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The Mompreneur Hustle by The Mompreneur Hustle - 10M ago
Warning: No Sugar Coated Bullshit Here

I’m going to be honest, it hasn’t been a great day, or couple of days. I’m probably not going to have anything positive or uplifting to say here. I started this blog to discuss my journey in Mompreneur Life, which includes but not limited to: the good, the bad, the ugly, the beauty and the negative bullshit that is Mom and Entrepreneur Life. I said from the beginning I was going to be REAL here, you won’t find any sugar coated bullshit from me and damn if I’m not about to drop a load of un-sugar coated bullshit on you! So this is your warning, if you can’t handle Real Talk, some negativity and my Mom Rant, then you should probably stop reading this post now. Maybe my post on the Mompreneur Casserole would be more your speed?

Is It Time For School To Start Yet?

So, our oldest has been out of school since the 9th of June and doesn’t go back until the end of August. The…END…of…AUGUST. (Insert freaked out emoji) I love him, he’s an amazing kid, one of the best and sweetest there is and such a great big brother. But damn if he doesn’t add to the chaos on such a different level. He may be 8, but he’s not exempt from adding to the chaos and struggles of this already struggling mommy.

They are three very busy, loud, messy, crazy, restless and relentless little boys, all with their own strong personalities that add such different dynamics to our every day lives. I get it, they need to be kept busy, they are boys. But holy shit ya’ll, this is insane! The constant fighting and yelling, screaming and fighting and mess making, snacking – because God forbid they eat an actual meal. And did I mention the fighting?! It’s driving me up the damn wall!! I feel like I spend most of the week being mean, naggy mommy who’s no fun. Why do I have to end up with a sore throat, a head ache and high blood pressure by the end of the day in order to accomplish anything, and I mean ANYTHING?!

It Hasn’t All Been Bad

We spent a week in Florida with family where we got to do lots of fun things – they weren’t nagged too much. We came home and two weeks later were at the beach with more family, where again, they were fairly free from that mean, naggy mommy. I’ve taken them to some fun places, the pool, a museum, the park and ice rink (well, that’s more for the 8yr old) to name a few. They’ve spent some time at grandma’s where they are certainly free from mean, naggy mommy and treated to all of their hearts desires. So if you’re feeling sorry for my kids so far, don’t, they’ve had a pretty awesome summer considering.

But I’m Tired

I am tired, I am tired physically, mentally and emotionally. So fucking tired. This is a whole new level of tired that has nothing to do with lack of sleep. I am so tired of being a referee, breaking up fights, decifering who ‘started it’, or who had that toy first. I’m so tired of asking nicely for them to do, or not do something; when I just end up becoming psycho mom because that’s apparently the only way to get their attention.

I’m tired of the madhouse we live in where everything is a mess, all of the time, toys everywhere – don’t get me started on the damn toys!! Snack wrappers and crumbs everywhere, blankets and pillows that can never seem to stay on the couch or beds and laundry, Oh God the laundry!!

Going anywhere with them is like herding cats! Trying to get out of the house, herding cats; getting in to the truck, herding cats; going in to store, pool, or wherever we have planned to go that day, herding cats. They whine and cry over everything and I mean EVERYTHING! You did something they wanted to do, you wouldn’t do something they wanted you to do; their brother was playing with a toy they didn’t know existed until they saw their brother with it. You didn’t put the right shoes on them, or God forbid you want to hold their hand so they don’t run out in front of a car! GASP!!

Did I mention how fucking tired I am?

Don’t Listen To Them

This shit is fucking hard! My fellow Stay At Home Moms out there, if ANYONE tells you otherwise, you can swiftly tell them to FUCK OFF because they obviously have no clue!! Do I feel greatful and blessed to have the ability to stay home with my boys and be there for them no matter how ridiculous the request may be? You’re damn right I am! But does that make it any less difficult to navigate? Hell no!! Does that mean I have no right to express my frustration? NOPE! So if you’ve gotten this far and you’re saying things like, “well you should be greatful you have the ability to stay home with your kids”, or “you chose this life, deal with it”, “go get a job and stop complaining”, here’s a quick message for you – FUCK OFF. I AM greatful and I AM dealing with it. Ranting and getting my messsage out to other Moms who are going through the same struggles IS me dealing with it, so YOU deal with it!

There’s No Such Thing As Perfect

This idea that we all have to be perfect as Mothers, be it a SAHM or a Working Mom, Single Mom, etc. is insane! It’s part of the reason why so many of us are feeling the exact way I am feeling and describing to you here! We are NOT perfect! I don’t give two shits what Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest have to say about that, or Mrs. Suzy Homemaker down the street. WE ARE NOT PERFECT – We can’t do it all and shouldn’t pressure ourselves so hard to feel we HAVE to be able to do it all, especially while putting on the perfect “look at me, my life is perfect” face. *Gag me with a spoon!* – We are only humans trying to do our best to raise tiny humans who we hope won’t grow up to become worthless assholes.

Mean, Naggy Mommy It Is

So if I have to be the most loving, caring and helpful mean, naggy mommy in order for that not to happen, then that is what I will be, but fuck if it’s not tough. I know I hear all of the time, “you’ll miss this one day”, “it’ll all be over before you know it”, “wait until they become teenagers”, “soon you will have no say or control over them”, “it gets easier”, etc., I’ve heard it all before, several times before by MANY people and although I appreciate the kinds words and helpful reassurance that this craziness isn’t forever, it doesn’t help. All of us moms in this stage of life, with several small children, we know, we know time flies, we know they won’t be little forever and will soon not need our kisses for their boo boos or need our help putting on shoes or using the potty, or holding their tiny hands while walking down a parking lot; we know all of this, which is probably one reason why we put so much pressure on ourselves; but that doesn’t make this season of life any less difficult to navigate.

You’re Not Alone

So to all of you moms out there in this season of life, I feel your pain, I am living breathing proof that this pain and extreme exhaustion exist. You’re not alone, there are more of us out there, don’t be afraid to cry, yell, scream or crawl in to a hole with a margarita and some tacos for a bit when you need to release and regroup. We aren’t perfect and that’s ok, this life is not for the weak and we aren’t weak, but holy shit, some times we just need to let it all out. #endmomrant

 I know this wasn’t the most positive or uplifting message I’ve put out there. If nothing else, I hope that by sharing that my struggle as a Mom is so real, you won’t feel alone, no matter what your ‘status’ as a Mom is.

Feel free to comment below with what your most recent Mom struggle was! We’re all in this together, so we can Rant together!

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The post A Mom Rant appeared first on The Mompreneur Hustle.

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But First, Mom Guilt

Let’s face it, we all feel guilty at some point or another for spending our days in our work space working away on our business while our littles make due with movies, snacks for meals and entertaining themselves somehow. Or, how about feeling guilty for being exhausted and not wanting to do much other than lay on the couch after pulling an all-nighter working the night before?

I know, I get it, having littles home while also running a business is a struggle. We constantly struggle with whether we should push work aside to be with our littles, or let our littles watch movies and eat snacks all day so we can work without having to pull an all-nighter. But they are there with us, which is an awesomely amazing thing! They can come to us when they need us, even if it’s a long journey up the stairs. But that doesn’t leave us with any less guilt.

Recently, since I became busier with work,

Side note: is it weird calling what we do “work” to anyone but me? I struggled with it for a while when I first began my Mompreneur career, like, am I REALLY “working”? I get to do what I love and make money at it. It just feels weird calling it “work”. But I digress.

Since becoming busier, I have had to spend a lot more time during the day working, trust me, I can only work so many all-nighters in a row before I am complete shit, we won’t discuss how I’m aware of this fact. As a mom of three with a business to run, I ain’t got time for being complete shit. So yes, day time hours have had to be spent in my office working away quite often lately.

So far this summer I have heard: “Mommy, why do you work so much”? “Mommy, come play with us”. “Mommy, are we going to do anything FUN today?” Ugh, really little dude? Movies and eating whatever you manage to sneak from the pantry isn’t FUN?! You had prefer my full attention so I can tell you NO to every snack you choose, or the soda you sneak from the fridge or your beating up your little brother?  That’s what I REALLY want to say. But then the guilty Mommy comes out and slaps selfish, workaholic Mommy in the face and says, maybe we should do something FUN, maybe I do need to put this work stuff aside and focus on my littles.

The guilt is real, the struggle is real, but the hustle is real-er ya’ll!

Take your struggles and grow from them The Struggle To Give Up Is Real

Look, I’m going to be honest here, my kids are not my only priority in life. GASP! I know, crazy, right? I have other priorities in my life that don’t involve my precious littles! But I did make the decision, along with my husband, that I would stay home with my kids. I wouldn’t go “work for the man” so I could be the one to take care of our boys every day. Be there for our school-aged boy if he needed to be picked up from school early for an appointment or due to illness. And let’s not forget the hubby, he gets his fair share of being taken care of too. haha

I did choose the SAHM life, but I also chose the Entrepreneur life. I chose to have more, do more and show my boys that their Mommy is bad ass and can accomplish so much more than changing a diaper on the fly, making the best damn Lunchable Pizza you’ve ever had or become a make-shift airplane from time to time.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been plenty of days that I have been working where my littles refuse to allow me to do so without an interruption every 5 minutes. Little hands grabbing for supplies, trying to play with equipment, either mine or their daddy’s. The questions, oh God, the questions, “Whatcha doing mommy”? “Can I help”? “What is that?” “Ooo can I have one”? “Can we watch a movie in here”? Not to mention just the general every day Mommy stuff. It’s frustrating! It’s hard and yes, I struggle with wondering if it’s all worth it or not.

Sometimes I think to myself, perhaps I should just hang up my Entrepreneur hat and stick to just being a Wife and a Mother. This shit is hard, maybe I’m not cut out for this, or this isn’t what I was supposed to do with my life. Being a kick ass wife and mommy was my ultimate calling.

Let’s face it, I can’t get rid of my kids, the hubby is debatable, but I kind of like really like him, so he stays for good, too. That only leaves one option – shutting down my businesses, calling it quits and giving in to everything that is tough, hard and frustrating. WRONG!

Nothing Worth Having Is Easy

Giving up and giving in, never made anyone successful! Nothing worth having is easy. You must work hard, and in the midst struggles will occur, so you fight through them and get better. You will get knocked down but you will also get back up and keep fighting to get what you want and succeed. That’s why I choose to grab the Mompreneur Hustle Life by the beach ball sized lady nuts and make it my bitch. I WILL succeed as a Mom, Wife AND an Entrepreneur, no matter what. I will not limit myself.

Will it be hard, frustrating and exhausting? You’re damn right it will be! But it will all be worth it. What we learn, how much we grow from this “job”, these experiences, are like nothing else. We are learning and perfecting – ok perhaps perfecting is a stretch – getting better at, multitasking every day. We are becoming stronger in our field of work, stronger as Moms and as wives.

It’s not the easy parts of life that define us, it is how we deal with the hard stuff, how we manage through the struggles and pains and frustrations that define us, make us who we are.

I want my boys to see a Mommy who fought for them, their dad AND herself. I want my boys to see a Mommy who struggled, but didn’t give up and succeeded through it all.

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

               If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse.

I do my best to check myself daily. What did I screw up, what did I forget, etc. But most importantly, what could I do better, how could I make a change, no matter how small. I try to spend my time doing this instead of thinking of giving up on one aspect of my life or another. What good would that do? – I have my dear husband to think for this thought process.

Easier Said Than Done, Am I Right?

I get it, some of you out there are really struggling with this juggle that is the Mompreneur Hustle. You are having a hard time with whether to continue or not. And those struggles may not all be centered around the balance of work and home life, maybe your business just isn’t going how you’d hoped. Most of you know whether it’s what you REALLY want to continue doing or not. I’m not here to make you feel bad for hanging up your Entrepreneur hat to put 100% of your focus on your Mom life. You know your situation better than I do.

But what I do want to stress is this, if this is truly what you want to do, but you still struggle, keep working, take a break from time to time, but don’t give up. Don’t give up on something you have already worked so hard to become and build. Don’t give up on the future of your Mompreneur Life. It can be done, you can do it and WILL do it with hard work, perseverance, and the constant checking of yourself to do better and make changes.

Some changes you must force yourself to make, like putting your work before your kids 1 or 2 days out of the week so you aren’t depriving yourself of too much sleep. Or, putting work aside one day to do something super fun and special with your littles.  Knowing when and where to make those changes is key, and that’s for you to decide, but it can be done.

Do Your Best

Look, whether you became a Mompreneur because you made that choice from the beginning to start your own business so you could stay home with your littles while having something to call your own and make some extra money, or your hobby just so happened to turn in to a business, you have no choice but to do your best.

Don’t give up, keep working hard and keep telling yourself you got this! And if you can’t tell yourself that just yet, I will. YOU GOT THIS!

Now off you go, grab Mompreneur Life by the beach ball sized lady nuts it has and make it happen, I know I am!

Do you have any encouraging words for your fellow Mompreneur Hustlers? Or are you struggling with The Mompreneur Hustle Life? Leave a comment below, we can all learn from each other and lean on each other.

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The Mompreneur Hustle by The Mompreneur Hustle - 10M ago
A Trip For A Band Turned Family Vacation

Myself, my hubby and our 3 boys just got back from a week in Tampa, Fl. It was a great week, one where we were going back and forth on whether to make a family trip or not. Why? Well, because it didn’t start out as a family vacation, it all started in January when U2 announced the Joshua Tree Tour. Hubby and I have been to 4 other U2 shows together spanning over the past two tours since 2009. We have seen the U2 boys in Raleigh, New Jersey and Boston – all trips were made kid-free. They were not only a time for us to see our favorite band live, in all of their glory, but a time for us to get away, together, spend much needed one-on-one time together and do something we were both so passionate about.

U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 Photo Credit: U2

But this go around, we chose Tampa. We have family there – whom I’m embarassed to say how long it had been since we’d seen – and after talking with them, we decided to make this U2 trip a family vacation. My sister-in-law and family were so gracious….and brave….to have our Tribe to her house for the week. And I mean B-R-A-V-E. Our little nuggets are no joke. Waking before 7am, causing chaos almost as soon as their little feet touched the floor the entire week – I’m sure the silence in their house once we pulled out of their driveway was welcomed!

Creating Memories, Not Having Stuff

It was a great week, I enjoyed the memories we made with our boys, one in particular, hitting up LegoLand. They had been begging since early in the year to go there for their Birthdays.

We have recently adopted a policy on giving experiences and making memories for gifts versus buying them loads of crap they’ll play with for a few hours and then toss aside only to end up in the trash or the Goodwill bin.

We spent time in the pool and even got a chance to check out a Gulf of Mexico beach; Tarpon Springs! Just beautiful, so different from the Outter Banks of North Carolina.

There were so many highlights and memories made with our boys, but nothing compares to what really brought us to Tampa – seeing U2 live at Raymond James Stadium on Wednesday night (June 14th).

Finally, The Real Topic of This Post

So, I have passions outside of being a Mom and an Entrepreneur! SAY WHAT?! That’s right, I have passions that go beyond my kids and my work. I AM A PROUD AND PASSIONATTE U2 FAN! Whew! Glad to get that out there, finally! These Irish guys, this band, their music is a passion of mine outside of Motherhood and Entrepreneurhood. There is nothing like seeing this band live, NOTHING. A concept I could not understand when my hubby and I first met and his secret obsession was revealed. I had always liked this band, but to his level, eh, I didn’t get it.

U2 360 Tour 2009 Photo Credit: Allison Lee

Let’s go back to October 3, 2009 at the Carter Finley Stadium in Raleigh, NC (my home town). This would be the beginning of a new passion of mine. My first live U2 experience, 1 row deep from the main stage. It was the most amazing experience up to that point of my life. This was for the 360 tour (you can check out the full concert here if you’re wanting to see what the fuss is all about) and if you’re familiar, you know just how massive of a set up, (check out this cool time lapse video of the stage set up) and how amazing the show was; to this date, the highest grossing tour of all-time. I was immediately hooked, in love and obsessed with U2!

U2 Innocence & Experience Tour Boston 2015 Photo Credit: Allison Lee

With each show we go to, our passion and love of U2 is only amplified that much more. We saw two shows for the Innocence and Experience tour in 2015, one of which we were right on the rail of the B-stage. I was so close I could see the sweat drip from Bono’s face, I could hear Larry’s actual drum beats, not just what you hear come through the sound system. I swear Bono looked straight at me at one point too. (Don’t we all ladies? But I swear, it happened! haha)

U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 Photo Credit: Allison Lee Finding What You Did Not Know You Were Looking For

For The Joshua Tree Tour revamped for 2017, we could not wait to get our spot on the rail and experience the show as close as we possibly could.

Side note:  you don’t even want to get me started on the ticketless entry bullshit. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law were supposed to be there with us, but because of this bullshit system, you apparently can’t have a work issue to deal with and come in later than the rest of your party. So instead, you get screwed on seeing the show and the $$ paid for the tickets. It’s complete bullshit and needs to go. It’s not preventing scalpers, it’s making things more difficult for true, real fans. Real Fans who, I don’t know, have shit come up they can’t help and have to eat a ticket, or two because of this bullshit system. Have I mentioned that this ticketless entry stystem is bullshit?

Anyways…I’ll back down off of my soapbox now.

U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 Photo Credit: Allison Lee

This time around, we got great numbers for GA, 151 and 152, and at 5pm, we ran….I mean walked swiftly….to our spot, right on the rail at the tree stage, to Larry Mullen’s right (he’s the drummer by the way).

A quick fact about me: I grew up around drummers, my dad, brother and uncle all played the drums and I found myself beating around a bit on my brother’s drum set before he moved out. We have no space for a real drum set, but until then I will kick ass on the Rock Band set or tapping my hands and fingers to almost any beat.

So being so close to Larry always has such a special place in my heart. #iwanttobelarrywhenigrowup

U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 Photo Credit: Allison Lee (and nice lady who took the picture for me)

He kicked off the show to the opening beat of Sunday Bloody Sunday and from there the tears began, and the excitment and high never ended. That could have been due to the guy smoking weed next to me the whole time, but whatever. I was excited, happy and in my glory. Experiencing a passion of mine, with my best friend (a.k.a my Hubby) and not a care in the world; not even thinking of my boys.

Who I knew were in good hands back at their Aunt and Uncle’s house, hanging with them and their cousins probably not missing us much anyway. We are so thankful to them for not only having us for much needed family time, but so we could also get away to experience and enjoy something we love so much. We only wish they could have joined us as originally planned. Did I mention already what bullshit the ticketless entry system is?

The work that needed to be done when I got home, or this blog post or the million other things a Mompreneur has to do; I wasn’t thinking about it. I was enjoying my passion, for me, because I deserve that – I deserve to have something outside of Mom Life and Entrepreneur Life, we all do.

U2 is something I can be crazy over, I can love and rely on to help me forget, if only for  moment, all of those things.  See, as mothers and entrepreneurs, we tend to get so damn caught up in being a Mom, being an Entrepreneur, we forget ourselves. We forget that we are more than that and deserve more (hell even demand more).

We are more than a:

  • snack bitch
  • ass wiper
  • referee
  • short order cook
  • maid
  • creator extraordinare
  • ‘customer care rep’
  • accountant (wait…what?)

We have (or should have) passions outside of that. Something that can lift us up in a different way, take our minds off of those things that we have to think about, and worry about; day in and day out. Those things in life that we love so much, but that also tend to stress us out just as much.

We need to learn to take a break, and not just a ‘I’m going to sit on the couch, binge on Netflix and eat ice cream’ kind of break.  But a true, ‘I’m going to get away and experience something I absoutely love and enjoy’ kind of break.

Side Note: if ice cream and Netflix is that for you, great, but don’t sell yourself short on the passions in life.

U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 Photo Credit: Allison Lee Being Passionate About a Band Is For Crazy People

Then call me crazy. I never thought I would become such a passionate fan over a band. But that first live experience solidified my passion for this band, what they offer, how hard they work to entertain their fans and keep them coming back for more. Yes, kids, time and money keep us from following them around as much as we would like, but we will take our few opportunities to live one of our passions and live it hard.

What this band provides, in my mind, heart and soul is something I am not sure I can fully describe; knowing so much of U2’s music and the song’s meanings, for me, it is a religious experience. It cuts deep to my roots, hits me hard and lingers deep in my soul.

U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 Photo Credit: Fellow Fan since I was too much in awe to take a picture of this scene myself The U2 Fan Family Is One of a Kind

Being a fan, a part of the U2 Fan Family, takes it to a whole other level. U2 fans are simply some of the best people and I am honored to be a part of them. It is truly something when a crowd of 60-80 thousand fans sing and cheer for the entire show. Taking their phones out to light up the stadium upon Bono’s request – an absolute breathtaking scene from the view point as a GA’er.

Coming together with so many different people from so many different backgrounds, yet for one night – we are One! Needless to say, the U2 Live experience stays with me heavy for weeks after and is never forgotten. An experience my hubby and I plan to take advantage of for as long as possible, as many shows as possible. #nextstopbuffalo

I would love to hear from you…

Leave a comment below with what passion(s) you have outside of your family and work life. Had an awesome U2 experience? Please share!! #fortheloveofU2

The post For The Love Of U2 appeared first on The Mompreneur Hustle.

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The Mompreneur Hustle by The Mompreneur Hustle - 10M ago
Mompreneur Casserole

Mompreneur Casserole, What?

In my debut blog post here at The Mompreneur Hustle, I described the Mompreneur life as a giant “mystery casserole” where all responsibilities of motherhood and entrepreneurhood are cooked together, like a giant mystery casserole. Did you miss that? You can go here and read up on it to get yourself up to speed.

So what the hell does that mean exactly? How can you really compare Mompreneur Life to a casserole? It’s pretty simple and you start with the ingredients.

Ingredients of a Mompreneur Casserole

Just like any casserole, the ingredients vary. Do you want a breakfast, egg-based casserole full of sausage and onions, or a chicken and broccoli casserole, simple and easy, perfect for a quick dinner? Create a fiesta in your mouth by spicing it up a bit with a taco casserole, perfect for Taco Tuesday, or Wednesday, because every day is Taco Tuesday.

Bottom line, they all take different ingredients. Some are more similar than others. Some may need a longer cook time or higher temperature than others, but in the end, they come out the same, a delicious mish-mosh of ingredients, baked to perfection.

So what makes up a Mompreneur? In my opinion, crazy is one of the primary ingredients that make up a Mompreneur, or maybe I am just speaking for myself, but let’s be honest, there is a reason why ‘Mompreneur’ isn’t the Top job for women these days. You can see here what the most common occupations are and surprise, Mompreneur isn’t on the list. Deciding to raise little humans is scary, deciding to start a business while raising those little humans – CRAZY.

We feed off of and enjoy chaos for some strange reason, or perhaps again I am just speaking for myself? Yea right…We’d rather have more tasks that need attention than we have time for. We’d rather have multiple projects going on at the same time, designs to create, orders to fill, messages to answer, blog posts to write, than sit and put our feet up while binge watching something on Netflix and eating ice cream. Ok, well I can work and eat ice cream, but you get my point. We live and run on the chaos that comes with being a Mompreneur, chaos is our fuel.

Aside from crazy, we Mompreneurs, I believe, all have the drive to work our asses off, even when there’s no more ass to work off. We are determined to be successful, even when success seems a universe away. And most importantly, we know how to get back up when we get knocked down. We keep pushing forward, try new things and are ok when they fail, because that just gives us a reason to hustle harder.

But How Did We Get Here?

Are these ‘ingredients’ to the Mompreneur ‘casserole’, engrained in our DNA, learned by reading and learning from others, failure and success, or do we fake it until we make it?

I believe it’s all of the above. There is no right or wrong answer here. We all create a different casserole, using different ingredients for a different occasion, searching for the same outcome, a beautifully baked Mompreneur casserole.

We got here simply by mixing the right ingredients for what we wanted to achieve. And if for whatever reason those ingredients create and epic fail of a Mompreneur casserole, guess what, we re-make it. We add a bit more drive and determination, tweak the crazy up a notch or two and bake it a tad longer.

Either way it ends up, we are always learning and evolving. Making changes and improvements as needed. We may fail, but we don’t quit. Forever striving to make the most delicious, sought-after Mompreneur casserole possible.

We may find that perfect mix of ingredients that help us achieve our goals, or maybe we find we have several Mompreneur Casserole recipes that works for us. It’s all trial and error, find what works and stick with it. Sometimes you can’t go wrong throwing stuff together to see what happens. I’m sure that’s how most casserole dishes we find so delicious and popular were created, why should our hustle and success be any different?

Are You Hungry Yet?

Now, all of this writing about casseroles has me hungry, how about you? Ready to whip up a casserole? Or maybe you just went straight for the cookies like I did. Whoops. At any rate, I thought I would share a favorite (like legit, you can make it, eat it, not a metaphor for a Mompreneur) casserole.

Growing up my Mom would make this Chicken Casserole, I don’t believe it had a fancy name. It was simple, delicious and comforting. It’s easy to throw together, and as we all know, having something we can easily throw together for dinner on THOSE days is a must! I hope you give it a try and love it!

 I would love to hear from you…

Please comment below, I would love to hear what your best Mompreneur ‘ingredient’ is and while you’re at it, share your favorite casserole dish recipe!

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The post A Mompreneur Casserole appeared first on The Mompreneur Hustle.

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Hustle Good Hustle Hard Whoa! Is this happening? The Mompreneur Hustle Blog is LIVE! 

After a year of thinking about and developing this idea, this Mompreneur has a blog!

I am so excited to finally have this idea that’s been stuck in my brain for a year, become something that is real! I hope this blog is something that fellow Mompreneurs, and Entrepreneurs alike, can relate to. My goal is to be real, share my real life struggles and how I manage to make it through day to day but still come out happy and some what succesful. I would also like for you to see that you’re not alone in this chaos you more than likely put yourself in to, as I did.  Because we’re crazy cool like that.

But I’m not going to lie, the new-blog struggle is real ya’ll! Like where do I start? How do I start? Having topics in mind for future posts is great, but what do I begin with? I have been working on this site and topics for weeks and this first one has been the hardest. What am I “supposed” to do as a new blogger? I suppose there is no “right” or “wrong” way of blogging, so I will just be myself, dive in and figure it the hell out as I go!

Diving In

So, I guess starting this blog is no different than anything else I have done in my life…

I’ve had 3 little humans who are happy, healthy and borderline spoiled. I’ve gone back to school where I completed my Associates degree in 2 years while being a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) to two of the three little humans. I got married to my best friend and teammate in life and I think we’re putting up with each other pretty damn good. And I started 2 businesses in under 2 years, that are slowly becoming succesfull. You can read more about my journey to becoming a Mompreneur in the About Me page. But did I have a clue of what I was doing? Hell no! But some how, I have managed to navigate my way through it all.

So I may not know what I am doing to start. It may take me some time to sort it out, find what works and what doesn’t. But I hustle like hell to figure it out and get it right. I am always striving to be successful in all things I set out to do. So this is no different. I intend to make this blog my bitch and figure it out. And the only way to do that is to just dive my ass right in!

How Did I Get Here?

Maybe my journey to Mompreneur Life sounds familiar. Maybe becoming a Mompreneur was something that happened out of necessity. The necessity to finding a way to make some extra money. Or maybe you just wanted to DO something. Something other than being a snack bitch or a personal ass wiper, jungle gym and referee to the cutest, yet most demanding little humans. Or maybe you knew building a business while raising children was something you always wanted to do. Perhaps your business existed before those demanding little humans came in to your life.

Either way, did you ever imagine how difficult it all would be? Did you realize how much you truly did not know about being a Mompreneur? Like just how much work would have to be put in, constantly, in both Mom Life and Entrepreneur Life? Yea, me either.

No One Tells You How Hard This Is

Being a Mompreneur, or just an Entrepreneur even, is hard ass work. No one really tells you that, or maybe they do, I just didn’t listen, I can be stubborn like that. But man does it smack you in the face so hard. To even be remotely successful you have to hustle and hustle hard. And just when you don’t think you have any hustle left, you have to dig deep and hustle some more! But just when you think you’re on a roll or that you have it all figured out, BAM, you get smacked in the face again where you feel like you’ve been put back at square one.

There always seems to be something that needed to be done yesterday. Time and sleep we never have enough of. And those deamnding little humans of ours couldn’t care less that we have messages to answer, designs to create and orders to make, package and ship off. Does anyone really tell you just how much time and energy has to be put in to all of these things? Did I miss that Memo? Maybe I did…again…

When Motherhood and Entrepreneurhood Collide

How do you manage, how do you juggle it all? How do you get it ALL done and in a timely manner? Yea, that’s a good question. I’m still working on it…

There are some days that I think, “holy shit, how am I going to get all of this done?” Ok, that is MOST days. In the beginning, it seems easy enough, running a business and a household, but eventually, Motherhood and Entrepreneur-hood collide! The line is blurred. There is no just being a Domestic Babe and then just an Entrepreneur. You’re now both, all responsibilities cooked together, like a giant mystery casserole!

There are orders to process, piles of laundry to do, social media posts to create and snacks to grab, open and put in a spill proof dish (yea, those don’t exists by the way). Then dishes and spills to clean all while trying to plan out your next product line or blog post in your head. A million toys need putting away (just to be brought back out in 0.2 seconds flat) and vacuuming what seems to be every surface in your home needs done on almost a daily basis. Oh, yea and then there’s orders, orders that need creating, packaging and shipping off within a timely manner. Where does one end and the other begin? They don’t, I am, you are, a Mompreneur – a casserole of Motherhood and Entrepreneur-hood.

What You Have To Look Forward To Here At The Mompreneur Hustle

Like I said above, I plan to be real, share my struggles as a Mompreneur. No bullshit, I don’t play that. But I want to share so that you know you’re not alone, we are all going through the same or similar struggles. And hopefully you can find some relief by coming here in knowing  you’re not alone. And perhaps you can gain some positive energy to hustle on, don’t give up and continue to strive for success as a Mompreneur. It can be done, we totally got this! It just takes hustle, margaritas and maybe some tears, yea, there’s definitely going to be tears.

This might be
a margarita…Yep, definitely a margarita I would love to hear from you…

Please comment below, I would love to hear about your thoughts on my first blog post or your real life experiences as a current or future Mompreneur. 

The post Holy Cow! This Mompreneur Has A Blog! appeared first on The Mompreneur Hustle.

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