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In just six hours of final table competition that saw a total of 92 hands, Chinese player Zhu Yong railed six players in his path to the Asia Poker League Vietnam Main Event title to seize the VND 1,700,440,000 (~US$72,000) first place purse. This was Yong’s first-ever victory and it was more than well-deserved.

Zhu Yong

Catching up with the champion for a few words, he told us his winning hand A-9 was also his lucky hand. He cracked pocket kings with it in Day 2. Yong is fairly new to the game. He got his start watching videos online. Alike many making the annual pilgrimage this summer, Yong said up next for him was the World Series of Poker.

Winner story and final day recap

The Main Event returned today for the final race to the title. Zhu Yong entered with the largest stack, and despite attempts by players to shave it down, they were unsuccessful. Yong held on to his advantage throughout, and sent an astounding 6 players packing to capture the coveted title and prize money.

The first player Yong railed was the runt of the bunch, Vietnam’s Chu Thai Thinh. Chu was the first of four locals in the lineup to tumble. He came in with 7 bbs, played one hand, and fell in 9th place. Yong’s improved to a flush to defeat Chu’s top pair and Feng Zhao’s set on a board .

Not long after, Vietnam lost another when Pham Quoc Anh was bumped out in 8th place by fellow countryman Vu Duc Trung on a full house over full house. Settling for 7th place was the most decorated player in the orbit, Zhao, who couldn’t recover after doubling up Melvin Tay Yao Loon and Hong Kong Nguyen. Zhao was Yong’s second victim.

Feng Zhao

Trung proceeded to fall in 6th place to Nguyen leaving one last Vietnam hope at the table however, it was not to be. Vu Trung Thang packed up right after Trung with Yong delivering the axe. His pocket queens fully dominated Thanh’s pocket threes.

At four remaining, Loon began his climb up the ranks. He crossed into the black after calling out Huynh Vinh Quang’s bluff. This in turn sent Huynh struggling until Yong put him out of his misery in 4th place. The three-handed match was dictated mainly by Yong and Nguyen. Loon’s stack only headed south and lost it all to Yong when failed to hold up against on a board that felted . In addition to the cash prize, Loon also won the last man standing contest between HKPPA and SPL to earn himself a seat to the next APL Main Event. 

This brought about the heads up round between Yong and Nguyen.

Heads Up Match

Heads up began with Yong up 3:1. The match lasted all of 7 hands. Nguyen shoved with but Yong had better . When the board ran out , it was all over. Yong emerged as the APL’s newest Main Event champion.

Final 9 payouts

1st Zhu Yong – China – VND 1700,440,000
2nd Hong Kong Nguyen – Canada – VND 1,192,360,000
3rd Melvin Tay Yao Loon – Singapore – VND 767,320,000
4th Huynh Vinh Quang – USA – VND 552,670,000
5th Vu Trung Thanh – Vietnam – VND 424,130,000
6th Vu Duc Trung – Vietnam – VND 342,370,000
7th Feng Zhao – Singapore – VND 284,450,000
8th Pham Quoc Anh – Vietnam – VND 226,710,000
9th Chu Thai Thinh – Vietnam – VND 170,050,000

The Main Event ran a total of seven days from May 12 to 18 at Pro Poker Club. Over the course of four starting days, it amassed 623 entries for a prize pool of VND 9,064,650,000 (US$388,000). Only 78 players profited.

This was APL’s third visit to Vietnam. They continue to hold the record for the largest Main Event draw of 864 entries during their inaugural festival. Since then, the guarantee has increased from VND 5 Million to VND 8 Million which was easily crushed by the huge turnout.

Somuchpoker was onsite for the Main Event. You can review and relive all the action via our Live Updates.  

APL Vietnam 2019 – Full coverage

Article by Tricia David

The post A dominating victory for China’s Zhu Yong at the APL Vietnam Main Event appeared first on Somuchpoker.

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After six days of continuous thrilling poker at Pro Poker Club, the massive 623-entry field of the Asia Poker League VietnamMain Event – downsized even further in Day 3. 23 runners returned to the felt and in just four hours, the final 9 players emerged.

For every one of these contenders, the hunt begins for their first major APL title and the coveted first prize amounting to VND 1,700,440,000 (~US$72,800).

Let’s have a look at the finalists in detail:

Zhu Yong – China – 4,670,000 – Seat 6 Zhu Yong

Zhu Yong heralds in the largest stack of the final 9. Unfortunately we don’t have much background on him however he has been a force to reckon with since Day 2. Zhu climbed up the charts very fast and entered Day 3 just under the big stacks. His first big pot was a double up against fellow countryman Te Mai to send the chip leader on a downward swing. After railing Quan Nguyen (11th), he entered the unofficial final table of 10 players in full command, claimed another pot to close out Day 3 with 4,670,000. He is the only player remaining looking to bring home the title for China.

Feng Zhao – Singapore – 3,895,000 – Seat 9 Feng Zhao

Feng Zhao is considerably the most decorated of the finalists. He has had numerous deep runs in various festivals around Asia which included a Main Event victory at APT Philippines 2014 to pocket his largest career payout of US$126,500. He nearly bagged a second title finishing 4th at APT Cambodia two months after. Zhao is ranked 8th in The Hendon Mob’s Singapore All Time Money List with nearly US$400K in earnings. Zhao brings in the second largest stack of the finalists of 3,895,000. He shipped a majority of it when he cracked Qinyi Tong’s (16th) pocket aces with pocket kings turned full house.

Vu Duc Trung – Vietnam – 2,940,000 – Seat 3 Vu Duc Trung

Vu Duc Trung is one of four Vietnamese players in the final 9 lineup. He doesn’t have that many deep runs however he cashed in big at two events: 3rd place at the APT Vietnam Main Event in July 2018 and 4th place at the WPT Vietnam Super High Roller for a combined earnings of US$54K. Vu Duc staged an impressive comeback during the final 10 players after being chunked down to 8 bbs by Zhu Yong. He landed two double ups which included the elimination of Nguyen Huu Manh to form the final 9. He stacked up 2,940,000 for the third-largest in the count.

Hong Kong Nguyen – Canada – 1,825,000 – Seat 7 Hong Kong Nguyen

Hong Kong Nguyen is a professional online cash game player. To earn his spot into the final day, he eliminated three players in Day 3: Huy Pham (12th), Li Min Jie (13th) and Qinyi Tong (16th).

Vu Trung Thanh – Vietnam – 1,805,000 – Seat 1 Vu Trung Thanh

With only one small score of US$782, Vu Trung Thanh is already looking to pocket his largest live tournament career payout no matter where he finishes. He holds the second largest stack of the three Vietnam representatives in the lineup. Vu Trung nearly fell before the final table with pocket sevens dominated by pocket aces but found some help on the board to improve to a straight.

Pham Quoc Anh – Vietnam – 1,335,000 – Seat 2 Leo Pham

The third Vietnamese hope is Pham Quoc Anh aka Leo Pham. Pham rose from one of the shortest stacks entering Day 3 and proceeded to enter the final 10 in fighting form. He lost a pot to Zhu Yong to close with 1,335,000. Last March, Pham missed the final table of the WPT Vietnam Deepstacks Main Event finishing in 11th place for nearly US$ 10k. This is his first final table appearance.

Melvin Tay Yao Loon – Singapore – 1,170,000 – Seat 8 Melvin Tay Yao Loon

Another Singaporean in the lineup, Melvin Tay Yao Loon with 1,170,000. Loon entered Day 3 running a strong second rank with over a million and maintained it throughout to secure one of the final 9 spots. Loon is an online cash game player in his first known live tournament final table appearance. He is also vying to win the “Last Man Standing” contest against countryman Feng Zhao. Winner receives a seat the the next APL Main Event.

Huynh Vinh Quang – USA – 520,000 – Seat 5 Huynh Vinh Quang

Huynh Vinh Quang rarely attends these big festivals with his home country on the clear other side of the globe. Last year, Huynh posted his first-ever live tournament cash for his victory at the APT Vietnam High Rollers event. He pocketed US$34,386. This is his first major live Main Event appearance.

Chu Thai Thinh – Vietnam – 445,000 – Seat 4 Chu Thai Thinh

Holding up the rear is Vietnam’s fourth representative, Chu Thai Thinh with 445,000. Chu was seen consistently backed by a large stack. He rose above the 289 entries of Day 1D amassing the largest stack of the day’s 75 survivors. At the end of Day 2, he was running fourth-in-chips out of the 23 players. In Day 3, he shipped a very big double up against Thang Tran and sent him packing in 21st place. He also railed Loo Jun Zhong in 14th place. However, his stack went south after a costly loss to Vu Duc Trung. This is Chu‘s first-ever live Main Event final table appearance. As it stands, he is already due to earn his largest live score. 

Main Event Final Day info

The Main Event will broadcast live at Pro Poker Club YouTube channel with a 30-minute delay. Live updates running on Somuchpoker starting at 130pm.

Total chips in play: 18,610,000
Average stack: 2,068,000
Opening blinds: 30k-60k ante 60k

Remaining payouts

1st VND 1,700,440,000
2nd VND 1,192,360,000
3rd VND 767,320,000
4th VND 552,670,000
5th VND 424,130,000
6th VND 342,370,000
7th VND 284,450,000
8th VND 226,710,000
9th VND 170,050,000

Main Event Day 3 recap

The Main Event began on May 12 with 623 total entries over the course of the four starting days. At VND 16,500,000 buy-in, this generated a guarantee breaking prize pool of VND 9,064,650,000 (~US$388,000) and it also broke their own Vietnam record of VND 8.3 BN set at the inaugural event last year.

At Day 2, 149 runners returned with only 23 advancing to Day 3. Entering with the largest stack was Te Mai, one of four players still in from China. Te Mai had a rougher day than previous, taking multiple hits to his stack to finish 17th. Pros Huy Pham (12th) and Norbert Koh (19th) also had their challenges falling before the unofficial final table.

One of the worst spills was Qinyi Tong crippled down by Feng Zhao when pocket kings found a two-outer on the river to crack aces. Tong fell after in 16th place while Zhao zoomed to become one of the leaders.

Also taking a hard fall was China’s Li Min Jie. His pocket kings wasn’t so fortunate with Hong Kong Nguyen’s pocket nines improving to a full house. To form the official final table of nine, Vu Duc Trung knocked out Nguyen Huu Manh aka King Maker by spiking a higher two pair on the turn and river.

Nguyen Huu Manh before the runner runner

You can read up on the action via our Live Updates posts.

Day 3 – Live Updates

Day 3 Payouts

10th Nguyen Huu Manh – Vietnam – VND 142,130,000
11th Nguyen Pham The Quan – Vietnam – VND 142,130,0000
12th Huy Quang Pham – Vietnam – VND 142,130,000
13th Li Min Jie – China – VND 113,220,000
14th Loo Jun Zhong – Malaysia – VND 113,220,000
15th Nguyen Duy Tung – Vietnam – VND 113,220,000
16th Qinyi Tong – China – VND 94,630,000
17th Te Mai – China – VND 94,630,000
18th Dong Kyoon Seo – Korea – VND 94,630,000
19th Norbert Koh – Singapore – VND 79,770,000
20th Yi Won Lee – Korea – VND 79,770,000
21st Thang Minh Tran – Vietnam – VND 79,770,000
22nd Tran Thanh Van – Vietnam – VND 66,260,000
23rd Tran Xuan Truc – Vietnam – VND 66,260,000

APL Vietnam 2019 – Full coverage

Article by Tricia David

The post APL Vietnam Main Event: 9 players left for one trophy – Final table presentation appeared first on Somuchpoker.

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It was make or break at Asia Poker League Vietnam with 149 players returning to Pro Poker Club for Day 2 of the Main Event. For nearly half the field, it was to be a day of misfortune with only 78 places due to get paid. At the end of the scheduled 10 rounds, the money bubble was well breached and 23 players remained. Securing the chip leader status was China’s Te Mai with 1,870,000.

Te Mai

Entering Day 2, Te Mai was clearly in radar with a big stack accumulated at Day 1D. By the first hour, he brought his stack into the top three and continued to pile it in. One of his biggest pots came late in the day winning with a straight over Hien Hoa’s set of tens.

Te Mai wasn’t the only player to finish the day in the seven-digit range, in fact, seven other players found their way as well. Amassing 1,560,000 was Singapore’s Melvin Tay Yao Loon. Loon was shadowed all day by many of the heavy-hitting pros in the field however his elimination of Huu Tuan Nguyen during the last level of play earned him a huge pot and second-rank in the Day 3 rung.

Other millionaire stacks were Yi Won Lee (1,385,000), Chu Thai Thinh (1,260,000), Huy Pham (1,250,000), Feng Zhao (1,140,000), Thang Tran (1,095,000), and Hong Kong Nguyen (1,055,000). All of these players plus Tung Nguyen (945,000) will enter the next round with above average stacks. You can read up on the action via our Live Updates post.

Day 1D – Live Updates

Chip counts by rank
Te Mai China 1,870,000
Melvin Tay Yao Loon Singapore 1,560,000
Yi Won Lee Korea 1,385,000
Chu Thai Thinh Vietnam 1,260,000
Huy Pham Vietnam 1,250,000
Feng Zhao Singapore 1,140,000
Thang Tran Vietnam 1,095,000
Hong Kong Nguyen Canada 1,055,000
Tung Nguyen Vietnam 945,000
Li Min Jie China 785,000
Zhu Yong China 750,000
Seo Dong Kyoon Korea 695,000
Huynh Vinh Quang Vietnam 675,000
Norbert Koh Singapore 645,000
Loo Jun Zhong Malaysia 585,000
Vu Duc Trung Vietnam 520,000
Qinyi Tong China 470,000
King Maker Vietnam 385,000
Leo Pham Vietnam 370,000
Tran Xuan Truc Vietnam 330,000
Vu Trung Thanh Vietnam 300,000
Quan Nguyen Vietnam 290,000
Tran Thanh Van Vietnam 250,000

Here’s a look at what’s in store for Day 3:

Opening blinds: 15K-30K ante 30K
Total chips in play: 18,610,000
Average stack: 809,130

Main Event rundown and Day 2 recap

The Main Event kicked off on May 12 boasting of an VND 8 Billion guarantee for a buy-in of just VND 16,500,000 (US$720). At the end of the four starting days, a thunderous 623 registered for a much richer prize pool of VND 9,064,650,000 (~US$ 388,000). The eventual winner will pocket a lion’s share VND 1,700,440,000 (~US$72,800) however that result won’t be known until two days time.

Main Event Day 2 saw 149 players back in action, each one looking to earn a piece of the pot with only 78 due to profit. The bubble burst on Tao Tien Manh with falling to Thang Tran’s . Tien Manh shoved on the flop and Thang tank-called. An ace was on the flop and held.

Thang Tran

Manh wasn’t the only player to walk away empty-handed. Prior to his fall, several notable players bit the dust including decorated APL Vietnam Main Event champion Lew Yin How. Once the money flowed, it flowed very fast leaving only 23 players at bagging time.

Among the players that cashed were Huu Tuan Nguyen (25th), Andy Ying Kit Chan (36th), Julien Tran (40th), Jack En Ching Wu (41st), Tony Chung Fai Ngeow (48th), Steve Yea (49th), Matthew Mortensen (51st), Dhanesh Chainani (59th), Cao Ngoc Anh (71st), and Alex Lee Xiang Wei (75th).

Day 3 gets underway at 1pm on Friday, May 17. Somuchpoker will continue to bring you live updates on all the action.

Last Man Standing contest: HKPPA vs SPL HKPPA vs SPL

Players may have noticed HKPPA and SPL patch stickers on some of the players throughout the event. That’s because there is a Last Man Standing contest taking place between two clubs, HKPPA (Hong Kong Poker Players Association) and SPL (Singapore Poker League). The last man remaining at the Main Event from either clubs will win a seat to the next APL Main Event.

Looks like SPL has already won that with Co Chung Chuen as the last of HKPPA bowing out in 30th place. It is just a matter of who among the three SPL members remaining will outlast. Will it be Norbert Koh? Feng Zhao? Or Melvin Tay Yao Loon?

APL Vietnam 2019 – Full coverage

The post APL Vietnam Main Event down to the final 23 players; Te Mai leads; Norbert Koh among the contenders appeared first on Somuchpoker.

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Once in Las Vegas there are a lot of satellite options for the World Series of Poker at the Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino itself.

But what if you haven’t booked your ticket to Sin City yet and would rather like to try your chances online?

Here is an overview of online satellite options to join in the WSOP 2019 action this summer.

US Players: Americas Card Room  & WSOP.com

If you are in the U.S. there are different ways to qualify than for players outside of the U.S. The two options here are ACR and WSOP.com, they will start their main satellite promotions in late May/early June.

ACR – Americas Card Room

ACR is running the “WSOP Takedown” from 3rd to 9th June. Daily sub-satellites from $2.20 will feed into the main satellite on 9th June at 4pm ET. You can buy into this satellite directly for $1,920.

There is a step system being offered now, starting from 28 cents, to make you way into the main satellite.

The main satellite on 9th June guarantees 15 packages worth $12,500 which include the $10,000 Main Event buy-in and $2,500 in travel expenses.

Winning Poker Network´s WSOP Steps Promotion
Step Number Buy-In First Third
Step 0 $0.28 Step 1 $0.30 $0.30
Step 1 $1.65 Step 2 Step 2 $0.30
Step 2 $6.60 Step 3 Step 3 Step 3
Step 3 $16.50 Step 4 Step 4 $25.00
Step 4 $55.00 Step 5 Step 5 Step 5
Step 5 $150.00 Step 6 Step 6 $180.00
Step 6 $540.00 Step 7 Step 7 $660.00
$1,000 Bonus at ACR

Receive $50 free tourney bucks and a $1,000 Bonus just for creating your ACR account via Somuchpoker. Join also our exclusive depositors freerolls. American players welcome!

Join ACR


The WSOP.com satellites are starting at a higher buy-in level, offering re-entry qualifiers from 28th May for $215 and $320.

Important: In order to play on WSOP.com you need to be located in one of these 3 states:  New Jersey, Nevada or Delaware.

Rest of the World: 888Poker

WSOP Main Event Satellites on 888.com

For years 888.com has been the prominent online satellite site for the World Series of Poker. This year is no different. Players outside of the U.S. can play daily sub-satellites from 1 cent. These will run through to mid-June.

These Steps satellites lead to $16.50 and $109 sub-satellites that then feed a weekly $1,050 package satellite (Sundays, 20:30 GMT). The packages include the $10,000 WSOP Main Event buy-in, a 6-night stay at the Vdara hotel and $1,000 in travel money.

● Step 1: 1 cent (awards tickets to Step 2/10 cents tournaments)
● Step 2: 10 cents (awards tickets to Step 3/$1 tournaments)
● Step 3: $1 (awards tickets to Step 4/$5 tournaments)
● Step 4: $5 (awards tickets to $16.50 tournaments)
● Sub-sat: $16.50 (awards seats to $109 sub-sat)
● Sub-sat: $109 (awards seats to $1,050 sat)
● Main sat: $1,050 (awards $12,500 WSOP Main Event packages)

WSOP Crazy Eights Satellites on 888

888.com is not just offering satellites to the $10,000 Main Event, however. You can also try your luck to get cheaply into the $888 Crazy Eights event from 28th June to 3rd July.

The above Steps system can be used the same way for the Crazy Eights main satellite. Just watch out in the software that you pick the right $109 Crazy Eights satellite and not the WSOP Main Event one.

The weekly $109 Crazy Eights satellite awards $2,700 packages that include three nights at the RIO All-Suites Hotel & Casino, the $888 buy-in, $1,000 for travel and more.

$88 Free at 888poker

Grab a free $88 just for creating your 888poker account via Somuchpoker, then claim up to $888 when you make your first deposit.

Join 888poker

Article by Christin Maschmann

The post Guide: How to qualify online for the 2019 WSOP? appeared first on Somuchpoker.

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As in the case of nearly every final starting day, Day 1D of the Asia Poker LeagueMain Event – attracted the largest field of 209 unique players with 80 re-entering for a total of 289 entries. Add this with the 334 combined entries of the previous starting days, that sums up to 623 entries.

APL Vietnam Main Event Day 1C

Let’s take a look at that in detail:

Day 1A: 64 entries – 14 advanced
Day 1B: 70 entries – 15 advanced
Day 1C: 200 entries – 46 advanced
Day 1D: 289 entries – 75 advanced

With each entry at VND 16,500,000 (~US$720), the 150 remaining players are now in for a staggering prize pool of VND 9,064.650,000 (~US$ 388,000). Only 78 will see a piece of it. Though it is still days away, the eventual winner will pocket VND 1,700,440,0000 (~US$ 73,000).

Prize Pool Main Event Day 2 info

As we move on to Day 2, bringing in the mightiest stack of the 150 runners is USA’s Matthew Mortensen with 400,000 bagged at Day 1C. He is trailed by Day 1D chip leader Vietnam’s Chu Thai Thinh with 378,500.

Total chips in play: 18,690,000
Average stack: 124,600
Opening blinds: 1500-3000 ante 3000
Blinds intervals: increases every 40 minutes

Day 2 gets underway at 1pm on Thursday, May 16. They will play out a total of 10 levels. In the event the money isn’t reached by then, play will continue until the bubble bursts. Live updates running throughout.

More:  Opening Day 2 Chip Counts and Seating Draw

Day 1D recap

Host venue Pro Poker Club was jam-packed from the get-go. All that was needed in Day 1D was 200 entries to meet the guarantee. By the close of registration, a thunderous 289 entries turned up. Among the notable players heating up seats and surviving the fourteen 40-minute rounds were Alex Lee (199,000), Steve Yea (161,000), Le Ngoc Khanh (150,500), Vincent Chauve (149,000), Cao Ngoc Anh (132,500), Linh Tran (130,500), Jack En Ching Wu (123,500), Feng Zhao (104,500), Dhanesh Chainani (92,500), and Sumit Sapra (68,000).

However, all of these players took a back seat to the day’s chip leader, Vietnam’s Chu Thai Thinh with 378,500.

Chu Thai Thinh

Also finishing very strong was second-ranked Singaporean pro Norbert Koh with 320,000. Koh has continuously done well in Vietnam with an abundance of numerous deep runs in various festivals held in the country.

Norbert Koh

Day 1D top 10 chip counts

1 – Chu Thai Thinh – Vietnam – 378,500
2 -Norbert Koh – Singapore –  320,000
3 -Sahil Agarwal – India – 298,500
4 -Chung Fai Ngeow – Malaysia – 296,000
5 – Tran Thanh Van – Vietnam – 279,500
6 – Te Mai China – 262,500
7 -Thang Vu – Vietnam – 257,500
8 – Tao Tien Manh – Vietnam – 250,000
9 – Alex Lee – Singapore – 199,000
10 -Nguyen Hoai Dai Phong – Vietnam – 168,500
11 -Yi Won Lee – Korea – 165,500

With Day 1D only seeing 75 advance, this meant a large portion fell out of the running and will miss out on the lucrative pot. Among them was the defending champion Quang Nguyen who was railed late in the day by Tony Chung Fa Ngeow with A-K winning the flip against pocket jacks. Other notable players bumping the rail were Tzai Wei Phua in a cooler, Lim Yohwan, Minh Le, Ian Brion, Huu Dung Nguyen, and Soo Jo Kim to mention a few.

You can read up on all the starting days action via our live updates.

Day 1D – Live Updates

Day 1D in Video

APL Vietnam Main Event draws 623 total entries; Chu Thai Thinh tops the 75 survivors: https://t.co/PdSRrYg9qs pic.twitter.com/zDgpxknm6p

— Somuchpoker (@Somuchpoker) May 15, 2019

APL Vietnam 2019 – Full coverage

The post APL Vietnam Main Event draws 623 total entries; Chu Thai Thinh tops the 75 survivors appeared first on Somuchpoker.

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Day 1C of the Asia Poker League VietnamMain Event – ignited with a great turnout of 200 entries. This alone was much more than the first two starting days combined of 134 entries. Scattered around the host venue Pro Poker Club were pros from all over Asia however none soared as high as USA’s Matthew Mortensen who bagged up a monstrous 400,000 stack.

Matthew Mortensen

Mortensen had numerous big hands to boast of. He started the day strong by railing a player very early. He continued to rise throughout the day; his largest collection came later, delivering a double elimination with pocket kings. Mortensen has now seized the overall leadership entering Day 2. He is the player to catch up to for those entering Day 1D.

Day 1C wrapped up with 46 survivors. Among them were decorated pros Julien Tran (260,000), Andy Ying Kit Chan (252,500), Duy Ho (105,500), Abhinav Iyer (83,500), and Linh Tran (82,500). Also making it through was APL Vietnam Main Event inaugural champion Lee Yin How with 93,000. As for the defending champion, Quang Nguyen, he was unable to advance and will have to take his chances at Day 1D.

You can read up on the Day 1C action via our Live Updates.

More: APL Main Event Day 1C Live Updates

Top 10 players of Day 1C

1 – Matthew Mortensen –  USA – 400,000
2 – Yuwen Pan – China – 271,000
3 – Wayne Heung – Hong Kong – 264,000
4 – Jul Tran – Vietnam – 262,000
5 – Chan Ying Kit Andy – Hong Kong – 252,500
6 – Tran Xuan Truc – Vietnam – 237,000
7 – Vu Duc Trung –  Vietnam – 212,000
8 – Nguyen Gia Trung –  Vietnam – 197,500
9 – Dang Thanh Luong –  Vietnam – 189,000
10 – Nguyen Tien Thanh – Vietnam – 184,500

More: Full Day 1C Chip Counts

Main Event info

The 46 Day 1C survivors join the Day 2 list. There are now a combined 75 players that have advanced. They await the results of Day 1D and return on Thursday, May 16. The Main Event is up to 334 entries.

Day 1D is up next. This is the last starting day to enter. It takes place on Wednesday, May 15. The Main Event comes with an VND 8 Billion (~US$345,000) guarantee. Another 200 entries is needed to hit that number.

See info and schedule below:

Buy-in: VND 16,500,000 (~US$720)
Dates: May 12 to May 18
Day 1A: 14 advanced out of 64 entries
Day 1B: 15 advanced out of 70 entries
Day 1C: 46 advanced out of 200 entries

Day 1D: Wednesday, May 15
Day 2: Thursday, May 16
Day 3: Friday, May 17
Final 9: Saturday, May 18

Starting stack: 30,000 (300x opening big blind)
Blinds duration: increases every 40 minutes
Registration: closes at the start of Level 10

Duy Ho wins the No Limit Hold’em

The No Limit Hold’em side event resumed today with the final 10 players out of the 73 entries back on the felt. All of them were in the money and hunting down the title. Taking it to the finish line was Vietnam’s Duy Ho after defeating Na Young at heads up. Duy pocketed a cool VND 168,530,000 (~US$ 7,200). The event had a total prize pool of VND 495,670,000 (~US$ 21,000) with VND 7,700,000 buy-in.

Duy Ho

1st Duy Ho – VND 168,530,000
2nd Na Young – VND 96,660,000
3rd Lu Zheng Hao – VND 60,470,000
4th Chen Yu – VND 40,890,000
5th Hisashi Ogi – VND 30,980,000
6th Gyula Ryan Reva – VND 24,780,000
7th Nguyen Van Ngoc – VND 21,810,000
8th Lin Hao – VND 19,830,000
9th Nguyen Ngoc Trang Anh – VND 16,850,000
10th Dinh Gia Long – VND 14,870,000

APL Vietnam 2019 – Full coverage

Article By Tricia David

The post 200 entries for APL Vietnam Main Event Day 1C; Matthew Mortensen bags a massive stack; Duy Ho wins NLH appeared first on Somuchpoker.

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There was once a time, not so long ago when PokerStars was the only place to find tournaments which offered life-changing money. The live tournament circuit also saw PokerStars take a lead role in setting up tours with huge prizes. In the last few years though, we are beginning to see an increasing amount of healthy competition among providers of big money tournaments, both live and online. That charge is being led by partypoker, who have endless optimism with guarantees and a clear plan to boost growth through valuing and rewarding their customers while making headlines with their tournament offerings.

partypoker hosts $5 million guaranteed event in Las Vegas

Between the 28th of June and the 2nd of July, partypoker will be setting up camp at the Aria Casino and hosting a huge $5 million guaranteed tournament with a $10,300 entry fee.

There will be live satellites running on June 27th, 28th and 29th, with the tournament itself scheduled to have two starting day flights, on the 28th and 29th. Starting flights begin at midday. The tournament is part of partypoker LIVE’s MILLIONS tour and will allow players a single entry on each of the two starting days.

John Duthie, who is President of partypoker LIVE said: “The poker team at ARIA is well known for being genuinely passionate about the game. We believe they see things the same way we do and that it’s not all business, it is about listening to players and growing the game”

Introducing the $5 Million Gtd MILLIONS Vegas! - YouTube

This event should act as the perfect warm-up for players waiting for the WSOP Main Event to begin. This will be the first ever Las Vegas event hosted by partypoker.

partypoker quadruples up with $20 million MILLIONS online

With a $5 million live event already scheduled in Las Vegas, partypoker has given players one more reason to get excited about poker this summer. Before a card has even been dealt in that particular tournament extravaganza however, partypoker is setting its sights on the winter months by announcing the online version of its MILLIONS tournament. This will quadruple the guarantee of its Vegas counterpart.

That’s $20 million in the prize pool as a minimum, for a tournament which promises to be one of the online highlights of the year for those who enjoy big poker tournaments. This tournament is currently scheduled for November 24th to December 4th and will likely see an entry fee of $10,300.

Recognised as being only the second biggest online poker room in terms of player population, it is bold for partypoker to reach this deep into its pockets for a guarantee, having first done so with last year’s $20 million MILLIONS event.

This was a four-fold increase on the inaugural online MILLIONS tournament which had taken place the previous year. The 2018 MILLIONS online event still stands as the biggest prize pool ever seen online.

$30 Free Spins Tickets at partypoker

Make your first deposit at partypoker via Somuchpoker, then claim $30 Free in Spins tickets which means you could win up to $1 MILLION!

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Another starting day has come and gone at the Asia Poker League Vietnam Main Event. A total of 70 entered Day 1B taking place at Pro Poker Club. By the end of the scheduled fourteen rounds only 15 players had chips to bag with USA’s Daniel Perkins amassing the largest of 292,000.

Daniel Perkins

This now puts Perkins slightly ahead of the Day 1A chip leader Nguyen Thi Hien Hoa for the top spot in Day 2. At Day 1B, Perkins claimed the lead halfway through then proceeded to rail Kjell Ove Dyb in a lucky two-outer. He propelled further in a cooler with aces over kings that sent Tan Hoang out of the field. You can read up on the details via our Live Updates. We have plenty of thrilling Day 1B action captured.

Day 1B Live Updates

Finishing in second rank though far from the leader was Brave Zhu Yong with 210k and Ta Duy Quoc Chinh in third position with 200k. You can view the chip counts below:

Day 1B chip counts

Daniel Perkins  – USA – 292,000
Zhu Yong – China – 210,000
Ta Duy Quoc Chinh – Vietnam – 200,000
Tran Huy Hoang – Vietnam – 181,000
Cao Chao – China – 175,000
Vu Minh Tri – Vietnam – 164,500
Maccaron Tran – Vietnam – 164,500
Ching-Wei Chen “Carter” – Taiwan – 141,500
Pham Thanh Tung – Vietnam – 119,500
Quan Nguyen – Vietnam – 107,000
Pham Tuan Ngoc – Vietnam – 92,000
Joey Seng – Singapore – 84,500
Leo Pham – Vietnam – 80,000
Tran Thanh Dat – Vietnam – 68,500
Yik Yin “Ray” Chiu – Hong Kong – 49,500

Main Event info

The 15 Day 1B survivors merge with the 14 Day 1A survivors into Day 2. These combined 29 players await the results of Day 1C and Day 1D before returning for Day 2 on Thursday, May 16. There are 134 entries so far.

Day 1C is up next taking place on Tuesday, May 14. The Main Event comes with an VND 8 Billion (~US$345,000) guarantee. It runs a total of seven days. See info and schedule below:

Buy-in: VND 16,500,000 (~US$720)
Dates: May 12 to May 18
Day 1A: 14 advanced out of 64 entries
Day 1B: 15 advanced out of 70 entries

Day 1C: Tuesday, May 14
Day 1D: Wednesday, May 15
Day 2: Thursday, May 16
Day 3: Friday, May 17
Final 9: Saturday, May 18

Starting stack: 30,000 (300x opening big blind)
Blinds duration: increases every 40 minutes
Registration: closes at the start of Level 10 (approx. 8pm)

Side Event winners Chun Kong Kwok wins first-ever career trophy at the Deepstack

The Deepstack event pulled in 83 entries for a prize pool of VND 563,570,000 (~US$ 24,200). It ran for two days. Winning it was Chun Kong Kwok to pocket the VND 181,750,000 first prize. This was Kwok’s first-ever known live tournament triumph.

Chun Kong Kwok

The final hand saw Kwok and Zhong Haitian all in on a turn board . Kwok with two pair, Zhong with pair flush draw. The river completed the spread.


Prize pool: VND 563,570,000 – Buyin: VND 7,700,000 – Entries: 83

1st Chun Kong Kwok – Hong Kong – VND 181,750,000
2nd Zhong Haitian – China – VND 109,900,000
3rd Zhou Yaping – China – VND 68,330,000
4th Bui Duc Dung – Vietnam – VND 46,210,000
5th Shyh Chyn Lim – Malaysia – VND 35,220,000
6th LIfeng Yang – China – VND 28,180,000
7th Bin Zhang – China – VND 23,390,000
8th Gyula Ryan Revai – Canada – VND 19,720,000
9th William Kang – Malaysia – VND 18,180,000
10th Diep Kyle Bao – Vietnam – VND 16,910,000
11th Lu Zhenghao / Cao Anh Dung – Singapore/Vietnam – VND 15,780,000

Zhang Lijun wins the Hyper Turbo

The Hyper Turbo attracted a small field of 20 runners. Among them was ex-Starcraft pro Lim Yohwan. He amassed the largest stack at the final table but fell short of the money with only 3 places paid. Taking it to the limit was Zhang Lijun pocketing VND 48,500,000.

Zhang Lijun


Prize pool: VND 97,000,000 – Buyin: VND 5,500,000 – Entries 20

1st Zhang Lijun – VND 48,500,000
2nd Gechirang Ang – VND 29,100,000
3rd Tran Trong Nhan – VND 19,400,000  

Somuchpoker is onsite at APL Vietnam to bring you all the action and results as they unfold.

More: APL Vietnam 2019 Full Coverage

Day 1B in Video

Daniel Perkins rules APL Vietnam Main Event Day 1B; Chun Kong Kwok & Zhang Lijun win events. Full Story: https://t.co/cg5ka7BjkK pic.twitter.com/uP0R4Ec97d

— Somuchpoker (@Somuchpoker) May 13, 2019

Article by Tricia David

The post Daniel Perkins rules APL Vietnam Main Event Day 1B; Chun Kong Kwok & Zhang Lijun win events appeared first on Somuchpoker.

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Asia Poker League Vietnam concluded the first of four starting days of the Main Event with 64 entries (55 uniques, 9 re-entries) buzzing up the tables at Pro Poker Club. After the scheduled fourteen 40-minute rounds, the field trimmed down significantly to just 14 players. Amassing the largest  stack was Nguyen Thi Hien Hoa with 290,000. No player came close to her stack. Hoa now sets the bar very high for the next starting heat.

Nguyen Thi Hien Hoa

One of the biggest pots to help Hoa on her way to the top was a double bust delivered at Level 11. She railed Pegasus and Kevin Ho-Dinh simultaneously. It was a three-way all in at the flop . Hoa with two pair over Ho-Dinh’s top pair and Pegasus’s draw. Both Ho-Dinh and Pegasus missed the turn and river .  

You can read up on the action and other hands witnessed throughout the day via our Live Updates post. 

APL Vietnam 2019 Main Event : Live Updates

We also have the results of the Kickoff and PLO below.

Main Event Day 1A Chip Counts

Nguyen Thi Hien Hoa – Vietnam – 290,000
Huynh Vinh Quang –  USA – 179,500
Melvin Tay Yao Looh – Singapore – 168,000
Nguyen Dang Phuc – Vietnam – 159,000
Do Quang Thang – Vietnam – 138,500
Nguyen Dinh Tien – Vietnam – 136,500
Nhan The Loan – Vietnam – 135,000
Nguyen Thanh Quyen – Vietnam – 131,500
Nguyen Nam Duong – Vietnam – 130,000
Phen Anh Khiem – Vietnam – 121,500
Yohn Paredes – Peru – 115,500
Kwang Jin Lee – Korea – 97,500
Nguyen Binh Minh – Vietnam – 62,000
Tran Hong Hai Vietnam – 58,500

The 14 Day 1A survivors take a few days break before returning to the races for Day 2 on Thursday, May 16. They await the results of the next starting days, Day 1B, Day 1C, and Day 1D.

Day 1B is up next taking place on Monday, May 13. The Main Event comes with an VND 8 Billion (~US$345,000) guarantee. It runs a total of seven days.

Schedule and details below:

Buy-in: VND 16,500,000 (~US$720)
Dates: May 12 to May 18
Day 1A-Day 1D: May 12 to May 15 @1pm
Day 2: Thursday, May 16
Day 3: Friday, May 17
Final 9: Saturday, May 18

Starting stack: 30,000 (300x opening big blind)
Blinds duration: increases every 40 minutes
Registration: closes at the start of Level 10 (approx. 8pm)

Jack En Ching Wu crushes the Kickoff

The Kickoff event resumed today with Day 2 seeing 54 advancing players out of the 359 total entries back on the felt for the race to the title. By the time it was down to the last two tables, Taiwanese pro Jack En-Ching Wu had amassed a very big stack which he brought with him to the final table. In the end, his commanding stack was too tough for his opponents to crack. He defeated Malaysia’s Ken Ming Thoo to capture the VND 522,350,000 (~US$ 22,500) first prize.

Jack En Ching Wu

For a brief recap of the final hands starting at three-handed, Wu had well over 50 percent of the chips in play and was up against Ken Ming Thoo and Plivcs Aigars. Short stacked Thoo managed to double up through Aigars with pocket queens over pocket nines. Now on the short end, Aigars doubled up through Wu with pocket nines over pocket sevens. The boosts for both players were short-lived with Wu sending them both to the rail.

Falling in third place was Aigars with burned by Wu’s flush with the board running . Thoo followed immediately after with unable to hold against . The final board was .

Final 9 payouts

1st Jack En-Ching Wu – Taiwan – VND 522,5350,000
2nd Ken Ming Thoo – Malaysia – VND
3rd Plivcs Aigars – Lithuania – VND
4th Lim Chok Heng – Singapore – VND
5th Nguyen Chi Thinh – Vietnam – VND
6th Nguyen Huu Tuan – Vietnam – VND
7th Nguyen Vu Trung – Vietnam – VND
8th Le Quang Tuyen – Vietnam – VND
9th Nguyen Thanh Hung – Vietnam – VND

The Kickoff event ran a total of four days. Buy-in was VND 6,600,000 for a prize pool of VND 2,089,380 (~US$ 90,000). 54 players got paid. Among them were Feng Zhao (11th), Minh Le (13th), Sumit Sapra (19th), and Soo Jo Kim (20th).

Woon Yoke Wei wins the PLO event

The lone Pot Limit Omaha event attracted a small field of 33 entries (27 uniques, 6 re-entries). With each buy-in at VND 6,600,000 it created a pot of VND 192,060,000 (~US$ 8,200). Five players earned a cut with Malaysia’s Woon Yoke Wei claiming the largest of VND 78,740,000 (~US$ 3,300) for his victory.

Woon Yoke Wei


1st Woon Yoke Wei – Malaysia – VND 78,740,000
2nd Lew Yin How – Malaysia – VND 48,020,000
3rd Denis Pham – Vietnam – VND 28,810,000
4th Thanh Hai Ton – Vietnam – VND 21,130,000
5th Kentaro Hayashi – Japan – VND 15,360,000

Somuchpoker will be onsite to bring you full coverage of APL Vietnam including Live Updates of the ongoing Main Event.

More: APL Vietnam Full Coverage

Day 1A in video

APL Vietnam: Main Event Day 1A ends with Nguyen Thi Hien Hoa way ahead; Jack En-Ching Wu crushes the Kickoff: https://t.co/LZiik4Slr3 pic.twitter.com/sQkvSXqA6r

— Somuchpoker (@Somuchpoker) May 12, 2019

Article by Tricia David

The post APL Vietnam: Main Event Day 1A ends with Nguyen Thi Hien Hoa way ahead; Jack En-Ching Wu crushes the Kickoff appeared first on Somuchpoker.

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Bryn Kenney once again proved that to win in poker you need a healthy balance of skill, intuition and luck. Kenney most recently showcased his superiority in this combination by winning the Triton Series Montenegro Main Event for HKD 21,300,000 (USD 2,713,876), just two months after finishing as runner-up in the Triton Jeju Main Event.

Bryn Kenney – Photography by Joe Giron/Poker Photo Archive.

And it wasn’t the only tournament in this 11-event festival that Kenny took down. Just a few days earlier he won Event #2, the HKD 500,000 (USD 63.704) 6-max event for a HKD 11.23 million (USD 1.43 million) payday. These two scores catapulted Kenny past Fedor Holz and David Peters to now sit in 4th position in the all-time money list with almost USD 35 million.

Final Table – Photography by Joe Giron/Poker Photo Archive.

It was a star-studded final table, as you would expect at this high roller series and it came finally down to Bryn Kenney and Hong Kong’s Danny Tang to face it off heads-up. Kenny came into the heads-up with a 10-1 chip lead, but Tang did not go without a fight. He was pained by heavy toothache, so couldn’t engage in any fun table talk, but he still managed to chip up nicely again to over 20BB at some point. But it wasn’t meant to be and he was defeated by an ever-crushing Kenney.

Danny Tang – Photography by Joe Giron/Poker Photo Archive.

The HKD 1 million (USD 127,000) Main Event ran from 7th to 9th May and had 75 entries, including 31 re-entries. This generated a prize pool of HKD 70.5 million (USD 8.98 million).

Main Event results:

1 – Bryn Kenney, USA, HKD 21,300,000 (USD 2,713,876)
2 – Danny Tang, Hong Kong, HKD 14,100,000 (USD 1,796,509)
3 – Peter Jetten, Canada, HKD 9,600,000 (USD 1,223,155)
4 – Mikita Badziakouski, Belarus, HKD 7,260,000 (USD 925,011)
5 – Sam Greenwood, Canada, HKD 5,650,000 (USD 719,878)
6 – Paul Phua, Malaysia, HKD 4,400,000 (USD 560,613)
7 – Erik Seidel, USA, HKD 3,460,000 (USD 440,846)
8 – Matthias Eibinger, Austria, HKD 2,680,000 (USD 341,464)
9 – Jason Koon, USA, HKD 2,050,000 (USD 261,195)

Another success for Hong Kong

Danny Tang had not been able to create a miracle by beating Kenney out of a massive chip deficit in the Main Event but can be proud of a strong runner-up finish for HKD 14,100,000 (USD 1,796,498). Fellow Hong Kong player Winfred Yu, however, took down his first Triton title in the HKD 100,000 (USD 12,740) short-deck event during this high stakes tournament series.

Winfred Yu – Photography by Joe Giron/Poker Danny Tang – Photo Archive.

Yu is best known for his role introducing poker and specifically short-deck hold’em to the high rollers of China, Malaysia and the Philippines, so he can be attributed with the success of the game in these regions in recent years.

“I’m very excited,” Yu said. “It’s my first Triton championship. Last year I came fourth in the short-deck main event, this time I got the job done.”

The Short-Deck Ante Only event had 70 entries (including 28 re-entries) which created a HKD 6.58 (USD 838.350) prize pool. Winfred Yu came out victorious from a final table that included high stakes crushers like Ike Haxton, Steffen Sontheimer and Leon Tsoukernik. Yu is taking home HKD 2,040,000 (USD 260,000) as a reward.

1 – Winfred Yu, Hong Kong – HKD 2,040,000 (USD 260,000)
2 – Isaac Haxton, USA – HKD 1,370,000 (USD 174,551)
3 – Peter Jetten, Canada – HKD 920,000 (USD 117,217)
4 – Leon Tsoukernik, Czech Republic – HKD 700,000 (USD 89,185)
5 – Steffen Sontheimer, Germany – HKD 540,000 (USD 69,000)
6 – Ihor Shkliaruk, Ukraine – HKD 420,000 (USD 53,510)
7 – Tam Tek Lon, Macau – HKD 330,000 (USD 42,044)
8 – Jordi Urlings, Netherlands – HKD 260,000 (USD 33,126)

All winners so far

HKD 250,000 (USD 31.852) No Limit Hold’em – 8-Handed Turbo (Event #1)
– 34 entries, 11 re-entries
– Prize pool: HKD 10,575,000 (USD 1,348,078)
– Winner: Steve O’Dwyer for HKD 3,708,784 (USD 472,788)

HKD 500,000 (USD 63.704) No Limit Hold’em – 6-Handed (Event #2)
– 45 entries, 34 re-entries
– Prize Pool: HKD 37,130,000 (USD 4,732,589)
– Winner: Bryn Kenney for HKD 11.23 million (USD 1.43 million)

HKD 100,000 (USD 12,740) Short Deck No Limit Hold’em – Ante Only (Event #3)
– 42 entries, 28 re-entries
– Prize Pool: HKD 6.58 million (USD 838.350)
– Winner: Winfred Yu for HKD 2,040,000 (USD 260,000)

HKD 1,000,000 (USD 127.408) No Limit Hold’em – Triton Montenegro Main Event (Event #5)
– 44 entries, 31 re-entries
– Prize Pool: HKD 70.5 million (USD 8.98 million)
– Winner: Bryn Kenney for HKD 21,300,000 (USD 2,713,876)

HKD 250,000 (USD 31.852) No Limit Hold’em – Turbo (Event #12)
– 22 entries, 15 re-entries
– Prize Pool: HKD 8,972,500 (USD 1,143,270)
– Winner: Henrik Hecklen for HKD 3,410,000 (USD 434,500)

Article by Christin Maschmann

The post Bryn Kenney wins Triton Series Montenegro 2019 Main Event, Danny Tang runner-up appeared first on Somuchpoker.

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