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Hello Everyone,

Did you ever use to watch Trinny Woodall and Suzannah Constantine’s show ‘What Not To Wear’? I used to watch their programmes religiously as I loved their energy, flair and view of style.

These fabulous stylists were fresh on the scene and ahead of time with their styling tips. What I loved was that they were not ruled by fashion or the ideal body image created by the Media. You know where some how if you don’t have a super model figure or height that you cannot possibly be beautiful and even worse look at all fabulous in clothes??? I am so glad that these views are starting to change…sadly they are still ingrained in society as we read and see how young people are quite seriously effected by body image issues.

Like Trinny and Suzannah I believe that being just yourself is beautiful… being different is beautiful and should be celebrated and not shunned as something shameful or unacceptable no matter what age you are.

Trinity Woodall

Who is Trinny Woodall? She is a fashion and makeover expert with over 30 years of experience.

I was fascinated to see that Trinny had written a special feature for The Mail on Sunday Magazine Supplement( 7th July),titled Fashion Special: Trinny’s Guide To Ageless Style.

Here she gives her views and along side it some style tips. So I thought we could look at it together for some inspiration ; and to keep the message of Pro-Ageing a topic of conversation until it is universally recognised and a part of everyday life. Hopefully changing views with talk and action.

Trinny’s View on Pro-Ageing

Trinny starts the article by telling women to “rip up that old-fashioned rule book”, as she states that “fashion no longer has age limits”.

I am in total agreement with her on this as it’s something that I have been stating throughout my blogs. So it’s great to see a high profile stylist write confidently about the topic, especially as she her self is living proof of ageless styling.

Trinny also goes on to confirm what every stylist would tell you … that style is all about knowing your body shape and the colours that best flatter your skin tone.

What I like best is her mantra for style “Does it make me happy?If you feel happy in what you’re wearing you will radiate happiness to those around you and that’s what dressing should be about.” Adding that style is “also about still daring to take risks.”

Trinny’s Top Tips

The first tip Trinny gives is to have a go anywhere dress.You know those long full dresses that makes us feel special; that for some reason we tend to tuck away at the back of our wardrobes waiting for that one off event to wear .Her advice is to wear it for daytime as well as evening. By simply either adding statement jewellery or trainers or a blazer.

Since I have started doing my blog and been on Instagram I’ve been wearing more dresses… even the special event ones.

Tip 2:Wearing white at any age.Sadly there are some colours that used to be viewed as being only for the young. In my culture wearing soft pink after as certain age was frowned upon. Sounds so silly doesn’t it?

Trinny’s tip for white is to think of layers and textures to wearing white well.Also by adding a red lip stick to make the look fabulous.

Tip 3: If you feel like you are invisible then what better way than to wear bright colours from head to toe.I feel if anything screams being daring then this is definitely the one.

Personally, I love colour and when I wear it I always seem to get lots of compliments… most importantly it lifts my mood. Trinny adds to tone down the makeup when wearing brights, which makes sense as you want to look sophisticated and stylish.

Tip4: Adding sparkle. Another favourite of mine. We have seen designers in the past adding sparkle to day wear and is something that’s not necessarily new… however still not a style that is readily seen on the streets or one done confidently by the everyday woman.

Trinny states in her article that “ shimmer lifts every outfit and will make a casual ensemble look sophisticated.

My View Of The Article

It is clear from reading the article that it is a timely piece.There are a selection of garments for each tip or look. Trinny is herself a great ambassador for Pro-Ageing and is inspirational in her daring stylish looks.

There are a lot of women on Instagram that are already embracing their styles regardless of age.At the same time there are women who want to ..my advice is life is too short to worry about what other people will think or say about your style.Or to save your most beautiful garments for that Special Occasion.Embrace the day and wear what you want.Whether it’s bright colours,sequins or full length dresses.

You can go online and read the full article by Trinny.I do hope that you have found it inspirational or at least a nudge to be more daring or simply to take out your fabulous outfits and wear them more often.

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Hello Everyone,

Part of my blog posts have been dedicated to sharing my journey as a Stylist and a Pro-Ageing Blogger.

I would like to share with you one of the key lessons that I learnt form doing my styling course with The British College of Professional Styling. That is you have to let people know who you are, what you are about and what you do. The only way to do this is to get out into your community and meet with those that are already in the business.Be alert to what is going on around you in terms of events and talking with others that are on the same path as you.

After all everyone had to start somewhere, and this is a great way to begin a new career as it opens up interesting conversations and you never know where it can lead you.

Being a Stylist and Blogger is unlike any other job that I have done; it is based on my passion and interest. I am independent and my own boss. So everything is down to me. Sounds a bit daunting doesn’t it? However, I enjoy the freedom of choosing which direction that I want to go in.

At this moment it may seem that I am not moving far if my current situation was based solely on financial terms. In fact I feel that the opportunities of meeting others, especially those that are in the business is in its self a fantastic reward.

Please let me share with you one of the exciting events that I was invited to in my capacity as a Stylist and Blogger: ‘The Style Show’s-Bloggers in The Boutique.’

The Style Show

This fabulous place was created to provide an expert styling service and its own unique way of shopping. The garments are all from London, Paris and Italy and are at different price points so that there is something for everyone.

On The Style Studio website it states“…we believe that the most important thing is how you feel, not how you look. It can be a real confidence boost when we know we look great….This confidence can help us achieve our ambitions, try new things and reveal the person we are.”

This sounds amazing don’t you think? I know I definitely loved their ethos and immediately called them up for a chat to find out more. I was fortunate enough to speak to the Director Chrissi Rix, whose warm and friendly nature was so lovely. It was her kindness that then got me invited to their awesome event.

The beautiful and charismatic Chrissi Rix

Before I tell you about the event let me introduce you to Chrissi…She started her career a s a model, then retrained at the London College of Fashion with the world wide stylist and lecturer Polly Holman. Chrissi then went on to become a renowned style consultant with over 30 years of experience in local, national and international fashion industry. In my opinion she is an inspirational woman.

Alongside her she has a team of experienced stylist: Collette Bezant(Senior Stylist & Studio Boutique Manager), Sheryl Jackson and Kate Reeve.

The Style Show Event

My daughter accompanied me to this awesome event and we were both greeted by the warm and friendly Chrissi ,Collette and Kate .Making us feel very welcome with their lovely smiles and genuine interest. They then kindly treated us to a glass of Prosecco and generous Goodie Bag.

The Boutique

We had the pleasure of wondering around freely and get a true feel for the place. Our eyes were treated to an array of colour, with garments carefully arranged into their colour groups.

The ornate large mirror, neatly arranged dressing table and gorgeous accessories was like walking into any woman’s idea of a dream dressing room. Each piece enchanting you to look and try. It was clear to see that it is a place that has been created out of love and great thought. With comfort and care at its heart.

The Presentation

Once all the guests were welcomed Chrissi started by telling us about the ethos of her business; to help women find their own unique style.You could tell how passionate she was. The audience were all captivated by her knowledge and the kindness in her voice.

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Hello Everyone,

Part of being a Stylist is not just about putting outfits together as it simply doesn’t end there. Like making a cake and not adding any of the icing or decorations for the finishing touch.

Shoes, accessories, hair, makeup and well being are all equal components in assisting us to feel and look our best. Combined together these help to boost our mood and opens us to a positive mind; thus becoming more aware to what is happening around us. Maybe even opening new doors to new friendships. Who knows, but most importantly it gives us a warm buzz of the feel good factor. An energy that glows from within and draws others in.

One of the key factors to looking stylish is makeup.This along with hair add the finishing touches to any look.

Makeup doesn’t have to mean adding lots on if this is not your thing, it can also be natural. I personally have to have foundation, lipstick and mascara. Though if I am on holiday and feeling tanned I generally just stick to the lippy and mascara, as having a health glow seems to be just fine.

What about you do you like wearing make-up? What are the products that you cannot leave the house without?Or do you prefer not wearing any at all?

My First Dab Into The World Of MakeUp

My first makeup product was a pot of vibrant red nail polish that my mum had given me ,which I loved applying and then taking off and reapplying. As I grew up someone in school would bring in the Avon Makeup Catalogue and we would all swoon over the lush products. Save up our pocket money and buy the fruity lip glosses and mascara.

However, like with styling outfits no one really showed us how and what makeup products to apply .It was all trial and error. Experimenting. Which was all great fun. What about you? Is this how you learned?

Makeup Artists

Today we have an array of products that have come along way.An abundance of vibrant lush colours, as well as mists, concealers that it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Somehow when we go up to a makeup counter we are expected to know or understand what the product does and importantly how to apply it.

What I love now is that along with the products are now stations with mirrors, chairs and a makeup artist ready to freely offer their services. You can book in for a free trial. There are no obligations to buy the products. Most importantly these are the ladies that have the knowledge of how to apply the products and their pulse on what is new.

One of the Free Make-Up Sessions on offer in House Of Fraser Norwich


On Tuesday I was feeling quite low and wanted a boost, as well as to change my makeup as I felt that I had kind of got stuck in a rut of using the same colours. Has that ever happened to you?Being a Stylist I need to know what new products are available and how to use them. So I decided to give two very talented makeup artists a challenge each.

Meet The Fabulously Talented Mairi

Mairi works on the Urban Decay Counter at House of Fraser Norwich. During our chat she told me that one of her favourite makeup trends is contouring, which she loves to do. When I asked her if she had any tips she told me that it would be that when you are trying something new for the first time, then to wear it a few times so that you start to feel confident with the new look.

Mairi’s outlook and view of applying makeup was so refreshing and similar to my views on style. She believes that makeup is an extremely personal preference, and that you should wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. “Makeup is an art form and a way of self expression. Too often people get put into boxes.”

Interestingly when we were discussing foundation, she told me that we are normally drawn to the shades that we want our skin to look rather than our own tones. Which she believes is perfectly fine, as it is all about how we feel.

My Makeup Challenge For Mairi

I set her the task of giving me a smokey eye, something that I am not that confident with and a totally different look for me. Mairi expertly set out the station, allowing me to select the colours that I was drawn to. She then applied the makeup and told me exactly what she was doing and why. Giving me tips on how to apply the makeup myself.

I loved the setting spray, which she applied to the makeup brush, that allows the eye shadow to stay on for longer.This gave a cool sensation when it was being applied. She kept dabbing any excess powder on to a tissue and said it was something that I could easily do at home.

I was so pleased with the results. My eyes popped and yet looked so natural. It is clear to see that Mairi is a wonderful makeup artist who is knowledgeable, talented and extremely passionate about her job. She made me feel welcomed, comfortable and the whole experience was like chatting to a friend. I learnt so much in the makeup session.

Meet The Wonderfully Creative Caitlin

Caitlin is a makeup artist in the Clarins Beauty Section of the Boots Store in Norwich. Her tip for great makeup was that it “really is all about the base and foundation.” Getting a great base makes sense as you build the rest of the look on this. I think this is an area I have personally got slightly lazy on, as I only apply a very light foundation and this doesn’t always offer an even colour.

Caitlin’s Makeup Challenge

Here I was looking for a vibrant glossy lipstick that would be perfect for the summer months, as I had been using a lot of matt colours and wanted an alternative look. Also I have thin lips and they don’t always stand out.

Caitlin told me that it was important to exfoliate my lips first by using a scrub, then to dab some lip balm which will help the lipstick to go on smoother. She then applied the Clarins’ Eclat Minute Lip Perfector Base to my lips which instantly felt softer. I could feel the richness of the balm as it glided on.

She then showed me the array of different lip colours that were available from matt to gloss. Caitlin helped to guide me depending on the finished look that I wanted to achieve. I selected the Instant Light, hot pink shade. Which she expertly applied, then Caitlin added one of their new products the Lip Comfort Oil in Candy. This had a hint of a tropical taste, which was lovely. Not only that the oil made my lips feel super glossy and rich.

Bottom left are the products that were used in my makeup session.

The end product was lush. Loved the colour and look of my lips. Caitlin is amazingly creative, knowledgeable, friendly and clearly loves her job. Again I was made to feel comfortable and nothing was too much.

At the end of the Clarins Session you are given a free sample to try at home, though in my excitement I forgot mine. So might have to go back again.

Makeup Challenge Results

Both ladies were so lovely and easy to talk to. I could ask questions on any of their products and they were happy to help. Loved the layout of the makeup stations. Afterwards I felt fabulous and immediately my mood perked up. There was no hard sell. Which if I am honest can be something that can put me off. Instead I was allowed to try the products see how I felt by going on with my day to day life.The option of buying is always there if you like the products.

Walking around Norwich with my new makeup makeover.

I highly recommend booking an appointment with these fabulous ladies if you live in Norwich, Norfolk. Or simply walk into any store that offers this service. There are some stores that allow you to try their tester products in front of a large mirror at your own comfort. Personally I like to tap into the talents of an artist who can share their tips and help to reduce the overwhelming feeling of all the products and only showing you the ones that will work well for you.

If you need a pick me up or feeling a bit stuck in a rut with your makeup or even wanting to know what other products are available then why not book a free makeup session. You just might be pleasantly surprised.

I am in no way endorsing or being sponsored by any of the brands that I have mentioned. This is purely a blog based on my own personal experience.

Please let me know if you have had a makeup session or thinking of having one as I would love to know. Leave a comment and if you like the blog then please do subscribe. #eternal style Because style doesn’t have an expiry date. The Autumn Stiletto You can follow me on Pinterest & Instagram Email me at: oncelbrett@theautumnstiletto.com

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Hello Everyone,

I  recently started a series of blogs to hopefully give a taste of the services of a personal stylist.

If you have been following the previous blogs I hope that you have had an opportunity to look at your lifestyle, identify what stylish end result that you want to achieve with your colour palette in mind and done a wardrobe clearout. If not then that’s okay.For those that are new to my blog please do continue to read and feel free to join in with this journey.

The next step I would like to cover is building a capsule wardrobe.

Most of the time we view the basics, which are backbone of a wardrobe ,as boring. However, I would like to hopefully show you with my blog post that this doesn’t have to be the case.

Basics , suits, dresses, skirts, jeans and blouses all sound plain. There are two main groups and depending on which is your preference both can look effortlessly stylish.

The first group is the minimalist, where the cut or style of the garments produce simple lines creating a flowing and immaculate look. Some of the colours are quite soft and easily blend in with each other. Let’s call this the elegant chic style.

The second group is the sharp, crisp lines with interesting contemporary cuts, prints and vibrant or stand out colours.Let’s call this the edgy cool style.

What I would like to do is show you some style ideas for the basic wardrobe that fits into these two categories. Hopefully to inspire and give some ideas. The basic capsule wardrobe tends to be dependent on your lifestyle, which where you spend most of your time, and are the items that you should invest most of your clothing budget on. These garments ultimately are not determined by trends and should last you season after season.

Elegant Chic Style Basics


A trouser suit or any suit for work is an investment piece. Look for good tailoring and quality fabric. Blouses are so feminine and look stylish with any garment. The above suit and blouses are all from at collection Reiss.com.

Trend Tip: Grey is a key trend for next season and is a great colour for suits or blouses. It often gets overlooked, however it can look equally as stylish as black, navy or blue.


The simple cut of the jumpsuit and dress are flattering to any shape. These timeless pieces can be worn with heels for an evening look or simply add a pair of pumps/ trainers for a daytime vibe. Both can be found online at Jigsaw.com.


How cute are these smart turn up trousers? Leaving the blouse to flow over the trousers gives a relaxed smart and stylish vibe. Add a smart navy denim blazer to complete the look(both from Noanoa.com) Mix and match with basic tees(white tee from (Cath Kidson) that have a subtle print and made from light fabric. The block heel shoes help to keep the look chic, though a pair of wedge heels or stylish pumps would have the same effect.

Edgy Cool Style Basics


The key here is to avoid jeans that have embroidery or anything that will date them. Keep to classic cuts or styles. Blouses with frills, ties or bows will add interest and a cool edgy look. Keeping the colours simple will mean that you can wear them year after year. These gorgeous items are from John Lewis’ And/Or Range.The denim for this collection is specially created and of lovely quality.( I recently wrote a blog on this collection).


Lilac trouser suit from John Lewis.com and the beautiful ditsy print pink dress is from Boden.com.

As I said at the start of my blog basics can be interesting and fun. Adding a slogan tee to this lush suit gives it an extra twist, which I know is not anything new, however for 2019 we have seen an explosion of vibrant trouser suits, for it to be a basic in your wardrobe buy one in a colour that suits your skin tone. Dresses don’t have to be plain to be timeless, having one in a print and pretty fabric are just as good. One tip is to pick colours from the print of the dress for blazers and jumpers that you might add as layers in the colder months.

Work wear can be in monochrome which always looks sharp; you can bring the look up to date with shoes and accessories.


Wide leg trousers are perfect as a daywear garment as they work well with blouses and tees depending on the occasion. Basics don’t have to stick to the traditional blacks, blues and greys, you can pick ones from your colour palette and match with your other garments for a contemporary look.Both the blouse and trousers are from Topshop.com. Finally….

You may have figured out that I love not sticking to the rules and can’t seem to resist a different cut or style. So my Basics do tend to lean more to being more edgy. Having said that I do admire the women who so effortlessly put their garments together that seem to blend and flow so beautifully.

Basics can be fun and will serve you for many years.Simply look for colours in your palette and make sure that they work well together and can be mixed and matched.

As there are a lot sales on at the moment it is the perfect time to look for quality pieces at reduced prices. Or you can try and source them for vintage shops or sustainable brands.

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Hello Everyone,

I recently have been in contact with The British College of Professional Styling who have asked me to do a testimonial for them as an ex- student. So I thought I would share with you my thoughts and experience of doing this course ,as well as the first online course that I did with GlobalEdulink.

With the continued growing interest in Social Media and also with the changing face of retail being a stylist now is more attainable as a career choice. There are many sites offering their training services and it can be quite confusing with which one to choose. I know I was. Especially as it involves investing  your money and time you want to walk away with a credited certificate and the knowledge that it is going to help you to pursue a career in styling.

My Retail Experience

I previously worked for four years in a major retail High Street Store in Wood Green, and London’s world famous Oxford Street. At the time there was not many career opportunities within retail other than to move into management. Which was a position that I was offered having worked a couple of years at the store and achieving my NVQ Level One in Retail.

This was beneficial and helpful. However, my heart and passion was with  visual merchandising. This involved much more creativity and freedom.At the time I enquired about the qualifications and experience that I would need to venture into this career.Getting a degree was the only answer. For me this was never an option coming from the cultural background that I had, being married at 18 and having my first child aged 21.

So there I was aged 24 a married mother of one thinking that this career door which I so wanted to go through was closed.

That is until most recently.

I know that I have already addressed the topic of doing a course in a previous blog ‘ Is A Styling Course Right For You?’ ( 21st December 2018). However, I wanted to write a more detailed blog on these courses and also for those readers that may be new to my blog.


I came across GlobalEdulink through the employment agency Reed. Intrigued by the course I looked into it further and found that the course it self was a short one at a minimal cost with a credited certificate at the end.

The modules covered everything from colour analysis, body shapes, hair, face shapes and make-up. Giving a basic yet detailed insight and understanding. I was so interested in styling that I completed it very quickly(the course allows you to work at your own pace).

I absolutely loved it and found that actually I could fit in an online course into my life quite easily.

At the end of the course I sat an online test, of which I had to do a practice session first before completing it for real. Having passed the course and feeling the euphoria of receiving my certificate I was hungry for more. I wanted to really get to grips with all aspects of styling and the only way to do that was to find one that offered a more in depth content.

The British College of Professional Styling

About the course:

Like GlobalEdulink this is an online course, the difference is in the detail and size of the modules covered, there is a tutor( an industry professional) who gives detailed responses and feed back on assignments and the cost is higher. However, you are given the opportunity to pay in instalments. I received a copy of the payment plan as well as a statement for my records.

Like the previous course you can work at your own pace (you can take up to two years to complete if you wish), though they do advice that you work through the modules in the order that they are already in ,as this will have an impact on your final assignment. If your final assignment (your portfolio of work) is not up to standard then you will be asked to resubmit.

The course is delivered via e-mails and you have a student login which enables you to see your completed assignments.

The contents covered on the course are: Introduction to styling, elements of style and trends, styling specifics, wardrobe styling for film, television and the theatre, being a flexible stylist, fashion’s most influential designers, colour, personal styling, male makeovers, communicating your ideas, online styling and practical guide in building your business.

My favourites were the history of fashion, designers and information about setting up a blog.

You can download a free guide about the course, as well as read the testimonials of other students.

At the end I received my certificate as well as a picture ID card as a Stylist. Most importantly, I felt more confident to approach others in the profession.

I did this course to gain insight and knowledge to support my passion and skills in styling. Styling is an art form, creative and ever changing, which comes from within. Gaining the knowledge helps to smooth over any edges and gives ideas from professionals that you might not have thought of.


What I would say is really think about what it is you would like to do within styling and this industry. Where does your passion and interest lie? What qualifications do you need to get into the sector? Try and see if you can shadow someone in the industry, as well as ask questions and gain insider knowledge.

It really is about building a network, some occasions working  for the experience rather than money. As with anything the more experience you gain the more people are going to want your services. Don’t ever be put off by the number of people doing styling as each person has something different and unique to offer.

Gaining education whether online, at a college or on the job are all equally as good.

Remember I once thought this career door was closed for me… the more I push the wider the door opens.

I hope that you found this interesting, you can visit the sites for more information. There are other courses available online and I am in no way endorsing the courses I have discussed, rather giving information about my own personal experience.

Let me know what your thoughts are on the subject. Have you done any styling courses that you would love to share.Please leave a comment as I would love to here from you.

If you like the blogs please subscribe.

# eternal style Because style doesn’t have an expiry date. Follow me on Pinterest & Instagram. Email me at: oncelbrett@theautumnstiletto.com

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Hello Everyone,

I feel that with the passing of time and reaching out to other women in Norwich I am beginning to learn so much more about the fabulously stylish women that live here.

What stands out most is their generosity, support and help. There is a real spirit of community with united strong independent women.

After my two unfortunate experiences and very nearly giving up the hope that I would ever meet like minded people I am glad that I persevered with my passion.

Sadly though I cannot completely say that negative thoughts don’t creep in. In fact as recent as Friday I started off the day with wanting to give up everything and ended some how on a high.Sounds crazy I know. Do you ever have those kind of days?

Apparently there is a reason we try and sabotage ourselves with negative thoughts. Our brains are wired to keep us from danger or dangerous situations. Sounds logical. So whenever we start to go out of our comfort zone our brains go into a state of alert to keep us in our routine or safety zone.

On the Friday in question after airing my feelings to my friend she motivated me not to stop. Immediately after our chat I decided to make a few phone calls which opened up new and exciting avenues. One of which I will be writing about in another blog. So keep following and all will be revealed.

I am going to start this blog by introducing you to two businesses with stylish women at the helm, one of whom I met on Friday.

Ego Buy & Sell Fashion Boutique

This is a small boutique tucked into a corner of Intu Chapelfield Shopping Centre. The boutique is a training store for the City College of Norwich, where it promotes ethical fashion.People can bring in high end designer items to sell and part of the money from the sale goes to the college as commission. The concept of this store not only supports sustainable fashion it also supports the students of Norwich, providing valuable experience and a form of funding.

I was pleasantly surprised to find such stylish and lush items all well presented.

What made this store so unique was the stylish and very talented ladies working there. I got to ask them some questions that I would love to share with you.

Gloria is an Italian Fashion Designer, whose own brand the Secret Garden is one based on textile experimentation and sustainable fashion.Whereby she looks into creating garments from organic and locally sourced fabrics.Gloria is currently helping students develop skills with visual merchandising, personal shopping, marketing and promotions. She told me that her style is comfortable,trendy and colourful, as she likes to use colour. Her style influences are with the vintage 50’s vibe.

Gloria added that Norwich is like a little London, full of mystery, history and good vibes.She feels that it is a city that is in progress and is starting to be influenced by other cultures.

These are the comments of the two of the amazingly stylish and talented students. Butterfly- Ladies Clothing and Accessories

When I went to meet the beautiful and stylish manager Natasha for a chat the store was busy with customers. There was a warm and friendly vibe, with chatty banter between the assistants and customers. Butterfly was originally a market trader, which is not a surprise as Norwich has a historic outdoor market place at its heart. The traders then opened the premises which has been selling beautiful garments for the last 14 years.

When I met Natasha she was wearing a beautifully cut slip navy linen dress, with a statement long necklace and gorgeously unusual bracelet (all pieces from the store). I loved her bracelet, which she told me had sold out and that they were trying to get some more in due to the demand. In fact one customer even offered to buy hers off her.Hmm I just might need to go back in to nab one of the bracelets for myself before it sells out again.

How would you describe your own style?

” I get get called the Co-ordinating Queen, as I love to co-ordinate my outfits. My style is more casual and classic. I believe you should wear what you like and not what is on trend. Style is ageless.

Natasha proudly informed me that they constantly get customers returning back and giving positive feedback, adding that they are now serving the next generation of ladies from the same families.Their customers want to wear stylish modern clothes that don’t necessarily follow trends.Adding that customers don’t want to be put into the typical stereotypes that society has of women.

Being a stylist I couldn’t help but put a casual style together that would be great for walking around the city and taking in the sites.

All items available from Butterfly Norwich.

Hope you have enjoyed this blog and it has intrigued you about Norwich. Please do come and visit. Or it has inspired you to go out and talk to successful and independent stylish women where you live.

I will continue to enjoy meeting and talking to the amazing talented women like Gloria who is passing her skills and knowledge to the next generation of women (Shannon and Holly.) As well as Natasha who runs an independent business that understands the needs of its customers. Despite all these women being busy they were happy to give of their time and share their stories and passions.

The way the world views women is changing. How we dress and style ourselves is becoming more open with mature women pioneering the way for the younger generation. To be part of the changes we always need to start with where we live. Providing support and encouragement as women to each other. Norwich is a city definitely full of inspirational and stylish women making changes and leading the way.

#eternal style Because style doesn’t have an expiry date. The Autumn Stiletto Follow me on Pinterest & Instagram Email me at: oncelbrett@theautumnstiletto.com

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Hello Everyone,

As a stylist my job is to be aware of trends and movements in the media that relate to style and my brand: pro-ageing, being stylish and confident without the stereotypes or boxes that society likes to label and put us into.

I like to think that with my blog I can inform my readers with the different movements relating to style, the fashion world  and media (social media or the media in general).

With this in mind I always try to look at things with a positive mind, after all negativity doesn’t achieve anything…it serves no purpose other than to restrict and hamper our dreams. Don’t you think?

 One interesting fact I came across recently was that if we ask a question when faced with a problem it opens our mind to search for a solution. Whereas, making a statement simply closes it and means we don’t look for an answer.

The question we face today is how do we slow down Fast Fashion and the negative impact it is having on our precious planet?

Interestingly this is a conversation that is happening more and more lately. I would like to share with you some of the responses that are out there.

BBC News Item

It was great to see that such a giant broadcaster as the BBC had done a special news item that was broadcast live on 23rd June Sunday morning. The feature was about an online company Boohoo that had become more consciously sustainable with the use of recycled polyester in its garments. The discussion was on whether this was enough to slow down the waste of unused clothes that were the result of a throw away culture which had been ignited by Fast Fashion. As well as having a conversation about possible solutions to this modern day problem.

(Isabella West, seen above, runs a fashion rental company and Rachel Vieria a Fashion Lecturer at the University Gloucestershire were the guests offering their views.)

It was after all the BBC programme (‘Fashion’s Dirty Secrets’) ,which Stacey Dooley presented ,that not only started everyone talking about this serious topic, but told people the honest truths that lay behind the constant production of clothes.

The Mail On Sunday

On the very same day that the BBC News Item was broadcast I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Ex-Editor of UK Vogue Magazine, Aleandra Shulman writing in her column about the very topic of Fast Fashion.

In this she states “Unquestionably fashion at all ends of the market needs to improve its practices.” Adding at the end of the article ” We all need to take a hard look at how we shop and more importantly, what we do with what we buy.” “Cheap clothing is not evil…”.

I found her article to be interesting as it comes from someone who has been in the heart of the business for along time.

Instagram Ladies

It goes without saying that social media is a powerful tool, with Instagram we can instantly connect and communicate through pictures and captions. Share what we have learnt and inspire each other. Never has there been a time where so much information is instantly available at our finger tips.

On  Sunday I posted the above picture on my Instagram account with a caption about my last blog post on Net-A-Porter’s Net Sustain Edit. Some of the wonderful ladies on there gave their ideas on this topic with their comments. They have graciously allowed me to share these.

I would highly recommend following these awesome ladies or even checking out their Instagram Accounts.

Meet Nelly

One lady who responded with such passion on the subject was the wonderful @nellyswardrobe.So..

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Hello Everyone,

You maybe wondering why I have posted a mirror image on my blog. You see I feel that the shopping decisions we make will determine the impact we will have on the future of our God given beautiful planet Earth.

We are at a cross roads where if we continue with Fast Fashion our beautiful planet will be ruined. What for?… pieces of cloth that we wear for a short time to throw away and then go back to buy something else. Sounds so crazy doesn’t it?

When I was a child we only ever went to the shops to buy garments when we needed them. Going shopping was not a pass time. In fact my mother would buy patterns and cut out material to sew and create her own designs. She would regularly make me cute skirts with matching waist coats and beautiful dresses.

When I went to High School we used to have a lesson called Home Economics where we would be taught to buy patterns and material to make garments using the sewing machines. Skills that in our modern world of technology seem to have almost died off.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see a big brand name like Net-a-Porter send me an e-mail on the 18th June titled Net Sustain. Upon opening the e-mail I saw that this major online company was now supporting Sustainable Fashion.

What is Net-a-Porter?

Net-A-Porter is an online premier luxury fashion website which was established in 2000. You can find over 800 of the world’s most well known designers such as Gucci, Prada, Victoria Beckham, Stella McCartney and many many more. One of its attracting features is the prices, especially when there is a sale on. Making designer garments more affordable and accessible worldwide.

What makes their e-mail so powerful and significant is that the movement of Sustainable Fashion has now reached the realms of luxury brands. After all it is the designers who constantly produce new trends, styles and creative garments that are then copied and followed by the High Street.

The fact that there are more collections produced is what fuels Fast Fashion. That is before we only had Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections now there are pre-collections of resort and pre-fall. Added to that the power of technology where by the runway collections are now instantly beamed across the Internet . Instagram Influencers immediately posting the new trends on their posts so that once the new trends reach the shops they already seem old and stale. Fast Fashion is constantly hungry for new trends and styles.It is a monster that we cannot continue to feed.

Another factor that has played a role in Fast Fashion is this need for season-less style.With fashion trends on view across the whole world where one part will be experiencing a warmer climate and another a colder one simultaneously; meaning customer needs have changed.

Net Sustain

Net Sustain is away for the customer to be able to have brands that have sustainability at their heart under one roof. That is having transparency in which brands are producing products more conscientiously.

Net-A-Porter claim that they have ” carefully vetted every product” in their Net Sustain Edit “to ensure it meets at least one of the following five attributes.”

1-Locally Made…….These are brands that manufacture at least 50% of their product in their own community or country.Linking the product to the provenance and people.

2- Considered Materials……Brands which source their materials with consideration of the welfare of people, animals and the environment.

3-Craft and Community……It goes without saying that when buying a luxury brand it is ultimately the craftsmanship that you are paying for.So these are brands that adhere to the fair trade principles and invest in communities.

4-Reducing Waste….. These are brands that incorporate circularity in the production of their garments.From its production to the packaging.

5-Considered Processes….. Brands who meet the international criteria of the sustainability standard.That is those that support the health of the environment, worker and wearer.

You can go onto the Net-A-Porter website to view which brands are in each attribute.

So what do you think about this bold move by Net-A-Porter? Personally, I feel that the more we as the consumer demand change, talk about sustainability and start to think more conscientiously about our own personal shopping habits then the quicker the changes will be made.

As a stylist my role is to help women to select garments that will make them look and feel amazing. Garments that suit their personality and lifestyle. Giving them a wardrobe that works for them so that they can then shop with a purpose.

Today I met up with the stylishly beautiful @traceymwilkinson in Norwich City where we shopped in two of the local vintage shops. I am happy to write that they were busy with customers. I absolutely loved the experience and it felt great to know that we were doing our part towards Sustainable Fashion.

#eternal style Because style doesn’t have an expiry date. The Autumn Stiletto Follow me on Pinterest & Instagram Email me at: oncelbrett@theautumnstiletto.com

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Hello Everyone,

Since I started writing my blogs I have looked at many street styles, with London being one…it was a natural choice as it was my hometown for most of my life. Having a Turkish Cypriot heritage I have also looked at the amazing creations of Turkish Designers.

Which is all perfectly fine. So what about where I live now…Norwich? I have to admit that there was a time this year that I felt home sick after having only been in Norwich for three years. Don’t get me wrong people here are lovely, Norfolk has a beautiful countryside and breathtaking natural beaches. All sounds perfect. Yet I didn’t feel like I fitted in somehow.

That is until my passion and interest in styling and becoming a blogger became my career and opened up new connections with like minded people. Since then I have met the fabulous @shelleybethblog , where we had a coffee at the trendy Artels Cafe. The lovely ladies of @M&S Style Team Norwich were so welcoming and friendly, inviting me to their awesome style event where I got to meet the vibrant Korinna of @isthistooyoungforme. Following this successful event I was invited back to model a couple of beautiful outfits from the M&S Summer Range with the amazing @traceymwilkinson.

I highly recommend you check these talented and beautiful ladies Instagram Accounts. So stylish and inspirational.

My mind set has now completely changed; and it really is true that you have to get out there and meet people. Open up to new friendships.

This has inspired me to write this blog about the stylish ladies of Norwich.

Norwich’s Fashion And Textile History

On entering the city of Norwich there is a large sign welcoming you to the fine city which sits in the heart of Norfolk in East Anglia.This fine city was the largest city in England after London.

Views of the historic market and beautiful city.

In fact its market is one of the oldest and largest outdoor markets.It also has a mesmerising Royal Arcade, a long covered avenue which was opened in 1899 .

The Royal Arcade in all its glory.

Norwich owes most of its heritage to the textile industry which brought the city much wealth in the past.It was renowned for the Norwich Shawl, where the shawl was a wardrobe staple for every woman. Initially, this lush garment was made of of cotton with embroidery along its edges and corners. However, it was the type of weaving in Norwich which made its shawl so famous. They were made from either silk, silk and wool or plain wool.These would have small designs weaved into them with the back and front looking different.Sadly, like everything else fashions changed and the popularity of the shawl declined too.

Modern Day Norwich

Norwich is still enriched with lots of styles, culture and a loosely knit clothing industry. There is an undeniable vibrant fashion scene with a thriving fashion and design community.

First let me introduce you to an innovative company with its pulse on conscious sustainable fashion and mindfulness in the work place.

V House Of Apparel Pictures courtesy of V House of Apparel

I was lucky to speak to the talented and lovely Veronika Guardi (seen above) and be able to put some questions to her. Veronika started her business in 2015 in a small design studio and has successfully turned it into the UK’s leading clothing design and manufacturing agency. She is a strong and inspirational woman of our time. The following is her answers to my questions:

How would you describe your own style?

In the fashion industry there is an ongoing battle between the terms fashion and style. Fashion is disposable, style is forever. 
Our style has evolved along with our company evolution. We would describe ourselves as clean cut with a dash of colour. We like to keep things simple but also can’t resist a rich emerald green or deep purple from time to time. 
When it comes to our clients we like to focus on the idea of style as being bespoke; projecting an individuals personality through their clothing collection. 

What do you feel most proud of ?

We feel most proud of each and every one of our clients’ collections. The great thing about being a full service clothing production studio is we are there every step of the way, from design to manufacturing. There’s nothing better than seeing a collection come to life! 

We are also very proud of our factory in Bulgaria and all our talented employees who work very hard to turn our clients apparel ideas into a reality. We believe that people are the most important asset of a business, which is why we provide conscious production whereby all employees are paid fairly and offered flexible hours.

Pictures courtesy of V House of Apparel

What is your favourite thing about Norwich?

The first thing that struck me about Norwich is the friendly atmosphere. I’ve worked in big cities like London and Manchester, and I’ve met more people in Norwich than in both of those places put together. People love to connect and network here, especially over coffee at Strangers Coffee House. 
Norwich has a certain rustic beauty in our eyes. There are so many hidden artistic treasures that you can only stumble across, from street art to beautiful architecture. We love wandering down the cobbled streets of Tombland to see what we can find and gather inspiration from literally everywhere.

Tell me about your company and what inspires you.

Pictures courtesy of V House of Apparel

We are a full clothing production studio, specialising in activewear and athleisure. We turn your apparel ideas into a reality. Design to manufacturing, we take your through your clothing collection journey from start to finish. Our design studio is based in Norwich in a lovely creative area of the city , and our factory in Bulgaria. We have worked with many clients all over the world and created all types of garments from activewear, swimwear, hospital scrubs to tennis apparel and even the latest Great British rock climbing teamwear 2019. 
We are strong supporters of mindful consumption fighting the fast fashion battle as fast fashion is not lasting fashion. We implement this mindful consumption in every way we can throughout our design and manufacturing process. We are proud to say that we use 100% no plastic in all labelling and packaging for our clients. Sustainability is something we are very passionate about.

What are your future goals and where would you like to take the company?

We are very excited about our future at V House of Apparel as over the last two years our business has really grown. We love meeting new clients and working on new collections. 

In out fight against fast fashion, one of our goals is to continue our work towards sustainability and making our company as sustainable as possible. We are always on the hunt for new sustainable fabrics and conscious manufacturing practices.

Pictures courtesy of V House of Apparel

I highly recommend you checking out their wonderful website and reading the blog posts, as well as looking at their amazing Instagram posts @v_house_of_apparel.

I would like to Thank Veronika for being generous with her time to respond to my questions with such detail and passion. I hope that like me you have found her to truly be inspirational. It was a joy to speak to her on the phone, her friendly warm voice showed her genuine care and love for what she does, as well as her kind response to my blog which has encouraged me to continue with my dream.

Norwich is a thriving city…a stylish gem that continues to shine with a new generation of creative talent. I hope you have enjoyed this blog , which is only Part One of my showcasing of the amazing talents of this wonderful city that I now call home.

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Hello Everyone,

With all this unsettled weather that we have had around lately it has made me find the time to stop and really think about my blog and brand. What am I passionate about and why?

I started on this journey with the ultimate goal to reach out and help other women.I want to be a part of the movement to finally remove the stigmas that are attached to age.

Pro-ageing and style are the two main components of my brand as a stylist.

An important link between the two is wellbeing. Part of feeling good starts from within.

Most people believe that as a stylist the job is about putting together garments.However, if you don’t feel your best then it doesn’t matter what you are wearing.

Styling is about lifestyle, outfits,hair and make-up as well.

I want to use my blog to share my routines and hopefully for you to also share your tips and things you do that maybe can help someone else. As a community of women helping and supporting each other only serves to make women become stronger and excel in their interests. Hopefully becoming role models for the next generation.

The first tip I want to share with you is mindfulness.

How Mindfulness Eased My Panic Attacks

When I was 23 and on holiday in Turkey I experienced my first ever panic attack. It was really scary as I could not breathe. I was rushed to hospital and given oxygen, my breathing was eventually brought back to normal.

Returning back home to London I was about to start a new job where I would be dealing constantly with the public and having a panic attack was the last thing I would have wanted. Trust me I had to battle through some days to control my breathing. Back then there was no real help.

It was not until I was in my mid 30’s where I was working in a Primary School in North London where I was first introduced to Meditation and Mindfulness. We had an Inset Day where an expert came in and taught us the techniques which they wanted the teachers to then do with the students. Something that was to become routine.

I started to do these simple steps which helped me not only with the panic attacks, but most importantly helped to bring back my confidence in a social setting.

The Mindfulness Routine:

Try and do this in the morning, if not any time that you are on your own. Sit down on a high back chair, hands rested gently on each knee and look at a point in front of you(or close your eyes if you want to). Then empty your mind of any thoughts. Just breathe and feel yourself breathing. The main point is to not focus or think of anything for a good five minutes. I love to do this when I am out walking either in the countryside or by the sea. Listening to the sounds of nature and breathing.Simply being in the moment.

I left the Primary School to work in a tough London High School full time and was immediately immersed into working with a larger number of staff. This meant having to mix more with all the age groups, classes and socially. Normally I would have run away from such a setting. Instead the old confident me soon surfaced and I loved socialising, having a laugh and my job.

So how does mindfulness work?

This originated in Eastern Meditation and is a way of bringing ones attention to the present. That is living in the moment. Research has shown that it helps with anxiety, stress and depression by counteracting worrying.For me it was the constant niggling worrying thoughts that my brain kept generating. Things that were out of my control which would trigger a panic attack. Doctors would regularly tell me that I was not breathing properly.

When doing research on this I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are other ways of practising mindfulness, some that you may already be familiar with: doodling or colouring, going for a walk, looking up, focusing on one thing at a time and wishing other people happiness.

I regularly go for walks and feel so refreshed afterwards. However, the one that stood out for me was wishing other people happiness. I love this.

My Mediterranean Diet

For those that might be reading my post for the first time I am a Turkish Cypriot. I was born in Cyprus and have been living in England since I was four and a half.My mum would regularly cook us traditional Turkish meals which were made of vegetables,stuffed vine leaves, pasta, rice,salads, fish, lentils and pulses. Dessert was fruit, with snacks being a mix of nuts and home made pop corn.

I love Turkish Food. Most people often think it consists of kebabs, however, the cuisine is rich and full of healthy nutritious meals. The majority of my meals are made using olive oil and can be made quickly. So handy when you are a working mum. I feel that having a well balanced nutritious diet does help to keep you healthy, as well as eating everything in moderation.

One other key habit that I learnt from my culture was the importance of having a good breakfast. When I was visiting family in Cyprus and Turkey, breakfast was a delicious spread of eggs, toast, olives, salads, homemade jams all washed down with tea.


I truly believe that eating healthily is important, and am encouraged by the changes in society with people looking to become more healthy.

One change I have made is reducing my sugar intake. You see I have a sweet tooth and didn’t realise the harm sugar was doing to my body. Now I find that when I have something sweet I can really taste the sugar and it is sickly and too sweet.

Having a healthy mind and body shows in the way we lead our lives. Giving us vigour and energy which means that whatever we may be wearing we will look amazing.

I do hope that this blog has given you something to think about.

Let me know what you think about the topics covered. Do you have any tips that you would like to share? Or have you tried mindfulness? Please leave a comment as I would love to know your thoughts. #eternal style Because style doesn’t have an expiry date. The Autumn Stiletto Follow me on Pinterest & Instagram Email me at: oncelbrett@theautumnstiletto.com

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