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Mother’s Day can be an exciting holiday for kids to celebrate. They have so much fun creating something special for their Mom. This easy mother’s day craft can create a special piece of art perfect to share with mom.

Here’s a fun art project for Mother’s Day that is sure to be a big hit!

Here’s fun way to show a MOM how colorful and special she is to you. We’re making a resist paint art project using a little help from one of our favorite stories.

Perfect for a quick Mother’s Day Craft to do with your class or playgroup too! Let’s get started!

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Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Mouse Paint is a classic story that I highly recommend for all children to read. Three sweet little mice explore what happens when they combine red, yellow and blue. It’s the perfect way to introduce primary and secondary colors in a magical way.
Easy Mother’s Day Craft Idea
For our Mother’s day craft we are following along in the footsteps of the mice and created our own special rainbow footprints. Gather your supplies first. Then read the story and discuss what happens when the mice put their painted feet into different colors. Reading it first gives each child a little background building in color mixing before they paint their Mother’s Day project.
Easy Mother’s Day Craft Project Supplies Click here to DOWNLOAD AND PRINT 

Cut out the word MOM first before you begin. For older children leave could even create their own outline. Now you’re ready to do some Mouse painting for Mom with a wonderful surprise. Before you begin painting tape onto your plain piece of paper lightly, you’ll want this to come off later. Allow your child to choose the placement for a little creative choice.

First paint with the brush red and yellow prints on the page and then mix the two colors to create Orange and then create orange prints onto the page. Then repeat with the yellow and blue and red and blue. As they are making prints onto the paper encourage them to cover the secret message on the paper. Remind them to take caution and not lift up the word MOM at anytime while painting.

Once they have covered the paper they have created all of the colors of the rainbow onto the paper. Now it’s time to lift up the MOM paper and see the surprise word! Just as the mice saved a white spot to hide from the mouse in the story we’ve saved a special place for our MOM. Turn it upside down and it also says WOW! Yes I know it’s the little things my 6 year old notices that crack me up.

Once your painting is dry it’s ready to give to a special MOM for Mother’s Day! CLICK HERE for a free Printable “My Mom is a Rainbow Poem” to go with your Project. Don’t forget DAD, here’s a fun twist using the word for Father’s Day CLICK HERE

Looking for more Mother’s Day Craft ideas for MOM?

If you like this idea you might like these other MOTHER’S DAY IDEAS

 Happy Mother’s Day from The Educators’ Spin On It!

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 Create a special keepsake with this rainbow themed Mothers Day Poem and Craft idea!
Do you have a special Mom that you would like to wish Happy Mother’s Day too?  Create a rainbow with crayons, paint, torn paper or even watercolors and print out this Mothers Day Poem.  Better yet have your children read it to Mom.
Mothers Day Poem for Preschoolers
Print this adorable Mothers Day Poem for Preschool.
Here’s are the many reason why “My MOM is a Rainbow.”
Looking for Mothers Day Art?
We recently made a MOM Painting Project with Colors and I thought this poem would be the perfect match to it. Such a simple mothers day painting but the impact is adorable on a mother’s heart this year.
Rainbow Clipart from MyCuteGraphics.com  

Sometimes it’s hard to say out loud all the things that we see in our Moms. I feel so very lucky to have an amazing Mom that has helped me to become the Mom that I strive to be every day with my 3 children.

We hope you take time today to tell the Moms around you how special you think they are to you.

Mothers Day Craft Ideas for Kids to Make
Happy Mother’s Day from The Educators’ Spin On It 

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What’s the best thank you gift for teachers? You are trying to decide what to give our child’s teacher for these special occasions like the holidays or Teacher Appreciation Day or even end of the school year too!  The question you all find ourself asking is, what will they REALLY like and USE?
We decided we’d ask our favorite teacher friends the most memorable thank you gifts they’ve received while teaching.
Thank You Gift Ideas for Teachers

These thank you gift ideas for teachers were inspired for the individuals who are involved in our children’s lives. We’ve included ideas that would be great for Teachers, Babysitters, Dance Instructors, Music Teachers, Gymnastic Coaches, Soccer Coaches, Sunday School Teachers, Program Directors and more!

Here’s what they had to say for Thank You Gift Ideas for Teachers!

Gift Cards for Teachers

One of the easiest gifts to give for teachers is a thank you card. Pulling together as a class can make one big impact for a git too.  Here’s what some of our teachers remember as their favorite gift cards.

  •  “I loved a Starbucks gift card. Useful and a nice treat on someone else’s expense.”
  • “Gift card for a massage and last year I got a date night packet with a gift card to the movies, dinner and mall so I could buy myself something new before date night.“
  •  “Yes, gift cards to the spa!! I loved it when the whole class went in together on a gift. I even got a $200 gift card to Target once (obviously a class gift). Loved that too!!”
  • “My class pulled together and got me a gift card for the mall. I was able to buy my first Florida winter coat with it since I didn’t own one. “
  •  “A few massage gift cards-what a blessing after a LONG year of service!”
  • “Gift cards were always nice.  My favorite ever was a small cactus terrarium. The kids and I enjoyed it for years!!!”

Food Gifts for Teachers

You can win over a teachers heart with a delicious food gift idea.  Plus it doesn’t have to be just for Teacher Appreciation week, sometimes stopping by at dismissal with a treat is so thoughtful and memorable.

  •  “My room parents got together and provided my family with homemade meals for the entire week. It was delivered to the back of my car in a cooler every day at the end of the day, complete with paper plates and jugs of tea!”
  •  “Loved a homemade meal! Complete with wine one time!”
  • “A special tray of cookies delivered with a smile and handmade thank you note”
  • “One year I had this sweet Mom who would arrive at dismissal with a plate full of handmade spring rolls, I thought it was one of most thoughtful things ever!
Personalized Thank You Gift Ideas for Teachers 

You child surprisingly will learn quite a bit about their teacher over the course of the year.  Ask if they’ve gone on any trips, or have a favorite tv show or movie. Pinterest has made it even easier to create a gift idea with their personalized name on it as well.

  • Personalized Gifts for Teachers as a teacher, my favorite appreciation gift I ever received was a book made for me by one of my parents. She had all the kids color a picture and finish the sentence, “I like Mrs. Stewart because….” Then she put all the pictures together into a book with a cover. The parents then signed the back of the book . It was super cool! Deborah from Teach Preschool
  •  “I loved getting a 31 lunch bag with my name on it packed with a lunch from a local deli!”
  • “A parent made me a scrapbook with pictures from the year and notes from the parents and kids.”
  • “I loved a beach towel & bag theme for summer”
  • The one that I received from students wasn’t a book but a picture of all of the students and they signed the back of it. Maria from Mama Mias Heart 2 Heart
  • “I loved a planted pot I received one year with all of my students’ fingerprint personalized by them into people with their handwritten names below.  Around the top the parent had written “Bloom where you are planted” I kept that plant in my classroom for years, so sweet.”
  • I got one my first year teaching 2nd grade from an awesome mom and I still have it! LOVED the drawings and writing the kids made. She also made a cookbook – where the kids made up a special dish just for me – hilarious stuff! It was great! Bernadette from Mom 2 Posh Lil Divas
  • The best gift I ever received as a teacher was a dvd picture movie a parent made for me. They took pictures of things all over my classroom, of all the kids doing different things over the year, shots of the school, displays etc. It was all set to The Jackson Five, ABC 123 and is the most fun and lovely little movie… especially as I’ve been off from teaching for the past 3 years and I’d forgotten lots of little details of my classroom that this parent photographed.  I’ll keep it forever.   Deborah @ with Learn with Play at Home

This picture my 5 year old drew the other day for her teacher before school.

Handmade Thank You Gift Ideas from Students for Teachers

It’s no surprise that teachers did not go into their profession for the big dollars, they choose it to make a difference in the life of a child.  That same sentiment goes along with a simple handmade card or drawing means the world to them.  It’s really that simple at times.

  • Handmade Gifts for Teachers“Might sound cheesy, but I enjoyed a few homemade Christmas ornaments that I still put on my tree almost 20 years later.”
  • “I just like being remembered, from the candles in the obviously child decorated baby food jars, to the mugs, to the gift certificates. My mother, who taught 3rd grade MANY years ago, got lovely sets of costume jewelry that I used to love playing dress up with. It truly is the thought that counts.”
  • “A really sweet gift I received was a drawing. A little girl in my class realized she didn’t get me anything so she quick sat down and drew me a beautiful picture.”
  • “My favorite teacher’s gift was a children’s book (that we all loved and had read) the children had written messages on labels, then the labels were placed inside the covers of the book.  Love the handwriting and precious little notes!  It’s an all time fave.  ” Kristi from Creative Connections for Kids
  • My favorite teacher’s gift was a children’s book (that we all loved and had read) the children had written messages on labels, then the labels were placed inside the covers of the book. Loved the handwriting and precious little notes! It’s an all time fave.
  •  “I got a Tervis tumbler with single servings of lemonade and ice tea packets that you just mix with water… All tied up with a bow. Love it! Also got (for two different holidays from same child) two matching totes from Lands End that are monogrammed. One is good as a purse, the other would be perfect for beach for whole family. I’ve gotten and appreciated the gift cards, but I’ll always remember the children and parents who gave me these! Whatever the gift, knowing that I’m appreciated is wonderful!”
  • “Gift cards are great, but the gifts that I remember are really the ones that were homemade from the kids…A Hello Kitty picture to hang on the wall made of Legos, a message board surrounded by tiles, each painted by a different student, and some hand folded origami shapes attached to the sweetest notes ever…those have to be my top three.”
  •  “One year I had a student who would bring me handpicked flowers from her garden on random days throughout school year.  It was so sweet!

Need more Teacher Appreciation Ideas?

 Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas from The Educators’ Spin On It
          Teacher Thank You Gift Ideas from Parents

Need a quick idea that a parent has already though of? Here’s a few that were easy to put together.

  • “I’m not a teacher, but I have a couple of inexpensive ideas. One year I got plain clipboards from Target. I got cute scrapbook paper and cut it to fit the clipboard. I mod podged the paper to the clipboard and sanded the edges a little. I took a piece of ribbon and tied a cute pen to the metal part of the clipboard. You can attach a handmade note from your child or clip on some stationary or note pad. “
  • “One year I got those huge plastic summer cups from Target (they have all kinds of cute designs and are $2). I put in a can of Izzy’s sparkling soda and a couple of snacks. Tied it with cellophane and ribbon. Kinda cute!”
  • “I have given Mary Kay gifts in the past (coffee & cream – a coffee mug with hand cream) and some samples. I also did this same gift at Christmas with hot chocolate and a candy cane and it came with a cute poem. I’ve also done mini-Satin Hands sets that have always been a hit (<$10) and packaged them according to the season…Christmas, Valentine’s, etc. I have a variety of products that are enjoyed by just about all women and the gift can be as little or big as you want. ”
  • “We created a photo book for our daughters’ Dance Teacher using images on the girls over the course of the years of lessons with our group of girls.”
  • You’re Officially the BEST! Throw together some swedish fish candy with a fish shaped note!
  • You’re Beary Special!  Grab some gummy worms and a bear shared note for a sweet thank you card.
As you can see the gifts varied, every teacher is unique, but the message is always received with heart felt appreciation.  I hope you find this list helpful and are able to find that special gift for someone in your child’s life that you want to Thank for making a difference.
No matter your budget is there is always a way to tell someone THANK YOU for sharing their lives and with your child.  The most important thing to remember is to take a moment and remember how hard they are working for your child.
A simple smile and a “thank you” when you pick them up or a handmade card from your child will bring such joy to their day.
For more ideas Teacher Appreciation Ideas Visit our Pinterest Gift Board!

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Need help finding a special gift for a teacher? Here are some fun and easy teacher gifts ideas to share with that one of a kind teacher.

Teacher Appreciation week is here!  Do you have an idea of what to give your child’s teacher?  We asked some of our favorite bloggers to share their ideas with us.  Here’s over 30 Ideas for teach gifts to make it easy to share something special without having to create your own ideas.  Plus many are budget friendy teacher gift ideas to be able to share with all of the teachers that impact your child at school.
30+ Teacher Gift Ideas

*indicates featured images 

Teacher Gift Ideas from The Educators’ Spin On It

Take time this week to #THANKATEACHER They spend so much of their time, effort and talents focused on your child and their success and well being.

Have your child write a simple thank you note or drawing a picture can be quite motivational to a teacher too.

**LIKE IT?  PIN IT!  **

Looking for more ideas?  We’re sharing gift ideas on our Gift Pinterest Board… be sure to follow!

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Do you know where the fish’s dorsal fin is?  In this open ended fish art and science activity, children create their own fish.  Kids trace, cut, and paint.   A template takes away any frustrations of “I can’t draw a fish.” Let them draw on their own dorsal, pectoral, and pelvic fin.

This guarantees that every child’s fish will be unique and makes it theirs.

Open Ended Fish Art and Science Project

Best for ages 4-7.

Science learning objective: Identifies 3 parts of a fish. These may include, body, tail, dorsal fin, pectoral fin, pelvic fin, gills, fins, or lateral line.

What is this open ended fish art and science project best for? I like to set out open ended projects, meaning, each child’s finished project looks totally different, on the dining room table for after school learning.  These open ended projects also work well in a classroom setting for either a science, literacy, or art lesson.

They can be done in either whole group or small learning stations. Tracing, cutting, and painting provide children with opportunities to use small tools, which can assist in strengthening fine motor.  Using a variety of materials such as paint sticks encourages creative thinking.  Teaching kids about the fish habitat and parts of a fish brings in the science.

Affiliate links to products.

Materials Needed for Open Ended Fish Art and Science Project

Here are the items that you will need:

Before Starting:

Read the book Fish Eyes, a Book You Can Count on by Lois Ehlert. This book is great for young children ages 2-6. It is perfect addition to the early childhood classroom or home environment because

  • It’s fun and simple
  • Has height colored illustrations
  • Includes the numbers and number words in numerical order
  • Focuses on the addition concept of plus one.

Directions for Open Ended Fish Art and Science Project
  1. First, make a fish pattern for the body and tail.  Make several different templates for children to choose from. Label as pattern or template.
  2. Then, have the children select and trace their template.
  3. Let the children draw on the dorsal, pectoral, pelvic fin onto the body of their fish.  Encourage them to use a triangle, rectangle or square.
  4. Cut the fish out.
  5. Last, paint the fish. Make sure to add the lateral line, fish eyes, scales, and patterns.

Option 1: Paint with tempera paint. Let dry. Then draw on the lateral line, scales, and patterns with crayons.

Option 2: Paint lateral line, scales, and patters with Kwik Stix These are a fast drying paint that my kids love.

See our Triangle lesson where we used them here.

What to do with the open ended fish art and science project when you are done?

You can:

  • Have kids write a sentence about their fish.
  • Send them home with the kids.
  • Count all the fish you made. Make up a story about the fish.
  • Glue the fish on white pieces of paper. Make a kid-made book to read. Write a sentence on each page. Staple the pages together on the left.
  • Collect all the fish. Hang the completed fish from the Open Ended Fish Art + Science Project on a bulletin board. Count how many fish there are.  Make that number and number word with a bright colored construction paper. Add the words: fish you can count on. So if there are 10 fish, your bulletin board would say, 10 Ten fish you can count on.



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One toy that all children are drawn to are balls. Big, small, textured you name it, balls are a sure hit with kids. Here are 6 Ball Games for kids that they’ll love to play outside.

One gift that we tend to get as a family each spring is a new ball. There’s just something pretty special about bouncing balls that scream come play. Let’s be honest at the store the bright shiny fully inflated balls scream, buy me!

Have you seem some of the new designs they have come up with? I think ball games are such an easy way to create outdoor games for kids to get them moving and playing together with friends and siblings.

Let me share with you a few new games with balls to add to your list of fun outdoor games.

Outdoor Ball Games for Kids

This post contains affiliate links.

Make a Basket 

One of my favorite ways to store all of our toys, especially balls is in a Large Plastic Tub with Rope Handles . A Laundry Basket  or Rubbermaid Storage Container can work too.  Plus you can use these for practicing making a basket with your balls! Trust me, simple is good with ball games with kids.

Through the Hoop

Take your child’s Hula Hoop  as use it for a target for the ball. You can lay it on the ground and challenge your child to make the ball land in the hole, almost like golf or you can hang it from a tree and try to make the ball fly through the hula hoop. Great target practice for learning to throw which is useful for ball games.

Over the Line 

The skill of learning to bounce a ball at just the right speed and height takes talent.  These skills are needed for additional bouncing ball games like tennis, ping pong and even volleyball.  Start early with this Over the Line game.  Two player bounce a ball to each other by laying down a Jump Rope  or drawing a line with chalk.  The challenge is to bounce the ball once on your side and then once on the other side.  The player who missing the bounced ball first loses.  You can pretend it’s snake, hot lava or a even log across a river to add a little creativity to the game.

Sidewalk Targets 

Using Sidewalk Chalk ,  create an obstacle course with your child for the ball to bounce on.  It’s really practice in aim for throwing a ball but it makes such fun for your child’s imagination too.  Create circles around the driveway and make believe to bounce from one to the other.  They can be spaceships, lily pads, flowers.  Encourage your child to create a scenario for the game.

Box Bowling

Recycle a large box to create a game call Box Bowling. Simply cut out a half circle large that the ball and then challenge your child to roll the ball into the opening.  Player that gets the most balls inside the box wins!  You can have your child decorate the box based on their interested from animals to a rockets. Click here for more box ideas for kids.

Bottle Bowling 

Recycle your juice, milk or soda containers to create a bowling game for your ball.  You can make it fancy by decorating the bottles or keep it simple.  Surprisingly wrapping paper can be a great way to cover them easily. Click here to see how we decorated our recycled containers.

Ball Themed Activities for Kids

We have a few more Ball Resources including Math Games with Balls  or Best Ball Book for Kids to Read 

Grab a Ball on Amazon for your child 

What Types of Ball Games are your favorite? Share!

You’re invited to share what you’ve been doing with your kids at home.  If you’re a parent or teacher leave us a comment below of what you’ve been up to or leave a picture on our facebook page!  We’d love to hear from you! Come join the FUN!

Click below for even more Ball Options on Amazon for hour of FUN!  


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Some schools allow parents to write a teacher or placement letter request. In my humble opinion, if your school should allow this opportunity, then you SHOULD write one. Here are a few guidelines and sample classroom placement letter to get you started.

I believe that it may or may not help in making your next year teacher a better match with your child, but it is worth the chance. So, as the time is now for most schools, how should you write a placement request letter?

Disclosure: Amazon affiliate Links Used in this Article

Tips for Writing a Placement Letter Request

Grab your pens and paper, now’s the time to sit down and write a placement letter request. There really is no one right way. This is just the format that I use every year with my own children. Call your school first to find out if they accept placement letters, the date they need the letters by, and the specific guidelines for your school.  Some principals allow preferred teachers to be named other do not.

Placement Letter Request Format:

1. Start by stating your child’s current grade level and teacher. I always include a picture of my child somewhere in the letter as well.
2. Write about your child’s strengths – academic and social.
3. Write about your concerns for your child. This is place to include any special needs or personality traits that may need extra attention.
4. Write about the type of classroom or teacher traits that you feel your child would do best with.
5. Thank the team for considering your request.

Read the article: Getting the Teacher You Want

Sample Classroom Placement Letter

RE: 2017-2018 Classroom Placement Dear “School” Team,

We are writing this letter on behalf of our daughter “name”. She is currently in “teacher” “grade level” class and excelling in all areas; social and academic. “Name” is a very bright and enthusiastic learner. She reads at a much higher decoding, vocabulary, and comprehension level than her current grade. In fact, she reads 1-2 chapter books and multiple picture books every evening and is able to discuss with higher order thinking, challenging concepts. She reached over 100 AR points, made it to the 5th level in Ticket to Read, and has read almost the entire collection of chapter book series in the school library this year (and she is only 6 years old). In addition to reading, she enjoys science and has become a citizen scientist collecting data for a project called Monarch Health. Her one complaint about school is that she wants to learn more than the material presented. We are currently providing her with enrichment activities at home.

She is also a very thoughtful, kind hearted child. I have seen her give up her space for others, allow them to go first, and help solve disputes using kind words and effective problem solving. She responds well to compassionate adults with fair rules.

It is amazing to be parents of such an inquisitive, thoughtful child. When she was younger, we were worried she would have trouble learning as she has vision issues. After patching for several years, multiple eye muscle surgeries and therapy, she has improved her vision. Glasses are essential for her and she is never without them. She also relies heavily on her other senses and benefits from consistent classroom routines.

We feel that she would do the best in a classroom that is not only organized, with consistent routines, but also has a teacher that is willing to challenge and enrich the grade level material. “Name” would also do well with a teacher that routinely uses multi-sensory lessons, rather than one who primarily leans towards providing visual cues and presentations. Last, but not least, we feel that it is important for her to be placed in a classroom that supports and challenges her in a safe and loving way, for “name” to feel worthwhile and appreciated in her learning environment.

Thank you,

“Parents Names”

Need tips for writing a First Grade Classroom Request Letter?

As a Parent of a Grade School Child, you may also enjoy these resources:

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Easter is just around the corner. Here are some fun Hands On Activities, Crafts, Books and Sign Language for your Baby or Toddler to enjoy for Easter!
These easy baby easter activities and crafts will keep your little one busy this spring. Don’t wait bring out the eggs and bunnies now for hours of fun!

This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. 

Easter Activities for Babies

Playful ways to have fun this Easter with your baby or toddler. These hands on ideas encourage your baby to explore shapes, textures and colors in a playful way.  Incorporate your favorite Rabbit Finger Puppet or  Easter Bunny Egg Basket or even those adorable Easter Nesting Eggs


  • Eggs Exploration– Let them explore the eggs, make sure to tape them them closed if you have very young ones.  My daughter is 15 Months Old so she like to open the eggs and discover things inside.  We put a scarf in this egg and finger puppets in another.  The larger eggs are easier to put things into.    Here’s my daughter at 4 months having a little egg fun. I can’t believe how quickly they grow. 
  • Egg Hunt– Set the eggs around the room and have your child search for them
  • Fill the Basket-Empty the Basket– They LOVE filling a basket or bucket with eggs and carrying it around and then dumping it out, hours of fun and teaches them how to clean up
  • Spring Puppets and Finger Puppets– Encourage them to begin to play imaginary play, make sure you are modeling how it’s done, they need to learn from someone.   
  • Bunny Fun-Start playing make believe with your little ones, grab a item to represent a carrot and feed the bunny together.  Let the bunny hop around the room too.  They love it. 
  • Sorting Spring Animals- We discovered that we have different kinds of chicks and bunnies and created piles with them with big sister. 
  • Cookie Cutter Playtime– Using cookie cutters to explore the shapes of spring, we use a metal bowl to keep them in for extra sound fun too. Here’s a set of easter cookie cutters that would be prefect for this activity.  Wilton 10 Piece Easter Egg Cookie Cutter Canister Set

  • Egg Sounds– Put rice or beads inside of eggs and seal closed, makes great shakers for music time


  • Make a Bird Nest -Using the leftover scrapes from your felt eggs you can create a next and give your child a basket to create the nest in and a container to store the nest time. 
Learning Spring Sign Language with Your Baby 

Here’s a great chance to learn some new signs with your baby.  I found a few that relate to Spring, hope you enjoy exploring spring with your baby!


Easter Crafts for Babies and Toddler
  • Painting Egg Shape with Finger Paint– Just cut out an egg shape and allow your child to use finger paint all over the egg. 
  • Stamp Painting with Spring Cookie Cutters–  Using cookie cutters, dip them into paint and encourage them to stamp onto paper.  Here’s an example
  • Bunny Handprint Card or T-Shirt– You can create a little bunny by painting their palm and two fingers for a T-shirt or a card.  Here’s an example 
  • Tot School Easter Crafts for older toddlers  

Looking for more ideas for Baby Easter Baskets? 
Ideas for Baskets for Babies and Toddlers

Easter Photo Ideas
Using Flowers and Props for Photo Fun

Easter Board Books For Babies and Toddlers 

Here are some of our favorites Easter Books at our house that we’ve collected through the years with kids.  We always give a book in our Easter baskets.  It’s a way we remember year after year our Easter baskets. 


Easter Basket Ideas for Playtime for Babies & Toddlers  

Which Easter activity for babies will you try first? Which one will you add to your baby’s Easter fun?

Happy Easter from The Educators’ Spin On It

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Looking for some last minute ideas for Easter? This spring there are so many fun Easter Activities for kids to enjoy with your child.

We’re sharing our Top 40 Easter Activities for Kids that include Crafts, Activities, Printables and Recipes that are inspired by Easter for your child this week before Easter.

40 Easter Activities for Kids 

We’ve hand picked some of the best Easter Activities for Kids with this TOP 40 Easter List.  Take a peek below and get ready for some colorful Easter fun this spring.

Many of the Easter Activities involve a little bit of learning to0, so they are perfect for kids in school or during spring break.

  1. Decorating Ukrainian Easter Egg with Kids 
  2. DIY Easter Math Games for Kids with Erasers
  3. 12 Easter STEM Activities
  4. Bunny Themed Sidewalk Chalk Game
  5. Easter Dolly Painting
  6. Last Minute Easter Crafts  
  7. Easter Photo Ideas 
  8. Easter Egg Paper Wreath 
  9. Activities for The Easter Egg by Jan Brett 
  10. Bunny Bread Recipes 
  11. The Carrot Seed Book Activities 
  12. Hands On Fun with Egg Cartons
  13. Spring Pinterest Board 
  14. Easter Party Ideas Board 
  15. Spring STEM Activities for Kids
  16. Llama Easter Basket Ideas

Need more Easter Ideas?  Take a peek at our list of 101+ Easter Activities!  

Have a little on at home too?  Try these..

Easter Activities For your Toddlers and Babies

Easter Craft & Book Ideas for Babies and Toddlers 
Easter Basket Ideas for Babies and Toddlers 
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Easter Book Recommendations

Want more Easter Activities for School Ages? 

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What plans to do you have for Easter? 

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Loews Hotels. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Planning a family vacation to Universal Studios in Orlando? I’m going to share with you everything you need to know about Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort, one of the budget friendly on-property resorts.

Save this review for your next family trip to Universal Studios!

Here’s a look at our recent trip to this vibrant, retro-style resort with rooms and suites brilliantly designed for fun and affordability. We were able to relax with a splash, surrounded by amazing iconic architecture inspired by classic Florida beach resorts of the 1950s and 60s.

Planning a Family Vacation at Universal Studios Resort

We’ve been looking forward to a weekend getaway for our family in Orlando and could not wait for it to kick of at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort, one of Universal Orlando Resort Hotels. We chose Cabana Bay Beach Resort for the relaxed & retro Beach 50s vibe and for the cost – starting at $120/night.

Florida residents be sure to check out their special rates just for YOU!

Our van was packed with our swimsuits and Harry Potter t-shirts as we headed down for a 2 night stay which included 2 day 3 park Tickets to Universal Studio Park! We arrived on Friday afternoon walking past “Dad’s station wagon” parked permanently outside the hotel, along with three other vintage cars.

Honestly I could feel the stress melt away as we ventured into the lobby on the Cabana Bay Beach Resort with the old time music playing.

It’s step back in time with vibrant colors and retro style decorations.

We checked in to our Family Suite which starts at $160 per night and were able to drive our car, near the room’s entrance. In a resort with 2200 rooms, this was a noticeable perk. They’ve done a good job of spreading out the entrances and parking ability. Once we parked our car, we didn’t see it until Sunday night when we left the theme parks.

I can’t tell you how nice it was to be able to stay on Universal property and be able to take advantage of their complimentary on site shuttle transportation and garden pathways to the theme parks. Plus Universal’s Volcano Bay was an easy walk from our hotel room on a special tropical path.

Cabana Bay Beach Resort

There are two options for resort rooms at Cabana Bay Beach Resort. Upon arrival you’ll enjoy vibrant, retro-style with rooms and suites brilliantly designed for fun and affordability. The iconic architecture is inspired by classic Florida beach resorts of the 1950s and 60s. I felt a little like I was stepping into my parents childhood and what they may have experienced, a perfect spot to bring the grandparents along with you too.

Rooms are wonderfully decorated and decently sized. The 1950s-60s vibe is carried through right down to small details such as bedside clock and VO5 shampoo in the rooms!

Standard Rooms at Cabana Bay

Two queen beds, iconic decor and a flat screen TV turn each 300-square-foot Standard Room into a private getaway. You can upgrade to a Poolside Room to enjoy lush views of the hotel’s tropical foliage and expansive pool area.

Family Suites at Cabana Bay

There’s plenty of space for everyone with 430 square feet of living area. Suites sleep up to 6 with two queen beds and a pull-out sofa, plus it includes a sliding privacy partition and a compartmentalized bathroom so 3 people can get ready at once.

YES… you read that right everyone can be getting ready at once for early morning access to the parks!

You’ll find a kitchenette with a mini refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave and sink so you can enjoy a cold drink, quick breakfast, snack or a light bite to eat whenever you like.

Perks of Staying on Property at Universal Resorts

Enjoy one Hour Early Admission

Enjoy Early Park Admission to Universal Orlando  including the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Universal’s Volcano Bay one hour before the park opens (valid theme park admission required).

A little tip.. be sure to check on the Universal Studios app which park is offering early admission that day.

My two girls were quite excited to spend a good portion of their time in the World of Harry Potter. With our Express passes we were able to do so much in the time we had during the two days we were there.

More Than Just A Room Key

When you stay at any Universal Orlando Resort Hotels you get resort-wide charging privileges using your room key card. You can also use your key card for complimentary access† to select live entertainment venues at Universal CityWalk for the length of your stay.

Restaurants On Site 

Cabana Bay Beach Resort has a variety of locations for restaurants to enjoy with your family. The Bayliner Diner is set up food court style with five stations as well as grab and go options — it offers TONS of hot and cold meal choices as well as snacks. It was nice to see a Starbucks right there on property too.

Resort Style Living for Your Family 

The best part was that you could literally spend days just on the resort property having fun with your kids. Cabana Bay has their very own bowling alley, Galaxy Bowl which has it’s own restaurant. Plus a largeGame-O-Rama arcade, pool side ping pong tables and two beach style pools, slide, winding lazy river and more. Plus a large Jack LaLanne fitness center overlooking the pool area.

Pools at Cabana Bay Beach Resort

The Cabana Courtyard has a zero-entry pool with a waterslide, a kids play area, hot tub, the Atomic Tonic pool bar and cabanas for rent. On the other side of the resort was the Lazy River courtyard, with a zero-entry pool with a sand beach, a lazy river with waterfalls and cannons, The Hideaway Bar & Grill, and a nice big hot tub.

TIP: You’ll need to bring your own tube or you can purchase a new tube onsite for a few dollars and it’s yours for your stay.

Plus you’ll enjoy the exclusive benefits of staying in Universal and wake up to this view!!!

Volcano Bay

Did you know you also get Volcano Bay Early Access and special gate entry from Hotel? One our second day of vacation we arrived at opening and were able to do so many water slides in the limited time we had there at Volcano Bay.

The rapid river was once of our favorites, not tube to float you get life vests to experience as you quickly float along on the ride.

Plan your visit to Universal Studios Resort

Take advantage of early admission to the Universal Studios Parks, free shuttles and enjoy your stay at this Retro fun hotel. Click now to plan your next vacation at Cabana Bay Beach Resort.

Share your family’s adventure with the hashtag #CabanaBayResort

The post Universal Studios Cabana Bay Beach Resort Review appeared first on The Educators' Spin On It.

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