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Are you lacking a night routine for hair growth? This might be one of the reasons your hair is not responding to growth. I had the same issue, I did it all yet at night my hair was out and about.

So what is the best night routine for hair growth? Let's have a look at simple practical ways to improve your night routine for hair growth starting from tonight!

How To Build A Night Routine For Hair Growth That Works! How To Build A Night Routine For Hair Growth That Works!

When you go to bed there are three things you want to protect against when you go to bed:

  1. No one wants matted hair because it leads to tangling and knotting, yikes!
  2. Excessive abrasion and rubbing because we know it's a no no for our hair type.
  3. Hair getting drier.. I mean come on, our hair gets dry without a night routine, let's not make it worse! no joke, it does, right?

So now you will ask me, okay so what do I do? Here are three simple things you could start implementing today:

  1. Before bed try to spritz and moisturize your hair so that it's in the best condition possible. Remember to not use too much product so that you don't stain your sheet... unless you have time to do laundry often... Just saying!
  2. In order to prevent matted hair, you can twist your hair or braid it before bed. It all depends on what you prefer doing the most.
  3. Now I'm single as of YET (keep me in prayers, I'm believing God for good news soon!) so I wear a satin scarf to protect my hair. If you are not digging that Idea or you don't find it cute then use a satin pillowcase because contact between hair and cotton bedding draws moisture out of hair...Sis, we NEED as much moisture as possible!

Let's talk about lengths for a second.. when you have short to medium length you won't have an issue if you skip twisting or braiding your hair few times.

Now as your hair grows matting will become a real problem so make sure you learn how to twist (faster) or braid your hair before you go to bed.

Depending on the style you are going for the size of your twists/braids matter so think about what style you want to rock the next day and style accordingly.

Let's get into some helpful tips on how to build a night routine for hair growth:

Practise Good Hair Habits!

No matter what shape or form your hair is in, it is crucial to have a night time hair routine.

Your hair won't grow overnight with these tips but it will surely be well kept and maintained which helps with growth!

Where is my Shampoo? Who took my gel?!

Learn to place your hair products in one spot in order to prevent you from skipping out on any necessary steps.

Nights are most of the time difficult because we return from our busy daily chores and we are tired.

Save your self some stress by putting all your products in one place in order to find them easily and quickly.

Let's not forget that morning are another story of their own so it helps you get ready faster in the morning!

Do a Scalp massage!

I remember when I was trying to grow my hair, I got the same advice over and over, scalp massage! It is essential if you want healthy and long hair.

Scalp massages do few things to help your hair growth: It circulates blood and increases the blood flow to your natural hair follicles which promotes hair growth.

If you want to be fancy you can also add oils to your fingertips and massage it into your scalp using a circular motion to prevent a dry scalp and dandruff (I've gone through that...it helps!).

Moisturize!!!! Important!

This needs a check by you, if your hair is feeling a little dry before bed, you want to moisturize it. It doesn't have to be too complicated, moisturizing your hair might be in the form of adding oil or a leave-in conditioner that's mixed with water using a spray bottle.

For my fancy Queens that have time available, You can also use a hair steamer because they work by hydrating dry hair through steam.

The moist heat from the steam also promotes hair growth. The steam lifts your hair cuticles which allows products to penetrate your hair shaft for optimal moisture.

This process also helps to heal damaged hair!

Get some Silk/Satin Pillows and Bonnets

When it comes to night routines silk and satin bonnets and pillows are essential especially when you are natural.

If you sleep without a bonnet on cotton pillows or sheets, that can do some damage to your hair over time.

Cotton pillowcases can remove moisture from your hair because cotton absorbs all your natural oils while you are asleep. Sleeping on a cotton pillow can cause frizz and breakage. Satin and silk pillowcases are smooth so your hair won’t get tangled while you are sleeping.

If you do not want to get a satin or silk pillowcase, you can always purchase bonnets as an alternative. You can even buy some bonnets infused with oils that will give your hair extra moisture.

Apply some Anti-Frizz Products

This tip is for those that like voluminous hair! Frizz can be your best friend but when you want defines style frizz is not what you want.

To prevent that you can add some anti-frizz products while moisturizing your hair at night and wake up with perfectly defined curls.

Tips and Tricks for Specific Styles

Not everybody’s hair is the same, so some people need to take additional measures when taking care of their hair before bed. Here are some tips and tricks for specific hairstyles.


Sleeping with a bonnet or satin sheets is still a great idea even if you are bald. A bonnet will prevent you from getting those annoying little dust bunnies in your hair. If you are planning on growing your hair this will prevent you from getting split ends.

Natural Hair

When you have natural hair, it is essential to have a good nighttime routine, so you wake up with beautiful hair in the morning.

Nighttime is the perfect time to do the loc method. The word LOC stands for liquid oil and conditioner or cream. This technique is ideal for giving your hair the moisture that it craves.

Pineappling you hair at night

Pineappling your hair is when you gather all your hair to the top or crown of your head and use a hair tie to secure it while leaving your ends out.

The pineappling method helps to keep your curls popping by preventing you from squishing them while you’re sleeping.

How To Preserve Curls Overnight | Pineapple Method - YouTube

When you do not use this method, you can run into the issue of flat or misshapen curls in the morning. But if you are not a fan of this technique you can always throw on your bonnet before bed.

How to Preserve a Wash and Go

Being able to rock any natural hairstyle is a blessing.

A wash n go is a common natural hairstyle. Here are three ways you can preserve your wash and go overnight.

Here are some of the things you’ll need:

    • Water
    • Shower cap
    • Hair tie pomade

1. Lightly spray your hair with water then put a shower cap on your head.
2. After putting on the shower cap place your bonnet or scarf on and you are ready for bed.
3. putting on a shower cap before bed night sounds out of this world but it helps you to wake up with another bomb wash and go.

The moisture from the water and your body heat create a greenhouse effect that allows your curls look cute and fluffy when you wake up in the morning.

If you do not want to go to bed with a shower cap on here are two other alternatives.

1. Using your hands separate your hair into sections four sections
2. loosely braid them while leaving the ends undone. If your braids start to unravel, you can add a rubber band where your hair transitions from the braid to your curls
3. Put on your satin scarf or bonnet, and you are ready for bed

This next method is similar to braiding, but instead, you will be using hair ties.

1.Part your hair into four sections using your hands or a comb
Lightly spray each section with water and smooth the water into your hair.
2. Take one individual and wrap a hair tie around the section.
3. You can put the hair tie near the ends of your hair to achieve a stretched out wash-and-go.

How To Maintain A Wash and Go | Night Time Routine | Method #1 - YouTube
Preserving Your Twist out or Braid-Out at night

Always keep in mind that after the first day a style may not look as defined or frizz free on the second day, but it is possible to achieve the same curls with the right method and products.

1. The first thing you can do is apply pomade or gel to your edges, so they are laid when you wake up in the morning.
2. After applying the product unto your hairline use, a brush to smooth it down then use a satin scarf to set your edges into place.
3. You can choose between loosely twisting your hair or putting it up into a pineapple
4. Tie your hair loosely with a hair tie
5. Throw on your bonnet and tuck yourself in and you are ready for good night’s sleep.

Preserving Straight Styles on Natural Hair

Although straight hair doesn't last for long when you're a natural hair woman here are simple steps to caring for it at night.

Wrapping your hair is key to ensuring that your hair stays sleek and straight as long as possible.

You can use things like:

  • Oil
  • A wide tooth comb
  • Bobby Pins
  • A brush

1. Add oil to your hair (for added moisture before you begin the wrapping)
2. Take a wide-toothed comb and a brush
3. Part your hair from the center of your forehead all the way back to the center of your crown.
4. Begin to wrap your hair (Using your comb)
5. Use the brush to smooth your hair down as you begin to wrap
6. You should stop every so often to add bobby pins to secure your hair to your head
7. After wrapping your hair put on your silk scarf or bonnet.

Curly and Wavy Hair

If you have curly to wavy hair, waking up to a big frizzy mess in the morning is the worst thing.

Here is how to keep your curls or waves nice and defined for the morning using a few products such as:

  • A Leave-in conditioner
  • An Oil
  • A Comb

1. Divide your hair into two or four sections (use a comb or your hands)
2. Take a small amount of leave-in conditioner and apply it to each section. Then apply oil to each section to seal in the moisture from the conditioner
3. For wavy: Braid each section and you are ready for bed.

With these few couple steps, you can wake up to flawless curls and waves

How To Build A Night Routine For Hair Growth That Works!

There you have it, How To Build A Night Routine For Hair Growth That Works!

What is your favorite night time hair care routine?

What to read next? I’ve got you, girl!

Xo, Queen

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Learning how to take care of short natural hair can be a challenge when you just went natural and all this information seem new to you!

That's exactly what happened to me, I didn't know what to do with all that hair and it wasn't even long enough to catch it into a ponytail! So the big question is, how to take care of short natural hair? That's what I will be breaking down for you today!

How To Take Care Of Short Natural Hair With Swag! How To Take Care Of Short Natural Hair With Swag!

When it comes to learning how to take care of short natural hair which is also called twa (teeny weenie afro) things can be easier than for those having long hair!

As your natural hair grows it becomes harder to effectively moisturize and let's not talk about tangles that end up becoming a problem.

Which is why many women opt to keep a shorter style. Let's get into what a healthy hair care regimen would look like since you are learning how to take care of short natural hair:

#1 how to take care of short natural hair by Keeping it Clean!

When it comes to keeping your short natural hair clean you will want to use a sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo (I shared some pretty cool sulfate-free shampoos to try here!).

So what this will do is to prevent your hair from being so dry after washes. If you can't wash it then you can co-wash your hair (wash your using conditioner only) to alleviate dryness as well.


You may ask, how often should I wash my hair Queen? How often you cleanse will depend on works for you, once per week is a good starting point.

Since your hair is short, washing your hair more often than this, will be perfectly fine as well because it is much easier to work with short hair so if you decided you like cleansing 3 times per week go for it girl!

#2 how to take care of short natural hair By Conditioning it!

A good practice is to always condition your hair after a good shampoo.

Proceed by Sealing the moisture in your hair by rinsing the conditioner out with cool water. When you use cooler water you see a noticeable difference with the dryness you experience.

#3 how to take care of short natural hair by Deep Conditioning (important!)

You should get in the habit of deep conditioning as often as possible starting like every two weeks or in the worst scenario, deep condition once per month.

Check this: a good deep conditioner will contain a hydrolyzed protein.

Next, cover your hair with a plastic processing cap and sit under a hooded dryer or use a thermal deep conditioning cap to help the conditioner penetrate more effectively.

#4 Master the Detangling routine!

This is an important step even tho your hair is short right now, detangle your hair while it is damp with a wide tooth comb is the way to go for now.

You can always start by using your fingers first to get rid of any tangles that you can feel, then proceed to detangle with a comb.

Depending on the length of your short natural hair you may only need to finger detangle more than other lengths.

When you comb your short natural hair you should start from the ends of your hair and then comb down to the root because it works better this way!

Tips for After the Big Chop - YouTube
#5 how to take care of short natural hair by Keeping it Moisturized!

Now it's all about moisture! Loc that moisture girl!!!

In short, Loc stands for (Leave-In, Oil, and Cream). You can use this technique seals moisture into your hair and in order to avoid dryness.

So go ahead and moisturize your hair and style as desired. These homemade moisturizers for natural hair will do the trick for you if you are on a low budget!

4 Steps to Moisturized Natural Hair - YouTube
#6 how to take care of short natural hair by Building a solid Night routine

I know, I know! Who has time for their hair while they are so tired.... You!

Try and always wear a satin bonnet or scarf to bed. You can use satin or silk pillowcases instead if you don't really dig the whole bonnet idea.

Here is the reason why, the cotton from your bedding dry out your hair and can break it off from friction.

As your hair gets longer (let's say 4 to 5 inches) you can go ahead and start braiding or twisting your hair into large sections to avoid matting and tangles (that's what I do when my hair is out of a protective style).

Troubleshooting Short natural hair!

When it comes to styling short curly hair it can be a daunting task if you don’t know how or are new to short hair.

Many curl queens get a serious reality check when they do the big chop and realize that they took no time to consider what their hair would look like or how they would style it after their big chop.

Curly hair care can be most of the time challenging but there is a good side to it.

Short curly hair is fun to maintain especially during the summer months, and taking the time to learn about your hair and how to properly care for it is the foundation for rocking beautiful short styles with swag! (yeah girl, swaggg!)

So let's get into some troubleshooting issues you may find along the way while learning Remove term: how to take care of short natural hair:

You don't really like your curl pattern

One of the best things you can do as part of your curly hair care is learning about what kind of curls you have.

Some curl patterns require a little more love than others to bring out the best curl definition, but all curls need a little help to really pop, so apply products such as Blueberry Bliss CURL Control Jelly to keep curls in place, frizz-free and hydrated.

How To: Wash N Go on Short Natural Hair / TWA - YouTube

Your short hair looks uneven, what do you do? Get a good haircut!

After you’ve completely transitioned or have done the big chop, you need some swag!

Since you have short hair you should get a good haircut that will help you maintain hair healthy.

But before making any decisions, consult with your stylist to see what style is right for you.

How To Take Care Of Short Natural Hair With Swag!

There you have it, How To Take Care Of Short Natural Hair With Swag!

What is your biggest struggle with your short natural hair?

What to read next? I’ve got you, girl!

Xo, Queen

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Learning how to moisturize and seal natural hair is one of the best things you could do to your hair because this technique is one of the basic steps to a good hair regimen.

But what do you do when learning how to moisturize and seal natural hair becomes a challenge?

Once you embark on a  healthy hair journey, one thing you should master is how to moisturize natural hair.

Why many still have dry hair? Because they just follow what everyone is doing!

This is because they are not doing enough of it or doing too little of it. A moisturized hair will flourish because it will be shiny, manageable and you will see defined, longer and healthier hair in the long run.

How To Moisturize And Seal Natural Hair For Real! How To Moisturize And Seal Natural Hair For Real!

If you are going through breakage, dry hair, slow growth, and even unmanageable hair, you will come to know that these are all issues that can be remedied by properly and consistently moisturizing your hair.

What are some things you need to know about in order to master the moisture and seal game? Let's get into some of them:

Water + Moisture= Best Friends!

Even though you may already use a few products and conditioners to moisturize your hair, know that a true moisturizer will have water listed as one of the first two ingredients.

if you are using a product that contains much other than water, it simply isn’t moisturizing your hair.

If you have tried the step above and it hasn’t worked for you, or it is too time-consuming you can just use a water-based moisturizer. This works just as good.

A great product would be Kinky Curly Knot Today leave-in conditioner.

Don't forget to stay away from stylers/gels that have water as their first ingredient because they are not moisturizers.

What they do is they provide a definition and hold more than they do moisture.

Thick  Oils Can do the trick!

When it comes to sealing the moisture in, you can use a thick, natural oil to seal in moisture from a water-based moisturizer.

Oils such as castor oil or avocado oil, or an anti-humectant like Shea butter (that I love) will work.

Trim to ends sistah!

In order to see less split ends, you should trim your ends as much as needed because nobody wants brittle ends and single strand knots!

When you keep your ends trimmed it will help your hair grow and retain moisture in the long run.

Heat Heat, Go Away..!

Try to avoid heat at all costs when you see your hair getting dry often.

Hea tools such as flat irons and blow driers will strip the moisture out of your hair, leaving your hair dry because they strip your hair from natural oils and it takes a while for natural oils to re-moisturize your hair.

Hands Out of ma Curlz!

I am guilty of doing this often but You and I should work away out. Try to keep your hands OUT of your hair! Why? Because touching your hair strands will make them dry out faster.

Night Night, Where are thou?!

What you do to protect your hair before bedtime is important as well. During the nighttime, cover your hair with a satin bonnet or scarf to retain moisture while you sleep.

You can use a silk or satin scarf. In case you didn't know, silk is an animal protein fiber, while satin is a fiber weave.

5 NATURAL HAIR NIGHT ROUTINES that work for ALL HAIR (Wet💦 or Dry🌵) + GROW YOUR EDGES!😏 - YouTube

There are differences between the two, but using either one will prevent moisture loss overnight, along with normal snags and split ends from friction so it's highly recommended.

Your Deep Conditioning Routine matters!

Deep conditioning is considered one of the most important ways to moisturize natural hair. You should use natural deep conditioners because they sit in your hair long enough to penetrate the strands, packing your hair with the moisture and nutrients it needs to thrive.

You can keep it in as much as possible but a minimum of 20-40 mins is ideal! Rinse it out and style with your normal products.

You will enjoy the results but don't forget to repeat it every two weeks!

Try the Pre-poo thing!

When it comes to prepooing your natural hair is just as simple as adding oil, conditioner, honey or eggs to your hair before you begin the shampoo process.

Here are three basic oils you could try:

The trick here is to distribute it evenly all over your hair strands from the ends to your scalp and cover with a plastic bag or conditioning cap and sit under a hooded dryer or steamer, the choice is yours.

Since shampooing strips the hair of product build-up, dirt, and oils, this method adds moisture to your hair follicles.

Prepooing prepares the hair for the harsh ingredients that strip it if you are using a sulfate shampoo by keeping the natural oils from our scalp to keep our hair moisturized.

Try the Loc method

The LOC method has been raved about by many naturals and remains a staple in the natural hair community.

The LOC method which stands for Liquid, Oil, and Cream is a way of sealing in moisture for your natural hair using the following ingredients.

  • For the liquid you can use water (best moisturizer for our natural curly locs) or leave in, oils such as jojoba, almond, castor or coconut oil
  • then a cream such as shea butter.
  • After applying the moisture with the water/leave in, the oil will hold onto the water molecules than the cream seals in everything to the hair shaft.
  • Make sure to use oils and cream that work for your hair type so you can obtain the most moisture for your hair.
The LOC Method | 4B/4C Natural Hair - YouTube

We all want to have soft when understanding how to moisturize natural hair(1), but it won’t be retained in the days after styling if we do not seal it in the oil, and this method allows for that.

Try Steaming your curls

Steamers can add moisture into your hair, how? The hot steam raises the cuticle so that the products applied are easily absorbed into our hair shaft.

Especially for low porosity queens, this is a staple to ensure that the products are fully absorbed into the hair shaft since the cuticles are always closed and can only be lifted with heat.

It’s an easy way to add moisture to our hair without having to drench it in water.

If you're not sure how to steam your hair, You can have your hair steamed at hair salons, with your personal Q-Redew handheld steamer or using the Secura S-192 hair steamer.

How To Moisturize And Seal Natural Hair For Real! Drink your way to moisture!

Drinking water is another way you add additional moisture to your natural hair. If your body is dehydrated, then your skin and hair will be too. Our bodies are 75% water.

Healthy skin and hair is a good indicator of hydration (3)

Therefore, we need water to function in every way possible. Hence, we should drink as much water as possible to keep our skin and hair moisturized.

Moisturize and seal during winter!

Cooler temperatures can take its toll on hair, leaving it dry, and lifeless. If you see this happening your hair might be in need of moisture.

How To:Natural Hair Moisture Routine for the Winter ! - YouTube

Most of the time all that is needed are a couple of different products or techniques. With a little practice, your hair will stay moisturized so you can rock those winter hairstyles for days.

You can get my free: Free Moisturize Natural Hair Checklist PDF Guide to help you master your moisture game!

There you have it, How To Moisturize And Seal Natural Hair For Real!

What is your favorite method of moisturizing and sealing?

What to read next? I’ve got you, girl!

Xo, Queen

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Learning how to do a silk wrap on natural hair is important sis, you know why? Because your hair needs a change of style here and there! So what happens when you get a silk wrap on your natural hair?

Silk wrap is a very helpful technique that if you learn how to do a silk wrap on natural hair you've learned a super important thing.

How To Do A Silk Wrap On Natural Hair
How To Do A Silk Wrap On Natural Hair

Why? I believe that learning how to get your hair looking good after a flat iron session or a big achievement in my opinion because the humidity and shrinkage be competing who will overcome first lol!

So let's get into few details on how to do a silk wrap on natural hair so you can become a pro in no time!

Silk wrap is one of the best ways to get bone-straight hair without the demanding heat of a Dominican blowout or the aches and pains of a classic hot press with a hot comb.

it is a way to not only get your hair very straight, but it will appear sleek, bouncy and voluminous.

If you get your silk wrap done well you will achieve staying straight for several days or even a couple weeks!

When it comes to too much of everything... silk wrap could also cause some not so pleasant results!

Recurring silk wraps mean recurring heat and we all know that is a no-no in the natural hair world. So take it, easy mama!

I think you should see how your hair reacts to heat in order for you to not overdo it

Meaning if you’re hair breaks very easily after using heat, you may want to refrain from this style or get it done by a trusted hairdresser.

The good news that a beautiful silk wrap can be done on any and all natural hair; from the straightest of straight to the kinkiest of curly.

What is a silk wrap?

A silk wrap is a way to straighten hair with less of the damaging effects of heat usage. If you want your hair bone straight then silk wrap is your go-to solution

Silk wrap can be done on natural and relaxed hair as well.

Silk Wrap + Combating Dry Natural Hair #SalonWork - YouTube
The How to Do a Silk Wrap to Straighten Natural Hair

Now when it comes to keeping your natural hair straight, silk wraps are the perfect alternative to a blowout and flat iron.

Because silk wraps require less heat and can save your hair from heat damage because nobody has time for that!

If you are looking to straighten your natural hair and still have thick hair without the excess heat, this is the style for you.

Here are five easy steps to getting the perfect silk wrap like a pro!

Start with Clean Hair

You should start off with clean and conditioned hair then thoroughly detangle your hair while the conditioner is in and then rinse.

One of the basic steps of a silk wrap includes good shampoo and conditioning but you could deep condition too so don't skip that!

When you start conditioning sit under a hair dryer for a deeper condition. If not allow to allow dry or blow with your blower dryer for 10 minutes. And then rinse.

Don't forget your Heat Protectant!

Apply your favorite heat protectant to your damp hair along with a leave-in conditioner to ensure your hair is protected as well as moisturized.

Next, apply your favorite foaming wrap lotion.

Rollerset anyone?

For those that can master their rollers, use rollers to set your hair.

Make sure you completely roll all of your hair in equal sections the same length of your hair.  You can use smaller rollers if your hair happens to be shorter in some sections!

A dryer is your best friend!

You need dry hair so sit under the dryer while watching a nice video or listening to some music.

This could take anywhere from 1-3 hours for most women due to your hair density and thickness patience is needed.

Once your hair is completely dry, gently take down all of the rollers and it will be time to...

...Wrap it up!

Wrap your hair using saran wrap to tightly seal in all of your hair.

Be sure it is tight and there are no tears or hair unwrapped. Once the hair is wrapped sit back under the dryer for 15 to 20 minutes to set the wrap.

Finally unwrap your hair for a beautiful, full look.

Here are some of the tools you will need for a silk wrap include:

  • Good shampoo and conditioner
  • Heat Protectant
  • Blow dryer
  • Hair dryer (that you sit under)
  • Flat iron
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Blow dryer brush
  • plastic wrap

It might seem like a lot but learning how to silk wrap your natural hair is a necessary skill if you enjoy seeing your hair straight.

This is a really good styling method for us natural and if you’ve ever been to the salon, you may have heard someone ask for a silk wrap on natural hair.

How long will your silk wrap last?

as long as you’re properly caring for it a silk wrap can last however long you want it to.

It all depends on how you’re wrapping it up at night, your activity levels, and sometimes the weather can even be a determining factor in the length of time you can keep your hair straightened.

How do you sleep with a silk wrap?

When it comes to sleeping at night you should do the silk wrap method. Here are two ways:

  • cross-wrapping or
  • a traditional wrap in one direction.

Don't pin your hair with pins else it will leave marks to your straight hair. Get some silk scarves to help you complete the wrapping process at night.

Silk and satin are the only materials you should be using on your hair no matter what texture or style you going for.

Is Silk wrap on Relaxed hair possible?

If you want to silk wrap relaxed hair, you would follow these exact same steps that were mentioned above.

The flat iron first and skip the rollers since your hair is already straight.

Nut if you want to save your hair from too much heat, exclude the flat iron and go for roller sets. This is a great opportunity to save yourself some heat usage.

BOMB A** Silk Press On 4C Hair | SUPER INFORMATIVE - YouTube
Can Silk Wrap on Short Hair work?

The only challenge is to straighten short natural hair but besides that, the steps should be the same.

If you're a beginner, you’ll want to make sure that you have the right sized rollers for your roller set.

You definitely do not want to end up with deep curls, choose a bigger (but still small) roller.

Wrapping can also get stressful with short hair. What’s the trick? Bobby pins! If you reach a point where your hair is falling add a bobby pin, continue wrapping, and add more as necessary.

Silk wrap using a hand dryer?

Although it seems impossible it is possible to silk wrap your hair with a hand dryer.

  • use a plastic cap (or bag if you don’t have caps)
  • put it on top of your saran wrapped hair.

Make sure you find some way to prop up your handheld dryer, or you could just hold it yourself for the 20-minute duration.

With this technique, you can deep condition your hair with this blow drying method.

Is a silk Press good for natural hair?
silk press, on the other hand, uses serums that offer a light coating. As a result, your strands are more protected from the heat of a flat iron and if done correctly, your hair will have a lot of body and movement.
How To Do A Silk Wrap On Natural Hair

There you have it, How To Do A Silk Wrap On Natural Hair

What is your favorite method of styling after your wash day?

What to read next? I’ve got you, girl!

Xo, Queen

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Any natural hair updos for weddings to rock? I was in the quest for a great wedding hairstyle for natural hair and I found some amazing hairstyles that will be just great for a wedding!

Summer is almost here, let's get inspired by these awesome natural hair updos for weddings!

13 Breathtaking Natural Hair Updos For Weddings 13 Breathtaking Natural Hair Updos For Weddings

When it comes to weddings you think about a lot of things like... your dress, the venue, the food, the guest list and the list goes on and on!

But for us natural beauties, the dilemma of what hairstyle to rock on the big day is what makes us say oh lala!

Browsing through wedding magazines or browsing Pinterest boards, it’s hard to find styles for natural hair.

Most people think styling natural hair requires a ton of product and the style won't last, that's not true!

Here are some pretty amazing styles that surely can last if you get them done right!

Wedding Hairstyle For Natural Curly Hair
Wedding Hairstyle For Natural Curly Hair - YouTube

These styles cant surely act as inspiration for a super formal occasion haistyles for those summer weddings coming up.

Whether you're a bridesmaid, a bride, a guest or just an ethereal bohemian queen, this look is perfect!

Products Used:


This style is done on cornrowed natural hair that you add the extensions as you can see and style into a low elegant bun with beautiful accessories! Love the side parting and her smile is just breathtaking!

Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair
Wedding Inspired Natural Hairstyle - YouTube

In this tutorial, she is showing you how to achieve an elegant hairstyle on your natural type 4 hair.

Products used:

10 Minute African Bridal Hairstyles
10 Minute Bridal/Formal Updo on 4c Natural Hair : HergivenHair Coily Texture - YouTube

If a wedding is coming up and you still dont know how to style your hair this styles above will be a fresh air of inspiration!

They are quick and she is using one bundle of coily hair from Hergiven Hair. Let's not forget that this can act as a great protective style!

Things you will need:

  • 16 inch Coily Texture
  • Hairfinity leave-in Conditioner
  • Knee High Stocking:
Natural Curly Hair Updo
GRWM Bridal Makeup & Hair | Natural Curly Hair Updo - YouTube

This is a Super easy wedding makeup and hair the works for any occasion.

Formal Hairstyles on Natural Hair

Using hair extensions and high buns you can create some of this amazing bridal hair looks for natural hair. Her styles are very voluminous and extra but they look really pretty!


You start with gel and water on your hair and let it dry for 45 minutes and she uses a mali braid hair. Start by splitting it into two as she shows and holding the end using a rubber band and tying the rubber band around your hair.


Here's a really cute and easy updo style for your natural or transitioning hair. For date night, weddings or just because! You can find The Mane Choice Heavenly Halo Collection at your local Target stores as well asTheManeChoice website.

3 Timeless DIY Wedding/Formal Hairstyles: Natural Hair | MissT1806
3 Timeless DIY Wedding/Formal Hairstyles: Natural Hair | MissT1806 - YouTube

Wedding season is here so these are 3 easy, quick, chic and timeless DIY styles to pull off for your wedding or formal event.
This is for the simple naturalistas that love simple stuff!

Starting with a flat ironed hair apply your eco styler gel to your edges and use a fine tooth comb or a brush to smooth the hair and create three ponytails at the back of your hair.

Proceed by wrapping the hair and securing them in order to get a really lovely bun behind.

Keep watching for the finishing touches! Very simple and beautiful hairstyle for weddings!

Bridal | Wedding | Goddess Updo | Hairstyle For Short Medium & Long Natural Hair

Beautiful Wedding Hairstyle For Natural Hair

Bridal | Wedding | Goddess Updo | Hairstyle For Short Medium & Long Natural Hair - YouTube

For this style you will need:
Eco styler gel
Twisted braiding hair (6-7 thin twists and 2 thick teists)
some bobby pins

You start by spraying some water and oil mix and proceed with your eco styler gel as you brush your hair up using a hairbrush and pull into a ponytail yet not too tight.
Secure your hair with the elastic hair band and start taking a thin twist and wrap it around your ponytail as she does.
Next, take a thicker twist and zigzag it back and front and repeat as needed.

Bring the hair down to the side, then back as you style. Just keep following her video and you will get a beautiful style!

Natural Bride/Prom Tutorial | 3 Glamorous Styles For Your Special Day On Natural Hair
Natural Bride/Prom Tutorial | 3 Glamorous Styles For Your Special Day On Natural Hair - YouTube

This hairstyles are numbered as three:
1- Simple Glam
2- Grecian
3- Glam Updo

They are inspired by the beautiful Toni of mynaturalsistas.
They are very simple and you can start with an old twist out. Using your fingers start parting your hair while applying your leave in conditioner.
Section your hair to make it easier to style and hair bands are gonna be your friends! Some curly clips might be needed if your hair is short.
Absolutely stunning style!

How To Get A Huge Mega Bun On Short/Medium Natural Hair | No Extensions Needed | Only 5 Mins
How To Get A Huge Mega Bun On Short/Medium Natural Hair | No Extensions Needed | Only 5 Mins - YouTube

In this style, she gets my huge mega low bun on short/medium natural hair! It's super cute and easy and only takes 5 mins!

Bridal Inspired Protective Wedding Hairstyles on Natural Hair

Water is one of the main items needed here! Don't forget to use a spray bottle and section your hair using a pick comb!
Carefully she brushes her hair and I love the background music plus her earrings, lol!

Proceed by catching your hair into a low bun and twist two equal parts always using your pins to secure! Using her pack of hair extensions, she creates the voluminous bun!

I love the unique twist with the bangs because I am all for the side parting styles! Bobby pins and more bobby pins Queens! (And take special time to treat your baby hair as well).
Fantastic style!


13 Breathtaking Natural Hair Updos For Weddings

There you have it, How To Style Natural Hair After Washing Like A Pro!

What is your favorite method of styling after your wash day?

What to read next? I’ve got you, girl!

Xo, Queen

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So how to style natural hair after washing? That was one of my biggest questions when I first went natural! I mean I didn't even have long hair to begin with but ...

How To Style Natural Hair After Washing Like A Pro! How To Style Natural Hair After Washing Like A Pro!

When it comes to wash day by now you should realize that it is never complete without locking in the moisture.

A good deep conditioning can help with that, once that is done, there are three ways to seal moisture after deep conditioning:

  1. moisturizers and milks
  2. leave-in conditioners
  3. and oils.

Waitttt, you don't have to use them all together, but each one works best because if it's reasons.

Here are the differences in order for you to know what will work best for your hair:

Moisturize Hair after Washing with Moisturizers and milks

When you use a moisturizer you help your hair to retain moisture between wash days. Because our hair is different, If you prefer something more lightweight, then consider trying hair milk.

Although most moisturizers are water based (If you are not sure you can read the ingredients and water should be listed among the first ingredients), it is best to apply them when your hair is wet so it can retain as much moisture possible.

They are most effective when trapping moisture that is present. These two product types Milks and moisturizers are full of emollients, humectants, and oils.

Plus they are also great options if your hair is protein sensitive.

Check out this new trending #funny #GIF ! #fashion, beauty, hair, salon, natural hair, wash day pic.twitter.com/dzEYlTjsul

— Neil (@GeniusKnight) October 25, 2016

Moisturize Hair after Washing with Leave-in conditioners

Leave-in conditioners contain moisturizing and strengthening properties and they are meant to periodically replace your daily conditioner or deep conditioner.

If you're like me and you're in a hurry and do not have time to allow the ingredients in your daily conditioners or weekly deep conditioners to absorb, then use a leave-in conditioner.

You should check the ingredients before getting a leave-in conditioner because all leave-in conditioners are not formulated with hydrolyzed proteins, so the bottle may say leave-in conditioner even though it functions more like a moisturizer. Always check the ingredients list.

Moisturize Hair after Washing with Oils

Now this is the famous Sealing method. Which oils after washing your hair is called sealing; this reduces the rate of moisture depletion.

People will use oil as a part of their LOC method to prevent dryness, reduce frizz, and stave off wash day. You can use pure oils or create your own blend.

Long story short, you do not have to use all of these products, but you should use at least one.

I normally use leave-in conditioners (you might find this post on some great leave-in conditioners for natural hair  ), because they tend to be lightweight, provide great slip, and add moisture and strengthening benefits to my hair strands.

If your hair is fine or you have looser curls and waves, then trying a hair milk is a great option for you.

Whenever you want a refresher between wash days but don’t care to co-wash, consider fluffing your hair with a little moisturizer to quench your parched ends.

Now that your hair is properly moisturized, it’s time to learn How to Style your hair right after it's washed nice and clean!

How To| Style Natural Hair After WASH DAY🚿 - YouTube

This is how She style her hair immediately after wash day when she has somewhere to go & I don’t have time to set her hair and still want to look CUTE!

The most important part of this style is to keep your hair moisturized (girl, I told ya!) & tangle free so that when you take your hair down it’s still Moisturised & stretched out.

It’s totally up to you how long you want to wear this hairstyle for- she personally rock it for 5 days or more, she always untie the first hair tie to make sleeping more comfortable & then re- tie it in the morning.

If her hair is feeling dry after a day or two I spritz water & seal the moisture in with her BBK buttercream & tie her hair down with a scarf.

This is one of the ways that she stretch my hair out and you won't need a blow dryer!

How I Stretch My 4C Natural Hair After Wash Day - Braid Out Routine - YouTube

In the shower, you just wash your hair without twists and braids. Then you condition and detangle in the shower to help remove the shed hair. Apply your deep conditioner and let it sit a minimum of 30 minutes.

She uses the Kinky curly leave-in in conditioner and using the Denman brush!

Love the process, keep watching the video above to see how she complete hair styling routine!

How I Stretch My Hair After Wash Day | Best Braid Out Ever! - YouTube

I love the styling method above. You section your hair and make sure you braid it in order to stretch it before you even style it.

This is kind of working its way to smooth your roots and stretch your hair out! If your hair is long enough you won't need to do this more than two days.

If your hair is shorter then sis, you may have to do it few more days to get an even more stretch look!

After Wash Styling | Natural Hair Twist Out! - YouTube

Washing your hair freestyle is the way to go with this styling method. Detangle your hair and do a normal two strand twist all the way down.

So basically this is like doing a twist out after washing your hair (maybe it works best for those that have a bit more loose texture), but you can still give it a try!

Products used:

  • Design Essentials Curl Stretching Cream
  • Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel
  • Coconut Oil
5 Safe Ways To Stretch Kinky Natural Hair - YouTube

I love the fact that she uses a t-shirt to dry her hair and apply her leave-in when her hair is almost well dried.

Shea butter is my favorite so thumbs up to her! A wide tooth comb will be handy when it comes to detangling through this method.

Her methods in a quick note are:

  1. Two strang twists (least stretch)
  2. Braids (I use that and they stretch your hair even more. like 70%) but it takes forever to dry (especially during winter!)
  3. Threading by using yarn and it stretches your hair pretty well. They key is to make it tight enough in order for it to stretch your hair almost the same results of blow drying it! Oh, and your hair can feel extra stiff or dry due to the yarns :/
  4. Blow drying on low heat right after washing is also a good way to stretch it right after washing it (don't forget your leave-in conditioner). This is an excellent way to stretch your hair if you don't have time to air dry.
  5. Slicking your hair in a bun is also a great way to style your hair after wash day. Protective style oh yeah and lay your hair after applying your gel with a satin scarf!

Here she shows us very easy natural hairstyles after getting out of the shower or blown out.

These are very simple, quick and easy hairstyles for all hair types whether 3a , 3b, 4a hair or 4c.

How to style short natural hair after washing
7 Quick & Easy Hairstyles For Short Natural Hair | Type 4 Hair TWA Styles |Krissyslifestyle - YouTube

These styles are all about styling your hair and adding accessories such as hairpins etc to style your hair. If your hair is shorter in length this styling method will be just fine for your hair!

There you have it, How To Style Natural Hair After Washing Like A Pro!

What is your favorite method of styling after your wash day?

What to read next? I’ve got you, girl!

Xo, Queen

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Cornrows for natural hair growth is all that you need to say sis when you don't really know what to do with your hair and it's getting into your face!

But what are cornrows for natural hair growth and why should you know about it?

The Ultimate Cornrows For Natural Hair Growth Guide! The Ultimate Cornrows For Natural Hair Growth Guide!

You may know this but cornrows, or in other words, lines, are a timeless style that never gets old.

Although some men wear this style this can be a great style that can help you grow your hair!

From what I see women use cornrows to correct their hair damage and promote healthy hair growth or to just take a break.

But don't forget, once you get them, that doesn't mean you can leave your hair to be!

I love me some protective style and braids are a protective hairstyle that can help your hair grow healthy and fast.

Waiiiittt!! If you don't braid your hair the right way it ends up in the exact opposite situation...

There are some few key factors that you need to keep in mind when it comes to braiding, here is what I mean:

Your hair can start breaking from braiding if you:

  • Braid your hair too tight (Yikesss!)
  • You totally neglect your hair while it is in braids.

So now that you know what can harm your hair growth process here are a few things you can do to make sure your hair is safe in braids:

  • If you use extensions, you need to make sure the amount of extensions is equal to the amount of your hair you braiding.
  • Make sure you deep condition your hair very thoroughly before braiding
  • If you want to keep your hair moisturized you should have a spray bottle and spritz your braids often.
  • Yeah, I know you need some patience with detangling but it will be worth it!
  • Don't start braiding with tangles, detangle your hair well before you go to the stylist!
  • I love doing braids with my hair although twists are my go to now that my hair has grown.
  • Since the front side of your hair is very fragile, you could cornrow it instead of braiding it.
  • No matter the style you should always do the following good practice to your hair: wash, condition and moisturize every time your hair needs it.
  • Once your braids are out its time to give your hair a break from protective styles. two weeks is a good amount of time!
How To Moisturize Natural Hair in Box Braids & Twists | HIDE NEW GROWTH & LAY EDGES - YouTube

How to braid your hair

If you want to learn how to braid, for beginners, I would suggest getting a mannequin head.

That way you can practice without over-manipulating your own curls, or asking others to practice on their hair.

You should focus on what your hands are doing and not on what the braids look like.

If you’re in the middle of a braid, don’t stop if you feel you’ve messed up, keep going.

Take the same braid down or start a new one and keep practicing over and over again.

As a beginner, it’s best not to keep looking in the mirror as you’re braiding.

When you concentrate on your finger movement without a mirror, your mind will be focused on how your fingers are physically moving in order to create the braid.

What is a protective style?

Protective styles are any style that aims to protect your natural hair and at the same time promote growth!

Easy Fix: How To Relieve An Itchy Scalp | I Made Myself Bleed smh - YouTube
How to care for your cornrows and promote hair growth

When it comes to protective styles like cornrows you need to be careful you don't do too much!

If done tightly, they can lead to hair breakage. Wearing cornrows for long could also lead to dry, frizzy and dull hair.

To avoid damage and keep your braids shiny and neat, these tips will help:

Choose your stylist wisely: Ensure your cornrows are done by someone who has experience in cornrows.

Some stylists have hands that are quite painful; avoid them as they make tight cornrows, which are likely to pull the hair out from the roots, mostly around the edges.

Washing Your Braids

You should avoid washing your hair while it is cornrowed as this makes them get spoilt fast. If you must wash, wear a net cap before shampooing.


Thoroughly wet the hair through the net. Get a mild shampoo; put a small amount on the palms and press all over the head pressing the shampoo in as much as possible.

A mild shampoo will not strip your hair of oils even as it cleanses your scalp. Let the shampoo stay on for a few minutes before you rinse it off using cool water.

Ensure the soap is completely rinsed out.

Conditioning Your braided hair

This reduces breakage when you undo the cornrows. Do this on a regular basis. You could use a rinse-off conditioner or leave-in. Dilute the rinse-off conditioner so that it is easier to use between the hair.

When it is diluted, it is easier to rinse off. When not diluted, the heavy conditioner may lead to build-up between the hair tracks and residual will dry white, making the hair look untidy. With leave-in conditioner, you can apply it at least twice a week.

To guard against damage and bad smell from the hair, use braid sheen in adequate amounts.

How to Deep Condition a Protective Style Without RUINING It! | My Dry Deep Conditioning Technique - YouTube

Moisturize Your Braids

This should be done on a regular basis. They mostly come in spray sheens. Avoid oil-based moisturizers when in cornrows.

The oils will only sit on the top of the hair leaving you with oily hair. Instead, use natural oil-based moisturizers that prevent dryness and dandruff.

Moisturizers with oils like olive and jojoba are the best. Use adequate amounts, focusing on the scalp to minimize itching.

Try some  Satin luxury!

Cotton pillows will most likely soak up your hair’s moisture, ending up with thin hair or split ends...

If you wear a winter cap, choose one that fits comfortably to avoid headaches. Wrapping your head with a satin scarf before you go to bed will avoid frizz and breakage.

Protect your cornrows from harsh weather conditions by wearing a hat or satin scarf when exposed to windy, rainy or sunny weather.

Avoid brushing and pulling the cornrows and allow your scalp time to rest and repair. Rough handling of cornrows can lead to damage.

Braided protective styles

Here are some really nice styles that are also protective styles:

How to Braid Natural Hair Properly As A Protective Style - No Added Hair Needed! - YouTube

Two cornrow braids or halo/semi-halo braids

These styles are quick and easy go-to protective styles for many naturals because they’re cute, chic and effortless.

If you want two simple cornrow braids and want to add length, try the feed-in braiding method or add braiding hair only to the ends.

You can also use clip-in extensions while braiding. If you choose to do straight back braids, add the clip-ins to the hair with the clips placed sideways or vertical, this way, the clips won’t show and it’ll be easier to braid the extensions along with your natural hair.

How To Cornrow Braid For Beginners | Clear Easy Steps - YouTube

Box Braids Hairstyles

Although box braids have always been popular, when Janet Jackson starred in the film, Poetic Justice, ladies were inspired to braid their mane like the superstar.

It’s been over 20 years since the film’s debut, and ladies are still inspired. You can find YouTube tutorials titled, “Poetic Justice Braids,” from ladies who have shared their own version of this box braided, high ponytail with headband look.

Braid it, enjoy it and let it grow!

If you get your hair braided and care for your hair while you give it a break you will see a good hair growth.

When it comes to doing something new, it will always be fun to try a new braid style for your next style!

By that way you keep your beautiful curls protected while they grow! When you show your natural hair love, care and rest it will grow!

There you have it, The Ultimate Cornrows For Natural Hair Growth Guide!

What's your favorite cornrow style?

What to read next? I’ve got you, girl!

Xo, Queen

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Is hair sponge good for natural hair? This was my initial reaction when I came to find out that there was a hair sponge for our hair type! What does it do end why do you need to know how to use it?

The Ultimate Hair Sponge Guide For Natural Hair!

The hair sponge is known as an afro sponge, curl sponge, hair sponge brush, and magic twist sponge, you name it!

The hair sponge is a small tool that you can use to achieve different styles which are done mostly on short natural hair.
Okay, great now you know what a hair sponge is but if you are wondering which one is right for you?
Today I will be sharing with you all you need to know about what a hair sponge is, how it’s used, and where can you find and buy it online.

If you do quick research you will find out that there are several versions of the hair sponge available online, but regardless of the brand, it usually looks like sponge that you’d use for cleaning, but with holes.

Some of the sponges come with big holes and others with small holes, you will find some curl sponges are round, rectangular, or oval.

Most hair sponges have a comfortable design that makes it fits comfortably in your hand.

In the video below you will see the difference between using the textured (spiky) side of the sponge versus the flat side with holes.

CURL SPONGE | Flat vs. Textured Side - YouTube

So what we see it that the hair sponge is designed to be used on naturally curly, coily, and kinky hair textures.

You can also use a hair sponge on short natural hair for waves due to the act that the hair sponges that have pyramid-shaped grooves tend to be the best type of sponges to use for creating waves.

Will Hair Spong on Straight Hair Work?

From what I've noticed hair sponges tend to work the best on curly or kinky hair textures.

What Is the Best Hair Sponge out there?

Do not worry if it seems that you will be using a cleaning sponge on your hair because the results could be quite impressive!

When you are about to choose the best sponge for your hair, you should have the hole size, sponge size, shape, and durability in mind.

In order to find out which type of hair sponge works best on your hair, you should have in mind the results that you’re trying to achieve.

Most of the hair sponges that have small holes will work best if you have really short hair because these sponges produce uniform, tight, small coils but again it depends on your hair texture so it's a personal thing.

If you have long natural hair you should go for the sponges that have larger holes will produce larger curls.


Learning how to use a sponge is pretty simple!

Start by gently and firmly rubbing the hair sponge against your hair in circular motions to create coils, curls, or twists.

The holes in the hair sponge combined with the movement of your hand will twist small sections of your hair.

If you want to add texture and volume to your natural hair try the sponges that have pyramid-shaped grooves instead of holes.

If you need both of those worlds there are even double-sided sponges available that have holes on one side and grooves on the other side.

If you are searching to get one, sponges are available at most retailers that sell beauty products.

Check also, beauty salons and barbershops often use hair sponges for certain hairstyles, you can also purchase sponges at many beauty salons and barbershops.


If you want your twist sponge to work best try to slightly damp your natural hair.

Next apply a light conditioner( a good option for a conditioner could be Knot today), next add some gel, or even just water to your hair before using the sponge.

Start rubbing the sponge on your hair and it should take anywhere between five and ten minutes to get the look you desire.

Depending on your hair length and texture it may take a longer or shorter amount of time.

If you are interested in starter locs a twist sponge can also be used to twist your hair.

Curl Sponge Tutorial | Nia Hope - YouTube

When it comes to styling don't be limited to the options listed.

You can apply your favorite hair cream, gel or water to your hair before you use the sponge.

Another good product to try is Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La, although there are countless products that you can use.


A sponge for the hair is designed for naturally kinky, coily, and curly hair textures. If you want waves You can also use a sponge on short natural hair to get that result.

Sponges with pyramid-shaped grooves are the best kinds of sponges to use to create waves.

How To Use A Curl / Twists Sponge, Tutorial For Long Natural Hair | BiancaReneeToday - YouTube

Again, most sponge brushes work best on short hair, making them an ideal tool for both men and women.

If you have recently done the big chop or you prefer to keep a very short cut you might find a sponge brush to be helpful because it’s an easy way to add curl definition and texture to your hair.

You can also use a sponge for volume, which is especially helpful if you have fine/thin hair.


If you have had hair on your hair then you have once twist your hair for sure!

The process is relatively easy but it takes so much time to twist than using a sponge.

Before starting the twists, make sure the hair is damp, then part the hair and grab a very small section and apply a twisting product, I love using raw shea butter like this one!

Next, simply stretch the section of hair as far down as it will go and wrap it around your finger until it coils into a small twist.

You can also use the tip of a rat tail comb instead of your finger. Repeat this process until all of the hair has been twisted.

If you want your twists to dry faster you can either air dry or use a hair dryer to help set the style and speed up drying time.


Now that you know how and when to use your  sponges, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of using a sponge brush for hair styling:

  • It's Easy to use
  • It can work on many natural hair types
  • it's on the good price range product
  • Shorter Styling time, yay!
  • Generally, produces uniform curls/coils/twists
  • Soft sponge material reduces breakage
  • Depending on the brand, these sponges may need to be replaced frequently
  • May not work as well on longer hair
  • You might end up with tangles
  • If sponge material is too rough or if you rub too hard, it can cause breakage
  • Not so easy to find thlocallyaly
How Much Does a Hair Sponge Cost

Amazon is my go-to place online when I'm looking for a good hair sponge.

Prices for sponges range from $5 to $10, but there are brands like NuDred that often cost more than $10.

You should remember that sponges can be used to create various styles so this can depend on the type of sponge that you purchase and how much time you spend rubbing the sponge on your hair.


How to Twist Your Hair Without a Sponge

If you have natural hair and fingers by now you know it is possible, of course, to twist your hair without using a sponge.

Before the sponge was invented many people have twisted their hair for many years in order to create beautiful curly twists.

Twisting your hair is easy but it’s a lot more time-consuming.

If you compare the time you use to twist your hair to the time using sponges you will notice a big time difference.

I will remind you again, before you start twisting your hair, make sure your hair is damp first.

If you are not ready for a wash day (most of us don't have the time lol) you can lightly mist your hair with a spray mist bottle.

Proceed by parting your hair it into small sections using your favorite curl cream or twisting product.

Then gently stretch a small section of your hair and wrap it around your finger until it has coiled into a small twist.

Another trick you could use is: Instead of using your fingers use the tip end of a rat tail comb!

Repeat the process until all of your hair is twisted.

Although air drying your hair is the best option, f you are running out of time, you use a hair dryer on a low temp in order to set the style and to shorten the drying time.

Methods of Using Hair Spong on Different Lengths

You could also roll your hair in between the two palms of your hands which is called the palm rolling method and it can be done on longer hair.

Next, is the towel method and in this method which works better on long hair, you sponge your hair using a towel. It uses the same general technique that the sponge uses.

The only primary difference with it is you rub a towel over your hair using circular motions rather than using a sponge.

Caution: Be careful, damage and breakage are possible, especially if you use a towel made out of rough material. The safer hair styling option is to use a sponge.


Since guys also love using a sponge here is a basic step on how to twist your hair if you are a guy

  1. Apply your twisting styling product all over your head at once
  2. Use the sponge and go in a circular motion across your head.
  3. Add a small dollop sized amount of styling pomade to secure the look.
How To: DIY Hair Twist/Curl Sponge - YouTube
What not to do
  1. Use it on straight hair. This specific product is meant for naturally textured, coarse hair.
  2. Use it on dry hair. To avoid breakage from the friction of the sponge material, style with slightly damp hair.
  3. Press heavily on the hair.
  4. Spin in different directions. Keep your direction of spinning consistently throughout the entire head.
The Ultimate Hair Sponge Guide For Natural Hair!

There you have it, The Ultimate Hair Sponge Guide For Natural Hair

Would you rock a  sponge hairstyle?

What to read next? I’ve got you, girl!

Xo, Queen

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