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Friends, feast your eyes on this adorableness. This little character is currently in foster care through Corgi Connection of Kansas, and is accepting applications for the family lucky enough to take her into their home, hearth and heart of hearts.

Gorgeous Miss Maxi is a 3-year old corgi with some significant health issues that are currently manageable. Because of her MRI-confirmed hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain), she is a special needs dog.

Hydrocephalus can make learning new things difficult for this sweet one. Each new change in environment brings about a “refresher” course in house training and sometimes other behaviors. It may seem like she’s a very stubborn little girl, when in fact hers is a learning disability. Over-the-counter Prilosec has shown some success in keep the fluid levels in the brain from increasing in other hydrocephalic dogs. Should Miss Maxi’s condition worsen, it is likely she would show neurological issues such as seizures, circling or spinning. The next step for medication would be steroids.

Dogs with hydrocephalus don’t have as long a life expectancy, and right now Maxi has probably exceeded that of many dogs with the same condition. While she is not having neurological issues such as seizures or circling, her future is really unknown. What’s certain is that she still has a lot of love to give.

Because of the hydrocephalus, Miss Maxi is mostly blind. As the good folks at Corgi Connection have learned, her brain does not process what she sees. Her eyes are “structurally sound,” but the message isn’t getting through. Because of her vision issues she can be snappy if startled and that can relay to other dogs.

For this reason she would do best as an only dog and absolutely no young children. Maxi does love people overall, however, and should not be denied a happy social life.

Her front legs are horribly crooked (medical term is incongruity or elbow dysplasia) but she does get around well. She doesn’t navigate stairs very well due to vision and her legs. It is important that Maxi’s weight be kept in check to no more than 30 pounds, to help alleviate the pressure on those legs. Corgi Connection has her on Galliprant — a long-term pain reliever — and a joint supplement.

Her current foster home takes her on several shorter walks a day, which Miss Maxi just loves!

Surgery is not a recommended treatment due to the potential for complications which could result in the amputation of the leg(s). Again, her condition is manageable, but Corgi Connection does not advise she go to a home with very many stairs.

Maxi is an affectionate little girl who wants to be around someone. She can be ornery, occasionally chewing things she shouldn’t, but is getting more and more comfortable in her current home, showing a few signs of play and even a slight zoomie!

She is unfortunately the product of some less than ideal breeding, purchased by a family who did not even realize her difficulties after having her for nearly 3 years. Miss Maxi needs an experienced owner as she does try to be the boss and she would probably do best as an only pet, although she doesn’t seem to mind cats that don’t pay any attention to her. 

This girl is spayed, current on vaccinations, has been treated with heartworm, flea/tick preventative and is microchipped.

Her adoption fee is $200. If you can give this special girl a special home, please submit an application for consideration. For whoever adopts her, Corgi Connection would be there to help along the way.

Not ready to adopt? Consider a contribution to Corgi Connection! They have been rescuing and helping to rehabilitate and re-home Corgis for ten years now. Maxi’s MRI and vet bill alone were a few thousand dollars. Simply put, this work doesn’t happen without the help of many supportive and caring people. People like YOU! 

Visit their site today and click the yellow Donate button. Tell ’em The Daily Corgi sent you.

Corgi On joyfully, my friends!


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Darby is natty in his jellybean bow tie.

Hop to it honeybuns! Donut is celebrating his first Easter. More on his Instagram: @donutthecorgo

Easter Bunny Evie picked up basket stuffers at Target.

Geordi La Corgi and Co.  

Ernie the Easter Unicorg, at your service.

Leo is positively hare-raising!

Watson and his baby sister Celeste, too cute for words.

Gypsy charmed the Easter Bunny himself and made it look easy squeezy!

Copper, Sidney and Connie, look at those GRINS.

Helllooooooo Remy!

Gus and Bruiser, making faces.

Say bonjour to Benny and his bunny besties!

Gang’s all here: Rose and her Golden sister Loosie with their brother Russell.

Remy, Max and Tigger: we are FAMILY!

The post Easter Beasties: Corgis and Company! appeared first on The Daily Corgi.

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There’s not much that’s better than a Corgi smile. In fact, you might even say that some days, they make my world go ’round.


I can think of no better Valentine to you, my readers, than a big ol’ bouquet of grand pupper grins.



To you, from me.

With love!

Laurie Eno

Founder and Corgi Lover In Chief


Aiden with the beach boy smile!

Max, Remy and Tigger











Smol Paul

Seamus Peanut O’Malley Esq.





Lola aka The Dooby

















Penelope & Co.




(Does a wee smirk count?)





Jackson Stubbington






Cappi, Carlie, Pippa and Roscoe


Charlie Marie


(Silly sweet Corgi!)


Sam, Ash and Lucy







Panda The Therapy Dog

Daisy Lou

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Say hello to Princess Moonshine Eclipse Fuzzbutt McDonald of Corginshire.

Hi! Nice to meet you. I’m a Corgi.

You can call me Moonshine!

I have been on this planet for a little over two hooman years. In those years, I have become very wise and at this time, I will share some of my wisdom with you.

Never visit an elephant at the zoo when it has a head cold. Gross. Does anyone have a wetnap?

WHAT? You don’t sniff other people’s butts to say hello? How in the heck do you remember if you’ve met before?!?

I feel I have become a very wise doggo.

I have learned it is ok for people, cats, squirrels (blech) and other doggos to have differing opinions and beliefs. I have learned tolerance and understanding. For example, Dad was pushing all the wrong buttons today and I didn’t even yell at him. I did the right thing … I made funny faces at him and bit him.

As I say, a very wise doggo.

Nope … back away, Buttercup. Not gonna happen. I am a good girl and a brave, noble Corgo who protects her dad’s truck from marauders, thieves, squirrels, Shetland ponies, people who pronounce the “h” in “Cool Whip”, bears, marmots, chipmunks and ill-tempered woodpeckers.

Let’s not boop the snoot, mmmkay puddin’?

To become the ninja, one must blend in with your surroundings. Oh, and sploot. So … to recap, ninja = blend and sploot.

I believe the word you’re looking for is “majestic”.

I just wanted to let you all know I love you this much. (It’s a whole bunch for a Corgi)!

*  *  *  *

All photos and captions lifted with kind permission from the owners (Mahm and Dad) of Moonshine’s most excellent and hilarious Facebook page. Her wisdom and shenanigans are also documented on Instagram.

Moonshine and her family reside in the beautiful state of Washington.

P.S. While the Daily Corgi blog is in mostly retired status, there will be posts every now and then. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I’ve rather missed the monkeyshines!


The post Wednesday Wisdom With Moonshine! appeared first on The Daily Corgi.

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Beautiful Kiki was born in Riverside, California on January 6th, 2005.

“We met her at six weeks” says Mom Cynthia, “but they didn’t allow her to come home with us until she was nine weeks.”

“Our girls were still in high school and Kiki came to school every day to pick up her “sisters”.

“When she was three, we had a family vacation to Missouri. Kiki was a good traveler and made friends at every rest stop.”


She appeared in the Daily Corgi 2011 Calendar.

“Kiki has been the muse for many artists! She has been drawn by the famous Filipina artist May Ann Licudine (MALL), Justine Schneider, Massimiliano Alioto, and Long Beach artist Jenny Nguyen.”

by Justine Schneider

by Jenny Nguyen

by Massimiliano Alioto

by Jenny Nguyen

by MALL (May Ann Licudine)

“I have a tattoo of Kiki done by Brandon Flores of Outer Limits Tattoos.”

“We started going to the So Cal Corgi Beach Day events in Spring of 2014.”

“She was an active participant in the costume contests and eating contests but only won once, in the summer 2016 watermelon eating contest.”

Video HERE.

“She got the winner’s trophy and a prize basket!”

“When we first met Supercorgi Jo Jo early in our visits to So Cal Corgi Beach Day, he fast became her best friend there. They’ve had many adventures together!”

With Jojo and Jojo’s Mom Josephine.

“Kiki’s “race” at the first Santa Anita Corgi Nationals Race this Spring was in the senior division. She came in 4th after being coaxed over the finish line.”

Video of the race HERE.

The merriest kind of Corgmas!

“Kiki has also participated in the last four Belmont Shore Christmas Parades.”

That happy smile. Priceless!

Kiki and Mr. Pickles

Kiki has so many friends through her Instagram account (@kiki.bee.corgi) and from meeting lots of people at So Cal Corgi Beach Day events.

“People always want to pet her and take pictures of her. She smiles at them and it must melt their hearts.”

“Kiki is well loved by many people.”

“Unfortunately, late September this year, Kiki was diagnosed with lymphoma.”

“She started chemotherapy at the Veterinary Cancer Center of Orange County in Tustin, California. They have been so kind and supportive.”

With her specially made blanket from Snugs & Cuds, made in honor of the founder’s Corgi Ginger, who had cancer treatments at the same office.

“Kiki had weekly treatments until December first, when they changed to every two weeks.

These were stopped the week before Christmas when we found a cancerous mass in her stomach and enlarged lymph nodes in her abdomen, indicating she had come out of remission.

Right now we are in waiting mode, as there is no treatment.”

“I don’t know how much longer we have with her but we will love her while she is still with us.”

Happy Birthday, Kiki!



The post Happy 14th Birthday Kiki! appeared first on The Daily Corgi.

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My friends, this last week and a half of blogging again has been a real adventure!


 Today’s festive photos are the last of the Christmas 2018 fun. On January 1, the blog part of The Daily Corgi goes back on the shelf.

But before it does, I have a New Year’s Eve post planned. Please send me your New Year’s Eve ready Corgi photos by 10 am (Eastern) on Monday morning, December 31. Let’s get our New Year’s kickoff Corgi party started!

E-mail them to thedailycorgi@gmail.com

Thanks for sharing your Corgis and your Corgi love all year long on the Daily Corgi Facebook page. I’ll see you there.


This year was Riley’s first Christmas!

Bentley and his bouncy decoy

Blossom dreaming sugarplum dreams.



Raleigh’s family is especially grateful for her this year, after a couple of bladder stone surgeries two days apart. Corgi On, Raleigh!

No more treats, no more smiles. Tuck’s a tough negotiator!


Harry says Happy Holidays!

Mia definitely approves of her new Serta dog bed! She is 12 and needed a new one to step into easily.

Colorado puppers Tuffie and Gus with their family Hanna, Caryn, Casey and Tom Cutler. Nobody had to be bribed to wear those adorable Corgi sweaters.

Peanut The Corgi


Lord Windsor celebrated his first Christmas this year.

Lilli, Ginger and Chloe

Gracie and Zorro



Miss Rayne sings along with her Corgi buddies!

JoJo The Super Dog

Two year-old Mr. Darby giving his favorite stuffed corgi love nibbles.

Little Maddie with brother Jacob, on her first Christmas!


Cameo was a gift.


The Red Barron of Indiana

Middie and Perle

Bailey enjoyed opening her own presents.

This year Grover celebrated his new family and his first Christmas!

Brewer of Wisconsin. So Corgilicious!

Quincy checking out his presents.

Spencer the Corgi and Maggie the Doxie

Lady Sansa


Ohio’s own Norbert


Koda Bear

Celie Blue

Four month old Finley. Cute as a button.

Abigail and Emmett


Hobie is the King of Corgis in Barn Hunt, and among the top 7 dogs in the sport (out of 36,000). WoW!

Luna (Corgi) and Leia

Kaylee and Bella

That’s a wrap! Thanks again to all who shared their Christmas Corgi pics. You made a lot of people really happy.

I guarantee it.


The post 49 More Christmas Corgis — and A Call for Your New Year’s Eve Pics! appeared first on The Daily Corgi.

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The Daily Corgi by Laurie Eno - 6M ago

For day 9 of the Twelve Days of Christmas Corgis, we have an old school style Daily Corgi post with Christmas flair.

One low rider gets the spotlight all to himself, and the lucky guy is Nugget!

Nugget (aka Nug, Nuggie, Nugoo, Bubba) was born April 8, 2015 in Denver, Pennsylvania and has been in New Jersey with his mom Madison since he was two months old.
His favorite things in the world are the beach, getting “boosts” (he can’t jump – doesn’t even try – so it’s always a whole event when he gets a boost onto the couch or bed), his Wubba (hedgie toy), and anything involving peanut butter.
Did somebody say peanut butter?!
Nugget is very particular about which doggies he chooses to befriend, but LOVES people (far more than his mom does) and will make it a point to approach and ask for belly rubs from anyone he passes on his walkies.
Family and friends joke about how he’s more photogenic than they are.
Nug loves the camera!
For Christmas 2018, this cold-loving Corgi asked Santa to bring him more snackies and a winter jacket (he got ’em!), and for a white Christmas too, because he’s a Husky at heart. Nugget would probably live in an igloo if he could, as anything above 60 degrees is too hot for him.
Nuggie’s looking forward to a healthier 2019, as had emergency teeth extractions this year after his previous unhelpful vet refused to do teeth cleanings. It got to the point where some were rotting an abscessed, but now he has a new, better vet and has completely recovered!
Clearly he’s a VERY spoiled and loved dog.
(As it should be).

See more of friendly Nugget on Instagram: @nuggetthepembroke

The post Day 9: Meet NUGGET! appeared first on The Daily Corgi.

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Let there be light!

And Corgis too.

Adventure Corgis






Part of the Stumpy Brigade on Instagram


Jasper Islington


Abby Dabby Doo

Buttons Matilda

Piper Grace


The post Day 8 of Twelve Big Beautiful Days of Christmas Corgis appeared first on The Daily Corgi.

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