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Filipinos are crazy about Christmas. Our love affair with the holiday is so great that the Christmas season starts as soon as the “–ber” months come in and usually lasts right up until Valentine’s Day. That’s right, unlike most Christmas celebrations that only last until the Feast of the Epiphany, our version extends until February 14.

Spanish Influences

Growing up in the Philippines, we are surrounded by Christmas traditions that seem somehow unique to the country. These traditions are well-known to Filipinos everywhere, but do you know how these age-old practices started?

1. Simbang Gabi or Misa de Gallo

As a Catholic country, the Philippines celebrates Christmas primarily as a Catholic holiday. As such, a mass is integral to the celebration. In this case, a novena leading up to Christmas is practiced.

Misa de Gallo or rooster’s mass started during the Spanish occupation. The Catholic Church traditionally celebrates the novena with evening masses. As a way to get Filipino workers to hear mass, the Church offered dawn masses, often at 4 AM, hence the name. Over time, Misa de Gallo became Simbang Gabi and the last midnight mass, December 24, is called Misa de Gallo.

LNC’s Holy Family Parish ensures that the tradition of Simbang Gabi will not die out.

2. Noche Buena

No Christmas Eve celebration is complete without the Noche Buena tradition. The feast is a highlight of Filipino Christmas and has even been immortalized by a local Christmas carol of the same name.

Again, this practice dates back to the Spanish Colonial Period. Traditionally, the Catholic Church once ordered the faithful to fast from Christmas Eve until Christmas morning. Filipinos, however, had a different idea. Hungry after the last day of novena mass and still required to attend Christmas morning mass, Filipinos skirted around the fasting rule by eating at midnight.

3. Puto Bumbong

As far as seasonal delicacies go, puto bumbong is probably the king of them all. This purple, tubular rice cake is traditionally served outside the church, where it is a favorite treat of midnight mass goers. Although some places offer puto bumbong year-round, nothing seems to beat the taste of eating the festive snack during the Christmas season, particularly after Simbang Gabi.

And, as you may have already expected, this food ritual goes back to the Spanish occupation as well. After the dawn or midnight mass, Spanish friars traditionally served breakfast to the needy. The practice was brought to the Philippines. As time passed, Filipinos started adding native delicacies among the offerings.

4. Belen

A Christian Christmas almost always has a nativity scene. Nearly all Filipino households have a Belen of some kind. Some can be simple with just the baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Others can be more extravagant adding key characters such as the three wise men, shepherds, and animals.

The person to be credited this time is none other than St. Francis of Assisi. The very first nativity scene was staged in a cave and had live actors and animals. It proved to be so popular that it spread to the rest of the Christian world.

There are many more traditions that are well-loved by Filipinos, and as time goes by, new ones are likely to be added to the mix.

In the end, Christmas is about home and family. Lancaster New City strives to retain this by providing proper places for worship and celebration. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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Looking for a new home isn’t just about finding the biggest house or the most exclusive development. More often, it’s what’s invisible to the eye that is most important. A home should be your place of sanctuary from the outside world, and it should feel warm, inviting, and safe.

While creature comforts and potential financial returns are important factors to consider, the decision to purchase property shouldn’t be based on those two things alone. Whether you’re an investor looking to purchase property for its resale value, or a first-time home buyer looking to start an independent or a family life, consider these other aspects of real estate when making a purchase.

A Sense of Community

In our review of Lancaster New City, we wrote about the importance of celebrating events such as holidays and fiestas in a place that has a strong sense of community. Purchasing property in a place that has a healthy and vibrant community of neighbors and friends not only gives you peace of mind, it’s also a good indication that your property value can rise over time.

This is because friendly communities are attractive to first-time home buyers, which usually consist of young families looking to start their lives. Investing in property in a place with a positive sense of community is a smart move for both investor and purchaser.

Access to Transportation

An important aspect to consider is the types of transportation options that are available to you in a residential development. Metro South, while slowly growing to become a financial powerhouse, is relatively far from the central business districts of Metro Manila.

Despite the distance, most residential developments in the Metro South have transportation options of their own to serve their residents. If you’re purchasing property in the south, find a development that has a comprehensive and efficient transportation hub that will give you access to the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila, while giving you the privacy and suburban life that Metro South is known for.

A Vibrant Neighborhood

When buying property, it’s not just the house you look at; a smart buyer will take note of the neighborhood that the property is in. Ideally, the development you choose will have places where the community can gather, and provide the basic utilities and necessities for living like groceries and hospitals. Developments that have places for recreation are also great options to consider, so look for neighborhoods that have sports complexes or swimming pools.

Not only does this give you convenience, it’s also an aspect that adds to the resale value of your property. First-time home buyers are more likely to buy property in a neighborhood that has access to basic utilities and necessities than neighborhoods that do not enjoy this convenience. But regardless of whether you’re an investor or a buyer, a vibrant neighborhood that’s rich in facilities is a definite plus.

Metro South is home to multiple residential developments and finding the right one requires expert advice. Our real estate appraisers take the time to review every single development in the Metro South to give you complete and comprehensive looks at your future home. Read our reviews of up-and-coming developments here.

The post What to Look for When You’re Looking for a New Home appeared first on South Property Sale.

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Holidays are a perfect time to relax and appreciate the simpler things in life. While the Filipino calendar is chock full of opportunities to take it easy, the three biggest holidays, namely, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Easter, are remarkable for bringing out the most positive aspects in people.

However, while celebrating these holidays with friends and family is tradition, more and more people are incorporating their community into their celebrations. This has had the positive effect of bringing people together and creating closely-knit communities that have a foundation of trust and mutual respect.

Community-planned celebrations during these holidays are becoming a popular activity in a lot of residential areas. South Property Sale sees this happen regularly in Metro South’s new residential developments. This outpouring of community spirit is a wonderful sight to behold and an even better thing to share in.


There is perhaps a no bigger holiday in the Philippines than Christmas. Renowned for being the only country that starts its Christmas season as early as September, the Philippines considers Christmas as synonymous with family and warmth. This holiday brings out the Filipino spirit of generosity, love, and hope, and what better way to celebrate than with your family and your community.

A community-planned Christmas party is a great way to spread the love and joy of the season with your neighbors. This outburst of positivity will remind everyone that, despite the hardships one may face in life, things are easier to overcome with a spirit of love and with the help of family, neighbors, and friends.

New Year’s Eve

Celebrating the start of the New Year with your community is a wonderful way to stir up feelings of hope and positivity for the year ahead. And because the use of fireworks has recently been controlled, community-planned New Year’s Eve celebrations would be the ideal venue for safe and beautiful pyrotechnic displays for everyone to enjoy.

After a fireworks display, the community can get together and revel in the good energy and positive vibes all night long. New Year’s Eve is an ideal time to pull out all the stops and be as festive as you can be.


As a predominantly Catholic country, Easter is a major celebration for Filipinos. In commemoration of the resurrection of our Lord, communities can organize activities ranging from Easter potluck parties to masses, and even Easter egg hunts for children. Easter is a great way to get the community involved in festivities and is perfect for outdoor feasts, parties, and other events.

Coordinate with your community and plan an Easter celebration that can bring your neighbors together to celebrate an important holiday of our faith.

Bonding with your community can improve your quality of life because it gives you the peace of mind that your home is surrounded by good people who share your interests, and on whom you can rely for positivity and warmth. To find communities like this, South Property Sale carefully reviews some of Metro South’s up-and-coming residential developments. Read our reviews by clicking here.

The post It Takes a Village: 3 Holidays That Are Best Celebrated as a Community appeared first on South Property Sale.

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Cavite is a first-class province. Also known as the Historical Capital of the Philippines, it is one of the fastest growing provinces in the country. In fact, data from the Provincial Population Office predicts that the population will reach 4,822,582 by 2020, with a population growth rate of 4.12%.

Apart from being a festive area ideal for holiday-themed, family-friendly activities, the socio-economic set up of Cavite is advantageous to business enterprises and leisurely activities. The province combines residential properties, industrial developments, heritage spots, industrial zones, and business parks, making it a perfect example of high-quality living.

If you want an alternative to the polluted and crowded spaces of Metro Manila, then you’ll enjoy living in the scenic province. With several property developments and infrastructure projects underway, it is giving people even more reason to call the province home.

A New Mega Expressway

The new Php 34.5 billion Cavite-Laguna Expressway (CALAX) will boost travel time and facilitate economic growth along the Cavite-Laguna corridor. The addition of the expressway will reduce the travel time from Sta. Rosa, Laguna to Kawit by 45 minutes. Moreover, decongesting traffic along the busy thoroughfare will boost growth and make transportation to the province easier.

CALAX will stretch from the Cavitex in Kawit, Cavite to Biñan, Laguna’s SLEX-Mamplasan Interchange. With a four-lane closed toll expressway, the project will feature state-of-the-art operation systems and environment-friendly amenities.

As Cavite and Laguna grow into industrial and commercial hubs, the expressway will provide a faster and safer route from one province to the other. The easier movement of goods and services in the area will encourage job growth in the two areas, as well.

A Thriving CBD

Living in the south of Metro Manila will not take you away from job opportunities and reputable companies. With infrastructures like the Skyway, you can live in Cavite and still enjoy access to Bonifacio Global City in Taguig and the Makati Central Business District (CBD).

Megaworld Corp., however, is grooming Cavite to become the next CBD in the south. It plans to build a thriving business hub — a township spanning 140 hectares in General Trias, Cavite — inspired by the master plan of Makati. The development, called the Maple Grove Commercial District, will feature “green” office buildings with eco-friendly amenities as well as rooftop and indoor gardens.

The market take-up for commercial lots in the new CBD has been so strong, in fact, that reports show that more than 80% of the inventory was already sold after only a month.

Life in the south means choosing a comfortable and dynamic way of life. With more property developments and infrastructure, you will enjoy an innovative lifestyle just as exciting as that of the Metro.

At South Property Sale, we feature homes from premier real estate developers in the Philippines. Let us help you find a new place in the South to call home. Our customer reviews contain up-to-date information to help you make an informed decision before you make your next big investment.

Contact us today to find a place that meets your budget and lifestyle.

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When people buy homes, they don’t just buy a property: they’re choosing the neighborhood they’ll live in, as well. It is paramount, therefore, that they select a community where they can truly belong — one that cherishes the best of the Filipino spirit.

And what better way to observe the Filipino commune than during Christmas? It’s the highlight for many families, after all. So, South Property Sale had its eyes out for developments that make Christmas even more special for its community.

In this 2018 review, Lancaster New City takes center stage. We commend the development for being no slouch on the planning and execution of its Christmas Events celebrations. We truly felt the best of the Filipino Christmas spirit — activities that bring the family together, bright lights, stories of love and hope, heartfelt music, scrumptious food, and, more importantly, the joyous news of the coming of a Savior — in this new development.

Our 2018 Lancaster review focuses on how more than 10,000 guests witnessed the spirit of the season and the unique Filipino charm, carrying the happy Yuletide memories all year long. Read through our experience of the beautifully executed festivities and see that the master-planned development truly is a haven for anyone looking for a genuine Filipino community.

Five Words the Community Lives By

Lancaster’s Christmas Events kicked off with the Santa’s Workshop Christmas Lights Show at the Central Greens, The Square, which is Lancaster’s very own shopping center. It featured Santa’s five little shops, each bearing the five words Lancaster New City lives by: Live, Learn, Work, Play, and Pray. We believe that the community does a good job of espousing this promotional slogan

  • Live — The Lancaster neighborhood is one of those communities you can imagine building a future. With all the necessities of modern living, you and your family will love living in this community.
  • Learn — Nestled within the development, the community’s school campuses are a safe and convenient option for excellent education.
  • Work — The master-planned community takes the hassle of commuting for the daily grind. Residents can find job opportunities at the Suntech iPark.
  • Play — LNC offers many leisurely activities, including shopping and dining at The Square and other activities that strengthen family bonds.
  • Pray — Faith is at the heart of many Filipino families. The community nourishes one’s relationship with God at the Parish of the Holy Family.

We’re not the only one abuzz over the development. Other people share the same sentiments: the usual feedback for Lancaster New City about the community is that it lives up to these five words.

A Bright, Dazzling Christmas Lights Show

When it comes to the play aspect, nothing beats Lancaster New City’s Christmas lights show. The 15-minute display features dazzling laser arrangements and stop-motion lights set to Christmas medleys. We’re sure that the show delighted both the kids, as well as the young-at-heart.

It was heartening to see all the families and guests filling The Square; some took pictures of the Christmas displays, while others picked out great finds in the nearby stalls. A delicious feast awaited the guests at Dekada Food Bazaar. It was such a success that the organizers might have to include more food options to accommodate the guests’ needs next year.

The festivities didn’t simply stop at an awe-inspiring light show, though; it was accompanied by a great lineup of songs and performers, all singing their renditions of yuletide carols. After all, what is a Filipino Christmas without a bit of music?

Residents and visitors danced together to the beat during the evening’s concert, which featured Rocksteddy, the OPM band behind hits like Blue Jeans, Superhero, Deadma, and Magpakailanman. It also featured performances by Fifth Dynamics, Mackie Cao, and JV Cruz.

A spectacular fireworks display capped off the night, which the authors of this Lancaster New City review are sorry to have missed because we heard that it was a blast.

Stories of Love and Hope: #OpenAirCinemaOneLancaster

We were glad to find out that the Lancaster community understands that Filipinos relish timeless tales of love and hope during Christmas like those featured in the annual Metro Manila Film Festival. LNC partnered with Cinema One and launched the Open-Air Cinema initiative, a free film screening at The Square.

Families enjoyed the cool night air as they watched two Star Cinema blockbuster hits, Love You to the Stars and Back and Can’t Help Falling in Love. The audience had their fill of drama, laughter, and kilig on the sprawling grounds as they rediscovered how love brings people together.

  • Love Heals Wounds. Love You to the Stars and Back is written and directed by Antoinette Jadaone, the director of the 2015 hit That Thing Called Tadhana. Young favorites Joshua Garcia (Caloy) and Julia Barretto (Mika) embark on a journey that shows how two strangers fall in love amidst grief, proving that love can heal even the deepest wounds.
  • Love Shapes our Destiny. Can’t Help Falling in Love was directed by Mae Cruz Alviar. It stars the powerhouse team of Kathryn Bernardo (Gab) and Daniel Padilla (Dos), as a couple who unknowingly married each other. Bound by their vows, Gab and Dos discover how true love shapes the future, and how two hearts can always choose their happiness.

On this note, we give Lancaster positive feedback; the free local film showing is unique and truly merits a thumbs-up from us. One drawback was the lack of movies that focused on familial relationships, though. We’re hoping that this year’s success would bring in more diverse options for the 2018 Christmas celebrations!

The Star that Led People to the Savior: Christmas Tree Lighting

No Filipino Christmas is complete without a Christmas tree. In fact, every other master-planned community in the country has its own Christmas tree. It is, after all, a season staple. Not to be the odd one out, LNC held a Christmas Lighting ceremony, brightening up the sky with a Christmas Wonderland-themed tree that drew guests to the area.

What made Lancaster’s annual event stand out from all the other celebrations we witnessed this year, we think, were the festivities that followed right after. The ceremony featured another inspired light show, a lively marching band, great musical performances, a special meet-and-greet with Santa Claus, and a grand fireworks display.

The Filipino Family: The Center of Christmas Celebrations

At the heart of a Filipino Christmas is the family, and this is what this Lancaster New City review truly appreciates. We laud LNC for investing in art pieces that represent one of the strongholds of Filipino culture.

The community unveiled a 20-foot family sculpture named Perpetuity, a symbol of the united, happy, and active families in the township. The genius behind the work of art is Merlito Gepte, an acclaimed Filipino sculptor known for combining classical and contemporary elements in his pieces. His sculpture greets homeowners and guests as they pass Lancaster’s main entrance.

On the same day, Lancaster New City unveiled the Denise house model to visitors and aspiring homeowners in the Filipino way: with a traditional ribbon-cutting, house blessing, and coin tossing. The Denise joined the ranks of great Lancaster houses that cater to the lifestyle of every Filipino family.

The Coming of the Savior: Simbang Gabi

This South Property Sale Lancaster Cavite review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the commemoration of the true meaning of Christmas, the coming of Jesus Christ, through Eucharistic celebrations.

LNC’s Church of the Holy Family held the Simbang Gabi, also known as Misa de Gallo or Misa de Aguinaldo. Celebrated daily during the nine days that lead up to Christmas day, these masses were originally held in honor of The Annunciation, or when the Archangel Gabriel’s proclamation that Mary would conceive the Son of God.

The community’s church truly sets it apart from other property developments. By having its own place of worship, Lancaster allows families to renew their faith, not just during Christmas, but all year long.

LNC: The Family-Friendly City

We’ll cap this assessment for Lancaster New City with a brief description of the place. It is a township development established in 2007 spanning 1,600-hectares of Kawit, General Trias, and Imus, Cavite. The master-planned community is developed by PRO-FRIENDS, which has provided houses, condominium units, and other dwellings for countless Filipinos.

Lancaster has the conveniences that every Filipino family needs.

  • The Square — LNC’s commercial hub, The Square, is a strip mall located along Advincula Road, Alapan II-B, Imus City. The mall’s architectural design features luxurious overhangs and louvers, and it offers a unique and relaxing shopping and dining experience.
  • St. Edward Integrated School (SEIS) — LNC has three SEIS campuses, private schools that provide holistic education from kindergarten to high school. SEIS also offers academic strands for senior year students, such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, as well as Accountancy, Business, and Management. Its proximity to the Lancaster residences makes it a secure and popular choice among LNC parents.
  • Suntech iPark — This is LNC’s business district, Suntech iPark. It’s the first Information Technology (IT) park accredited by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority in Cavite. It will provide near-work opportunities for LNC residents. In fact, it will accommodate up to 17,500 call center agents.
  • Transport Hub — Unlike other developments, Lancaster has an innovative transport system, Transport Hub, that simplifies the commute around the development. It employs the Tap N’ Ride Transport System, which makes traveling to different Lancaster properties a breeze.
  • Church of the Holy Family — Lancaster’s place of worship brings together families during masses and other holy celebrations like weddings and baptisms. We commend its unique-yet-modern architectural design and its 800-person seating capacity.
  • Leighton Hall — A stone’s throw away from the community church, Leighton Hall is a three-story countryside-inspired clubhouse perfect for receptions and parties. It has an outdoor pool and ballroom that will up the ante for any occasion. Social gatherings, after all, are a key element of the Filipino culture.

More than just these elements of modern living, however, the Lancaster community is filled with the spirit of the Filipino brotherhood. This year’s Christmas celebrations are a testament to that: At Lancaster New City, families create memories and strengthen relationships that make for a happy home.

Overall, we, at South Property Sale, can see why people flock to Lancaster New City. This master-planned community is perfect for those looking for a community that cherishes the age-old Filipino values of family, celebration, and religion, especially during Christmastime.

What’s more, employment, education, entertainment, and convenient transportation are all within reach, and the development is guarded by strict security and a strong sense of community.

For this Lancaster Cavite Review, we conclude that this master-planned community offers the best of modern living in the spirit of the Filipino community.

The post Lancaster New City Review: Celebrating the Best of the Filipino Christmas Spirit appeared first on South Property Sale.

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Metro Manila is the focal point of Philippine progress. It is home to many central business districts scattered across different cities that are responsible for driving the country forward.

But congestion is a problem in Manila. We at South Property Sale are attuned to your needs; we know that more people are heading down south to avoid overcrowding. There are more reasons to move south, however, as Cavite also grows as an industrial and residential hub.

Industrial Progress

While you may know Cavite primarily for the province’s historical value, you should also note that it is progressing as a competent player in the industrial scene. Cavite is home to several major industrial zones like the upcoming Suntech iPark and Gateway Business Park, driving business opportunities forward.

Cavite’s competence isn’t just based on the number of its industrial zones, however, but also on the accolades it receives. This year, the National Competitive Council of the Philippines ranked Cavite 2nd in economic competency across all Philippine provinces.

What’s most important about the province’s industrial growth, however, are the employment opportunities that you can pursue. After all, Manila’s congestion problem isn’t just prompting families to relocate to the south, but employers as well.

Real Estate Developments

Along with different industrial and technological business hubs, real estate properties are popping up all around Cavite, providing you with living options similar to those in Manila.

The most prominent of these properties are the major townships like Lancaster New City (LNC) and Suntrust Cavite, where you can enjoy a life close to work and fun.

You should also note that real estate prices in Cavite are lower compared to properties in the Metro — around 30% cheaper than those in Metro Manila, in fact.

If there’s one thing you can take from Cavite’s rise to prominence as a new progress hub, it’s the opportunity to thrive in a new environment that’s continuously growing. Contact us today to check accurate price comparisons for real estate down south.

The post Cavite’s Rise to Prominence as a New Progress Hub appeared first on South Property Sale.

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