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If you’re looking for a work from home customer service position Sykes is a well-known company that is almost always hiring.

They’ve been in business since 1977 and provide customer care for several industries.

Here’s what you need to know:

Job Duties for Working with Sykes

As a Sykes work at home call center employee your main role will be to assist customers via the telephone. The exact job duties will depend on the position you’re hired for. Sykes currently serves several markets including finance, healthcare, insurance and technology.

The job listings are currently only available in certain cities and states. (Although there are many different ones listed right now.) You’ll need to browse through the job openings to find one applicable to you.

Technical Requirements for Working with Sykes

Your home office needs to meet a few requirements including:

  • A Windows-based PC with anti-virus software, a monitor and speakers.
  • A high-speed, wired, bi-directional Internet connection (no Wi-Fi, only DSL or cable modem).
  • A telephone headset and a USB headset.
  • Analog landline which must be one of the following: traditional landline phone service using dedicated copper wiring to pair to the home, a landline provided through your Cable TV service provider, or a fiber optic line provided by a local phone service.
  • A quiet, distraction-free environment for taking calls.
  • Not required, but preferred – a customer service background and experience with financial services, technology companies, or something similar.

Some positions may have additional equipment and technical requirements so be sure to check the job listing when applying.

The Application Process

The application process does take a while. It starts with applying online, they recommend doing this from a desktop computer.
The application includes assessment tests of your skills and capabilities to find the best possible fit for you within their clients’ needs. It usually takes a while for them to get back to you, so be patient. They will reach you by email when they have the right job fit for you.

Once they find a position for you, they’ll schedule a virtual interview by phone and online, consisting of both group and individual discussions. After all of this is done and they feel you are a good fit, they will make you a job offer.

How Much Does Sykes Pay?

The pay varies based on the position, experience, and how many hours you work, but the average pay is $9 per hour.

They also offer benefits for their employees such as:

  • Paid training
  • Vision, dental, and health benefits
  • Performance incentives
  • Consistent schedule
  • Career advancement
How Do I Apply for a Job with Sykes?

To start the application process, visit the Sykes website and search current job opportunities. You can easily apply online and get the hiring process started.

Related Work from Home Jobs

If you’re looking for more work at home jobs to apply to here are some that you may be interested in:

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How to Get Paid for Your Opinion – Looking to put a little extra cash in your pocket? You can sign up with these companies to earn a little extra money. Included are survey companies, focus groups and more.

85+ Ways for Moms to Make Extra Money – A huge list of work from home jobs, business ideas, and extra cash earners.

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Word of mouth referrals are still very powerful. People are always looking for recommendations and the people you know will trust your referrals especially if they’ve seen certain products or services benefit you personally.

Referring people to a product you know and love is one of many ways to use your words for a financial benefit. Most businesses have referral programs allowing you to earn a bonus for referring a new customer or client.

With the holidays right around the corner, referring family and friends can be an easy way to make some much needed extra cash. What better way to start than by referring the people you know and already have a relationship with? Here are a few ways to make money by referring your family and friends.


Swagbucks has earned a reputation as one of the top sites to visit to make money doing short tasks online. They not only offers surveys as an option to earn some extra cash, but you can also watch videos, play games, shop, and simply search the web.

Here’s how Alexa uses Swagbucks to make extra money.

Swagbucks pays users with gift cards but you can also redeem your points for a PayPal gift card if you prefer cash. About 2,500 points is equivalent to a $25 gift card. If you refer a friend you will get 10% of their lifetime earnings.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is really similar to Swagbucks and offers cash by doing tasks from home. It can be as simple as filling out a survey, Inbox Dollars can be your ticket to cold hard cash for the holiday season. For signing up you receive $5 and each person that stays with Inbox Dollars from your referral link you will get 10% of their earnings.


Thredup is a secondhand fashion resale website to find like new clothing for you and your family. Maternity clothing or clothes for kids you name it Thredup maybe the place to get it. When a friend joins Thredup, they get $10 to spend and you also receive $10 to shop on Thredup after they order their first set of clothes off Thredup.

Opinion Outpost

Want an easy way to make money from taking surveys? Opinion outpost might be the best option. You will earn one dollar for each referral that completes a survey using your custom link up to five dollars. For every survey, completed at opinion outpost you get entered into the $10,000 quarterly giveaway and can earn cash or gift cards!

Read more about some of our favorite survey sites here.


Know someone who loves to teach or has a teaching background? If they are looking for spare money for the holidays or simply on the side, VIPKid is a solid option you can refer them to try. VIPKid hires work from home instructors to teach Chinese elementary students ages 4 to 12.

The near 30 minute sessions take place solely online. If you refer a friend to become an instructor, you can earn between $50-180 per person. The max number of people you can get a bonus for referring per month is 31. Payments for teachers are up to $22 per hour.

Learn more about VIPKid here.


Uber is becoming a great way to get around a city. Not only does Uber give passengers reasonable prices to get to their desired destination, but depending on the time of day, the wait time for your ride to show up can be as short as a single minute. How’s that for fast service?

I like to use Uber when I travel if I don’t want to rent a car. If you refer a new Uber passenger, you will receive your next ride free and the new person that signed up will get a first ride credit as well. This could be a great referral program to use if you are planning on doing any traveling this year and considering using a rideshare app. 


Not using your old smartphone or tablet and looking to sell it? Try Decluttr. If you can’t get a resale shop to buy back your old electronics, you may be surprised at the type of offer you can get by using Decluttr. This is a great site to use if you’re looking to get rid of some old electronics and declutter your home.

You’ll earn a $5 bonus for each person you refer to use Decluttr. As a new Decluttr customer you also will get $5 added to the next order you resell. Learn more about the referral program here.


Ibotta allows you to earn rebates for shopping for groceries or just regular household items. When you refer your friends or family to join Ibotta and they redeem their first rebate, you’ll earn $10.


If you have cable or internet you have probably considered using them as your service provider at some point. If you refer new customers to Comcast you can make up to $500 in visa per paid cards per year. You’ll earn $100 for the first person and $200 a piece for the second and third person you refer per year. Learn more here.

Walmart Grocery

Walmart’s Grocery Pickup Service is a free and convenient way to have a personal shopper. You get the freshest and best items picked out just for you. All you have to do is pick them up. For referring someone to the service you will receive $10 and they’ll earn $10 off their first order as well.


Groupon is a perfect way to find deals at local businesses in your area. They also have a coupon section to help with discounts for general purchases for entertainment. You can refer your friends and family to use Groupon and earn $10 after their first purchase.

These are just a few in-demand referral programs you can get involved with to offer a valuable product or service to your family and friends. When done correctly, you can make a substantial amount of money referring people to use things you already enjoy.

If you use a product or service that you love, check to see if they have a referral program so you can make money by referring others.

Do you ever use referral programs? Why or why not?

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Are you an accurate typer looking for a flexible side hustle? If so, captioning with AI media may be a good fit.

AI Media is looking for freelancers to transcribe and caption videos from TV, YouTube, Facebook, and more. The best part is you can set your own schedule and work when you want to. Want to make it a full-time job and work 9-5? As long as there are available jobs you can do that. Just want to make a few extra bucks by working a couple of hours a week? You can do that too.

Working with AI Media

There are two types of captioning projects you can apply for, closed captioning (pre-recorded videos) and live captioning (live events where captions are needed in real time). Both are on a freelance basis, allowing you work when you choose.

Technical Requirements

You only need three things to work as a captioner:

  • A computer that runs on Windows. If you have a Mac, you can install Windows.
  • A strong, reliable internet connection
  • Chrome Browser

You may also like to have a distraction-free work area to help you concentrate, allowing you work faster. Since you are paid by video hour, not the amount of time it takes you to transcribe and caption it, the faster you work, the more you’ll make.

The Application Process

To apply you will first need to pass a multiple-choice test with questions on punctuation, grammar, spelling, and captioning standards. You will only have 10 minutes to finish this test and you won’t be able to stop it once you start. You will have an opportunity to review and edit your answers, but once you submit you will not be able to take it again.

If you pass, you will be asked to caption a video using AI Media’s online captioning software. Your work will be checked and graded within 5 business days. You will be notified if you passed and are hired, or if you failed and are not hired.

If you are hired, you will be directed to the tutorial section before you will be able to claim any jobs.

How Much Does AI Media Pay?

AI Media pays well, $27-$42 per video hour. (Note: keep in mind, this is the time of the video itself, not how long you work on the captioning.)
AI Media pays you for your work every two weeks via PayPal so you will need to have a verified PayPal account. As a freelancer, you will be required to complete a W-9 if you earn over $600 and you will receive a 1099 form.

To learn more and apply, visit AI Media’s website to get your questions answered and submit your application.

Related Work from Home Jobs

If you’re looking for similar work here are some places to check out:

Rev.com Captioning and Transcription – Rev.com also hires freelance captioners. The pay is $0.40 to $0.70 per audio minute for transcribers and captioners. They also have a work when you want type of model.

10 Flexible, Part Time Work from Home Jobs – If you’re looking for some different ideas on part time work from home jobs this post can give you an idea of what’s available.

5 Companies that Hire for Data Entry – If you like the idea of captioning you may also like data entry type work. (Keep in mind these types of jobs are on the lower end of the pay scale.)

P.S. I also recommend checking out the Work from Home Summit. This is, hands-down, the best work from home event I’ve come across. You’ll get access to videos from real people who have built their own work from home careers in many different niches. And it’s 100% free. You can access it here.

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Have you thought about becoming a virtual assistant but don’t know how to go about finding clients? If so, a good first step can be to work with a company that hires virtual assistants and finds clients for you.

One company that does this is Zirtual.

Zirtual provides clients with a dedicated virtual assistant. This means as a Zirtual assistant you always work with the same clients so you get to know them and understand their needs. Clients pay a monthly fee for the services they need and you are assigned a client or clients based on your skills and availability.

Zirtual Job Duties

A few of the many services you might provide include assisting with email responses, social media and marketing, scheduling and meeting planning, travel planning, research, processing invoices and payments, and project management.

Prerequisites for Working with Zirtual

There are some skills and requirements you must be able to meet in order to apply including, but not limited to:

  • Associates Degree or higher
  • 1 year minimum of administrative experience
  • Experience with Google Calendar, Google Suite, and Microsoft Office
  • Experience and ability with task management and communication programs (Trello, Asana, HipChat, and Slack)
  • Reliable internet and phone connections
  • Ability to type at least 50 WPM with accuracy
  • Able to pass reference and background checks
  • Work availability Monday-Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM EST

As a virtual assistant you’ll also need to be detail oriented and have good communication skills.

Some positions may have additional skills, equipment, and/or technical requirements so be sure to check each job listing before applying.

What You Can Earn Working with Zirtual

Zirtual hires Virtual Assistants as independent contractors, not employees so you will be paid as a 1099 contractor. That means you’ll be responsible for paying your own taxes. Hourly rates vary based on the client work and how many hours the client needs, but it averages $13-$18 per hour.

Although you will be expected to be available for a Monday-Friday schedule, you can choose to work part-time or full-time. However, you will need to apply for a position that meets your desired schedule.

Zirtual also recognizes holidays and you are not expected to work on major U.S. holidays. If the holiday falls on a weekend, Zirtual will follow the U.S. federal day of observance.

Applying for a Position with Zirtual

If you think being a virtual assistant with Zirtual is a good fit for you, visit the job listings section to learn more about their expectations and apply online. (Click the “Virtual Assistant (Remote)” for the work at home position.)

Find More Virtual Assistant Work

Performing virtual assistant work has been one of my favorite jobs over the past several years. There’s a lot of room for income growth and the variety of work keeps you from getting bored.

Here are some resources on finding more virtual assistant work:

How I Became a Virtual Assistant – This post describes my experience in becoming a virtual assistant. It also has links to a virtual assistant course in case you’re interested in a step-by-step plan for starting your own virtual assistant business.

30+ Services You Can Offer as a Virtual Assistant – One of the great things about doing virtual assistant work is that you can tailor your services. If you want some ideas of services to offer this post has over 30!

7 Places that Hire Virtual Assistants – Still not ready to step out on your own? This post has a list of companies that hire virtual assistants.

P.S. I also recommend checking out the Work from Home Summit. This is, hands-down, the best work from home event I’ve come across. You’ll get access to videos from real people who have built their own work from home careers in many different niches. And it’s 100% free. You can access it here.

The post Get Hired as a Virtual Assistant with Zirtual ($13-$18 per hour) appeared first on Single Moms Income.

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Podcasts can be very inspirational and enlightening for people, especially if you like to read books or self-educate.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about a particular topic or receive some self-development tips and advice, listening to a podcast is a great way to hear from successful people and get a little background on how they were able to learn things and achieve certain results.

One podcast genre that has really been taking off this year is work from home podcasts. There’s a ton of content online about work from home jobs and starting your own business, but it’s great to hear from actual people who have been there and overcome obstacles via podcast interviews.

If you’re already working from home, you’ll want to listen to some work at home podcasts to help you stay motivated and focused.

Here are some of the best work at home podcasts to start listening to during your spare time.

1. Accidental Creative

Host: Todd Henry

Todd is a author, speaker, and podcast host that has made a living teaching people about creativity and having a passion for their craft. The four-time author speaks at 40 plus events per year and also uses Accidental Creative for workshops on helping teams get the most out of themselves.

Since 2005,  Accidental Creative has been a place for people to come listen and learn from someone who has many tips on how to become and remain successful. This podcast is more geared toward creative thinkers and entrepreneurs in general, but if you’re looking to work from home and on your own terms, you need to have some level of creativity and ambition to stay motivated.

The episodes are always around 20 minutes so it’s a way to get a ton of valuable information in a short amount of time and be able to go on with your day. 

2. Being Boss

Hosts:  Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon

Since 2015 Emily and Kathleen have been podcasting on their show geared toward creative entrepreneurs, freelancers, and side hustlers.

One of my favorite episodes is Rituals and Routines. The Being Boss duo shares how important it is to create rituals and a structured realistic daily routine which is key if you’re working from home.

The pair has also been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America and the New York Times to talk money struggles and triumphs. In their three years together, the Being Boss podcast hosts have perfected a chemistry that rivals other podcasts out there.

The combination of humor, advice, and guests that the podcast offers really does make Being Boss stand out.

3. 5 AM Miracle

Host: Jeff Sanders

Jeff’s  5 AM Miracle podcast helps you make sure you are as productive as can be before you sit down at the table for breakfast. Having a successful day is great, but why not start your morning out as rewarding as you can?

When you work from home, time management and productivity are key. Whether you’re working set hours with a WAH customer service job or freelancing, you want to make sure you’re working as efficiently as possible throughout the day.

This is a must listen podcast to help you get your day started.  With over 6 million downloads since it’s launch in 2013, 5 AM Miracle is ranked no.1 on iTunes in the Self-Help and Business categories.

4. Create Your Own Life

Host: Jeremy Slate

During episodes of the Create Your Own Life podcast, Jeremy tries to motivate listeners to believe in themselves and create a life they truly love. If you are thinking about working from home, you’re probably attracted to the freedom and flexibility it can provide. 

Since 2015 Jeremy and his guests have given listeners tips on how to become a successful entrepreneur and how to take your financial future in your own hands. The former painter has over 460 episodes online that aspiring entrepreneurs should make time to listen to.

5. She Did It Her Way  

Host: Amanda Boleyn

This podcast is one of my personal favorites. Amanda digs into entrepreneurship in each episode as she interviews a wide variety of guests. and that there are more possibilities out there besides the typical 9-5. During the She Did it Her Way podcast Amanda lets her audience know that there are more possibilities outside of the typical 9-5, but also that working from home isn’t all happy moments.

The success stories shared in each episode are amazing, and listening in can be a great way to help you brainstorm and consider all the different ways you can start working from home for yourself and how to get started.

As one of the top-rated resources for the female entrepreneur according to Forbes, Inc,, the She Did it Her Way podcast has grown to be one of the go-to podcasts for work from home people out there.

6. Mixergy

Host: Andrew Warner

As one of the longest running podcasts on this list, Mixergy has been a constant among the top podcasts out there for entrepreneurs. Since 2004 Mixergy not only uses podcasts to educate listeners but also offers various courses as well.

Mixergy has over 1,600 episodes and counting with multiple guests among various industries. If you’re looking for something specific Mixergy has probably had at least one episode on the topic. For the first 3-4 years of the podcast Andrew didn’t focus too much on his background story, but once she did things started kicking in and 14 years later Mixergy is going strong as ever.

7. Career Relaunch

Host: Joseph Liu

Career Relaunch is a podcast features inspiring stories from people who decided to make a brave leap to pursue more meaningful work. Joseph interviews a variety of guests to find out what motivates someone to make a career change, how to realize when the time has come to leave your own job behind, the challenges that come up along the way and how to deal with them, along with the positive impact a career change can have on your entire life. 

This popular podcast serves as an outlet if you’re in a situation where your career isn’t working out for the best. If you’re looking to get into a completely different career as you start working from home as well, this podcast is a great listen. 


Podcasts can be a wonderful source of information for listeners who want change in their life. The hosts have been in your shoes and likely know the solution to any obstacles you’ve been facing when it comes to thriving with your own business or pursuing more meaningful work at home opportunities.

Feel free to add some of these to your list, and let me know in the comments below what your favorite podcast is!

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Can single moms actually buy a home? This question may sound sexist or biased, but it holds a valid point. Couples looking to buy have double the leverage because they can use both incomes and credit histories to come off as more secure buyers.

For a single mom or dad, that luxury isn’t available. Still, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a shot at owning your own home.

Over 66% of home buyers are married couples, while 17% are single moms and 7% are single men. You’d be in the minority, and it may take some more time and extra effort, but it’s definitely possible. My mom who has been a single mom for at least 13 years now has been asking me to help her get ready to buy a house on her own for the past year now.

Here is some of the advice I’ve given her and would offer any single mom who has dreams of owning a home.

Improve Your Credit

This is advice I’d recommend for anyone looking to buy a house. When applying for a mortgage, your credit score and history plays a crucial role in your being approved for a loan and receiving a favorable interest rate.

The higher your credit score is, the lower your interest rate can be. A single percentage point for your rate could make a huge difference and either save or cost you tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.

Go to AnnualCreditReport.com to obtain a full credit report from all 3 major credit bureaus. Review your reports in detail and make note of any errors or discrepancies. You want to do this before your lender does so you can contact who need to be contacted to clear up any mistakes or issues.

If you have quite a bit of debt, focus on paying it off and your credit score will increase as a result.

Pay Off As Much Debt As Possible

You probably don’t want debt looming over you on top of a house payment. Paying off your debt will make you look like a more attractive borrower to home lenders and it can improve your debt-to-income ratio.

Lenders will weigh how much debt you have compared to your salary in order to determine if you can afford to take on a mortgage payment. If you are a single mom with debt, you don’t have a second income to fall back on to improve your debt-to-income ratio.

Plus, if you do get a mortgage and money gets tight due to debt, you don’t want to risk losing your home if you can’t make payments.

If you’re looking to pay off your debt ASAP so you can improve your chances of getting approved for a mortgage so you can buy a home, here are some blog posts with tips and ideas to help you meet this goal.

Consider Down Payment Assistance Programs

Couples can generally save money faster if both people have an income and take advantage of strategies like living on one income and saving the other to come up with a down payment fast. This can come in handy if you’re looking to put 20% down on a home. For a $200,000 home, a 20% down payment would be $40,000 and a 10% down payment would be $20,000.

As a single mom, you may not be able to stash away that much money in just a few years so you can consider down payment assistance programs to help provide some financial relief.

Most programs are state-funded and do have location and income requirements. However, they are pretty flexible. In fact, the income requirements in some states are so lenient that many couples qualify to receive assistance as well. In the state of Illinois, I know the maximum income limit to qualify for a specific downpayment assistance program was $96,000 this past year.

If you’re looking for more information or a list of down payment assistance programs that you may qualify for in your state, you can check out HUD.gov.

Look Into an FHA Loan

If you can afford to put 20% down on your home, great. If you can’t look into other options like an FHA loan. FHA loans are insured by the Federal Housing Administration which is a government agency.

With this type of loan, you can put as little as 3.5% of the purchase price down on your home. You can also take advantage of more lenient credit score requirements. You can get approved with a score as low as 580.

Another thing that I like about FHA loans is that there are stricter requirements in regards to the quality of the home. During the home inspection process, the property needs to meet specific requirements as outlined by the FHA.

If they don’t the owner must have any issues fixed at their own expense before moving forward. With a conventional mortgage, you may have to do a lot back and forth of negotiation with the seller to get things fixed before moving forward.

If you’re interested in learning more about FHA loan requirements and how you can apply in your city, visit HUD’s informational website.


You can definitely buy a home as a single mom. You just need to take advantage of all the resources and options made available to you. It’s also important to make sure you make a conscious decision in regards to how much house you need to buy.

Be honest about your budget and aim to purchase something that fits within your means so you can comfortably manage expenses without having to work too hard or too often just to pay the bills.

**You can also check out this post with home buyers programs for single moms.

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