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is famous the world over
 for its abundant flowered covered balconies, 
and so, since I am patiently awaiting some products for the Villa's bathroom,
and since I am STUCK once again in miniature limbo,
I thought that I would try and make some flowers 
to fill up a long planter box 
which I've made    
to eventually sit on the ledge 
outside the Villa's 3rd floor bathroom window.

The length of the planter box is 6.5 inches/16.5cm
which is unrealistically long 
but since I didn't want to make 2 planter boxes, 
I'm okay with it. 
 I decided to fill the box with 

Having previously made regular geraniums from kits, 
I felt I already had a good idea of how to do it. 
 And having collected A LOT of paper punches from thrift stores and on-line vendors,
I thought I could do it from scratch and hopefully well enough to give me the look I was aiming for; 


There are a total of SEVEN individual plants in the planter box.
4 pink & white ones 
3 solid red ones 

It took me about 3 days to completely assemble all of the plants. 

I'm pretty happy with the way they look and so I'm going to pass on what I did which is neither special or unique,
 I thought you might like to see it anyway. 

To any "professional"mini flower maker looking at these 
be forewarned- 
they ARE NOT "anatomically correct"

because I'm far too lazy to be that precise

 what I'm showing you here
is how I've chosen to make them 
it's a style I'm fond of and like to call:
"Close Enough!"

with that said-
On With The Show! 

The pink geraniums are made using both plain 
and acrylic painted 
photocopy paper. 
Some of the red ones 
were also made using painted photocopy paper.  

After making 2 of the red plants with the photocopy paper,
I switched over to Japanese writing paper, 
which I'd originally found at the thrift store.  
I later found the same packs of paper at a local mall retailer which sells DAISO Japanese products.  
It was $2.00 for 80 sheets.
The weight of the Japanese #19 writing paper is similar to old cigarette or tracing paper. 

For the pink geraniums 
I used a 5 petal paper punch 
 for both the blossoms AND for the leaves .

The smallest of the flowers was what I used for the flower heads and
the medium and the large punches 
were what I used for their leaves. 
Here's what I punched out

sorting through the 3 sizes was a bit of a pain 
since they all looked the same! 

I used all 3 sizes in green for their leaves 

For the red geranium plant I switched to using the painted Japanese writing paper.
The reason was that it was not only thinner,
but the blossoms held their shape better.

I'll elaborate more on this a little further down.

Here's how I built the plants:

I began with 3-4 lengths of 30 gage paper covered florist's wire

I folded the ends up about a third 

Using a pair of pliers
I twisted the folded ends together to a length of about 
1 and 1/2 inches.
This stem gave me plant base as well as a handle to hang onto 
as I constructed them. 

 I fanned out the stems and cut them down 
into irregular lengths.  
The upright ones would be the taller plants and the bent ones the cascading ones.

I cut smaller pieces of the leftover wire into short lengths of no more than an inch 
The short lengths were bent into a 
"V" shape

The "V's" were then wrapped around the various stems, 
then to secure them in place, 
 I pulled both ends tightly by using my pliers

Each sub-stem will support flower heads and/or leaves.

This is what it looked like when the armature was done
The only glue I used throughout this project was 
Carpenter's Wood Glue.  
To stabilized all the connections and add strength to the armature,
I coated everything with a thin layer of the wood glue. 
I used a metal ball tool to apply the glue 
a toothpick would've worked equally as well. 

I made sure to completely coat the joints of each of the sub-stems
so they wouldn't move about when the flowers were attached.

The glue blobs which you can see below
where smoothed out using the ball tool.

Everything dried quite quickly!

Once the glue had set
I prepared to add the flower heads.

I found some fake plant parts in my stash
 which had tiny styrofoam balls glued to it.  
I carefully picked the little balls off.

Once the styrofoam balls were removed
I pierced them through with a corsage pin, 
 Glue was added to the ends of the stems and the tiny balls were slipped onto the ends through the hole I'd made.
( I am showing a straight pin in the photo below
however the corsage pin hole 
was easier to insert the wire through) 

The petals will be applied to all of the little balls
The balls were given a coat of Wood glue 
right before the petals were attached.

The petals for the pink/white geraniums
 were first cupped with a ball tool, 
 for the red ones
I changed my technique to what I show below. 

Using a sharp pair of scissors
I cut each of  the paper flowers towards its center.

using fine pointed tweezers
I gripped the flower on one side of the cut
 and wrapped the rest of the paper around
the tweezers forming a cone-shape

I dipped the end of the flower cone into the wood glue 

and then onto the styrofoam ball

I continued this process until the entire ball was covered.
After I began building the red geraniums,
I noticed that the stiffness of the paper
 was causing the flower to unfurl. 

so it was at this point, when I stopped using the photocopy paper and switched to using the Japanese Writing paper, which continued to hold its shape after the blossoms were glued to the ball. 

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A Christmas Story - narrated by kids - YouTube

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a child is given, and the government shall be upon His shoulder: and HIS NAME shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.  Of the increase of His government, there shall be no end upon the throne of David and upon His kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever.
The zeal of The LORD of HOSTS, will perform this."   Isaiah 9: 6,7

"Now this was done, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the LORD by the prophet, saying, Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call His Name
EMMANUEL, which being interpreted is, GOD With Us." Matthew 1:22, 23
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This Post IS NOT about Christmas! 

In fact it is all about
enjoying a lazy day
 Breakfast in Venice at Villa Leone.

WHY summer you ask? 
and WHY now

it's because last week
 I received an
Unexpected GIFT BOX
 from the
Incomparable Jodi Hippler 

Jodi sent me an assortment of

And this is what was inside: 
First: a box full of Summer with a running theme, 
 which I'm certain you'll see!

I am so Stoked about this tall aged stone planter!
It is absolutely Ideal for my future Italian Garden, 
Fully Loaded with Sunshine!
But wait- 
that was not all
oh no,
Jodi sent me 2 pots of her fragrant white Casablanca lilies.

Her lilies are planted in 2 stone Lion-head pots

Jodi also included
 a small pot of purple geraniums.
Below you can see how Lovely the flowers look when grouped together
between those 2 "guarding" lions!
with the plaque also from Jodi 

But if all this wasn't summery enough-
Jodi sent me a selection of her
AMAZING bird houses too! 

 I have specific homes assigned to each of them!

But Wait

I also received some of Jodi's tea towels,
 and a tea cup with tea with spoon and
 a used TEA BAG on the saucer! 
 I would have been driven MAD as a Hatter attempting to do what she has so Successfully done! 
She obviously didn't name her blog"MY MINIATURE MADNESS" 
for nothing! :D

Inside her woven TEA BASKET were 
her custom tea towels,
a jar of raw honey,
2 tiny boxes: one containing Peak Frean-style tea biscuits 
and the other individual tea bags! 

and still
A golden lion
and an Elegant golden chair
upholstered in a lovely Merlot- coloured
textured fabric! 
Jodi included a Fat Square of the same fabric in her parcel and when I reversed the square
I knew that AT LONG LAST- I'd found my drapes!  

I was so excited that
I made the drapes almost immediately using Jodi's fabric
and wouldn't you know it; there was just enough!

 Below are the new drapes-
pleated, valanced and fringed AND coupled with a new set of net curtains behind them.  

The drapes are weighty enough to block the most intense summer heat whilst the net curtains filter the light 
and maintain privacy. 

Once the drapes were up,
the rest of the room really came together.
Linda Park's Incredible "VL" needlepoint cushions were already on the sofa 
and compliment the new curtains so well.

The hefty-gilded mirror was a resin Christmas Ornament
I'd found at a local thrift store,
which I'd repainted and aged to (hopefully) look like old and weathered wood.

One thing led to another.

The 2  black chairs are from a set I'd purchased earlier 
from Celia at
K.T. Miniature Journal

I loved them at first sight because of their shape
and their open backs
 which gives a lighter look to the Morning Room
and allows you to easily see through and beyond them into the main entry.

The 2 original French chairs which used to live 
in the Morning Room,
were moved upstairs to the Music Room.
(see my previous post for details) 
These 2 chairs were re-upholstered in the same fabric as the drapes, then quite naturally,
 I wanted to re-set the entire table.

After looking for an entire day for my missing round tablecloth,
I FINALLY located it EXACTLY where I'd put it so that I could always easily find it. 
go figure? 

 I then set the table for 

I set out my treasured mismatched Sam Dunlap china.

The cups are bigger than average
 but I couldn't resist the fancy scroll-shaped handles on them!

The small blue and white plater depicting an Italian countryside 
is by Carrie Lavender

My Continental Breakfast begins with a hot cup of herbal tea.
On the table is one of Jodi's opened tea boxes containing her UNBELIEVABLE  TEENY WEENY TEA BAGS!
I removed one and placed it on the saucer beside the teacup. 

Each teabag is wrapped with a string and has a label securing it!
I don't know HOW Jodi managed to do this
as it must have been such a fiddly, time consuming job.

These individual bags so cleanly and so perfectly made...

The silver tea pot 
which I purchased last year from the Seattle Show 
holds the Hot Water. 
The Flakey Croissants were made by Valentina of
 Pink Cute Sugar

The jar of raw honey was yet another Wonderful gift from Jodi!

The peeled orange is by Yulia Yakobson in Estonia.
I have her oranges displayed in several locations throughout the Villa and I NEVER get tired of looking at them.  

As the morning wears on, the music teacher is
up and down the stairs,
grabbing a quick bite in between.
She's left her Betsyville handbag with her sunglasses
and shoes as she dashes up the stairs again to get her house keys before she leaves the house. 
She's Always forgetting something!
But what she lacks in Organization,
she makes up for is her Dedication and Passion for her art!

The fimo purse was discovered inside a grab bag from the thrift store,
whilst the black mules were formerly wine glass tags

also found at the thrift store.
Janine made me the Hermes shopping bag with their signature  brown ribbon draped over the top.   

The iron statuette was moved out of the Morning Room,
and down into the hall and wears the music teacher's sun hat 
by Fatima

I love the way you can see the assent of the stone staircase
from this angle in the Morning Room

ah me...
it appears that
Breakfast is officially over

The Gondolier is out
and the
music teacher is elsewhere
perhaps checking her bookings for the day.
 I expect she'll be back any minute though,
 because she's forgotten to take her book.

It's by one of her Favourite Authors-

Jodi Hippler

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Here's a QUICK n' EASY TUTORIAL on how I made  
and you can too!

The list of materials: 
1) Printed Christmas Ribbon which I recently purchased from Michaels Craft Store
2) Fabric HI-TAC glue from Walmart
3) one piece of thin paper covered florist wire 
4) tiny pom poms (optional)
This is the glue I used 
It's clear and smells a bit like Model Airplane glue. 
It dries super fast and works great on Polyester fabrics 
because it GRABS & holds tight! 
The printed ribbon I'm working with
is 2.5 inches (6.3 cm) wide.
It's 50/50 polyester & cotton and is
wired on both sides.
I cut the pattern from the ribbon into
3 identical sections

I cut the wire off on both sides of the ribbon
on all 3 sections


Decide on the direction of your pattern, then
fold a tiny hem at the bottom of each sweater piece 

Glue the fold using the Hi-Tak glue
I used a metal needle tool to apply the glue because it's easy to rub off the metal when it dries
but you could also use a toothpick. 

Press the hems down
then put the 2 pieces together with printed sides
 facing in towards each other

 Fold the 2 pieces in half 

Trim off aprox. 3/8 inch ( 1cm)
and from the body cut out a shallow curve for the armhole. 

Your sweater should look like this▲
don't worry if the back piece slightly wider than the front.

take the front section
fold and cut out the neck line of the sweater
so it looks like the photo below.

Make the neckhole a little bigger than what I've shown because the hole will "shrink" once the front is glued to the back piece.

I also made a smaller, shallower cut for the neck on the
 back piece of the sweater section.

The next step is to add some glue to the top of the shoulder sections on the printed side of the front piece of the sweater,
then press it to the printed side of the back piece of the sweater

The photo above▲shows the edges of the 2 pieces of fabric
glued together at the shoulders.

I folded the shoulder tabs over like a hem then glued them down  so they would lie flat against the back section of the sweater

as shown below

This is what it should look like when you open the sweater up.
Finger press the shoulders sections again
to make certain they're secured.
The printed sides should now be facing outwards.

On the back piece 
fold a narrow side hem inwards 
as shown below.

Glue is applied TO THE TOP surface of the side fold. 

ALINE the patterns then
press the front of the sweater into the glue
of the side seam

Repeat on the opposite side of the sweater

To make the sleeves
take the 3rd cut section of ribbon and fold it in half lengthwise
and cut the piece in half on the fold line.

fold a hem for the cuff in the sleeves and glue down

Wrap the sleeve around a paint brush handle
and apply glue to the top of one edge and press the other side down onto it
then slide the arm off of the form.

Repeat the same process for the second sleeve.  

they should look like this▲
cut a shallow curve out at the top of the sleeve
then add glue Around the Top & Cut armhole EDGES

Slide the sleeve into the armhole of the body of the sweater and press it down, making sure that the body of the sweater contacts ALL the glue around the armhole of the sleeve.

Repeat for the second sleeve. 

Take a section of the scrap cloth covered wire and bend it to the same shape as your neckline.

Add a thin bead of glue to the sweater and
press the cloth covered wire into place

measure off 2 lengths of thin
PAPER COVERED florist wire
cut them a little shorter than the length of the sleeves

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I would Strongly encourage EVERYONE to visit JODI'S blog 

Many miniaturists looking for Quality Artisan Items for their collections, have ordered merchandise from 

Jodi has just posted about her most recent encounter with this particular vendor and has since found MANY people (myself included), who've had the Unfortunate Experience  
of not receiving what they've paid for!  

For Warned, is For Armed
Buyer-BE AWARE! 
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♫"How sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank!
Here will we sit and let the sounds of music creep in our ears. 
Soft stillness and the night become the touches of sweet harmony" ♫

 from Shakespeare's play 
The Merchant of Venice  

The bedroom of Villa Leone
is almost finished.
( there are still a few more things left  to do on my to-do list. )

Even so,  didn't want to postpone this blogpost any longer because the more I delay,
 the longer it grows. 
Needless to say, that I've changed and re-arranged this Venetian bedroom 
many times since I began working on it. 
I will review some of the major changes in this post,
which IS rather lengthy
but I've got some long overdue
 to Acknowledge
so be prepared for a bit of a read! 

Since the Leone villa is a modest dwelling, 
occupied by a music teacher and her husband 
(a Venetian gondolier ),
the bedroom would be somewhat simple room, 
using mis-matched pieces handed down from various family members 
and therefore all the more treasured. 

Most of the reference materials I looked at,
 were either far too grand 
as austere as a monk's cell- 
What I was wanting was something, 
romantically in between.

I began the bedroom with a rough mock up of the proposed room arrangement,
 using as much furniture and as many accessories
 as I could squeeze into the room.

I was also deciding between 2 beds; 
one heavy Victorian bed and the other 
 a more delicate brass model.
I placed the beds in the foreground of the room with the other pieces stationed behind it. 

First, I tried out the Victorian bed;  
pre-assembled from a vintage 
 Realife Victorian Bedroom kit
which I found tucked away at 
Ross's Treasure House
(a local miniature store)

I then tried out the brass bed which I'd purchased 
at the Seattle Miniature Show last March. 

I decided to go with the brass bed.

Of course I needed to age it and tone down the shine
which I did by using a couple of light spray coats of Matte Acrylic Sealer and then some acrylic paints for the
required tarnish. 

The Chrysolite lamp and the vintage Bakelite electric clock were items I've had for a while, but the vintage books were a gift sent to me from 
Andrea Thieck
Thank You once again Andrea! :D
in Real Life 
and I Most Definitely love them in a doll's house!

The following "demo" is how I aged the lamp I'd chosen. 
The gold metal was darkened with acrylic paint and the glass sections were tinted 
using Martha Stewart's glass paint 
"English Tea"

This is the lamp after a couple of light coats of 
the English Tea glass paint.
I'm quite happy with its new/old vintage look!



 Iseecerulean Blog
surprised me a few months ago
 by generously sending me
some GORGEOUS pieces from
Charlene's Legacy
(some of which I'm also sharing with my friends)
Thank You again Keli!
❤ ❤ ❤
The piece which I've kept and specifically wanted to use in Leone's bedroom
were the delicate vanity and the matching stool.

However, the only space available for the vanity was 
in front of the 
double doors leading onto the balcony, 
which was in between a 3 door wardrobe to the right, 
 with the main door leading into the bedroom, 
on the left side of it.  
In other words the vanity was surrounded by 6 doors
 all swinging in towards it 
Definitely a logistical problem :(

And on top of that,
the door on the left wall of the bedroom 
which looks out over the garden, 
was also prevented from fully opening 
by the end of the brass bed blocking its path.  
which of course,
 was another problem :(

Since free access through all the doors was a Major issue with the current furniture arrangement,
I thought it best to
rethink my entire floorplan . 
so it went from this...
to this
not all at once
but gradually, over a period of time

it was shortly thereafter
I began to have second thoughts 
about using  
the brass bed.  
so the bed was changed from this one...

back to this one

Once I was satisfied that there was enough walking space  around all 3 sides 
of the wider Victorian bed, 
that all of the doors could comfortably swing open,
I removed everything from the bedroom again,
which included the wallpaper panels, the floor, rugs, the furniture, accessories etc., 
so that I could 
 hook up all of the electrics
 for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors.

and after several frustrating and hair pulling attempts-
It was as I was looking for the electrical tape I needed, 
that I came across the pair of sconces which Janine had given to me for my birthday last year. 
They proved to be Exactly Right for the second floor hall.
I not only love the style of the sconces
 but they provided LOTS of light for the second floor hallway!
Thank You Janine! :D

I LOVE the way these sconces look! :D
since I didn't need the hanging fixture over the staircase  anymore
 out it went. 


                              (no need to worry about changing the lightbulbs now!)
Fatima had given me a large unfinished Bespac wardrobe for Villa Leone
which required some minor repairs.
I stained it Walnut and re-fitted the mirrored doors, and  fixed the missing leg.
It turned out pretty good. 

The black hangers I  bought at
 the Seattle Show last March

I have a Monic Robert's dress in there for show, 

the Gondolier's shirt and tie which Linda made
for Villa Leone
is now hanging in the wardrobe too! :D  

a lacy pink gown came
 from Charlene's Legacy
soooo pretty!
I'm saving it and the vanity  
my future
  Glencroft re-build

I'm not sure who made the the moccasins, but the embroidered slippers were Christmas gifts made by
the VERY talented
Linda Park

She made a custom pair of slippers  
for Janine, Fatima, and me and
Thank You Again Linda for ALL of your Amazing needlework! 

these are truly Marvelous!
I'll place them on the floor by the bed.
In the meantime,
I made a wide plank hardwood floor for my Venetian bedroom using The Willowcrest dollhouse kit's 
generous supply of
thin clapboard siding. 

 The wallpaper I've chosen for the bedroom
 is a beige on cream 
over-size damask
 from a scrap book
suitably subtle and old-world looking
which works well with the bed
 as much as I liked the Victorian Bed,
I found that the big empty space in the headboard was visually annoying to me. 
It looked like it needed to be filled  
but with what??? 
I'd found some ornate puffy stickers at the dollar store which I tried out on the headboard. 
I gave them a spray coat of Matte Acrylic Sealer so the acrylic paint would stick,
cut some up
and glued them onto the bed. 

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Stonewalling is a refusal to communicate or cooperate
 Villa Leone, has been deliberately refusing to cooperate with me
which means that 
 I've had nothing of interest to communicate
on my blog.

 There's been nothing new
to show you since 
 January 14th

I've been busy pouting.

I've been mad at Leone for stonewalling me

I'd suggest an idea but Leone would refuse it. 
So I'd try something else, 
however it didn't matter what I came up with because, 
 the Villa rejected all of my ideas for it. 

This went on
 week after week

and since 
stubbornly refused to communicate or cooperate-
 I stubbornly continued to pout

Secretly I knew that the Villa 
was pushing hard for me to make the staircase for the second floor 
yet I continued to resist 
because frankly-
I hate making stairs.

Eventually, I opted for a reconciliation. 

I resigned myself 
to working on the Villa's second floor staircase 
leading up to a 3rd floor Master Bedroom. 

But I wanted as much floor space on the 3rd level as possible 
so I figured the best approach 
was to install the second flight of stairs 
right next to the first. 
I papered the ceiling, cut the hole for the stairs, made the tile floor for the hallway using 
a STAND IN flight of steps 
as a temporary substitute for those
which I will eventually have to build.

At the same time
I also had to plan out the bathroom which will be 
the room closest to the viewer,
 as well as 
plan the layout for the adjacent library/music room 
on the second floor.  

 Many fine details for the entire second floor
 had to be planned 

Once I had a workable floor-plan, 
and had cut out the opening in the ceiling for the stairs,
I began constructing the interior walls 
for the 2nd floor hall and its future staircase. 

For the dividing stair/bathroom wall,
I cut out a window to provide additional light and interest in this tall, dark stairwell, 
and would look good 
on the bathroom side of the wall, too.  

The "iron" grill was added to the window 
to help dress it up.
I fashioned the "L"shaped STONE WALL to not only enclose the first floor stairwell, 
but to also support the run of the staircase 
on its opposite side.

Since the stair enclosure looked plain to me, 
and since I have lots of cherubs in my stash, 
I decided to add a couple of angelic"carvings" to further embellish the walls.

The musical cherubs were glued in place
 and painted to match the stone. 

The cartouche carvings were a gift from Fatima 
which I cut to fit, 
later I added the extra bit of plastic curlicue 
cut from a doily
 to fill up the space underneath it. 
I found a hanging light fixture in my stash and tried it out in the hall.
(but HOW will they 
(or I) ever be able to change the bulb?)
I don't know

moving on

I also made the tile floor for the hall
 from sheets of 
Scrap Book paper 

At this stage I was feeling pretty confident about my progress.
that is

and this is when I ran headlong into
another STONE WALL! ➽l
Megan from the blog
ran into exactly the same problem.
She discovered that she no room at the top of her staircase for a landing
 neither did I!

Try as I might
(And I did try)
there was no room to step off the top stair.
there was NO ROOM for A BEDROOM 
 on the 3rd floor!

I did EVERYTHING I could to try to have a bed up there
 but there just wasn't enough room! 
by now, I was 
 I realized that I would have to forfeit either 
the entire bedroom 
 a staircase leading up to it
wouldn't let me have both!



In theory there's
 SCADS of space in the attic 
however there's also inset interior walls
which support the roof
as well as the 3 recessed windows on all three walls, 
 a long hole in the floor to accommodate the staircase,
so in reality,
there's very little usable wall or floorspace despite it's great size. 

 I realized that I was snookered. 

after some more required pouting,
 I chose to move the stairs 
to the opposite side of the hall 
so I could at least have a landing.
 in fact:
the new position of the staircase is
 close to their
Designated Location 
as per the original instructions in the kit.
(I guess I should have read them)

Thus, the attic bedroom was moved down to the
leaving enough room on the 3rd floor for it to become 
the library/music room.

I think that this arrangement will work.

I had already done
had to be 
Which meant that I had to patch up the hole I'd cut in the ceiling, 
then recut a new one. 
I also had to entirely cover over the old ceiling paper in the hall 
with a new ceiling paper
 to hide my ugly patch job.

I also decided to remove and dismantled the existing stone walls and make a half wall instead.  
When that was done, 
this is what it looked like

I found smaller seated cherub in my stash and glued it next to the ball on the banister,
then tried out the arrangement with
requesting that she perform the balcony scene from 
"Romeo and Juliet"

but alas! 
she was up-staged!
Visually there was
the cherub with the harp 
Stealing the show 
and the view from afar
really odd

like- what IS all that stuff over there?
I pried off both of the angels, ditched the small one and moved the bigger cherub further down the pony wall,
 gluing it in between both of the cartouches.

I left the ball on the banister alone. 

Now it looks like this
and as it happens,
this new half wall will make it easier in the future
 for Isabella
(probably me)
to change the
light bulb in the hanging fixture

 a little Shakespeare, 
if you please...

"O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name. Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,. And I'll no longer be a Capulet."
I like the look of the half wall much better! 
and now that the angels are out of sight- 

it looks cleaner
The floor tiles haven't been glued down
since there are
electrical wires for the first floor ceiling lights
 directly underneath it.
They will need to be connected 
to the power strips
before the tile are permanently affixed, 
and once the floor is installed I will build the dividing wall between the hall
the bedroom.

One of the most difficult tasks I had to perform, was getting my hand and arm through a window to apply the drywall filler along the join between the bathroom wall and the exterior wall, 
while working carefully around 
the hanging lamp and the pictures. 
Then I had to clean up the resulting mess.
I also had to paint it with a 

When I told Janine that I had learned to become 
a contortionist 
 I wasn't kidding

the hoops we'll jump through for the sake of this hobby!
After I viewed the above photo 
I knew I needed to install some ceiling trim. 

out comes the tub of wall putty 

and then the paints

 an unsightly
 stray blob of putty,
is found still clinging to the framed painting

how annoying!

Gold gilded frames in the gallery
 came courtesy of
Jean-Claude at
Maison française 1/12

thank you again Jean-Claude! 

Artwork on the narrow wall 
leading towards 
the bathroom,
 are a round brass button cover,
a cherub earring, 
and a coat of arms with a lion in the center of the shield
Viva Leone!   
and yes,
 me and the Villa are on speaking terms again
And so there you have it!
weeks of pouting 
and of doing nothing,
and then 
of doing..
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