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Today's blog post was inspired by a recent article written by Ethan Vanderbuilt called, "MOBE Scam Shutdown For Bilking $125 Million From Victims". In Ethan's article, he details the way in which the FTC has determined My Online Business Empire (MOBE), to be a scam and has had its assets frozen in a unanimous five to zero vote. This scam is referred to as a "business coaching scheme" The scam involves an endless recruitment scheme in which members get introduced to the program through online advertisements on social media. The advertisements are designed to lure new prospects into an "education system" that offers the opportunity to teach new members how to make thousands of dollars. The way in which they make thousands of dollars is by finding new people to enter the "education system" by purchasing advertisements for "MOBE". The "MOBE" costs can be exorbitant, ranging from nearly two thousand dollars to twenty-five thousand dollars, and this does not include the monthly fees. The more money you pay for the training, the larger commissions you will receive when new members pay for their "education system".

If you have been following this blog for a while, then you will see this "education system" looks similar to the other "education systems" Brandon Odom has designed for selling "Enagic". That's mainly due to the fact that Brandon Odom was a member of "MOBE" and there are videos of him promoting the platform. Here is the video:

Brandon Odom chooses MOBE over MLM and takes responsibility for his own results - YouTube

The funniest part is the comment section in which Brandon has tried to get this video removed. He doesn't want people to make money from his content, unless he is also making money from it.

This is not the first FTC victory against "business coaching schemes", and it looks like they are going to take a more aggressive approach against these people. This type of fraud has been around for centuries, and even though this version involves "webinars" and social media, the hallmark characteristics remain the same as any other consumer fraud. There is a confidence person providing a worthless product or service that is designed to deceptively take money from unwitting participants. In this particular instance, "MOBE" as well as Brandon Odom have provided an "education system" that does not provide any real education or teaching that will help a person earn "thousands of dollars". Instead, the "education system" is a pay-to-play fee used as an entry to an endless recruiting scheme. The "education system" is an unnecessary addition to the fraud and it is designed to obfuscate the real "business opportunity".

This new FTC victory against "MOBE" may be the first step toward Brandon Odom and his "The Ace Initiative" buddies being caught for scamming others. I had previously given Brandon credit for creating "Team Phoenix Marketing", but he had only copied "MOBE" and "GAZ" (Global Affiliate Zone). He hasn't created a "business opportunity" or a unique "education system" that will make his members wealthy, and he has continued to profit from rather than enrich the people that have trusted his programs. Hopefully this video connecting Brandon to the "MOBE" scam will help direct attention to his other "businesses".





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