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Working in an office with all women is quite possibly the best thing to ever happen to me. There are always TV recommendations to binge-watch (thank you to Kelly for always staying home and watching TV — a real martyr for the people), a beauty product to buy (usually à la moi — I also personally believe I provide a lot of insight into the youth, as I’m the youngest person here!), a great new song or playlist from Abigail, a new wellness trend Josie won’t stop talking about, an article Maddie says we all have to read (I swear Maddie, I always read them), a hilarious comment from Allyson, the most amazing quotes from Ojus’s kids, Lauren’s recipes that we all can’t stop making, pictures of Jessie’s adorable (emphasis here) son, Teddy — I could go on for hours.

We’re constantly chatting, talking about what’s going on in our lives, what we’re excited about, and everything we can’t live without (which I like to think “each other” is on this list).

We thought we’d let you in on the fun for once, so we’re sharing everything we’re loving this month. From fitness classes to the best white t-shirt (we’re serious) to summertime candles, we’re giving away some of our best kept office secrets. Scroll on, baby!

Glow Sweet Glow Skin Hydration Gummies

Since jumping off the hormone express that was my daily birth control pill, I've been battling a slew of fun problems as my body adjusts. One of the worst of these being full-blown adult acne. At 29. Yay.

HUM came to the rescue and within a matter of weeks I noticed a change. I started with a 14 day pack of Flawless & Fearless which helps reduce breakouts and clear up your skin and now I'm addicted to the Glow Sweet Glow (they are delicious and taste like candy). These little tangerine gummies are packed with hyaluronic acid to help keep skin moisturized and stimulate collagen production, so not only am I combatting problematic skin, I'm also preventing future problems.

Get 20% off your first HUM purchase by using EVERYGIRL at checkout!

Uncommon Goods
Terrarium Candle

As friends and family members can attest, I've developed a great-yet-unsettling habit of buying a new plant (or fresh flowers) nearly every time I leave my apartment. Like, my best friend recently asked me, "Is your apartment livable or full forest now?" It's definitely not a forest in here yet, but it's probably better for EVERYONE if I cool it for a bit. Enter my latest obsession: these too-cute-for-words terrarium candles. They're plants and flowers without being, you know, plants and flowers. Sign me up.

Turmeric Face Mask 5-Piece Collection

I'm a fan of anything that comes in sheet form. Sheet masks? I would die for them. A fresh sheet of paper? I'll write my to-do list so hard. Actual sheets? Roll me up, bb. ANYWAYS, allow me to reach my point, which is: I have started a distressing-for-my-wallet trend of doing a sheet mask every single night because I'm bougie as all heck and also I can wear it while doing my freelance work at night, as I slide Cheez-Its in my mouth, which is multi-tasking at peak form. I recently discovered that my latest fave is available on Amazon as a pack of five for $8 which is the most seductive thing I have ever heard in my life. I also like to throw my money at these, which are honest-to-god magic and the only sheet mask I've ever used that visibly made a difference in a single 30-min setting.

Universal Thread Classic Tee

I've been on the hunt for the perfect plain white tee for what feels like FOREVER — I've had a few that I've liked, but never one that I've loved. FINALLY, I found the t-shirt of my dreams right in front of my nose — from Universal Thread at Target (for only $8!). My all-summer-long weekend outfit is going to be this plain white tee, my trusty boyfriend jeans, and strappy brown sandals. I love a casual weekend look!

The Container Store
Cabinet-Sized Elfa Mesh Drawer Solution

I'm moving into a new apartment next month, and as the self-titled try-hard I am (or is hardo the new, cool lingo?), I have been obsessing over organization tools (specifically of the pantry and bathroom variety). I mean, sure, Marie Kondo was a cultural phenomenon for a minute and took over all of our closets and Instagram feeds (god bless), but I'm on a new level of organization obsession. Like, The Home Edit is my obsession right now (and if you haven't checked out that guide to organizing and realizing your house goals, you need to — it comes with refrigerator labels, which is basically all I wanted for Christmas this year).

I just ordered some must-haves like this "Crazy Susan" Turntable for the pantry (even the name sounds fun!!), and this gorgeous Bathroom Cabinet Drawer Solution for all the things I want to keep hidden from the world underneath my sink (like the embarrassingly large tub of Epsom Salt I have saved for me-time, or my very necessary Poopourri. Actually — the bottles are so chic, no shame on that one).

Classpass Membership

When I go through a phase of having literally no motivation to workout, the easiest way to get out of it is to try out new classes. I love seeing what's out there, but they're SO expensive if you're just purchasing a single class, and I don't want to commit to a pack unless I know I like it. I recently bought Classpass, and it's one of the best things I've ever done and has made me actually excited to work out. (I know I'm late to this, but I still want to shout it from the rooftops!)

I've been trying new classes every week and trying new studios around me that I normally wouldn't — and I even can use the credits to go to my go-to yoga studio that I usually buy packages for, so I love that it's all condensed in one place. My favorite so far has been Pure Barre — I swear, it works muscles you didn't even know you had!

Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother

I know it's surprising, but I went through a pretty intense ~emo~ phase in high school. (it's not actually surprising, is it?) In my four years, I went from blonde to brown to black to red to bright red (Rihanna style, obviously), and then back to brown to blonde to platinum to blonde again to rose gold to finally realizing blonde is my color. I told you this whole story for a purpose (and not just to embarrass myself): my hair is damaged AF. Aside from my color treatments, heat styling, spending lots of time in chlorine and in the sun, and sleeping in a ponytail (my weakness) have absolutely ruined my hair.

After a long talk with my stylist, I decided to try the Olaplex No. 6 leave-in treatment, and I don't think my hair has ever looked so good. I've gotten more compliments on my hair than I ever have since I started using this product, and I've noticed a difference in the overall texture of my hair, even when I'm not using it. (However, I literally don't want to go a day in my life without this again!)

This post was in partnership with HUM Nutrition, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

The post 7 Items Our Editors Bought (and Loved) This Month appeared first on The Everygirl.

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Open office spaces are all the rage these days. Sure, they look cute on Instagram, and give off major “we’re all in this together” vibes — but let’s face it, if you could call dibs on a private office you probably would. As bleak as a cubicle can be, at least you can have some semblance of privacy throughout the day.

If you’re an introvert, certain aspects of career development may be tricky for you, and working in an open office space is just the start. Networking events, team happy hours, and long days at the office may drain you more than your other coworkers. Being an introvert isn’t a flaw, but it comes with its own set of challenges. If you’re looking to improve your career in a healthy way, how do you do that as an introvert?

1. Accept Yourself

Before we launch into the steps you can take to better your career, let’s take a moment to appreciate where you are now. You’ve gotten this far not in spite of your introversion, but because of it. You owe it to yourself to take the time to reflect on what you need to feel and work your best. If you’re an introvert, you should do what you need to do to feel comfortable.

2. Take Real Breaks

There’s no shame in the eating-lunch-alone game — in fact, this might be the easiest step you can take to improve your career as an introvert. No, you won’t magically get promoted because you eat lunch alone, or take solo walks around the building twice a day, or read a book in the break room instead of making small talk — but these actions won’t do any harm (and they will help you get the recovery time you need during a busy day).

If you find you need time alone during the day to hit the refresh button, go for it. Put your headphones in (with or without sound) while working to signal to others that you don’t want to chat right now. Ask your manager if they can make a designated area of the office for heads-down time. Make an effort to carve out your own private space and time during the work day — you’ll focus better, have more energy, and be more productive.

3. Network Your Way

Not a fan of going to large networking events full of strangers? Fair. Those events are overwhelming, nerve-wracking, and exhausting. If you don’t get anything out of these events, stop going to them. Find your own way to network. Prefer to chat online? Join a professional group on LinkedIn or Facebook where you can pinpoint who you’re most likely to have common professional interests with. Admire a certain writer/designer/entrepreneur/whoever’s career? Ask if you can take them out for a cup of coffee. One hour alone with someone you admire is likely to be more productive than trying to schmooze strangers at a networking event.

4. Show You Care

If you’re drained at the end of the long day and don’t want to head to happy hour with the coworkers, that is more than OK. Chances are, they understand why you’re skipping out on margaritas and office gossip. To avoid hurting their feelings by always declining, find your own way to show you care without compromising your comfort level.

Bring bagels on a dreary Monday morning, make a point to join in on Friday afternoons when your team is more chatty than productive, or write thank you cards every so often to show colleagues you appreciate them. You can kill them with kindness without killing your introverted tendencies.

5. Make Big Moves

You can make important steps for your career without leaving the comfort of your home. Instead of staying late at the office to show you care (not that you should have to) can you take your work home with you? A late night or early morning email tells your boss the same thing as hanging around the office late. You can spend time polishing your resume, picking up a side hustle, or furthering your education.

Being good at introspection is a key advantage to being an introvert. Take advantage of this ability to find key areas at work where you or your team can improve. Spend those solo lunches mulling over how you want to handle tricky office situations or what big project you want to take on next. Find a way to negotiate with your boss for a work-from-home day each week so you can be extra productive. If you embrace your introversion and don’t fight it, your career will be just fine.

6. Choose the Right Job

Not all jobs are created equal. When you choose to head down a certain career path, you might do so based on your college major. Or you might stay in a field you fell into as an entry-level employee. But if you find your job frequently makes you feel uncomfortable or drained, then it might be time to consider a different one. Introverts aren’t as likely to enjoy jobs in sales, account management, or client facing positions. Of course, introverts can enjoy these jobs, but they are some examples of ones that may be better suited for extroverts.

Introverts may appreciate research based roles, ones that entail major data analysis skills, or careers that don’t require as much interaction with coworkers. Working for yourself can allow you to plan your schedule and interactions with colleagues at a rate you’re more comfortable with. Remember, choosing a job that suits your introverted tendencies, isn’t the same as limiting yourself. But a sign that you know what makes you happy and what doesn’t.


9 Books for the Introverted Career Woman >>

The post 6 Things Introverted Women Should Do to Better Their Career appeared first on The Everygirl.

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You already know we’re obsessed with Amazon — each month, we stock our carts with products both fun and practical, and they’re delivered to our doors in just two days or less. It’s no secret that you can buy beauty products, trendy accessories, and delicious food — but as it turns out, you can stock your life for summer on the ‘zon as well.

Here, we’re sharing everything we’re buying for summer from our favorite online retailer. Happy shopping!

For Outdoor Activity…
Facial Sunscreen

This dermatologist-recommended (but actually — it's stocked in some offices!) sunscreen is a no-brainer in the summer if you struggle with acne. It doesn't clog pores and actually moisturizes the skin, but it never leaves a film or white cast across the face like other sunscreens on the market. If you were thinking about this sunscreen, scoop it up on Amazon for that Prime 2-day shipping. A day without sun protection is day too many!

Banana Boat
SPF 50 Sport Sunscreen (Twin Pack)

I should not need to tell you to wear sunscreen — and this multipack of the good stuff makes it easier than ever for you to comply. Whether you're reading a book on your patio or sweating it out on the beach, this SPF 50 will keep you covered. It stays on up to 80 minutes, even in the water!

Charge 2

Whether summer motivates you to stay active or you just find yourself out and about more now that the weather's nice, a Fitbit is a chic way to stay on top of how much movement you're getting. I use mine to track my sleep, my heartrate, and my steps — it's the best way to remind myself to stay active!

Giant Jenga

When a summer storm hits, it feels like there's absolutely nothing to do indoors with your friends or family. That's where this game comes in. Everyone knows and loves it, and we love that this one comes with everything you need, including a carrying case! You could also bring this to any outdoor party or BBQ — we're not against turning it into a drinking game!

Youphoria Outdoors
Quicky Dry Microfiber Towel

No one likes having a wet towel hanging around their pool bag — this quick-drying option will keep YOU dry first, then serve as a low-maintenance addition to all your outdoor adventures.

Double Hammock

A hammock is one of those things I never think about wanting until it's suddenly 75 and sunny on my first open Saturday of the year. You can drape this across any two trees that are close enough — thus creating the perfect little outdoor seating situation.

Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

For when a regular Bluetooth speaker seems a little too delicate, this version is more durable. Not only could you use this in your own shower or tub, but you could also throw it in your beach or pool bag to take with you on the go.

Simple Modern
Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Summer is prime time for a trip to Hydration Station, and nothing will keep you hydrated better than an extra-large water bottle. This insulated version keeps your beverages extra cold all day long, and it comes in several cute colors. Take this with you everywhere — your hot self will thank you!

Amazon Basics
Bocce Set with Carrying Case

Bocce is such a quintessential "dad" game — it feels like every suburban dad has a bocce set hiding in his garage. Well, dad, you win this round — because I've recently found myself missing my old-school bocce days. Grab a set for yourself — or give the dad in your life one as a gift.

Outdoor Volleyball

You already know what a volleyball is — but you may NOT know that it's the most versatile piece of sports equipment to have on hand this summer. Bring it to the beach or pool, or just bump it around in someone's backyard at a barbecue. You don't need a single other piece of equipment to get a game going (though a net doesn't hurt), and you can play with just one other person or with a group of 20. I should be a volleyball spokesperson!!

Watermelon Pool Float

Picture this: you're floating in the pool of the trendiest resort, surrounded by the rich and famous, with a jalapeño margarita in hand. Now, what are you floating on? Was it a watermelon float? I thought so. Upgrade your summer by foregoing the usual noodles and opting for an adorable float that's Insta-worthy, affordable, and big enough to fit your bff. Whether you're at that trendy resort or your local community pool, you'll just know you look cute AF.

Flamingo Pool Float

This floatie is the quintessential summer pool accessory. In two different sizes you can decide if you want to float alone, cocktail in hand, or hop on with a group of friends for the mandatory summer ’Gram

Beach Towel

Buying a beach towel most likely won’t cross your mind until you’re headed out the door with a ratty, bleach-stained bath towel, so cut your losses and pick this Insta-worthy one up now.

Source: @shopbando

For Our Homes…
Insulated Double-Wall Glass, Set of 2

Clear glasses make just about anything you drink look a little more like you're in a chic hotel room. These are at an incredible price point while looking as high-end as more expensive counterparts. Add some ice, and brew over your favorite coffee for a fancy drink for a quarter of the price of your usual coffee run! BONUS: Bring them outside to enjoy your coffee (or wine) in the nice hot weather!

Click and Grow
Indoor Gardening Kit

For apartment dwellers with little to no outdoor space, this is an amazing way to add a fresh, home-grown feel to your space (and your meals!). Not only is this easy to install from the get-go, but it's also not a hassle to maintain. It also takes up as much space as a loaf of bread, so you don't have to worry about giving up any of that precious space.

Tundra 45 Coolor

This cooler can fit up to 26 cans — which means that you’ll be set for the day without needing to go on an alcohol run. Win!

Wireless Mini Bluetooth Speaker

This is the perfect tiny speaker to keep on hand to bring with you to all your alfresco situations. I don't have much of an outdoor space in my apartment, but my roommate and I do like to bring a beer or a glass of wine out to our front stoop for an end-of-day catch-up. We can bring this little guy with us to enjoy some nighttime Mumford!

Source: Iron & Honey for The Everygirl


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For Our Closets…
V-Neck Jumpsuit

There’s nothing easier (or more comfortable!) to throw on in the summer than a plain romper. Nix trying to decide on an outfit and wear this to all of your summer occasions, from graduation parties to happy hour — we won’t tell anyone you’re an outfit repeater.

Water Princess
High-Waisted Bathing Suit

You've probably seen this insanely cute-yet-budget-friendly bathing suit all over social media this summer — and for good reason. It's very flattering and trendy, but won't break the bank. I personally love the maroon — size up!

Swing Midi Dress

Because what feels better for summer than an easy, breezy sundress? Add in a flattering silhouette and on-trend buttons and you literally won't want to wear anything else this summer. Throw on your favorite white sneakers or a pair of sandals and you're good to go!

Wander Often Flat Sandal

You know you basically LIVE in sandals in the summer, but for those of us who can't wear them to work, it seems silly to spend a fortune on sandals that you'll be wearing to run errands and hang out in. These are casual enough for every day yet cute enough to spice up jeans and a tee.

Weave Drop Disc Earrings

We're wearing straw with everything this summer — it's the trendiest material making its way into your shoes, your purses, and even your furniture. So why not add the trend into your jewelry too? Whether you're traveling or not this summer, these chic (and insanely affordable!) earrings will transport you to a tropical vacation.

Seamless Sports Bras (Set of 3)

I hate shopping for sports bras because I don't want 8 million straps and a criss-cross back that will be impossible to put on, finished with a psychedelic print. I just want a bra that will hold my boobs in place and not make me sweat so much that I look as if someone pushed me in a river. These bras are lightweight and solid colors, come in a pack of three, and cost $17. Bless.

Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

You've probably seen these iconic heart-shaped sunglasses all over your Instagram feed and the #OOTDs of your favorite fashion bloggers and celebs. But that doesn't mean you have to drop a celeb price tag to get them yourself. Stock up on all the colors (because why not!?) and wait for all the, "omg, where did you get those!?" that you're about to get.

Classic Oversized Aviators

Nothing is harder than finding a great pair of sunglasses that are both high-quality and affordable. (When you’re throwing them in your purse all summer, it’s hard to shell out a ton of cash for them). These super flattering aviators will be the best purchase you’ve ever made — they’re a little oversized to hide your eye bags after a night of rosé, and come in seven different colors.

Deep V Backless Dresws

I bought this dress last year for a wedding in Austin, and I could NOT be more glad that I did. It's super flattering, great for dancing, and a total showstopper. I've been considering buying it in a few more colors!

Statement Drop Earrings

We couldn’t be more on board with the tassel earring trend, and these round ones are a fun take on it (and they’re super inexpensive, so we’re ordering in every color).

Acrylic Earrings

Summer is for easy outfits, and nothing makes jeans and a tee more fashion-forward than a pair of statement earrings. These tortise ones will be your go-to for work and every barbeque on your schedule.

Tie Front Top

A classic white tee is basically all I want to wear in the summer — so this is a fun way to mix things up a bit. Wear it with your favorite jeans and sandals, then throw on a jacket for when the sun goes down.

Daily Ritual
Terry Deep V Dress

There's nothing simpler in the summertime than throwing on a breezy dress — but sometimes, even a low-maintenance dress can feel too overdone. This terry version is the perfect blend of casual and put-together — but it runs big, so size down!

Beach Coverup

Gone are the days of covering up your suit with a ratty t-shirt and shorts — there are way too many cute coverups out there! Our Director of Partnerships Ally has this one, and says it's a cute and silky option for all your sunny days ahead.

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Let’s just agree that a job interview is one of those situations that will always be at least a little bit uncomfortable. Even if you are extremely well-prepared, meeting a bunch of new people, convincing them that you’re the best fit for the job, and negotiating a great salary (all within a few minutes) is not exactly relaxing.

But sometimes, how you feel at a job interview could be more than just nerves. You may be feeling uncomfortable because your gut is telling you that something about the way the interview is going is not quite right. Some signs are obvious, and you may pick up on them right away. Others are more subtle and may not even feel wrong until you’ve had a chance to think about them later.

If you notice any of these signs in your next job interview, it’s worth taking note of them — and taking them to heart.

1. You feel bullied

You go in feeling confident, excited, and well-prepared; you come out angry, insecure, and feeling terrible about yourself. What just happened?

Some companies deliberately create stressful situations during an interview to see how candidates handle them. A questionable hiring practice at best, this sometimes veers into downright unprofessional territories. They may keep cutting you off, undermining all your achievements, and trying to trip you up at every turn. A friend of mine was once told that none of her prior experience would “count” because she had been working in a different city (she was applying for a digital role that had nothing to do with her physical location).

Red flag alert! They could be trying to break your confidence so you’d settle for lower pay or agree to unreasonable terms. Or bullying could simply be a part of their work culture — in which case you should seriously reconsider working there.

2. They make you jump through hoops unnecessarily

It’s common to have several rounds of interviews, especially if you’re applying for a senior role. But if these rounds start feeling endless and pointless, that’s not a good sign.

You shouldn’t have to meet every person at the firm and answer the same questions every time. You shouldn’t have to rush to show up for interviews at short notice, especially if they take ages to get back to you after each round. And you definitely should not have to work on their ongoing projects for free to “prove yourself.” These are all signs of disorganization and disrespect — and if you’re feeling frustrated now, imagine how you’ll feel once you actually start working there!

3. The questions get too personal

I was once interviewed by a person who asked me if I intended to get married anytime soon. He followed it up by saying that women often take up new jobs and then quit once they get married, and he needed to be sure I wouldn’t do that.

While interviewers may try to get to know you better by asking about your interests and hobbies outside of work, probing personal questions like this are never okay. After all, they are still perfect strangers, so you shouldn’t have to tell them about your financial situation, your sexual orientation, or your intention to start a family. Nor should you have to make vague promises about not taking time off during religious festivals or family emergencies.

Not only do such questions raise a huge red flag, but they are also actually illegal in some places. Know that you are not obliged to answer these questions — and if you feel like you are being pressured to do so, you are well within your rights to tell them that you would prefer not to discuss your personal life. Questions like this are indicative of discriminatory practices and policies within the organization, so even if you manage to sidestep the issue right then in the interview, consider whether you’d want to work for that company in the first place.

4. It’s way too easy

When you come out feeling really positive about an interview, it can be difficult to look at the situation critically. But it’s important to consider why the interview felt so easy. If it was because the interviewer put you at ease, asked great questions, and their requirements were right within your field of expertise, then congratulations — you have a great gig on your hands!

But, did it feel easy because the person rushed through the process, didn’t really care to test your skills, or asked generic questions that anybody could have answered? If so, it could indicate that the company is in a hurry to fill the position, and they’ll hire anyone. Or it could be that the person interviewing you was not familiar with your job role, didn’t know to ask the right questions, and will not appreciate you in the future either.

5. They glorify being overworked

This one’s tricky too because it’s often portrayed as cool or aspirational. Watch out for phrases like “We like getting things done, no matter the time” or “We’re passionate about what we do, so we don’t mind dropping by the office on weekends.”

This usually means that you’ll be required to sacrifice your work-life balance, and they’re making it difficult for you to say no right at the outset. Ask follow-up questions about their overtime policy, weekend schedules, and their expectations about your availability after hours. Make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into before you think about accepting.

Don’t forget, a job interview is not just a chance for you to convince a potential employer about your abilities — it is also a great opportunity for you to scope out the company before you join. Being able to spot and assess these red flags may help you avoid organizations that are not the right fit for you, and thus make better career decisions!

The post 5 Red Flags to Look for in a Job Interview appeared first on The Everygirl.

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Nothing makes a workout feel like more of a chore than needing to pack up a gym bag, drive to your destination, and spend an hour in a gym or class where you feel like all eyes are on you. (Rest assured, they’re not — but when you’re trying a new workout that you feel like you’re not quite nailing yet, it sure does feel that way.)

When hot summer days roll along, laziness seeps in, and workouts take the backseat to lounging outside and doing just about anything that doesn’t involve getting sweatier than we already are from our commute alone. But it’s 2019, and the future is here — we can get basically anything in the world delivered to our doors, and we can do studio-quality workouts from the comfort of our living rooms.

Between YouTube channels and apps, there are hundreds of workouts you can do that will leave you as sweaty and exhausted as that $30 barre class — but for free and with no onlookers (except for your pets, which are the only blank stares we welcome). These are our favorite resources to use to get fit at home.

Youtube Blogilates

Cassey Ho has hundreds of workout videos, from guided stretches to Beyoncé’s full-body workout. Her channel has some full, 30-minute workouts, but most of her videos target one body part and are around 10 minutes long, which are meant to be done multiple times (or be paired with other videos). Every month, she posts a calendar on her blog of a full workout plan with which videos to do each day to target different muscle groups. Most of her videos are equipment free. She even has videos that nix any jumping for those of you who have downstairs neighbors.

Popsugar Fitness

If you want a calorie-blasting cardio workout without going to the gym, Popsugar is your new go-to. Popsugar’s videos range from 10 to 50 minutes and have all of your favorite workouts — from kickboxing to yoga to barre. Many of the videos are guided by the owners of your favorite studios (Barry’s Bootcamp, anyone?!), and all of them have three people participating so you have beginner, intermediate, and advanced modifications for every move. You can search through their playlists for each muscle group to target what you want to work or go all in on a full-body workout that’ll leave you feeling like you just used your ClassPass credits on a new favorite class.

Yoga With Adriene

Yoga With Adriene has hundreds of free yoga videos for yogis of all levels. If you’re new to yoga, she has dozens of beginner videos to get you familiar with basic poses and lingo (which are great to try before diving into your first class). All of her videos help clear your mind and get a good workout in, and her series’ are a foolproof way to commit yourself to a 30-day yoga challenge. She also has themed videos for days you need an extra boost. (Yoga for hangovers? Sign me up.)

Fitness Blender

The OG of the YouTube fitness world, this husband-and-wife-run channel focuses on super effective, classic workouts for busy people. With times running from 5 to 45 minutes, their videos cover everything from low-impact cardio to quick, 10-minute butt workouts. Their HIIT videos are perfect for people who want to get in a high-intensity workout in a short period of time (around 15 minutes) — no equipment required.

Apps Nike Training Club

The Nike Training app has 185 workouts for all levels and lets you browse by muscle group, workout type, or equipment. With strength, cardio, yoga, and mobility categories, you’re guided through your workout by a Nike trainer that does each exercise right along with you (no need to pause and Google “What the hell is a torture twist?”). From beginner bodyweight exercises to advanced, full-equipment workouts, you’ll be able to find the perfect workouts for you. (If you’re a yogi, this app has a ton of guided yoga videos that are great for days you can’t make it to the studio!)

Workout for Women

Workout for Women is full workouts that will make you sweat and get the job done in seven minutes. The beginner-friendly workouts don’t require any equipment and are all 100 percent free. Get your blood flowing with a video before work, or pair a couple together for a calorie-torching, gym-free workout.

Tone It Up

Tone It Up has hundreds of workouts for every level, all of which range from 20 to 40 minutes. The live online classes will make you feel like you made a trek to the gym without leaving the comfort of your living room. With new classes every week and scheduled classes tailored to you, you’ll never get bored — plus, you can log on with friends and see what other members are participating in the same classes as you. (After the free trial, Tone It Up costs $6.99 a month if you purchase the yearly package, or $12.99 a month if you want it billed monthly.)


If you don’t know where to start when it comes to building a workout plan for yourself, Sworkit takes the guesswork out of it. Sworkit guides you through workouts tailored to you and your goals. It guides you through 5-6o minute series and allows you to filter your workout based on what you want that day. (Sworkit’s annual plan costs $89.99 a year or $14.99 a month).

Nike Run

‘Tis the season to ditch the treadmill for runs outside, and this app will be your favorite running buddy. It tracks the distance of your runs and lets you know when you’ve completed each mile and tells you the pace you’re running at. You can also opt for guided runs, which are essentially your high school track coach in your ear (but way nicer) for extra motivation. You can also participate in different challenges to up your motivation another level.

Streaming Services Barre3

Any barre addict knows how pricey classes can get — we’re all about finding workouts we love, but $30 classes make it hard to go as much as we’d like. Enter: Barre3. With Barre3, you can stream over 500 barre classes to do straight from your home (they also have physical studio locations!). You’ll get a full-body workout using low-impact movements that work muscles you didn’t even know you had. It also ditches a one-size-fits-all approach by letting you customize your workouts to get exactly what you’re looking for.

Daily Burn

With Daily Burn, you’ll get workout classes tailored to you and your personal goals — including a schedule of workout videos to follow (including rest days!). With their membership, you’ll get access to thousands of videos, including yoga, barre, kickboxing, pilates, and more. You can also opt for one-on-one private instruction, or group classes filled with real people. It makes working from home easier (and more worthwhile) than ever.


For all the yogis that crave the structure of a real class but don’t want to go to the studio every day, Gaia is for you. Gaia is filled with thousands of yoga and pilates videos to do from your home with the guidance of real instructors (new videos are released every week.) Pull out your mat, light a candle, and turn your home into a yoga studio with Gaia’s help.

What are your favorite ways to workout at home? Let us know in the comments below!

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The term “investing” can be enough to send chills down your spine. When done right, it’s obviously a great way to grow the money that otherwise would have just been sitting in the bank — but where do you possibly begin?

It’s a common misconception that in order to invest, you have to be a financial wizard — but that is no longer the case, especially with Fundrise.

Fundrise is a simple, low-cost investing platform that allows you to carefully invest in real estate. You invest your money according to your goals in a portfolio filled with real estate projects — all of which have been developed to help you grow your net worth.

We spoke with Kendall Davis, the SVP of Investments at Fundrise, about how the process works, who should consider investing in Fundrise, and why women need to be more proactive in investing (we live longer than men, after all!).

How would you define passive income?

Passive income, in the most basic sense, is money that you don’t have to actively work for.

Here’s a really powerful way to think about it: it’s money you’re constantly earning, even while you’re sleeping, even while you’re earning your primary income from your active job. Passive income is often generated from cash flow distributed by stocks, bonds, or REITs. Or imagine you have an Airbnb property, and you’ve hired a property manager to take care of the active work of managing the property and finding a tenant, so once you’ve established the rental situation, your involvement is minimal. All the money you make in these situations — that’s passive income.

So, why is passive income important? Does it really matter for most investors?

It’s crucial. I like to think about it like this: I only have twenty-four hours in my day. You only have twenty-four hours in your day. Beyoncé only has twenty-four hours in her day, the same as the rest of us. But one major reason why she’s killing it financially is that she’s established these incredibly powerful streams of passive income generation.

For example, she’s earning royalties on her music every time you hear it out in the world, no matter what else she’s doing. Meanwhile, the average person is only making money when they’re actively at their job. Passive income simultaneously gives you more flexibility — at the beach? at the movies? No problem, cash is still flowing — and it enhances existing, primary income streams you already have.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a globally influential celebrity to generate passive income — a lot of highly accessible investments can provide it too, albeit in amounts that are proportional to your principal investment. But with the epic power of compounded interest, even a little bit can get the ball rolling, with a few dollars here and there.

However — and this is tragic — I think our culture around money has trained a lot of women to shy away from more sophisticated financial conversations and strategies. So women are typically not aware of some of the more effective ways that you can earn passive income. For example, we all know that owning and managing a rental property can potentially give your finances a nice boost on a monthly basis, but it’s a lot of work. What you might not realize is that investing in certain kinds of stocks or real estate funds can generate bonafide income too, even while the investment appreciates in the manner you’re more familiar with, and the price of entry is way lower, as is the required level of expertise.

Do you think establishing passive income is a significant step for people’s finances?

Absolutely. In fact, if you look at millionaires, developing multiple passive income streams is one of the primary strategies they’ve used to make their money. It’s rare to see significant wealth earned without any sort of passive income playing a role. They have stakes in businesses, in real estate, in side hustles and side projects, that really let them amplify their earning power — and the amount of time that earning power can be at work. When you have passive income, there’s no such thing as downtime — even when you’re relaxing, your finances can be growing.

Passive income, in the most basic sense, is money that you don’t have to actively work for. Here’s a really powerful way to think about it: it’s money you’re constantly earning, even while you’re sleeping, even while you’re earning your primary income from your active job.

Can you tell us who would be in a good position to invest with Fundrise?

Well, to start off, Fundrise is an online real estate investment platform. A significant part of my job is helping our investors understand how our investment products work. One thing that makes Fundrise special is the way we’ve used modern tech to give people access to really sophisticated private market real estate portfolios — which are designed to generate passive income with absolutely no work required from you beyond the initial investment.

Now, in terms of who’s in a good position to invest, the answer really depends on your current financial situation, your existing investing portfolio, and whether you’re in a position to benefit from putting money to work in the real estate market. In reality, that’s a lot of people: we think if you’re interested in building a strong investment portfolio, there’s a pretty good chance private real estate can give it a significant boost. That’s especially true if you’re only invested in public assets like stocks and bonds and haven’t yet diversified into a less common asset type.

So, because that answer is so broad, if you’re considering investing with Fundrise, it can be easier to talk about some of the situations that might make Fundrise a less-than-perfect idea. Our type of real estate is an alternative investment class, and that means that it’s not a plain vanilla bond or typically publicly traded investment, and it shouldn’t make up the vast majority of your portfolio.

While some large endowments and institutional investors can take on more risk and have alternative investments make up a significant chunk of their portfolios, the average individual really can’t withstand putting that amount at risk — you know, “All eggs, one basket,” etc. You should view any investment in an alternative asset class as something that you could stand to lose. Fundrise is typically not the first and only investment our investors place.

Essentially, anybody in the US who’s 18 years old or over can invest with Fundrise with as little as $500 — but if you are 18 years old and only had $500 available to you, it’s unlikely our investments are a good fit. That’s because There’s a pretty good chance you’ll need access to that money before the Fundrise investment is liquid (i.e. when you can get your money out), and our goal is to help people improve their financial situations, which means smart diversification, not putting it entirely with us.

How can you add to your initial investment amount?

You can add as much as you want manually, whenever you want. We also have an auto-invest option, which you can set up in whatever cadence you decide is best for you. Typically we see people set up auto-invest to add to their funds on a monthly basis or bi-weekly, depending on when they get their paychecks.

We also have a feature that lets you automatically reinvest your dividends (which is the cash distributed from our investments). Most of our investments have distributed dividends on a quarterly basis (although future distributions are not guaranteed) and this is where the potential power of compounded interest can come into play.

What is Fundrise’s main mission and what makes it unique to the investing world?

Our mission is to make private real estate investing available to everyone. Private real estate was previously an elusive asset class. As I’ve mentioned, most people didn’t have the experience or means to access it. Not to mention the encouragement, or even sense that they could access it, as might be the case with many women.

Fundrise is unique in that we’ve found a solution to that problem, at least as far as real estate is concerned. We’ve made private market real estate investing a smooth experience that fits your personal situation and needs, even if you weren’t able to invest in real estate in the past.

Investors used to have to deploy considerable sums of money if they wanted to buy a building, or even part of one. They needed to be members of a boys club network to find deal flow. They had to do a lot of the management themselves, or they had to have a lot of money, so they could hire people to handle that work on their behalf.

With Fundrise, even if you want to invest a million dollars with us (and you can!), it’s also possible to have a Fundrise account with as little as $500, and you don’t need to be an accredited investor. Just that fact alone tells you we’re a different kind of investment product — we’re here to serve all kinds of investors, because private market real estate is something we know investors at every level want.

Fundrise investments aren’t traded on the public exchange, which means they’re illiquid. What benefits and consequences does this have to a potential investor?

So, this question refers back to our earlier discussion, about what kind of person should invest with Fundrise. The consequences of illiquidity are pretty straightforward, and it’s important to understand that these are factors of private market real estate in general, baked into the asset class itself, not idiosyncrasies of Fundrise specifically.

Basically, what our investors understand is that they may not be able to access their funds for several years, and before investing we always encourage investors to think about Fundrise as a long-term investment — we typically say five to seven years, if not more. That’s similar to the timeline you’d need when you’re buying a new home — you can’t expect that it’ll appreciate overnight. And even if it does, just imagine actually selling it. Sometimes that takes some time. The stock market has a constantly active public market, just thrumming everyday. Real estate is more specific.

That said — and I think this is something else that makes us unique — Fundrise does have a redemption plan in place. Should an emergency come up, you can request to redeem your shares at anytime, but there are always limitations on whether or not we can fulfill those requests — and I always tell people that our ability to liquidate shares depends on where we are in the market cycle and our perception of what’s in the best interest of all investors and the overall fund — not just a handful of individual investors.

On the other hand, there are some considerable benefits of illiquidity, mainly rooted in the fact that a private, illiquid investment often has the potential to actually generate higher returns. That’s because an alternative investment is usually less correlated with the broader, public markets. When they zig, we can often zag. And that’s really important when something like the stock market is having a rocky period… like what we saw at the end of 2018, where the Vanguard Public Stock ETF finished the year at a loss of more than -5%, while Fundrise‘s overall performance finished with a gain of over 9%. (See here for more detailed information on this comparison)

How do you help investors decide which investment plan is best for them?

One of the things that we think makes Fundrise special is the platform itself. The whole experience is designed to be accessible and informative for everyone. We want you to choose what’s best for you, and our automated portfolios make it simple for you to understand the investment strategy you’re selecting.

Exactly what that looks like depends on the financial goal you’re ultimately hoping to achieve. If you’re just interested in testing out the platform, we have an opportunity for you to do that for as little as $500. If you’re ripe to dive into our Core plans, the one you choose is really up to your risk tolerance and how much cash flow you’d like, versus long-term appreciation. If you know that you would like to maximize your quarterly dividends, we have a plan that’s focused on maximizing that current stream of passive income. Similarly, we have plans for investors who prefer that kind of higher potential but longer timeline growth, and we have a plan that balances both options.

Can you tell us the different benefits between your plans?

At a high level, investors can choose to focus on maximizing potential current income, long-term growth, or balanced diversification when selecting a personal investment plan at Fundrise. Our technology-enabled management service will then allocate each investor’s funds across our various private investment products in a manner designed to help them achieve their indicated goal over time.

The Supplemental Income plan allocates more of your portfolio to debt and fixed income investments in real estate assets, which aim to maximize quarterly cash distributions to investors. The Long-Term Growth plan allocates more of your portfolio toward opportunistic equity investments in real estate assets, which aim to maximize long-term appreciation potential rather than current income. The Balanced Investing plan intends to provide a more even mix of equity and debt investments in real estate assets, which aim to both maximize quarterly distributions and long-term appreciation potential.

I do think, you know, women tend to be more risk-averse investors — for better or for worse. It is often for the better, by the way: There have been some recent studies that show we’re better investors, and I think that’s crucial information for women to share and celebrate amongst ourselves. We’re not at a disadvantage, even if that’s what the echo chamber around us always tells us. Ellevest recently published some statistics: “Women are half the workforce, we direct 85% of consumer spending, we control $7 trillion of investable assets.” That’s the narrative we need to tell ourselves about our money. Not because it’s a motivational sound byte or a clickable stat to put on social media… but because it’s true.

How long after initial investment can you expect to see growth and returns?

That really depends on the investments you select, but in many cases you can log onto your dashboard and may see the benefits begin to accrue within weeks or, in some cases, even days. It can also depend on the phase of growth of the funds in which you’ve invested. If they’re still ramping up, it may take longer to see returns (if any) — acquiring quality real estate isn’t exactly a lightning-fast proposition. However, whenever your returns do start to accrue, our platform makes it simple to track all of your real-time returns across both dividends and appreciation. And as long as your timeline fits our five to seven year timeframe, those down periods are designed to be balanced out by the growth of the funds later on.

Now, actually accessing those returns as in-hand, liquid funds is a different question. You’ll be able to see that you’ve earned dividends and share appreciation before you’ve actually liquidated your shares. Of course, as we’ve said, we typically distribute dividend earnings once per quarter, and those go straight back to your bank account. Appreciation is trickier, and you only realize it when you actually redeem your shares or when each fund winds down.

It’s common that women don’t consider themselves candidates for investing as frequently as men do. What would you say to them?

Listen: To put it bluntly, women live longer than men, the divorce rate is 50%, and, frankly, if you look at the numbers, we run the world. We’re independent, and we’re good at being independent! You know, I would say that the sentiment you’ve mentioned is already dying, thankfully. I think the hardest aspect of getting started as an investor is that it can just seem intimidating when you’re living in a historically male-dominated system, designed to give you the (wrong) impression that there are certain gender roles.

To put it bluntly, women live longer than men, the divorce rate is 50%, and, frankly, if you look at the numbers, we run the world.

We’ve all been there. I was personally lucky enough to end up in a Wall Street job shortly after college, where I was taught everything I know — but you absolutely do not have to work on Wall Street to learn about building a solid financial foundation. There are really basic steps that any woman can pursue to put herself in a situation where she’s able to start earning passive income, while she’s still able to also do whatever work it is that she enjoys.

Maybe investing isn’t fun or exciting to you — that’s no big deal. Financial growth is still totally in reach. Oftentimes, the best investment strategy is one that you don’t have to tinker with all the time — it’s set it and forget it. And lastly, at Fundrise, we try to be one of the leaders in this space, in terms of educating investors about investing outside of the stock market, outside of the systems of the establishment, so you can really take control of your own financial life. Don’t underestimate how powerful it can be to get started early. It’s critical that women take the opportunity to put themselves in a position of control for their own financial futures, because we’re doing great things, and we have a lot at stake. Learning how to invest is, in itself, an act of investment, and one with returns that go way beyond your bank account.

This post was in partnership with Fundrise, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

Disclaimer: Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Any historical returns, expected returns, or probability projections may not reflect actual future performance. All securities involve risk and may result in partial or total loss. Additional details regarding historical returns may be found at https://fundrise.com/historical-performance.

The publicly filed offering circulars of the issuers sponsored by Rise Companies Corp. (parent company of Fundrise), not all of which may be currently qualified by the Securities and Exchange Commission, may be found at fundrise.com/oc.

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We can’t quite put our finger on it, but there’s something about these 20 tasty meals that makes them exceptionally yummy. Maybe it’s the full range of healthy ingredients, or maybe it’s the fact that all of the recipes can be prepped and cooked all within 30 minutes.

Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you need to compromise on flavor. That’s why these 20 recipes in our list are the perfect solution to the middle of your busy week.

1. One Pan Lemon Garlic Salmon and Asparagus 2. 15 Minute Lo Mein

Source: Pinch of Yum

3. Lemon Chicken Thighs With Artichokes

Source: Foodie Crush

4. Spinach Meatballs 5. Spicy Tuna Stuffed Avocado

Source: Show Me the Yummy

6. Vegan Pecan Apple Chickpea Salad Wraps 7. Zucchini Pizza Boat 8. Spring Vegetable Carbonara 9. Vegetable and Sausage Pilaf

Source: Healthy Food

10. Mango Raspberry Chicken Salad 11. Garlic Butter Herb Scallops 12. 30 minute Vietnamese Beef and Crispy Rice Bowl 13. Spaghetti With Bacon and Parmesan Brussels Sprouts 14. Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry 15. Maple Ginger Baked Salmon 16. Mediterranean Chicken Salad 17. 20 Minute Skillet Blackened Shrimp Fajitas
18. Caribbean Chicken and Rice Lettuce Wraps 19. Pasta With Walnut Pesto and Peas 20. 30 Minute Sheet Pan Tinga Bowls

Source: Pinch of Yum

What is your favorite go-to recipe for the middle of the week? Tell us in the comments below!

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“Anything can photograph well if it’s styled well,” says interiors and lifestyle photographer Andrea Kinnear. Turns out, for regular people like me, the styling is the hard part — and making our homes look like the ones we see on Pinterest isn’t as easy as it looks. Thankfully, Andrea is all too eager to make us all feel that confident about our own homes — and to show off just how beautiful different houses can be. Here, Andrea shares details about becoming a photographer, her personal style, and her best tips for a photo-shoot worthy home.

How did you first discover your passion for photography?

I discovered my passion for photography when I was around 13 years old. I remember wanting my own (film) camera for the longest time! I finally convinced my parents, and went to one of the oldest camera stores in Toronto (Canada) to pick out my camera — it was a Nikon. I took it everywhere, and really started off photographing a lot of nature and a ton of florals. I continued to dabble in it as a hobby, but I went to school for something completely different and had a 9-year career as a Behavioral Consultant. It was when I moved to Savannah GA, over 3 years ago that I decided to really focus on photography as a career and my passion was re-invigorated.

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What was your photography training process like? What’s your best advice for someone who also wants to get into photography?

I started on film and taught myself everything through trial and error. Digital cameras weren’t a thing when I started. I think learning on film made the transition to digital a lot easier from a shooting perspective, but the editing was a learning curve. I spent a lot of time editing my images in different styles until I found exactly what I liked. Editing is one of the most complex components of photography.

When people tell me they want to get into photography, or ask me “how did you do it?” my answer is always something like this:

You have to head into it with a business-first mentality. That means really taking the time to get all the moving parts and people in line — you can’t wing it. Secondly, niche market yourself. If there’s an area you are really passionate about, start there. I knew I always wanted to support other businesses, so marketing myself to businesses/brands was really important to me. Lastly, understand that growth takes time. You have to work hard and hustling is a real thing.

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Shooting different subjects is a vastly different experience — something not many non-photographers understand. What’s unique about shooting interiors?

You’re so right! Interiors are vastly different from other types of photography. Something that is unique about interiors is how you capture the subject. For instance, shooting a horizontal wide-angle photo of the room has a very real estate feel to an image, whereas a vertical image with with non-wide angle lens often has a very editorial feel. You have to work with the designers and publications to understand the look they are envisioning when you are photographing a space.

I shoot more editorial, so my photographs are very different from those used to sell a home. I focus on aspects of design that are interesting, like intricate tile work in a foyer or a jaw-dropping fireplace. The other unique thing is that you have to style and re-arrange rooms often times differently than how they appear day-to-day — what looks good day-to-day may not translate well in photos. You have to know how pieces work at different depths in the photograph — for instance plants in the foreground versus background. Chairs that are normally facing into a table may be turned out for the photograph. There is a lot to consider, which makes each project creatively challenging. I love it!

What is it about photographing interiors that you love?

I’ve always been intrigued by interiors. When I think I love one space, I find another that is completely different, yet equally inspiring. Design and styling are something I would probably be doing if I wasn’t a photographer, so photographing interiors gives me the best of both worlds! When I’m on set I do a lot of the styling alongside the designer, so that is an alluring aspect of the job for me. I also thoroughly enjoy working alongside and supporting other creatives, so when everyone is in the room — we really get to create magic.

What can everyone do to make their own space more photo-ready?

Declutter and shoot during good light! Oh, and fresh flowers or greenery ALWAYS enhance a space.

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What pieces/colors/etc. photograph the best?

Honestly, everything can photograph well if it’s styled well. I love bold pops of color, but it has to be balanced with neutrals. A white room is dreamy, but you also need points of interest to break it up. I’m equally into airy neutral rooms and super bold jewel tones.

Is there a certain type of bulb/wattage that photographs best (even just for our casual iPhone photos)? Even we non-photographers know — lighting is important!

Nothing beats natural light! So if you can, shoot outside or near a window. I predominantly photograph interiors with lights off. I know how to shoot in low light conditions and edit photos in post-processing to create the look I’m going for. If you have to use light, LED daylight bulbs are the best. If I need to shoot a powder room with no windows, there is a drastic difference between a regular bulb and an LED daylight bulb. A regular one will cast a yellow tint, and while I can edit that in post processing, for non-photographers it’s easier to just change the bulb!

What’s your best advice for making amateur home photos look more professional?

Similar to above, declutter, shoot when the light is good and add greenery/flowers! Another tip would be to make sure your space is clean and try moving furniture and accent pieces slightly to see how it translates in the photo. Freshen up items like pillows and blankets, and remember less is always more — style and then edit!

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You occasionally shoot editorial family photos — what’s special and unique about that process?

I do on occasion shoot portraits, which can definitely be a fun change of pace! I love working with children and nothing phases me because of my old career. I think my clients appreciate my relaxed demeanor and go-with-the-flow technique, which allows me to capture the most loving moments between families. Often people still want the typical family shot where everyone is looking, but it’s the moments when parents are staring down at their children or when siblings are playing that turn out to be the ones they cherish. With interiors, I know what I’m going into and know the outcome, with lifestyle portrait sessions you really have to be prepared for anything and have the ability to adapt. That makes it unique, exciting, and rewarding.

What’s one small change we could all make to take better photos of our homes and families — even with an iPhone?

Remember lighting. I know people say that all the time but it really is a game-changer for your photos. The edit setting in photos has a lot of options, so a simple tweak of a photo can make all the difference. You don’t need any apps to filter your images — I use NONE on my iPhone photos, and there are some iPhone photos on my Instagram grid — you would never know! It’s all about the LIGHT!!

photos of Andrea by Julie Livingston Photography

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Well, ladies — it’s that time of year. The outdoor spaces are booked, the social media feeds are clogged with “one more month!” posts, and wedding season is officially upon us. If there’s a bride in your life, you probably already thought about the dress you’re going to wear and whether you’ll gift the KitchenAid mixer or knife set, but you might still need a little help on the last (and most fun!) detail before your bff ties the knot: the bachelorette party gift.

Whether the bride’s style is more steamy and playful or elegant and chic, get her the bachelorette gift of her dreams (and don’t forget to buy an extra pair for yourself!). Because I know the pain your wallet likely goes through during wedding season, here are our favorite pieces of bachelorette lingerie, all under $40. The best part about a lingerie gift: she’ll never have to know you got the same pair for yourself too!

Flora Nikrooz
Snuggle Shorts
In Bloom by Jonquil
Glisten Chemise
Skarlett Blue
Entice Thong

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As I was scrolling through Instagram one evening, I came across an Instagram story from a friend who was feeling troubled about her never-ending to-do list. In the follow-up post, she asked an age-old question that most people — especially millennials — try to answer on a daily basis: how does one do it all and not feel like a terrible, no-good human being at the end of the day when everything doesn’t get done?

This question sparked a slew of answers from her friends that were cradled with kindness. Sage pieces of advice, such as “do your best” to “take naps” to “don’t do everything at once,” were said to remind her (and us) to be kind and take care of ourselves san guilt. But even though we know to do this from the pit of our stomachs, why do we have such a hard time putting ourselves first when we feel pressured to accomplish so much in a single day?

“In the United States, people treat being busy like a badge of honor. Being busy is often associated with being successful and hard-working. There is an underlying and subtle resentment in society for successful people who don’t work hard for their success. Thus, many people feel guilty taking time off to enjoy life or take care of themselves for fear of what others may think or say about them,” licensed psychologist Dr. Sarah Schewitz says. “Many people derive their sense of worth from their accomplishments. They only feel worthy of love, relaxation, vacation, etc, after they have finished their to-do list or accomplished everything they think they should have accomplished.”

But why do we “reward” ourselves with self-care only after we’ve completed our to-do list?  Preventing ourselves from taking a walk in the park or visiting a friend can and has been proven to lead to burnout, yet we still feel guilty indulging in these little pleasures because we still somehow believe that taking care of ourselves should be last on the list.

So to help understand why we should start putting ourselves on top of our to-do list, I connected with a few experts to get to the bottom of why we should stop feeling guilty for taking care of ourselves.

Self-care reinforces that you’re worthy of unconditional love

We tend to feel guilty about taking care of ourselves because we may not believe that we’re worth it, or we feel it’s wrong to put ourselves first. While it’s important to be there for others, it’s also vital to make sure that you’re considering your emotional and physical state by engaging in self-love.

“Taking care of yourself reinforces to your unconscious mind that you are worthy of unconditional love,” Schewitz says. “It’s so easy to get caught up in accomplishments and to-do lists and lose sight of the real purpose of life as a human: to live fully, to love, to enjoy, and to experience pleasure!”

Self-care increases your confidence

When you begin to learn to love yourself for who you truly are, you’re more likely to accept who you are as a person — faults and all — which will help build your self-confidence and a happier, healthier relationship with yourself. “Taking care of yourself increases confidence because you are sending the unconscious message (both to yourself and the world), that you are something to be cherished and cared for,” Schewitz says.

Self-care helps you to care for others

While we often empty our gas tanks to help others before taking care of ourselves, doing so will quickly lead to emotional and physical exhaustion. “Caring for yourself and making sure you are healthy and happy also allows you to be more present and giving to others,” Schewitz says. “The saying you cannot pour from an empty cup is absolutely true. We must take care of ourselves in order to be able to take care of others.”

It creates healthy boundaries in your life

“Those who engage in regular self-care typically have or develop higher self-worth and confidence than those who do not engage in regular self-care,” Schewitz says. “Individuals who have high self-esteem and confidence are typically better at setting healthy boundaries because they are clear on their own needs and aren’t afraid to advocate for themselves.”

Putting yourself on the top of your to-do list without feeling guilty about it reminds you that your mental and physical health are your top priority. When you exemplify that to others, they respect the boundaries you set, which will create less resentment, stress, and anger in your life. “This is largely because they know they are worth it, and they are confident enough to say goodbye to those who don’t value them or their time in the way that they do,” Schewitz says.

Self-care regulates negative emotions

Experiencing high amounts of stress prevents us from controlling our emotional response to external factors. When we’re tired, irritable, or simply overwhelmed, we’re more inclined to snap or negatively react to other people or things around us. But, according to psychologist Dr. Kim Chronister, self-care can help regulate negative emotions from getting out of control. “If we are easily angered or saddened, using self-care when negative emotions arise can help us to manage the negative emotions much more effectively than simply being reactive,” Chronister says.

It makes you more equipped to handle stress

When your cortisol levels are at an all-time high, you’re more inclined to feel negative, irritable, and tired, which can make it incredibly difficult to handle new stressors. However, self-care practices, such as intentional breathing or taking a warm bath, help activate your body’s relaxation response, which is the complete opposite of the flight or fight mode we’re used to when experiencing stress.

“Imagine spending the day working out, then going to the sauna, then taking a hot shower, then having lunch with a friend, then taking a nap, then enjoying your favorite meal, and finally listening to guided imagery before falling asleep,” Chronister says. “You would most likely be rejuvenated the next day ready to help other people and perform much more effectively at work.”

It helps strengthen your immune system

As you probably already know, self-care practices like exercising, eating healthy, and taking naps will help make your immune system stronger and healthier. When you don’t include these things into your routine, chronic stress can then affect your immune system and shut down, which can make you more susceptible to colds and illnesses. “Self-care positively affects both emotional and physical health. It gives you time to yourself to recharge (which is especially important for introverts),” Chronister says. “Since the mind and body are connected the immune system must be kept up by preventing stress and increasing self-care.”

While there will still be days when you can’t complete your full to-do list, remember that your top priority should be your mental and physical health. Be kind to yourself and take a break whenever you need to. You don’t need to feel guilty or punish yourself when you put yourself first. You deserve it!

Have you ever felt guilty for engaging in self-care practices? How did you combat it? Let us know in the comments below! 

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