ll find in the article below that you should take at least a couple thousands IU of the D3 a day and that if you are a higher risk for a vitamin D deficiency (African Americans and the Elderly) you could need upwards of 5000IU a day.(2)

Vitamin D3 for Kids

DoTERRA’s Kid Chewable Vitamin (A2Z) has Vitamin D3 which is the natural form called Cholecalciferol. If your kid vitamin uses a different type of Vitamin D….sorry to say it’s not real and it might not work as well.

DoTERRA’s IQ Mega for kids (the Omega 3 liquid vitamin) has cod liver oil in it. Cod Liver oil is known for it’s high Vitamin D levels.

Would you like to try some of these Vitamins? Check out my SHOP page – I can get you the highest quality essential oils for you at a 25% off wholesale price. 

Vitamin D3 for Adults

The DoTERRA LifeLong Vitality Pack (bioavailable, natural vitamin pack) has 1600IU of the D3. And then I personally take the doTERRA Bone Nutrient as well that contains an extra 800IU. Our vitamins get us a lot closer to the ACTUAL amount of vitamin D we need everyday. Even then, if you are high risk, I’d consider taking a cod liver as well – yes, you can take a teaspoon of the children’s IQ Mega to get an extra dose.

This is one of the best ways you can protect your family this winter season and support their immune systems.

Other Ways to Protect Yourself
  • Wash your hands regularly! We keep the OnGuard Hand Sanitizing Mist with us at all time to protect ourselves naturally and kill 99% of germs.
  • Make getting good sleep a priority. Here are my top oils to support restful sleep.
  • Use OnGuard Essential Oil Blend in a diffuser to purify the air.
  • Consider applying diluted OnGuard to your child’s feet once or twice a day to support their immune systems.
  • Adults should consider applying OnGuard topically or taking the OnGuard beadlets or caplets internally each day as part of their daily health routine.
  • Make sure that if you are giving your child a fortified food or drink with Vitamin D that it’s fortified with the Vitamin D3. This is not a replacement for the vitamins but it’s a nice addition to get extra Vitamin D.
  • If you do get the flu, here’s What You Need to Know about Antibiotics.

Would you like to try some of these Essential Oils? Check out my SHOP page – I can get you the highest quality essential oils for you at a 25% off wholesale price. 

What are YOU doing to protect your family this season?

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I did/do not want to homeschool.

This was not my plan.

I don’t have anything against homeschooling and I don’t have anything against the public school – I just never imagined that I’d be one of the homeschooling moms. I was public schooled and both of my parents are public school teachers. I honestly just never even considered it an option. Public school served me well so why would I consider homeschooling?

We homeschool for a very different reason than a lot of families.

A lot of families homeschool because…

  • they don’t believe in the public school system of “one size fits all.”
  • they didn’t have a good public school experience.
  • they want to be the primary teacher in their kids’ lives and they want to be the one to establish positive character traits.
  • of religious reasons.
  • *Add your reason here*

I’m sure you know all the normal reasons that you hear over and over.

You see, NONE of those apply to my family.

We homeschool because we are military family.

Did you know that military families are twice as likely to homeschool? Only about 3.4% of the nation’s K-12 kids are homeschooled. Whereas over 6% of military families homeschool. That’s *almost* TWICE as many homeschoolers. (According to PBS.org)

Below I’m going to share the top reasons that military families homeschool that are not the “usual” homeschooling reasons.

Reasons Military Families Homeschool 1. All the Moves

My husband’s job requires that we move a LOT. We’ve been an Air Force family for coming up on five years and we’ve lived in four states already and are awaiting our next orders to move.

Moving this often does not give our kids very much stability in schools. I have an Army friend and her daughter would start 2nd grade at her SEVENTH school! They’ve now decided to pull her home because the moves are too much to move school to school.

2. Different Standards and Curriculum State to State

It’s easy to miss a thing here or there and have gaps (big and small) in curriculum because of moves. At least with homeschooling, there are smooth transitions.

3. Deployments

Not all families go home to family when their spouse is deployed but some do. This can be a huge deciding factor. You can’t just leave if your kids are enrolled in school.

4. Odd Schedules and Heavy Operations Tempo

My husband is a pilot so his schedule is all over the place. Sometimes he’ll be gone Thursday – Tuesday, home Wednesday – Friday, and then back on the road again on Saturday. The schedule is different every week. He’s home different days and hours every week. We like that we can have our “weekend” whenever my husband happens to be in town.

When there is a heavy ops tempo, it means that our spouses are gone flying a LOT. This happens often, so it’s important to us that we are free to be a family whenever he is home.

5. Training

We move a lot. But in between moves, we also have TDYs (training). The Air Force does not pay for us to go to trainings with our spouses but it’s not uncommon for us to pay our own way to go live with them. Many times our spouse will get home from a deployment, be home for a few weeks, and then get sent off to a 1-4 months training. Yea….no. I’m going with him. Homeschooling allows us to pack up, go with him, and be a family.

Learn more Military Acronyms Here.

6. Experiential Learning

Military kids travel. My kids have seen about half of the 50 US states and they are just preschoolers and we are at the beginning of our military journey. I’ve heard of homeschool families changing curriculum based on where they live. They might study botany in a farm-heavy area and study ocean life when they live near a beach. They go and SEE and experience the lessons because they have the opportunities to.

7. Poor Schools near Duty Station

We, as military families, don’t get a say in where we live. We might be sent somewhere with poorly rated schools. Homeschooling is a way that we can make sure that our kiddos are getting the standard of education we desire for them to have.

What are your Military Family reasons for homeschooling? Does this list resonate with you? Comment below! I love to hear from my readers!

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Why Does My Peppermint Oil Smell Different?

If you’ve been using essential oils for awhile or even just starting out, you may open up a bottle of peppermint oil and think “this doesn’t smell like my last bottle” or “this does not smell like the candy cane I was expecting.”

It’s normal to be alarmed.

I was alarmed the first time I went through a bottle of sweet smelling peppermint essential oil and bought a new one. I opened up the new one and this one smelled a lot more earthy and less sugary sweet.

Hmmmm….that’s weird. Right?

Well instead of freaking out, I decided to look into it.

Should Every Batch of Essential Oil Smell Exactly the Same?


Every batch of oils needs to meet purity standards – without a doubt. I personally use doTERRA brand because they extensively test ALL of their oils. There are no official purity standards on the market. The FDA doesn’t really regulate the essential oil industry at all. We as consumers need to do our own research and choose the company with the highest internal standards. I obviously landed on doTERRA. Not only do they have the highest standard on the market (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) but they also publish all of the test results. You can go to the Source To You site, mash in your batch number (can be found on the bottom of your essential oil bottles), and see the results from YOUR oil. This is unprecedented and unlike any other essential oil company.

So doTERRA tests every batch and makes sure there are no impurities, synthetics, etc and that every oil meets a certain chemical profile for each essential oil.

Nature has variety. Synthetics do not.

This is important. If you’ve bought many different batches of oil over many seasons, and it’s never smelled different (even slightly) >> you might have a synthetic oil.

Sometimes we have:

  • colder weather
  • dryer seasons
  • wetter seasons
  • differences in sunlight
  • slight differences in soil variation
  • time of harvest
  • etc.

When you go to a winery and taste the same type of wine, but try different generations, you EXPECT it to taste different and smell different. This is exactly what happens when we are getting our oils as well. These slight variations can happen with ANY essential oil. We just tend to notice the difference in Peppermint essential oil because we’ve been trained since birth to recognize Candy Canes as peppermint (we want to smell only a sweet peppermint).

But this isn’t reality when you are dealing with REAL plants.

I like having Variety.

Variety means slight differences in chemical makeup. (Just slight – it’s still peppermint!) This means that one peppermint from one batch might work a little better in one circumstance over another.

Give me ALL the oils from all the seasons. I’d be happy to accept a bottle of not-so-sweet peppermint.

DoTERRA’s Statement

Because I know some of you may like word directly from doTERRA, I’ve included that as well. I emailed doTERRA Products and asked what they had to say. This is how they responded:

“Thank you for emailing us. dōTERRA’s essential oils are pure botanical extracts and will have slight variances from time to time. This may be due to weather conditions (temperature, sunlight frequency), moisture content (rain frequency, plant water content), and soil conditions (temperature), at the time of harvest. Each essential oil is tested for purity and potency and microbial tests are performed to ensure safety. Nothing is ever added or taken away. The active constituents in the oil always meet our standard, the potency is verified, and we confirm that there are no other contaminants before the oil is released for sale. Please let us know if you have any other questions, and have a great day!”

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Time Management For Your Home Business

Do you feel like you are drowning in all your responsibilities?

You might:

  • Take care of all the cleaning in the home
  • Take care of your young children
  • Homeschool your kids
  • Shuffle your kids to and from all their practices and school
  • Work outside the home
  • Volunteer outside the home
  • and now somehow also build a thriving Home-Based Business

It’s a lot. Sometimes it can become very overwhelming. I am a stay-at-home mama. I have two preschoolers at home that I homeschool, I run this blog, I run a home-based business (doTERRA), and I’m alone much of the time because my husband is a military pilot. I’ve had to find ways to balance my home and business life. Sometimes the lines feel very blurred when you work online from home.

Here are my tips for Time Management for Your Home Business:

Get a Planner

Yup, it’s the first one because it’s the most obvious. You need to control your time and plan how it will be used – don’t let yourself wonder at the end of the week where all the time went.

I love using Plum Paper Planners. They are very customizable and super cute. I have one with a Prickly Pear cover and it has spots everyday for my homeschool schedule, doTERRA business, blogging, social media, dinner plans, and more. But you can also find a ton of options on Amazon or your local Michaels or Target.

If you don’t want a paper planner, commit to using your phone or computer calendar app religiously.

Set Hours for Your Business

Sit down and figure out how many hours a week you spend building your home business. Do you spend 5 hours a week? 40 hours? Now get out your planner or calendar and choose which hours you will work. If the planner says to work from 9-10am everyday – DO IT. Don’t feel guilty for having the kids play by themselves (independent play is SO important). You set aside this time for your job. Really work during your set hours. And if you want, post your hours so that people know when they can reliably get in touch with you.

In my business (doTERRA), I get questions from customers at all hours of the day. Set rules for yourself. I don’t answer questions while I’m at the dinner table, or after a certain time at night, or while I’m homeschooling my kids. Your friends and family will understand. It’s okay to put your family first. Just make sure that during your working hours that you are 100% doing business building activities.

And note that the less hours your schedule for your home business, the slower you will probably progress. And the more hours you put in, the faster you will rank up. Don’t be upset when you are working 5-10 “real” hours and you aren’t ranking up as fast as people putting in 40-50 hours a week.

Stop “Hanging Out” and Calling it Work

You know what I mean. You jump on Facebook and you hang out in a builder/consultant Facebook group. You chat about the business with people or give other people on cross lines advice. It’s a nice thing to do but it’s NOT a real business building activity. If it doesn’t directly result in supporting your customers or team, it’s not work. Understand the difference.

This also goes for customer groups. You should engage in YOUR customer/VIP groups as much as possible. And if you see your customers or builders asking questions in other groups, by all means help. But if you are spending a lot of time acting like an admin in a group that is NOT yours – it’s not work. I see people answering everyone else’s customer’s questions and calling it work. No it’s not. It’s nice and it’s helping other people but it’s not directly building your team.

I used to do this.^ But I’m in a LOT of essential oil groups. It’s a huge time suck. Set boundaries. I moderate my Oil groups and Facebook Page, and I only help on other pages if I have a new perspective or it’s my own customers asking. You have to be able to recognize the difference. You can get lost forever in all the Facebook groups.

Use Social Media Schedulers

Social Media Schedulers are amazing! I use PostCron for Facebook and Tailwind for Pinterest. I can then schedule out weeks worth of posts during my set business hours. (This link gets you a month free of the service to see if you like it).

Plus this makes your posts more predictable and optimized. I jumped from practically zero monthly Pinterest views to over half a million Pinterest views in just a few months. I did this by scheduling my Pins with Tailwind. (I wrote a post about it here). And here are other programs I use to make my life easier.

Schedule Time for Personal Development

Network Marketing is just Personal Development wrapped in a Compensation Plan.

Set aside 15-30 minutes everyday for Personal development. This will make your time in general more efficient. Make this a priority and do it EVERYDAY.

While you are at it, start with the book “The Miracle Morning.”

Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself


Did I just say that?

Yup, that’s the Prickly side of me coming out.

It’s so easy to start feeling sorry for yourself. You feel like the world is falling in around you. But it’s not. 90% of the things in your world are IN YOUR CONTROL. And you have 100% control over how you react to situations.

You decide a lot of your schedule (even if it’s just the time not spent at a out-of-the-home job) and whether you will or will not stick with it. And believe me I get it, life just downright sucks sometimes. It feels like everyone else has it together and no one else has the same struggles. Well, newsflash, we all have struggles. All YOU see are the shiny people at the top of your company with success. What you don’t see is all the struggle and hard work they put in to get there.

Pick yourself up, roll on some motivating essential oils, get some grit, and push forward towards your goals.

Get Help

Sometimes, you still need help even with putting together the best schedule. My job takes a lot of time from me right now. I’m okay with it because I know it’s a sacrifice for the long-term and that I’m building massive residual income. But it’s still hard in the moment.

Consider getting help:

  • Hire a weekly babysitter for a few of your business hours.
  • Hire a house cleaner for every other week or once a month.
  • Get a Meal Plan Service a few nights a week. (Still healthy but it’s one less thing to worry about). Try Hello Fresh (this link gets your $40 off your first delivery).
  • Hire a Virtual Assistant.

What are some ways that you’ve better handled time management for your home business? I’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts!

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How To Get A Half Million Monthly Pinterest Views

I just started taking Pinterest seriously a few months ago. Before that, I just had a few random boards, a dozen followers, and hardly any views. I would jump on Pinterest whenever I got a spare moment and randomly pin a few extra items to boards.


I was wasting my time and it wasn’t getting me anywhere.

Bloggers Need to Take Pinterest Seriously

If you are an aspiring blogger you need to up your Pinterest game. Merely pinning each of your blog articles is NOT enough – that’s bare minimum.

There are three main places that people look when they need to find something: Google, Pinterest, and YouTube. For Google, you need to work on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) game. For YouTube, you could start a channel. And for Pinterest, you pin all day long, at strategic times based on your audience.

I went from basically zero blog views from Pinterest to over 20k blog views monthly from Pinterest in just a few months. And that number grows each month. It’s a big deal.

How to Succeed with Pinterest
  • Pin items relevant to your customer base
    • My main audience is moms. So I have boards like Mom Life, Preschool Homeschool, Pregnancy, Natural Life boards, Cleaning Boards, Mom Boss boards, plus a few seasonal and recipes boards.
    • You won’t see me re-pin items for Soccer fanatics or How to Repair your Car, etc. Those don’t apply to my customer base.
    • These pins do NOT need to be all your content. It’s important that you re-pin other people’s content.
  • You need to pin a minimum of 25-35 pins a day.
  • Pin at peak customer base times.
    • Don’t just pin all at one time each day. Spread them out throughout the day focusing mostly on when your customer is online.

It’s as easy at that. Stick to those three basic rules and you’ll get your over half million monthly views in no time.

Buuuuuut, you ask me, how do I do this without going crazy??

It’s a valid question.


Pin now for later

Yup, I’m going to recommend a Pinterest scheduler. And I’m recommending it because IT WORKS.

I pay a small monthly fee and Tailwind schedules pins for me.

How it works:

  1. Sign up with Tailwind (the first 100 pins are free).
  2. Go to Pinterest and find pins. Instead of pinning them, add those pins to a queue.
  3. Add a ton to your queue.
  4. Go over to Tailwind and shuffle your queue (that way you don’t post from the same category right after each other. It’s a good mix up.)
  5. Tailwind will analyze your viewers and pin those pins for you at the best times. I set my Tailwind so that it pins at least 25 pins a day.
  6. Watch your Pinterest views rise!

It’s that easy. I go on Pinterest once a week or every other week and I pin a week or two worth of pins at a time. It’s made Pinterest so easy!


A perk of using Tailwind is their Tribe feature. You can join Tribes with different topics like Homeschooling, Recipes, Crafts, etc. This is a great way to get YOUR blog pins a jump start. After you publish a post, add your post to a relevant tribe.

These tribes are similar to Pinterest Group Boards. Most groups require vertical images. Most also have a share one, pin one rule >> check with each Tribe for their rules.

Go try it! Let me know how it goes for you. I’d love to hear your feedback! Tailwind has been so amazing for me. It’s better for time management and it works so much better than randomly pinning a ton of stuff.

The post How To Get A Half Million Monthly Pinterest Views appeared first on The Prickly Pilot's Wife.

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Opportunity for Impact

Make this Christmas season different by making a difference. Try celebrating Christmas by choosing gifts that give back. Let’s take a look at a few numbers….

The United Nations estimates that it would cost $30 billion/year to end world hunger. (1)

In the United States (according to Forbes) alone we spend about $1 trillion on holiday spending.(2)

So let that sink it….Think about what even a fraction of that money could do if we all decided to donate even just a portion of that money.

  • If we all donated 100% of our holiday spending money we could theoretically end world hunger for 33 years!
  • We could all portion off as little as 3-4% of our holiday cash and end one year of world hunger at a time.

YOU have the opportunity to make a world impact with your purchases.

There’s a lot of different stats out there so I’ll share a second scenario with more conservative numbers. According to ABC news, we spend about $465 billion on holiday gifts and items each year. (3) So even with this smaller number we could end world hunger for 15+ years or portion off 7-8% for one year at a time. Either way the numbers go, we have a big opportunity here.

Christmas Gifts That Give Back

Now we all like to give gifts to our families and friends for Christmas. I’m not advocating that everyone completely give up their Christmas. But maybe we can buy a few of our gifts from companies that give back?

Think about what you want to support:

  • Do you want to support families in third world countries by donating sheep or a flock of ducks or even a hive of bees? I bet it’s cheaper than you think.
  • Do you want to buy your wife or mom a pretty necklace but it be made by people in desperate need of jobs in developing countries?
  • Do you want to buy a sustainable product from a developing country and to find a company that also build up the communities surrounding their facilities or farms?
  • Do you want a gift where all the profits are donated?

Think about what kind of impact you want your Christmas to make and whether you want an actual gift available for someone to open. Once you’ve decided what kind of IMPACT you want your Christmas to have you can move to my next portion of the post where I suggest a few companies.

Mustard Seed Marketplace

The Mustard Seed Marketplace gives back in more ways than one. They give to many causes – sometimes it’s feeding the hungry, others it’s creating jobs for those overcoming sex trafficking.

This is a shop with many gift options including cute clothes, jewelry, home decor and more.

They have some cool options like this bullet casing necklace that provides 7 meals for children:

Hope Outfitters

Hope Outfitters is one of those companies that give 100% of their profits to those in need. Every four months they choose a different campaign that supports hurting people all over the world. This faith-based shop has lots of clothing options for men, women, and kiddos. Most options are graphic tees or hats.

This is a great place to find gifts for the young men in your life. I find that it’s generally easy to find give-back gifts for women but not always for men. This shop actually has some pretty cool tees for guys. For more men’s tee options also try Unlock Hope.



Whether you want to donate a bee hive to someone in need or a a whole ark of animals, you can do so through Heifer International. You can even pay for a year of school for a girl in need.

And it’s so affordable.

Use some of your gift money towards a donation like this and then write a note (with or without a small token) saying that you gifted a family in need a gift that keeps giving. This is perfect those people that are hard to get gifts for because they “have everything.”

And this company only uses 5% for overhead administrative cost. They also have a few other gifts that give back in their marketplace like coffee, chocolate, ornaments, etc.

Consider getting a Goat shape ornament from Heifer and donate a goat and gift the ornament with a note about the donation. Your friend still gets to open a gift but the majority of the money went to someone in need.


Yup, you knew I was going to mention this one since it’s one that I’m so passionate about. DoTERRA is an essential oil company – but they are an essential oil company with a big heart for giving back. DoTERRA pays fair wages, cuts out the middle men, and then builds up the communities surrounding their farms and facilities. DoTERRA even has a foundation called the Healing Hands Foundation. DoTERRA covers 100% off the over head costs so that 100% donated to the foundation, ends up in the hands of those in need.

Healing Hands Foundation Gifts

  • HOPE roller bottle ($20)
    • Essential Oil blend of Fractionated Coconut Oil, Bergamot Fruit*, Ylang Ylang Flower, Frankincense Oil, and Vanilla Bean Absolute.
    • Cost of the oil itself is covered by doTERRA so 100% of your purchase cost ($20 per bottle) goes towards an organization called the O.U.R. Rescue. This company, supported by the Healing Hands Foundation, is an organization of the world’s experts in extraction operations and anti-child-trafficking efforts who have come together to bring an end to child slavery and sex trafficking.
    • Additional Info
  • Rose Lotion ($20)
    • This lotion is infused with Rose essential oil.
    • Like the HOPE roller, 100% of your purchase cost ($20) is donated to the Healing Hands Foundation. The Healing Hands Foundation builds schools, digs wells, and gives micro-loans, etc to those in need all over the world.
    • Additional info
  • Emergency Relief Kits ($100)
    • YOU will not get these kits. Your donation is taken to buy these kits to distribute to those in time of need. If a part of the world has suffered from a natural disaster, doTERRA sends a team with these kits to distribute. They even sent trucks-full to those in need in Texas after the hurricane this last September.
    • Your $100 provides 4 kits including
      • dōTERRA Melaleuca Touch
      • Towel
      • Toothbrush
      • Adhesive Bandages
      • Deep Blue Rub Samples
      • Salon Essentials Shampoo & Conditioner Sample Packets
      • dōTERRA On Guard Toothpaste samples
      • 1.4 oz dōTERRA SPA Serenity Bath Bar

If you are interested in donating through doTERRA you can do so through my SHOP page on this blog.

DoTERRA strives to source as many of their oils through co-impact sourcing – so even just your normal oil purchases through doTERRA go to helping people in need.

See what Co-Impact Sourcing means:

Impacting Lives with doTERRA Co-Impact Sourcing - YouTube

See how doTERRA sources Wintergreen from Nepal.

Sourcing doTERRA Nepalese Wintergreen Essential Oil - YouTube


This is a company you can purchase through to still get your family and friends beautiful gifts but still make a positive impact on the world.

Nooday’s mission is based on the verse Isaiah 58:10

“and if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.”

This company provides much needed fair trade jobs for women all over the world. Consider getting a cute bag made in Nepal and pair it with a Nepalese bottle of Wintergreen for a cute gift pack.

You guys, their jewelry is REALLY nice and super cute and on trend. The pieces are so cool.

I am not a distributor for Noonday, I just love the products. You can find a noonday ambassador near you here or use my girl here.

Many More Options

Pin Now for Later!

Here’s a variety of other shops that I think will help meet your needs. These shops carry a variety of fair trade gifts or gifts that give back. Most carry jewelry, clothes, and more.

What are your favorite Christmas Gifts that Give back??

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Let’s spice up our life! Say hello to doTERRA Clove Essential Oil!

doTERRA Clove Essential Oil

Clove is most commonly known for it’s usefulness in the kitchen. It’s a beautiful oil that we love to add to our baking (like to our pumpkin bread recipe). But it also has many therapeutic benefits too!

Clove essential oil is harvested from the unopened flower buds of the evergreen tree.

Purity and Sustainability

As always, be sure to purchase responsibly. Not all essential oils are created equally. There isn’t great regulation on the market. Just because a label says 100% pure doesn’t mean you are getting the safest, purest, or a responsibly sourced product. WE as consumers have to do our research and purchase the best essential oils for our family and WE have to change the market by buying from companies that source sustainable products and pay fair wages.

I did my research and I fell on doTERRA and their Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade standard (CPTG). I believe that doTERRA has the highest purity standards on the market for their essential oils. They also responsibly source sustainable oils and pay fair wages to everyone involved. They even bring in schools, micro-loans, medic clinics, wells, etc through the Healing Hands Foundation to build up the communities around where their oils are sourced.

doTERRA is the only brand of oils that I recommend.

Would you like to try some of these Oils? Check out my SHOP page – I can get you the highest quality EOs for you at a 25% off retail price. 


Essential oils are incredibly safe forms of natural medicine. But they are also extremely powerful and they need to be respected. Oils are listed as neat, sensitive, or hot. All oils should be diluted but knowing if your oil is neat, sensitive, or hot tells us how much an oil should be diluted.

Clove is a HOT oil.

ALWAYS, always diluted clove essential oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil. Clove has a warming sensation that can be overwhelming.

Clove can be used internally, aromatically, and topically.

Clove is safe to be used it many ways. You can diffuse it or smell it straight from the bottle (aromatically). You can apply it topically on your body with a carrier oil (remember it’s hot). Or you can take internally by adding it to your food or using a veggie cap. I even find it comfortable to swish in my mouth with an ounce of water – I find that the ounce of water reduces the warming effect more than an enough for me.

Physical Uses & Benefits

Pin Now for Later!

  • Soothe gums. Check out this side-by-side comparison of clove and a topical numbing cream. This is why sometimes your oral surgeon gives you clove after surgery!
    • Swish clove and water for gum discomfort.
    • Add 1-2 drops of Clove Essential Oil to a 10 mL roller bottle topped with fractionated coconut oil. Apply a little of the mix to your finger and then dab on a toddler’s gums for a soothing effect.
  • Oral health – get some sparkly whites! This study blows my mind – Clove is so good for your teeth.
    • Use clove as a natural mouthwash. Swish one drop in with an ounce of water.
    • Brush your teeth and add a drop of clove to your toothpaste.
    • Oil pull with raw coconut oil and a drop of clove.
    • Use doTERRA’s OnGuard Toothpaste. It’s infused with clove essential oil.
  • Immune Support (1) and (2)
    • Apply a drop with some carrier oil (like coconut oil) to the bottoms of your feet or along your spine.
    • Diffuse Clove to help purify the air and support your immune system.
    • Add of drop of clove to a small glass jar and mix in a couple tablespoons of fractionated coconut oil. Take a qtip, dip into the mix, and swipe the insides of your baby’s mouth when dealing with specific immune issues. Reapply with new qtip at each diaper change until problem goes away. (2)
  • Baking and Cooking
  • Powerful antioxidant properties
  • Supports cardiovascular health
    • Take a drop or two internally each day in a veggie cap.
Emotional Uses
  • Diffuse Clove essential oil when you want to feel empowered and courageous.
  • Stop relying on others and become independent! Apply Clove essential oil with a carrier oil when you need to be independent and get things done.
Blends Well With:

Melaleuca, Ginger, Wild Orange

Would you like to try some of these Oils? Check out my SHOP page – I can get you the highest quality EOs for you at a 25% off retail price. 

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Pumpkin Bread Recipe

It’s fall and it’s time to make Pumpkin-filled foods! This recipe is for the pumpkin-lover and pumpkin-hater alike. I haven’t met a single person that doesn’t adore this recipe. It’s the classic and delicious Pumpkin Bread!

Ingredients Directions
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degree F.
  2. Grease 2 loaf pans. I love to bake using stoneware. I swear it’s the best way to get a good even bake!
  3. Cut shortening into sugar.
  4. Add eggs, pumpkin, and water.
  5. Blend in flour, baking soda, salt, baking powder, cinnamon, and cloves. If you have CPTG essential oils, I highly recommend you add a few drops of the cinnamon and clove oils. You can use them as a substitution or in addition. I like a lot of flavor and use both – it’s delicious.
  6. Pour mixture evenly into the two pans.
  7. Sprinkle brown sugar on top. (optional)
  8. Bake for about 60-70 minutes. Insert a toothpick to check that the center is cooked through.
  9. Enjoy!!!

Serve with coffee and pumpkin spice creamer for breakfast or as a yummy afternoon treat!

Did you try this recipe? Let me know in the comments!! I love to hear back from my readers!

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